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GOOD MORNING Welcome everyone. Good Monday Morning.. Well the day finally came where I started taping my TV show. Power Women Next Door. I thought I had things together and was ready..boy was I wrong. Guess I over looked a few things..LOL..Let me tell you what happened , then click on the link at the end of this article to visit the bloopers.. OMG..too funny!! It was sunny and bright so hubby aka cameraman, left the house. Me , well I was looking lovely as always but thought there was no need for a jacket with the sunshine on my face. I nearly froze to death! the wind about ate me alive. Once we got downtown Hot Springs, finding a parking place where I could walk and not get too long winded was out of the question , so hubby dropped me off at the park where we planned to film. I meet a nice lady, she is a professional photographer, we chatted while she waited on a client, hubby got there at the same time as her client so we blew that off. We walked down to where the hot water comes out of the side of the mountain, and was going to do some introduction shoots, too many people showed up and that was end of that, so we walked up a ways found a perfect site to film and I got tongue tied..LOL. took forever but finally got something on film. Now let us remember I have a hard time walking and breathing. We decided to start walking to meet women on the street, since this is the theme for my show, I was ready willing and able. NOT.. we got down to the pizza place, I said Im thirsty, let's stop get a cold drink. Went in met the working ladies.. Finally I had someone to interview for my new TV Show. Tammy agreed to be on camera , filled out the necessary forms and boom we was filming, I was asking important questions, looking for her opinion on hot topics we had a good old time. BOOM.. Do not know what the heck I was thinking, We was standing right in front of the counter and the pizza ovens going 90 to nothing and barely can hear a word she was saying. You can hear me from Arkansas to Alaska..IM LOUD ..what can I say..LOL so i learned something great that day. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. If you want to watch these bloopers and the actual interview click on this link here BLOOPERS Try not to laugh too hard!! Til next week, have a good one!! Ladies On Friday 12/2 I had the great pleasure of meeting Dr Kathleen Ruddy and she was also the guest on my radio show. She informed me that there is a VACCINE and CURE for BREAST CANCER! But the hold up is the all might dollar. People in the higher ups, aka congress and drug companies, do not want a cure they want to make money. Dr Ruddy and Power Women Magazine want to help put the vaccine on the list of things for congress to pay attention to. In order to do that we must all chip in! I lost my mother to breast cancer, so this hits home to me big time! WE NOW HAVE AN ONLINE PETITION SIGN PETITION HERE If we can get 135 million women to each donate one dollar to BHHF for the vaccine and research on the virus, we can be testing it in no time! http://www.breasthealthandhealing.org/donations/ Thanks so much!


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