Zelda: Master Quest no Project J64 Adicione isso no FIM do arquivo Project64.

rdb para jogar Zelda: Master Quest de forma correta: code:------------------------------------------------------------------------------[1D4136F3-AF63EEA9-C:45] Good Name=Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest (U) Internal Name=ZELDA MASTER QUEST RDRAM Size=4 Counter Factor=2 Save Type=First Save Type CPU Type=Recompiler Self-modifying code Method=Check Memory Advance Reg Cache=Yes Use TLB=No Use Large Buffer=No Linking=Global Status=Playable! Core Note= Plugin Note= Delay SI=No SP Hack=No Clear Frame=0 Self Texture=1 Primary Frame Buffer=0 Resolution Width=-1 Resolution Height=-1 Culling=1 Emulate Clear=1

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