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Final Marketing

Final Marketing

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Published by: Amrisha Verma on Jan 31, 2012
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Amity Global Business School

Background of the Research

The research on the topic “effectiveness of marketing
communication among youth w.r.t MOS Burger” focuses upon
knowing the most famous promotion mix channel among the youth
in Singapore. The research also includes the understanding and
comparison of different promotional mix channels and there degree
of effectiveness among different age groups of youth population
which has been divided into three segments. The research report
also includes the suggestions and recommendations as to measure
can be adopted by MOS burger d to increase its awareness among
the youth population of Singapore and which promotion mix channels
it can adopt to attract new customers so, that it can compete with
the leading brands like McDonalds, Burger King etc. giving tough
completion to MOS Burgers. The research is conducted on primary
and secondary basis i.e. by interviewing and distributing


Amity Global Business School

questionnaires to the sample population and applying different
statistical tools to get the results.


Amity Global Business School

Objectives of the

Objectives of the Research

The objectives of the research report are as follows:

•To understand the different channels of promotional mix.

•To compare and analyze different channels of promotional mix

•To find the most effectiveness Integrated Marketing Communication technique among the

youth in Singapore.


Amity Global Business School

•To find the promotional strategies used by MOS Burger competitors to attract customers.

•To find the most effective promotional channel that could be used by MOS Burger to attract

youth in Singapore.


Amity Global Business School

Limitations of the


Any research or study always has some limitations under which this has to be undertaken. This one
too was not an exception. These limitations are poised by the environment … some external and
some inherent. This study has been conducted with utmost consideration to the adequacy of data


Amity Global Business School

and quality of information, though as mention earlier the reliance on the sources can not be
minimized to zero in context of precision. The limitation can be enlisted as hereunder:-

We had a limited time to complete this study in 2 months
Limited financial resources to make our study covering best level of significance

•Due to the limited resources we can only select a sample of 50 respondents

•Due to the limited time we cannot go to vast geographical area, our study is limited to the

visitors of MOS burgers

•We were not able to measure the responses of all social classes because of limited resources.

•The research is confined to study of youth preference of promotional mix in Singapore.

•There existed a language barrier while communicating and interviewing people in Singapore

as few of them were not able to understand English.

•Reliability of information collected from various public information sources such as

magazines and website.

•Respondents are not willing to fill the questionnaire.

•Very often the respondent do not express their true feelings, in such case their habit,

preference, practice, cannot be assessed correctly.


Amity Global Business School


Researchers Methodology include the tools and techniques of collection of data, this is applied
particularly for testing the hypothesis. To begin with many generalizations are predicted on the basis
of some facts. But theses generalizations can be untrue. Thus because of removing the faulty and


Amity Global Business School

wrong judgment so, researcher needs some sort of tools and techniques. The researchers do not and
cannot proceed to verify the facts without techniques of the research. He selects his limited universe,
draws sample, and uses schedule and other standardized tools for observation. Here in accordance
with the procedure he is supposed to conduct his research without bias. So likewise he is supposed to
support his hypothesis but works with these tools and techniques, which save the researcher to be
biased. The hypothesis may be accepted or rejected with the support of data.

With the aim of this view the researchers explains tools and techniques, which they applied to


On the basis of fundamental objectives of the research, marketing research
projects are classified into two branches:

Exploratory Research

Conclusive Research


It seeks to discover new relationships. All marketing research projects start
with it. This is a preliminary phase & is absolutely essential in order to obtain a
proper definition of problems at hand. The major emphasis is on the discovery
of ideas & insight.

Exploratory research looks for hypothesis in well-established fields of study. Hypothesis
usually comes from ideas developed in previous researches or are delivered from
theory. Hypothesis is tentative answer to the question that serves as guide for most of
the research projects.



Amity Global Business School

Conclusive research provides information that helps the executive so that he can make
a rational decision. This study has done well while attempting to arrive at a more clear
description of an apparent problem.


To define it for the preliminary measures “It is a set of individuals constitutes a population or
universe”. According to this definition a research cannot proceed without a set of individuals. So
likewise we selected the Karachi city as our universe.

Sampling Plan

The term sampling plan implies to the procedure to delimit the universe and to take the representative


Both male and female

Sample Size

Our sample size consists of 50 respondents.

Data collection procedure

For the collection of data we personally went to the respondents and requested them to fill the

Data collection technique

Primary data: -

Which is collected by new research called primary data.

•Personal Interview

•Close observation

•Group Discussion

Secondary data: -


Amity Global Business School

Already existing data is called secondary data. I collected them by following
method –



Interviewing Schedule:

A tentative schedule of the questions was formulated. The pre-testing was done deliberately to
measure the attitude of the people concerned.

Data Interpretation Tools:

Following software’s have been used during analysis of data.

2.Microsoft Excel
3.Microsoft Word


Amity Global Business School

Literature Review


Amity Global Business School



BY 2003 after nearly 50 years as the king of fast food McDonalds Corporation was
suffering an identity crisis. As the time magazine reported, “the challenges facing
McDonalds come supersized. Its home market is all but saturated its sterling reputation
for fast, friendly service and cleanliness is tarnished and customers are putting a
growing premium on freshness and taste, neither of which Mc Donald’s is renowned
for”. In addition, the company revenues were shrinking and its earning expectations for
2002. To reconnect with customers the company planned remodeling projects in more
than half of its U.S stores, It revamped its menu offerings to include healthier choices
and to build brand identity it launched a worldwide marketing campaign, “I’m Lovin It”
featuring singer Justin Timberlake. Developing the campaign was the joined effort by Mc
Donald’s and ad agency DDB Chicago and a German based agency Heye & Partner, a
division of DDB worldwide. The campaign featured five television commercials with
appearances by Timberlake that focused on the adult market. There were other spots
created to “maintain the emotional connection Mc Donald’s brand has with families and
Kids. In addition to the television spots the campaign included window posters, signs on
outdoor poles and special kiosks Advertising age estimated total budget to be $ 100

Historical Context

As Mc donalds celebrated it 50th

anniversary in 2005 the company also could celebrate
maintaining its lead in the fast food burger race. According to PR Newswire the
company had grown from one restaurant in des plaines Illinois to more than 30000
restaurants most independently owned and operated that served almost 47 million
people in more than 100 countries everyday. In a 2002 time magazine article Daniel
Eisenberg wrote,” McDonalds opens a new store somewhere around the globe every
eight hours” Sales has climbed from $ 366.12 on opening day at the first restaurant to
more than $19 billion in 2004.

In response to competition from other fast food chains such as number two Burger king
and a crowded restaurant market that offered consumers upscale fast casual dinning
options. McDonalds went on a mission to win customers to revitalize its business.
Eisenberg reported that the company planned to bulldoze as many as 1000 of its aging
restaurants and give face lifts to about 6000 others. “Remodeling more than half its
13099 US restaurants which could cost the company as much as $800million over the
next two years. Greenberg’s plans included rolling out a dollar value menu for price
conscious customers, adding healthier choices to the menu and developing new
restaurant formats.


Amity Global Business School

Among other changes was the launch of I’m Lovin it Campaign designed to work in all
languages and to dispel to chains image as a fading icon portraying it as forever young.

Target Market

According to Carpenter the I’m Lovin it campaign was designed to attract younger and
hipper consumers. Its aimed at helping the restaurant chain connect better with
customers – especially young adults moms and kids. He reported McDonalds’ chief
marketing officer as saying ,”we know we need to be more modern and more relevant
in how we communicate with today’s consumers”. Charlie Bell the company chief
operating officer added that, besides appealing to young consumers, the campaign
would” be fun it’ll be relevant, it’ll be hip, it’ll be compelling and it will connect people of
all ages”.

Rance Crain writing in advertising age said that McDonalds “all-or-nothing bet on the
youth market” was a risk. Referring to an ad featuring a cameo by singer Timberlake,
Crain wrote, “I think I can say without fear of contradiction that the commercial is off
putting to most of the non-target market….If it doesn’t register with kids, the corporate
campaign could have a negative impact overall, and McDonalds will have spent $100
million for the privilege of alienating vast swatches of its customers.


As the Evansville Courier & Press reported, ”McDonalds and burger king have been
going burger-to-burger for more than 30 years, with Wendy’s and smaller companies
also fighting for consumers heart and appetite.” Faced with its own declining sales and
with competitor MacDonald’s increasing its sales, explained in part by its “I’m lovin it”
campaign, number two burger king launched the counter back in the burger wars with
the reintroduction of its popular “have it your way” slogan and with its “lunch break
Gang” television ads which featured group of 20-something coworkers ordering lunch
their way.

The burger king campaign did not have strong positive results with the consumers,
however with USA Today reporting that only 14% of those familiar with the ads liked
them and thought they were effective while 30% of the people polled said they did not
like the ad Nevertheless the burger king campaign won the silver award at the 2004
Cannes Lions and a Bronze Award at the Clios. More importantly the campaign had a
positive effect on Burger Kings sales with increases reported 10 consecutive months
following its launch in February 2004.


Amity Global Business School

Marketing Strategy

As the PR Newswire observed the I’m Lovin it campaign was a key part Mc Donald’s
business strategy to connect with consumers in highly relevant culturally significant
ways around the world. Part of the strategy was to shoot the I’m Lovin it commercials in
various locations worldwide. Jim Krik reported in Chicago Tribune that filming was done
in Prague in Czech Republic. Rio de Janerio in Brazil Johannesberg in South Africa,
Singapore and other international locations. The high energy launch in the US is the
further proof that this global campaign is far more than just advertising or a new theme
line stated by vice president Larry light. It is multidimensional approach to customers
around the world that goes from television sets and computers to our restaurants
…..And everything in between.

Mike Roberts president of Mc Donald’s USA told PR Newswire that the “theme and
attitude of this full scale campaign is being integrated into every aspect of
business….from crew training and overall restaurant experience to national
sponsorships, promotions and all new local street market.” He added that the company
was “focused on bringing the I’m Lovin it theme of life not only in our advertising but
also for every customer who visits our restaurant. This world class marketing strategy is
the latest element of our overall plan to continue revitalizing Mc Donald’s.


If success can be measured by awards recognition and increased sales Mc Donald’s I’m
Lovin it campaign hit the jackpot. In 2004 Advertising Age named the company
marketer of the year for its achievements. In response to the award Jim skinner
McDonalds new CEO said “I’m lovin it! We’re honored to be recognized with one of the
most covered awards in the advertising and marketing world.”

McDonalds light said that awareness of the I’m lovin it campaign reached 86% of
consumers in the top 10 countries tagged by the company. The Success of the
campaign was” another sign that we’re connecting with customers like never before,
“he said Noting the international success of the campaign the Scottish Daily Record &
Sunday in Glasgow reported that “ McDonalds advertising slogan I’m Lovin it has been
crowned king of the catchphrases. The fast food giants jingle is being repeated in 43%
of workplaces says a new survey.

The Cincinnati Past wrote in November 2003,”the biggest single month increase at its
US restaurants in more than five years lifted McDonalds Corp. to an impressive 8.4
percent gain in comparable sales last month…[the Company] attributed the increased
business in part to benefits of the first full month of its exhaustive new advertising
campaign, featuring the tagline “I’m lovin it”. In addition the newspaper noted the sales
in France Germany and Britain the company’s three biggest European markets also
showed increases over the previous year.


Amity Global Business School

Burger King “Have It Your Way”

Campaign: Burger King Subservient Chicken

Product: Burger King Tender Crisp Sandwich

Year: 2004

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Media Circulated: In store posters, TV Broadcast, Magazines, Live Appearances

Concept: We launched the Burger King Tender Crisp Sandwich within the “Have It Your Way”
brand message. To show how customers really can have it their way with chicken, we created a large
subservient chicken that does almost anything anyone asks. Type commands, and tell the chicken
what to do. The chicken much like the sandwich – satisfies everyone’s personal tastes & preferences,
no matter how unique.

Results: 15 million hits the first 5 days. Word spread completely virally. Once the site and chicken
were seeded mainstream we added more branding, commercials and easter egg commands to keep
people talking & passing the site around. now with over 400 million hits to subservient chicken & a
significant increase in chicken sales that can be directly linked to the success of the site- this site has


Amity Global Business School

showed how successful an advertiser can be when they entertain & let people discover the message &

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