Freak the Mighty Dictionary

By Emily Cohen and Emily Jensen

Aberration- n. Ah-bur-ay-shun 1.Turning aside from what is right,
true, normal, and typical. 2. A mental disorder.

American Flyer- n.Uh-mer-i-kun Fly-ur A rusty old wagon that Max
pulls Freak in.

Beautiful- adj. Byoo-ti-fuhl Max s word for the Fair Gwen. See
also: Guinevere.

Bionic Unit- n. By-on-ik Yoo-nit Freak s only hope and See also:

Bully- n. Buhl-lee If you multiply this by one million, you will get
Tony D.

Bulkhead- adj. Buhlk-hed Another word to describe Maxwell C Crawl- v. Krawl Freak is an expert at doing this

n. D and Freak the Mighty Evasive. Dra-gun A fire breathing monster that Freak the Mighty slays E Earthling. Urth-ling Kevin s word for you and me Enemies. Ee-vay-siv Trying to avoid something. Loretta Lee is the Damsel of Distress Doofus. A girl in trouble 2.n.adj. Freek thuh My-tee The best of friends See also: Friends Friends.n. Tony.n. Doo-fuhs A name Tony D.Crutch.n.adj. Dam-zel 1. En-uh-mees People that are not friends. Kruch Freak uses these to walk. as in trying to evade Killer Kane F Father. and to hit people with. Fah-thur Both Freak and Max have terrible ones Freak the Mighty.n. D Damsel.n. Frends This is an understatement for Max and Freak. See also: Freak the Mighty .n. Ex. calls Freak the Mighty Dragon.

n.C. Fyoo-ming Killer Kane is this when Loretta tries to set Max free. King Arthur s wife See also: Beautiful H Hope.Fuming. Kevin s mom 2. Gy-uhnt Yet another word to describe Max. Geen-yus Grim s definition for Freak Giant.adj. . I See Yoo A place Max destroyed after Freak died.n.Hope Something that keeps you from getting depressed Humongous. Gee-zurs A group of old people (Like Grim and Gram-wait! I was only kidding!) Genius. Max s body size I I. G Geezers. Gram Max s kind grandmother Grim-n. It stands for Intensive Care Unit and is the part of the hospital where Freak was staying. Gwin-ih-vyeer 1.Hyoo-mun-gus 1.U. and what he and his dad both have in common Gram-n.adj.-n. Very big 2.adj. Grim Max s sad grandfather Guinevere-n.adj.

adj. K Kicker. Donelli-n. Jurk Another name for Tony D. though many must be taught how to do it. The knights of the round table wore armor to make them this. What Freak the Mighty is 2. See also: Tony D. M Moron. Miss-uz Doh-nell-ee Freak and Max s teacher that doesn t understand why Max won t talk in front of people.n.adj. In-vins-uh-bull 1. . Lurn A talent some are born with. Kih-kur This can sometimes be considered Max s first name L Learn.n. and husband of Loretta Lee. J Jerk. Invincible.Iggy.adj. Mor-ahn What Killer Kane is Mrs.v. Ih-gee Alcoholic leader of the motorcycle gang. the Panheads.

. Kwik You go this speed when Tony D. 2. Someone that intentionally kills someone else 2. Mur-dur 1. As in Potassium Nitrate. Kenneth Kane N Numbest. I beg your pardon . Par-dun An apology.adj. would get in one of these and go far away. Rok-et Max and Freak wish Tony D.n. R Rocket. Potassium-n. Op-ur-ay-shun Getting a new (bionic) body P Pardon-v.n. a chemical in fireworks Q Quick. Puh-tass-ee-um 1. Nutz You must be this to mess with Tony D.Murderer. Ex. is chasing you. Num-est A state of numb at its full force Nuts. When Freak says.adj.n. What you get from bananas.adj. O Operation.

To-nee Dee A teenage bully that. not the Old or the New Testaments. Spitting Image. Sub-ri-kay Grim s name.n. but a run down. Test-uh-mentz No.Snore. See also: Bully and Jerk .n. and are worse than kid stompers.n.n.adj. Ex. T Testaments. Swill. Spih-ting Im-uhge When something looks exactly like something else.v. Tony D. Spas-tik Relating to. or affected with or as if by spasms.v. Snor Grim does this VERY loudly Sobriquet. characterized by. in Freak s eyes. gang filled part of town where Iggy and Loretta Lee live.. is a cretin. Swill The drunk people at the pond (including Tony D. based on his demeanor Spastic. Max is the spitting image of his dad Sprint. Sprint The nurse and Max did this when Freak couldn t breath.v.) are beer swillers.

Vehx You don t do this with Gram or she ll start crying.U Ugly. Wo What you say when surprised. Wonka. Max had many of these after Killer Kane nearly killed him 2. X X-Ray. Wa-gun Max pulls Freak in this.n. . Wahn-kah The second word in the title of the movie/book. s words V Vex. What you ll need if you mess with Tony D. Y Yonder.n. Yahn-dur A place that always lies over the next horizon. W Wagon. See also: American Flyer Whoa. Ex-Ray 1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.n. Uhg-lee Tony D.v.n.adj.n.

Zee-bruh 1. A black and white striped animal.n. Not Freak s favorite animal . closely related to a horse 2.Z Zebra.

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