POLS 2306 REVIEW 2 FALL 2011 Chapters 1, 3 & 4 Political culture • Political cultures – moralistic, traditionalistic, individualistic • definition Voting

and elections • Participation paradox • Forms of political participation • Variables explaining voter turnout – socioeconomic factors • Qualifications for voting; exclusion from voting • Historical barriers to Texas voting • Texas primaries – open, closed • Role of incumbency, issues, party identification in elections • Voter turnout for general elections • Deterrents to higher voter turnout • Straight-ticket and split-ticket voting; swing voters; crossover votes • General elections; special elections – function and role • Chief election officer in Texas; enforcement of campaign laws • Types of ballots – party, office, Australian Political Parties • • • • • • • Functions and characteristics of political parties Primary purpose of parties Political parties and democracy Conservative/liberal ideology and groups most likely to support each party Constitutional basis for political parties and beliefs of founding fathers Historical political adjustments (Shivers) Realignment/dealignment

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