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God's Word is a Completed Revelation

God's Word is a Completed Revelation

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Published by: Grace Church Modesto on Jan 31, 2012
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God's Word is a Completed Revelation
Ephesians 2:20 "...having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus Himself being the corner stone," We are continuing to meditate on why we should read God's Word and hear it preached, by reflecting on exactly what God's Word is. So far we have seen that it is Inspired, that it is Truth, Inerrant, Pure and Upright, Everlasting, Authoritative, Special Revelation. This week we want to spend a few moments thinking about the fact that it is complete. In our text, Paul writes to the Ephesians and gives them a very encouraging message. Together with the Jews, the Gentiles now have access to God through Jesus Christ in the one Spirit, and are members of God's household. Then he tells them that they are built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, with Jesus as the cornerstone. What is this foundation that the Church is built upon? It is this inspired, infallible, and inerrant Word we have been looking at, that has been laid in its entirety! This is wonderful imagery, but it is full of interesting implications. If God's Word is foundational to the Church, it must be complete. No builder works on the second and third story or even higher while his workers are still excavating, pile-driving and pouring concrete on the part that will hold up the whole structure. If he did, the outcome would be inevitable. So we can be absolutely sure that God finished laying the foundation for His Church long ago - it is not still being added to at this point in time. Scripture itself testifies to the fact that it is completed. The very final chapter of the last book God gave us in the Bible (Revelation) contains some very strong warnings for anyone who might seek to add to the foundation in the future. What does it mean to us today, though, that the Bible is complete? Why should this fact encourage us to read it more eagerly? First, we know that we have everything God intends for us to have as individuals and as a church in this life in order to be able to live for Him. As He is a gracious and generous Father, we can therefore also be certain that we have everything we need for life and godliness here. Second, we do not always need to have our minds clouded with doubt and uncertainty, which might be a danger if we thought God had held back some part of His Word and might reveal it at any moment. Third, with this understanding comes a tremendous peace and joy that we, together with all our brothers and sisters in the church, have a firm and unmovable foundation for our faith, which is no different than the one enjoyed from the early days of the church and no different than the one that the church will have up to the Day when Jesus returns. We possess the whole of God's self-revelation to man in this age, written down and very accessible to us. Finally, we can be sure that we won't live our lives according to this Word, only to find that something additional comes along later that might have provided us better and fuller guidance. Not at all! We are being built upon the full foundation! Some in the church today seem to be thrilled at the idea that God has withheld some part of His Word

from us and is either revealing it week by week as churches meet or else intends for some hidden Gospel to appear to complete our knowledge in some way. We, in contrast, rejoice in the confidence and security of knowing that God has supplied all that we need, and has not denied us or His children in former ages of the church anything that would be for our good! These thoughts must encourage us to read such an extraordinary book eagerly, with thankfulness, wonder, joy and yet also with carefulness, awe and godly fear. Let's do that in this coming week! www.graceopcmodesto.org

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