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est Los Angeles College!

hieving the Dream


Campus-Wide Rollout!
10th Annual Leadership Retreat!

Some participants had this to say:!
“Create some follow up communication and meetings for persons that want to get involved on the team with AtD implementation.”!

“The Big Picture effort of AtD will crash and burn without widespread buy-in and participation from the entire college.” !

“I’m getting more comforta looking at data – and lo forward to learning more

“Commit to institutional change based upon the evidence that is found and guarantee that change will be implemented. Thanks for this opportunity to work with colleagues to find ways to improve student success.”!

Data Sources!
Student Demographics! Student Outcomes! Cause-and-Effect Analysis! Policy and Procedure Analysis! Readiness Assessment! Focus Groups!

Data Team’s Findings:!

Core Team’s ! Preliminary Selection

West’s math foundation students have low successf course completion rates.!


West’s English foundation students have low successf course completion rates.!


40% of West’s students obt a degree/certificate/transfe within 6 years.!


Generating Broad Engagement
Make sure ATD is a standing agenda item in all related meetings including division and administration meetings.! Conduct faculty-student dialogues.! Develop and distribute monthly ATD newsletter.! Plan and organize professional development activities.! Break down data by divisions and share at division