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Park Avenue - The Unauthorized Teacher Survival Guide

Park Avenue - The Unauthorized Teacher Survival Guide

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Published by Michael Gómez

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Published by: Michael Gómez on Jan 31, 2012
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Interest centers, also known as learning centers, are tables or
counters located around the perimeter of a classroom. Each
center has its own purpose and affords students different

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The Unauthorized Teacher’s Survival Guide__________________________


modes of learning. As you recall from your teacher training,
there are three basic types of learners: visual, auditory, and
kinesthetic. The visual learner may prefer the AV center,
where he can see something for himself on a television screen.
The auditory learner will enjoy hearing as she listens to cas-
sette tapes, and the kinesthetic learner will probably lean
toward the manipulatives available at various interest centers.

These centers serve as valuable teaching aids by allowing
students the freedom to choose learning arenas they prefer. If
you have 30 children in your classroom, you won’t always
know which students favor a particular mode of learning. By
furnishing these learning centers, you give the students the
chance to learn by doing, hearing, or seeing.

The use of these centers can be a special privilege that you
give as a student reward. These learning centers offer valuable
side benefits; they teach a child to work alone and to concen-
trate while other class activities are going on. This may help
the student study independently in the years to come.

The following sections explore a few centers we have seen
work well.

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