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Tema India

Tema India

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Major Products OIL & GAS:
1. Screw-Plug / Breech Lock Heat Exchangers 2. Helixchangers 3. Rod Baffle heat exchangers 4. Shell and tube reactors POWER : 1. Surface Condensers 2. H.P./L.P. Feed Water Heaters 3. Deaerators FERTILIZER :

1. Boiler Feed Water Exchanger 2. SAC Condensers 3. Methanator Feed Heater

Installed capacity of 15000 MT annually. Total covered area of 50. Super Duplex Stainless Steel. Monel. Low Alloy Steel. R stamp and member of HTRI. Titanium and Hastealloy. Achad. Silvassa. Duplex Stainless Steel.  Plants at Bharuch. Certifications: U Certificate U2 Certificate Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Manufacturing: Rolling capacity of 140 mm.000 sq. Stainless Steel. ISO 9001:2008. . Meters.Capabilities: Metallurgy : Carbon Steel. Inconel. Cu-Ni.


ISGEC Major Products  Reactors ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ CCR Platforming Reactor HDS Reactor DHDS Reactor NHT Reactor Shift Convertors etc.  High Pressure Vessels ‡High Pressure Separators ‡Slug Catchers ‡High Pressure Absorber ‡ Mercury Removal Vessels ‡Sieve Gas Driers Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers ‡All TEMA Types ‡D Type ‡Modified DEU Type Columns & Towers ‡Vacuum Distillation Towers ‡Crude Distillation Towers ‡Wash Towers ‡Coke Drums Boiler Pressure Parts ‡Economisers ‡Boiler BankTubes and Headers (manifolds) ‡Membrane Panels Superheaters High Pressure Boiler Drums ‡Cyclone ‡Separators ‡Driers .

Super Duplex Stainless Steel. Monel.5 lakh sq. Stainless Steel. Inconel.Capabilities: Metallurgy : Carbon Steel. Low Alloy Steel. Titanium and Hastealloy. B & SA 533) Duplex Stainless Steel.  Plants at Yamunanagar & Dahej . Manufacturing: Rolling capacity of 300 mm THK.Silicon Carbon steel (SA 299)Manganese-Molybdenum Alloy Steel (SA302 Gr. Cu-Ni. Meters. Manganese. Single equipment of 1000 MT manufactured Tubesheet Drilling Capacity of 1000 mm. Total covered area of around 4.

RPL Shell. QP. Burrup Fertilizers Annual Turn Over Of . Kribhco KNPL. U2. U3.. Oman Fertilizers RIL. British Gas.Certifications: U. Oman Refinery Ltd. S Certificate 'R' and 'NB' certificates of Authorization from National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. IOCL. USA ISO 9001:2008. OHSAS 18001:1999 CE Certification Lloyds class I manufacturer of fusion welded pressure vessels Client Base: AD gas. UAE HPCL. ISO14001:2004. SABIC.

Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Major Products Heat Exchangers ‡Diesel Product MP Steam Generator ‡Evaporator ‡FRAC OVHD Trim Cooler LPG Vaporizer Heater ‡Splitter Thermo Siphon Reboiler ‡1st Stage Gas Cooler ‡TAIL Gas Preheater ‡Tube Debutanizer Overhead Condenser ‡U Tube Stripper Feed Cooler ‡Waste Heat Reboiler Pressure Vessels ‡Emergency Air Surge Drum ‡Close Blow Down Drum ‡Column With TSRs ‡Deaerator ‡Decanter Vessel (Site Fabricated) ‡Digester ‡Drum Slacke ‡Economiser With Surge Drum ‡Evaporator ‡Flare Knock Out Drum ‡Flash Drums 13 Nos ‡Vertical Vesse For Dispatch ‡HP Air Receiver ‡LPG Dryer ‡SS Pressure Vessels ‡C3 Rectifier Reflux Drum ‡First Stage Gas Separator ‡Volum Bottles ‡WAO OFF Gas Knock Out Drum ‡WAO OFF Gas Knock Out Drum .

SS 316. meters  Plant at Ahmedabad . Inconel 600 .1 mm x 12000 mm Plot area around 48906 sq. SS 316Ti. Meters and plant area 15125 sq. SS 347. Titanium Lined Clad Manufacturing: Rolling capacity of 110 mm THK. SS 309.Bronze Monel. Al. Stainless Steel SS 304. Tube OD x Length 38. Low Alloy Steel. Max Length of 36m. Cu:Ni. SS 321.1m. DSS. Single equipment of 160 MT manufactured Tubesheet Drilling Capacity of 240 mm. Nickel Lined clad. SS 304L. Max Diameter manufactured 7. SS 316L.Capabilities: Metallurgy : Carbon Steel. SDSS Admiralty Brass.

Singapore Yaslik Projects. 529 cr in 2009 . Turkey Chemenol Project. Turkey Enmass Projects.USA GE Infra TCI Sanmar L&T Kenya Skymoon.Certifications: U. R stamp ISO 9001:2000. NB Certificate Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Saudi Arabia Annual Turnover of Rs. R. OHSAS & IMS Client Base: EIL GAIL RNRL NRL IOCL IPCL RCF Linde Jacobs Samsung Punj Lloyd Export Orders: Alaqua inc.

Patel Airtemp Major Products Vacuum Pre Concentrator Reboiler .

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Turnover for year 2010-11: Rs.P. 85 cr Heat Exchangers & Pressure Vessels Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Dow Therm Condensers and Coolers Shell and Tube Heat Exchanges Inter Coolers & After Coolers Tube in Tube process Heat Exchanges Oil Coolers Bare Tube Heat Exchanger Shell & Tube Dx-Chillers Finned Tube Process Heat Exchangers Air Heaters H. Feed Water Heaters Pressure Vessels & Coded Pressure Vessles Surface Condensers Columns Steam coil Air Heaters LPG-Bullets Shell And Tube Condensers . & L.P.

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