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Concert Report

Concert Report

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Published by Zia Malik

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Published by: Zia Malik on Jan 30, 2012
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Zia Malik MUS 116 Concert Report GENERAL PRESENTATION: The concert hall was amazing.

It was one of the biggest rooms I had ever seen. The seats were also very comfortable. All of the performers were dressed in black suits. The lighting was dim in the seating area, but the stage was well lit up. The general atmosphere was very nice and enjoyable. VARIETY OF SELESCTIONS: There were three symphonies that I remember. There was, Tragic Overture by Brahms, Piano Concerto No. 1 by Prokofiev (Grace Liu, pianist) and Symphony No. 2 by Sibelius. I don¶t listen to classical music often, but when I heard these songs, I felt that they blended well with each other. The styles of the music were very similar. The tempo was upbeat sometimes, and sometimes it would just be slow. AUDIENCE RAPPORT: When I was looking around at the audience, I noticed that most of the people were relaxing in their seats, enjoying their time. At the end of the symphonies, all the people were giving applause, and some even whistled. Their reactions throughout the songs were usually happy looking, some were serious. TONE QUALITY OF INSTRUMENTS: The acoustics in the hall were amazing. One was able to hear each and every single instrument that was played. The ones that really sounded nice were the really big cellos. The deep sound is harmonious to my ears. CONTROL OF AMPS: Some of the quieter instruments used amps. You could see a small microphone hooked up on some of the instruments. The person who was in control of the volume was doing a good job because you never had to strain your ears to hear anything; everything was clear. BALANCE OF INSTRMUMENTS: There was a good balance of instruments. The woodwinds and brass and strings were mostly in the front and middle. All of the percussion instruments were located in the back. This gave all the instruments the perfect volume to play with each other. None of the instruments overpowered any of the other ones. ASTHETIC VALUE: I think the way that all of the people were dressed nice and clean really made it feel uniform. It did give it the artistic feel, but it was a nice, crisp feeling of art. APPROPRIATENESS OF HALL: The hall was the perfect size. It wasn¶t too far away from any of the parking lots, and it was at UCI, so it wasn¶t too far from home. The acoustics were great. You could hear everything nicely.

that are slow and relax the body. I think I am just a part of the new generation that just can¶t stand that type of music. I still can¶t really listen to classical music and enjoy it. ABILITY TO STIMULATE YOU MUSICALLY: Honestly. . They were all doing a great job. The conductor was doing an amazing job keeping his orchestra in balance. I like to hear deep beats.INDIVIDUAL ABILITY: I don¶t think there was anyone that shined above the others. this was not really moving for me.

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