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Annual Journal of NEFOSTA Volume 6 None Page September 04 2011

Annual Journal of NEFOSTA Volume 6 None Page September 04 2011

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Published by: Yakindra Tim on Jan 31, 2012
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NEFOSTA is a purely professional and academic organization for Food Scientists and Technologists of Nepal estlablished in 1984 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Purbanchal (Eastern Development Region) in Dharn and Narayani (Mid Development Region) in Hetauda has been already estlabished within the country. Additionally, three Adhoc chapters for the association in United States of America, Austrailia and Nigeria have been established. Objectives To facilitate the NEFOSTA members for development and propagation of knowledge in Food Science and Technology. To provide a professional forum for discussion and sharing of research outcomes in the field of Food Science and Technology. To create supportive environment in order to encourage the new innovations in Food Science and Technology arena. Major activities Publication of Journal of Food Science and Technology Nepal (JFSTN), Food Nepal and Newsletters. To arrange lectures, seminars, talk programme on different aspects of Food Science and Technology for the benefit of members and general public as well. Involvement on Food safety issues and activities in collaboration with government agencies including DFTQC. Membership Membership is open for all graduates in Food Science and Technology as well as to those who are eligible as per the constitution of NEFOSTA. Types of membership are: Life member, Corporate member, Full member, Affiliate member and Student member CENTRAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-2010/12
President Uttam Kumar Bhattarai Vice-President Tirtha Prasad Adhikari General Secretary Dr. Megh Raj Bhandari Joint-Secretary Dakkal Pandit (Acting General Secretary) Treasurer Rama Subba Members Prakash Oli Yogendra Dhungel Madan Chapagain Achyut Mishra

President, Purwanchal Chapter Dhan Bahadur Karki President, Narayani Chapter Tank Mani Kafle ADHOC COMMITTEES Coordinator ,USA Chapter Chandra Prasad Neupane Coordinator, Australia Chapter Ashok Kumar Shrestha Coordinator, Nigeria Chapter Hikmat Bahadur Thapa Editor-in-Chief Ganesh Dawadi President, NEFTSA

Bidur Pageni

For membership, subscription of Journals and any other particulars, kindly contact to:

Nepal Food Scientists and Technologists Association
G.P.O. Box No. 13287, Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 00977-1-4256624, Fax: 00977-1-4256624

The General Secretary

Email: nefostaexcom@yahoo.com Website: www.nefosta.org

Lucia. Queensland 4072. Nepal Jagat Bahadur K. Kathmandu ADVISORS Ashok Kumar Shrestha The University of Queensland. Lalitpur. Dharan.JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY NEPAL (JFSTN) Volume-6. Kathmandu. St. Nepal Dilip Subba Central Campus of Technology. Kathmandu Tika Bahadur Karki Kathmandu University. 2010 Journal of Food Science and Technology Nepal (JFSTN) is an annual publication of Nepal Food Scientists and Technologists Association (NEFOSTA). Babarmahal. Dhulekhel. Kavrepalanchowk . Kathmandu Jiwan Prava Lama Department of Food Technology and Quality Control. view points and short communication in the fields of food science and technology interface. which mainly aims to publish the fundamentals and applied researches including reviews. EDITORIAL MEMBERS Sanjaya Bhandari Department of Food Technology and Quality Control. Kathmandu Madan Chapagain Department of Food Technology and Quality Control. It mainly aims to cover the following scopes. Food Science and Technology Food Nutrition and Human Health Food Safety Environmental Contaminants and Toxicological Studies Food Biotechnology Food Engineering Biochemistry Food Microbiology and Molecular Biology Agricultural Produces and Commercial Utilization Phytochemicals and Functionality Sensory and Consumer Science Indigenous Food Products EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Ganesh Dawadi Department of Food Technology and Quality Control. Kahtmandu EXECUTIVE EDITOR Krishna Prasad Rai Department of Food Technology and Quality Control. Australia Dev Bhakta Shakya Senior Food Technologist. research notes. College of Applied Food & Dairy Technology.C.

Kathmandu University.JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY NEPAL (JFSTN) Volume-6. Adewumi Department of Agriculture Engineering. Lebanese University. Australia Barbatunde A. India Bhesh Raj Bhandari School of Agriculture and Food Sciences. Thailand Ashok Shrestha Center for Nutrition and Food Science. Serdang. The University of Queensland. Nepal Nagendra Shah University of Victoria. Desh Subba Ruminant Nutritionist. Kahtmandu. The University of Queensland. Kirtipur. Briswane. Nepal Tirtha Bajagain Department of Bioresource Engineering. Nigeria Benu Prasad Adhikary School of Engineering. Government of Nepal Tika Bahadur Karki Kathmandu University. Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Lalitpur. Nepal Suroj Pokhrel Department of Agriculture. Nepal Ganga Kharel Trivuwan University. Avenue Apartment. Nepal. University of Ruhuna. University Of Burundi Sanjay Bista Nepal Agriculture Research Council. Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary . School of Environment. Kathmandu. Asian Institute of Technology. Dhulekhel. Mysore. Canada Upul Marapana Dept of Animal Science. University of Queensland. NE Calgary. McDonald Campus of McGill University. Faculty of Agriculture. India Megh Raj Bhandari Department of Food Technology and Quality Control. Manasagangotri. Resources and Development. Briswane. Austrailia Pierre Claver Irakoze Department Of Food Industry. Canada Dev Bhakta Shakya Agro Enterprises Center (AEC). Brisbane QLD 4072 Bhupal Govinda Shrestha Department of Biotechnology. Ludhiana. Akure. Punjab. University of Mysore. University Putra Malaysia. Federal University of Technology. Nepal Dilip Subba Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST). Kavrepalanchowk. Nepal Hussein Dib Food Technologist. Dhulekhel. Australia Bhagya Swamy Lingappa Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI). Sri-Lanka . Lebanon Jamuna Prakash Department of Studies in Food Science and Nutrition. AB. Malaysia Anil Kumar Anal Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology. T1Y 4P9. 2010 LIST OF THE REVIEWER Amin Ismail Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. Burundi. Mysore. Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI). Kathmandu. Gitega. India Kiran Bains Punjab Agriculture University. safety and quality control.

NEFOSTA PUBLICATIONS NEFOSTA PUBLICATIONS Journal of Food Science and Technology Nepal (JFSTN) An annual publication of NEFOSTA Central Executive Committee Food Nepal An annual publication of NEFOSTANarayani Chapter NEFOSTA News-Letter Quarterly publication covering the NEFOSTA activities NEFOSTA-EC News-Letter.Quarterly Publication covering NEFOSTA Eastern Chapter activities On the Auspicious Occasion of Vijaya Dashami & Deepawali 2068. Reviewers. NEFOSTA Editorial Board JFSTN . Authors. Readers & Good Wishers. We also expect your continual supports and cooperation forth coming issues of JFSTN. We would like to extend our heartily greetings towards all our NEFOSTA Members.

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