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Parts Catalog Cummins Engine Co., Inc. New Parts Warrai tigen COVERAGE PRODUCTS WARRANTED ‘This warrenty applies to New Paris marketed by Cummins for its A, B, and C Series en service is available through a Cummins distributer or A, B, and C Sories do: COVERAGE ‘This warranty covers any failures of parts on or after December 1, 1986, which result, under normal use and service, trom defects in workmanshp or material (Warrantable Failures). The coverage extends six months from the date of first mstalation. This warranty continues to all subsequent Owners until the end of the period of coverage. (CUMMINS RESPONSIBILITIES Curing wil pay forall parts anc labor needed to repait the damage t the engine rasutng from the Warrantabe Faure. Al labor Costs will be paid in accordance with Cummins published Standard Repair Time guidelines. Cummins will pay for the lubricating oil, antfteeze, iter elements, and other maintenance items that are not reusable due to the Warrantable Failure. Cummins will pay reasonable labor costs for engine removel and reinstallation when necessary to make the warranty repair. OWNER RESPONSIBILITIES Altre time when the parts ae installed, Owner is responsible fs tho preparation ofa writen rasrd cortainng the following: (1) he date of nstaletion ofthe parts; (2) the engine seni number; (9) the engine mies, hours or iiometers of operation; (4) the parts installed, and () the location of the pars in the engine. The purpose of this record is to protect Owner's interests and support any claim for a Warrantable Failure. {Quner is resporsiole forthe operation and maintenance ofthe engine as specifed in Cummins Operation and Maintenance fanuals, Before expiration of the warranty, Owner must give notice to a Cummins distributor er A, B, and C Series dealer” of a failure considered to be warrentable and deliver the engine to such facility for repair. (Owner is responsible for the cost of lubricating ol, antifreeze, fiter elements and other maintenance items replaced during warranty repairs except where such items are not reusable due to a Warrantable Failure. ‘Owner is responsible for communication expenses, meals, lodging a costs incurred by Owner as arecultotaWarrantable 1. Itapplios anywhero in the world where allure. Owner's responsple tor non-engine repairs and for\downtime ‘damage and all business costs and losses ‘esulirg trom a Warrentable Falure. CUMMINS IS NOT RESPON INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL (In the United States, some statas do not alow the exciusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages relating to Consumer Products, $0 the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.) LIMITATIONS Cummins is net responsibil fr failure recultng tam Owner or Operator abueo or nogect, euch ae: oporation without adequate Coolant or lubricants; overfualing; overepeoding; ack of maintonanco of lubricating, cooling oF air intake eystome; improper storage, fing, warm-up, run-in oF shutdown practices. Cummins is aloo not reeponable for failuros caused by incorrect fuel, or by water, it or other contaminants in the fue. Except for fuel pumps. Cummins does net warrant parts supplied by Cummins which bear the name of another company. These parts are warranted by their manufacturers and no! by Cummins. This category of parts includes, bul is not limited to: hydraulic pumps, alternators, starters, fans, air conditioning compressors, clutches, fites, transmissions, torque converters, marine gears, Bir cleaners and non-Cummins air compressers, engine comprcssion brakes, and steoring pumps. Parts used in warranty repairs may be new Cummins. Cummins approved rebuilt parts, or repaired parts. Cummins is not responsible for failures resulting from the use of parts not approved by Cummins. Before a claim tor excessive oll consumption will be considered, Owner must submit adequate documentaton to show that ‘consumption exceeds Cummins published standards. This warranty does not apply to pasts furnished by Cummins at no charge to the Owner. THIS WARRANTY IS THE SOLE WARRANTY MADE BY CUMMINS IN REGARD TO THESE PARTS. CUMMINS MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OR OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. TW ESF BEST Page ii