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(N) Shipping > Setup > Freight Carriers, Cost Types > Freight Carriers Enter the following information: Name: XX-Freight Short Name: XX-F Enter the following in the Services tab Service Level: Select a Service Level from the LOV Mode: Select the mode of transport from the LOV

Create Release Sequence 3. (N) Shipping > Setup > Picking > Define Release Sequence Rules 4. Enter the following information: Rule: XX-Oldest First Description: Allocate material based on schedule date and order 5. Allocate material to oldest orders first. Order 2 Ascending. Schedule Date 1 Ascending. 6. (M) File > Save.

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Navigate to the ATP Rules window. (N) Inventory Setup > Rules > Available to Promise Enter the following information: Name: ATP_Backward Description: ATP Backward consumption Backward Selected Past Due Days Demand: 10 Infinite Supply: User-defined tim Aggregate Order Promising Time Fence: Select the following Demand Sources: Sales Orders Internal Orders Discrete WIP Repetitive WIP Select the following Supply Sources: Discrete WIP Repetitive WIP Internal Reqs Supplier Reqa Purchase Orders On-hand Available Interorg Transfers (M) File > Save (M) File > Close Form User Defined

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