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Quick Start for Total Station (Leica TC605L)

Quick Start for Total Station (Leica TC605L)

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Published by: stardustm on Jan 31, 2012
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Quick Start for Total Station Leica TC500/600

Instrument Nomenclature Distance is measured and values are displayed, but not stored.

Records measurements.

Access coding.

Changes display masks. 1. Foot screw 2. Keyboard 3. Display 4. Focusing 5. Carrying handle RS-232 6. EDM transmitter 7. Battery 8. Vertical drive 9. Horizontal drive 10. Serial Interface 11. Circular level 12 Optical sight Function of each button in Display

Switches on/ off display illumination or laser plummet if pressed for about 2 seconds.

Entering point numbers. Switches between numbers and characters during input of point numbers and coding. Turns the instrument OFF.

Level Instrument with the Electronic Level After switching ON, press [MENU] and [2]. Turns the instrument ON.

Distance is measured and other current values are stored.

Press (1) 3.The following screen would be displayed. Press [Menu] 2. Press reading. 2 . to hold on 00-00-00 Press [DSP] button to switch the display. The following display indicates that perfect levelling-up. Angular Measurement and Display Choice of Display Templates Four choices of templates are given below. Display symbols and their meaning Pt: Point number Hz : Horizontal angle displayed V : Vertical angle displayed : Slope distance : Horizontal distance : Height difference E : Easting N : Northing H : Height Cod : Code (description hr : Reflector height hi : Instrument height ppm : Atmospheric distance correction mm : Prism constant (Leica circular prisms = 0) Setting the horizontal circle (Hz) 1. It indicates that insufficient levelling-up.

Press to adjust through actual and follow measurement and press each procedure below. Press [MENU] > [2] > [1] Select PPM/ MM Enter the value for meteorological correction (ppm) and confirm the input and continue to enter the prism constant (mm) you want. Distance Correction Press [MENU] for about 2 seconds until the configuration menu appears. 1= battery low) and Temperature could be viewed. After sighting the point you want. 3 . press to set the Hz-angle value and it will return you to the measuring display. Instrument Testing Battery and temperature Press [MENU] and [5] 2.4. Battery level (9 = battery full. Vertical-index error adjustment 1.

3. The final new value for the test will be displayed to see whether you adopt the new value as shown below. Press to accept the value and return to the normal measurement mode. Line-of-sight error (Hz-collimation) Similar procedures are applied to collimation error as well. 4 .

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