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Draw the lines as shown below. @jpnperak Page 2 . The figure below shows a model representing the human respiratory system. (a) Label the human respiratory system below P __________________ Q: __________________ R: FIGURE 19 S: __________________ T: (b) Draw lines to show the correct match between the structures and their functions. 2.MTF SOLAR 1 2011 1. Structure Function Move up and down to increase the volume of the thoracic cavity Contract and relax to increase the volume of the thoracic cavity Allows air to flow from the nasal cavity into the lungs P Q S © Complete the spaces below to show the movement of air through the breathing organs.

This difference in air pressure ______________ air into the lungs. The actions of the rib cage and the diaphragm ____________ the volume of the thoracic cavity and the lungs. The action of the rib cage and the diaphragm ______________ the volume of the thoracic cavity and the lungs. The air pressure in lungs is ___________ than the air pressure outside the body. i. a. During inhalation the rib cage moves _______________and ___________. the rib cage moves ______________ and inwards.MTF SOLAR 1 2011 Model Stopper Glass tube Bell jar Respiratory organ Balloon Rubber sheet a. state the process that happens in human beings. The diaphragm ________________ and moves upwards.________________________ 3. @jpnperak Page 3 . The _______________ in the lungs is less than the air pressure _____________ the body. Diagram below shows the process of inhalation and exhalation in the human breathing mechanism. The diaphragms ____________ and moves _____________. When the rubber sheet is pushed up . When the rubber sheet is pulled down . During exhalation.______________________ ii. b. Name the parts of the model that represent the parts of the human respiratory system. b) From the results of the activity.

_____________________________________________ 3 What is the process that occurs in the alveolus? ______________________________________________ State two characteristics of the alveolus that can increase the efficiency in the gaseous exchange.______________________________________ ii. __________________________________________ 2. Oxygen Alveolus capillary carbon dioxide body cell red blood cell 2011 (b) Fill in the blank with the correct answer 1. (a) Study the given diagram and label the diagram based on the words given.MTF SOLAR 1 4. oxygen combines with haemoglobin to form______________________________ 6. Name the gas that diffuses from the blood capillaries into the alveolus. The exchange of gases between the alveolus and the blood capillary is by ________________________ 4 5. i. Name the gas that diffuses into the blood capillaries from the alveolus. @jpnperak Page 4 . _____________________________________ 5 In the blood.

MTF SOLAR 1 2011 The figure above shows an air sac surrounded by blood capillaries in the lung. (a) What is the difference in oxygen concentration between blood vessels X and Y? _______________________________________________________________ (b) (c) in the diagram. (i)___________________________________________________________ (ii)___________________________________________________________ (iii)___________________________________________________________ (e) What happens to the oxygen that diffuses into the blood in the blood capillaries? Oxygen combine with ________________ to form ___________________ 6. ) to show the flow of oxygen and ( ) to show What is the name of the air sac in the lung? _______________________________________________________________ (d) State three characteristics of the air sac which can increase the efficiency of gas diffusion. Diagram 4 shows the model of the human respiratory system. @jpnperak Page 5 . draw arrows ( that of carbon dioxide.

causing lung cancer and throat cancer c) State three good habits that can help to improve the quality of air. state your observations on the following. Materials Thermometer White cotton wool Hydrogen Carbonate Indicator Observation The temperature ___________________ Changes to ______________________ Changes from ____________________ to __________________ b) Complete the table below on the effect of the contents of cigarette smoke on the lungs.2 and 3 Form 1 @jpnperak Page 6 . i) _______________________________________________ ii) _______________________________________________ Revision chapter 1. Content Effect of the lung Increases the temperature of the lungs Blackens the lungs Corrodes the lungs causes addiction stimulate the growth of cancerous cells. i)________________________________________________________________ ii)________________________________________________________________ iii)________________________________________________________________ d) State two diseases of the respiratory system caused by cigarette smoke.MTF SOLAR 1 2011 Diagram 4 a) When the cigarette is lighted.

Answer the following questions based on the diagram given. Then.MTF SOLAR 1 2011 1. (i) Volume of copper lump = ___________________________________ @jpnperak Page 7 . (a) Name apparatus X. answer the questions. (i) The lead block should be ________________________________________ into the water. (e) State two precautionary steps need to be taken in this experiment. ------------------------------------------------------(b) What is the method used to measure the volume of the lead block? ______________________________________________ (c) What are the initial and final readings of the volume of water in apparatus X? (i) Initial reading _______________________________ (ii) Final reading:_________________________________ (d) Calculate the volume of the lead block. (ii) The reading has to be taken at______________________________________ (f) Determine the volume of the solid object shown below.

Cell structure Name Function P Q R S T U Nucleus Cell membrane Cytoplasm Chloroplast Cell wall Vacuole Maintains the shape of cell Controls all cell activities Absorb sunlight for photosynthesis Stores water and dissolved minerals Site of chemical processes Control the movement of Substances in and out of The cell 3. S T P Q R U Diagram 5 Match the labeled cell structures to their names and functions. liquids or gases @jpnperak Page 8 .MTF SOLAR 1 2011 (ii) Volume of cork = _________________________________________ 2. Diagram 5 shows the structure of a cell. Classify the following matter into solids.

Match objects/substances below to their arrangement of particles a) glue @jpnperak Page 9 .MTF SOLAR 1 a) e) Air in the balloon hot water _____________ _______________ f) ` b) Hot air balloon 2011 ______________ g) ___________________ c) Wind from windmill Carbon monoxide __________________ d) aeroplane h) kerosene ___________________ _________________ 4.

k) thumbtack l) cloth m) droplets n) salt solution 5.63 0.MTF SOLAR 1 2011 b) coffee c) smoke i d) breeze e) mercury f) blood ii. Table 1 shows the density of different liquids Liquid J K Density g / cm 3 0. g) book h) steam i) oxygen j) rainwater iii.87 @jpnperak Page 10 .

What is the density of copper? ( Show your calculation) 6.5g. c) If solid P is put in the cylinder and its position as shown in figure 2. L and M are poured into the gas cylinder and left for a few minutes. K .80 Table 1 a) Liquids J .MTF SOLAR 1 2011 L M 1. describe the density of solid P compare to other liquids «««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««« «««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««« d) The mass 5 cm 3 of copper is 44. @jpnperak Page 11 . Label the position of liquids J and L in the figure 2 « P FIGURE 2 b) The most dense liquid is «««««««««««««««««««««««.0 0. Fill in the blanks with suitable words about mass and weight..

The measuring unit of weight is_________________ and its symbol is _________ . The units of mass that are smaller are __________ or ______________ . the weight of an object may ________________ in a different place. The weight of an object is influenced by the _____________________. which ____________ according to place. regardless where that object is.MTF SOLAR 1 2011 The ____________of an object is the amount of _______________ contained in the object. @jpnperak Page 12 . The mass of an object is constant or _________________ . The SI unit for mass is ___________ and the symbol for this unit is _______ . Therefore.

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