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Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension

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Reading Comprehension Skills and Strategies
Level 7

Saddleback Educational Publishing Three Watson Irvine, CA 92618-2767 Web site: www.sdlback.com

Development and Production: The EDGe
ISBN 1-56254-034-3 Copyright ©2002 by Saddleback Educational Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission of the publisher, with the following exception. Pages labeled Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 are intended for reproduction. Saddleback Educational Publishing grants to individual purchasers of this book the right to make sufficient copies of reproducible pages for use by all students of a single teacher. This permission is limited to an individual teacher, and does not apply to entire schools or school systems. Printed in the United States of America 06 05 04 03 02 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

To be a good detective, you have to know what facts Skills are important and not important to the case you’re solving! So, ask yourself questions as you read.
Teacher welcome and teaching tips . . . . . . . . . 4 Synonyms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Homophones . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Analyzing suffixes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Analyzing suffixes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Analyzing suffixes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Analyzing prefixes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Following directions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Following directions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Analyzing context clues . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Analyzing context clues . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Analyzing context clues . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Inference—analyzing word clues . . . . . . . . . . 17 Inference—analyzing word clues . . . . . . . . . . 18 Analyzing vocabulary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Analyzing vocabulary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Analyzing vocabulary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Identifying signal words . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Recognizing signal words . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Using a dictionary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Using a dictionary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Using a dictionary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Using a dictionary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Practicing life-skill reading . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Practicing life-skill reading . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Practicing life-skill reading . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Identifying idioms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Identifying similies and metaphors . . . . . . . . 32 Recognizing the 5 W’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Recognizing the 5 W’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Recognizing the 5 W’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Recognizing the 5 W’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Identifying analogies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Identifying analogies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38 Classifying items . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39 Classifying items . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 Categorizing information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 Categorizing information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 Recognizing time elements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 Recognizing time elements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44 Developing questioning techniques . . . . . . . . .45 Developing questioning techniques . . . . . . . . .46 Predicting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 Predicting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48 Predicting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49 Defining idioms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 Making/confirming/inferences . . . . . . . . . . . . .51 Making/confirming/revising-inferences . . . . . .52 Making/confirming/revising-inferences . . . . . .53 Making/confirming/revising-inferences . . . . . .54 Using T of C to preview and predict content . .55 Using heading/captions to preview and predict content . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56 Using illustrations and graphic devices to preview and predict content . . . . . . . . . .57 Identifying main idea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58 Identifying main idea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59 Identifying main idea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .60 Identifying main idea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .61 Identifying main idea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .62 Identifying main idea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .63 Identifying main idea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .64 Identifying main idea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65 Outlining story events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .66 Outlining story events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .67

Table of Contents


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .115 Sequencing events . . . .Summarizing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .89 Comparing and contrasting . . .134 Mapping characters using Venn diagram . . .117 Sequencing events . . . . .119 Identifying tone/mood . .137 Answer Key . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .95 Determining cause/effect . . . . . . . .74 Interpreting a logic matrix . . . . .85 Identifying supporting text sentences . . .114 Identifying word clues . . . . . . . . . . . . .88 Comparing and contrasting .133 Mapping characters . . . . . . . . . . .90 Comparing and contrasting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .135 Mapping timeline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .97 Analyzing characters . . . .131 Mapping story events . . . . .127 Summarizing a plot . . . . . .69 Making generalizations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .99 Analyzing perspective . . . . . . . . . . . . .104 Analyzing fact/opinion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .106 Identifying details . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .80 Identifying types of stories (story genre) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .92 Comparing and contrasting . . . . . . . . .86 Identifying supporting details and facts . . . .129 Mapping story events . . . . . . .76 Deleting trivial and redundant information . .110 Understanding author’s view/purpose . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .130 Mapping story events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .79 Deleting trivial and redundant information . . . .109 Understanding author’s view/purpose . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .113 Identifying visual clues . . . . .120 Identifying plot/goal .121 Identifying plot/goal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .84 Identifying supporting text sentences . . . . . . . .118 Identifying tone/mood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .123 Reading and writing to inform . . . . . .87 Identifying supporting details and facts . . . . . . . .78 Deleting trivial and redundant information . . . . . . .68 Summarizing .136 Teacher’s Scope & Sequence chart . . . . . . . . . . . .125 Reading and writing to persuade . . . . . . . .77 Deleting trivial and redundant information . . .91 Comparing and contrasting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .139 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .132 Mapping story events with 5 w’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .128 Mapping story events . . .103 Analyzing fact/opinion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .105 Identifying details . . . . . . . . . . . . .75 Interpreting a logic matrix . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .96 Analyzing characters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .101 Analyzing fact/opinion . . . . . . . . .102 Analyzing fact/opinion . . . .83 Identifying a topic sentence in text . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .111 Understanding character’s view . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71 Interpreting a grid . . . . . . . . . . . .116 Sequencing events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .70 Making generalizations . . . . . . . . . . . .108 Identifying details . . . . . . .126 Summarizing a plot . . . . . .100 Analyzing fact/opinion . . . . . .72 Interpreting a diagram . . . .98 Analyzing chronology/perspective . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .122 Reading and writing to inform . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .107 Identifying details . . . .82 Identifying story genre . . . . . . . . .73 Interpreting a label . . .93 Comparing fact and opinion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .112 Understanding character’s view . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .124 Reading and writing to persuade . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .94 Determining cause/effect . . . . . . .81 Identifying types of stories (story genre) . . . . . . . . . . .

and evaluation to help them decide how to practically apply what they know to all reading situations. Reading Comprehension Strategies • • • • • • • • vocabulary knowledge activating prior knowledge pre-reading—previewing and predicting previewing and predicting text mental imaging self-questioning summarizing semantic mapping Saddleback Educational Publishing promotes the development of the whole child with particular emphasis on combining solid skill instruction with creativity and imagination. This series is based on the most current research and thought concerning the teaching of reading comprehension. interests.Teacher Pages just for you! W elcome to Reading Comprehension Skills and Strategies About this Series This unique series is specially created for you by Saddleback Educational Publishing. etc. Today. careful thought. This series gives your students a variety of opportunities to apply reading comprehension strategies as they read. Traditional comprehension skills recently have been woven into the larger context of strategy instruction. while reinforcing basic reading comprehension skills. Our goal in this series is to provide you and your students with the most up-to-date reading comprehension support. sequencing. and 8) in order to reinforce or enhance needed skill development for individual students. topic sentence. literacy instruction emphasizes learning strategies—those approaches that coordinate the various reading and writing skills and prior knowledge to make sense to the learner. we designed this series to help you make an easy transition between levels (grades 6. This series not only sharpens traditional reading comprehension skills (main idea. or as activities for students with special projects. while teaching basic skills that can be tested and evaluated. experiences. or abilities. In addition. story plot. 4 . 7.). but it also reinforces the critical reading comprehension strategies that encourage your students to use prior knowledge. as across-the-curriculum lessons. as an exciting supplement to reinforce and extend your classroom reading curriculum. Reading Comprehension Skills and Strategies can easily be integrated into basic reading curricula as additional reading lessons: as stand-alone strategy and skill instructional lessons.

and reading to perform a task. high-interest fiction and non-fiction selections will spark the interest of even your most reluctant reader. the process for managing this is left entirely up to you because you know what works best in your classroom.About this Book Reading Comprehension Skills and Strategies is designed to reinforce and extend the reading skills of your students. You will find a Scope & Sequence chart at the back of this book to assist you as you develop your assessment plan. or small cooperative groups rotating through an established reading learning center. reading to gather information. 5 . Always keep in mind that the assessment should take into consideration the opportunities the student had to learn the information and practice the skills presented. The fun. The book offers your students a variety of reading opportunities—reading for pleasure. whole group lessons. The strategies for assessment are left for you to determine and are dependent on your students and your particular instructional plan. To ensure the utmost flexibility. You may choose to place the activities in a center and reproduce the answer key for self-checking. A variety of methods and strategies should be used to ensure that the student is being assessed and evaluated in a fair and comprehensive manner. pairs. Characters throughout the book prompt the student to apply one of the strategies to the reading selection and includes a relevant comprehension skill activity. Choosing Instructional Approaches You can use the pages in this book for independent reinforcement or extension. Assessment Assessment and evaluation of student understanding and ability is an ongoing process.

What consequences might the writer of this passage be warning you of? _________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 6 3 Watson. Suddenly. one lost his footing and began to slide. What word means to make a judgment without really thinking about it? _______________________ b. you are getting (and consuming) a huge number of extra fat and calories. Does the word view mean a scene or an opinion? ________________________ c. For a little extra money. The four climbers plodded up the side of the mountain. Be able to explain the reason for your answer. 1. Fortunately they were tethered together and were able to avert a catastrophe. but can you afford the fat? a.sdlback. What word means bear the cost or consequences? _____________________________________ e. What word could replace consuming? ________________________________________________ d. Boreas is a Greek word for the god of the North wind. That may only be true if you narrow the definition of value to mean more for less money. Irvine.com .This is a snap! Just think carefully about the magic of words and have fun! Directions: Answer each question. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. What describing word means northern? ______________________________ c. What word could replace tethered? _____________________________ d. Consider an alternate view. You may presume that opting for the “super size” at a fast-food restaurant is a good value. You may be able to afford the extra money. Were the climbers moving at a slow or quick pace up the mountain? ______________________ What word tells you? _________________________ b. Did the climbers avoid or cause a catastrophe? ___________________________ 2. a. The boreal wind was biting at their faces.

Her ____________ carried her to the finish of the marathon—quite a _____________! 6. While eating. a lion will often _______________ to lick its ______________________. 8. The family lived in a royal ______________ on a large ______________________. The _________________. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 paws: animal feet pause: brief stop manner: style manor: estate one: number 1 won: past of win choose: pick chews: bites feat: accomplishment feet: plural of foot hire: employ higher: above lesson: instruction lessen: make less capital: a city capitol: a building close: shut clothes: clothing Date: _____________________ 7 3 Watson. 1. My puppy _____________ shoes. 2. but he always seems to ______________ mine. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. I will ____________ the amount of homework if you give full attention to the ________________. 5.Directions: Study the words and their meanings. 3. Then write the words that correctly complete each sentence. He had to _________ someone to replace him because he took a ______________ position. 4. is located in the nation’s _________________. 7. Irvine.com . The ______________ aren’t done yet because I forgot to _____________ the door of the dryer. 9. where Congress meets. Our team is ahead because we ____________ ___________ more game than the next team.sdlback.

If placid means peaceful and calm. then discredit means __________________________________________________________________________________ 4. then illuminate means __________________________________________________________________________________ 2. then a nomenclature is __________________________________________________________________________________ 6.sdlback.com . then placate means __________________________________________________________________________________ 5. If mobile means capable of moving. appoint. then an aqueduct is __________________________________________________________________________________ 7. If nominate means to name. Irvine. If luminous means giving off light or brightness. Directions: Use the clues to help you finish each sentence correctly. • proved to be false or unbelievable • a structure for transporting water • a reason to move or take action • to brighten or enlighten • a set of names or system of naming • one who is new at doing something • to please. calm. or identify. or make peace • someone who watches 1. If credible means able to be believed. then motivation means __________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 8 3 Watson. then a spectator is __________________________________________________________________________________ 3.It’s really fun to change the meaning of words by adding different prefixes and suffixes. If a spectacle is something to watch. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. If an aquarium is a water environment.

Tony was going to visit his dad in Virginia. yet she always managed to give a ____________________________ contribution to charity. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 9 3 Watson. Michaels was not a wealthy woman. Anna always disliked her naturally curly hair. She was ________________________ of her friend Misha’s straight hair. Mrs. 5. Paw’s sleeping basket. She was __________________________ as to who could have sent it. She was _________________________ when she discovered that her baby brother had ruined it. It would be his first plane ride alone and he was ____________________________.sdlback. 3. 8. curious generous furious jealous suspicious nervous perilous glorious 1. 7. 6. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. 4. A large envelope arrived for Deanne with no return address.Directions: The missing word in each passage below is an adjective or adverb ending in -ous. The sun shone brightly and there was a cool breeze blowing.com . A ball of yarn was missing from Grandma’s knitting basket. It was a _____________________________ day for a picnic. It was going to be a ______________________________ journey. When she saw a bit of yellow fuzz in Mr. Find the one that makes the most sense and fill it in. Yvonne worked hard on her science project. Grandma became _______________________________ of her cat. 2. Irvine. The men knew they were in great danger.

Find the one that makes the most sense and fill it in. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 10 3 Watson. 7. On the basketball court. I was disappointed at the ___________________________________.sdlback. The club meeting was over and the leader called for an __________________________________. 8. 2. When asked if he would run for office again. Mrs. Long had been a teacher for 30 years. 3. I appreciated his ___________________________________. Winning the gold medal was the ____________________________ of all his dreams. being undersized is a ____________________________. We had to move the party to a later date. 5. rather than answering right away. I was willing to make the ____________________________. encouragement fulfillment statement retirement commitment adjournment postponement detriment 1.com . I knew that having a paper route meant getting up early and always getting the job done. 4. the Mayor prepared a written ___________________________________. Dad had always assured me that I could do it.Directions: The missing word in each passage below is a noun ending in -ment. Irvine. She was looking forward to her ___________________________________. 6. The runner finally achieved what he had always wanted. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.

then adversary means ________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 11 3 Watson. enemy 1. then a compliment is ________________________________________________________________________________ 4. If novel means new or not known before. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. then legislate means ________________________________________________________________________________ 7. then evacuate means ________________________________________________________________________________ 8. then a novice is ________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Irvine. If portable means able to be carried.sdlback. then ambidextrous means ________________________________________________________________________________ 2. If compliance is the act of fulfilling a requirement. If adverse means opposed to one’s interest.Directions: Use the clues to help you finish each sentence correctly. then autonomy means ________________________________________________________________________________ 5.com . then import means ________________________________________________________________________________ 3. If automatic means able to work on its own. • praise given as a result of an action • to carry or bring in • able to act independently • to leave or empty out • able to use both hands with equal skill • one who is new at doing something • to enact into law • one that resists. If vacant means unoccupied or empty. If illegal means against the law. If ambivalence means having two opposing feelings.

Digby is a pretty good paleontologist. First. e. The missing letter(s) in each place is one of the points on a compass (n. Digby found a map of an area where a secret T-Rex skeleton is supposedly buried. When you are finished. fill in the missing letter(s). Digby telling him where to find the spot to dig for the T-Rex skeleton. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Irvine.sdlback. often without even realizing it? F ollow directions! It’s important to keep this skill sharp! Directions: Your ability to read and follow directions carefully can be useful in many situations— anything from solving a puzzle to saving your life.What do you do many times every day of your life. Practice with this puzzle. Here’s how. w). _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 12 3 Watson.com . Then draw a straight line to the place that is in the direction of the letter you filled in. He’s hired you to help him find the spot. Stegosaurus Vall__y Comp__ognathus Cave Jura__sic Meado__ Gras__y Cl__aring Fos__il Swamp Iguanado__ Ridge Pteranodon ___aterfalls Dr. s. write a message to Dr. but he’s terrible at directions and worse at cracking codes. Dr.

If the moon is a planet. coordinate (8. 3.D) (7. 5. color boxes (2.D) yellow.A) and (11.E) and (10.E) (8.B) and (10.Directions: Here’s a puzzle to solve that takes concentration. a little knowledge.C) (5. color boxes (10. If penguins are found in the Arctic. color boxes (2.C) red. If there are not 48 states total in the United States.A) and (9. 8.B) yellow. color boxes (4. 2.A) red.B) green.com .B) (7.D) (11.C) red.B) yellow. If a centimeter is longer than an inch. color boxes (6. then up to B. If the earth revolves around the sun. If the moon is not a planet. If a koala is a bear. color boxes (9.C) red.A) red.D) and (10. If Egypt is not in Africa.A) (6. what do you see on the grid and in what color? ___________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 13 3 Watson. Good luck! E D C B A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1.B) red.B) and (8. color boxes (1. color boxes (4. 6. If the number 1 million does not have 6 zeros. color boxes (9.E) and (5. color boxes (6.sdlback. If a centimeter is not longer than an inch. color boxes (8. color boxes (1. color boxes (3. color boxes (3. and the ability to follow directions.C) red. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.A) and (2.C) green. If there are 48 states total in the United States. If the earth does not revolve around the sun.B) (7.C) and (11. If penguins are not found in the Arctic. color boxes (1. color boxes (2.D) and (5.E) (6.A) red.A) and (4. color boxes (3. If our atmosphere is not mostly oxygen. If Egypt is in Africa.E) red.B) (1. 9.D) green. If our atmosphere is mostly oxygen. Irvine. boxes (6.D) yellow. 7.D) and (11.C) (4. 4.A) and (4.E) and (8.E) (5.C) (5. To find out how well you did.B) green.E) and (9. then up.E) (9.C) and (7.B) is over 8.D) green.D) (3. Color the box to indicate coordinates. If the number 1 million has 6 zeros.E) and (11.A) (8. Remember.C) (3. For example. The solution is hidden in the grid. to find a coordinate move over. If a koala is not a bear.E) (2.A) and (10.B) (1.

______________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 • • • • • • • • • • • • small group twisted and knotty related to ships or sailing egg-producing happy. Some snakes are oviparous. “I saw it first. talent a jaylike bird Date: _____________________ 14 3 Watson.sdlback. ______________________________________________ 12. I heard the noisy chatter of a magpie. ______________________________________________ 4.” if you reread and rethink.” Stan quipped. others give live birth. The old tree’s trunk was gnarled. The party put us in a jovial mood. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. At last we spotted a pod of whales. I had a hunch that you would show up today. We will implement the plan according to schedule. ______________________________________________ 8.You can never go wrong “reading between the lines. Write it on the line. Directions: Use context clues to figure out the meaning of the bold word. premonition natural ability. She has an aptitude for solving problems. The inexpensive jewelry contained faux gems. ______________________________________________ 9.com . 1. ______________________________________________ 7. The restaurant on the dock had a nautical theme. ______________________________________________ 2. cheerful rude. ______________________________________________ 10. ______________________________________________ 11. ______________________________________________ 6. That criticism was a crass remark. ______________________________________________ 5. ______________________________________________ 3. Irvine. artificial gut feeling. insensitive remarked put into effect fake.

worked out. extremely difficult and tiresome: __________________________ 2. he studied. He smiled fondly at the mental picture of himself as a nine-year-old in an oversized uniform. In high school. in the end: _____________________________ 4. The scouts took notice of him. reciting of a list: ______________________ 3. But. at last. worked hard: ________________________________ 5. his was ultimately called. Today was the day Jamal had dreamed about for most of his 22 years. He recalled falling intermittently and fumbling the too-big ball. The first game of the regular season. loosing grip: ________________________________ 12. he thought about how he had arrived at this point. rose. As he stood in the tunnel waiting for the profound moment when he would first step out on the field. and when draft day came he waited nervously through a litany of names until. Day in and day out. but he also took the razzing that veteran players dish out to rookies. yes. put on or dressed in: __________________________ 7. people who search for those with particular talents: ___________________________ 11. He had made it onto a professional football team. The summer had been hot and grueling.Directions: Read the story. dropping. handling clumsily. he toiled long hours to get into top physical shape and then crammed his nose into the books to keep his grades high. It had paid off. from time to time: _________________________ 9. Irvine. but still he made mistakes and a few times even cost his team the game. 1. and the anxiety of possibly being cut from the team. grew in size or strength: ___________________________ 8. As the crowd noise swelled. Then write them next to their meanings below. teasing. Use context clues to figure out the possible meanings of the words in bold. playing pranks on: ______________________________ 6. He made it into a good college on a football scholarship.sdlback. pushed. periodically. placed with intensity: _____________________________ 10. Just moments ago he had donned his pads and proudly put on his uniform. Third-round choice—the fourth running back chosen overall. Not only did he endure the exhaustion of pushing his body to the limits in team practices and his mind into learning dozens of formations in the team’s playbook. so did his heart. here he was. deeply or intensely felt: _____________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 15 3 Watson.com . Middle school was better. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. finally. and practiced.

CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. 2. 6. The unclear directions left me muddled. We knew from the onset what was coming. crack questioned bury odd dig clever distinction muddy save land end avoid confused speak territory silly beginning Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 16 3 Watson. Solve the puzzle by filling in the term that could take the place of the bold word in each clue. DOWN 1. 8. They were able to salvage usable parts from the old car. Dr. 1 2 3 5 4 6 7 8 10 9 11 HELP BOX ACROSS 2. My cat has a peculiar trait—six toes on each foot! 10. 7. 4.sdlback. He could barely utter a word. The answers you need (and some you don’t) are in the box. 11. The police interrogated all the witnesses. They began to excavate the site with picks and shovels. Wearing a seat belt can help you avert injury.com . Irvine. He was a shrewd chess player. The animals stayed clear of the lion’s known turf. 9.Directions: Here’s a fun way for you to see how well you use context clues. The earthquake caused a fissure in the ground’s surface. 5. 3. Cha is a scientist of eminence in his field.

“What is available for vegetarians?” he asked the waiter. Cal is ________________________________. then slammed it hard against the nail. Cal drives an 18-wheel big rig up and down the interstate.sdlback. 6. 4. Rowe is John’s mother and Rose is Cal’s _________________________________. Cal was using a ________________________________. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 17 3 Watson. They were watching _________________________________. 1. Cal and his son watched as the player shot the puck into the net. Jess. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.” if you reread and rethink. Mrs. 5. Cal took his wife and two children to the park for a baseball game. Cal looked at the menu.com . Mrs. Cal is a _________________________________.” 3. 2. delivering fresh fruits and vegetables. and Rose. Cal raised it over his head. “I don’t eat _______________________________. Directions: Finish each sentence with the word that correctly completes it.You can never go wrong “reading between the lines. Rowe had three children—Cal. Irvine.

Denise looked at the grade on her math test and grimaced. Kevin examined its delicate wings.” he said. What kind of grade did Denise get? O higher than expected O lower than expected O can’t tell 7. Irvine. please. Sabrina said. What were they riding? O skateboards O bikes O can’t tell 2.” said Tammy.sdlback. “Look. The sweet scents coming from Mrs. Olsen making? O cookies O pies O can’t tell 3. What sport were they watching? O hockey O basketball O can’t tell 4. Olsen’s kitchen were irresistible. How did David feel? O delighted O disappointed O can’t tell 9. On the way to pick up Dad. Charlie and Nan had to pedal hard to make it up the steep hill. “This little candy bar has 280 calories!” What was Tammy looking at? O the label on a wrapper O a window advertisement O can’t tell 5. “Lettuce and tomato. What was Kevin holding? O a butterfly O a baby bird O can’t tell 8. but no mayonnaise.” What was Sabrina buying? O a pizza O a sandwich O can’t tell Date: Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 _____________________ 18 3 Watson. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. What was Mrs. 1.Directions: Read each statement and question. Tim asked. Thousands stood up and cheered when the ball went into the net. Then choose the best answer. “I think its injured.com . David beamed when his big sister let him use her new computer game. “What time does he land?” How was Dad arriving? O by train O by plane O can’t tell 6.

to endure 6. #______ 17. to have or keep in one’s possession 2. part of a ship for storing cargo 10. Try your hand with the ones below. as in an idea 6. #______ 3. to carry on a group action as in a meeting 7. to stay in a specific position or condition. #______ 14. Irvine. #______ 8. What is your stand on the issue? #______ 6. Does this jar hold 16 ounces? #______ 13. #______ 18. The baggage was placed in the hold. Write the number of the correct meaning. Will the weather hold for the weekend? #______ 9. The city will hold a meeting about traffic. Read the various meanings for each word. The wall did not hold back the water. Will the old roof hold in a windstorm? #______ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 hold 1. #_____ 16. #______ 12. to temporarily stop Date: _____________________ 19 3 Watson. to undertake or perform duty 1. to last or remain 8. to have in mind. to restrain or limit 3. Dad said his decision will stand. to influence 9. #______ 10.What do all good readers have in common? They are word-wise! Sharpen your skills with words to increase your reading power. Please stand for the flag salute. #______ 5. #______ 4. an opinion 4. We put a hold on our mail during vacation. rank 3. #______ 15. The soldiers were able to hold the fort. to place in a vertical position 2. I hold the view that recycling is important. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Where does the team stand in the playoffs? #______ 2. #______ 7. to support 4. He will stand guard at the outpost. to contain 5. The ladder would hold up to 200 pounds. Will you hold this for me for a minute? #______ 11. Directions: Words with multiple meanings can trip you up. She couldn’t stand the screeching noise. stand 1. to stay in effect 5.com .sdlback. The speaker had a hold on the audience.

Read the answer under the ★. increase in size. courage.com . model of perfection 7. allot 5. Use a dictionary to help you with the ones you don’t know. call forth 2. having sympathy. lack of respect 3. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. considerate 10.Directions: You already know an amazing number of words. state of being alone 8. invoke humane insolent solitude gumption covenant paragon allocate augment remedy journal frugal What living lizard can grow up to 10 feet long and weigh 300 pounds? To solve the puzzle. ★ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 1. one letter to a blank.sdlback. to plead. careful in spending 11. but you continuously increase your word power by adding new words you encounter to your vocabulary. solemn agreement Date: _____________________ 20 3 Watson. a daily record 9. Irvine. strength 4. find the word above that matches each definition. Then write the word. treatment or correction 6. to assign. You may or may not know the words below. spirit 12.

A word like mariner that I already know is marine.sdlback. as in fire hydrant. A word like hydraulic that I already know is hydrant. The old mariner spoke wisely about the dangers we faced. So. hydraulic probably means raised water-powered hydrogen-powered 4. So. A word like contemporary that I already know is temporary. contemporary probably means disliked famous of modern times 2. definitive probably means clearly stated final/conclusive questionable Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 21 3 Watson. which means _______________________________________________. which means _______________________________________________. The electricity was being generated by hydraulic energy. The fire chief said the evidence was definitive. So. The prisoner was led out in manacles. So.com . manacles probably means eyeglasses by hand X handcuffs/chains tentacles/arms 1. Irvine. which means _______________________. She was one of the world’s best known contemporary writers. A word like definitive that I already know is finite. which means _______________________________________________. which means _______________________________________________. a good strategy is to use what you already know. mariner probably means sailor miner watchman 3. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.Directions: When encountering new words. Follow the example to see how. Is this word similar to one you are already familiar with? Try this strategy below. So. A word like manacles that I already know is manual.

O there’s more detail to come O an opposite idea is coming O these ideas are in order 6. Every year Wes asks for a chocolate cake for his birthday.” she instructed. bears can move very quickly for short distances.. I missed getting an A in math by two points. O there’s more detail to come O an opposite idea is coming O these ideas are in order 5. O there’s more detail to come O an opposite idea is coming O these ideas are in order 7. Read each statement.A driver relies on signals to navigate the road.” O there’s more detail to come O an opposite idea is coming O these ideas are in order 3. this year.. However.” O there’s more detail to come O an opposite idea is coming O these ideas are in order 4. You probably imagine bears as slow. Next.. Earlier she had heard the news.. Taylor was silent as he examined my overweight cat. “Although he appears healthy now.. “In addition. she couldn’t wait. As you navigate through reading. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.com . Dr.. paying special attention to the boldfaced word or phrase... Clay was down in the dumps.. Then he looked at me and said. What message is it sending? Choose the best answer. watch for signals the author uses to let you know what’s coming. “You are to include at least three different kinds of sources. lumbering creatures. Art asked him why. O there’s more detail to come O an opposite idea is coming O these ideas are in order 2.sdlback. Now. this guy’s weight. Merideth was obviously excited. Mrs.. you must. . Irvine. Tom and Mike had been playing ball in the house against Mom’s rules and broke a vase. They knew they were in trouble and furthermore. O there’s more detail to come O an opposite idea is coming O these ideas are in order Date: Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 _____________________ 22 3 Watson. In contrast. “For one thing... Directions: 1. She went right to the computer to e-mail Sally. Washington assigned the class a report.

com . CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.sdlback.Directions: Here’s a chance to show your reading detective skills. • as a result • a key feature • therefore • rather • the main point • however • in summary • yet • noteworthy • in conclusion • like. unlike • most of all • remember • consequently • but • hence • although • principally is coming! SIGNAL: An Important point ____________ ______________________________ ____________ ______________________________ ____________ ______________________________ ____________ ______________________________ ____________ ______________________________ ____________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ____________ ______________________________ ____________ ______________________________ ____________ ______________________________ ____________ ______________________________ ____________ ______________________________ ____________ ____________ ______________________________ ____________ ______________________________ ____________ ______________________________ ____________ ______________________________ ____________ ______________________________ ____________ ______________________________ Date: SIGNAL: A comparison is com ing! ing! SIGNAL: A conclusion is com Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 _____________________ 23 3 Watson. What signal is the author intending to give by using the words or phrases below? Write each under the category in which it belongs according the descriptions. Irvine.

(G) (F) After many moderations. (H) Eventually. ran. in the air A 3. mocked. Write the letter on the line. laughed _____ _____ 4. changes.Hey whiz kid! Look it up in the dictionary—good advice if you don’t know the meaning of a word. when the Wright brothers’ plane traveled 260 yards aloft.sdlback. or rights (A) When Orville and Wilbur Wright first talked of flying they were scoffed at. the Wright brothers’ interests were bought out by the Curtiss Company. After some setbacks. where he made a flight of 52 miles in 92 minutes. Orville and Wilbur worked stealthily on their flying machine. out of public view _____ 2. title. legal claim. (E) The first real flight took place on December 17. three years later Wilbur took their plane to France. money given for a purpose _____ 7. managed _____ 6. Use a dictionary if needed. 1903.com . the Wright brothers operated a bicycle repair shop and a small plant for manufacturing bicycles. Date: Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 _____________________ 24 3 Watson. (B) In 1895. _____ 1. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. (C) The brothers tinkered with ideas from gliders and the new gasoline buggies (cars) that were being developed. Use the clues to help you match the meaning of each bold word. Directions: In the speech bubbles are quotes from Carl’s oral report on the Wright brothers. in secret. experimented _____ 8. The first one is done for you as an example. improvements _____ 5. the brothers were able to get appropriations from Congress to continue their work. Irvine. (D) To avoid ridicule.

The boy’s size ____ in comparison to the giant’s. (denied / detailed) 5. When accused. (whispered / whimpered) 2.com .sdlback. Use a dictionary if needed. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ACROSS 3. The sailors ____ their gear in trunks.Directions: Which word belongs in the sentence? Underline it. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. (paled / pulled) 6. (stowe / stole) 9. (startled / started) 8. The king put forth a ____ to the people. Lightning ____ the branch from the tree. (can / cane) Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 25 3 Watson. Sandy ____ taking the pencil. The sleeping cat was ____ by the loud noise. A bat ____ on its hearing to navigate. The puppy ____ when she hurt her paw. (degree / decree) DOWN 1. The old man walked with a ____. Irvine. (several / severed) 4. (relieves / relies) 7. Then write it in the puzzle.


A well-known legend is told in poetry form in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s “Paul Revere’s Ride.” Below is the first stanza of the poem—with some of the words missing. Use the following terms and meanings to help you complete the lines with the words Longfellow chose (in bold). Use a dictionary if needed.

aloft: up high shore: water’s edge march: progress toward arm: prepare for defense An Excerpt from “Paul Revere’s Ride” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Listen, my children, and you _____________ hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere, on the eighteenth of April, in seventy-five; hardly a man is now alive who remembers that famous day and year. He said to his friend, “If the British _____________ by land or by sea from the town tonight hang a lantern ______________ in the belfry arch

alarm: danger warning shall: will folk: people signal: notification

of the North Church tower as a _______________ light — one, if by land, and two, if by sea; and I on the opposite ______________ will be, ready to ride and spread the _______________ through every Middlesex village and farm, for the country _____________ to be up and to __________. Name: _______________________________________
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Use the clues in the passage to help you match each word to its meaning. Write the letter of the correct definition on the line. Use a dictionary if needed.

The Sumatran Rhino
Of the five surviving species of rhinoceros, the Sumatran is the smallest. It is about 8-9 feet in length and weighs up to 1,700 pounds. Of its two horns, the front is the more prominent. It can be worn down but will regenerate even if broken. The upper lip is prehensile. This rhino’s facial skin is wrinkled, but the area around the muzzle is unwrinkled due to keratinization. Its body skin is rough and granular with a conspicuous fold behind the shoulders. In the young, coarse bristly hair is plentiful but diminishes with age. The Sumatran rhino is surprisingly agile. It can climb thickly forested mountain sides— too steep for a man. Its poor vision is offset by its keen senses of smell and hearing. It is an elusive creature and is able to survive in rain forest areas practically impenetrable by man and other animals.

_____ 1. conspicuous _____ 2. keratinization _____ 3. agile _____ 4. impenetrable _____ 5. regenerate _____ 6. bristly _____ 7. elusive _____ 8. prehensile

a. impossible to pass through, enter, or pierce b. clever or tricky in avoiding or escaping c. easy to see; readily apparent d. brushlike; having short stiff hairs e. to form or grow back a lost part f. hardening of protein, such as found in hair, skin g. able to grasp things h. skillful in movement; quick or keen

Name: _______________________________________
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You read a lot more than books! Think of all the practical things you read every day, such as schedules, calendars, menus, maps, guides, and forms.
Directions: Below is a schedule of activities offered at a local center for the performing arts. Use it to answer the questions below.

City Center for the Performing Arts
Sun. Mon. Tues.

For tickets or information call 534-3967 or go to www.CityCentPerf.org


Dance for Wellness, a fundraiser for City Hospital 7pm. $20

“The Big River” an historical play for the family. 8pm $8 adult, $4 child

“The Big River”


“The Big River” matinee 2pm


“Reading Rainbow” for ages 4-8, 4pm free (different each week)

a Good 8 7 “You’re Man Charlie Brown” 4pm $2 donation

“Reading Rainbow” for ages 4-8, 4pm free (different each week) “Reading Rainbow” for ages 4-8, 4pm free (different each week) “Reading Rainbow” for ages 4-8, 4pm free (different each week) “Reading Rainbow” for ages 4-8, 4pm free (different each week)

a Good 10 9 “You’re Man Charlie Brown” 4pm $2 donation



13 “Reading

Rainbow” for ages 4-8, 4pm free (different each week)




17 Los

Cancioneros Master Chorale 7pm $15 adult $5 child


19 Durga Puja

song and dance from India 7pm free

20 “Reading

Rainbow” for ages 4-8, 4pm free (different each week)






Young Artists Gallery opens. Works on display through Nov. 30


27 “Reading

Rainbow” for ages 4-8, 4pm free (different each week)




31 Police Dept.’s

Annual Community Halloween Party 6 pm free

1. For what month is this schedule? ____________________ 2. Does the City Center for the Performing Arts have a Web site? ____________________________ 3. How many different Reading Rainbow presentations could a child attend? _________________ 4. What program is offered as an evening performance or a matinee? _______________________ 5. What can be seen every day beginning on the 25th? ____________________________________ 6. What special event is held every year? _________________________________________________ 7. Why do you think the weekday offerings are at 4 pm? ___________________________________ 8. What would it cost for two adults and one child to see the Master Chorale? ________________ Name: _______________________________________
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the poison control center? _____ 3. 1. how to get information about your phone bill? _____ B. the location of an Italian restaurant near you: _________________________________________ 4. 1. use your real phone book. the number of your state senator? _____ 7. your city recreation and parks department? _____ 6. For Part 1. the number of a place you could rent a musical instrument: ____________________________ 5. the phone book shown represents a combination of the white and yellow pages.. the non-emergency number of your police department: _______________________________ 7.. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. the location of a bank branch? _____ 4. a listing of stores that sell camping equipment? _____ 5. someone to board your pets? ______ 8. For Part 2. the address of someone you know? ______ 10. Use it to answer the questions. the number to call to report a problem with the telephone line: ________________________ 3.com . To what section would you go to first to find . the address and phone number of a dentist: __________________________________________ 6. A.Directions: How do you find people and services in your community? The phone book is still a good source. Find the following in your phone book.sdlback. the location of a movie theater near you: ____________________________________________ 9. Irvine. the name of a local veterinarian: ____________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 29 3 Watson. the name of a bicycle repair shop near you: __________________________________________ 2. the number to call for information on an airline’s arrivals: ______________________________ 8. the phone number of your public library: ____________________________________________ 10.. the phone number of a friend? _____ Section 1: Customer and Emergency Information Section 2: Government Listings Section 3: White Pages/Residences Section 4: Yellow Pages/Businesses 2. a driving instruction school? _____ 9.

Name a state that is completely in the Mountain time zone. is two time zones west of Los Angeles. Colorado Los Angeles. D. Do time zone boundaries coincide with state boundaries? ________________________________ 2. As you travel from west to east. what time is it in Honolulu? ______________________ 7. Hawaii.S.C. D. Alaska and Hawaii are not shown on this map. California Dallas.com . below. Honolulu. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Where is it 6 pm and still light out? _______________________________________ ___________________________________________ 4. Miami. What time will it be in Los Angeles when the flight arrives? _______________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 30 3 Watson. Texas Chicago. When it is 11 am in Texas. Florida 1. Use the map to answer the questions.C. what time is it in Illinois? _____________________________________ 3. _____________________________ 5. ______________ 6. It is 9 pm and dark in Washington. Washington MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME 10:00 AM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME 11:00 AM EASTERN STANDARD TIME 12 NOON Denver. Irvine. Illinois Washington. A plane flight leaves Miami at noon headed for Los Angeles. If it is 9 am in Los Angeles. does it get later or earlier? _______________________________ 8. PACIFIC STANDARD TIME 9:00 AM Seattle.sdlback. Name a state that is partly in the Eastern and partly in the Central time zone.Directions: The approximate time zones are shown on the map of continental U. The flight takes five hours.

Jeff’s older brother Jim doesn’t usually mind when Jeff wants to hang out in his room or play video games with him.” she mumbled to herself. ___________________________________________________________________________________ 7. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Andy. but when the results were posted his name did not appear on the list. Then imagine that you have to explain to a little kid what was really meant. that’s a horse of a different color. Brent answered the phone. You dig? Directions: Each passage below contains an idiom. When Andy picked up the phone and found out it was Ellen. Jack tried out for the team.sdlback. her heart sank.Let me give it to you straight from the horse’s mouth— an idiom is an expression that means something other than what the words really say. Write your explanation on the lines. Underline it. “I hope I remember all this. Rachel had been looking forward all week to spending the weekend with her dad. Melanie was studying for her science test. “It’s all new to me.” he said. ___________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Mom asked Dad how his first day at his new job went. Cassandra saw that someone had thrown trash on the sidewalk. “I obviously need some time to get my feet wet. 1. At dinner. ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4. It was a bitter pill to swallow. On her way home from school. ___________________________________________________________________________________ 3. It was for his brother.” she thought as she turned out the light. When he called on Thursday night to say he couldn’t make it. “Littering drives me up the wall. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 31 3 Watson. ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2.com . he suddenly got tongue-tied. But when Jim has friends over. Irvine. After an hour her head was swimming with facts.” ___________________________________________________________________________________ 6.

identify each bold expression as a simile or metaphor. a s a le b ta r fo It was as com Metaphor An expressio n that direct ly compares substituting by one thing for another. The friends were two peas in a pod. study the meanings of these terms and the examples given. O simile O metaphor _____________________________________________________________________________ 3. O simile O metaphor _____________________________________________________________________________ 6. From age four. Mom says my room is a pig sty. write its meaning.Directions: Similes and metaphors are expressions used to make writing more colorful and interesting. Tonight I have a mountain of homework. Irvine. Finally. e Examples: H n old shoe. Pillows of cotton drifted across the sky. O simile O metaphor _____________________________________________________________________________ 4. O simile O metaphor _____________________________________________________________________________ 5. she swam like a fish. O simile O metaphor _____________________________________________________________________________ 7. li g in s u r e h t thing to ano ran like the wind. When I woke up. my throat felt like sandpaper. 1. Examples: Th ey were busy beavers .sdlback. Arthur sat like a bump on a log. First. O simile O metaphor _____________________________________________________________________________ 8. We entered the room as quiet as mice. Next. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. O simile O metaphor _____________________________________________________________________________ 2. O simile O metaphor _____________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 32 3 Watson.com . She had hair of gold. Simile s one e r a p m o c t a n th An expressio ke or as.

Be smart—always ask yourself who, what, where, when, why.


Read the passage and answer the questions.

Nutty Trivia
For centuries hand ground peanuts were made into a paste and eaten by the Peruvian Indians and African tribes. Ambrose Staub, a St. Louis doctor, invented a peanut mill in 1903 to make butter for elderly patients with weak teeth. Eventually, the idea caught on and these days peanut butter is a popular and nutritious staple in the American diet. However, no one is quite certain who the first person was to combine peanut butter with jelly to make the now famous peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 1. Who invented the peanut mill. __________________________________ 2. What did the Peruvian Indians make ground peanuts into? __________________________________ 3. Where did Ambrose Staub practice medicine? __________________________________ 4. When was jelly added to peanut butter to make a sandwich? __________________________________ __________________________________ 5. What type of patients did Dr. Staub care for?__________________________ 6. Why did Dr. Staub’s patients need peanut butter? ____________________ __________________________________ 7. When was the peanut mill invented? __________________________________

Name: _______________________________________
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Fill in the bubble of the correct answer.

Tracking Time
How was a year defined in Prehistoric times? No one knows for sure, but it is thought that people might have used monuments, such as Stonehenge in England, to track the sun’s position in the sky in order to measure the length of a year. The early Romans created a calendar based on the cycles of the moon. However, when Julius Caesar became Emperor of Rome around 45 B.C., he introduced the Julian calendar. This calendar marked time by measuring the Earth’s revolution around the sun. A few centuries later, Pope Gregory XIII appointed a team of learned men to help make the Julian calendar more accurate. It became known as the Gregorian calendar, and it is the system we still use today to chart the passage of a year.

1. Who introduced the Julian calendar? O Pope Gregory XIII O Julius Caesar O prehistoric people

2. What might monuments like Stonehenge have been used for? O to track the moon O to track the Earth O to track the sun

3. Why did Pope Gregory XIII appoint a team of men to revise the calendar? O He didn’t like Caesar O no reason O for accuracy

4. When did we stop using the Gregorian calendar? O in prehistoric times 5. Where is Stonehenge located? O in Rome O in England Date: O in the U.S.A. O in 45 B.C. O We still use it today.

Name: _______________________________________
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Below, the answers are given. Read the story. Supply the questions.

The Gettysburg Address
The Gettysburg Address is a very famous speech given by the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. On November 19, 1863, he gave this speech in dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery in Pennsylvania, where countless Civil War soldiers lay buried. President Lincoln was not the featured speaker for the event. He was only to say a few appropriate remarks after the featured orator, Edward Everett, gave what turned out to be a two-hour speech. When it was his turn to address the assembled, President Lincoln rose to deliver the now-famous speech. It lasted less than three minutes, was only ten sentences long, and was received with only faint applause at the time. However, it became one of the more well-known orations in American history.

1. Who: ___________________________________________________________________________ A: Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States 2. What: __________________________________________________________________________ A: The Gettysburg Address 3. When: ___________________________________________________________________________ A: November 19, 1863 4. Why: ___________________________________________________________________________ A: To dedicate the Gettysburg National Cemetery 5. Where: __________________________________________________________________________ A: The cemetery was located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Name: _______________________________________
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Even though she was a woman. the Egyptian title meaning king or emperor. She wore masculine clothing and the crown of the pharaoh. she and her brother ascended the throne. she had herself crowned as pharaoh. Where is Hatshepsut shown wearing a beard? ________________________________________ 4. too. When her father. her brother died. 1. as well as building beautiful temples and buildings. Keep them in mind as you read the story. This temple was built in honor of Queen Hatshepsut who was the ruler of Egypt from 1512 to possibly 1482 B. When did Hatshepsut rule Egypt? ___________________________________________________ 5. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 36 3 Watson. Irvine. King Thutmose I.sdlback. Who was King Thutmose I? ________________________________________________________ 2. Shortly afterward. Then go back and answer them.Directions: Read the questions below. Pharaoh of Egypt At the foot of tall cliffs on the west bank of the Nile river. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. a symbol for wisdom. leaving Hatshepsut to rule the land alone. She made sure it was an elaborate structure so that people would remember her as a pharaoh in her own right. What does pharaoh mean? _________________________________________________________ 3.com . Hatshepsut was a very able ruler and spent much of her reign concentrating on commercial enterprises and trades with other lands. died. stands a great temple. Why did she build her temple? ______________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Queen Hatshepsut.C. Ancient paintings show her wearing a false beard. She built the temple on the Nile as a place for her body to rest when she died. near the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. only worn by pharaohs.

1. O castle O dune O beach 3. woman is to aunt as man is to ______________. O write O book O read 8.Eye is to see as ear is to hear. (It’s a skill commonly found on standardized tests!) Directions: An analogy always has two pairs of words. cars are to roads as planes are to ______________. Irvine. hair is to trim as grass is to ______________. O green O grow O mow 6. cat is to pet as red is to ______________. O table O wipe O dirt The correct answer is wipe because sweep describes a broom’s action. slither is to snake as gallop is to ______________. An analogy shows how things are related. dirt is to mound as sand is to ______________. O hive O sting O honey 7. O closet Date: O clothes O messy Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 _____________________ 37 3 Watson. O father O uncle O brother 10. EXAMPLE: broom is to sweep as cloth is to ______________. O trot O shed O horse 5. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Test your analogy skills below. clean is to dirty as neat is to ______________. O chicken O yolk O shell 9. O rose O blue O color 2. bear is to den as bee is to ______________. This kind of comparison is called an analogy. orange is to peel as egg is to ______________.com . illustrator is to draw as author is to ______________. therefore wipe describes a cloth’s action. O sky O fly O jets 4.sdlback. The second pair of words must be related in the same way as the first pair.

4. hard is to rock as soft is to _______. 10. milk is to pudding as flour is to _______. Think about how the first pair of words is related. Irvine. problem is to solution as question is to _______. robin is to bird as dog is to _______. clap is to hands as run is to _______. 2. 11. racquet is to tennis as stick is to _______. 9. keys are to piano as strings are to _______. The answer will be a word that goes with the second pair that is related in the same way. 7. false is to true as no is to _______. 8. bathroom is to tub as kitchen is to _______. Hint: More than one word may fit the analogy but not the puzzle! 1 2 3 5 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ACROSS 1.sdlback. 5.com . 5. 3. fish is to fin as seal is to _______. 12. rhinos are to horns as deer are to _______. 6.Directions: To solve this puzzle you complete analogies. bottle is to cap as jar is to _______. DOWN 1. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. eat is to hungry as drink is to _______. cherry is to fruit as hammer is to _______. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 38 3 Watson.

Community Service veterinarian department store pharmacy optometrist party store bakery auto parts store physician gas station office supply store florist pet supply store 1.sdlback. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Irvine. Where could you get a replacement carburetor? _________________________________ 7. Directions: Below is a list of stores and services available in a typical community.Here’s a trick—putting what you read into a category helps you keep the information organized. Where could you take your puppy for a vaccination? _________________________________ 4. Where could you get an eye exam and be fitted for glasses? _________________________________ 8. Where could you go to put air in your bicycle’s tires? _________________________________ 9.com . Where could you find a special cake for a graduation party? _________________________________ 2. Where could you get a bouquet for Mother’s Day? _________________________________ 6. Answer each question with the best place to find what you are looking for. Where could you get a doctor’s prescription filled? _________________________________ 3. Where could you buy a cartridge for your printer? _________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 39 3 Watson. Where could you shop for kitchen appliances? _________________________________ 5.

Vol. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 40 3 Watson. The systems of the human body Vol. ______ because ______________________________________________________________. Vol. Write the volume you would go to first and why. Vol. Irvine. Vol. History of the Civil War Vol. Vol. Vol. 4. Vol. Vol. 3. Vol. ______ because ______________________________________________________________. Vol. 5. Vol. Vol. Animals of the desert southwest Vol. Vol. A B C D E-F G H I-J K-L M N O P Q R S T-U V W X-Z Vol. Vol. Vol. Rainforests of Brazil’s Amazon Basin Vol. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Vol.Directions: You have been asked to find information in an encyclopedia on each topic. Vol. ______ because ______________________________________________________________. ______ because 1. ______ because ______________________________________________________________.sdlback. Vol. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. 6. Vol. Vol. ______ because _____________________________________________________________. The inventions of Benjamin Franklin ______________________________________________________________.com . 2. Migration patterns of whales Vol.

pup. bear. black. lemon. 3. ballroom. snaps Which does not belong with the rest? ________________________ Why not? _______________________________________________________________________________ 2. shoelaces.Directions: Read each list of words. sequins.645 75. square. tap. blonde. gosling Which does not belong with the rest? ________________________ Why not? _______________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 41 3 Watson. elephant Which does not belong with the rest? ________________________ Why not? _______________________________________________________________________________ 4. adult. gray Which does not belong with the rest? ________________________ Why not? _______________________________________________________________________________ 7. white. hula. antelope. ballet.702 609 42. What Doesn’t Belong (Use the Clues) 1. apple. kitten. oak. brown. round. kid. shark. modern. whale. mouse.206 504 Which does not belong with the rest? ________________________ Why not? _______________________________________________________________________________ 5. jazz Which does not belong with the rest? ________________________ Why not? _______________________________________________________________________________ 3.705 4. ribbon. Decide how they are related. cub. cactus. cygnet. horse.803 2. Irvine. person. Answer the question. palm. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.com . auburn. zipper. maple.sdlback. willow Which does not belong with the rest? ________________________ Why not? _______________________________________________________________________________ 6. buttons. blue.

but I think I have the biggest cat in the world. ______________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 42 3 Watson. our school will be having its annual field day. ______________________________________________ 3. ______________________________________________ 4. games. Irvine. First you will need to gather all the ingredients. On Saturday. ______________________________________________ 6. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. There will be lots of food. I don’t know how or why.com . ______________________________________________ 5. May 28. ______________________________________________ 2. but messy. is better than the traditional summer-off schedule. Year-round school. and field events in which children of all ages can participate. with its several short breaks throughout the year. A passage you read may have been written for one of these reasons: • to describe something • to inform or share knowledge • to summarize or explain • to instruct or give directions • to persuade or convince • to entertain or amuse 1. Have you read Miss Nelson Is Missing by James Marshall? It is the hilarious story of a teacher with an unruly class. Decide which purpose the author probably had in mind when he or she wrote it.Directions: Each passage below is the beginning of a paragraph.sdlback. who teaches them to behave by disguising herself as a mean substitute named Miss Viola Swamp. All communication is done with a purpose in mind. Write one of the boldfaced words below. I sat at the back of the rowboat and gazed at the orange glow of the warm sun as it set over the water that was lapping lazily at my feet. His name is Rex but I’m thinking of changing it to T-Rex. Making marshmallow rice treats can be fun.

present. or future. The passage is about events in the O past O present O future 6. I am teaching visiting groups about what it takes to feed a zoo population. Irvine. This year. Pay attention to them as you read. The passage is about events in the O past O present O future 5.000 animals each day. Can you believe it? Grandpa told me that when he was a boy he did not have a computer. etc. Directions: Read each passage. Jose had scored the first winning goal in the 21st century.Signal words can give you a hint about when events take place. I am a nutritionist at the city zoo. TV. boom box. cell phone. The passage is about events in the O past O present O future 3.com . the world looked very different from how it looks today. The passage is about events in the O past O present O future 2. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Then. When dinosaurs ruled the land. there were once fern-filled forests. I have to plan meals for approximately 7. My family and I live in North America. Where there are now dry plains. The passage is about events in the O past O present O future 4. Thousands stood up and cheered when the ball went into the net. choose the correct time: past. We are members of the Sioux tribe and live in a teepee. Look for signals. Amazing! The passage is about events in the O past O present O future Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 43 3 Watson. Our spaceship had had some technical difficulty as we navigated through the meteor shower. 1. When we reached Saturn everyone was relieved.sdlback.

sdlback. However. ____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________. Pamela got ready for dance class and raced to the dance studio. ___________________________ _ _________________________________________________________________________________. Mom rolled the shopping cart out of the grocery store and into the parking lot. she programmed the microwave for 10 minutes! ________________________________________________________________ _ __ _________________________________________________________________________________. ________________________________________________ _ _ _____________________________________________________________________________ _ ___. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 44 3 Watson. Suddenly she realized she had forgotten where she parked. He went back outside and saw that the pool was overflowing. Lori cooked an egg in the microwave. 6. Michael and Sabrina were close friends. he realized he did not have the garage door opener. 2. Dad was on the riding mower. __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________. Irvine.. Adam forgot that he was adding water to the pool. 4. 5. What Next?/Then. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Then. Michael met Sara and starting hanging out exclusively with Sara. 1.Directions: Think about what might happen next in each situation. 3. Write one of your ideas.com . _____________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________. When she got there the dance studio door was locked.. When he finished cutting the grass.

What was the main intent of the Bill of Rights? ___________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Irvine. For the newly independent country. in which Parliament could repeal a right. Finally. 1789. Led by Madison. read the story to find the answers. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Next. What is the Bill of Rights? _____________________________________________________________ 2. This was important because several states had only agreed to adopting the Constitution if a specific Bill of Rights was added. How long did it take from the proposal to the ratification? ________________________________ 4. Why was the Bill of Rights a priority for the new government? _____________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. The main intent of the Bill of Rights was to guarantee freedoms not specifically addressed in the Constitution. 1789. How was the American version of the Bill of Rights different from the English version? _________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ On April 30. a list of 12 amendments were proposed for ratification on September 25. the first president of the United States took office. 1791. the American Bill of Rights could only be repealed through the states. 1. Ten of the twelve were ratified and in force on December 15. Directions: The story below is about the original Bill of Rights. How many of the proposed amendments were finally accepted? ___________________________ 5.com . Unlike similar provisions in the English version.sdlback. Read the questions first. a pressing order of business was to pass into law a set of amendments to the Constitution. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 45 3 Watson.Do you read first and ask questions later? A better strategy is to ask questions before you read. These ten amendments are known as the Bill of Rights. Then read to find the answers. go back and answer the questions.

_________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Q. Write three questions you would ask the supporting characters (about the events of the story. it can also improve your overall comprehension. Write three questions you would ask the author. Choose your favorite book.Directions: Formulating questions not only helps you focus on your purpose for reading. their feelings at different times. his/her feelings at different times. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Q.. his/her view of other characters. Irvine.) Q.. _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 46 3 Watson.. where he/she got his/her ideas.. Write three questions you would ask the main character (about the events of the story. . Then practice formulating questions about it.) Q.sdlback. _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Q. 1. _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ 3. _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Q. _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Q.) Q. _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Q. . Write your questions on the lines. (about writing the story.. his/her views of characters or events.. their view of other characters. _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ 2.com . .

sdlback. 1. Leslie celebrated her eleventh birthday. With the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. There was work to be done. What time of year is it? ______________________________ 6. Sam drove two hours on the freeway. averaging about 60 mph. How old is Grandpa? ______________________________ 7. Irvine.” How long would that really be? ______________________________ 2. In what year was Leslie born? ______________________________ 3. About how many miles did he cover? ______________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 47 3 Watson. Mom got a notice announcing her 20th high school reunion. In 2001. The crops were ready to harvest. About how old is the nation? ______________________________ 4. Dad said cleaning the garage would take “a month of Sundays. Grandpa was 27 when Dad was born. About what year was it? ______________________________ 8. and I am 10. the country of the United States was formed. The music was composed in the mid 19th century.Always reread and ask yourself questions until you have enough information to predict an outcome. Directions: Read the statements and answer the questions. Dad was 27 when I was born. When did Mom graduate from high school? __________________________ 5.com .

as the children walked around and observed the animals. answer the questions. O The meeting was prearranged. O true O false O can’t tell 4. The school was within driving distance of Washington. Irvine. and six parents boarded the school bus for a trip to the National Zoo in Washington.” she said. The group had been studying nutrition and were about to learn what it takes to feed a zoo. Then. What does “in a different light” mean? O brighter O in a new way O stranger than before Date: Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 _____________________ 48 3 Watson. In less than an hour they arrived. D.” The children were amazed as the nutritionist told them even more about the menu of incredible proportions. Before they went to see any animals.com . they got to take a peek at the area where food is ordered. believe it or not. Four big cats consume more than 450 pounds of meat each week. D. and sorted. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. “For example. we order crickets from a cricket farm—some 38.000 at a time. The zoo nutritionist was waiting for them when they arrived. “You’d be amazed. In fact.C.Directions: Read the passage. And. 5. Was the zoo nutritionist a man or a woman? O man O woman O story doesn’t say 3. they would never think of the zoo again without imagining the tons of food it takes to feed its residents.sdlback. 43 students. received. 1. Later. Why was the nutritionist waiting for them? O The nutritionist greets everyone. What best describes a commissary? O a storage area O a kitchen O an area set aside for animals 2. a single gray seal eats about 25 pounds of fish a day. The nutritionist pointed out that feeding about 7.000 animals is quite a feat. For what animals does the zoo need to order crickets? O lions & tigers O gray seals O story doesn’t say 6. they saw them in a different light. two teachers. A Visit to the Commissary One warm day in late May.C.

and a form of hieroglyphic writing—all of which would influence the later civilizations of the region. and became skilled artists and sculptors. The Olmec culture thrived for about 1. Bountiful harvests supplied a surplus of food.Directions: Read the passage.com . yet much of who they were and how they lived is still shrouded in mystery. Did the Olmec have an effect on future cultures? _________________________ Which word tells you so? _________________________ 6. Do we know much or little about the Olmec? _________________________ Which word tells you so? _________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 49 3 Watson. Then. which enabled some of the people to devote their attention to other matters. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. The Olmec constructed cities. Did the Olmec have plenty or not enough food? _________________________ Which word tells you so? _________________________ 4. Irvine.000 years. Was the Olmec writing in letters or pictures? _________________________ Which word tells you so? _________________________ 5.sdlback.C. formed a government. Around 1200 B. they uncovered one of the oldest and most baffling civilizations on the continent—the Olmec. a counting system. Do we fully understand the Olmec civilization? _________________________ Which word tells you so? _________________________ 3. Are the jungles of Central America thin or thick? _________________________ Which word tells you so? _________________________ 2. this advanced culture was able to clear incredibly dense jungle to raise crops. answer the questions. The Olmec When archaeologists slashed through the jungles of Central America. They developed a calendar. 1.

CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.com . The fact that Grandma. When Ms. but her story was full of holes. _________________________________________________________________________________ 5. she didn’t know because her head was in the clouds. the correct answer popped into Sandra’s head.sdlback. Leo was walking on air when he heard that he had won a ribbon in the science fair. and I are all good at art proves that the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Then write the meaning of the bold phrase. Jones called on Sue to answer. Irvine. _________________________________________________________________________________ 6. 1. She was willing to try. _________________________________________________________________________________ 2. out of the blue. _________________________________________________________________________________ 8. _________________________________________________________________________________ 4. _________________________________________________________________________________ 7.Directions: An expression (or idiom) is a phrase that means something other than what the words say. Use the clues in each passage below to figure out and describe each person below. Suddenly. Mom. _________________________________________________________________________________ 3. It didn’t make a hill of beans difference to Britt that she had never ridden a horse before. _________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 50 3 Watson. Mario’s responsible behavior and attitude show that he has his feet planted firmly in the ground. Don’t bother waiting for Abby to call you back—it could be a month of Sundays. Kelly tried to explain why she had missed the last three meetings.

the snowy owl is diurnal. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Irvine. 1. but eggs and juveniles are in danger from Arctic foxes and husky dogs. Where is the snowy owl’s habitat? ____________________________________________________ How can you tell?__________________________________________________________________ 2. These owls mainly feed on lemmings.Make mental images as you read. It is easily distinguished from other large owls within its habitat by its predominately white plumage. making it wellsuited to survive in the far north where it can be continuously light or dark around the clock. Directions: Read the passage. and rabbits but are known to eat other birds and fish as well. at night. Owls depend on their keen sense of hearing and the efficiency of their sight. or both? _____________________________ What word tells you? _______________________________________________________________ 4. Then.com . The snowy owl is light for its size— about four pounds. Unlike most other owls that primarily hunt at night. answer the questions. the snowy owl ranks first in size. It will help you get the full picture. The Snowy Owl Among North American birds. The snowy owl can fly long distances carrying an animal weighing far more than itself. Does the snowy owl hunt during the day. It can reach 27 inches in length and have a wingspan of 5 feet. which is designed to work well in the dark. voles. The adult has few natural enemies.sdlback. Is the snowy owl a carnivore or herbivore? ____________________________________________ How can you tell? __________________________________________________________________ 5. Could the snowy owl carry off a rabbit weighing five pounds? ___________________________ How do you know? _________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 51 3 Watson. What color plumage do other owls of the region have?__________________________________ How can you tell? __________________________________________________________________ 3.

You know you can do something well. 9. You are ___. You are____. 6. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Word Box relieved inspired mad delighted confident concerned disgusted serious bored confused nervous exhausted Date: _____________________ 52 3 Watson. You make a solemn promise. 2. You are about to get a tooth pulled. You are ___. You are_____. Irvine. You are _____. You stepped on a worm. 3. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. DOWN 1. 12. Your mom is late picking you up. You have nothing to do. 2 4 5 6 7 3 How Do You Feel? 1 8 9 10 11 12 ACROSS 5. You are___. Find the one that correctly completes the sentence. You are _____. 11. Your friend told a lie about you. You are motivated to do something. 8. You just won an award. 10. You are ____. You are _____. You don’t understand how to do something.com . 4. You stayed up late studying. 7. You are____. You don’t have to do something you dreaded.Directions: The Word Box contains words that express specific feelings.sdlback. You are____. You are___. Fill it in the puzzle.

” What do you think these bricks are made of? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4.Directions: The story does not directly give answers to these questions. What does the noun mean? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2. housing hundreds of people. Explain the meaning of each of these words as used in the story: strike: __________________________________________________________________ ____________ scale: ______________________________________________________________________________ 3.sdlback. For what reason do you think the Pueblo put their “doors” on the roof? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 5. a sun-dried brick. What do you think? Pueblo Village The Pueblo lived in what is now Arizona and New Mexico long before the Spanish arrived. Their homes are made of adobe. What do you think was done with the ladders when all were inside? ___________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 53 3 Watson. Sometimes many dwellings were built together. does something strike you as odd? These Native Americans built their dwellings without doors—at least the type usually seen—an entrance at ground level. The word Pueblo is used as a noun and an adjective. The “door” to a Pueblo home is typically an opening in the roof.com . Irvine. When you look at pictures of a Pueblo village. Wooden ladders were used to scale the buildings. side-by-side and stacked. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Adobe was defined as “sun-dried brick. 1.

It may be worn by a cook or other person who works with potentially messy materials. 6. It is usually made of metal or plastic enclosed in a cloth cover. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 54 3 Watson. It is a special kind of hat.Directions: Use the clues in each description to identify the object. 2. It is a piece of cloth worn over the clothing to protect them from dirt or spills. subtract. 5. 4. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. 1. It is used to add.com . It is used to help support you as you walk if you have an injured leg or foot. It is a hand-held machine with buttons that show numbers and mathematical symbols.sdlback. 3. It may be made of silver or gold with other gems as decoration. Irvine. It is a container for holding water or other liquids to drink. It is a machine that picks up waves through the air and turns them into sounds. You can tune it to pick up the sound source you want. It is worn by royalty. It has a strap for carrying it along with you. Then draw and label it. and perform other operations with numbers. It is a wooden or metal structure with padding on top.

. . What pages offer information about Columbus’ voyages? __________________ 3.19 1500-1600 Sebastian Cabot (S. . . . . CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.6 Christopher Columbus (W. . In what chapter would you find information about inland explorers? _______________ 2. . . . . Indies) . . . . . . . . .22 William Dampier (Australia. . Irvine. . Give it a try! A table of contents can help you preview and predict what the book is about. . . .14 Samuel de Champlain (E. . . . . and captions. . . . . Balboa discovered the Pacific Ocean. . . . . . . Coast) . Pacific) . Who sailed around it? _______________ 5. . . Magellan circumnavigated the world. . What type of book is this table of contents likely to be from? ______________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 55 3 Watson. .20 Ferdinand Magellan (World circumnavigation) . . . . . . . . . . . . . what constitutes “early” exploration? ______________________________ 8. headings. . . . .11 Hernando Cortez (Mexico) . . . . Was this before or after John Cabot’s time? _____________ 6. . . America) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .com . Mississippi basin) . . . .7-10 1500-1600 Vasco de Balboa (Panama) . . According to this book. . .12 Juan Ponce de León (Florida) . . . . . Directions: Table of Contents Chapter 1: Early Explorers-Sea Pre-1500 Chapter 2: Early Explorers-Land Pre-1500 Marco Polo (Asia) .Good readers get a jump on what they are about to read by previewing and predicting Table of Contents. . . . .18 John Cabot (Canadian coast) . . . . What does that mean? _______________________________ 7. . . . . . . .17 Bartolomeu Dias (Cape of Good Hope) . . Use the table of contents below to answer the questions. . . . . . . . . . Am. . . . .13 1600-1700 Marquette & Joliet (N. . Coast N. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 1. . . . . . . . . . . S. . . These chapters do not mention polar exploration. . . . . .16 Lief Eriksson (Greenland) . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Cape of Good Hope is at the southern tip of Africa.21 1600-1700 Sieur Duluth (Lake Superior region) . . . . . Do these chapters cover exploration prior to 1500? _______________ 4. . . . . . . . . . . .sdlback. . . . . Why do you think that is so? ____________________________________________________________________________________ 9. .

The Human Factor xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx. xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx. What is the subject of the page? _______________________________ 2.x American Alligator _______________________________ 9.com . Will this page tell you what other animals are similar to the crocodile? _______________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 56 3 Watson. xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx. xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx. xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx. xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx. xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx. xxxxx x xxxx xxx xxxxxxx. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxx x xxxx xxx xxxxxxx. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx. 1. xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx. xxxxx x xxxx xxx xxxxxxx. xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx. xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx. Behavior—A Fearsome Carnivore xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx. xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx.sdlback. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx. xxxxx x xxxx xxx xxxxxxx. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx. What type of animal is a crocodile? _______________________________ 6. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx. xxxxx x xxxx xxx xxxxxxx. xxxxx x xxxx xxx xxxxxxx. What is one way you can tell a crocodile from an alligator? The Nile Crocodile is the largest reptile in Africa Physical Characteristics xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx. xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. xxxxx x xxxx xxx xxxxxxx. Will this page give a description of a Nile crocodile’s size? _______________________________ 7. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx. xxxxx x xxxx xxx xxxxxxx. xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx. xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx. xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx. xxxxx x xxxx xxx xxxxxxx. Answer the questions about what you can predict from just reading the captions and headings. xxxxx x xxxx xxx xxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx. xxxxx x xxxx xxx xxxxxxx. xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx. xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx. On what continent is the Nile River? _______________________________ 4. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx. Do Nile crocodiles ever encounter humans? Habitat xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx. xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx. Will this page tell you about the habits of the American alligator? _______________________________ 8. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx. What does a crocodile eat? _______________________________ 5.Directions: Imagine this is a page from a book you are flipping through. xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx. xxxxx x xxxx xxx xxxxxxx. xxxxx x xxxx xxx xxxxxxx. xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx. xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx. xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx. xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx. xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx. xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx. xxxxx x xxxx xxx xxxxxxx. xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx. xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx. _______________________________ 3. Irvine. xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx. A noticeable difference is the teeth Nile Crocodile Related Species xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx. xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx. xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx.

000 AMAZON (South America) CONGO (Africa) VOLGA (Europe) NILE (Egypt) MISSISSIPPI (U. is wide? _______________________________________________________ Predict what the accompanying article will likely cover or not cover. What is the only European river mentioned? ________________________________ 6. such as the Missouri. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. 11. The U. ______ The article will give the location and description of the rivers shown. which is the shortest? ____________________________ 3. east-west). or graph? _______________________ 2. ______ The article will talk only about rivers in the United States. 12.) COLORADO (U.S.S. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 57 3 Watson. Each line represents 100 miles in length 1.) 2.sdlback. What river is greater than 2. 10.com . graphs.000 3. ______ The article will talk about other rivers. Of the rivers shown.000 miles across. Is the Mississippi longer or shorter than the Colorado? ______________________________ 5. and other visual graphics used to help illustrate text can be a very valuable aid in previewing and predicting what you are going to read.000 1. Answer the questions about what you can determine just from the picture. Is this a picture. Imagine that this graphic appeared with an article on rivers. ______ The article will talk about the rivers’ direction of flow (north-south. Irvine.S.000 miles? ______________________ 4.Directions: Pictures.500 miles long but less than 3. tables. table. Write yes or no next to each: 8. What two rivers are longer than the U. What two rivers are only a few hundred feet different in length? _______________________________________________________ 7. ______ The article will compare lengths of the world’s longest rivers. 9.S.000 4. is about 3.

Did Morse grow up knowing he wanted to be an inventor? _____________________________ 4. He took a job as an art teacher and used the little money he made to work on his idea. the telegraph. B. he did not make much money at his craft. Morse began not as an inventor but as a painter. 1. In 1844. after 12 years of work. eventually made him wealthy and famous. Morse Samuel F. Did Samuel Morse come from a wealthy background? _____________________________ 3. Samuel F. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. he finally succeeded in impressing the world with his invention. the almost penniless Morse became fascinated with the idea of sending messages across wires.Add up all the supporting details and get the main idea. Then. Was Morse Code named after its inventor? _____________________________ 2. Is Samuel Morse still alive today? _____________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 58 3 Watson. Directions: Read the story and underline the main idea. his success was preceded by some very lean years. B.com . Did Morse ever earn much money from his invention? _____________________________ 6. Though Morse is considered a successful inventor. answer the questions YES or NO. Did Morse get his idea for the telegraph while on a ship to Europe? _____________________________ 7. Did Morse spend over a decade working on his invention? _____________________________ 8. Although recognized as talented.sdlback. While on a ship homeward bound from Europe. Was Morse a recognized painter before he invented the telegraph? _____________________________ 5. Morse is instantly recognized as the inventor of Morse Code—a widely used system of dots and dashes transmitted over wire. Irvine. His device.

They are used for cutting and biting food. These teeth have flat tops for crushing and grinding the food. Your teeth may be part of your smile. Why do you think people like to lick ice-cream with the tip of their tongue? _______________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 59 3 Watson. Look at the diagram to see where you would most strongly sense each taste.sdlback.Directions: Read the passage. but they have a more important job—they are the first step in the process of digestion. answer the questions. What is the most important function of your teeth? ______________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Your tongue can only detect four kinds of tastes—sweet. Circle the main idea in each paragraph. which also help you tear food. What are the only four tastes your tongue can detect? ___________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 6. The remaining teeth are molars. Then. sour salty bitter sour salty sweet 4.com . 1. The taste buds that pick up these signals are arranged on your tongue in different places. thin teeth called incisors. Next to these are pointed teeth called canines. In the very front of your mouth are eight flat. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. What gives you the sensation of taste? _________________________________________________ 5. What are the three kinds of teeth?______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. How do your front teeth differ from your back teeth? ____________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ If you take a close look at your tongue you will see that it is covered with tiny bumps called taste buds. Irvine. You have three kinds of teeth. sour. and bitter. salty. They contain nerves that send messages to your brain that give you the sense of taste.

CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. (D) _____ 1. When an author uses a made-up name for writing. _____ 3. _____ 2. Some slugs have a small.Directions: Read each sentence. _____ 2. On most days. but most have no shell at all. whose real name was Theodor Geisel.sdlback. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 60 3 Watson. (A) _____ 1. _____ 2. Still. Though once considered a delicacy. flat shell under the skin. raisins are readily available for snacking and cooking. slugs have slimy skin that allows them to move about and protects their delicate bodies. _____ 3. Write MI or D.com . Like other snails. _____ 2. _____ 3. Sometimes a writer does not use his or her real name as an author. _____ 3. Raisins are dried grapes. (C) _____ 1. Identify it as the main idea or as a detail. it is quite a distance away—about 93 million miles from Earth! (B) _____ 1. A slug is a kind of snail. One of the most famous pen names is Dr. it is called a pen name. you can easily see the star nearest Earth because it is our sun. It does not look like other stars because it is so close relative to the other stars. They are highly nutritious and their sweet taste make them an excellent snack. Seuss. Irvine.

Cross out the sentence that gives a detail that does not belong. Pottery made by people thousands of years ago has been found intact. Today. For example. 1. 3. then painted or carved with designs. and im are also Latin for “across. ceramic pieces are also made from various other materials and for a wide range of uses from art objects to dental work. Write a good title: _______________________________________________________________ (B) Ceramics is the shaping and heating of materials to create useful or beautiful objects. transport means carry across. trans. Many English words are derived from Latin roots.” Some English words also come from other languages. the Latin root port means “carry.” “out. export means carry out. Underline the sentence that gives the main idea.” and “in. In fact. Underline the sentence that gives the main idea. 2. import means carry in. such as Greek. 1.sdlback. portable means able to be carried. 3.Directions: Follow the three directions for each passage.” So. (A) Latin is an ancient language that still lives today. ex.com . Native American pottery is among the most beautiful. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. 2. Irvine. Cross out the sentence that gives a detail that does not belong. Most ancient ceramics were made from clay. Write a good title: _______________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 61 3 Watson. It is one of the most ancient arts. which was baked to harden.

Mount St.com . The blast zone covered an area of more than 230 square miles. Helens— clear and calm. Until this time. To what does “sleeping giant” refer? O Spirit Lake O volcano O the lodge 4. O They’d been warned.sdlback. Then a moving wall of debris came down the mountain. A huge cloud of super hot gases. Some folks had lived the last fifty years on the shores of Spirit Lake in this beautiful area of Washington state. Where is Mount St. Helens May 18. O Canada O Washington state 2. Helens had not erupted since 1857. leaving vast stretches of leveled trees and barren land. How long had it been since it last erupted? O 133 years O 177 years O 123 years 5. Mount St. There had been warnings of a possible eruption and many people had left the area. But this day was to change the face of the land to something unrecognizable. and ash spewed out. Irvine. steam. The lake was emptied. started out like many other days at the lodge at the foothills of Mount St. Then. Mount St. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. wiping out everything in its path. D. Helens exploded with the force of 500 atomic bombs. Date: Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 _____________________ 62 3 Watson.C. answer the questions. O They heard the explosion. At 8:32 am an earthquake triggered a landslide on the sleeping giant. 1980. Helens located? O Washington. And the lodge? Buried under 40 feet of ash and mud. Why had many people left the area before the eruption? O They felt an earthquake. What finally triggered the blast? O earthquake O landslide O atomic bomb 3. 1. disintegrating the top of the mountain and surrounding area.Directions: Circle the main idea in the passage. Gases and magma trapped in the mountain suddenly had an escape route! In barely a blink of an eye. rock.

he decided to call “Wolf” though none was there. Find the word in the story that means: help: ______________________________ caring for: _________________________ woods: ____________________________ boring: ______________________________________ entertained: __________________________________ hurrying: ____________________________________ O They didn’t believe him. Then. Again the villagers came and again found no wolf. He wondered what he could do to relieve his boredom.Directions: Read the fable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. they found no threat. Write what you think the moral of this story is: __________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 63 3 Watson. They were determined not to be fooled again. Actions speak louder than words or Some things are easier said than done. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. What is the main idea of this fable? __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 2. so the next week he did the same thing. The boy was amused by this. A fable is a story that has a moral.com . 1. The next week it came to pass that a wolf did come out of the woods and threaten the sheep. Immediately the villagers came rushing to his aid. Why did the villagers not come to the boy’s rescue the third time? O They didn’t hear him. Why did the boy cry ‘Wolf” the first time? _____________________________________________________________________ the second time?___________________________________________________________________ the third time?_____________________________________________________________________ 3. But being a boy. Irvine. Remembering that his master instructed him to call for help if a wolf should appear. The boy cried. “Wolf! Wolf” but the villagers did not come. such as. answer each question. The Boy Who Cried Wolf A shepherd boy was in charge of tending his master’s sheep near a dark forest not far from the village. But when they arrived. or lesson to be learned. 4. he found the task dull and lonely. 5.sdlback.

Below is the information you got when you requested a travel package from the Blue Hills Inn. For a family of four. The special also includes four tickets for the Blue Hills jeep tour (a $60 value) and a $40 credit toward dinner at the Blue Hills Restaurant. What is the main benefit of this offer?_________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 64 3 Watson.50 5. Special Offer—Limited Time Only! If you have a family of four and want a two-day outing filled with fun. While in the Blue Hills. For how long a period is Blue Hills offering this special? O 5 months O 30 days O 4 months 4. $300). two nights. Irvine. Why would this offer not be a good choice for a) a family of 3? ____________________________________________________________________ b) a family with a baby? ____________________________________________________________ 6. what is the cost of this package per person? O $75 O $90 O $112 O $37. 1-June 1. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. so we are also throwing in four passes for the shuttle bus—an additional savings of $12. Read the offer carefully. What does the “2” stand for in the “4-2-3” special? O 2 nights O 2 guests O 2 hundred dollars 2. take advantage of our “42-3” special (four guests. Call today for reservations! 1-800-000-0000 1.Directions: Imagine your family is planning a two-day trip. Then answer the questions below. your family will want to visit the aquarium in nearby Springsville.com . If this sounds like something your family would enjoy. How much is a single ticket for the jeep tour? O $60 O $15 O $12 3.sdlback. you’d better hurry. Our “4-2-3” special is good only from Feb.

though most snakes are harmless. ____________________________ 2. ___________________________ 7.Directions: Read the passage. This fear is welldeserved because. Rattlers range in size from under two feet to seven or more feet in length. The timber rattler is a poisonous snake. ___________________________ 3. but all have the characteristic segments at the end of their tails. actually a rattler adds a segment each time it sheds its skin—up to four times a year. The pygmy rattler is among the smaller of the rattlesnake varieties. ___________________________ 4. Other poisonous snakes include the cobra and coral snake. they start to fall off. Irvine. ____________________________ 6. though not the longest. Rattlesnakes eat birds and small mammals. is the most bulky of all poisonous snakes. Other smaller rattlers include the pygmy rattlesnake and the timber rattler. 1. write True or False to answer the questions. Some are large and some are small. And. A rattlesnake adds one rattle segment per year. Circle the main idea. ___________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 65 3 Watson. rattlers are poisonous.com . Rattlers Rattlesnakes are among the most feared of reptiles. There are more kinds of harmless snakes than poisonous ones.sdlback. easily recognized by the diamond-shaped markings along its back. A rattlesnake does not always rattle before striking. when about ten segments accumulate. ___________________________ 8. The diamondback rattler. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. The diamondback rattler is the heaviest of all poisonous snakes. which they shake to produce the rattle sound. Then. ___________________________ 5. But. It is believed by some that the age of a rattlesnake corresponds to the number of segments of its rattle.

_______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 66 3 Watson. followed by a period. When I’m grown 1. they are indented further and listed by number. Family II. Description B. What I like A. Main topics are listed as Roman Numerals. If a subtopic has separate key points. Write what you would say. This school year B. Hobbies/Interests III. Subtopics are indented and listed with capital letters. then. Favorite subject B.An outline is like a skeleton—a basic framework on which to build the “meat” of a story or passage. Who I am A. Irvine. I. Your teacher has passed out the outline below to study. use it to introduce yourself to the group. What I’ll do Each line begins with a capital letter. Directions: Imagine it is the first day of school. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.sdlback.com . My Plans A. Where I’ll live 2.

Read and follow the directions below to create an outline of how the U. Levy taxes and appropriate funds 4. ___________________________________________ II. (Main powers) 1.S. ___________________________________________ 2. (Power) 3.S. ___________________________________________ 3. (Power) 2. ___________________________________________ 4. Appoint high federal officials 3. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Structure of the U. House of Representatives and Senate (Congress) B. government is structured. Main powers of Legislative Branch 1. Executive Branch A.Directions: An outline provides the “bare bones” of information. ________________________________________________ A. Irvine. (Branch) A.sdlback. ______________________________________________ 1. ______________________________________________ B. (Power) • Represent general population • Supreme Court • Command armed forces • Main powers of Judicial Branch • President • Impeach the President • Declare laws unconstitutional • Set foreign policy • Declare war • Veto laws from Congress • Legislative Branch Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 _____________________ 67 3 Watson. ___________________________________________ 3. (Main purpose) C.com . I. Settle legal disputes from lower courts Date: Study the basic outline framework below. (Who) B. Government I. The U. ______________________________________________ C. ___________________________________________ III. Main powers of Executive Branch 1. each with its own powers and limitations. ______________________________________________ B. Propose new laws 2. constitution divides the powers of American government into three branches.S. Then use it to help you fill in the missing parts on the outline at the right. Judges constitutionality of laws C. Uphold existing laws 2. Oversees and administers government C. Judicial Branch A.

The “Cold War” was one in which no shots were fired. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. The space race epitomized this period of time. Key point: What was the “Cold War”? _______________________________________________ Key point: Who were the main adversaries? __________________________________________ Key point: What kind of “war” was waged? __________________________________________ Summary: ________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ B. and propaganda. The “war” was one of competition in politics. Directions: A.S. Key point: How did the U. Take notes of the key points you want to remember. the size of the United States doubled under President Jefferson. some 828.000 square miles. then fiercely opposing ideology differences that developed between the U. decided that rather than fight to retain this territory (and most likely lose it). Then write a brief summary. A vast amount of land. and primarily Russia in the years following World War II. In 1803.Even the best readers can’t remember everything they read.sdlback. Irvine. had been held by Spain but recently ceded to France. unable to gain a strong foothold in the New World. Practice summarizing. Neither side trusted the other and both sides were convinced that only their own would prevail. economics. Napoleon. double in size in 1803? ___________________________________ Key point: Who sold and purchased the land? _________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Key point: What was the location and size of the territory? ______________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Summary: _________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 68 3 Watson. The term refers to the cooling. Imagine you will be tested on the information in each passage below. That’s why summarizing is a good strategy to use in your head as you read or to take notes. he would sell it to the United States for about 15 million dollars. The Louisiana Purchase was one of President Jefferson’s grandest achievements. The territory extended from the Gulf coast to the current Canadian border extending out from the Mississippi basin.S.com .

shared with his neighbors what little he had. Cho fed the worms generously with mulberry leaves and they grew fat and healthy. whose thread he sold at a large profit. who raised silkworms. Cho never knew what his brother had done or why. whose name was Cho. The poor brother. so he had twice as many as before. The Greedy Brother A thousand years ago there lived two Chinese brothers. Who? ______________________________________________________________________________ What? ______________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Where? _____________________________ When? _______________________________________ Why? ______________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Summary: __________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 69 3 Watson. Kim’s worms died and he lost his fortune. Kim. The wealthy brother. One night he sneaked down the hill and cut all Cho’s worms in half. Cho thanked him and took them home. Soon Cho had silk to sell. he became enraged at his brother’s good fortune. Upon hearing this. Kim did not want to give his brother anything valuable. Kim became more enraged. You can summarize a fiction story. too.sdlback. each of Cho’s worms regenerated. Kim gave Cho a box of worms that he thought were near dead. The other was poor but generous. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Kim had many silkworms. One was very wealthy but miserly. Cho climbed the hill to ask his brother for help. He went out into his own collection and cut all his own worms in half. But. Irvine. but only to appear to be helping him. Instead of dying. whose name was Kim. By and by came a time when it rained for many days. The rice in Cho’s little paddy would not grow. spent all of his time figuring out how to increase his wealth. He just took him into his modest home and cared for Kim for the rest of his life. One strategy for doing this is to use the 5 W’s: Who? What? Where? When? Why? Practice this strategy with the story below. When Kim heard of this.Directions: Summarizing is not just for nonfiction. for it was at the bottom of the hill.com . was not affected.

or General Opinion. You must be able to distinguish facts from opinions and specifics from generalizations. ____________________________ 6. Bats are the only mammals that can fly. Unlike most bats. Little brown bats make excellent pets. Specific Opinion Bats are u gly and creepy. ____________________________ 4. Bats are helpful to us because they eat vast numbers of insects. Specific Opinion. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. There are several hundred species of bats worldwide.com . General Fact. act Specific F t is ba The brown the common in . to find foo Vampire b ats are the scaries t bat. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 70 3 Watson. Bats sleep hanging upside down. ____________________________ 9. Irvine. Bats are nocturnal—they are most active at night. Like dogs. Mark each as follows: Specific Fact. ____________________________ 10. ____________________________ 7. mice. The snout of a horseshoe bat looks like a smashed leaf. Directions: Each sentence below is either a fact or an opinion AND a specific detail or a generalization. The flying fox is a bat found in Southeast Asia.Reading is like detective work. ____________________________ 12. People should be afraid of and avoid bats. Test your reading detective skills.sdlback. all bats are mammals. ____________________________ 5. and cats. ____________________________ 11. General Opinion ____________________________ 1. tes United Sta act General F bats ing Insect-eat ocation use echo-l d. ____________________________ 2. ____________________________ 8. flying foxes eat fruit. ____________________________ 3. Bats have odd-looking faces and heads.

CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Sara lives in Arizona. is opaque. others do not. B. Josh lives in Wisconsin. The other. O Earthenware is a type of pottery. where the winters are cold and snowy. O True plants make their own food. meaning no light can pass through it. Mushrooms get their food from soil or decaying wood. The first. or articles made of baked clay. Mold grows and feeds on such things as bread and fruit. meaning that some light can pass through it. The summers are long and very hot. which enables them to make their own food. Other plants. but Sara loves it because she enjoys swimming and can go for all but a couple of months a year. O There is no place to live where you can both swim and sled. Her favorite thing about living there is the change of seasons. The term pottery refers to tiles. To be valid. O Molds.sdlback.Directions: A generalization is a statement that can be concluded about a group of specifics. meaning that no light can pass through it. is called porcelain. O People enjoy living in different types of climates. and other articles made of baked clay. and yeasts are not plants. Choose the sentence that states a valid generalization. The making of pottery is one of the oldest human endeavors. vases. mushrooms. and yeasts. C. a generalization must be true for all things and in all cases. and finest. water. earthenware. O Some plants make their own food. Irvine. O It is better to live in a place with seasons. O Porcelain and earthenware are two types of pottery. A. There are two categories of pottery. He loves going sledding and iceskating. and carbon dioxide to do this. dishes. They require sunlight. such as molds. O True pottery is opaque. Porcelain is translucent. mushrooms.com . minerals. Green plants contain chlorophyll. Abby lives in Pennsylvania. Yeasts can live on the sugar in water. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 71 3 Watson. depend on food from other sources. Read each description.

United’s standings higher? ____________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 72 3 Watson. Irvine.sdlback.C. Of the 12 teams. D.C. how many are sure to be in the playoffs? _______________________________ 7. Tables. Which two divisions have the same number of total wins? ________________________________ 9. diagrams. How many teams have had 10 or more losses? __________________________________________ 4. Directions: Everything you need to know to answer the questions is presented visually below. 1 point for tie 1.C. labels. Why are D.com .Here’s a tip! Reading isn’t just text. Refer to it to get the information you need. United won more games than New England. What city’s team has had the most goals scored against them? ____________________________ 5. United W 14 13 11 5 16 13 10 4 16 13 7 8 L 7 7 13 13 6 7 11 21 5 10 14 16 T 5 6 3 8 5 6 5 2 5 3 6 2 Pts 47 45 36 23 53 45 35 14 53 42 27 26 GF 52 47 33 36 50 49 48 32 57 38 35 42 GA 36 29 53 47 30 36 47 68 36 35 52 50 W = Wins L = Losses T = Ties Pts = Points GF = Goals For GA = Goals Against x = clinched playoff spot y = clinched division Note: 3 points for victory. What city’s team has made the most goals? ____________________________________________ 6. What cities’ teams have clinched their divisions? _________________________________________ 2. What team has had more ties than any other? ______________________________________ 3. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Which two teams have the same W-L-T record? __________________________________________ 8. or other visual presentations can contain vital information you want or need to know. MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCER STANDINGS Western Division x-Galaxy x-San Jose x-Kansas City Colorado Central Division y-Chicago x-Columbus x-Dallas Tampa Bay Eastern Division y-Miami x-New York/New Jersey New England D.

___________________________________ 2. The main reason for the secession was dispute over the economics of and views about slavery.com . they took the name Confederate States of America. Irvine. Five others followed early in 1861. Why did the states marked as Confederate withdraw from the Union? _______________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Challenge! Name three current states that were not yet part of the U. Was North Carolina a Confederate state in 1861? _________________________________________ 3. Name the first state to secede from the Union in 1860. in 1860. Use both to answer the questions. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. eleven states made up the Confederacy. When six southern states organized their own government in February 1861. By spring. 1. South Carolina was the first to secede late in 1860. What three Confederate states were on the border with the North at the time? ___________________________ _____________________________ __________________________ 4.Directions: The text below is supplemented by a diagram. territories (not yet states) VA TN AR MS TX LA FL AL GA NC SC 1861 Confederate states Rest of the states In 1861 there were 33 states. How many states were in the Confederacy in 1861? _______________________________________ 5. ____________________________ ___________________________ ____________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 73 3 Watson.S.sdlback.

frozen food boxes.com . MATERIAL plastics EXAMPLES containers with #s 1-7. Lids and labels are OK. Which can be recycled plastic grocery: bags. By what time must the bin be out for pickup? _____________________________ 7. Use it to answer the questions. Can she recycle it? _________ 5. phone books. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Why do you think they don’t want shredded paper or small styrofoam bits? _____________________________________ 9. scrap metal. one large recycling bin per household. neither. foil trays. Where should the bin be placed for pickup? _____________________________ 6. paper grocery bags. and water bottles. junk mail. What should be done to bottles and jars before placing them in the bin? _____________________________________ Curbside Recycling New for Rosewood The city of Rosewood is providing free of charge. How many containers does each HELP US SAVE OUR PLANET household receive? ___________________ 2. butter tubs. Boxes should be flattened. How much must each household pay for the container and service? _____________ 3. cardboard containers of metal or aluminum. The city delivered a large container to each home. styrofoam. soup cans. or both? _______________________________ 10.sdlback. Follow the guidelines below for what can and can’t be recycled. The label below was attached. small styrofoam pieces. Natalie’s shampoo bottle is marked with a number 6. 1. 8. Irvine. Then put your bin on the curb each Thursday by 8 AM for pickup. pots. window glass If you have any questions call Rosewood Street Services 389-2341 CITY OF ROSEWOOD Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 74 3 Watson. Can Natalie put her family’s used pizza boxes in the bin? _____________________ 4. computer paper.Directions: How do you get information about a product? Check the label! Natalie’s city began a recycling program. pizza boxes. pans. and grocery store bags newspapers. soda and juice bottles. soda. such as drink cans. also wire hangers glass bottles and jars (all colors). and baby food jars paper metal glass Bottles and jars must be empty and rinsed out. Who is sponsoring the program and where can they be reached? ____________ _____________________________________ DO NOT INCLUDE shredded paper. and pet food cans. such as milk.

CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. all seasons very dry ample. precipitation. D. THE NINE MAJOR WORLD CLIMATES In general.com . Following are nine major climates. CLIMATE TYPE Rainy Tropical Wet/Dry Tropical Semiarid Desert Warm Rainy Wet/Dry Seasonal Cool Moist Polar Ice Cap TEMPERATURE hot throughout the year warm to hot throughout the year hot to cold throughout the year hot to cold throughout the year warm to hot summers. What is the definition of climate? ________________________________________________________ 2. winter snow bitter-cold winters. What single term might describe an area that’s warm to hot and rainy? ______________________ 4. cold summers very light. distributed evenly throughout year abundant but most during rainy seasons sparse in any season very sparse. short. well distributed throughout year rainy winter. What is the difference between Warm Rainy and Wet/Dry Seasonal climate? __________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ 3. cool winters warm to hot summers. cold winters.sdlback.: __________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 75 3 Watson. cool winters cold winters. Irvine. and humidity.Directions: Use the visual graphic presented below to answer the questions. Alaska: _____________________________________________________________________________ b. Egypt: _____________________________________________________________________________ c. climate is the pattern of weather over a long period of time. Washington. What do Ice Cap and Desert climates have in common? ____________________________________ 6. based on average temperatures. warm to hot summers PRECIPITATION heavy. What’s the main difference between Semiarid and Desert? __________________________________ 5. dry summer medium rain/snow in all seasons long. What general type of climate do you think each of these places has and why? a. cool summers light throughout year. frozen throughout year 1.C. Amazon rain forest: _________________________________________________________________ d.


Below are some fantastic animal facts according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Your job is to pull out the basic information to fill in the missing cells on the table.

• Adult male bee hummingbirds of Cuba can be as small as 2.25" long and weigh only .056 oz. • The rare whale shark can be 40 ft. long and weigh as much as 20+ tons. • The largest species of pinniped is the southern elephant seal at up to 20 ft. and 3.5 tons. • A reticulated python can reach the amazing length of 30 ft. or more. • A male eastern lowland gorilla can be almost 6 ft. tall and weigh 380 lbs. • The tiniest true deer is the southern pudu, which may be only 13" at the shoulder and weigh 14 lbs. • The smallest bat in the U.S. is the western pipistrelle with a wingspan of less than 8”.

Some “EST” animals—biggest, smallest
ANIMAL Pinniped Bat Fish Deer Primate Bird Snake Ostrich (330 lbs.+) Martinique thread snake (pencil lead thickness) Alaskan moose (1500 lbs.+) Rufus mouse lemur (< 3 oz.) Bismarck flying fox (wingspan 5 ft.+) Dwarf pygmy gobi (1/3 in. long, <.0002 oz.) BIGGEST/LONGEST SMALLEST/SHORTEST Galapagos fur seal (~160 lbs.)

Name: _______________________________________
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Always question yourself as you read. Train yourself to sort the information you read as: important or not important. It works like a charm!


Circle the letter of the sentence that does not belong in a paragraph with the rest. Be prepared to explain your choices.

1. Which does not belong in a paragraph about shrews? a. Shrews are mouselike mammals. b. There are about 200 species of shrews. c. Shrews are not as cute as mice. d. Most are land-dwellers, but some are aquatic. 2. Which does not belong in a paragraph about gibbons? a. Asia is home to many wild animals. b. Gibbons make their homes in rain forests. c. They live in the trees where there is food and shelter. d. Gibbons eat fruits, nuts, seeds, leaves, insects, and sometimes young birds. 3. Which does not belong in a paragraph about kookaburras? a. A kookaburra is an Australian bird. b. Holes in trees are where kookaburras like to make their homes. c. Their favorite food is insects, but they also eat fish, frogs, and worms. d. There is a fun-to-sing song about the Kookaburra. 4. Which does not belong in a paragraph about insects? a. An insect has three main body parts—head, thorax, and abdomen. b. A spider is not an insect. c. An insect’s body is protected by an exoskeleton—a hard covering. d. All adult insects have six legs. 5. Which does not belong in a paragraph about guinea pigs? a. Guinea pigs are rodents, not pigs. b. Their teeth never stop growing, so guinea pigs must gnaw on wood or other material to keep them worn down. c. Guinea pigs make good pets. d. Like other nocturnal animals, guinea pigs are most active at night. Name: _______________________________________
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Read the story. Then write TRUE, FALSE, or CAN’T TELL under each statement.

1. The Scissors, Paper, Stone game was first played in Japan. _____________________________ 2. The Japanese counterpart of Paper is Po. ______________________________ 3. If one person shows stone and the other scissors, the person showing stone is the winner. ______________________________ 4. A clenched fist is the symbol for scissors. ______________________________ 5. The game must be played by only two participants. ______________________________ 6. With practice, you could figure out a strategy for winning more often than your partner. ______________________________ 7. The players must extend their hands showing their symbols at exactly the same time. ______________________________ 8. Scissors, Paper, Stone and Jan Ken Po are the same game. ______________________________

Scissors, Paper, Stone
The well-known and popular game of Scissors, Paper, Stone originated in Japan, where it is called Jan Ken Po. The game is played in pairs. The players count to three as they pound their fist into their hand. Then, simultaneously, each player extends a hand showing one of the symbols below.

scissors: middle and index finger extended

paper: hand held out flat

stone: clenched fist The winner is determined by the following rules: • scissors cuts paper • paper covers stone • stone breaks scissors This game can be used to break a tie, settle a difference of opinion, or just for fun. Why not try it with a friend?

Name: _______________________________________
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and chocolate candies. Together. you will need: 2 sticks of softened butter. The mix would yield about three dozen treats. On the lid of the jar were these instructions: In addition. Stir well. Michelle. A small wooden spoon was included with the jar of ingredients. Bake at 350 degrees for eight to ten minutes. _____ 5.Directions: Is the information directly Given or Not Given in the story? Write G or NG. A Tasteful Gift Christine received an unusual birthday gift from her friend. Christine and Michelle enjoyed the birthday treat. A small wooden mixing spoon was attached to the lid of the jar with some twine. Use the spoon to mix. Christine asked her mother to help her make the tasty treats and when they were done. brown sugar. It was a clear glass jar filled with flour. place a dozen dollops onto a baking sheet. 1 egg. _____ 6. salt. and egg together.com . _____ 7. empty the jar contents into a mixing bowl. After you have gathered these additional ingredients. Centers will be soft.sdlback. Irvine. she invited Michelle over to have a taste of the birthday gift she had given her. In a separate bowl. blend the butter. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 79 3 Watson. Add the dry ingredients to the butter. Using the spoon. and 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract. and egg mixture. white sugar. vanilla. _____ 3. _____ 1. _____ 4. Christine’s birthday was in May. vanilla. Christine’s mother had the additional ingredients needed in her kitchen. baking soda. Michelle had given Christine a chocolate chip cookie mix. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Two bowls were needed to make the recipe. _____ 2. Makes about three dozen.

Another animal with “dragon” in its name is the dragonfly. Irvine. strength. Lizards are in the reptile family. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 80 3 Watson. Put a ✘ by each sentence that would not belong. Turtles. The Komodo dragon is the largest living lizard.com . This species is a member of the most ancient group of lizards alive today. This great reptile can reach a length of 10 feet and weigh 250 pounds. including Komodo. Komodo dragons hunt during the day and rest at night. It exists today only on a few small islands of Indonesia. alligators. and powerful claws and teeth make it a fearsome hunter. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. and crocodiles are also lizards. It has a long tail and its body is covered with small scales. The Komodo dragon has sharp eyesight and a keen sense of smell.sdlback. Some dinosaurs were lizards.Directions: Put a ✓ by each sentence that would belong in a story about Komodo Dragons. Its size.

At last. He wrinkled his nose and sighed. The mice could have lived very happily and comfortably except for one thing. or genre. often by way of gods and goddesses Fairy Tale: contains supernatural beings or events. The others looked at him puzzled. Irvine. and tall tales. are classified by type. drama. or lesson. for living Tall Tale: features humor and overly exaggerated acts of heroism Belling the Cat A large family of mice lived in Farmer Jack’s barn. one spoke up. He explained that the problem was that the cat could sneak up on them.sdlback. Which of you is going to do it?” All the mice lowered their heads. F or more reading savvy. But not this cat. Which specific type of folklore is this story? ____________________________________________ 2. The eldest mouse called a council meeting. action. for entertainment Legend: based on real people but exaggerated events and actions Fable: animals or people teach a moral. Myth: explains the forces of nature. Then read the story and answer the questions. He was keenly interested in mice and would love to make one or two his meal. What clues led you to your conclusion? _______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Each mouse was to offer ideas on how to solve the cat problem.” he said slowly. Why isn’t it a myth? ________________________________________ a fairy tale? _____________ _______________________________ a legend? __________________________________________ 4. What is the moral of the story? _______________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 81 3 Watson. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. too. “belling the cat is a good idea. Stories. Many cats are known to sleep all day and not bother with such trivial things as a family of mice. fairy tales. they would hear him coming and be able to escape. learn to recognize these. There was plenty to eat (grain and corn) and room to play in the fields. Directions: One type of story genre is folklore. realizing that many things are easier said than done. The mice lived in fear. If they put a bell on his neck. Each knew that at any moment the cat might pounce on one of them. 1. except the eldest mouse.You probably pick movies by type—comedy. legends. But there’s just one problem. Learn the differences below. “Yes. Folklore includes such types of stories as myths. The mice were silent as they pondered how they could outwit their enemy. Farmer Jack had a cat. Everyone cheered at the idea. fables.com .

The little girl looked up at the star and wished with all her might. Would they still have enough air in their suits?. believe technolo n Science Fictio re 1.... may mix real history or characters w ith fictional ones.. Think about the different kinds of fiction below. Had Carla slid a note through the slats as she had promised?.... Jack dreamed of someday being a railroad engineer.. ..The captain adjusted the setting on his laser locator. Any story that is not factbased (such as a biography) is fiction. Historical Fic tion The story plot revolves around solving a mystery. This was the third time this week he had been late for practice.. __________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 82 3 Watson. . Utah.They combed through the underbrush... Irvine.. Then use the clues in the story excerpt to identify what specific kind of fiction it is. A fairy? Her fairy?.It was a warm day in Ogden... thou uld really seems like it co day life. there. ____________________________________ 6. Suddenly. The away team had been gone for hours. . Fantasy e futu Usually set in th kes ma and/or involve gy.Janet opened her locker between third and fourth period. Young Jack sat on his dad’s shoulders to get a better view of the moment when the two railroad lines would be united with a single golden spike... . Then. .Bob knew he was in trouble. A story set in a n historic time. .. _________________________________ 5.. realistic or ma ke-believe. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.com . gh ma The story. happen in every n Realistic Fictio de up..Directions: There are really only two types of stories. _____________________________ 4. _________________________________ 3.. a magical figure appeared in her room. Mystery es The story involv that things or events lly could never rea happen. fact and fiction.. Was this a clue?.. _________________________________ 2. The coach would probably cut him from the team.sdlback. peeking out from under a leaf was the glint of something shiny....

tale that explains the forces of nature. may mix real characters with fictional 2. Then. choose any four and give an example of a story in that genre (as in the sample)._____________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 3. story involving fantastic things or events that could never happen 6.Directions: Test your ability to recognize different story genres. features humor and overly exaggerated acts of heroism 9. story that contains supernatural beings or events. tale based on real people but exaggerated events and actions Story Genre (sample) Example (title and brief description) Jumanji: a game comes alive _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Fantasy 1._____________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 4. story set in historic time. a story that seems like it could really happen in everyday life 4. usually set in the future and/or involves make-believe technology 7. Match each to its description. Irvine._____________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 83 3 Watson. such as fairies 3.com . CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. story in which animals or people teach a lesson for living 8. often by way of gods 5.sdlback. story with a plot that revolves around solving a mystery _______________________ 10. Folklore-Legend Folklore-Myth Folklore-Fable Folklore-Fairy Tale Folklore-Tall Tale _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ Science Fiction Realistic Fiction Historical Fiction Fantasy Mystery 1._____________________ 2.

(C) _____ 1. _____ 3. Energy is described as one of two types—kinetic and potential. _____ 3. Each family has one adult male. Write TS or SS. _____ 2. _____ 2. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. _____ 2. This helps the cactus collect as much water as possible from the soil. Irvine. Their roots are very shallow and cover a large area. (D) _____ 1. shape. hardness. Property is a way of describing matter.sdlback.com . Cactus plants are specially adapted to get water in arid environments. Up to a thousand or more prairie dogs may live in a single “town. Kinetic is the energy of motion and action.” Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 84 3 Watson. _____ 3. and several young. and even taste. _____ 2. (A) _____ 1. Potential is the energy that is stored with the potential for causing action. size. while others cannot. _____ 3.Find the topic sentence and supporting sentences/details and your reading will be right on target. Properties include color. such as holding your breath. (B) _____ 1. Identify it as the topic sentence or as a supporting sentence. Directions: Read each sentence. from one to four females. A prairie dog “town” is made up of many families of prairie dogs. such as blowing up a balloon. Some kinds of properties can be measured.

_________________________ 8. Beetles can be both helpful and harmful to farmers. _________________________ 9. The spider monkey is a small and agile member of the primate family. _________________________ 12. _________________________ 11. Frogs can take in water through their skin. Identify each as a topic sentence (main idea) or a supporting sentence (detail). The horse’s teeth never stop growing. Every tiger claims its own territory. _________________________ 3. _________________________ 5. Of the seventeen kinds of penguins. Alligators differ from crocodiles in a number of ways. _________________________ 6. A zebra can run as fast as 45 miles per hour. the Emperor penguin is the largest. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Irvine. _________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 85 3 Watson. _________________________ 10. Sloths rarely venture down onto the ground.sdlback. _________________________ 2. The toucan is a variety of bird known for its large colorful bill.Directions: Pretend that the sentences below were taken from students’ reports about animals. _________________________ 4. Whales are divided into two groups—toothed and baleen. Giant pandas feed mainly on bamboo. 1.com . _________________________ 7.

sdlback. Complete the paragraphs by writing each detail under the correct topic sentence. _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 86 3 Watson. Irvine. • The Arabian camel has one hump: the Bactrian camel two. • They can carry people and supplies where there are no roads. • The humps enable camels to travel hundreds of miles on little food and water.Directions: Below are mixed details that belong in two separate paragraphs about camels. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Camels • Their feet are well adapted for walking on sand with ease.com . The camel is a large desert animal commonly used in Africa and Asia for work and transportation. ________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ There are two main types of camels. • The humps are stores of fat that camels can draw upon for energy when food is scarce.

In the 1700s the discovery that under glass a flame burns more brightly and with less smoke led to glass encasements. Later. answer the questions below.sdlback. Candles were a great improvement when they appeared.Directions: Read the passage. ____________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 2. Who invented the gaslight lamp? O Greeks and Romans O Edison O story doesn’t say Date: Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 _____________________ 87 3 Watson. gaslight lamps were widely used. Put a ✓ in front of each of the supporting sentences. What was used as fuel in the first lamps? O gas O animal fat O olive oil 3. During what period did candles appear as a source of light? O prehistoric O 1800s O story doesn’t say 4. They were not only functional but also sometimes ornate decorations for the home. Circle the topic sentence. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Then. but still thousands of years ago. Egyptians placed cotton wicks inside hollow stones filled with grease. The first lamps may have been brush set afire in an animal skull filled with fat. About what year did Edison invent the electric light? O 1775 O 1823 O 1879 6. But there have been forms of lamps since prehistoric times. Irvine. During the 1700s. Whale oil was the main source of fuel at this time until scientists learned to use gas as a fuel.com . Prior to Edison’s invention. In the 1800s. You may think there were no lamps before Edison invented the electric light about 125 years ago. kerosene lamps appeared on the scene. what was the main source of fuel in lamps? O whale oil O olive oil O grease 5. 1 Write the topic sentence. Greeks and Romans shaped lamps from bronze or terra cotta and used olive oil for fuel.

Another well-known pharaoh of ancient Egypt is Ramses II. Ramses was 6 feet tall. in modern times. yet. Put a ✔ at the beginning of each supporting sentence. It was not in life that Tutankhamen made his mark in history. and ruled for some 67 years. Somehow.C. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Which pharaoh had a reign of unusual length? O Tutankhamen O Ramses II O both O neither 6. At a time when people were on average five feet tall and lived only a few decades. Tut’s tomb escaped rampage for more than 3. A Tale of Two Pharaohs Tutankhamen was pharaoh of Egypt from 1333-1323 B.Directions: Read the passage. Underline the topic sentence. He is known as Ramses the Great because during his reign he asserted his power for the glory of Egypt and built a new capital and many great temples. Tut was found just as he was placed—enclosed in a solid gold sarcophagus. King Tut was a minor figure among pharaohs in Egypt’s long history. Irvine. he is credited with supplying an enormous amount of information about ancient Egyptian culture. lived to be 90. In 1922.000 years. Tutankhamen’s tomb was discovered by Howard Carter. Which is considered a major figure among pharaohs? O Tutankhamen O Ramses II O both O neither 2. Whose tomb was discovered by Howard Carter? O Tutankhamen O Ramses II O both O neither 4. He contributed nothing of great importance to Egypt in his time.sdlback. Who ruled first? O Tutankhamen O Ramses II 3. Having such a short reign and being so young (he died at 18). an Englishman. Which would not be among the trappings of a pharaoh? O jewels O furniture O weapons O bible 7. The huge amount and excellent condition of the artifacts provided us with valuable knowledge about the life and times of ancient Egypt.C. What is a sarcophagus? O pyramid O coffin O necklace 5. 1. but in death. along with all the magnificent trappings of a king.com . Which pharaoh made his greatest mark in history during his lifetime? O Tutankhamen O Ramses II O both O neither Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 88 3 Watson. Then answer the questions. who ruled from 1279–1212 B.

cotton alike: ______________________________________________________________________________ different: ___________________________________________________________________________ 6. EXAMPLE: Both are homes for wild creatures. purse alike: ______________________________________________________________________________ different: ___________________________________________________________________________ 5. clock. uses. wallet. planet. school alike: ______________________________________________________________________________ different: ___________________________________________________________________________ 7.Almost any two things have similarities and differences. nest. Then write one way the two are alike and one way they are different. thermometer alike: ______________________________________________________________________________ different: __________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 89 3 Watson. shapes—any defining description. a hive is built by bees or wasps. elephant.com . office. globe alike: ______________________________________________________________________________ different: ___________________________________________________________________________ 4. hive alike: ___________________________________________________________________ different: ________________________________________________________________ A nest is built by birds. Compare and contrast is just a fancy way of asking how are things alike and different. Irvine. 1. moon alike: ______________________________________________________________________________ different: ___________________________________________________________________________ 2. mouse alike: ______________________________________________________________________________ different: ___________________________________________________________________________ 3. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. wool. map. Directions: Think about each pair of things below—their properties.sdlback.

Non-Drowsy Formula USES: Temporarily relieves • cough • nasal congestion due to colds DIRECTIONS: Use teaspoon (tsp.) Ask doctor before giving to children under 6 yrs. or sleeplessness occur. Wild Cherry Flavor USES: For temporary relief of minor irritation. May be repeated every 2 hours as needed or as directed by doctor or dentist. ________________________________________ 7. Silicon Dioxide. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS (per 3 teaspoons) COLD-AID Cough Lozenges Regular Strength. (48-95 lbs. How are the two products’ warnings alike and different? __________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 8. If you were 11 years old but weighed 100 pounds. and sore mouth or throat. FD&C Blue 1. DIRECTIONS: Adults and children 2 yrs. dizziness.sdlback. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Each lozenge contains Dyclonine Hyrdochloride 2 mg. and older: Allow one lozenge to dissolve slowly in the mouth. and up (over 95 lbs. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Sucrose. Compare and contrast them.) 3 tsp._____________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Irvine. consult a doctor or dentist. Flavor. Compare the dose frequency of the two products. Tartaric Acid. FD&C Red 40. 12 yrs. Which product contains alcohol? _______________________________________________________ 3. is accompanied or followed by fever. Compare the advertised strength of the two products. Dextromethorphan HBr 30 mg. Mineral Oil. what dosage would you take of the syrup? _____________________________________________________________________________________ 4. COLD-AID Cough & Congestion Syrup Maximum Strength. discontinue use and consult doctor. not to exceed 4 doses per day.) 1 1⁄2 tsp. Are the active ingredients in the two products the same or different? _______________________ 5. Repeat every 6 hours. discontinue use and consult a doctor. swelling. Children under 2 yrs. or as directed by doctor. 6-11 yrs. Pseudoephedrine HCI 60 mg. rash. WARNINGS: If sore throat is severe or persists for more than 2 days.com .Directions: Below is part of the information on the labels of two over-the-counter cold medicines—a cough syrup and cough drops. Alcohol 5% 1. Also contains Corn Syrup. Do both products do the same thing? __________________________________________________ 2. Which of these products would you take or not take and why? _____________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 90 3 Watson. headache. pain. or nausea. WARNINGS: If nervousness.

has vertical tail fins Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 91 3 Watson. but like a baleen whale. has fingernails ____________ 11. These receptors pick up electrical nerve signals in the prey. The shark also has other sensors that detect blood in the water. The blue whale lives in the open ocean but tends to migrate to the polar waters in spring and back to subtropical waters in fall. It can reach a length of 20 feet and weigh 70. The great white is the world’s largest predatory shark. has horizontal tail fins ____________ 10. These sheets. however. has sharp teeth ____________ 3. this fearsome fish regularly attacks almost any type of warm-blooded animal. faster. The body is designed for efficiency in the water. great whites patrol mainly temperate ocean coastlines. Then for each statement. Amazingly it never stops swimming. whales have torpedo-shaped bodies and pectoral fins for balance.com . In its snout are small holes that lead to receptors. is a fierce predator ____________ 5.Directions: Read the information below about great white sharks and blue whales. but rather a series of sheets. or baleen. The blue whale is the largest known mammal to ever live. All sharks are fish and most are carnivores. the blue whale lives on krill. Winglike pectoral fins provide lift and stability. ranging from smooth to brushlike. is endangered ____________ 8. The great white shark is larger. Whale.sdlback. In its mouth are not teeth. is covered in scales great white shark ____________ 7. Though its preferred diet is seals and dolphins. An adult ingests 3-4 tons of krill per day. a tiny crustacean. that serve as a filtering system. It is broad in the middle and tapered at the ends for streamlined movement. Neither. ____________ 1. Like sharks.000 pounds). avoids polar and tropical waters ____________ 6. Irvine. write to which it applies: Shark. As a result they were nearly hunted to extinction and still remain on the endangered animal list. the weight of the body is not as much a factor as the shape. is a fish blue whale ____________ 9. and more dangerous than most. The whale shark is nearly twice as big.000 pounds. The tail fins are vertical and act as a rudder for fast turns. similar in consistency to our fingernails. and other planktonic organisms. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Blue whales have been hunted relentlessly in the past for their blubber and oil. lives mainly in coastal waters ____________ 13. Their tail fins. This is done by scooping up large quantities of water containing krill with its huge mouth. Despite its enormity. Its size ranges from 70 to 100 feet in length and up to 125 tons in weight (250. grow from the roof of the mouth. eats mainly plankton. Both. Very rare in tropical or polar regions. is a mammal ____________ 2. An oil stored in the liver adds buoyancy. has a streamlined body ____________ 4. is the largest of its kind ____________ 12. In water. are horizontal which is more suited for forward motion rather than making sharp turns.

At first I was a little overwhelmed. Good thing. like me. and mom stayed at home with the kids. your mom was glued to it. but we were glued to it. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. My dad had a job at a factory. I wonder what’s left for you to try that is uncharted territory for women. I worked hard at school and got a scholarship. too. and we were just climbing out of it. It wasn’t easy. Worse still. The extra money helped. That’s where I met your Grandpa. But in the late ‘60s I knew I could use my education and spirit to help our nation. Are there any fields you think are still “uncharted territory” for women? ________________________________________ 5. She had an intense interest not in the programs. Valeen is fascinated with the stories Grandma tells about how things have changed since she was a girl. mom got a job sewing uniforms for the soldiers. Read one of her stories below. because when World War II came. _______________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. but a few years later I was a lawyer. Compare Valeen’s grandparents to her great-grandparents. Name a way Valeen’s mother and grandmother were alike. I took a year off but went right back to work. When your mom came along. After all. We were able to afford a color TV and. Fortunately. She became an electrician. I guess I knew from the time she was watching “Sesame Street” that she would also take a path that was not normally taken by women. but how the thing worked. it seems to run in our family. my parents told me that they would support me in any way they could. I wanted to be a lawyer. _______________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 92 3 Watson. It was black and white and only got three channels. Contrast Valeen’s opportunities today to that of her grandmother’s as a teen. Today college enrollment is roughly equal between men and women. and that was only because Mom was pretty good with the sewing machine. So. we didn’t have much in the way of material things. What did Grandma mean by “raised some eyebrows”? ___________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 4. I took a job working against discrimination as a civil rights attorney. Valeen. I wanted to go to college. _______________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. I got a new outfit once a year. and by the time I was in my teens in the late 1950s we had enough to get one of those fancy new television sets. 1.Directions: Valeen enjoys spending time with her grandmother. Then answer the questions. Irvine.com . He was not only handsome but believed in the same things I did and still do— equality and justice. I decided around that time that I didn’t want to work in a factory or sew like my mom had. A girl aspiring to a career at that time raised some eyebrows. When I was a little girl growing up in the 1940s. Though others scoffed.sdlback. The Great Depression had hit just about everyone.

use both your answers to list ways you are alike and different. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Then. interview your partner.Directions: Work with a partner to do this compare and contrast activity. First. Irvine. Name ________________________________ Age_____________ Birthday _______________________ Family ________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Pets? _______________________________ Favorites: color ____________________________ book _______________________________________ movie ____________________________________ sport _______________________________________ animal ___________________________________ music/song _________________________________ school subject ____________________________ ( fill in your own ) _______________________________ Hobbies/Interests: ______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Top three pet peeves: ___________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ What you are really good at: _____________________________________________________________ What you are really not good at: _________________________________________________________ What you’d like to be doing in 10 years: __________________________________________________ Ways ___________________ and I are ALIKE __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Ways ___________________ and I are DIFFERENT ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Date: Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 _____________________ 93 3 Watson.sdlback. Write down his or her answers to the interview questionnaire.com .

We help each other with all kinds of things from homework to putting a united front on to the parents when we want something. _________________________________________________________________ One disadvantage Pauline could point out to Dale about having siblings is that there is little or no privacy. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. spoiled me. when I was little I got all the attention. Finally. Next. ___________________________________________________________ 3. how many and where do you fall in the age range?____________________________________________ 6. so no waiting or giving up something or other because a brother or sister had a conflict or “dibs. Second. and even my parents to some extent. Read their views and answer the questions below. even if it’s just watching TV. growing up we never had to schedule around kids’ activities. First. Are you happy with your situation as Pauline and Dale are. Pauline. and maybe best of all. My grandparents. Dale. Name another. Third.sdlback. too. First. in addition to all the stuff I have. there’s my brother’s and sister’s stuff.com . There were no bigger or younger brothers and sisters to mess with my stuff or borrow things from me. Is one right and one wrong? Why or why not? ________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ 4. 1. Finally. I was it. Pauline and Dale have opposing views. Irvine. I. What do Pauline and Dale share in common? ____________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. and best of all. there’s always someone around to do things with. I. I got more presents and toys than I would have if I had brothers and sisters. which would you choose? ___________________ 5. __________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 94 3 Watson.Directions: Pauline and Dale have very different opinions about having siblings. Each person exalts the advantages of their situation and ignores the disadvantages. have an older brother and a younger sister. there are three of us to do the chores around the house. Name another. and I love being the middle child of three.” Third. am an only child and I love it. and we can even trade if we want to. Whatever I want or need is usually available to use or borrow. I never had to stay home to watch a brother or sister or drag them along with me somewhere. I always had my own room all to myself. If you had to trade places with Pauline or Dale. One disadvantage Dale could point out to Pauline about being an only child is that it can be lonely. or would you rather it was a different way? Give your views and explain why. having a brother and sister means there is always someone to talk to who understands what it’s like to be a kid. Describe your own situation: Are you an only child or do you have siblings? If you do.

• he offered his friend ten dollars.Listen up readers! Here’s something useful to know about cause and effect. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. • she ate some apples off a tree. • he quit his job to work out 8 hours a day. 4. • she borrowed some from a friend. Vicky did not have enough money with her to buy lunch so ____________________ ______________________________________ • he takes the stairs instead of the elevator. • he eats only homemade foods. so __________________________ ______________________________________ 2. • she stayed after school for some extra help. • she felt better later. • he apologized to his friend. John is allergic to peanuts so ___________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 3. Mr. Diane woke up with a stomach ache this morning. • she lost it on the way to school. Irvine. • she did well on her English test. 1. Gates is trying to lose a little weight so ___________________________________ ______________________________________ 5. • he never eats any candy or sandwiches. the effect is the result. Neil promised to call his friend back but he forgot so__________________________ ______________________________________ • she was absent from school today. A cause is the reason for something. • he checks the ingredients in what he eats.com . Directions: Write a phrase from the box at the right to tell what most likely happened as a result of the action. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 95 3 Watson. • his friend never spoke to him again. Pam missed several math problems on her last test so ___________________________ ______________________________________ 6. • she walked to school rather than take the bus.sdlback. • she hired a private teacher. • he bought all new clothes.

He considered telling Mr. What was the mystery? _______________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 96 3 Watson. She let them speculate for awhile. He had seen something move.. Everyone was busy reading and filling in answers on their test papers. What event caused Richard to be sure he had seen something ? ___________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 4. What caused Richard to gasp? ________________________________________________________ 2. Then. Koch? __________________________________________ 6. but it kept returning to the “thing” he saw. Suddenly Richard gasped. this time in the other direction. but came back to the room shortly after his adventure. or a mouse at the very least. but thought better than to disturb the group during a test. their causes and effects. but he was sure he had seen something. He found himself scanning the floor every few seconds in hopes of catching another glimpse of it and settling his imagination down into reality.Directions: As you read the story below. The school could be infested! At that suggestion. It did not reappear the rest of the period. Irvine. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. and went back to concentrating on his test. Then answer the questions. across the classroom floor from the corner of his eye.com . He tried to keep his mind focused on identifying the parts of speech in the passage he was reading. What thought caused Richard concern? ________________________________________________ 5. It was test day in Mr. 1. then told them how one of the hamsters kept in Miss Moore’s room had gotten loose that morning. What suggestion caused Richard’s friends to react by raising their feet? _____________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Koch. Why did Richard doubt that he really saw something? ___________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 3.sdlback. Koch’s class.but not impossible. think about the events. there it went again. Why did Marj react with a smile instead? _______________________________________________ 8. Or had he? He thought perhaps he just imagined it. Marj just sat there with a wide grin. toward the door. a moment later. Unlikely he decided. “What if it was rat?” he thought with distaste and concern. a few of them automatically raised their feet and looked down.. no scurry. Why did Richard decide to not alert Mr. He still wasn’t sure what he’d seen. At lunch he told his friends about the mystery sighting and his fears that it could have been a rat.

No matter how many wishes she was granted.com . 3. DOWN 1. The ____________ Emperor loved nothing more than fine clothes (except maybe himself) and so would not admit that he couldn’t see the magic cloth. 4. Robinson Crusoe survived for years on a deserted island and was unusually _______________. The ____________ elves worked all night to make shoes for the old shoemaker and his wife. Pinocchio wanted to be a good boy. By noticing a single pea under twenty mattresses. The missing word in the puzzle is a word that describes that character. 6.How are story characters like snowflakes? Every one is different! Explore the many sides of characters to get more from the stories you read. The trait box will help you choose the right ones. but he couldn’t seem to help being _______________.sdlback. Date: Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 _____________________ 97 3 Watson. 1 2 TRAIT BOX industrious greedy mischievous vain resourceful gullible sensitive 4 5 3 6 ACROSS 2. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Each clue is a character from a wellknown story. 5. 5. the girl showed she was ___________ enough to be a princess. Tom Sawyer was able to get Ben to whitewash the fence because Ben was ______________. Directions: Below is an unusual type of crossword puzzle. the _______________ fisherman’s wife was not satisfied. Irvine.

Directions: Think about the main characters in the Wizard of Oz. 3. 2. 3. 3. Fill in the chart below to compare and contrast them. 2. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Hint: Use adjectives (such as timid and compassionate) to list character traits. Irvine. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 98 3 Watson. The character of the Wizard had two sides—what Dorothy and her friends perceived him to be and what he really was. Tin Man 1. Explain.com .sdlback. 2. Problem Resolution Lion 1. Name Dorothy Character Traits 1. 2. 3. Scarecrow 1.

sdlback. In other words. your perspective depends upon your point of view. To understand and appreciate the story.com . O 1787 O 1850 O 1934 Why? _______________________________________ _ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ 3. O 1858 O 1890 O 1920 Why? _______________________________________ _ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ 4. “Letter From the Front” A story about two pilots fighting in World War I. O 1880 O 1919 O 1760 Why? _______________________________________ _ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ 2.Keep this in mind: How something seems depends on from where and when you see it. or relative time frame. “First Orbit” A story about John Glenn’s preparation to be the first American to orbit the earth. Place the story in the correct year and tell why. Use the timeline below to study key time points. Directions: Stories are often set in times other than the present. “The Way to Freedom” A story about a young slave escaping to the North by way of the Underground Railroad. Independence 1776 Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 99 3 Watson. Instant Global Communication 2000 Personal Computers Appear 1980s 1. “A New Nation” A story about the signing of the Constitution from Ben Franklin’s perspective. O 1871 O 1962 O 1978 Why? _______________________________________ _ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ First Step on the Moon The Great Depression 1969 1930s First Airplane Flight First Electric Light Civil War Ends 1903 1879 1865 California Gold Rush 1849 U.S. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Irvine. you should be aware of the chronology.

When you saw the porridge on the table. What are you going to do about the damage to the furniture? A. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 100 3 Watson. if any.Directions: Imagine that a reporter is interviewing characters from the story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears. What were you feeling that prompted you enter the Bear’s house? A. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Some are saying that you should not have gone in. How did you feel when you saw Goldilocks asleep in your bed? A. What was your first thought when you saw that the house had been tampered with? A. What lesson do you think your family has learned from this experience? A. ____________________________________________________________________________________ FATHER BEAR Q. ____________________________________________________________________________________ BABY BEAR Q. How do you respond to this criticism? A. ____________________________________________________________________________________ MOTHER BEAR Q.com . even if the door was open. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Q. ___________________________________________________________________ Q. do you think should be taken against Goldilocks for trespassing? A. A. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Q. where did you think the house’s residents were? A. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Q. do you think it was foolish to leave the door unlatched? A.sdlback. What action.” Answer the questions as you think each character would. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Q. The people want to know why you left the house when porridge was just set on the table. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Q. Looking back. Irvine. GOLDILOCKS Q.

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 101 3 Watson. or what they’ve been told.Get your brain in gear! Pay attention to feelings and opinions as you separate them from facts. for each subject. Irvine. First. Which do you think is better? Why? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Now take the opposite view. Directions: People often have different opinions about a subject based on their knowledge. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ SUBJECT 2: Being an only child vs. It is important that you not only express your opinions. Then present the opposite view. asking for money as needed.com . beliefs. On this page you will take a challenge. but see the opposite as well. Give reasons why it is better. experience. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. having one or more siblings Which do you think is better? Why? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Now take the opposite view. Give reasons why it is better. give your opinion and reasons for it. SUBJECT 1: Having a set allowance vs.sdlback.

com . (from a computer store) Plenty of power. (from a furniture store) Find storewide exceptional savings. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. _________________ I. _________________ Pay no interest for 6 months. (from a carpet store) H. Decide if each is a fact or an opinion. get the second at 1⁄2 price. Below are phrases taken from advertisements. (from a builder) B. (from a restaurant) Free dessert with every kid’s meal.sdlback. _________________ It adds color and warmth to your home. _________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 102 3 Watson.Directions: Advertisements are often a combination of fact and opinion. (from an eye care center) D. A. _________________ Buy one pair. Irvine. _________________ G. _________________ C. (from toy store) Save 30–50% on stuffed animals. (from a jewelry store) F. (from a cleaning service) The best value for your money. affordable price _________________ We’ll beat any written estimate. _________________ E.

Use it to help you answer the questions. what idea is least popular?____________________________________ 2. Have a bake sale Sell used toys and books Hold a family field day Put on a talent show Host a spaghetti dinner 8 22 10 2 12 1.sdlback. The committee came up with several ideas. Do you think any group’s opinion should carry more weight than the others? __________ Why? __________________________________________________________________ 7. Irvine. Which event got the most total votes? ________________________________________________ 3. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.com . what would your recommendation to the committee be and why? _________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 103 First Grad ers Seco nd G rade rs Third Grad ers Four th G rade rs Fifth Grad ers Sixth Grad ers Teac hers 9 14 6 11 14 12 9 11 5 17 7 10 21 10 8 8 12 14 23 11 5 6 17 21 9 3 8 5 1 3 Date: _____________________ 3 Watson. Which idea would you vote for? _________________________ Why? ______________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 9. What are the total votes for each idea: bake sale ________________ sell toys _______________ field day ______________ talent show ________________ spaghetti dinner ________________ 6. Then they took an opinion poll among the total student body. What two grades overwhelmingly favor a talent show? _________________________________ 5. This chart shows the results.Directions: Imagine that you are on a committee of students and teachers planning a fundraiser for your school. In the teachers’ opinion. After reviewing the data. Which idea do you think would raise the most money? _________________________________ 8. Which group likes selling toys and books most? ________________________________________ 4.

She has many other tools.Directions: Paul studied the picture and wrote the statements below. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. The woman has a workshop in her home. She is using a power-assisted chisel. This is not her first sculpting project. The woman is wearing heavy gloves to protect her hands. The woman is creating a sculpture. not just a hobby. She is concentrating on what she is doing. The woman does sculpture for a living. not his opinions or prior knowledge. Her finished piece will be displayed in a gallery. Safety goggles protect her eyes from flying bits. The woman enjoys her work. Some are facts and some are conclusions he drew. Put a ✓ by the statements that are facts based on the picture alone. The woman works long hours. Irvine.sdlback. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 104 3 Watson.com .

What does the title “Close Quarters” mean? ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Does the writer use it in a positive or negative way? ____________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 105 3 Watson.Directions: Read the passage. which is more likely to be the writer’s home city: Chicago. I don’t care if it’s raining or snowing. and from my bedroom window at the top I can see the little city park in the next block. too. The greatest thing about living here is that my best friend lives in my building. Of these two choices. It would be lonely! 1. It’s about two blocks from my school. Was the writer’s best friend a boy or girl? _______________________ How can you tell?______ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Illinois. On what floor of the apartment building does the writer live? ___________________________ How can you tell?___________________________________________________________________ 2. or San Diego. Do you think the writer has ever lived in the country or suburbs? ________________________ What makes you think so? __________________________________________________________ 6. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. answer the questions. California? _______________________________ Why? _______ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4.com . Then. Close Quarters I live in an apartment complex in the city. I meet her every morning. and we walk to school together and then back home. all I have to do is walk down a flight of stairs to see her. The author has included some facts and some conclusions based on opinion or prior knowledge. I don’t think I would like living out in the country or even in the suburbs. What is the writer’s opinion about living in an apartment building? _______________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 5. My building has six floors.sdlback. Would the writer rather live in the city or suburbs? ________________________ Why?________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Irvine.

But other things are in the solar system. There are also many artificial satellites orbiting Earth. Irvine. The best-known of these is Haley’s Comet. A satellite is any small body orbiting a larger one. Where is the asteroid belt located? ______________________________________________________ You may think of our solar system as just our sun. Name a natural satellite of Earth. We call these meteors. Then go back and answer them.com . 1.sdlback. ice. Name five different types of objects in our solar system: _____________________ __________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ 2. Our solar system is also host to comets—chunks of rock. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. there are many satellites. and the nine known planets. Read the questions below before you read the passage. Directions: It can be helpful to formulate some questions before you read to help you focus on the details. The heaviest concentration is the asteroid belt. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 106 3 Watson. Within the space of our solar system are also countless asteroids—chunks of rock or metal that range in size from small planets to grains of sand. What well-known comet will reappear in the year 2061? ___________________________________ 4. which are used for observation and communication. which passes into our view every 76 years. the only star. Sometimes asteroids enter the Earth’s atmosphere. The moon is Earth’s natural satellite. Its next sighting should occur in 2061.W ant to get the most from what you read? Then be sure to note the details. and gas—that pass through our space. First. where thousands orbit the sun between Jupiter and Mars. _________________________________ 6. What is a meteor? _____________________________________________________________________ 5. too. How many stars are in our solar system? ________________ 3. Occasionally we can see their telltale vapor tail.

Each of her bulgy eyes moves separately. I have a big glass tank set up for her with lots of plants. Chameleons can change color by choice.sdlback.The problem is she seems to prefer my room. and when she spots a meal. 9. rocks. The proper cage for a chameleon is an aquarium. rug. Chamile is my pet chameleon. and a little pond. Then choose the correct answer—true or false. but I worry that she may be out and about and I will sit on her or something! To solve this problem I consulted a book about lizards. 2. 4. A chameleon catches its prey with its sticky tongue. That wouldn’t be so bad except that she takes every opportunity to escape into my room. 7. If angered. You would think it would be easy to spot a bright green lizard among my things. chameleons are masters of camouflage. 10. 5. even clear across the cage. But. Read the fiction story below. A chameleon is a type of amphibian. she’s caught it and rolled her long tongue back in with it faster than I can see. Date: Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 _____________________ 107 3 Watson. and bedspread. Chameleons are brown to blend in with sticks. she is very difficult to spot. if angry. which she catches by shooting out her sticky tongue. including my curtains. I read that chameleons react to changes in light and. Unlike other animals that are brown to blend in with sticks or speckled to blend in with sand. When she is in the tank among the leaves. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. she will show herself. I found something that just might work the next time she decides to hide by changing her colors. you will get more out of what you read by noting the details. Chamile’s owner provides live food for her. 3. Chamile’s owner knows the flashlight plan will solve the problem.Directions: Whether fact or fiction. Chameleons can move their eyes independently. 6.com . Chamile can at will change to blend in with whatever is around her. I regularly provide insects. Irvine. a chameleon may turn bright red. Eventually she comes back to her home in the terrarium. She’s a great pet and has a luxury terrarium for a home. It is so funny to watch her. they turn black! Perhaps if I shine a bright flashlight around the room and catch her unprepared. 8. Chameleons are the only animals that use camouflage to hide. I have an unusual pet and an unusual problem. O True O False O True O False O True O False O True O False O True O False O True O False O True O False O True O False O True O False O True O False 1.

________________________________ Fashion and Function The ancient Chinese are responsible for the invention of many objects and items that we commonly use today.com . They were constructed with oiled paper. Women in the Qing dynasty used them to protect their skin from the sun.600 years ago. ________________________________ 5.sdlback. However. Umbrellas and parasols became very fashionable for both men and women and were viewed as a symbol of high rank in ancient Chinese society. The umbrella is one of these items. birds. The ancient Chinese were responsible for inventing many items still used today. Umbrellas were symbols of high society rank. rice paper. ________________________________ 3.Directions: Read the story. ________________________________ 6. The Chinese invented the umbrella about 1. ________________________________ 4. Ancient Chinese umbrellas were used as protection from rain. and bamboo. glue. ________________________________ 8. Irvine. and other intricate designs. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 108 3 Watson. Only Chinese peasants used umbrellas. Men did not use umbrellas. Look for details. Rice and oiled papers were used to make the first umbrellas. ________________________________ 2.600 years ago. these fragile paper umbrellas were not used to shield a person from rain. 1. Then write TRUE or FALSE under each statement. The first umbrellas appeared about 1. ________________________________ 7. Early umbrellas were often decorated with bright colors and pictures. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. The outsides of the umbrellas were often decorated with colorful paintings of flowers.

______________________ 5. 1. 4. During a solar eclipse. Eclipses happen only once every ten years. ______________________ Lunar Eclipse 3.sdlback.Directions: Read the story. ______________________ Eclipses When either the Earth or the moon blocks the light of the sun.com . A solar eclipse happens when the Earth passes between the sun and the moon. An eclipse is the shadow cast by the Earth or the moon. Eclipses are normal and predictable events. ______________________ 7. Irvine. Eclipses are bad luck. people were frightened of eclipses and thought them to be bad omens. Then write TRUE or FALSE under each statement. ______________________ Solar Eclipse 2. ______________________ 6. the Earth’s shadow passes over the face of the sun. blocking the light of the sun. People were once frightened of eclipses. the moon passes between the sun and the Earth. ______________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 109 3 Watson. we now know that solar and lunar eclipses are normal and predictable events that occur many times a year. In the event of a lunar eclipse. An eclipse is a shadow cast by the Earth or the moon. In the event of a lunar eclipse. When the Earth passes between the sun and the moon we experience a lunar eclipse. Its shadow is cast on the Earth’s surface. we experience the phenomenon called an eclipse. Before science could provide answers. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. However. the Earth’s shadow is cast on the face of the moon.

The men had been at sea for months. . and I’ll be coming home for dinner. and mean!” I complained. She couldn’t wait until he got home to find out. Sighing.. . “Never mind.When Tanya got home from school there was a huge box on the front step. . _____________________________________________ 6.. a place we are forbidden to sit on.When writing.She left the room with her head hung low... Mom.. Their clothes were tattered and their skin burned.. Jared. “I’m going to have to get some help with social studies. “But be home by eight..As soon as the garage door shut and the humans pulled away. Perhaps today land would be sighted... 1. “Sean?” Mom asked...com .. Irvine. I had always had my eye on those curtains and took my chance to climb them.. “I just found out they’re having tuna casserole.. They were tired and thin from poor diet.. ....” There was silence on the other end of the phone. Decide if the story is being told by a character in the story or told by an outside narrator. Goose teased me as usual.sdlback. Directions: Below are excerpts from different stories. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. an author can choose to tell the story through the eyes of a character or from an outside observer (narrator).“May I stay over and eat at Ian’s?” asked Sean.. “So are we.” Mom smiled. ______________________________________________ 2..” answered Mom. “If Mrs... ______________________________________________ 4. she whispered under her breath. but dared not open it because it was addressed to her older brother. I’m just not getting it.” said Sean... They listened (or seemed to) and. She was very curious about what could be inside....” she said to herself.. _____________________________________________ 5... “She’s relentless. ______________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 110 3 Watson.”.. we started to chase around. . Lewis invited you. Myrtle jumped on top of the TV. I went to my friends in the stalls. _____________________________________________ 3.I went over to the trough for some feed. .


as well as names. Then identify from which point of view each passage was written. 5. I find it relaxing. Irvine. This may sound strange. Read the explanations below. This is written in the ____________________ person. 3. they. but one of my favorite things to do is to iron clothes. Liquid from the drink rises to fill the space and reach your mouth.com . CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. This is written in the ____________________ person. Uses words such as you and your. This is one of the few places in which animals are free to roam large areas that are like their natural environment.sdlback. Uses words such as it. From the tram you can see rhinos grazing and gazelles running. it is a good idea to start thinking about it early in high school. Besides keeping good grades. a partial vacuum is formed. you can increase your chances of getting into the college of your choice by being involved in extra-curricular activities and community programs. Uses words such as I. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 111 3 Watson. The unicorn is a mythical creature described in ancient Greek and Roman stories. 1. When you drink through a straw. us and we. This is written in the ____________________ person. second person The focus is on the reader. This is written in the ____________________ person. 4. third person The focus is on the subject. It is like a horse but has a single spiral horn.Directions: An author has a purpose in mind for writing. first person The focus is on the writer. If you are ever in Southern California. 2. she. you will want to visit the Wild Animal Park just outside San Diego. If you plan to go to college. them. It is something that lets me spend time thinking and daydreaming while still accomplishing something. me. he. This is written in the ____________________ person. Some styles are stronger than others for certain purposes.

What do you think his parents’ perspective on these activities is? _______________________________________________________ 4. Yuck! Another camping trip. Directions: Below is the same story about the annual Dale family camping trip told from three different points of view. From Mr. Dale know how their sons feel about camping? Why or why not? _____________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 112 3 Watson. I am still too young to do any of the stuff that would be fun.sdlback. Irvine. age 8? ____________________ 2.If ten people all see the same thing. 1. Mostly Mom and Dad are telling me what I can’t do—climb the trees. That’s because each has a unique point of view. we especially appreciate the natural environment and the “downtime” of trudging through the woods and sleeping in the open air. how? If not. Night is the worst. B. Dale’s point of view. age 13. or throw stones. why not? _____________________________________________________________________________ 6.com . We look forward to these outings because it allows us to relax away from work and spend time with the whole family. Do you think Tim purposely tries to scare Tom? If so. C. Since we both have office jobs. From Tom’s point of view. Do you think Tom’s view of the camping trips will change in five years? If so. Read each and answer the questions. write? ___________ Tom. he’s not allowed to do anything fun. It’s the same with story characters. why does Tom think so? _____________________________________________________________________________________ 5. why? If not. and Mrs. Every year we take a family camping trip. Even though I am older now. what are the two main advantages of the annual camping trip? ________________________________________________________________________ 3. A. Which description did Tim Dale. there will be ten different accounts of it. I have to share a tent with my big brother and he purposely tells me stuff that scares me. pick up snakes or lizards I find. I really enjoy these trips because it gives me a chance to forget about school and just hang out in nature. My idea of fun is sleeping under the stars with no sound but the rustling of wildlife in the bushes. and Mrs. There’s nothing like building a fire and cooking fresh fish I caught myself in the lake. Do you think Mr. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.

Does Maxheimer enjoy having Valerie give him a bath? __________________________________ 6. From Maxheimer’s point of view. what two things should Valerie get for him? _________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 2. Irvine. She comes and goes as she pleases. Fleas or no fleas. How does Maxheimer feel about being treated “like a dog”? ______________________________ My Dog Maxheimer by Valerie ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 113 3 Watson. What is Maxheimer’s main complaint about Valerie? _____________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ ___ 3. the supreme insult—a bath. you don’t see cats having to endure such humiliation. Sure. Does Maxheimer feel that cats have it better or worse than dogs? _________________________ 7. There’s more. The Trouble With Valerie by Maxheimer My owner. she shushes me.sdlback. I do love Valerie.Directions: Below is a story written from a dog’s point of view.com . Answer the questions. she pets me when she gets home from school. When I bark. but I am stuck in the house all day by myself. Doesn’t she understand that I am supposed to be her best friend? And here’s another thing. I am only trying to express myself! And what’s with this leash business? Doesn’t she trust me? Finally. but then she goes off and does homework or to her friends’ without me. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. What is Maxheimer’s explanation of barking? ___________________________________________ 4. just doesn’t get it. What does Maxheimer imply he would do if he were not subjected to being on a leash? ___________________________________________________________________________________ __ 5. Valerie. Then write a short story from the dog owner’s point of view. but she treats me like a dog! 1. She should get me a playmate or at least a doggie door so I can go out in the yard.

______________________ 12. ______________________ 10. ______________________ 6. ______________________ 3. The Word Box has the animal names you need. But beware.sdlback. ______________________ 7.Here’s a hint! Think about what you may already know about the details in a picture as you study it. ______________________ 4. ______________________ 8. ______________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 114 3 Watson. ______________________ 2. ______________________ 11. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.com . ______________________ 9. ______________________ 5. Directions: Can you identify an animal just by looking at its feet? Here’s your chance. Irvine. but also some you don’t! Word Box dog bear alligator elephant cat chicken rabbit ostrich frog deer person hawk lizard duck horse monkey chameleon 1.

shooting or otherwise. Has no atmosphere. he called its rings “ears. it is the largest planet in the solar system. When Galileo first observed it in 1610. _______________________________ 8. Heat from friction causes it to glow. Known as the red planet because of the dusty surface soil is filled with iron oxide (rust).” They are really more than 1.Directions: Each passage gives clues to the identity of something in our solar system. it has a long and lopsided orbit. Known for its red spot and swirling colors.sdlback. Its gravity (1/5 of Earth’s) causes the ocean tides. _______________________________ 6.000 miles away. Orbits Earth only 239. and even seasons.000 bands of rock and ice orbiting this planet. Irvine. the sun Pluto Mercury Saturn Venus meteor Mars Earth’s moon Jupiter 1. As it moves. The star nearest Earth (93 million miles) and the only star in our solar system. _______________________________ 5. _______________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 115 3 Watson. _______________________________ 4. volcanoes. Debris from space that’s entered Earth’s atmosphere. canyons. Smaller than Earth’s moon. _______________________________ 3. It has 16 moons and no solid surface.com . it is seen as a streak of light—but it is NOT a star. _______________________________ 7. Called the “morning star” but actually a planet about the size of Earth. _______________________________ 2. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Medium-sized as stars go. Name it. Has mountains. Covered in a thick blanket of yellow clouds containing deadly sulfuric acid. Sometimes it is closer to the sun than Neptune and other times further.

com . including Australia and New Zealand. then. and died in the Sandwich Islands (now known as the Hawaiian Islands) in 1779. ____ Cook claimed Australia and New Zealand as British territories. on behalf of the British Empire. ____ James Cook was born in 1728. ____ James Cook died in the Sandwich Islands. and claimed them as British territory. in 1728. next.sdlback. a disease that occurs from a lack of Vitamin C. ____ Cook was the first European to visit the Pacific Islands. Irvine. place the statements in the order they happened by numbering 1–7. the Endeavour. He was born in Yorkshire. ____ Cook prevented his crew from developing scurvy. a disease caused by a lack of Vitamin C. ____ Cook led many voyages on behalf of the British Empire. Cook was the first European to visit the Pacific Islands and is said to have sailed farther south than any other explorer in European history. Then. ____ Cook insisted his crew eat fresh fruit and pickled cabbage. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Captain James Cook Captain James Cook is considered one of the greatest explorers the world has ever known. Got it? Directions: Read the story. He did this by insisting they eat fresh fruit and pickled cabbage. England. He was hailed as an excellent navigator and a respected captain. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 116 3 Watson. Cook and his crew visited many lands. Cook led many voyages of exploration on his ship. He also was the first captain to prevent his crew from developing scurvy.Hey you! When you put things in sequence you need to think: first. and last.

1. a Frenchman created blocks of chocolate that soon became a much-loved sweet treat that is still enjoyed by many to this day.Directions: Read the story. known as cacao beans. fermented. ____ Bars are hardened by squeezing out the liquid. cleaned. Irvine. Then the seeds. Then. In the process of grinding.sdlback. Put the chocolate-making process in order using numbers 1–5. the Spanish explorers of the early 16th century revised this recipe by removing the peppers and spices and adding sugar to the drink instead. when split open. The cacao tree produces pods that. supply the questions to the answers below. Chocolate The cacao tree of Central and South America is responsible for giving us the main ingredient in one of the world’s favorite treats—chocolate. Hardened bars are made by squeezing out the liquid. are separated out. Later. ____ Pods split open and reveal the seeds and pulp. Raw chocolate is bitter in taste. spices. and ground. Q: ________________________________________________________________________ A: The Spanish may have substituted sugar in their chocolate drink because they did not like the spicy flavor of the original Aztec recipe. and peppers. reveal seeds and pulp. and ground. and dried. ____ Beans are separated. The Aztecs of Central America were the first to make a drink from cacao. cleaned. roasted. cocoa butter is released and the mixture forms a liquid called chocolate liquor. Over a hundred years later. The mass is removed and left to ferment and dry. ____ Chocolate liquor is created. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 117 3 Watson. Q: ________________________________________________________________________ A: The first chocolate blocks were created in the 17th century. 2. ____ The mass is removed. Q: ________________________________________________________________________ A: The Aztecs were the first to make a drink from cacao beans. roasted. 3. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.com .

then walks the half-hour to school at 8:30. Then. From 5:00 to 6:00. Aaron gets up early to do his paper route. After dinner Aaron does the dishes and other chores until about 7:30. Aaron’s family has dinner from 6:00 to 6:30. He returns home about 8:00 and has breakfast. it’s up again at 6:00 to deliver papers. Then. At 3:30. How much time does each section represent? Read about Aaron’s day. Irvine. Then follow the directions below.sdlback. Use colored pencils or markers to color the graph: ___ homework/studying/reading (RED) ________ ___ in bed asleep (PURPLE) ________ ___ in school (YELLOW) ________ ___ eating breakfast & dinner (BLUE) ________ ___ doing chores (BROWN) ________ ___ relaxing or free time (GREEN) ________ ___ traveling to/from school (BLACK) ________ ___ paper route (ORANGE) ________ Date: Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 _____________________ 118 3 Watson. he’s free to do whatever he wants. Finally. he puts in another half-hour of studying. Complete it as directed. he relaxes by watching TV or riding his bike over to Jeff’s. Put Aaron’s day in order using 1–8. sometimes he reads or works on his model building.Directions: The graphic below is called a circle graph or pie chart. At 8:30. First study the blank graph. It takes about two hours. Sometimes he plays computer games with his brother. so he studies from 3:30 to 5:00. he reads until he falls asleep around 10:00. From 7:30 to 8:30.com . CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. A Day in the Life of Aaron Imagine this graph showing one typical school day in Aaron’s life. He likes to get most of his homework over with right away. You are going to fill in how he spends his time. he’s back home. calculate the total time for each activity. He is in school from 9:00 to 3:00.

sad. He pursed his lips and knitted his brow. then said.” The overall mood is (check one) happy sad serious silly 3. I did. noticed her just sitting there. Jensen gently touched the little dog’s head.” Then turning to me. Dr. I just won first place in the science fair. Mom walked by her door. her head hung low. They are sending me and my project to the state finals.sdlback. “What’s wrong?” she asked. Jim came home from school walking on air. His older brother saw him and said.” The overall mood is (check one) happy sad serious silly 4. serious. you have fractured a bone in your leg. Brownie lay on the table wrapped in a towel. that’s all.” The overall mood is (check one) happy sad serious silly 2. Derry—a hotdog costume! She giggled and bought it. Shandra would be staying home to greet trick-or-treaters but that didn’t mean she couldn’t have a little fun. “What’s up with you?” Jim suppressed his smile. “Yeah. Halloween was coming and Shandra was in the store looking at costumes for her little sister. “Well. Irvine. Joanna sat cross-legged on her bed. Dr. Then choose the word that best describes the overall mood. Miss Brownie. but Carla told me today she’s moving in two months.com . son.Have you ever noticed that music has mood? It can be happy. “Oh nothing. She spotted just the one for her dachshund. “Brownie will need surgery to repair this. “Didn’t you get any classes with Carla?” Joanna sighed. She was breathing but otherwise still. Directions: Read each story excerpt. Stories have mood. Highlight or underline any words you feel set the tone for the story. 1. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Jensen looked at the X ray of Brownie’s leg. The author sets the tone for the story. too. and stopped. The overall mood is (check one) happy sad serious silly Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 119 3 Watson. or silly. hugging her pillow. On the wall was a section of costumes for pets.

What shift in mood does the author create from the beginning to the end of the story? ____________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 120 3 Watson. Victor to her house? _________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Underline four or more words/phrases that set the tone of the story. Yet. Why did the author ask to “borrow” the kittens instead of just saying he’d found them a home? _____________________________________________________________________________ 6. Victor’s skin. In what ways does the author compare Mrs. She was sitting in a chair. look for clues the author uses to set the tone. Victor and that run-down house. 1. As I rang her bell.sdlback. Life cannot actually pour.Directions: As you read the story. as is Mrs. It has looked the same for as long as I can remember. ______________________________________________________ 2. perhaps knitting. What does the author mean by a living relic? ___________________________________________ a veiled life? _________________________________________________________________________ 4. but her house as well. Victor’s house. I stopped by and asked to “borrow” two of them. Describe the mood of the story. After school. I have seen her a few times—walking slowly up the path with her rolling pull-cart containing just one bag of groceries. Victor through the sheer curtains behind which she leads her veiled life. perhaps doing nothing at all. My friend Kerry’s cat had kittens a few weeks ago. and went to Mrs. and he’s been looking for homes for them. Follow the directions. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. The walkway that leads to the house is stone but full of cracks—not unlike Mrs. Every day on my way home from school I pass old Mrs. Read the last sentence again. The wood sides of the home are buckling and weathered. her pallid face positively turned to glowing. She accepted my gift and new life seemed to pour into not only Mrs. But. I often wonder about Mrs. I saw old Mrs. I took them home. Victor herself. Irvine. and she must be about a hundred. Which kind of expression is this: a simile or a metaphor? _____________________ 7. Perhaps we would not be welcome. And what is inside? A lonely empty place where no one comes to visit. to my delight. there they are—Mrs. Victor’s. This morning as I passed by. I wondered if I was being presumptuous.com . They seem so much alike that they are almost one thing. fixed up a basket with a big bow. She happened to look up and saw me walking by but didn’t really notice me. Victor and her house—each a living relic in a modern world. when she opened the door and saw us. Someone once said it was even older than Mrs. Am I just another part of a world she feels left out of? A person moving through time who has left her behind? I felt a pang of sadness for her and right then decided to do something about it. Victor’s face. Victor. 3.

As Louis grew up.What’s the plot? Simply the sequence of events in a story. In 1846 he moved to the United States and later became a professor at Harvard University teaching classes in nature study. He took various parts of different insects. Describe the events that mark the stages in the life of Louis Agassiz. to bring down the “householders” while he. One April Fool’s Day a student tried to trick the professor. he continued to collect and study all sorts of creatures. one guest asked Louis why he called turtles householders. Irvine. little ones. He sent his little brother. When they came back in from looking at all the birds. As they all scrambled to gather up the wayward reptiles. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Then summarize the plot. green ones.” Directions: The story below is based on the life of Naturalist Louis Agassiz. “Because they hold their own houses!” Louis beamed. The professor gave it a serious look. this is definitely a humbug. so he offered to show them his pets. showed the guests his “chorusers” out on the porch.com . And little Louis had quite a few to show. It was a warm evening in Switzerland in 1814. meticulously glued them together. the parlor was covered with turtles—big ones. Follow the plot to see how an imaginative young boy turns into a Harvard professor.sdlback.” SETTING: ________________________________________________________________ MAIN CHARACTER(s): ____________________________________________________ Event #1 (Louis as a child) __________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Result: __________________________________________________________________ Event #2 (when Louis grew up) _____________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Result: __________________________________________________________________ Event #3 (Louis as a professor) ______________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Result: __________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 121 3 Watson. The twists and turns of what happens as a result are what makes a plot “thicken. Louis. Seven-year-old Louis wanted to help entertain the guests. He was well known and respected for his vast knowledge. brown ones. “Why. then quickly pronounced. Augustine. then presented it to Agassiz asking him to identify the fancy bug. Company was coming to visit the Agassiz family. yes.

they weren’t ready. Are you more like Oliver Thomas or unlike him. By the end of first grade. that’s what Oliver Thomas did. Papa hurried up and got the nursery ready. came later and if you were to think that O. took a bath at 7:40. What was the very first thing Oliver Thomas did to earn his nickname? _____________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Then answer the questions. Oliver Thomas was due to be born on September 21. They agreed to take turns for the 2:00 am feeding. the other kids would keep looking on the back wall at the clock (the ones who could tell time and even the ones who couldn’t) to see what time it was (and how long until lunch or recess).Directions: Read the story below about a character nicknamed OT. O. They knew new babies needed to be fed on a schedule.com . on September 21.T. lunch at noon. Irvine. The first paragraph gives you a hint about what the goal of the story is. He brushed his teeth (after he got some) at 7:30. but Oliver Thomas woke them up screaming at precisely 2:00 am that night and every night for the next few weeks. or maybe even sooner. listened to Mama or Papa read a story.T. Oliver Thomas never looked at the clock. healthy boy. He just knew. The O. If the teacher said he could use the paint table for 15 minutes. Find and write at least four words from the story that have something to do with time. ____________________________________________________________________________________ 5. 1. Follow the events of the story to find out how he got his nickname. they were both so tired. and why? ________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 122 3 Watson. The author never tells you what O. Throughout first grade. What did you conclude it stands for? _______________________________________________________________ 3. they would’ve slept right through it. but Oliver Thomas came as scheduled. The night before he started kindergarten. Mama told him it was important to be on time.T. It stuck. Mama and Papa Sander were attentive parents. his room was ready. and when Oliver Thomas came home from the hospital right on time. The first night. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. He ate breakfast at 8:00. then fell asleep at 8:15. So. What is it? ____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Sander was born Oliver Thomas Sander. and dinner at 6:00. stands for but gives you lots of clues. And so it went that Oliver Thomas grew to be a big.T.T.sdlback. you’d be wrong. stands for Oliver Thomas. at 11:29 he got ready to go home—every single day. Oliver Thomas walked into class at exactly 9:00 am and. some people started calling him O. but his mamma and papa knew babies rarely come exactly on the day they are predicted to come.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ 4. • In some places houses are built on stilts. Then copy only the sentences that are written for the purpose of informing.sdlback. • It is hard to get into a good college. Directions: Read each sentence below. • You should read at least one book per week. Irvine. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. • Roses are the prettiest flowers. Think about its purpose. • Things that cost more are better. or is it someone’s opinion? First.com . _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 123 3 Watson. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. • Climate is the weather over a long period of time. • Riding a bike is faster than skateboarding. Is it to give factual information. • There are distinct differences between butterflies and moths. _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 5.Sometimes reading takes a little detective work. • The U. Look for clues that tell you if the author wrote it to inform you or persuade you. • All living things need water to thrive. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 3.S. • Mars is sometimes called the Red Planet. • It is important to recycle cans and newspapers. 1. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 6. underline any words that signal that it is an opinion. government has a system of checks and balances.

The sentence crossed out does not belong in this paragraph because _______________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 124 3 Watson. then move to another area. kitchens. The sentence crossed out does not belong in this paragraph because ________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ 4. They set up temporary homes. They keep the home cool during the hot days. Nomads may stay in one place for a season or just a few days. people do not live in igloos as homes but may construct them for temporary shelter as needed. houseboats can have all the amenities of houses on land—electricity. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. where they stay for awhile.com . Then explain why it does not belong. but also. 1. Cross it out. when the temperature drops at night. The sentence crossed out does not belong in this paragraph because _______________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ 3. such as tents or huts. The sentence crossed out does not belong in this paragraph because ______________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 2. When you think of the Arctic. Adobe is pretty and practical. and even computers. One sentence does not belong in the paragraph. Nomads are people who live by traveling from one place to another. showers.sdlback. dry desert climates often build homes with thick walls. the thick walls keep the heat trapped inside. Though often not spacious.Directions: The purpose of each paragraph below is to inform. People who live in hot. The thick walls are effective for two reasons. or houseboats. They also have animals. do you picture everyone living in igloos? Long ago the Inuit built igloos as their winter homes. Irvine. It would be fun to live on a houseboat. They were very clever builders. Some people live on floating homes. Today.

Wouldn’t you like all your friends to envy you? Then you need to have the best and fastest sport shoes available—Lightnings! Don’t settle for less. She is the best choice because she knows how every seventh-grade student thinks and will represent each one of us. What is this trying to persuade you to do? ______________________________________________ What exaggerated claim is made about Jackie? ___________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ What specific qualifications are given as reasons to vote for Jackie? __________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Would you vote for Jackie? Why or why not? _____________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ 2. or convince. You should vote for Jackie in the upcoming student representative election. Read each passage and answer the questions. Irvine. She knows what your concerns are and will fight to make our school better. What is this trying to persuade you to do? __________________________________________________________ How does this appeal to your emotions or feelings? ______________________________________________________________________________________ How does it guide you away from buying a similar product made by someone else? _____________________________________________________________________________________ What exaggerated claim is made. She is a good listener and a good student.95 a pair. hoping you’ll believe it? _________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Who would buy these shoes.sdlback. Someone may want you to agree with his or her opinion.Directions: Sometimes the purpose of what you read is to persuade. or he or she may want you to do or buy something. Look for the Lightning logo. you of something. or don’t look at all! Only $69. and why? __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 125 3 Watson.com . CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. 1.

describe what you found and how it used that tactic. Some of these are listed and explained below.com . CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.Directions: In advertising. exaggerated c laim (t Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 126 3 Watson. Work alone or with a friend to find real-life examples of each. Irvine.sdlback. proves your gra im t a th r te u p com ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ mous person sa ys the product the one you sh is ould buy) Example: a movie star te lling you what sham poo to use. In the box. many tactics are used to help persuade you to buy something. endorsement (a fa ______________________________________________ bait or hook if ed free or extra ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ffer (something is o ain product) price you buy the m one shirt at full y u b : le p m Exa d pair free. or ke you look. ______________________________________________ peal emotional aap el. it w Example: ) ck la r o d think you nee des. fe ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ill m (the product w mething you so e id v ro p l il a be better. and get a secon ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ he product is cl aimed to do m ore than it does) E xample: a d iet supplement th at guarantees th at you will lose 10 pounds in 2 da ys.

even when he tells the truth. After doing this several times. when a wolf really did appear. Do you use it? Directions: A good summary is short and contains general information about the story rather than lots of specifics. He was told that if a wolf should come by to cry “WOLF” and the townspeople would come to his aid. Read the summary of the classic fable of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf. _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Date: Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 _____________________ 127 3 Watson.” Then follow the format to write a summary of another fable you know. The boy learned that a liar is not to be believed. The boy became bored. That’s why summarizing is such a useful reading tool. he cried “WOLF” and the townspeople came running.You’re not expected to remember every detail of what you read—just the essentials. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. title setting problem climax resolution title setting problem climax resolution The Boy Who Cried Wolf A boy was left alone to tend sheep high on a hill above the town.sdlback. and though no wolf had come. the townspeople did not believe him and did not come.com . Irvine.

first list the title. main characters.com . For each. book summary Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 movie summary Date: _____________________ 128 3 Watson. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. and resolution. Irvine.Directions: Summarize the plot of a movie you have seen and a book you have read. the problem.sdlback. key events. briefly give the setting. Then in paragraph form.

Directions: • The wolf disguises himself as Grandma and waits for Red Riding Hood. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. • Red Riding Hood comments how strange Grandma is looking and speaking.W ant to have some fun recalling story events? Try mapping.com . beginning at Red Riding Hood and ending at Grandmother’s house. • A hunter comes by and rescues her. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 129 3 Watson. Below is a mixed-up list of events from the classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. • The wolf identifies himself and his real intentions. Irvine. which is simply presenting information in a visual form.sdlback. • A wolf sees Red Riding Hood and goes off ahead to Grandma’s. Fill in the events in order on the map. • Red Riding Hood enters the forest carrying a basket of goodies for Grandma.

sdlback.) In 1908. A gasoline-powered model won by going 54 miles in an amazing 7 1/2 hours. (Ford labeled his models after the alphabet to show progress. Still. He began work on a factory that would produce cars fast and cheap. Then summarize the events in order on the map. Irvine. Though Henry Ford had built a gasolinepowered buggy three years before back in Michigan. powered by gasoline or electricity. he aspired to rolling off the assembly line a car a minute. It took Henry Ford eight years to build the now-famous Model T. that other automobile companies were coming out with speedier. Fifteen million Model T’s had been built before it was taken out of production in 1927. Nineteen other models—A through S—preceded the T. Ford believed the future was in cars. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.Directions: Read about early automobiles. It was at this time. There were six cars in the race. Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 130 3 Watson. The first automobile race was held in 1895 in Chicago. People thought his ideas about assembly-line production were crazy. when Henry Ford started production on the Model T. he was unable to attend the race for lack of funds. The Model T was the first affordable automobile Although very successful.com . also. the millionth Model T came off the assembly line one minute after the previous one. better-looking cars. Six years later. people were starting to demand fancier models.

Arachne sat in her garden among the flowers and insects. Arachne agreed. She was left in the garden to spin to her heart’s content. Arachne responded that she alone had a gift and perhaps she could teach them! By and by. the deep green of the moss. She touched her with a magic needle. But. Then. complete the map of story events. Arachne spun beautiful webbed patterns and the gods were in awe. and Arachne was banned from ever using a loom again.sdlback. and at once she was turned into a spider. there lived a young woman in Greece whose name was Arachne. When Athena asked Arachne directly who had taught her to spin. She used the gold of the sunlight. queen of the air. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Arachne boldly stuck to her story. When the contest commenced. At once Jupiter declared Athena the winner. Athena felt pity for the girl. and the blue of the sky. a woman came to see Arachne. It is said that she remains there still. Then Athena began to spin. challenged her to a spinning contest in which Jupiter would be the judge. Arachne herself thought there could be no other person in all the world who could spin as fine as she. Athena. event 2 event 1 event 3 event 6 event 5 Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 event 4 Date: _____________________ 131 3 Watson.Directions: Read this retelling of an ancient Greek myth.com . annoyed by Arachne’s audacity. People admired her work and came from near and far to praise it. Long ago. Perhaps you have seen her yourself. and had heard of her boasting. the fleece of the clouds. Irvine. When asked if she had been taught by the gods. She was Athena. There was nothing she loved more than spinning and weaving at her loom. spinning and weaving marvelous webs. making the finest of cloths. Athena sat in the sky.

Then map the story events in order. In just a few more minutes The building was secure.Directions: Read the poem. The engine sped forth to the scene Men hanging on the sides. Blaring out their warning sound For all to let them by. The ladder went up quickly As he climbed he felt the heat. Of these brave men and women Who could ask for more? 5 6 3 4 1 2 Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 132 3 Watson. The smoke was pouring out.sdlback. And from the third floor window Mac heard a young boy shout.com . Mac reached the boy and heard the cheers From crowds down in the street. When suddenly the siren blew! Something big was happening. Within a minute every man Had jumped up with a jolt. The truck arrived in lightning time. some napping. Irvine. They hastily put on their gear And to the truck did bolt. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. The firemen rested on their cots Some playing cards.

CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.sdlback.com . Who What Where When Why Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 133 3 Watson. Irvine. Complete the story map below by filling in the 5 W’s.Directions: Find a human interest story in the newspaper or in a magazine.

Directions: Use a story you have read recently or know well that has two main characters. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.Mapping is not just for story elements or plot. Irvine.com . Description ter trait Charac Character #1 Name Problem/Goal Charac ter tra it Story Title Resolution/Solution Picture Description ter trait Charac Character #2 Name Problem/Goal Charac ter tra it Resolution/Solution Picture Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 134 3 Watson. Mapping is also a fun way to compare or show information about characters.sdlback. Compare the characters by completing the maps below.

Directions: A common comparison map is the Venn diagram. the other.sdlback. or both. and fill it in the correct part of the Venn diagram. Irvine. • • • • • • • among the most admired women of her time placed high priority on fine fashion was sensitive to underprivileged was devoted to her husband.com . Decide if each statement applies to one. Below are biographical statements about Dolley Madison and Eleanor Roosevelt. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. the President presided at the first inaugural ball was a prolific writer—magazines and books served as chair of the UN Human Rights Commission • • • • • • • was a First Lady lived from 1884-1962 was shy and awkward as a youth was raised a Quaker lived from 1768-1849 known for her social graces saved important documents when British invaded Washington DOLLEY MADISON BOTH ELEANOR ROOSEVELT Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 135 3 Watson.

Mr. He buys the parts he stocks from many different manufacturers. Gerrard know so that he can order those items from the manufacturer. Step __ Step __ Step __ 9:00 9:05 9:10 9:15 9:20 9:25 9:30 Step __ Step __ Step __ Name: _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 Date: _____________________ 136 3 Watson. He takes about 5 minutes to sort it into three types: orders. who quickly rechecks that the right products have been picked. If there are backorders. Gerrard owns a business that sells auto parts. T. T. Then. write what is happening at each step. At 9:00 am Mr. To ensure that his customers are happy and he does not lose money. a timeline is a great way to show information in sequence. Mr. He gives the order to Mr. G. on the back of this page.. Gerrard follows specific procedures. T. H. Irvine.When you have to get the facts in order. Mr. Within 10 minutes.sdlback. By 9:30 the customer’s order and invoice are sent. then sells them to repair shops and individuals. he boxes them and labels them for shipping. takes 5 minutes to adjust the invoice to match the shipment and enter the updated information in the computer. About 5 minutes later. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. checks his mail (regular and e-mail). Hebner. Number the steps in the correct order. sends the pick sheet back to Mr. Windly. who “picks” the products off the shelves in the warehouse for shipping. prints a “pick sheet” and gives it to Ms. Mrs. and personal. W. bills and other business. Directions: Use the information in the story to map the sequence of events in the timeline below. gives the pick list and products to Mr. He must be very organized to keep track of all the different parts he buys and sells. lets Mr. If so. noting if all items were shipped or if any were out of stock. Mr. Mr. The typical order takes about 1⁄2 hour to process.com . Tanner to enter the orders into the computer. Mr. T. This takes about 9 minutes.

Irvine.Scope & Sequence Students Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 137 wor d an alys is pref ixes /suf fixe follo s win g di r ectio visu al/co ns ntex t voca clue bula s ry sign al w ords dict iona ry prac ticin g lif e-sk idio ills ms/s read imil ing es/m five etap W’s hors anal ogie s clas sific atio n reco gniz ing time ques elem tion ing ents tech pred n ique ictio s n infe renc es grap hic devi ces mai n id ea outl inin g sum mar ize 3 Watson.sdlback.com . CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.

sdlback. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www.Scope & Sequence Students Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 138 gene raliz atio ns grap hic devi ces trivi al/re dun dant stor y ge info rma nre tion topi c/su ppo rting com sent pare ence /con s trast caus e/ef fect char acte r an alys pers is pect ive anal dete ysis rmin ing fact fact /opi ual nion reca l l auth or ’s view char /pur pose acte r ’s v iew/ setti purp ng a ose naly sis stor y se quen ce moo d/to ne a naly plot sis anal ysis read to in form plot /per sum suad mar e y stor ym appi ng 3 Watson.com . Irvine.

to carry or bring in. swelled 8. toiled 5. 4. 5. higher 7. and opposite idea is coming 4. cheerful 11. 3.Answer Key Page 6 1. 8. afford e. 3. egg-producing 8. 5 3. Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 139 3 Watson. 1. related to ships or sailing 2. close Page 12 (Answer order). grueling 2. of the sea. remarked 10. 5 18. 2. someone who watches. plodded b. 2. 3. water pipe. 4 5. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. happy. slow. 4. 3. 5. chews. a. eating d. put into effect 6. clothes. won. to brighten or enlighten. 1 4. 2. Page 16 1 2 3 5 Page 21 D I 4 C R O A C K T E R R I 6 S T I A V E B G I N N F I N G Q U S E E S T I O N C T I E D 7 S P T O V E R Y 8 9 O D I G D 11 10 C L E A K A V O N I D 1. 3. fake. 4. these ideas are in order Page 7 (Must be in this order). these ideas are in order 5. 8 12. artificial 12. 6. pause. remedy 6. natural ability. hammer meat married hockey trucker sister bikes can’t tell basketball the label… by plane lower than expected can’t tell delighted a sandwich Page 22 1. 8. 9. insolent 3. 2. sailor 3. insensitive 3. 4. 5. there’s more details to come 3. 6. augment 4. feet. To please. an opposite idea is coming 6. A set of names or system of naming. 7. small group 9. of modern times 2. intermittently 9. journal 9. allocate 5. 9 14. lessen. 3 6. 7. 5. paws 2. invoke 2. unlike but although Conclusion as a result in summary in conclusion remember consequently hence Page 19 1. paragon 7. 2. A structure for transporting water. a. a jaylike bird 7. tied d. 1 11. 6. 7. 7 9. 7. 1 16. scouts 11. capitol. To enact into law. Irvine. Stegosaurus Valley Compsognathus Cave Jurassic Meadow Grassy Clearing Fossil Swamp Pteranodon Waterfalls Iguanadon Ridge Answers will vary. 4. manner. choose 5. 5. hire. solitude 8. 7. 6. able to use both hands with equal skill. Prove to be false or unbelievable. Digby: The T-Rex is buried in Grassy Clearing. 6. boreal c. 3. enemy. 5. 6 10. Page 23 Important Point a key feature therefore the main point noteworthy most of all principally Comparison rather however yet like. twisted and knotty 4. 2 15. there’s more details to come 7. 4 13. 10 17. covenant Komodo Dragon Page 24 1. ultimately 4. Dr. 8. 5. avoid 2. 4. 6. 3 8. Page 13 Chart spells YES in red. 4. feat 6. right where we started. 3. an opinion c. 6. perilous generous jealous glorious suspicious nervous curious furious postponement retirement fulfillment encouragement adjournment detriment commitment statement Page 15 1. crammed 10. To leave or empty out. talent Page 9 1. 6 7. 2 2. 8. One that resists. or make peace. having an end. waterpowered 4. able to act independently. 8. A reason to move or take action. for a limited time. D F A H B G C E Page 11 1. One who is new at doing something. profound Page 10 Page 20 1. presume b. donned 7. 7 Page 14 1. humane 10. frugal 11. capital 9. praise given as a result of an action. 1. 1. 3. razzing 6. final/conclusive Page 17 1. 2.com . gut feeling. gumption 12. an opposite idea is coming 2. 7. fumbling 12. one 4. rude. Wording will vary. premonition 5. manor 3. litany 3. calm.sdlback. Page 18 Page 8 1. lesson 8. 2.

hive 3. swam well 5. the rest are trees 6. simile. When did he give it? Page 46 Answers will vary. in a very quiet way 7. 4. her heart sank 6. simile. 4 4. 7. 3 months 4. 4.. Vol. metaphor. blue. 17-U. 4 4. 2 6. In England Parliament can repeal a right. 8. 4 8. 3. Vol. If the British march… Hang a lantern aloft in the belfry arch… Of the North Church tower a signal… And I on the opposite shore will be… Ready to ride and spread the alarm… For the country folk to be up and to arm… Page 37 1. a large amount of homework 8. so she would be remembered as a pharaoh Page 31 1. 3. c f h a e d b g E H L O W C K E Y F E E T L I 7 P 8 P E R 9 O M A R N T L 10 S H M A A M M L I N Page 44 Accept any reasonable answers. 3. 1512-1482? B. 2. Vol. metaphor. 9. 6. So school children can attend 8. 6. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. the rest are used to attach clothing 2. “The Big River” 5. Vol. 1. 1.sdlback. 5. 5. the rest are mammals 4. 1 3. Where was the cemetery located? Page 41 (Accept any logical conclusion). 2. 1. time to get my feet wet 5. my room is mess 2. 7. shark. sequins. Seattle. round. simile. Irvine. metaphor. my children. 3 10. 4. Louis No one knows for sure Elderly They had weak teeth 1903 Julius Caesar To track the sun For accuracy We still use it today In England Page 39 1. A N S W E Page 28 1. 5. 1 Answers will vary. WA. Page 35 (Specific wording will vary). Colorado 5. hang out. 4. several states had agreed to sign the Constitution only if the Bill of Rights was adopted. 4. $35 Page 33 1. Ambrose Staub Paste St. Page 26 Listen. The Bill of rights differs because a right can only be repealed through the states. Queen Hatshepsut’s father 2. 30 weeks or 7. Vol. 3. simile. color 7. 1-Amazon or Vol. friends were close/alike/inseparable 3. drives me up the wall 2. Metaphor. uncle 6. messy Page 42 1. 5. no 2. ten 5. bakery pharmacy veterinarian department store florist auto parts store optometrist gas station office supply store Page 34 Page 40 (accept reasonable responses). 2. write 4. 2. head swimming with facts 3. Police Dept.1animals 3. 4 9. Page 47 1. 4. sky 9.S. the rest are types of dances 3. 3-Civil War or Vol. horse of a different color 4. Young Artist Gallery 6. 2. 1. Florida 6. 2 years. the rest are hair colors Page 36 1. History 4. What speech did he give? 3. Who gave one of the best well-known speeches in American history? 2. and you shall hear. 6. Ancient paintings 4.’s Community Halloween party 7. the rest have a 0 in the ten’s place 5.2-Brazil 5. Why did he give the speech? 5. a set of amendments to the Constitution 2. 5. B R E R A D R A 11 L I D 12 Page 45 1. horse 10. He said to his friend. 4-desert or Vol. 4 5. 7 am 7. 1. 6.C.Page 25 1 Page 30 2 W H S 4 3 D E N I M E 5 D P A E V I E R E D S P 6 R E L E S 7 E A R E 8 S T O W E T 9 L E D D E C A N E R E E 1. to guarantee freedoms not specifically addressed in the Constitution 6. 11 am 3. puffy white clouds Page 43 2 Page 38 1 T H I R S T Y E S T O V I 6 4 O O 5 3 Page 27 1. 3. Vol.645. 3. sat still 4. 3. cactus. October 2. entertain persuade summarize instruct inform describe past future present present past past Page 32 1. dune 8. 19-whales Page 29 1.com . 5. King or emperor 3. 1990 Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 140 3 Watson. 5-Franklin 2. my throat felt scratchy 6. later 8. Los Angeles. 7. Yes 3. got tongue-tied accept reasonable interpretations. 7-human body 6. 2 7. 2. shell 5. 8. mow 2. 3 2. 2 pm 4. 6. 5. CA 4. 2.5 months 2.

Doesn’t say 5. 6. b. far north 2. family trait 4. 1. 6. a storage area 2. 4. Washington state 2. radio 4. The meeting was prearranged. MI 3. Yes Page 68 A. Underlined: Latin is an ancient language… 2. crutch 2. Set foreign policy 4. calculator Page 64 1. Supreme Court C. They were brought inside. sand/dirt mixture 4. daydreaming 2. Front teeth are sharp for tearing. serious. Irvine. 1. to bite and chew food. 1850 or mid 1800s 8. MI Page 65 Main idea: Rattlesnakes are among. $15 3.. Doesn’t say Page 50 (Wording will vary).com . Amazon and Nile 8. apron 6. Not white/distinguished from other owls 3. crown 3. True 2. They didn’t believe him. 7-10 3. Veto laws from Congress II. 5. Declare laws unconstitutional Page 57 1. 123 years 5. Page 48 1. 3. True 3. bitter 6. Command armed forces 3. wasn’t important Page 56 1. sailed around the world 7. mystery Page 55 1. 4 months 4. incisors. Longer 5. salty. elated 8. 2. baffling plenty. The ideology Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 141 3 Watson. 2 nights 2. Underlined: Ceramics is the shaping and heating… 2. 2. The sense of sweet is detected on the tip of the tongue.. 2. Page 51 1. Doesn’t say 4. 7. make you aware of climb 3. Answers will vary. Main powers of Judicial Branch 2. D 2. a wolf had come 3. or History Page 60 (A) 1. After 6. Sweet. yes 10.Crossed out: Native American pottery is among… 3. in 2005: 1985. D (D) 1. the first step in digestion 2. 1. in 2004: 1984. yes 4. a long time 6. molars 3. Page 59 1. D (C) 1. Yes/weighs 4 pounds and can carry more than its weight Page 61 (A) 1. dense no. aid dull tending amused forest rushing 5. a society of Native Americans 2. no 12. Social Studies. 4.. illogical 7. Declare war III A. Answers will vary. 64 7. Colorado 3. in 2006:1986 5. in 2003: 1983. bountiful pictures. 2. influence little. back teeth are flat for chewing. Volcano 4. 9. D (B) 1. 7. Nerves 5. 120 Page 53 1. responsible 5. joyful. 4. Represents general population C. true 4. in 2002: 1982. 1. 4. 8. Arctic/Arctic foxes. Page 49 1. Page 67 I. 6. graph 2. D 3.3. he was amused. 6. In a new way Page 54 (Drawn and labeled). Earthquake 3. A baby would not appreciate some of the activities. 5. Both/diurnal 4. True 8. Carnivore/eats animals 5. Chapter 2 2.. Volga and Mississippi. Crossed out: Some English words also come from other… 3. fall/autumn 6. Volga 6. a. 2. MI 2. canines. 1. MI 2. It did not occur until after 1700 9. 8. True 6. Nile Crocodile By its teeth Africa Meat Reptile Yes No Yes Yes Page 66 Answers will vary. D 3. canteen 5. 3. sour. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Part of the cost would be wasted. Congo 4. Story doesn’t say 6. A President C. Answers will vary. 5. They’d been warned. Amazon and Nile 7. Legislative Branch B. Answers will vary. yes 9. No No Yes Yes No Yes No Page 63 1. hieroglyphics yes.. to prevent strangers from entering 5. unexpectedly 3. 4. 1. False 7. to relieve his boredom. thick.sdlback. Dias 5. $75 5. a woman 3. 225 years (accept 225230) 4. yes Page 52 1 2 C O N 6 5 B 4 3 I O N E R E G H 8 C V O N F U U N S P I R T E D D Page 62 Main idea: But this day was. for safety. D 3. 3. (B) 1. Answers will vary. Geography. R 7 F L I D E N T 11 D E L I E V E T 9 E D D I S E G U S E D R I C O U N C Page 58 E D 10 M A D 12 E R N E X H A U S T E D Main idea: though Morse is considered. Impeach the President 4. D 2. no 11. 5. Pre-1500 to 1700 8..

desert c. but ended up depending on him. 2. science fiction 7. Teaches a lesson or moral value. Story doesn’t say 4. 6. strength. 4. Russia. 3. on the curb 6. Irvine.000 years ago Why: Kim was greedy and didn’t want to see Cho succeed. 7. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. SS (B) Page 89 Answers will vary. rinse 8. purchased by Jefferson (U. SS Page 85 1. General fact 11. People enjoy living in different type of climates. TS 3. 5. 6. Specific fact 12. 5. 6. Virginia 4. Miami 2. Kim tried to trick Cho. folklore/fable 8. no 3 Watson. 3. both 10. doesn’t have supernatural beings. SS 2.difference that developed between Russia and the U.. B. Page 77 1. General opinion 7. Answers will vary. Answer will vary. yes 4. Specific fact 10. SS 3. Dispute of the economics of and views about slavery. Ramses II Tutankhamen Tutankhamen Coffin Both Bible Ramses II Page 72 1. 5. supporting sentence 12. Miami 6. topic sentence 2. 7.000 square miles. Where: China When: 1. 6. San Jose. Tampa Bay 5. 3. TS 2. 4. 4. topic sentence 5.S. Arkansas. folklore/myth 5. 5. Answers will vary. 8 7. 828. Central 9. Page 90 1. 8 am 7. 1 2. General fact 6. SS (C) 1. Specific opinion Page 76 Pinniped: southern elephant seal Bat: western pipistrelle Fish: whale shark Deer: southern pudu Primate: male eastern lowland gorilla Bird: male bee hummingbird Snake: reticulated python Page 82 1. Animal fat 3. pattern of weather over a long time 2. wet and dry/seasonal Page 81 1. 2. 4. topic sentence 4. 2. Page 73 1. realistic fiction 4. 4. supporting sentence Page 69 Who: Kim and Cho What: Cho asked Kim for help. 1879 6. General opinion 3. story doesn’t say Page 71 A. fantasy 6. Western. General fact 4. topic sentence 11. 8. 11 5. Doesn’t explain forces of nature. TS (D) 1. supporting sentence 7. Whale oil 5. Columbus 8. folklore/tall tale 9. Many things are easier said than done Page 86 (Written under paragraph 1) Their feet are well adapted… They can carry people and supplies… (Written under paragraph 2) The Arabian camel has one hump… The humps are stores of fat… The humps enable camels… Page 70 1. 3. Some plants make their own food. U. amount of precipitation 5. warm/rainy-rains all year. and powerful… Komodo dragons hunt during… This species is a member of… Page 74 1.). c a d b c True False True False True Can’t tell True True Page 88 1. SS 2. folklore/legend Answers will vary. 5. 3. 2. 7 4. very light precipitation 6. Colorado 3.sdlback. Page 79 1. General fact 9. Sold by Napoleon (France). nothing 3. could blow around 9. Yes 3. tropical 4. South Carolina 2. Page 75 1. 1. This is because of the way points are awarded. supporting sentence 8. B. NG G G NG G NG NG Page 80 The Komodo dragon is the largest… It exists today only on a few… This great reptile can… It has a long tail and… The Komodo dragon has sharp… Its size. 3. Answers will vary. SS 3. historical fiction 2. supporting sentence 3. There have been forms of lamps since prehistoric times. supporting sentence 6. topic sentence 9. from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Tennessee. folklore/fairy tale 3.S. one in which no shots were fired. Page 78 Page 84 (A) 1. after WWII. polar b. wet/dry has a rainy season 3. Chicago. city of Rosewood 389-2341 1. Louisana Purchase. General fact 2. yes 5. General opinion 8. mystery 10.com Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 142 . Porcelain and earthenware are two types of pottery… Page 83 1. mystery fantasy historical fiction realistic fiction realistic fiction science fiction Page 87 1. SS 3. 2. 2. Specific opinion 5. C. rainy/tropical d. not about a person or hero 4. Answers will vary. TS 2. a. supporting sentence 10.S. others do not. 7. fable 2.

2. 2. she was absent from school today. 4. False 9. Page 106 1. 4. 8. bake sale 52. True 8. Cough syrup is “maximum strength”. 5. duck 3..2. B. The school could be infested with rats or mice.S. False 2. 2. 2. C 2. ostrich Page 95 1. neither 11. 1787 The Constitution was signed a few years after U. Answers will vary. 7. He takes the stairs instead of the elevator. 1858 The Civil War ended slavery. Answers will vary. shark 6. 5. cat 6. 4. True 5. sun. bear 4. 5. She stayed after school for some extra help. 2. whale 8. Different 5. lozenges/every 2 hours 7. 3. 7. resentful Answers will vary. Page 114 1. shark 3 M I S C H I O U 6 E 4 V O U A I S 5 Page 112 1. It could be a rat. True 3. Answers will vary. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. shark 13. Page 107 1. 1. 4. whale 2. False 7. spend time with the family 3. field day 84. sell toys 81. Irvine. The story mentions snow and it does not snow in San Diego. he checks the ingredients in what he eats. Illinois. Page 102 Answers will vary depending on students’ opinions. 4. frog 5. He’s expressing himself. 1962 Had to take place after the first airplane but before the first walk on the moon. talent show 2. 3. satellites. 2. 6. symptoms are different. Page 93 Answers will vary. deer 7. False 6. A hamster that had escaped. 6. 6. Mars meteor the sun Jupiter Pluto Venus Earth’s moon Saturn Page 109 Page 96 1. a dog door 2. 2. He would stay close by and behave. 8. 5. horse 11. 4. 5. assisted chisel. Answers will vary. family field day 3.sdlback. planets. The writer lives on the top floor of a sixstory building. 3. person 12. Haley’s Comet 4. 4-6 Answers will vary. 3. She doesn’t give him enough attention and treats him like a dog. Page 113 1. 3. monkey 10. 8. shark 3. 2-6 Answers will vary. He apologized to his friend. girl. chicken 8. sixth. He or she likes it. Page 101 Answers will vary. 5. first graders 4. no 6. Page 108 1. The woman is wearing… She is concentrating… Safety goggles protect her… 7. Syrup/every 6 hours. 2. told told told told told told by by by by by by character narrator narrator narrator character narrator Page 105 1. Answers will vary. City. 3. He or she thinks it would be lonely in the suburbs. 4. 3. 4. They’re dangerous. G U L L I B L E R S I T I V E E D Y S E N Page 98 Answers will vary. Answers may vary. 5. True Page 110 1. Page 111 second third second first second Page 97 1 I N D U 2 R E S T R O U R C E F U L Page 91 1. whale 12. cough and congestion syrup 3. 6. independence. talent show 73. whale 10. 6. They both like the position they are in. He’d seen something scurry across the room. False Page 94 1.1919 Planes were used and were not invented until 1903. neither 7. True False True True False False True True True False False True False False Page 103 1. both 4. comets 2. She knew what it was. so it had to be prior to 1865. 3. 5. Page 92 Answers will vary. 1. fifth and sixth 5. 4. shark 5. 6. elephant 2. shark 9. 2. Page 99 1. asteroids. 6. 4. spaghetti dinner 74 6-9 Answers will vary. better 7. 3. They are alike in that they suggest consulting a doctor. He saw it again— twice. False 4. An asteroid that’s entered the earth’s atmosphere. Between Jupiter and Mars. 4. relax away from work. True 10. 3. Page 115 1. California. 2. 5. 1 3. She is using a power- Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 3 Watson. 5. The story refer to the best friend as “her”. She borrowed some from a friend.com . Page 104 (Sentences checked) The woman is creating a sculpture. 7. He only saw from the corner of his eye— not clearly. Chicago. 8. alligator 9. cough lozenges are “regular strength” 6. Page 100 Answers will vary. a playmate.

Sad and lonely to happy and satisfying Page 134 Answers will vary. He might have to take them back. 3. Page 128 Answers will vary. vote for Jackie. Firemen roused by siren. to get reader to figure out what O. these are the best and fastest shoes. 4. In some places… 2. Page 130 The first auto race. 4. 3. Answers will vary. It would be fun to live on a houseboat. 6. secret life 4. They were very clever builders—opinion 2.—opinion 3. buckling and weathered skin like sides of house 5. 5.—irrelevant 4. 6. All living things… 6. was a prolific writer. Mars is sometimes… 3. gives it to Tanner Reading Comprehension • Saddleback Educational Publishing ©2002 144 3 Watson. Model T discontinued and other models are developed. She knows how every 7th grade student thinks. Tanner enters invoice and gives to Windley Windley picks up products and gives them to Hebner Hebner rechecks everything and sends picklist to Tanner Tanner adjusts invoice to match shipment Customer’s order and invoice sent out. 2.sdlback. He wasn’t sure she’d take them. 5. 2. turtles got loose Event #2: studied animals. Face like stone and cracked walkway. place a priority on fashion. 4. known for social graces. Page 127 Answers will vary. Ford spends eight years developing model T. 1 1. There are distinct differences… Page 117 Answers: 5. Answers will vary. saved important documents when British invaded Washington. Why might the Spanish substituted sugar for spices and peppers? 3. the president Page 126 Answers will vary. 3. Page 119 1.T. 2. Answers will vary Page 133 Answers will vary. Page 122 1. 1. Page 131 Event 1. Page 124 1.com . Who were the first to make a drink from cacao? 2. government… 5. They also have animals. 2 3. 2. Was devoted to her husband. Don’t settle for less. Climate is the weather… 4. When were the first chocolate bars created? Page 132 1. 2. 6. Ford achieves goal of one car per minute on millionth Model T. to be envied by friends. introduction Event 2: bragged that she could teach the gods Event 3: visited and challenged by Athena Event 4: contest began Event 5: Athena won Event 6: Arachne turned into a spider Page 123 1. Mac rescues the boy. became a professor at Harvard Event #3: student tried to fool him with a practical joke. Louis was not fooled. The engine roars to the scene. Metaphor 7. Page 120 1. presided at the first inaugural ball Roosevelt: 1884-1962 was shy and awkward in her youth. 4. Page 121 Setting: 1814. Page 129 Make sure the story of Little Red Riding Hood is in the correct sequence of events. The U. Firemen dress and bolt to trucks. A boy cries for help. born on his due date 4-5 Answers will vary. Page 135 Madison: Raised a Quaker. sad happy serious silly Page 125 1. stands for 2. served on the UN Human Rights Commission Both: First lady. on time Page 136 (Order) Gerrad sorts mail. The building is secure—thanks to the firemen.Page 116 (Correct order) 7. was sensitive to the underprivileged.S.— opinion Page 118 Check to see the colored circle graph represents times suggested. Answers will vary. Irvine. Adobe is pretty and practical. Buy lightening shoes. 3. CA 92618•Phone(888)SDL-BACK•www. Switzerland Main character: Louis Event #1: wanted to entertain company with his pets. A very old (preserved) person. Among the most admired women of her time. 1768-1849. 3. Ford begins factory with assembly-line production.

SADDLEBACK EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING Three Watson Irvine. Reading Comprehension Skills and Strategies™ reproducible books are the perfect choice for educators. The series features ready-to-use resource pages filled with instructional tips and extended activity ideas plus a Scope and Sequence skills chart.sdlback.com Website: www. the reproducible activity pages help students master the basic skills and strategies necessary to succeed.s n e h e r p com g r e a d i ni o n FOR LEVELS 1 THRU 6 Every book in the Reading Comprehension Skills and Strategies™ series contains 100 reproducible pages that combine solid reading comprehension skills reinforcement and enrichment with reading comprehension strategy instruction. Perfect for classroom use or homework.com . CA 92618-2767 E-Mail: info@sdlback.

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