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.up I ... huruln Jm....l'"'lit . hon IJle.up In II rn I ... W hll did the E:~ II • re 'Ihlt Wltltt ful .eo tight the to defend or in rease his !'Ind.II e ell rc r< nd III 11 fenul II "'lIh I I . ~recogmzed In" and erected ut :JllUt5.!ht I.mUII. \ I.! 1'1'1"1 . 'yp~.lIt! he e top ""'('Ilk 01 the del.. 111'1 I1ll1le It n lJet' IH" 1ht 'y Leo) h 0 r de 01 i\ dO)1 . The do!! la~ been domcsucated IIC8tni.. or rhrooc ~III!: ~lItl I ben.)Q the li.(:.III ul III Ible III hWII un . nil lUI (C'.c:nptlnC' EgYPl1 the OIlfy p~r. Lhl~il ~at 1\ because ot nwr n ILe \\Iorld 11u! 11 • J • ddeml and role.. Lsuallv l . \Vh41 w lid on umfnrm "I' III I'rtll IIUO urm III he II n: me ond the >am. mal" .()mrl~ld_ hi> master 'I' tood hum cnt uut.n ometrmc Ian ~Im' I1T~I nil:' rc x and lull ~ lU ~J'C D ra"_ the ph IlIr l". ~w· It ec I wit <l\lC h. before Ihut I'~ramld\ . In on hullWl" . md the ". posand I" Itthe 1''' ..". the """Ie powerU(. (he pymmld.<1I1 ( ~"".n. ri l.nlld 11<1.nl) true- erne .. Ill. The "'tie nonh .. ICIllolllJ ~I 1 .. 10 too. h '" It In' of Ih" JUIINI" Evcrvwherc ".fllr 11\"'"l11ar. needed? I have re 11111 1011>" btll 1 • many (1DJe!.III • 'Ill ooliC .W\lJfI (1)1"111" I .!lIy depeudetu "utllllloeJ I.I. In ('Il)rl JoJ mu: I~ - 'UI1\ ~IUI f'nl> Th "lin I.1 o.llu Dr. '""d I 1>0 ould Th Pim!.lwc Th . ."hJllIllal. The-e Ill: (J Here y ""D'~ body 1'11.. III heir rey lh~ tern Ii I The 0011 can rs nOll".UlJ tht"~ . eraec tn:.mnh Ire JlISI choose: ro R\ 10 iOG hnlijl II • d.'01p1c 01 the mner JIC"o er I ihe cal and combined Ihc:~c dh l'haruulllo 111. !clllJl. II!. 1\llh all ~hl:. hiM 10 W I. to the top betotc .\' flC"l'le thai II~d.u>d II II .he ~rru(.111 "'" "lib !he heed 'I \~ Pharaoh. he vere llat " .be I~ ..111(\1 \rn:.III "C"" Ih< ." Utf hunk: hi l he Ill<.. 1 h:IW 101.'\It.UI C~pecliID'~ 01 abo L-a. Ih even Ihl I. u the .1.og . he th"u nd" "" ..b H .'1 1 .1 11).:HnlcllI. u I nan half rt. meunmlZ thai ad 'g h" 1.! wh.(.. Ie '"al w n'l .·!ttl I hu_' I <IU f nJ AI Ute t'"" the III thL 1m-oi.tUI. umen!> I() the game.~ upon hi' How . ttun The me I 'I CI n dlnl '• .

1I1l tire- 'IHe.II)(.har •y \\'111h. The lJI) "ill. I he Ir<ldcd Tbl h In I In 111<' lilt b..ob.!p II line r be I ~" uhletc <I"n I 11 It rU"'Md.. hUI ibe gume vuu IIlIe\ II~'. ne'el .~nplI1l11 l'he owner I..'yef' on com ].\_:c.lin e .I.the J (>f!l lbou~. player.lfn D . from ItI hbHl II"" 1'tK: ""~ "r Ilh~1 1 Inl Iu : ne I krill! ""'n l1<l..cI rt.uIJ UJ>io!I into I WII)' 1 tin lUI r I UI~ nul)' u...1r lilt I • I'll y."Ullli 'r "ILl III'" II' all I.'U hb e drcnes. true i()( co.'~ bou hi U' old 1.:~ lie cel' III~d. h.' th:!t d. In YiII"" Il!m. rrmplIljL .1\e ) .1triln for Ih. J1<l1plc ~ till have coach nnd hilt' lin • IH.rld nil IhCfC' arc e bo:S11i 01' 0 III Ihe onlv game [11 \ n . ~tdlcd I\ nr If scld Illi I"l< t ':':11 . "'n~c itmn I lit" an Oilier IhJlliIe ..'lnd rrnlcs T ." the rop of vour ncad wnh cornracrs ranerng fr=m I~ mllhClfl d liar. ...ill.u 1tK:~ nrl~ lh~1I rlu.ne gil. term 'Ill • .I "u!)Ok '11Ih '11 hfe b p.1""11 In II.. all I. ve the: I) ncr uf u "k"b. I hiS IS thl' ontv u Ihe b rc :rt.1 rut.' It.I~I_ Wllon ~Oll lu!1I1001 • III~JUr )1l(llI1lllrnn 'CIlt> '11Or1~ 11"II. wuh ot rllllr>~ ~ Illtd In Ind.up I" vou f'I U.iblc n k IfnI' .nanKten IIhllkllUlb ami ell I oj I lIC.1\ lc\'el~ 10 a ryranHJ K1I1I1X'1' W. w!lh me s loumc} And remember ."". \ III H I ul course. I" milK ".c II ."k Il1ll '" 11 I er 11h the coach and agents and OlhCT pld)-= likely h3\ never been 11 basketball yotm.1.~I~:clilil e ~nd I OIlIhe:.)k III 10k.Jl1'j directly c ""em hun Ih II! I (when the lin choosesr Ihl"\' for pl.11 10(1 \ III .>uod.Jo. OJ every r wlIoo"lllP.al~ and Ih'l\ d 8IIIl )'00 \\ tll ulv ~)'~ have V.) . . II ~~~~' house.\~ \'1)1I Ic~J I~ J . n lim mC\! 11.~11 hi)\\ man ulhletc. ub'IOU"I~' !lot an bUI.ty P 1.U.l d ide ~ r \ ~rsd" II 'U'I h gol\lU be . n:apll the: atnlere.-: lesson '0 come lrUL'!WC !he owner lX' IIDd match hi~ .rch .:l)1:T fhe [be keep ur IllIh II >1t vuu n I nl~ .1\< Ijlhl bcvoud 1h ICT \\1U set the Illlnd. ~I J111T"1l1O I• rr I~r II I.<. own teams.Lilli er \.cr" ~J th b und u I~CClI y!lU huve \'UU wurl t 1I1~ he nom"..mlc '.IlI(. I~ I~I Flul h"ll rc III hi 1 r} in '. lei 01.II team ". . ." th~ 'll C IrudUl'e \!Iery Ia) de.llhlelc. ItIl 1~<I51 amount 01 etten and j 11<'1111c I~'UC Ih)chok." I. usuallv qUI 'I." IIll1y h ld."OIl have ai- beg n With "lgl~ 'h~I' the U' IIlplo...'C III Ill' e pi II er 1)011'1 1". c ". 1'\111 1..

I.: IIlIl!> Iltl ~) 1\11 ~VC""':\. bat . eJ h lill III Ihe better mpkfi[."" \\.eep. . The coach rs the direct h~1 eea the owner .l. ~ ~ cllI 1111: coach ".qh to be pimp PUI (. but Inflll and wm1c lum v • Inl) U111l1 he Just soon fly "..IJcn.IIII' b. c I gu ".nllll!! Ih bm I~ 111' I cs . wllh 111m W".hi. IItt I>IlC The..1 ~...hl'ul.I~ tlu ~. an: runmns 11.d alll by 11ll'\fI~ VltXm h you II Y4>U 1111 III Ihlll~ pimp HI'lInd I.". JtltnJl tup II~ 01&1II.1l UPI itt' 1h .I 10.'k~d 0\\ Royal \\ til help you 00 '011 r road 1\' ~r"w bored II his rulll"'ll. Ierry Hn don'.Ja-. ch ' I he .fl' l t thetn 1111<11'0 \I nmc In rhe til< 11"llclll\.OUl tlo.el 1I1T1U.rr nr.\Il ee \\ Ih I~ pi ~'''~ I. ~II'I n..1 c women ure sellI' I.{)f1I). .th dl r 1"1 II I!'. FIll k .ClI> In clh I ucl: acrivuy wou d interfere "11m nr wi.II br . where y"u W "til til In II you" . Ute teuer the "Ioyer> • hos) the flllI~' '...1I the ground With the dea I p. h n wilh lCHIIl. The coech l> Tberetore.Ill of} I)Ur preconceived II tme " hen mL' IOC.tC" .pi lUI iUllJlhc. liar hbl)' 10 IkleplC' aLlIj..mp.11 h"'tn .d "wna . 11j!h1" 11 IS rmperanve hnt the: owner . Th~ ex-player I he I""" IS obeyed II e a got! trrc 1(' 11l>ltlt='the game U~ I~th.shter Ik~ hgln...".I~ ell 1he Jan Ill.D- Ie then "I l'om If IIlliJ your .~ 't'....'n Jt J~ aflLl I 10 b.~ und ().111 chccrie. be c:nu<. ner I n ver 'rl ! 'he Tit I~..111 role 11.. ·'~r HId 111'1lin'" hIm 1'1'1..ilh Iron Bac~~ . '1\ will. "IJ lind n"'IIII.-nd"HCm.. ..: 1 pImp "II.' Loyal' lit mcun WIn berc >"11 III 111 TlVII.0. Ih~\ can They both know Ihal "'1111 eWI'" t10 ibere corne- ruled .hi~ -gtlnlC II c brJght~r!he lu!hl. t lin 1.llng . .but 0111 ""11« 11111 can I r. •• 1 tn. . 11111 a h rhcv cnn whi Ih"I.J. lIlhl~ 'hull h~ III owner owner LIra! ~ UPCI' h m. UI bouorn \ onl4ll: rlRk' dill. n~r \\.:.lUd the pla~ m..lt b(! tioJnc ~cau\q p With f110i and ITIch the IO~1 tl n rn 1\ player' nrne "lillnkd ~'cr hllil ~.' CiIII'..:" h I. lurlc orne m \.tm Ihe IlllJl11C "' I'IS\i..1041 1I011i IW I) game up ide ba k"ani."t1. ml than M" tc miltt ."TlI'.1 Iix' L. .e\ le. nglu . \crl(. II take .1 vI W~( !llml' !kI "hI l!I. pmif' .1 " hoose another ~U~~Lu "loW) II ebove verage drops-not ell.

bllmpk vou game.lS11Ie IIlII' III h 11I .p the ole 01 own ~1lJl"!01 vou .. men ~h) play II 111I1.. }' ""UI I" 1 hour You can rlk'.I lie '..\fI< II 11I.:tJ.ze eurnc.t(}I<~'M<l . theu " ou c< u Id be lIt un~ pnulX'd . \' ou can lal.der.'u'lI hoc nble 10 I hr(l\lgil':'llllh" book \ II r 1I JO( •• 't.t1l1erell't" J.111 uld: 1-1 ( onen I' YI'lI rc Y" I WJ\ 3CT\..lHw. hlJ( the Iilime . more importanr han the ~mn~ II ).md 111mI'm)!.. Ih~ ve POWER'II One tar rcr .. I because th e ". \"ll'nlu~" I) learn ckbecaase l um I""chlng ~uu.un~ ~ au II aho "" lbl II) hrrnself .1111 h vc 1"lIIp.."'ftlh."n .mil n.lben to C..dwunl 0111 c cu Ih... .lhe rc. pimp.u'r~ not a Ih~ n \1 1llo1l! """ "". Col lie I 1111 I'I:lII that to ho I...l11l<: t btln_ plaved u..:omJn!' III Flur tlu I"" k I'liTlj1 nne ..c u l-ufT' wh • "<lu'. cmed )UI 10 the !!~mc T'ien \ '11 II h~\ e rl'l! I..1 (IUT U pWII' I~.LltI.IBe II..?e..e or "buck }1'Uf anulllcr pur f' 00 dcr t.. ht:"IlUJ -d .)UDI nl s )..""tat the sm'~ Ihe 0001 about lnlZ .iI'!C !u r'lllp."II 'I I h~\.c III 1'1 e ute 111 hi!> he dy II.IHI then 1\ I''''~ ." '11Irlo~cr 111\1 re I Uuh the lillie . I t"\ . I.t. ~.. Iht"!' II'1IDd 00" "be'm!.ho".1 aru h'ill\ tn h~"n ~ <'I1C nd hm' Ihe~ nc-arc Once you become re oen..."'1 the '. '" ".~~ In here ~ U I\~r hI>'" 'SI 1 lime "''l~'' II II.~n take 1lii or rn .. II .. h"J ..ubnllUm KI ID hi mil . 'me g.UT ln 1I00C I I~ lip .Ill ut'" ~. rll I~ 111'11 I: n I Il< pun II J( I In p 1'1IT1ll cocm .U Ih~ n .1. the tcr the eume.mcnt 8111 I the gam' i U ['Imp' much m"~ than th.'me t a hu~tlcI or mac In .. III I I ~... played 1111 g.tlLl!i n • he peeps g..I! fln.. some " u..III • thclI ".>c It. .1110.hll ..nJ \ ..'11 UIO an mdu idu.111<1\\ 1t"1I t)teh rm ur Ihe ~ In" III. ~ u can dnc..Dlll)' UI In.JJ.)U have an mside bow rruch mooey .

1111. reuuler uhe me).Ilcr.III plovers Ihe 11t~ e'U "Ill 11Ie vm \'t I~ .' B 1>11.11 t I I'" er tlounsh ~n. .s puup 'C' \llcl \ I'U rca. 'Il nJ WUl r \ ~cLl cun' II..I 11UU~1 It seconds You look. ~ (lBtl!' wh I I~ . ~ n"Ul' ~d 1\ ol'tl~ill I1ne I'''" 01 a I<lur p"n .J hevin '&lIll1CII . t'nc ' me per 11.1 r~.. III anv huMn ')'1)11 huve a muuut..llune III> bene ~O'l The: " 1111"~"t ·I'II"'~~" 11<'110'1 onvtru non. even ~LJn.rmc and read I'ctW_I rhe wuh c~er:.h-b'<I ~crt' C\ ryuue cl~e Ju 111.1d . Ill!..11111uot "" II I uh:rnllet' ttwr prmps I II I.~hul' .1 "" d \I I 0. ..t!J )'011 11. ~1\\l1l1l msrufc ted 'n .D.qll~IHm "11. ho art !>ub. I will learn -\U b~ rcaJlO~ 11m III boo hn You II be ble peep I!.11\ III~' Dr ..Ie-.I J< a JlIIRp can't mature • \.U'l>dL'Uity Y 00 hw\ 'pltnp~ macks. beneat dJ.itl gfl!lle). "nlighl Ti1 'rln' lin" I c I need ta • 'hidll> ib-m r f rred to u ')n.I" f. Il nuule '!I-CI >'uu. Iconsumers I dnvcu b) th 11 I. 1(" rr' .h(l..J wh~ '\ punp IIC~I' gJJnt:! III .turer.!luI 11 aul~ b III 01 ~ .. I Cf)"fIC In In lue 'here: urc IU Y"" dnn'r see h Y"U the 110\\ ]I' "fill<. \. hos and Inr '.) "'CllIg h Il.1IInnlnrm her nit' ~ 0.. \". l'lmp : JU. lIlid l'N'ln1er' whulC'l.. The CE e Pllnp.1Ild . Ilell .. me'c OI(o! (l1a}= Each P WIT und uuerpret u suuauon loe . It I n 1. .nr p.the more \'ou'l II~ 1fI.. II.Game.rng~tl(1n " 411c.)W You can ere ie rm a wnh 1 game -\ game: I ."per '1"\' II en' In'l mem In.ICI. hu r1CI'i.SCWIltl~ n lUI! wild 01 lue g."· I There "nl~ I. km or . I fl': JlIIlORIWI <. lied 1!t'IlJlll h.>\1 Ie 1~11 the lice between rlr r lind 1I 'Id Y.u..eed dCIl1~nl" In "1.tbl. mbu ~'''U I.CO betore IIlg.'11 r~'CJI~II _ M 101.arne tim >".I ~n.. hC1C Tbey re fic posnion.LillI 1111cn.! .Inl!' 1\111 JIIT':I J']..: I ~IhCf Once) 'ur y~tcm "' . ~I ht [Cllr rhc maxunum bcneflt .IUntlll"!! 1"" \ outside "II rythJn~ in I'" ptucc llus I~ .

1m effens arc uselc < Tlul I' the precise poim when 111'1 (1111: 1\\0 (limp..10 }"UI l114illC on ed n I~II".1 'ht 11m' .unu: runner rCJlJhl.. C 111 'lure ~l u ica. hem for any but tum elf . Kin· t cor "he "mlp I eVil per IlUlic.lhe p"" cell Ih. III ~ no Ime: In hi.r om and h~ lie. h.ts palh~ file: pimp WMb II \ >"ur soul lit: IluI 'IVe: mpire need blu.1.. 1 Ib .II IU IlSbc:stus game be cun'"l1.peaJ. who I I . heart tor ru. beine -un <m I"lml' arne r oenrzcs aamc nd 'he truth !.r 10 run un rs to he In the: P" lilt"< k\IUIK ..y"ur 1''''11 ' 11~ _K lell To pee" '~mc m.1.'14 pl When II 11..~" vomethrn lor e: actly I 11M11 ~~~ d ~ltualH'" hnes-to IIfOperl) because you mut peep ~aITI(i be:I"rc entenng " "JI. lA.. a v rn- thin!: f mt Dracula The Jllmp ~ no love II m". dr.u11l h ILl III' u ".II icrure III ~"C pimp Ihrlll< 0. ) .11 IIIe he mil.f Wher.:TTl 3 ·cotku. 001 IIr M:A I III . IL) lead ~\\'<~D UI 10 .III' h..'Ill! rmt: I fir~l ur .A1l· \\ lUlU It..

the mside...)(Id.nls n ·. . n'l h..a~ ~11JII DI 1.t. . .lt hW'1n vice I \ pimp h<t~ h) [rnrn th It... rur . ond ~lgbl il ..1"1111 t\ I S~ e ell In".'Cl\ed SI hI be.. Ijll' ~J ro.:~ or Ind .\\ rc [Boons 01 women.l\ p.urnb lco IT! lhe same JI I'm"'1t>r1' • ~'lUlIII n.lln1<l"i( ..· 1..OO :\ 1'1I11'f1 who 'u..:" IU the roN 1. hi.' COl" IJlm«:lf (lll an~thlng that WOJld grve someone I ..dm~1 hunlAJ1 numre.' ~I det C101" -\ mao weanll).! . pmfe..n I C. ftll<.Ius!."i.vlearer.r .row It. Tlns I~ the re".1 choose bun..ldollhelr."es...hlrw on Itt•• urfa e nil oilhclr f"Iy 10 lite . anl> II mUllI eerue IhhlUgh the 1'""1' IIIIlr fir sure . rn~ 01\') OPlnIOIl' "I 11'11have changed on I ~I'!i how II pHilp . hour '~II'ny 11.. . lust.".l!tbly Illf' "d I I" .llhem " R illS hi"C' ~ wClf/.mp'.. = ntcl1:11 h.hcJ punp IIlU..\ 1"1111' \\ IIIIW\c1 CDIlIc<x IIUJIIVn WllhulIl :n 1I1\1.'IT'C lIarur311~ 1111' PI1Tlp'" mil I work hAr...< III· Like 'l1ld .' I'r·( ur thc pnvuic and receive >c{I. lor the Ik.Ide h"klllg t.1\\ nnce 1n~lc. bee use n I'il'll' ". "T 11"IT1 "I' ..1 be ch.J.Ibmc c.dr . WQtkU) in ·~llIch I~ hedoms Ically III' m ncv ~c.II<m A I'lmp III Lh<.lntl ("KI A that SUDJC Hevmg risen to Ilk game Ic' bCI~ht "here I C.. 1e.Julj(m c I hi \ rimp 1\ I III I II weannll a 1"(11 bc:h Oa"n¥ 10 walk ihroueh You can 3 Ihn! dloc. hm V(lU .~ t.....1 . \\111 be: pul .I J'&Ic:nl and like....'('UI elf d(l\~n b)' ellrtl1l:.".. mU.\ pimp.\rcbJIH.hi..l\C. 10>01bell b"" ro take II h ll)' MId oerurc I:OCS 3!!....~e r'''poll' seem 10 be pimping hi' "'<II~ h t IlwlJ.. 11 Ilboot u 1I ~1l!C 1'\ ""Wl'! W<!Iave 111m II ~ ho or ma..1 te I pa. . [..ull lusi..UI~'''II11'' .lhJk. 01[\[1.... \ punp &!l~tlung made olmel..11 b~ a . C . like" varnpu mUh( be mvued Ju\C you gl\ e up ~11 \I .IOII' .'SOD rcllFI"n' arid or cults.c.

1hll .' fer' )\)U n the II'Umt) IOI!Olmcic"iflc. owners hl"c 1" I" 1111) never cr.. like blood to dx: bearl be ".• C IJ vcur ~am...'U'I hun nor I 1 unY1tnc hi hlltl '.t 1 the tJUUllwlun Jt:-anc:~ <. pun ot the pnce A pllUp 1M.I ..1111 CI'I the: \ II.I.cu.llh~ IIfC' .\U peer. "" "de !llIrr: A pImp ThC' only Ute rc. tm:..' . .1 III ell" ~ M II "hh ul Wll!tlu~dU.IU.' he. In Ii you rove I IDld. Of!.: \.:wdlt" ['lIlt ~nJ It" '"l!""111 Ir.:clllll. rrc '0 can p. II d"e II ~Illll IIIl'UT1U \111 Ill -e the rfl· I .II l.mdc..L'".1I u 1" explou mak )'IIU t "(. .tcry 1hJ.jll~ III \\ come berwcer you h~lI .-r""'.(111 read. The vanrprre b:i~ huhJe~t IltOl"IUI...'llc I II<!. J I pu >1111. 10 be db"v· In I'.1I lit".l~c 1~1".lhC'\ rnpue h..mp II The 1'>'''''''11 h l!"Ie blood Ih. arc One crack hit.. lumtll'.~~IIU ho D) nnflfher IJo:k.I~.:O\b~r.l1o 'er til 'pcl lit.mn WhclI II hi 1I1)(\lt\mll) ".uu 10 Il) uu II~ A f1l1UfI'.ccn er I Ulld ~Cl1I1 ebsrer' ')I~ uon ) tnc..1 h~c II· 111' \ plr Ip J dJl Tu II. .od 111 11'\" and fear d.uos ~ my. .. :-':"lhl1l~ pimp" ~m.:iul ~}OJ.u I'.'rh worhl d I('S fr 11 ain 1t"II"e ! nh.><. main 1.) ~omethmg hal a ra"loo lor It you can't C"(pll.1nCC od .II -omcthru hrch ~mll'1\'(" -n II 1'tT}.l1o Iuend: 1111 And"u I he r>t~.m. .ll.bn... why people unl) lUll Rcnt..'nl<!n ur sc . ho The 't1111~' r '~Iurncd leor" rJl.I} 1'11l1C.111.~d Ihroll~1 I h rfC'lnI h. I ex ~..' When ". Inc He loulll' Ih~IiI''! h) h.. bUI IIIayedt Ie II 'hlNn~ ~ <l It flltodU4t 1<1 ..al '~r r) I" .UM kno 0:\ ery- lme tIIollllll11 yuu . he can cuhcr ' ['a"~ 111 gnme "r nc you and for erne ~OUl til Thrr» 1 I DI J ITlfht'''T mil" Jerry]' .. nu Putnn kC~"I" ~.'wo would . ... ray I 'YO 'he !tIC! . e )"U 1I1I:. not re 1'ir' lh.'~Ol1 people t~ . then II n" h nlll)'.1I mind.I J'1'~ycnr...".: power t "'1'1'<' II~ r .. II\\11 >1..q The C.C1 You I pllflP hit .""nUl an.

. 11Ii~ ause.(' every I" m \'1 I 11r'11 In till .11111 once hit: Ie.' ppcnr iI.1.he ph ·." es " h(1d~.11 ' .wC'T1111 (.' nuurc 3 warm.1111 llw 111.~ -. You're U Ilit J he "i! (1)1"5 ~l ot "II1<!. M ide.1 vou ep"'.. nil then Inl ".wmch fl\l.! "".~It'. emptv.l or emothe I v I> IUIII for fl'\ "noJ ob)c.l~1 on rlln!lll~~ nol drops \\ lib miner corn the hem or ellCrg~ 10be co I.ll1 qWlIIt~ unl... cold ilDI! I~ temperature changes. cotd.I'h "rll~l~ "Iumllur . cruel anc...lll C\'.In·' change The in- come-. a runl'4pp~= In ><In\<! ~l}'b be b hom the (1U" rde the rc.1.Isolation liMn .1 mJ emplY' vour \\urld '''nIT 111 lifo!you've chosen the I he actW1l Privdege "'CI!W< ~'C11ly WIth "lice '''0 ml! in. tIJl!cro. A 1'1011' ''>11'1 001. but It y IC ChIli C tlfhl t\. he: nrc lime.1 Ihal pnce 1 refer II) 1I1('"IP.1: he'~ mJpl~ Ill1IIglnc ~ loom tidl ot turcnrpeoplc .uter h!l chiln. old II.'.'"1 . [bose pblloy pimp" wbo do thut 11D!o. 117.rUde hUlU. "I. Cltl~ III mg room Imagine each ..le m 0\\ l' 20 .1I11 Tit cou h . erder . :>fI110 be thm 1..lJl..S1rUIC~ dOD I !ll't the same r~ulb trom rheu rult" th I phl'''~' Imnl' .~ the: 1'U1~ld YI'U mll·1 chllO~~ ~ III rome out It re lec« .slit I'lnlr w bo In}"" 011 'Ill \ ..lIlC peacefu 'len II'. "nn . ~ck In ..f 01' tnke In Ihln~ ~ riml' . the all 'nee of lite of ~ ~nul m.l' Ruf I~ Iln.111.h.. bod.n y l ve e n VOWl). In !be r.rhl1l1\' pjntp~ In rh\ !cally hu hLl UU~ Jlllllp II~I'I:' by torce.mr1ctc!v erretv Have .I unfeehne. btll c<)IO ~ Wllc:c:hng. c':'lnl'lell!h p.1 uta. um unn: \~ D 1'11111' It I~ .k I h"J>.I' I .. rlqlcit 1'1 rund the 1TIJe pirnplknn Side 'ha~¥C" 1irs 1 nd II comes OUI The: nul liN..c InIlHm Ihe lahl" I I".

..'111111 terv the peasant loll. lind out n flWll 01 you .Id un the .1rh bevde hi< folio" Olu~ er 'l The: lender 01 the pad. r ~~r irn "'Ih. '<llIng \\ hue ..Ie: .~d remum on top cd H(>' IIh il II i'lfc ..11'11. Hi~ rmpe chrnent wa< l'resldent Resgan hed 10 th(.. COVfnfPT 01" 'CCT1 .bt'UI ("nI~ .& e.a I v and t>th< .UI .. lid \4CI1I"~..r I'M! flU li~ -n 1'1 .n' I. the Amen With C' '" [l'C'OplC'nhrnll MI C tmrnnntnl Will' 111111 'II! hrm Mnnt. ~"nh \ t:.u ". h.. cUm lI!III5 101 the: un.LIkiIOC'tlllliNth moment he ~tq\... 1TIlI~1 'II the ~n "f!-. II HI \4uti. m IlII1 ( been 1\ hi 1 .1 1 the: mort people \ ~tnt(' Lno .uy at '!!as! me tc:[l lked up III the tiL><lf ".. '1l! felt anJ 1011 en Til t... Ie lie .' .tmCIT' 'I be peoolc r t \\lIlIARITY BRIT-I).11<'" pl. abour lum lilt more he JI'P~...lI.c • nd I II Hill ( . II In Ie< 'fhe: II...w. nil' h be rn . Utl1C!$\1 .Im.1 J In \IlIy Ih~1 nn Prc.II' 1.I> hl~ 1'. »md II (lJ'kI1ll.. llienl Imllln"" ruhculed for Iy.h....... kin ifthe ~'"I!". II"U It'll and protected \ulncrtlhlc llhe.I~e:.. humar PO" C1 ~" a 1'lmf1"r b. .rngdr he' .: ." fCl 11.lI1g'\ll~ 11\. llI~aJll"lm!oll" .rcan hI: f.1 I'n.10.11' 'in II .~) he ent h "CS '''\" billie III It .! Iradm~ I '. III l1uk'JlII" e tllC \mclt· '1'111 <)1er nu the lBp~ (If """0 "' pre ~nI P..111~ Ihe: mcnc II )X'fll' lie d're:bldc01 C Imt"l1 I low red hm"d( ..'\ PliOI" 1"-'\\1:1' IS lell .Il'e h~ • ha IUOlidufIl hut ""1 rd "orth r)1 t 1\11l.u.tb.\I'CUII) IIJlII 11110.teppm 1011 ItU" "(} hecnu .111 ..th the I n too. t'\ I I c . the \me:f1~oU' pce . the .. In" room f"~ ru ..idclll I..tJ><'ru lor h. e...n III ncm he.. he bas bee hunted uice he hd ell I>c:lng called for people.... IIlI.

'(Itdung ! 111 I bel".!:1m. LI e I rnastertul Iiret1rcdthmJ! drug.l ..: fell r II Ih." in II ftrr~ cc . hrle hc ncrca'C~ hI game.ck PlITT I' no-nonsense from O.: er Illc Cllllt'll. re tbev ure noticed by . eta race you c pi Of' 1\0I Ill. keep lu. he C.ther punr Ale III hl~ GAlliC B) bern e Cl 'lie" Il.1lI . line "bl . ell.1' poy)Q~ l'I()5C 1('1 wamrnsz urns UlJ KtJn~ on l.bcm. "I rnencu Iemandcd th~! I" !he me 1111 Ih.t'I' " ~CI~ them ~Uti. '" I u. "I. '0 It! '''P 111hj. .~ One. .:n~. flul ""'Hr Jill 'I" 111lu "~I1<1 ullm lid) ou lOr 01 "T I!h~ !'Inlr' con -ee pml • tbl~. Irh.. "'l"rluJ. ~I \\. Don'.: II . ckadly III1d ln~slm "I 11~ he '11"~u ICc"\ InE '. . pm 1"1ll1'Jla~' InT 1"'v.: ad corurru u III. ~hc \~III keephl~ game tll!hr ".OnLO !lUI JPI'It"tlcJ the ""uric k~ nrpl) In h m J \. me he the 1'''"'1'1 (me ('1.'n.. loin» Tb pn". 11\_ on hl'~' IAi \ 1'111I1l h Iq Ihl II. \11 an art onn stnhle Tnom t 0111 IJ~ hlCl~... III I' 11. (. If a pImp nas a bonorn woman. p." .'illl~ r nung mcrc the promern t>ef..tnr1 n. by belli!. there IS no rurnmg l>a. werched iliad" lor ~t"c I all limo••I~II 11. hun c L"C hUMkl~ IlnJ I. (Inc~ rhet happo.' rhev .cL' opp"mUIlI)' before Ill}. light \ pmll' 111\\ nvone el-e Thiv « hl~ Job..1:<.).1\.. ~~11l lIllhl" II\TI'lI 'C eye th I. pimp " n uennon fururc the ruuee I a.1I~ fo.

~.Jt'Ilj!lr".0Y IIU1.:' IIf Upllllr hut" I" • .1d. ml' I II ~ tact lh.~.'1 .r~ cl] h' no ""h Ih~ "IN posed dlC nl' 1.m~1I1 ~11 r m[lolfJ1 '.\ h. I~ B omen ." liked DIId ~ lmued up lo>c m:1 ~ " 0 .!I .~ have urruts.lIldJwl.~III1'J i\ mack "urb OUI If im In rh I Q HI>efI ~ (JU . desire IUllh \1tIbllll) nC"'''lt~· h II UIII hI rower 1:..hll" n'r hel" DUI "': drawn to the light l hc power 01 .1. nOI nnpl} I III. • he ppt.rr . IS CWIIllJIg_ (01.."lInoncr~ I In3CU. II con hch 1111 he Itlil of bmllc:~ 1\ ~~ hke ~ 1.l' . fT1a. II Ilhe mac ) It "pcw.BUI pliDp works h rd ..1 mingle .... llrp<)~Cll t\l.l1lli.med depth III pt)X~'> Ihc blgg~ nor full 'I lIl. unlath .. cp."1c~. ~1.' OJ>Ill! ~ pHllp lh..IM D for rn~k J Ill" '111'1"'111'1 IlI:ll'r' I sta how I pimp I kln~. bUI ~ m'! dutereoce Ih~ room b I> .~n"".. h\\cJ III1J [ 1.. but "cry few prrnpI~ ~ Jr. lP~p""HI. ll'I<ld I~ m ~bc. [<1 complete '«:nlll!' rd""01l. bur choose Ius hos...}IIl".iU~l then rna .1 \<1 .t..n" h. burld hJ~ power I've: M~ many I~ :l.111 p." .lJ1lh. then • rna Ir... th. n~J.Iur ilI>d 00 III hl~ (llmr "'I' M r. 111<1'k '..I t h. .1n 111\'cwncnll"itt II mack.\CC lum H~ lie I wei .) nooses a PUIlJ1. · In" finn .cd!!.1~kcnJ<J~the Iruu 01 his labllr mk pimp wolt rmr.nJ e\ erv lhug b can consum pnnce mac .ill h IK'~ Inakll1@.p chllhull! A mad.ITIlUrl.111 eye ~ Iilu I 111..Ci YOUI :llnJ 1I1\111J111 fllMU lie 11n ..llWC'\. dude\! \10'1 self-pruclarmed punps nrc nor prrnps.ln Ily '\ 11<1tech a.

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Only ih tnck and u.J 31 enure . m.Ihll\n rhe ho.1t Innl r 1 C HI1 1'he ho .1 be no 0"1n l used tbe III and -he" when refernno show wbnH IQ & ho BUI understand Iha! 'bell . 111m till' "Ihcr~[\lr h"n on the IIti wen hili \ II' k or f11111Jl can't have She:" a luv uon 831t11: willi tlUI In 1i1l~' h~ I. glUl1' "I< .c: btu. IIU1!t I Mmllg.nllluJh 111111'1 I gcllln_ Ill> !1<!Itl t!~. Iht •• rrtot "'.m" J e '1' " <krl'(lJ 1"lully.! \~I)U L uer \'. All plny~ Ill.... u' 1'1.\\ I twd onl '"nc P 1><.I he tofte.and 3 pimp IS that a punp ""II ". Ih \1:'1) "01 III '1.:. Itlamllcr f Ih -d !TIc vcll-vkilled 1(1plmllS 10 .1' and i I'lmp per t JUldl~ I II wnre of the fMt 11u.0 ~o51llD3le fems.'J1lay~r m tl.e IVCtlCl" I use he femrmne 1'ItlIbe 110."J .:T "D~~ III e pl"lt h •• hlm"!i I hI.h nnd hlluln C1lI1 C(IfIlC lrt: al '0 10' rhe om ....l) "Ihe hl'~c I the "".e .' IInl oll'del 1". of 11 r~Imc '0 I r"mp 11111<:...~ he fllo!li:'c!' run the IImS!' m mo <lilt of the IIsm. "'Ie l' }t.OJI.'\'011 hC'f Ii Irc I 'IITdln!! aile! rnl'l~J<: II· -r !.. .III desrre ued ie hlW!!"I~ ~Illnj! hor.! doesn "I\..c the C~I' h.>till b<r. IS an= aboul ooun . !. ..~ the I'll 111<}SIe pl( . he Bul the tleJ u. '" ..he pr"f1.!l'\cl. 11m lei TK'cJ !ltuOllC..m.c pulllJlj: a 1'11°" CbIlSlJlf!.tlr"llhatll~'. .n .11 EO~ Rho"..k I all. ubuall~ I he 10yJ .' .nal he e ID . Ihe II lIT u..'lwr.~ ~CI. 'he d e CH) to clU~lJy IiI.j II "h .'41'1<11 ..l carll'l fiu.111 . tllm ..tcfI:\J [I~ the It" -e I' me rill t-. 101 u all and 4 !lUck "11'1 an. there wou .m ~ \nllrthl". In one "a~' ur dnDlllc 51 rc die. ten an I b\ h t 0\\11 111111 . she I.. IIkllher.r I tJ u lI I Id~ up Ih \C (I ~lImc.: the ool~ mem I rece vc y. A Ill' 13 CD laved by her 0"'11 ~dnll.

cYI" J~pct1J.' 1\) ne >(1. ihc athlete W".1101 nil) need 01 I1lOflCY Tl10 tMllC l\!>4' Yo' Y.me I lie er returned.( "J"~'OJ ...)a Ire \\IlImjlltt tun ..e I WIlli Intu"IC 11II)1ltullh ".1" Ihe "I'ponunlly Wll11l 10 pla\ ho ~ell her b. he dry and a I'ur<kn.d.C:J~~b her )filii Ii Ihe . n nJ temalc.~ an 10 redcfin lumself athlete can't tI e YIl "Ih~~. '.. ho who tarls JU~I a. nJ the bll~c:r IrnOIl will go the 23m\: Tbe lIg1I1C'1' fllmp s the !>lIC~S 3 the arne and the boxer th I commg ga~ rhe longer hIS ~14~. II~ 111 .. be will SCIln III her I.do "" "'.1t '1 ~.: Wben he can no longer 3IlClII:llml) (tn 'k" ~nd cnn no 11)f\~'a be dmued (.'I even be ll\u.r (1uJJ II II au mv I'Jrpl1 C rd .uu arul 110\\ 11'\ 1"1 yed. entr.. 11.. lly.In'llI!m :ltl..'U' " . 1101)111111 per- \\hcn. wben she 1 hen II'..ked up h the only one geum he h4 e the In " IQC(' hn. .md IUM.:11 t1 mflDll_!!er.011 ut ~'O' t~ .>om . " T'lnll}llll Il . I ejc 'Iell lmr th t:am The (lui .'1 Ion III de\11'\: y.ulIllrl ~ thnt II "I" ncr mnr~ lub. Into the ".m.Ill .he ..1)' I team.Idel.h ..I1lk.I the actor \\ hn "n n~ mJ'Ind~'Ic~love pUll!" d Dc.!hel ban tu n. f fan and sk hy II lC' to Ihere come» a rime when the .he "'" 110 1(11I1l" prudu'e wh31'~ ~"'N Ie 'ur.11 mnn- c lIOnm:KIC else . [mill rounu lhe bo r is the ••nl. I' the !I. rh~ actor..neuner can me ho In on nrncs. .lIk:1I1 b. be ho 111 t III me ba II pi ) n retire JII~t t-"II \ ba"ketbaJll'laycrdorsn'l 111 nee.. n't Uti II "nrh I Ill> tic ha 1<'1 lick her dry becnu-e lim led In II" 311)11Wrt' 111. nerselt she becomes tht ~urn h I A h" 1\>n. h' T Ie kin!! Ih II<> er IlJl1~ by anochct \ rlmp her '1.h~lIlml he look hi IthklC on I vcn be ow re of hi ev luute m> 1I\.hI t the rc II lus ble now me byrede- pllllp I". .W~. (. he 1'1)110:-.to lell hun. II joy 01'.pl"np : I. re ho .llhlere "iust can't do u" oIIl}1DOr.

A 11" '''''king kif ~ k bonom when dam go: "01 more II ·d) ch.\ t> II'.t\ rtl:llr dJ)\ "...liur In '<Out ng.II"~C he ha II b. It·! bllh the IIlJ.1I kllhn~ him..-hed ".In). red I1cl. r h.. 10 w.. the. eic.. conlhe horse firmanon oHmc'" sense I ~ell worth.: the' love the game TN:lf chilmJ:li(w.""II rlAyer ~I 1'I1..I!I!Tpru..I"·'•• y n.II . .II~ ho II dream hkc a mar . bU~llc~.el ben r hie INc!..1'II1C ho' lie src CIJ1'1 can be! ecn IIJUJ ku. IllKker we rs "" Tc m Ie' I 111 'I{lfllC rm J1la\·~t\ oanlly who <i(ln't \\ I'lTld I . J bo c changes some- !hill!! she. he t Ihe: uJ.lck .11 CIn I 1." . 'llll'~ mu.~ n! DOl '"Iru..! m..w~lllen rmle..lke htl h 'CII hJt. n <:1her II 'Ta."ly Lhc:r ..c II..i1 Ie.' lilt" ImTI mtoxicatin t~ll good " F'H~tl) II:c. (hat d.h fed II pun. III . 1r-c. whn 11111111\13· u"c I haml"'lli .1I leelm pIli) for the nlll11e). ltnlll WII"rt not m J1rmp ..l bard md wnh mten .. 11m tnll<k t1~s"c! D14.. III ""Ii n. ln~b punps lUlu Ih~ .1 ne« y.c hel nne c t aliI to" Ih... II II). Hos.OO1Pl1(1I1 -\110111 I illi lerell.hlp o rs a pan • !ooDme!lun!. buse . . li. love.1l0\1·.II n III dream I mnrenal ..1O 'lll1l!~ tor lhe . ju I "h.can see (or somethmg ~h can't Ill" leave the dOL" C 'r~ 10' . ~c or be chosen bv a l:Iy 1Iu h tIC <ill okohuh.1liiie rn~()Il.lu mind anJ Rock boucm J~ II Irk "IIiITlO~IIu.. \.l.J ."..cr I Ih(' lbllll) 10 I Til ho "I) Ilir Ihe '"1 Ihi\! 'b} 111'(.Iuou.he an' IIv limo . Tho: ho needs Ih.t a~ ~\lunll "'Co'nt.1n~~. macks..~d thmt 1 b. Jll'. the> pia) ho. . mid I i I. vh needs t\ ho leo nil fi .l 1")\\ ertul OtIC" or a ~lJck up game Ily. cuntv. acceptance. "·n.' parI.. IS choose G pmtp.. e bel CCIl d mild..01'11 A J Imp P..I W' Ull nil tugh ~~I rlcnr~ ~he' O'lIflpcd h..· In!. pimp' "'ll~ pm(cq.

.rlly I Ill. b~ CII" el 11 coach II. u. girt .!to 1Ia.".'illlk he bu beuom nurlun. II il J. Y 0f1C' who kwc.. ~ht halli hun ut IS II he I 001 of' lie: one H Don lorleooe " a plrre.1 OUD lea '"~ II 'In I he will be> tho: I II' The coaeh 15the OIl 'Who lco'eh" evee the .r Shes destrovcd. h<'~ nd re- he In r'lOn~~. not dam. 10 be repaired.! '1'1 fI u- ho Id I never bliPI'). never R .JIt'ed ponderin all.. boltp". be (~ g rne wuhout tbe poss II . ndor needs I).hrougJl th door .ADJ he I'llbe the . the coach A. hUTI til uprcm I•. rnent.mild 11I_licll 1 t~I~1 lf ("l'lInl Dracula I'l1Ilp.V On 1 II hI' ba IiCIMIlIt" 111 !oh~. hI' I 0 '"II :lr(h1nlllor I""' doesn Id he! I . Il\'W h IS II)' ~ of . J~~l"l}. rR)' 10 qeesnons G wI ho' e 100 • been ratrv md IJeI lorg"ncn lIy her IJ1le~ rid "I:T)' rimp fnr entrv mto seu-respcci rnc:tbinl! can . H [the couch}! th~ tr. him Ihe rtmp stumbles...lI'I! h. wer he pay..II When nh reacher i~hl~ bottom woman Even iI be hal PIffiPI t ptmJl ho i~ttl.QJ1 10J8 I. OIU re .. n s Ihc: bonorn !urn Wilen bql(lc. and I she can'l ~o 10 her grave In(). ng u..yal and IITfn(1~nl of II . hi She ¥&I1 Iu r IIml w hen h~ ..lemenl dltS lurn the l!"JDc UJlli )l.1 tl Il.'avc the game Her lJl led!!e i~priceless "'hAl he knOv. ldet plmp who schootcd him.houlm g hun un IDn h.sIc!1 B \.! " plmr "nd W~ 1J1llnl'di.111t' hu I. .:d. !IIDe. lor Sale "ould afI(j oman \\00 C1I1chCj JII. II Ihef1 (.mg out u til It Shr choose III wun11111 at lnlll! .HllOlgc4 soul Th~ 8011001Girt The Ham Irl i "" m . onen too old or worn OUt I" sell hmoel1.. emonon 01 broken 1I~. . the mOM UII It '~11Y [ue he 'be I t~ 11('" It I lIndmt.11 Ju uie I as "11.

hes more than ~1I~dlln U~C 'yo \11110p \\ 11)" I .r).Jy. v . f "hll· h(1dreams III bc!11\ .1I a pl..11l~ 11.. teachet 10 IIIf"iC ~ 1\ Cnlcnn~ TII'" n\:Un reasons II They (I(:~I renee 10 Ihe" The bottom wornan lIe'!l wiili hos ome ID'~III 00 a daih basu tO~.moIre !hey the pimp..tJ1~bud~ It: "Ult hu ller. ~ c pimp JlO'\~ connol bul ~t'lt>" • . 1\.lwa~.Ul-.I.lnh kn(fl n as II plJaytl1 BUI I refer 10 the hU~ltcr don'! uxe lM term pI yeTlt) tnd bee use II IJ~ lb"l . " c 'I the hustler ~nd ho ltli~.I ner JbC1U1lhc J. when ~()II th:..111.•. but he ':OIO~'.\11 /1> "'If '<Ifi:/.1' ~'IJI..III. an hIs own ngbl. gl'e~ the Jl<:Pml berore me game».~Hi:" /. II~'!.t f'O nl. tler u.c does» l. 10011 m the lesve n. She ml 2.a.~ I 111tN Intmvcncll Side hfesrvle forbid <l'nllKI or J ~ ch 1\ IIx leu.. vIm' m I} go mC' Ihal the plOW de . tbe onl) tnend lie rve out the rttH mdcr err h.u. \~.. prclud nd even b~ 1(1 <t of 1I1e::. bill \I hi. ol.due Ie hrm-elt ) '11. hwn. contrtbf <J/flt ..moUi "1r<:O 1111'la~. but roll" . ~ ot thc ' B I) w The wmt.~ u 11. 1111. the hL'~ w conunue ".'''"JlilI'Ult \I bile: tall m It 1 cornin \Iin~ '8' II ome n. ht" wn· II.hllTt' i 1.0 :1 InU(I\et1.J~ luc lue Will neve gl\<" hlln. In" TbI!II r11l1:0h".. macl lIrn.. D gan1!: II" lh( only mtrel ~hc hll' I1IId ..lId tJlf II N . noc ed before you scruallv become ~(I "trlC'':IIIl''JIJt_ er.. so up "'1(11 r excu (..!y~'without J~ Ig to" Ile's a me eIl-Jmbltn '.I. 10 qUI Why" 10 I you IlIIJ . ith The lIu~tlet The hu.IICT i.t • rnechan. .m "hy'! The: hlI1ller. on the team.14 t.\1· ult-fledged piIIIII uted '>he unesses ur tmn (I rmanon He ~ u loue • hi mtnllln " nW~I" I 1. ru..1 She'. rll he The hu II~r.' .. The II IICl e a mRd.hC1llhc) BCl·IUlI\: WIC 111\:1:.Lr ~'OII jjUIO . schemlne . Hes Ihe Ind.

.ITC1em:c between h<K and rncks He 1"3) In i You mus: begin WI. I" Ihe crowd" w)' ~)' he crowd I1llllc~ the I c~I..and m. ..'~ 'pur It Ii 'twiti" mlljol mn. RQFAUENTIO SEORMATION c:.oI I ~ul"I<I..'h~11 he n't need ek IC1I1J'OnlI'V ve frum thc IIlc). The' Inc IlJprh~.muh om! ffecuon bel' tm\.her 1111 ".b~1Ipl~'~r ~ rhe coun ano thc "'II"IT" 'L' fl4'~~lblc.:~.d ''T ve When} u . The riml tu full dchHIl. y.rU\\ rh r rhe trick III . I" d for bv 'l!c Inck~ The d.lIr'. The ". (m Ihis fantu.- [art WIdx!.I).j fant <y. The hn tinanees be< mtcre~1ratc~ She: You Inti. In lull r I ro: 'CI"I: hc:r 11l11JU in full.IQ-t.lIl) so!Volcc: I lan~: over Orne:wtth eAAS$~ted 10 11'k ICY(lu ec c flDm p..ClIC" bu 'Il" liu).~ cu D lull.. III> 'II III ·an'.. 10 the the m}~ICT) dot Ihem clcsei !ltlme: Th e nan1" "III .:aplL' never e blc P.1tn II rtI}'!'~.'II"nnll destroyed !he w.-r 1"1«: I" the pUT11 oo..HUI he wnill'I Ihe 111~1 file pllllr 'lm'l (All If ~110W lh. I P ere _ou J' II Ill .~~ an aging ethlcte wh~ Ih~~ ~1IJ1I II.~11 the hQ'. ~ 00\1 n hili ..

1111 h VI'hen \OU () from brorhcr II' fBlher yoor hos ".ltnt fl\..Ib. othlllll an cr.. rnnuon I.. (>1 T dl~II' hI'" <.cepcance irom lhat '" luch rejects 1 f'1umlll peN-moll!) easier I" posed rc I 'II lI! '1) lrom pimp '\ lllL.'cr Ilh' .(1 I (0 pimp B3 0.lI .. Ih.ldy kno II Thl~ boo (d1~J nome! example NI uu {If w. 1M . of course.l~'e II wron~ k. Ie:ld Iherr \\ the art IiI C I" .I~ I In y"ur Nt In h~\ '1\\ .uLUlt le1.)'IlU will ~"n ulld of the 01.. IIJ "punllllllJ I hlblkl I'lu chlkl t:an ide: . I. IhUI 'II \10 'I111. bt "III (1\\ cIC. own d':IJI ' Rcrncmhet.hclr..ld......III I. J lor inose people .:uu~c 'C C 'U . I y II luve" h'lI .!I': III n.. m-c'_ (I' h005(.. 11111 a thol rer"m 1 on I'C11lo1.lhI: ".\ I'lnlp . "u 111£1 Ilin II \C lin un bc.1I1:n'.1 ne n rlll'!. dcpcndmi!.l'tl If..on II. III II >1D1l trum 1TI.r Till1&' 1..Ibo' >'''''' t1 If )'11\1.ingUoln u ~I In wtll~h c rn raul! I "I ten thunlll person \' 'n'l be ~ 1<I. I) Ute 11<'!)II" \"U III be . nn Ilul betorv Ihey burn.!llIumllh to'~ II be a m~ 11 one In 011 ah'C'.II".. 111<.Ill&: 1 born .dm'.lcJ .11 feel t>ell3vcd me nn~thll1g as 1\ n~ II become ttl ill.u ~ flJl11c In chll'h 111.! Hili lime b II." Imp ~111:1 r fb ret.llhe the 'WUlle l'Ul punp I" cd nd Q chllLllind~ ."OJIk Thul Illent. Yl'".. the (ilel Ih. have Il but .n kill n A f'V" r onc le • ~nd dc\t'k'p~. n be I~'.1nd the P" i'..: route Y" c II) ma c your. II'~ r lim..I 'OCI 1I111111hc fI '1(:1' .edg~ hl5 II \. ed child will r~nJ~<>LIl\llc~ twun ll.r . s trum mac tv pHilp.kill h. "I I' h k I Ih<'11'" Iricnd ~ :bon lel. . one persoa beneve In Qlhcr erested II k III you Of BIl I I "'lIhdrowlll! II ThaI dian IIlUmJI. 3\ . Ihe m I~ "111 ... 'Duh hIll H"~ • v the J'I(. \OUT tran r. I 1\1 1 P" CI Ih.urr .. ! specinl Il'~ .I urn them IKlal gCIl~rJ!cll comfort h. . W It . t\tn hi.1I~ 1\ III It'..

'U . banI.u!.!U" ~7"n' C\ f'\'llllnl! ~l>mll our 1>0 .. tdl WllliDOI I lOt: -een ql\. W1 {. pau'IC "llI<m 1 the fill" .tbiJ"c 111<' 11.. I rcpc:-.0 Ihc~ 'on" rt the more the II W.\Jlt l ie '\lUI '(1 know Thl"~ al G r Oil.belII.c. IC IIOU~C "... ~Il no» c.."11I1 .. ~~I Yw rnu " "'T1leII1IIl.m ) our flock. fllIn b" the 'UbJ. b " ) "11 Il1U I rhe·Tt dill.. ~'O\l liCln' s~J. ur 111O\11h If.· 'I create An "Ullf Imtr u tlul1 11\> 11111. (\' ry 11'<1 ~I II .JbJ I.. " 1\ 111m e rhem " len h' }OO.J about I ~ ill '~p then .lld<: II It '': .'1 i umnn nuture to ee the 3prro\nl or Ihelr pll- sors. kin' 11111111" ". WI) conuU. 1.IU II be . Ie: the presence of f he closer lhc ICI' '.""·1 CWI abnw Wc. ~C:I "Ill\. 1!l1I'" hea. Ihcnlh" proper r~l'\"1n' for ~ run!" 100. You arc "Ill 10 . then enter.: UntU"I.111 Ih(~ J:ld.fy...c..k..UulC' 1111 IIi h vc III)\'1:f arc m'nc·"oceJ . "''1110 "'C hI J walk'r\ II c vou and vu WII n \OUr ttl 1'11\) Will h . drt.u" ell .mll~ be- When ever 'vu begin ~l'Uf "Itbdm III nd you 'r ynur I leI' .I...111~ 'I .1 '~'l.nt 'y OUI J<?" IT). ~vo WIll start ~r~.\ If II J~ nl~.d .~ ) uar worn r will all t~It.:I(t~~. IJ ••1. L. '11 I he mere hul ~. fhe rcesem prrnpin j. u don'l ~n"" 1.[.mp I que non h.\11 . III -he J ".I'JC 0\\11 \lnu mn« Iways You }'. . 1I11 01 lh~ proce» of beconung center \lj an . ~1l\11.k.11.eepm }OUf name I an begm Ihe recruitment rhj. lUI The word..j1 I I~~ can know "I>lh III 'Ub<1I1tOIJ nen seen The e ..ll. ('If..111' \1. ") ~.1.1:k:1I..lllll' well" n the I ~t~l' menn wuhdrawal r» TIOUC~ fl' b~ the firs I mJ m ~t cruc (uno-.. ve Ih~m 11 . mononalund 101 'JUT fir~1 ..11 " Ill. " her rhe "n~ lind ~IM.(":IAIC: wuh oII\yllln~ '11.I." I).J :o!l. .tI no c.

.rw.11 . II I er soul chungcd I . so rmportnnr te be chosen ro tne hShl 'ihe tW '" hi.n.han 'c I The: 1\0 g.:·~ f'C'w~rl·. po.wt!'rlul In pam 11 111hiS Ilt~cl~ 11'l'.\'UU~.hun. then ure pimp .he h..I~"rth 1~ basketball pl. Abo. "110 \ Ilf 1.~.IlTVQlIn. II( enlorces II I'I'''~' fr c 'l~ II he ~o h... er mcsns . &dJl\lrun~ lu tl..m or J1U1 pnce (10 thaI \\ hscb I) pr eless c. • o ~ ptntp 1(.s 0111 bUI I. . ll the whrl her WIll thj~ IBllh ~'tC: I~ Llu"l.m ie.all re.. lb~ NnS 01 SJWu II ('I. therefore . hili!? 1I1ll1hlc.I 10 ~ ~.erful'n I I leI D the Fre ch n.)U mase y ..:npl come em 11..'C and 1l1"... He mu in 111 unj(..11" \\ t I LI C In c e th utba an:a.I'd idel 'unro i'i .he II once .. lb pimll wllAl he ~IVe1llhc I.l 'u.ole...eh The b. ill.\>.11 C'uba only He has no Japan ThAt's .m(h''IO'~311(1." r hcr "ui Shc iI~ 11'1<"' Whl h h hn~pUI t tly .h hib 'al~. kCIt-LlIt ria r gl\C~ ur ." 'OU IIl~c or Ga\C 10 1 In- .. escort him . .""e htl 1". htl ~CI • .round . III jY'Wef III n.1 hel her II. bl~ powers cun b I protect The prrnp..11...a\ OlIlLl m no fear when at the side 01 her pimp. Ir- II a I'Ill1P chooses.l .ursdf thin ~ invnyOIU come ~ ho.e bo thai . rbe gliX'Y of heIRe ch > why 11'. c " ho . I' nip ~ "<W1h ·er.o~ a m.-t rn return wit Ie' t .l~~ pur hunselr 011 lie IOU" her believe thol .If .! her ..1. )'''" r"'" r" your ltn''"pnHY Rnl' ymll rre ~·t\lU protccticW1 . you then (Ill \\Ithd 01\\ Y. \ au usc wbalc. pee I nd UIIIC She musl !VC 11 to un oman liell h" her 5OUl" ~r Whcu have \011 11IIT1~ and tOe chance ) rlay in the How dQc.\ I' mp buy her he ha. her ~en~~ . h.r \\011.'\l I U· ns y R<nl"l11 1-<.

11 Thr pr~e~~ I~ commonly ItnoWTI III III II kno.hew 1 I'~) n mber pImp ru.."TlCthin' i~I ftaw before the h d~ You I I r tame. \ Otl :I q 10 non J1lId 'II UII '" ~I CI'C' r) ne ~:'I: \'"u 1111 kill'" w en ..he. \ ou mlllc her behev y 'he U can d·\ II U~I 1e:.bctW«tllh [\\0' ~ ~.. brought 10 menc ned 1oC': rhe:- nN wen 'v Ihe fit (n ule me . he \(nov..1t lhe lIesl and (In'} lin he doesn't rn wilt'll: .:n nee diP n.nrtect ~Nl ~"U ~ ou become the OIlJ .111 10 he cho'l.alurd3.1. 110 lIle IrwJC Thut II It !~llIc trud n nrd Itl . bur I' [II' 10 be Or.mn to be. In J!"'''' .. err uen At I ehmt! UII1)-· In 3 ""dl 00\\. love.w 01 In . (IMIl or 'n whel there I re 0 IIIf1iunJ you're Oil ronl'(rwll"n '" 1 ell In hie' oJ.'P' .(.lo1J~ You car 'I Iale a 110nger out There be ~~I.lm III . n. ...' I~ a Fndav and have 1111JllIIlPmg throu&h h. h II doesn't .hen IIC' IllPI~ ot con InhmJ..:1Ul...Imle 11' WlIC II Ito 111 1'qI. )-~\I l1a' e mea.

111(/\be once .re.10 1.IP!'Cllh lu In ndlJwl!~ ft•• \~h t he 1)11Ilp \\ 111\".'n 'The ver II'S he S" thm ti.I. le.II' on !'IIlI )'Hll n I '~..l .tl "" 1111 r des..l1.1\ '! thi' rllm!. he never.test qw~h her sou! happened. nsv ho II' octuol" del 111\ell ICC It'. she h" 10 C JUlIO and relmth hzs~ UUI I! h C 't S ~ or II)\)~h .~n Ih.llu.1 hll ch ~II} 0\11111 poml Iht PI'I .1\'..:d III'() IJ h... 'lI- her IIl1nr. nOll the dC'lIn 111. Ihe dirccuon "'1~y' he doc . Once he II kit 1 ked 1IU1" oecide IIWO hethcr or 1\01 [0 ITIiJ. he can '<lueh "ndu ell her II e dll:.. '" I'M rhe JI'Ilmr. !hen II cv " [~...1'f.)11 mH~~ t> . er labor from IhC' nck try 01 the rla)cr~ J. 00 . "' ruasv.' II~t it-hmc r\'tf)1h1Tll/." ull of !let pIClbklll "11 I C J..lu· u. 1I kn ked 3J1L1':()JlIf'kld\ ('I JlVa)'l!1C. Ihen..(.J.I ll~llhl:l( So be ~hll ~ flln..Ae I "U) C:I~lhlng she Itu.kl "Pimp never ac- he~t .hoc I 111 II:I er her Ihe '(.11 C leI nu other "Tl g .thrn "011 \\'~} I" lnak c ~ ho. then II'~ )001 II t 1)(. Ll pimp.you her ~I.. Ih~ c usc u.Uld m\ SI IiC(IIH then IOU be .hlch n' me ho ".ln' d'.Im. 10 It."vlt.I<c her dkll': pro On. 111 I ~cc ur ouch 111.e "ihc I~ not a h...'5 l1"'~V 1M payment I JIl: m I~ on I17'! ~t: IS 001 yel necked nor he rcud~ 10 I» WII.-\ "mlf' ooesnt I"unp ha.'r "."Cfl..> breilk we luteh I'nCfub.rrc.fer cciv"(Ill t. Orcill mil 'em down or ~11(>cktn~ \II'l1m I~ the I ' leO.P bC':3U~~ he . then give her Jf Ilhlll ~hs: bl !lgc~1J If~'tr nc e neeth UOI \'UIl.. l. male (or fem. (\\1 I cousidcrcd spell lI' choice bll·~Jjnl! down }UU le.». \\ Ilal he ha\ snld her rod sh CI 1.tw IM~ delivered IlK' The main rca-on III In \\ly~ hl'i cboice Remernbe«.. well Yen I gil" 1.\lid t'..111 rc h... el C In ucr nlll'<: .}l:t ~c ~"u UlICe IIn.. . ever fg~ 10 dehver.

IltUlher.'"' • Iha Ih !.ik > eye ""hell <oULad. ~"I' AnU evcn " '...: It y ur It III!!. )tJur Iog11l 10 all mJT she 1:Ti\1w....." ~l\ lu".'DUd h"r~h III J C~ VI1111u . DII I Q<~I I .u 11. II~ 'h n \"tldll'l r~ lin.1 ~n.o " . III> In II mll~ rhar 'mlln I'rrlcrlo reccrve rh "'.. III. Iitt 1"1 "I\IITlitI ' ncr bC'tn!! cbosen III ~In 1 III and ln~ IlAIlnt. !LlCDJ5 nnd !""lIly It~'lIl'>c~ JIII~ _ ur bnuurn " uu 111110\1 h..J h )'UlI. one (>1 them You \\111 he c.1 lbe ..I. ~ll HI the 00. k Y' C~.mIlt..~ It .I hI Il>\w.. '('fI'1 11- It \ ill ern IKlmllIl I Ih~ ho' liie"" . "I rnnc "I' .~' \ J tAe tJ IIlJ \ ou must desrro h". In' tS beauulul rhing A good rna. rctcrrcd to lI'UlIII. "UI 'I. IIIC1h. Iren )'O. uf course n'l be d. .uJ I hem It..utlli.'cM I) \~hl:r~ _ ~IUbecome tJl~ Wk'~('fllmlJ r Yuu iben LIk~ the helm . r IIlclh. ~ 1.:1 Ul' I mll~ io WI uhcrnauve ~"ur.:>l b\ the l.n~' h 11\""" c Ir.<.C trum 111 wonders md tlnlhan~c I..( le I'vc « line "" nl".·11 .... when 11...(In._h YVII &5 ~OU.. hr hlc \. I..I. nrnd her irt<n h 1'11.'OIl he I' III - Ihul Whl"h II'H f~"CIIII'.". tether 1'l\'Ir.ln of 111 her pml unul her ."'lhem sllghlc!>I wcaknc .: ~eat helm }'nU III~ 1 rcdir .! in I' lime.II' 1.ludl .ul... C '.... red Iftl ere i- Her IrknJ hung" Ihcll ~'!III'It' 111 her rilmll) II no 'I1!lU prcser«.nt'! . tr~n~j""n lu\ III IIlln \.11I1r I1llht'!>n' hll: 'h R~ tIc." ' til.\ I 1 .Inlf! c n'r lhlll f YVu I....:lor and pr vidcr 'OU \It! she n 6 '1IlISI he til io them all ~uP!'l) a III~d.ulJ f. lI~tnl!!l: can turn a 10 <Jut un.J U.lclln~d .. 11~lh. ~t' Til ..1. yOU h~. lUI" ho..! do- III become: lover. I Sbe " only :0 'q'l'.ul' her lIwmy ".I".. .1" 1"lhi~ "'I~ . \ Otl "ulsllllln~ ..'IIIc..:.I I III Ill.1 h •• .I l.. b tid ~ mel bo'.1 '111.lire pernn >1"11 rill.. lununll~..'\l'r.'LlI b~f hi.

I'U nc".1II1 (\ b 1)1I~1IIIhe ra~1 • lam v . .'. l>IK" ynu v .lcJ IC~I md even In her }1hHIJ.1 ~1I I"d~ I It ~iK: ~ n nil 4lUi HIL'\'eryllllll~ II fee. de'lt"~ 1l: 'nil.."I'~ 1011 h hllC~ her.~tlllf11! C~ In "HI on \' erv ho .IU1wn!! ((I By Ill' bet c~c~ i thc rs to catee IIJ all 01 nls no'~lIlol\ldulli needs.1 11 you ve I . ••.e IS held c.0..le he "OI~ ehosen correvtlv. former ~O. merel> her 17 \ million dollars 1lIJ. Ih~ ball wllllW I 11. her I'-"n.'.tc"r~ .!I'od II anJ em"'" \~hlk crb. I ':l.. Sh~ !lute! e.'r Is wi Sl' 'II 'kn. nc 'In" wer uuld '111<ld SlIlI. C ived t(lf. vour rr"s~ world How'" to kC'C1" her ~"8J3Io. \ ptlllP" Ullr'~UCC new \\1111.1Ik 1'1 ..' QJ1 Jlld the) b<'Ith 3r~ t'xm:mdy -uc- y and c.I.rlJ U1""lId\ ahc he .dllc.:r(JI~ III hos.. 1:'11 . vour I"'dcrrn...\ '''fllI ~..~.-.!I!'IN\ 0\ If· T~ It Uti" ~l.mge1 >'00.. III sCC TII'.uh~J "ll. .hmlnl. carne nd ••em ')11 .0.IIUII\'II..mr I lcmd '1'Iu) l dorm ' '.I rC(1rl~ \ »uor n :II I! co te-nng you "he Wllllr)' I .tu hehcoptcr Thev (. poked.llld cncu wane \ l>JI~'(~ r.. d" (l 111 t1JCI vou • '111 r Im I .\ " .'11 1:1 chan ce lit ccssful rl1~th{!d .' "h.\l from h. vou \Ihi II 'llPJX'" h r reason "~I io : hlC: hI '\Itd dOlO» Ihl . "11 I' . her 1. w m Ii'mnl 111 pMlner ~ h'llIe !'l.:h~J.11 "II..pnv.1I In!! II bll~h <I"". 10 ... v.mc I..~m}l~1 the lui '." 01 '~. 111" h~hll1J m c· Uy lilt ~. "III be 100101111-Imely for nude 'be nllll: 110OOln]l xull nude .- "(1lr method" It deoends u. becuu-e on vu .e Prtnce ( lJ11lthe hc:r Im)lhl n he 111 l ell I.. pro<t.W11I1II1:\. pill. elf . "h~ .:kl .~r mice "he ficl norh Ille over "111111<.~n ~be" .Ill! IS "n.l<i II h" ry tlctflll "til Iv' ""!IcC'" .II> .

l~nl. and !IIIps go 10 La: V eas I C1 rll!hU1 ome 'C Icnlf" ~I .u. thmg In 10. "C'lt 111<'11 ~llU IItU II "pile' I"" . 'J.1 lid.1111\ ..l.:d.tl happen '>Implc.kr ~bc II a stave.lC\ rchel r« 10 11BI(. I hal.111<1.. lhk II.1W~~trom the II Ire. ..:. hildren ere 12 e I~ 31V. II I '109 1"1' Ih" ~\I J..11 !lJlne The SIIn\ "'~'d ut once someone Ilc .. ur nlOl. !lul. 11" rm1T1 per'ple'~10'"'1:"~"01J II The b.~ 011 eck. e the p.lt~ akl'lwl rc .. ~n rruhltl \ Ih I oil rv. b} WkJIII( he..1I d n .w..'n r~1I HUI wb..~¢> th.m .lppI!t1111i! .~ DCI pldCe.1f .. • un hi lrunl ul It t' uner \\ "1\ n hee.IUlUll 111. do <.c Ihf trurt t 111 lmld\ '''lh In C\ 'II II rc appe3ling . rOT rill Thu: I Thill' "I He c n a\HI~ I the pimp pam I~ \1 pl' .. lie" r \\<~<1 h. e pect C I lUI n(l'htn~ anti h'f her Ih~1 er pn~1. \ .10 thm (jIB" hI \ h. Ihe more "PJ'C'II.un W111111·tun ".11"" her lhe tantusv Ihlll k)(UC1JlI!lg rut nmtung vc tlwkc BUI hal ~nd.t rhe hurd r bolh has.I..I '" I I Ih. hl..wot!l 'r reason she ~ l p. parents .l hus 'ICC I lilt "'(lU'U ran:ly 'ht: Inlll " " .dld her I...ilI [ern .~.. Alcol "I "I). wl1h 11J~lInllin 'IAJ r 'U trnm Mdlrous or suck r. n 'Jll> .. de 'Ide. Ipic \I IIIihc carrot Ita.n 110 IDr It /\nJ gue th ru The u \ uh nnthtng -he cnnl11't receive II tanU<\ Imlll "he It.! It' deIt ~I III. up !L.f rcIS that S~\! ends HI!" &lCS he I.ri. .I in cash me rtAln) II swe er.I"" pNt> 1I11. c(..0 II \ II IX. crtul I" . -he >C nev cr been PI. Ihn ( . > . wll.k.. tJ. she m 'I he hown thc III "lC"Ml" didn I bu: am v then ~lIo!'lI spend the r her IHe clm~lD~ Ir~·'Itt nOlll 'inmn • a ?.:wh"~ II!e: r'lII fl I~ n.' fiN r rnEY RFTt II I t<..Ii m consuru jUln..)"111.11 lit 'lIh '11(" Ide I . rno I hn.1lIlb er and I'll shay..In tne J'IC~ .. 'Itop runrnn 1 1. the tru. ..r.. • zer the t.

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p g"'" •• h<l ~JlIWlg Oil Tn.on " hr~l~ \Ie elm\.. Itke II purb ~CIII -\[1 .~ wuh I'm'r" '".n. lul..:lun:k~' elf no ~Plung "11 hun 1I1'1n1P.1. A pUIlP Dli!OIlC she s mel.u:1 1 v cornrocrc ~t.'m~. 4'"mc I rom • he 1111Ill!'Cd" nu." 11ll:.:.! III gc..~ tll~ olhlcl tndl'~~In<:Il{.d! er .Ie DunD!! 11Kweek. til . ihev '" ...s .. ~Iructure Cb..1fI1C r mgnt nll"r \ pImp J< Ira... II III" • uim "\tlf!: tnck Wl!<n ~l h..IfKC ifill'.'11111 d>.00\ re • :. ·cop I~I .bIl\' I r therr ".Iru..: (i.!...IlC"C'In II~I II" ~he '''> .Ill' l"lllllc" I rr h.LIllI(h.r'..Lt..I.! IH'n The nil "t'CLI.1 he "'I'r e~ll\ WII~" fl~ auloC 1I~ ~h(' \\ [h~'I\ 11..: 01'11<111.. CI~ thnn the '"~ r mr fina.. . It lc emouonal prorecnon and SL"''\Inl~ In pr wide<.:lnl I~ :I h ' JlIlI. \\lIh my It" .un" 111.J ubcon w ly Ih~1 fJvor... nJ(lnc'lt "1"... v.III r.11' rh I av ~ DD"lhcr Illmr' .lpler S gm J her '. Her tim rric ~Ollf<.111 'Inti luv~ W IiIcl II 'Illt> her h~.... dance JI haclld" M !'. the) "uull! filn porn movl1A1ln.' IIlIn md II1lh' U.. A neod of prerern- limn h. .j . x tl'f lil- 1'1011' I"YC known oUII~\" (a ho workmu \\ uhout J p. -\ 11(1need- ~ \1<:1111).11" n the ulh<:U un UJuJ the be.:.1 Ib.j1<'l..the lh"y II ~ 'U 1111\( "". in the luhil of flO' It' lim<! 101 C' h'loilng .mpl er [0 be rested. III flI>'Mhle) Til.ltd n C.I Ie a nr'\ r-nc IhA C'IIcnlllf :1'11 Irlr dllll.lllxlIIl rc"CJ\IIl~ pi . nd mcy had less rnollil~ and roll. !:lUI J pimp krk>11' "0 PEPOSI I NQ RETUR V"UdtIllIJ" ylh"IeI IOf h.c~.

_IK:' rim-en h) her IJl cc unl~ h("11 mill' \I . 110m) I II Yo ill be &1Ihe mer 'Y 01 ) our bflllaf cit In ~r .he '\ """IIl'\\) .:.._""I!>IIt! WhLJre~ f'-1IUL he . needs e.lnmn<i he . "ha .tli 1 ~u ~nc I ~YI'I. .u dOl'" cI .~ ..II Sh ":.\\ .II nne '~. ~ 'II 11IUil I~ hel 'l' ~nJ f gel nlll b. 110 v. teakmg I L'~ln g~lllC une.' ..1 she ".!' ...lilt! welghl rn .1<1 Ui h. mu I 'IX" ho -\ ru..llcl nch' 11 c ~Ildici " IT't gil II drug d co lcr mol He meet III mbr: dc:!l\IInd Will! for ~ rim {Ir ed lll. \-ou hAw land the left an" land In the o[.. 11 r'l. Roil.l1tlC ~. l\n. Y tlJl(~ vn cht.IOOut II C mU!>1 eun 1'10".·IO"orI'Oo.3IT1C " I ..c c i. II ~ . tne I.Od.h~ IL' 1 ve.:) III \.\ brill a t tJe· ub).'~ Remcrtber.1['11\ Il~ ptutJH the RcJ ~~ ~ ~UI 111cri.."~ ".. 1'11111' I. I~ II "he' InC'el "'U ~ it' >lIr I adillac.e e. . rue mil t' Illeli h nd find h~ suppl ~ ~ r eded "tn..~ 0'.h \\ II." he p«lb l!Jl..lhl -hllllil l e 11 (lid go between. '.0111 lou' tn." no h. she II eds 3 \'II1~ rllrthqll.. k '"' mcmb~r ".W: ~ \\. ever il \. \-.II b!ld.e ~ itMr' . f'oIll Ih Ih-d S. e. .~III ill' .. d In urI< b~"1 w.111oJ.'..' tJ.10IC. Helnle\.u». c n't H~cau Ikhv". ho love« \ In.llc for manuf e I I linen..Ju: I~..1:.lIlIln 1 liB! I se- LoOl III ':.IU'r~ \0\1 <:dJl'.11.mc.rnpl\ lryoucol1'. . and \ ou move up BI!tI2..:e could nave 1 where n fI' ~-"u kllll h: I C her I I moLl In lUI} IIU.11.11 'n"re II h "r " II II U'IC I 1:111111" .:l'~ hUII<'n.am~ IC\ ttl.ral lIlt! \iI' 111 Alwavs h. -hAl \"lumr '1IIII>O".or "I que-t to make life love her 1 1(1Of d. 111~ hl y' a dope uc:. 1 I~"I II 11I' Ilil 11" 1'"111 I never 101> "II ".·~ [he Ie.' 1 the _.U! It~.":ll'r I c.. '1>1)'1: .I I I' rnr 111'''' err) '11< Ii un i.11" . dlUfl~. c II ~I.:m"III 'C:5hie but Irick.. lei hit hve them 011" l-cC'r \ JI" 1 nllog ever n auer h(}\l 'OUT (.lh<-. nd 'on 'CItlre 1\\0 1\ .IIn>t:lt>!lIty.b...

..III of ~ pImp .ul hi.111 .llUI !.k moec plttlf' " (Of II 'h bt' unl ppy be'BU'" ihc I:JIII'I h<11111 II Ith RCl1Ktubcr. III"lhcI . " ~ nne 11th' h<lJII.UUK tile she .\ Y• \1 ph< 1I.:c: 01 tnernl>c: lnr hefv.. e 01 rnel11h<!I' like olin r ta' . hI • then torce or con- h!riiln and _ lenl1k'ID cult ()lIlhl\ I~ 'bulch "I le I gel ed \'OJ lmd LlUI ".~""t1S. )UU~' 1\\ Inc Lli 'eren.J ~ltk Wby Joes a 110 t he hill n't unbll!'PY b«. ral and hn Ih< y I pImp her in- fcc. You d.l.. ~uu ..a "'011 [cd III he rod.gIl .t Ir urd c .ultmptcJ mnll'f' '\ '.c~mJ (tun. ~0Uf nmc 1(1"f'C"ld t«dlng h8\ p.JII' I en ul!h III I' ~ u r I thel .ntasacs. ~I I Ild III IIle >.!oplc II..:q> III I I r III ~ drcan se ..11 "t ilirn . s.1 Yl U kn" v 10e dlileren.p.11 ~..~ \.JI\ icn rh t a lx11~ life Clip< n 1ll1<J .. hI) c 1111 t1 hi un prcu:rw: p"nl' IJI.1 110 who WA' ruped l ~ II mu .r :':l'"j l!truthe compan) I~I her \\ltJ hsve to kno e\ cry • 01< In.ill" !hat'~ u t.\1 f '" IIlI lie ti'" C }vlI w li I ytlU ... f 'r ~Nl e ° give them where " nil 0.unt' 11" Ifllm ve an mterest m dresmv I her or "~o:pher f. norhcr Inn l. n'III~13 dru.1"')00 HI!! .'c (r It-I lhe. " mlltl1>trI!:ltl1 r ""'1. from ~ IK"~ beher Y u \\:.x>mpdlIY oUllnll Icye contact) g" I lour II~ pUL' nur ' bum ell I\>lht~) 11.I. ~ oiboul your need emu demo 13p~ lu I he f¢i:<)[t!.n:n arc- '\\ant.I)'l..IIIJ 'lIU'.h' ose 9 to ubrnu \I'U ~Ol..:lime..nl 10 DC (<:1 -aar. \\ h(n [ltmp 111l1~ 1...JTIt'olIl>'1 hn nOIlIQn' usc fllf you and rends )1011 cq> eryrn (II HUI he )(1 1'13. here ) ou .'" [1 I. ~) t" vUI plllJII word h I' I" col ..1(.. the 11bt1 .. 1><:1''< 111".." I w~ 'I 11'.C IIn'l r~. 111 the mouoaa I~' J~tr. nd I ~c.I\OW '11111 • WI" I It I~ now ~lOgnlll-d. bJl .

n.. '(1 tin rurne.1' CI'OUIld.' if.! DJuwc:nnw. VimI' live In 111.am e TIle Game ailed life RI ..mJ yn" re nLIII. or pimp \'OUI flo )I(>U "or\: II" or familv \\ hen h r mosher II. .pc.ul common ue \l'"l1r~ 1<11 Yuu uttc UT. The ~asl~' way 10b.~)' pn .~ 11 d "- ". _hsoo\\ iI11tl rlalJt hlS fl3B all over With the pnnp I"" er the I recommerd the \'OIlT llUIIlC "rv. h\l'oIl T III '~.. tee A hi I~ 1 lUll lit b film".J':ITUf1d~ Ihill unly on..ill rbYlng ""''11 r.!:ts thlll ViII! blc ..111'. rnt I1BI) Iy man .llhlllg> do rs .. '" h In "fill' rom the 11I. hnght III oUul rnnl."~ III \1".III'" II p..hlr H~ nil.'nl III. \ i1 i thaI I~one 1'1 th pHilp II lin I tsy 'WI lOp (>1y••ur relL'iln\ ~ '~I1I"ke II Sh~'d"c~n I nCCC$8~nl~ hi UIlII Sh .. 10 lind tnt Io.1 tun. lin th chu She ~rl~' Thor". 'lUI ell Ii. ~h<:' S \ ours F\crvd8} II hov hfc must be r:hn~1m3s and ~cry IIJ~hl must be big I ell Year' h.lI1r I' mrnur r 1IIJtnll wnli rn fro".C ..kl I IllWJllc her (Jnd. III eettcr Ilut's.11her name . r he (~lIm •• o!'f'1(lnunll_ .: he p~~....vk When 'inc IS dl~ J. ikki and ~c ".'I' . l\1.u.10 Y"U h III ~. c Lk..j ~111r t '" thr III' t the .glll II. intrng rhe town red.llh! u -u- JlJ mO\ cmeuts.. P I he .....".: (Ilr 1b pavlic.h" !)IlC n d Yuu j!IH her ch.."~ n rnck. I"" er Ihe hell u _In. "ant her ncr JWlU\tl JIIJ SOl loves what you love He 0 I t( Ii sat fied wirh dn\'ml! mCllds an y when I'm cno.rre III" "}' .bf\n~c the hos naroe b~rnj1k.e you." l her Cd "..(.". !\ 111lKt.....: h"".ommuoI" I [...ho" m~ her II hb fumil>" 1l. 1101 ""Ib lOb Gil e ~ h" what she ~"tlt:. . Se e problem- ror ..uW her lnend Ur1~ reternnu I> .rt III1S >""U'. her. c. our m"n~ In no hud fm- my IlIIm~ IS ( andy..1 pl'Opl< O~ 1(1 pulll II' be WI . likes \to owner hoi) 'n he. 00. I! IIJ. one or me lir. me'! all the I1m~ ""h nne women TIl fill d"C'l1'. CI'wn p. un.dl. tlx."'1 "I" 99 uUI . th'n~ hc' i!(1t" " or'IWC. e...." he.11I~~I1"'" thernselve-. Itil me I' I lc . "mad: t1ll~. " h mxclf II ..1111<'1 ".I"I'I~\' t"r their frtc d~ md the 110 h1 fllmp nhlke' th~t po". monev or 00\:. he.hll' 81)011 1." I nice her!:' hard h'.hi" hI' "l 'IIl~ .'U.. ~ pamt brush • VL)IIT [lI)1>1110n. nil he I "'. " m~d_ .

\1 ti .\ h" ut Ik.\ h.lIg 111\'.Will" plavmg' the n.HfI!:! 11' Sh<.1 ar 0'1 eW1 W~ the g.r-ou n« t people .c~ tl em 1DO\'IC2 101''' ar<l lie fin'!.vgelhcr lind IlghL . He meet bel need "11'~ t(l pirnp ct lr.L1I\~ 'he L.mUbl." re 1I111upp)' becuu hlc 11i..lI'I1. keeps 3 l'U11p logclh~T IIIld he .nd more game J r her I.c f.. 11"1)' lh11l!! •j \'<..nl ver ~ never satisfied uam Cl 9 r .rl'l 'llougll \\01 I '\ 1\. he II . and ND4ucl~ 1lI0fC .111.UlX c:o.Itt. her I"" ~blll~Ct II"" .. Ju..qn. ibl< fl11lt. UI\: IL . then there n<>lhln' . epr un thin \\.10" rI'Ih<!t uame Tlus Game cuhc: ~...t~(~. predator A 11K" CII'''''' the l'"tlP 1\" lnl~ \\'1101 ICIGl\ 'F IIIl 'wI.~1 Villi 'C probably The re.be resist bud.IIn. J\ pimp lilt' III II kccl' hun und what he represents bcca I'-C lie I aware ol me Game A rlm.n her life rnccnng these need ceep trom g.1III hmbo II nuur.. who Irk hOllIL.1SI~ and III C uru C her so close to her Ihe (1IIm~ i "HI .1111 PHilp her YES MASTeR II~ 11'11)"" urc i I 11Im~If Irlll II h 1(1 t: I gets dOing ..rI I t~lbl h~..1111 plavs YOU plaYIl1~ the V ..l III c.n «ruuuon or con ersauon turn ag.> y I . pltllP.. I'La) She k('cp~ hl~ guroe .1 Jlt3~ a mck \r. II do nnyihing 'a~ I'" blood lust ror 1\\':1.. III hnn n~ ptl. 1'.:-> and dreams..IO I choose to 11vou're Ind...' 11(. lrul LlIOI\ lit III llil when II III' HI LI~:anJ "bCIIIII 11'111.' and prey (lImp ts You hilH rr~tl one . In" Becau he n... e i-c. I he ew ulck.)' 10 'hal ill hc'U "'ld Iw.' due. ..mrl aWl..linCt'ill dre ms He start 1(1become II.kllb.1 ".'hl' III . a.. ~"U \ll)nl omconc h' J11~kDoor One Ill'! Ihrrc I' ~ then do'tHl . Ml~ Four Uung lie" Ihe mnllv IUlf)w they're I"...

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.~ II" resuicu !1: . ~I. Wd'" lie u III cUlIlf'lrl~ control "rhel hie ~II' llUkI U~'lIU 0.:1I1ln . Illl 11.11 11wuuld do I! \ onoenng sbc':.'f~ II 11 I would rt- when: or huw So she ><1" her WIll tor an ounce oibli&. I ""d~ (loW IIlh her [thor! .) • ull..·) ut lul1~"IUud) Whll wtu III onllLI101 her u.m 'III' my every H'\ mUIIL'11> lie t.when III 111=. Ie'.." i l'rol~\:I1'''l "l he ~'fI\~d..mg . hr .:'nu~· ~1'i<." 10 hve 1lI. III hi I"'rld IIml IWQ) Ihll'1 h 1-.mJ the " e~l~tdc.-. . K~ lh<!m J!Ue~'rng and d!'I\C me crnzy I woutd do !he same I" Ih~ WIHl~ grrls. 10 the \ Cf) tlillerem 1:&. cp~ hCI (II her 1" nl.. I() Icllt~ 1\' !TIt' (01 wre "1I(1{l OlfItJ "'" wcr-.1 1'IOt.11 1III1'WIIO II. I rut nr m u we k.. "n~(hltll! nee j kno\~. n'llh nh'hl~10. ner PO" er o hel Ilcew.hal 11\ ould Irl1l trom the ~mu"n . h~ jlll:1p I" were h. \\ 11.""Oliid point (1\\ our 110\\ beauuful the darkcr rs were And they 'y()OJ keep 'hem nil' balance When ll-. spmt is the In :J rbc~~ match and vour h.' IC~ IUQ~ ~ while ~lrI 1r"01 Illtl~C: .•• I h~ h" !lC\:s the IJlmp u . <vilr)'tllll)~ .tIICnlJII1"C world Illd u~ . \'\lIn blc hli III"" ~ eve 1111n~ ubout her pllll1' Ih<:n he laic .lk~.\ bencr world but doeRl'l kno" wh<.1 ulllk"nlrl~ 1!\'L"r) I~llllnd IllIn .1 lJuJ. I"~ U" III II. IOJ t1W' he wan. h.!bout her lHmr· Dud tit II r~\ CI~~ U'" I'r"":cb' lI:ulJlul wuh rher pllJlP. nrc consnmi'v Ic:~-~ \\ ben 1 run UUIuthe 'b4n~r:Jr T ou're CI'tT l\\d\~ ~h(\'" a!' "'II' curds I(} > ur bo. ~llon~ would ~(IUn:~..ln Inll"n . J t1lOUl~ 0 j h.~nc" IIn_'llI~ 141 OPP()("CflL .rrutlnd blls \' were ilwn Ihlck and da sist I .lppUles~ nt uh hos .. IIIC b. ~ml" lur wh lJ'Il~\(1'I) III' IUtT "lOw 1!l1l 'ih dur not "11 puup.• II no' vluch uien II 'Oil 1111111' \ ho I".I 111 J I" 'rUjl"~ and hsvc (1O cho e . II uultlluok :at 11 .. e . hill III iktimtl hi pride trum I'lh 'I evpeci ... her !llmr Tha: ~ I ulllllg me Kr lie II ber -be 1 ne \ cr ~.-\JI}t1l1ng Ul'pl. A pimp hw." I ho Ir"IIII11e gheuo.11 'r 11.Ih h et h.. Iv l1(' lhle '11 <Ill ..llId dr \\ her clo er Illlhe 1J1lh1.. un unilin lrom b "HU ." wllnl The: 'ul1t:C1'ibe pimp ll~L'~ boa.:"hn. ..)\10<)1 lie ut en an lui nccd~ .. kIM(.U1 fied which I. de." r.!tl'\)u:.~ II I".J~-I~n)' III I e II li~hl. 'Ck beach ares .001 all.d ho wh" .! ht" va.1.. .top ~ml her need.

bener. 'I . IE IS mol t. 1111.:\. ou t 'C y In plI.n~ dllln e ut .j' e» t-cU"rhlU d.J." k d~l~ 10 fanl.h" Y"h "I . lI"mlll! ch I'IJ\~I anU he m.b.lUl.ltll"l~ \{'.lde ~~·c•• dung und .u. the re- • til '01' thin do~ 1 peo- from hitun.. C)(Q{I' ~~ hI" h<i 10 be enter .II L. 'll 1"<1.. 11 .l.. e.t l1l>h I L rchcs n Jtc ('h. III "I\<: ne i I' 31) It1<I~1 lion 1"drellJ11 be ~ e C~'l'nc 111111. h~.'" ) !I" jI n . abused arc UT. ~\. 1I 1(l!of people .nn .• lk· ~I . II Illllk the men 111h~ hte 1 told h r she hance tu be \r \\1 "... II pllllJ' -hows her a dream and ~ IIIg WIth no (onvm nts her.1«]) .' .. I!lrkl "Ill) ul her Job u~ D C":OIl.av~JU" .\ enter C ill" (. lIIe I one n.l~} He conu 1"1) n h • Ii II> I her nunc VI .cr better pimp comes 'PIIS lonll nd I! 13m.re I" ()n"~ d comrnnmem zre o . ~ I'~') I. purrp !wn .u..~¢? If 9 I:Ill!!.I..J :011.~ In.. tL. Itltl~ "M In" S<I. d nd Ihe purn'>hmclIb Ihe I 'M 4 hn Ill) In II "1l..e 3.1I11"U the ball h II 1l'H:' he hn:'" t..i\'1: dance 1:.1 rn on I .. tc you ." (.n.."c'l on earth or .:"r\" I . t ld Imp! ."l.1 II~'I' I IhOi "."mor U~~ 10 c~J'Cn.. ~1".rid bBI hell'ng. ~1I<rv... !luI he lei wkl her .un.nlt y 1" r uu U• W 111100.. " . '~11<l I w uuld Icll her -I" It IIh rA \ ~.! cau PC{ II' I. .j C )'0\1 ha.: p" II !l~1 our pi 1I.1lc J " 1I\'nltAI "r~ .... In ~O\l. 10 be 1..:cd..vell f . I':mp" n(l! a oil up I'IUI 111M rore bUI ~ t...I 111. I ventv-tour hour II... alr ' i\ lamlh "fL' '" rd~IIf'1 yNI .. Onlv h lI.ll1d lor ""Ie.1Il.!n!>c:u\)lItt I!>II" 1t11l1\ilble..lteam tbc rutes..1I II nI 11 -\ Illnl~ _...."\ 'ilL' an und will choc hrm ReKeep member our JI prostuure ore clean I~ 41ways at wllr).If.h. ne to ~bu'c IJr 10 1:>.III!!cd . .Ith.ulLIn I caich th h011l 1 film".llh Jnalll~I"e dream « II '-I" Whll~ gu} (Il)nNOllS.1hin~ ~ol and have I YOU WIJJ1 \\ hen \'f.IlanL-l~I~_ Iu...' _ '" S.""1.rl "". rc"lIlt'n~l\lr' II nmcs 3tlJIIl4llh: E. xur no m~ ! he hrr m 1 nh "I" Ihn'ugh Ih:.. he Plllll 1\ "' ~I l:\-er.Ind 1".ample .. ord r".IClC<1 ho...amc. L....1 b".lunb 'r>b 'II m ••ve her merchan- Bemg nile Q pll1l1' I' ." the ..1 Ilimlly. hn an (II)li complarncd II .. :l. or sex III Ute: outdoors r . . can II"" Jh\~ pTI ".

\llllJ dog \1111 \\:1lIIIWIUcal It"t 'I .lli!!ht Ih~ "ar " (i'Ito.1. curers tuune Uf'IL' h:lvc ><.1'" I. dnJ 1')J<. p1l1 II '" 11 houle my uncle ~ '\III n~~ And cue hI) even It:~ In ~uo.hal"'! hlln.Jl<. III gunporru IU.1111 ""U 11111 I'ul It !II tl • \II~ cr H'II1 LlI"h Fhe price 01 a OIIJ L~.C ns hb hte ror x h" IQ d.he 're hunl II the ualllJ.. 10 cxp.en h'~ h"I'lmple.n the torcc IB'r or l't.Iullin 'I . so much hle The long~r '"£ I.L~ld Il ~"u \\ l.'btl } dAm.ila! he It '\JnIl"IOO IU tb~ game cost: r ncb areQ'l ttllbc vame pncc . and ~tonc" ~Oll And zuess what?' RI~hl nnw a.{. rei F~ampJe 2' 11111'1'·h hoor and ml!!' to !leI" .. on the hunl..Ullj JuruplnL' dom.I) III~ ClVCT.hH" r"r hi.a 1U.. liars a \lcQ. . - }"'U I.Ii. tnc ~Iea\~\lhcnlhc) JYTI'I'ncr " hl~ p..- Once . CI'I!' he . III n~I~~~ml bill nljlhl Mill.u.·hal I .. thCIC..::lIar.tU<.ce the INtI rhc cluh 'h..)"ked 1JI10Ilk! '"<KlC~ 4IIJ !h. >"" hu buu to u .1 pooch.cause sill! couldn't rve ur .:h !(Ir v.... "III the Jr~f1La.1 the cillh lind Ih llle liPid \0)11 Fur "Ioc' hUlld. -I hope you make pard all e'pCIJ:U"~ pr1I'C It'! of mOlley because hsve . The} ""~ u.I 1111\\ ='y alief Ihdl II) rram )."}·. ~<I(j 1'" I~. aoo lI.1.ob.. rr '1111 it ~ !tIc unJ '11u. sorne I:4~C' lose "C lor "..lrcdt Il'}llIg 11011 ~1I<1 .•nLlI'W:U In II~ place :onJ rIlPL h~ It . the ""'1'<'( ~ tu fall n kC'1' .c.'Imp UT hnl: mil'" ti edom h kins.rn:..1". ".\:IUf The pimp h Ihe only way lur.l~ permanent her lid ""uld "..1Ior Ea'l}' treats." 1\ III go nr.jlnJs of high school vu e.ho" C I Once vnu fmJ W:ttd.tl1C'l I' Ullin eventuallv d~'1ro> her. I wrne Ih"..hl".I'~ "h>' precaror pimp ~ all"u).Inll= II.11111 ~ ~ d.t. ' IlIl1I t1cpcntb lin tll~ .".IJ II "oon't . th~~' go and Ihcy pa>' up lu\ectt)O}'I:l:Itbe. the l!IOre vou get I. hf<1~C '\llh runhIf 'C'''' Ihe (Iu" I" Ilk 1.!tug.'\C' ..n. Terrrble PAul Ill" RIll..bJt peak. and wau ro he '''''. t IIIJ 0 ~Iklier Wit. II " !"!I.h WII"".ob to ~lll~h 01 Imp I"I'C\ Y"U ml1:1'l'ul .] tlollJr< ~ woe~ II '''''''Illl lunJ 1. ..a~ 100 IInpc)(1unr h. ot the ru~llIlIt1 !I'~ rnlltn .Of' tn oj) (1111. h 0 . OUI the do!! ha.l11I to tliI' luu !be ..1t ..l:Jw !.

Remember vou .rd..ublo \ T re ult You nil hI be lUll' III UlCl hIli I ... WII11 a worm ~ our prey.I feed teak: vou have to spoon reed bah~ whoJl II can handle When dererrrnrnng JlWpc:rb. II> .UlLI ~O'!.re II unu • house ml!lhl need cosrnenc wor]. '" C . lillie selt- a shepherd 1.l '"oiuc basket- you do 111 liCe him" WhJI m ..'. n ". mlM before 1IlO'l/l~ 11\1111 bench W Ihe th" L"" "1l1>I"f1rt'l!C bJII \\I!hlll D hOI' rench ctul 1:1.1'1"_ Ical I>lIC You lu~ II ".rill the Icr\ ZO· . 01'11. hn t WeB Sh.1. Sbe I dH:".ulaeeLib" he fill ~.)U II h~ un<lPJ'foacllahlc app" ch ..:dutlh. (. lor eumr1e....n WIll I!CI 11lI"C h I~O nlm c IUJl \1 ~ ~htth' III '1ltu n.11 "llIgh bl the 'nal~cl Iht pImp oml 00 .Irch O1t nfcnnt\' can I catch q ~harl.n !he l1\Jr"c~ lu~t as 3 ho lIughl necd hair 11.IYcr ml!1h1 need pllllh ..l by the h • IInna 11111<11<1\\0 '\nJ lhat nnlu.1>\1I".lI.1\11'\ I>.uch "~t" ""'1' o W quire more reuncd k..'wn 111:r ~H JC a til) )1'I11're )'1111 }'''' hal ~ . 1ur So now."uld.... m " a ~n.Imlol." .. flruPCr1~ Yuu rc . Two qu ""\In f u. h 'cr .outfit> ('110 "arutude" before hlllm! lbe Ira k.."ld hterally I. .U \\ IIh SII Lhe~ Reo \\~It1'. Jllil!b. lit" her I" II IU" Ill' "\ 1'111 511". balJ J'I.I'..lll )'\lLimust sho" "I them 1\1" tl\clllln~ l~ You c tJ'1I Ill" M' III' III I ...111.t>:'r' reach II much .. '~ ) fI dC'I" kcC" 111m' .' !lClmclhon!(they ..') 'II can ••1Id .. .: CM'I 1\O~ type of ball but not 1I roby nut leI' function rk "tllu1Jon "'0111" be In much.e gj.th .ue rWlllLt.. 11141 ". "h e el'l 10 where he rn. 1\ wan« them (I' g" hl~ -heep be 1110\ IU!' ltthe '"""rb<"rd srop-.'.11.. tto:r ~bO\ e You rncml r..m~the ~Ut!'... hy" \ 11<1 nll"w~ LItwauaer on always n r":~c <>.<.1.h·r mil .<..' ht wuhur her nev cr e<l )>C<:..:now us lIelll move m...It 'lIl~h In...l women wuh 10\\·selt-esteern ".lml ..ll(llt' "Itlmr cOnlilamh want-. at 0 hll!h wh. . -hepherd leaLl.1..:el' In \mLr prey you q. back to IhluOIl f' r beautiful III wuh 1"\1 If· J"d 111 hi' ". 11'..nJ 0 h" ho'..'ould Ihtn~ 'ijn~c you ilI'C In the ~rne and.... Mll I".l) be b<..."1111>1II lUll cnullgh. ~.'Lttl IIIUI B I." esteem 100 \\0 Ilh ~c hos ~ IU II... before 11 can be I'UIIII1 he b '"'' then mu"hose 011 She I «p~ him . II rmd }oumc) Slllbc: -hephen! nllhl \<111mlJ~1 I(lwe! II.

rh~~~.~ 3U' IS the clcDlcnlthut . dune WI! th.oUglllO 'lTIplcmcOI 11.am:1 lIuulWL III\:!J..: Illllkes ~ loser f~cl M Ifhe' .1 I T'eSJ'lIInc..\\ 11o:n~I.lll . IUll.lo<o<>phl II' ~l.J1 you WlIDl II ~llmrml1ll..l PUI ~I'U UIItll~ JdCI1M' e ' \ I'..' lIon (In Iw lit re I 'It .." and fed .' O:~ II )'1'" rc 1'1ii<. tl~ pel.hn love ber will'! 1110 he lOll )'011 \\ 11 Cl)(llIilh kcep v II pi lin they used 1'1<1" hen ~ "I' II< ue c..1.1!1 o\b I(\Cl~ lire on '''' hi up in the pI .IIl"TI U In!pO.mJll1lent.s . a II'IUP. t 11111("11111 ~C) ..IhCl1lh~) h~ iJ1l1W'I\ 'I T kin lhe 1/('0 :1~loUmc he i"l\tllon ho 1 Ii ke hnl'(! hll~ 01 IL'. 'f ~(OIIII C. It you're t ccd with oppesmoe.."~ ttl Il \\iIlnillg' ICllu:r IIIIan1 tl 111O!!CU.her' leave Tkm. u .11\1111 them. Ih.... ho 1 iii e Cl'mo:~ crashing dow Ill) III 11.110\00 her In I >"11 wid fcd WI 011 U~ .g.1. ..lnr (un In~1. the OIl! \ ou uuld have gllcLl hie "-')..sl>lbll: lor ner 10 lI'U You ·tlil get "h.O YI>U dur'.. qU~U"'1I dClll!'lCtltD bdtltlc:.•1t tn b.'llng laml he 'Jl'." II I.1 .e the IIII~ 01 least resistance fbL will ma e the tool believe that the 10nl1 (It . t emever blur ..md brm ' her IlIId Iho~~.If hoo mllll . so Ihey never become I Ihey wanll who cr wl be 'I 111 'In~ In your plBce if v.I'101l vnur P'UIlr:tlTl 1011 her "nrld VOUf" er line II'~ the un TIley let ~h.. Th~ SO'!.luuJ. II ~\l\I ~I \\el!!h 1I<1~l\\n.:un.1II expect !he 110 10513\ In hers I h~\ become il:1l1J expected ""''Of Ir like seesaw nn a playpl..in '~I it all It· evaluaung quesuous "re ucrually phr~ed in liJlCibUC c.on ~OOI\ (J.....hUIII II "Ill 'flU e1\C hu I crnussscn 10 be berselt ber in the you gc:t up..'rld "'III he.111' .lIC". Il\D. 111.S J thern b~ IIlll "'00 lOl'lll'lllilnl! lUll o::b} a on one end IS 011the other end p~r n I ~C.. ur 'I'OIl't~ If D J11lllT' II~) w " be n.-<.e til brll" ecp her the hope.~.

\\ uU~ keep ~bOoJI"n'l ev Ill' power I~ &lre... hie Uult Y""I "lhe tcrodit... henever you arc! \ pimp 11 In the •• im fI<M1u. were ncthrn more !han human can be made rullhel.0 cc""d~If YHU II. JI d hi> '" 1w11ll~.tllhe Ih~1 I D com hllCn~e <If life JII I hCllllll. 10 bUild hlt own kln~m rul \'flic~ .n lei a lilt . 10 1H: I ('litchi'" I.1.\ I'lI:~id!:nt' In In doubl or 101'l(Iy bur the In the ~a)llc you I¢ bwll. cold ot'C'.I.!I" 1. .. 11001. call1l!: ~"IJ pimp al'pt:3T. bard for 11 ~E RECOGNIZESGAME h3~ no people Thr- ru~money to ~IC to iI buch who t?he~ 111(l ne cnnn I be herrayed II L)~ man l.Iedl nlro hos Me hArd I co b) r II . unagme her runnln!! lllil hu pill" to ber bJ'k and be plo\\ heu'l! sware of" A PIlIlp Ilhl'l- IlL. nc k IN: lWytlun In In h)UI can't tid" 0111.rOo pie . u1d fm!:! Ibroughoul ) OUTbead"..:11 drc~~d In..' e lin ttmh all d . I! ~IC" IIIED 1I If there II desrre. ml Iack ot Inmgth 10 be nail.kt: himself quote h. I persooall lind th~ bo's iosecunue "P'"lP all\! .. c:~p ~11U Ill. 111on 0 come and () 11111 .11_<1 It 11... (hum.. lidd A 1m" 1 ~"IIc:d A tnck be.s.\ lin 1'<' ver Prrnns over 11(1 II h<lII' (1\ er In ks A mc~ I~ ~ man who \hlrk. IWII) ".. "'ItJt otheR led LD the fir -ence of Like D de J bo<ly .lIh nlllhlOlI LJId he h"." 11!tI131ruDf:! J never llalc R pn'hl~1\ with compktclv unar- tached.:parflp \ r mild 11<.. 1l1~ he wAH.lIly Ulllhncd when he orne rmlp lui.

1 you 'e drI\ en by ~ 01 tbe:sc.:.UId hu" I 10IWW !JP.on to put aside &lJ in order ro plIDP'~ nol de r inc:d I bmh born II ette A chccllih Uo born build 011 hl~ company I~... vou re lIIe<kJllO with r"'''cPI ulldet''>Iand p. can't die Thol'. Vllnl. forc:l!lh.d OUl [01see mIlD) ror and that's you pit) the prmpmg gi'me .11 loyalty hes..Ind "lit ur<::l1'11\ clevl)' de- c\~1)11Iln~ I..II. envy.lUI! l~ep It ~1fl11~11l "nt1lte~p IIligh.th are aU human churecrenxncs lar more powertul thaa mere desire •. P inp rc ncelkdllt' In order to keep ~ It' jlOf>l!lU11..y won'l keep u lung IOr~ Human beings arc !he only . can chan 'C '~llhntwn When you Ill' NIC~ (" work tomorrow peep ).1\ e 1(1 be trI Jl< 11100 Ju~lltlo <t ill.omrol It you have I h" . R(~"~n"~ lind pre . 'Imud.. be calellli bc..1 ihe 11 fJ n. 4 pImp ". 1 wam II Ute v<llDl: III.:.lillIe 11\" IlRJ ou~ .. IIlS1and wr. hut u. re ncclkJ If Joe \lnnLUl.1 IUI\ OI~)'OI1 . chan pi .l 'I er who kc. YOII .a\1 c II coullln'l pi ~"bly ~CI Ih" f1ID'~ running ItIId 1.IIIId PI ...u can't move up."'U lIIlU ..rn the IHher " ....! t hUI the 1i"'1 IS" p"~l Ihll)\II III ~II then I¢\( Yllunll "IIII>oC~lIS(' the h>itll "III on the roltd I" rrnrnortalirv \"'Il~1 doesn'r hvc. In .. greed.J the (Qct that and pr~\'.<rct III tn)' IUp There' Til pimp .clle. III neglected.p.IlIl B\II IIh bum ~" ~ Upon Ih" he lib lI~"cJllc... SUb.md un l. doe n't hun U1~ II' 111"'11111" IUl\'tnll I'~JI"-I body...'00 from )" I "..dem Recognize the riTllJHht k \ I' -.me Rec- (lgnllr: \' ho the tric a are-ihc consume: h<>~·th employee Recognize: the Jl3~ R".~...Ultl.111 have a 111" 1I1C1l1IlIlJ.' \ nil).13bt.uller on lite ladder life . male 01 The C E.I~.:daI pn:) III' 0 fry..r The rnee].lJ. fill CIne n this mIT"01' . ).. ". JC\:I~I... loth_ IlluItOOv..I i.. wlJ) thev are called the seven deiWI)' ~In..- but . he IUIUI bill) l.P"CIel> sn which pr.' an hour ih..ud <..liI oguize the: IIMIDIlI glll.lI utter be IgIl(" 1lt( children will be I Mllf~' Wltl fined IIIId til t'i "'h~ 1 "'AA1l 1111 boo Wife WIll d Friends nil onlv rl In become Ilbw~ The Game is where p ople: hlp c. life. til life w. <111 01 ")'I'!J "to.til be )'i'ur dnver tor We and you'll never be lR ..ue . De. does th~ work lor hourly m.tIl.CI.. "helll mhern the earth. SoII11e idennnes ..11'"'' ".O has made JI II d...110. tlI1C~Il'" til !bey II hav pr IOn toe of!h~ 1lt.

\1ad<.". j be ~ gOlD!! Illg<lhcl [JQ.:mpol1U) hO'II<-. III . t"...:q erne ~ In jus pm "It .uu work ". 10 In!! Uld nOI ~nannll1Uld shOlIf1J\&'/ " it "PrIll wed 'C IIl1d . IllY 'Bh'I1~' I c ume F II n th.can s i>lJll. That .on mOM potenual pill"'" become mu oc:\t:f been L.C .~d madt1 II bard lor ber 10 5tH YIIII need to .:1. Well. .l arc: ber se CIa.. who hJ' more Jllnl~ mI' She'll vornc nac 'IlG hee'".. to hi hos ne d b)th 11"11' UI' h.IJld Ibal . 81\0: \'01. an n~.1T181 cur pUlTjI gered 1I''Iulle ptt.III lIer hle ~ Y.'bl I.l II yvu re In the mlbl 01 b pnJe I I: It"".l...n'I \\ un tb ponuen thlll uhlc: l1~jl the CII!") the up rdc ~ III IIJ' In vour lace An 3.lib ibm.:r d Like vamprres.. nuvbe secure..1 IN me a ve IX bud.III lbe presI..'llur ~t)u IIIII'C ue 01 three choice t. he C.I. u I'hl~ I.. lind lWttom Ciiri She II {eel powerful A plOJp I he bu nw) lo:cl ~ml rl'll '!'llICrc: arc n I '" Ilnc hUI the 1'"111' hn h. rr>al..ouer uJJic" proolcnt h<:~ "~ .ue IN I'II~ can tell when he i.J"I>'Ic Inmlel' 8n. . her 'J . .'\.•tIIll" II 'm liIel I across 1111 waRln I"m' ""Ill' . an- "~~tlnlorl"bk . 00.itlly Alll4lJ!tU' h )ul1111\ leall) . \\.k be111111 a 1111'1 \ our hn mil' !he /\:. . muvic bn""~" . k 131' S 10 all DI hi' hu~ I ')01:1: or buthet trernernber] 'mee he I~ a lrleod Inlo II c I~blc CIt II m nd "11h1tn v III You rneet h..a'~ \ OtIII..: .~.md punp. .11011 "11. '4' HI!!.~ .".11 beep.lIlhe \'1 nlllhcr III me III' BUI )"IKI II We h' d~-Cllk for youT8dJ The I. be ICIII the leu I line of tc1i1..~ III th e hI> .n.1l. 1110111.u..I n)lU.If IJoWI1 10 t.J} hu ~ lh.tIUk:C..1l<1!.tU) In the hou.1lILI execut." I uJJ hI .I you JC'l!I\' the poln! of hsv... mllld .I fn. CIICCof Mother <>1110.'1 re P'lfl<lhllltl'.e ~ oon . usc t IIIlld.hnl.u1 de 10 SCI The) re a learn and tie "n . "\1 It '11In IU~. 1'\.1 (.' I" on hi. J IllWllIlhulll l1(li).u.ell ~lId • mrnp II am~thlDlll ull lit! CI n. I In reason" mu e JUI I !'ill hard I'. I'n~llb.. her 1" Ic. lit h.d enltl hllll. Ihrcalemn f. .

nll. . desnnies.."". fl r Ilull~ I 'C'~ willi rrtncn r uli. (".. That' ... .. d luc] II.. '1111 [0 nU\. "octd It .blp live.m" fill 1h< .1 1Ih~ \11 lel:b \\. HII l'1\lr (.\ \11 rn.'Oil .'1 techmqucs la" fHWIhe . nnr 11-'"'' III \. ~\ ab .' '''''l1en.. rt IIi ""'I\1"I"n" .. \ h". III!.~ In".lUll(' plmp"l!! ur IIOIJ1l:hod)'. V(lU Yuu .I chilling .k tl1I: IIIn.~1I1 i..I~ 1 he: pnc you hOIC 1(' Ma) }OO I\HI WI[II CAli I h~1 III k~.' ..." e Cllh r ~m'l ClI y..1 . own souls and gillde' ccp ~ bo do" 11.nhCI1! II~ debt also.:p your 001 on her ned .1 iorta do pee 1I110 !hchad"".11 n ~"Illtlhtnl pan of the pnc an esure.

'1 I A moder chi u hL .

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