10 Simple Steps to Quit Smoking

The TEN Simple Steps Program

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A. Develop habits: when you quit smoking you are breaking an old habit and the best way to get over an old habit is by developing newer and healthier ones. Page 2 . Step 2 Detect your triggers: make a list of what makes you smoke. Step 4 Step 5 Cut down gradually the amount of tobacco until your reach your quit day. When faced with a trigger practice DARE • 5 "Ds”: The urge to smoke lasts for 20 minutes. you must follow a simple 10 step process. NRT is available in different forms such as the patch. throw away all your tobacco products and accessories and start your life as a nonsmoker! Step 7 If you face withdrawal symptoms. This date needs to be realistic. alter your routine so that you are not reminded to smoke. To delay it. Step 6 On your quit day. STEPS Step 1 DETAILS Set a date to quit smoking. Step 3 Define your contingencies: Ask yourself what can I do instead of smoking when faced with these triggers? If you can’t think of options.10 Simple Steps to Quit Smoking Tobacco Use is both an addiction and a habit. Therefore to quit smoking. gum or lozenges. relax. discuss with a friend. • 4 "As“: Avoid triggers which urge you to smoke. and reward yourself for every day that you do not smoke. • 3 “Es”: Eat light snacks to keep your hands and mouth busy. do something. and exercise on a regular basis. and/or try deep breathing. NRT gives you low non-addictive doses of nicotine to sooth the withdrawal symptoms Step 8 Avoid situations that will tempt you. remember the word DARE and think of alternatives starting with the letters D. for example at least 1 month from today but not more than 3 months. ask a health care specialist about Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). • 3 “Rs”: Remember your reasons for quitting. R or E. drink water.

promise yourself that you won’t smoke before you do at least three things on your plan (drink water.). Step 10 Whenever you get an urge. Remember the urge only lasts for 20 minutes! Page 3 .10 Simple Steps to Quit Smoking Step 9 Make sure you stay SMOKE-FREE. do something else. etc. chew gum.

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