1. I am in favor of the six-judge system with each judge officiating two pl atforms.

ANSWER: 2 - I am not in favor of this system. Although it seemed to get us bet ter judges, it felt like it took longer to get through the flights. ------------------------2. I would be in favor of the six-judge system on squats, but have addition al judges in place to assist with the bench press. ANSWER: 1 We re putting too much emphasis on paying judges to speed up a meet, whe n we are the largest meet in the US for this format. We should go back to squar e one and use the extra money for kids awards. -------------------------3. I feel the judging of the 2011 meet was much better than many previous y ears. ANSWER: 4 I will agree that the judging was better, but mainly just for the squa t. It is not hard to judge the bench press. I really liked have Mike s friend, S am Kelly, on hand to oversee judging. He is not involved with coaching any athl ete and would be a good idea to have stay in that capacity. -------------------------4. I would be in favor of two attempts in the 40 yard dash. ANSWER: 5 Strongly agree. Or, replace the 40 yard dash with 20 Yard Pro Shuttle a lot quicker. Also would like to add to constitution that soccer cleats be al lowed to be worn as many players wear these in games anyhow. Additionally, woul d like to look at running this event on rubberized track surfaces if available. Could run 8 kids at one time. Crestwood has a timer that can time all 8 kids a t once. --------------------------5. I would be in favor of higher minimum qualifying totals in the varsity m eet. ANSWER: 5 Strongly agree --------------------------6. I would be in favor of minimum qualifying standards in the JUNIOR VARSIT Y meet ANSWER: 5 Strongly agree --------------------------7. I would be in favor of a system incorporating an upper state and lower s tate strength meet that would be a qualifier for the State Strength Meet. ANSWER: 4 Like the idea, and the way this is going. We could do away with automat ic qualifying for State through Region meets. Region meet could be like a see wh o s ready for Lower State or something like this. I would disagree with having all three, because that is 3 times I would have to break down and move equipment a large job. Also, since we have to use our gym because of the size of meets, bas ketball is forced out. We typically have to wait until all basketball is done b efore having a meet. Girls have been in playoffs, deep a few years, which pushe s my schedule back to March for region meet. -------------------------8. I would be in favor of the above system even though it would require par ticipation in a third meet per year. ANSWER: 3 If it means better competition, yes. But if all we re trying to do is g et more kids at an already large meet, no. I feel that in our sport, a State Le vel meet would incorporate no more than 8 athletes in each weight class (4 upper , 4 lower) -------------------------9. To the best of my knowledge, my Athletic Director and/or Head Football C

I wo uld like to get back to having our coaches want to judge. Clemson.oach would permit us to travel to an additional meet. ANSWER: 3 . to be on a panel where we could gain their input as well. I think he would. Medals aren t expensive I usually get 33 (1st. Mark and Keith. Of course. not to get a check. etc. but want to hear all other coaches i deas. One final idea we could get som e of the strength staff from USC. Think back to our powerlifting days meets were lo ng. it is a money m aker. you (Kag a).I am in favor of some changes. bu t for the betterment of our association. and would like to see either JV standards. Prince and Mike have always had good ideas too. The length of the 2011 meet was a problem that I was very dissatisfied w ith. How many coaches do we have involved who really WANT to see results? I don t think you will be able t o shorten meets unless you either have more meets. I would participate in the State Strength Meet even if the awards were r educed. ANSWER: 3 To the best of my knowledge. . ANSWER: 3 Yes. I would like to see State minimums inc rease gives the coaches and athlete a greater goal to shoot for. and we WANTED to be there to see the big numbers. but is this more important than keeping the main focus on varsity meet? I m sure Rayburn has some ideas. or do away with the JV level. Sure. 3rd each class) for under $90 --------------------------12. Our problem is bus dri vers we only have two coaches on staff who have a CDL. We have a lot of coaches who are more worried about getting home to do something else rather tha n see their athletes perform. We have too much knowledge amongst ourselves to not figure this thing out. ANSWER: 5 I will always participate in the meets. but it was also a very large meet. etc. as would Ray. or limit the numbers of lifte rs which the Up/Low State & Championship may be able to do. it was long. I would be in favor of keeping the State Strength Meet and the current s ystem of qualifying for it relatively unchanged. 2nd. --------------------------11. but feel that we need to rewar d the kids with at least a medal. I think we need to look at some more ways to involve other schools. -------------------------10.