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SEOmoz PRO User Guide

SEOmoz PRO User Guide

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Published by: contactsport3380 on Jan 31, 2012
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Importing keywords and adding labels is a two step process. If you want to save some
time there’s an easier way to do this. To speed up the process, try this technique to add
labels as you import them.

1. Create the label and apply it to at least one keyword. This "puts it in the system" so
you can apply it to lots keywords when you bulk add them.

2. Select the label you created from the drop down at the top of page.

3. Add keywords as normal. Make sure to check the box labeled “apply current labels
to added keywords

Now, any keywords added will include that label. You can even perform this operation
with combinations of multiple labels. We do it all auto-magically!

SEOmoz PRO User Guide

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