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("The Quiz Pub"), Tralee, I------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. How many Heinz varieties? [57] 2.

Are there more Muslims or Christians in the world? [Christians (Source: World Almanac)] 3. Which persons traveled the most miles in 2008? [Space-Station astronauts] 4. SPORT: On which playing field would you find 5 pieces of wood not in the hands of a player? [cricket pitch (stumps and ducks)] 5. The Iberian, Arabian, and Scandinavian are examples of which geological feature? [peninsula] 6. From which country does Summo wrestling come? [Japan] 7. The official title of the head of the Roman Catholic Church is not "Pope". What is it? {Supreme Pontiff] 8. WEATHER: On a yearly average, which city gets more precipitation: Dublin or New York? [New York! (Source: The World Almanac) ] 9. Of the three countries: Germany, Japan, and the US, which has the LOWEST average hourly wage including benefits? [US] 10. What is the total number of gifts "my true love gave to me"?

[364] Which Latin phrase means "in proportion"? [pro rata ] -------------------------------------------------Round 1 1. How many squares on a chessboard? [64] 2. Which composer - lyricist - musician wrote "Wonderful Tonight"? [Eric Clapton] 3. The drink Chartreuse ("sharr-troose") comes in three colors. Name one. [green, yellow or white] 4. Which is presently the biggest Irish corporation? [Smurfit Group] 5. Which country declared war on Germany in 1943? [Italy] 6. Who was the Director of the film Braveheart ? [Mel Gibson] 7. Who wrote the song "Johnny B. Goode"? [Chuck Berry] 8. SPORT: How many attempts is a competitor allowed at each height in the high jump: one, two or three? [Three] 9. Which computer language is named after coffee? [Java] 10. What is the highest degree awarded by a university? [Ph.D.] --------------------------------------------------

Round 2 1. What is the most frequent sporting event in Wembley Stadium? [Dog Racing] 2. What has recently become the required age for First Communion? [8 years old] 3. Which Hollywood actress starred in the movie Striptease? [Demi Moore] 4. Which word is used to describe plants which live for many years? [Perennials] 5. Which company is bigger: Telecom Eirann or Kerry Group? [Kerry Group] 6. In the book Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man, who was the artist? [James Joyce] 7. How much is a shot of Hennesy XO Brandy here at O'Dwyer's: £3.50, £4.50, or £5.50? [£5.50] 8. Which sport figure's dogma just got hit by a Karma? [Glen Hoddle] 9. What is the name of the Wagner (pr. "vogg-ner") opera about a ghost ship? [The Flying Dutchman] 10. What kind of car was the Love Bug? [Volkswagon] -------------------------------------------------Round 3 1. In which game would you get 'A Double Top'? [Darts}

] 10. and Eastasia? [1984] 3. Eurasia. Which 1950's rock group group recorded the song "Rock Around the Clock"? [Bill Halley & the Comets] -------------------------------------------------Round 4 1. TRUE or FALSE? This is the last year of the 20th Century. In how many countries do cars drive on the left: 2. and dividing by 9? [Temperature. 22. Scotch. GOLF: On a par 4 hole. multiplying by 5. [False: The next century begins with 2001. Which whiskey is distilled the most times: Irish. In which novel is the world divided into Oceania. What is converted by subtracting 32. or Fahrenheit to Celsius] 7. how many strokes make a birdie? [3] 3. What former Hot Gossip member married Andrew Lloyd Webber? [Sarah Brightman] 9. Which brand of whiskey has three swallows on its label? [Powers Irish Whiskey] 5.2. How many keys on a standard piano? [88] 4. or 42? [42] . Which drink is the name of a song by the Eagles and a movie starring Mel Gibson? [Tequilla Sunrise] 2. or American? [Irish] 6.

[M*A*S*H] -------------------------------------------------Round 5 1. In which country is the UK's largest lake? [Northern Ireland (or equivalent)] 4. Which long-running American TV series was about a military hospital. In which year was the European Common Market created: 1957. what do Teddy Roosevelt. or 1959? [1957] 7. Which European country was the first to give women the right to vote: Denmark. Which Hollywood actress won the most Oscars for Best Actress? [Katherine Hepburn--4 Oscars] 6. 1958. Which is the world's oldest liquer? [Benedictine] 3. What is it called here? ['nappy'] .4. Finland. What is the name of the cat in Postman Pat ? [Jess] 10. Woodrow Wilson. and Ronald Reagan have in common? [All acted in films] 5. In America it's called a 'diaper'. or the UK? [Finland] 9. From which card game does Bridge originate? [Whist] 2. Besides being US Presidents. Which band recorded the White Album? [Beatles] 8.

Dance] 5. What does 'UFO' stand for? [Unidentified Flying Object] . tea. Which bird has the longest wing span? [Albatross] 7. a 12oz bottle of lager. In which art form is Rudolf Nureyev [pr. What famous dancer died when her scarf was caught in the wheels of a car? [Isadora Duncan] 6. TRUE or FALSE? A standard 6oz glass of wine. Correctly spell the surname of the man who flew The Spirit of St. Louis. 'noor-ray-yev]? [Ballet. Which psychologist created psychonanalysis? [Freud] 10. and a standard 35ml shot of whiskey all have the same amount of alcohol.5. Which two great songwriters wrote "Ebony and Ivory"? [Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder] 3. [TRUE] 2. Which contains the least amout of caffeine: coffee. [Lindbergh] 4. Who has the new hit single "Maria"? [Blondie] 8. Which type of whiskey is used in a Gaelic Coffee? [Scotch] 9. or cola drinks? [tea] -------------------------------------------------Round 6 1.

6. In which Kerry town is a monument to An Speirban. or Aristotle? [Socrates] 8. Which is the oldest commercial whiskey? [Bushmill's] -------------------------------------------------Round 7 1. [False: less than half] 5. Which great composer wrote a symphony after he had lost his hearing? [Beethoven (9th Symphony)] 10. Plato. "Sport's Greatest Scandal"? . Who came first: Socrates. What are the two main ingredients of a Bloody Mary? [Tomato Juice and Vodka] 6. What was the highest temperature ever recorded in Ireland? [33 celsius (91F)] 9. Who wrote the lyrics to most of Elton John's songs? [Bernie Taupin] 7. Which cartoon character wears a flying helmet and takes on the Red Baron? [Snoopy] 4. TRUE or FALSE? The upcoming Millennium will be celebrated by most of the world's population. The word 'disco' is a shortend version of which word? [discoteque ] 3. Which organisation is at the center of what has been called. the Sky Woman? [Killarney (near the Great Southern Hotel)] 2.

CINEMA: What is the full name of the MGM Company? . In which sport would you find a puck? [hockey] -------------------------------------------------Round 8 1. Which musical instrument did Louis Armstrong play? [trumpet] 3. Which has stronger winds: a tornado or a hurricane? [tornado] 2. Which whiskey is made from Juniper leaves? [gin] 4. Which computer giant is at the heart of a major lawsuit by the US government? [Bill Gates. PAINTING: Who is considered the founder of Impressionism: Manet or Monet? [Monet] 7. Which whiskey is the main ingredient of a Moscow Mule cocktail? [Vodka] 9. What is another name for a portable computer? [laptop] 8.[International Olympic Committee (or equivalent)] 7. or Microsoft] 5. Which 1960's rock star is buried in the same Paris cemetary as Chopin ("show-pan")? [Jim Morrison of the Doors] 6. How many finger holes in the old telephone dial? [ten] 8.

TRUE or FALSE? Ireland was invaded by the Milesus of Greece a millennium ago. where are the Lanula (lan-you-luh)? [half moons at the base of your fingernails (or equivalent)] 2. On your fingers. Which American singer was born in Tupelo with a twin brother who didn't survive? [Elvis Presley] 4.[Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer] 9. whose portrait changes in a mystical way? [Dorian Gray] 10. Wexford and Waterford were named by people from which country? [Denmark] 5. Which was first: Windows or Netscape? [Windows] 6. Exactly how much is a cup of coffee here at O'Dwyer's? [75p] -------------------------------------------------EXTRAS What causes knots in wood? [tree limbs] Which drink brand is a mixture of Champagne and Cognac? [Remy Martin] -------------------------------------------------Round 1 1. Which Hollywood actor was 'The Duke'? [John Wayne] . In Oscar Wilde's novel. [FALSE: The Milesus were from Spain] 3.

(13)] 4. King? [Blues Boy] 5. What is the only remaining of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Which movie got the most Oscar Nominations this year? [Shakespeare in Love .7.B. [Pyramids] 3. What is the name given to the prominent basalt pillars on the Antrim coast? [Giant's Causeway] 10.' stand for in the name B. TRUE or FALSE? Email addresses have a different form than website . What color is the book of Mao Tse Tung's writings? [Red] 8. What does ' B. How many times was Henry VIII married? [Six] 8. Is the Dulcimer a string or pipe instrument? [string] 9. How many times have Kerry won the Sam Maguire Cup? [24] 2. Who wrote the book A Clockwork Orange ? [Anthony Burgess] 6. Iceland] -------------------------------------------------Round 2 1. Re Question 5: Who directed the movie? [Stanley Kubrick] 7. What is the most Northerly capital in the world? [Reykjavik.B.

In which song are the following words: "When I get older. What make were the motorbikes driven by the stars of Easy Rider ? . Name one of the Bronte Sisters. or Emily] 10. [TRUE] 9. In which film was the character Cruella de Vil? [101 Dalmations] 7. which European City was declared the least polluted: London. In which year was there no Irish entry in the Eurovision song contest? [1983] 6. losing my hair"? ["When I'm 64" (Beatles)] 4. In a 1993 survey. What is the minimum number of sides of a polygon? [3] 2. What is the first of the Ten Commandments? ["Thou shalt have no other God but Me" (or equivalent)] -------------------------------------------------Round 3 1. Paris or Rome? [London] 3. How many times have Kerry won the Liam McCarthy Cup? [none] 5. Which American Senator chaired the Northern Ireland Peace Talks? [George Mitchell] 8. [Charlotte.addresses. Which major European river is said by experts to be the most polluted? [The Rhine] 9. Anne.

In which month is the Edinburgh Festival usually held? [August] 8." stand for? [Union of Soviet Socialist Republics"] -------------------------------------------------- . What does 'Alma Mater' literally mean? [foster mother] 10. Which London play holds the record for the longest run of any show in the world? [The Mouse Trap ] 5. What name is given to the 4-year period between Olympics? [Olympiad] 4. [Phil or Don] 9. What do the letters "U.S.S. Name one of the two ingredients of "grog" ? [rum or water] 3. In Aesop's fable. Which great Basketball player just retired? [Michael Jordan] 6. Which is the most frequently sung song in Europe and America? ["Happy Birthday To You"] 2.[Harley-Davidson] 10. What is the Italian equivalent of hors d'oeuvres ("orr-derves") ? [antipasta] -------------------------------------------------Round 4 1. which two animals have a race? [Hare and Tortoise] 7.R. Name one of the Everly Brothers.

FILM: Who often said to whom: "This is a fine mess you've gotten us into. For which newspaper did Superman work? [Daily Planet] 6. [Mike Hassett] 5. Which river is said to have mystical powers as it passes through Finuge? [Feale] . What contribution did John Williams make to E. and Star Wars ? [the music] 9. CO2] 4. What is the name of Germany's national airline? [Lufthansa ] 2. Name the Captain of the team that won the National Football League title in 1997. Charles Strite invented which very common household appliance? [pop-up toaster (toaster okay)] 10.Round 5 1. What was the name of Gary Pucket's rock group? [The Union Gap] 3. In which European country is the world's longest road tunnel? [Switzerand] 8. The buildup of which common gas is affecting global warming? [carbon dioxide."? [Hardy to Laurel] -------------------------------------------------Round 6 1. Which drink brand is a mixture of Champagne and Cognac? [Remy Martin] 7.T.

and a time to every purpose under Heaven.. "Of those to whom much is given. Which boardgame celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 1985? [Monopoly] 3. How many numbers in a normal Bingo set? [90] 10.. what is the shortest word that begins with a capital letter? [ 'I' ] 9. In which year was the Sam Maguire Cup first presented? [1928] 5. much is required. Kennedy] 8.." [". What make of car did Bond drive in Goldeneye ? . Which American president said." (or equivalent)] ---------------------------------------------------------Round 7 1. What is the next line of: "To every thing there is a season. What is the Irish name for County Louth? [An Lu ] 7. The novel Erewhon derived its name from what? [anagram of the word nowhere ] 3. Which popular natural therapy treats the bottom of the foot? [Reflexology] 4. Which Greek philosopher was Alexander the Great's tutor? [Aristotle] 6." [John F. In the English language..2.. Which company's computer is the current computer chess champion? [IBM] 2.

Elizabeth Taylor film? [Cleopatra ] ---------------------------------------------------------Round 8 1. What is London's main airport? [Heathrow] 10. In which of Handel's works is the Hallelujah Chorus? . and goats have the same name? [Angora] 3. rabbits. Which rock star wrote the book entitled In His Own Write ? [John Lennon] 2. Name the actor who plays Dougal in Father Ted ? [Ardal O'Hanlon] 9. and green balls in snooker? [Green. Brown. yellow. Yellow (or reverse)] 4. Which breed of cats. What is the correct left-to-right order of the brown. What is a gorteen? [little field] 5. TRUE or FALSE?: One goal of Zen meditation is to stop the mind from thinking for short periods of time. What was the first Richard Burton . [True] 7. When is Mardi Gras in New Orleans? [the day before Ash Wednesday] 6. Cathair Ui Mhorain is the Irish name for which Kerry town? [Blennerville] 8.[BMW] 4.

George Sand and George Eliot had the same first names. Which instrument did Stephan Grappelli play? [violin] 5. Which parts of the tree cause knots in wood? [limbs] 8. RE QUESTION 1: What else did they have in common? [women or authors] 3. What is Rambo's first name? [John] 7. or Group of Seven] 9. enhancers. What does the 'e' in the word 'e-commerce' stand for? [electronic] ---------------------------------------------------------Round 1 1. Which Indiana city hosts the '500' auto race? [Indianapolis] 4. and James Dean have in common? . Sal Mineo. By what title are the world's wealthiest nations known? [G-7.[Messiah ] 5. What else did they have in common? [authors. What did Natale Wood. In what would one find stabilisers. emulsifiers and preservatives? [food] 10. Over which continent is the largest hole inthe Ozone layer? [Antarctica] 6. or women] 2.

[Went to same high school] 6. Name one of the three-man writing team who wrote most of the 60's Motown hits. [Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland] 7. T or F?: Islamic law requires artists to depict animals in their paintings. [False: It prohibits it.] 8. A birdie is one under, an Eagle is two under. What is three-under? [Albatross] 9. Who killed John Lennon? [Mark Chapman] 10. Which dictator's wife was famous for rooms full of shoes? [Ferdinand Marcos] ---------------------------------------------------------Round 2 1. Prior to Madonna, who was the only female singer to have a number-one hit in five consecutive years? [Olivia Newton-John] 2. What is the English equivalent of nom de plume . [pseudonym, pen name] 3. Where is the oldest man-made building in the Western World? [New Grange, Drogheda] 4. What is the only common metal that is liquid at room temperature? [Mercury] 5. T or F? In Britain, the M7 runs between Cornwall and Leeds. [False: There's no M7] 6. In which country did the spirit Tequila originate?

[Mexico] 7. Which singer sang the winning Eurovision song "Congratulations"? [Cliff Richard] 8. Which British actress just got an Oscar Nomination for Best Supporting Actress in Shakespeare in Love ? [Judi Dench] 9. Re Question 8: Who got one for Best Actress in the same movie? [Gwyneth Paltrow] 10. In the book, who was captain of the Nautilis? [Capt. Nemo] ---------------------------------------------------------Round 3 1. Was the composer Brahms: French, German, or Belgian? [German] 2. Protein is one. Name one of the other two food groups. [carbohydrate, fat] 3. Who is the present Kerry G.A.A. County Board Chairman? [Sean Walsh] 4. What is Glen Roe star Teasy McDaid's real name? [Maureen Toal] 5. Which corporation created Traveler's Cheques? [American Express] 6. What's the next line of "Of shoes and ships and sealing wax.."? ["...and cabbages and kings."] 7. In which country are the islands of Honshu and Hokkaido? [Japan] 8. What is the name of the procedure to assist a person choking on food?

[Heimlich Maneuver] 9. COOKING: What are Bouquet garni? [herbs for flavoring (or equivalent] 10. Which pop group's lead singer was Diana Ross? [Supremes] ---------------------------------------------------------Round 4 1. Who wrote the song Easter Parade? [Irving Berlin] 2. In which city is Ulysses set? [Dublin] 3. Re Question 2: Spell Ulysses. [Ulysses] 4. T or F?: The Statue of Liberty is located in New York. [False - Bedloe's Isand is actually part of NJ] 5. Who is the patron saint of music? [St. Cecelia] 6. Which ghost did Hamlet see? [his father] 7. How many players on a Netball team? [seven] 8. Which is the longest-running British soap opera? [Coronation Street ] 9. Which tree is usually cut during moonlight? [Mahogany] 10. Besides their surnames, what do Joe Davis and Fred Davis have in common?

Re Question 9: Which town is it about? [Derry] -------------------------------------------------Round 6 1. What was the name of the Hunchback of Notre Dame? [Quasimodo] 6. Who wrote the song "The Town That I Love So Well"? [Phil Coulter] 10. Which country puts "Helvetia" on its postage stamps? [Switzerland] 5. T or F?: In certain circumstances. or players] -------------------------------------------------Round 5 1. Indians' revenge?: Which explorer brought tobacco to Europe? [Sir Walter Raleigh] 3. What is the second-highest hand in poker? [Straight Flush] 4. Which Italian composer wrote The Four Seasons ? [Vivaldi] 2.[Snooker Champions. Charles Dodgson was the pseudonym of which author? [Lewis Carroll] 9. a chess player moves two pieces at the same time. [True: when castling] 8. Re Question 5: What was his occupation? [bell ringer] 7. Who wrote The Lord of the Rings ? .

Which legendary bird rises from ashes to be born again? [Phoenix] 5. Which instrument does Ravi Shankar play? [sitar] .[Tolkein] 2. Celine Dion sang the winning Eurovision song in which year? [1988] 4. Name the sponsors of the All Ireland Football Championship. what did France give to America? [Statue of Liberty] 3. How does an audience differ from spectators? [audience listens.skating manoeuvre] 8. Limburger Cheese is named after a town in which country? [Belgium] 10. Where might you see a 'Flying Camel?" [ice rink . What is the name of the Russian stringed instrument with a triangular body? [Balalaika] 6. spectators watch (or equivalent)] 2. On the 100th Anniversary of American Independence in 1876. What is the popular title of the stories told by Scheherezade? [1001 Arabian Nights (or equivalent)] 9. [Bank of Ireland] 7. Which other famous composer was born in the same year as Bach? [Handel] -------------------------------------------------Round 7 1.

? [Sherlock Holmes] 9. Who led Solidarity and later became President of Poland? [Lech Walesa] 3. In which country is Monte Carlo? [Monaco] 8. Which burns more calories per minute: walking up stairs. Which instrument does Elton John play? [piano] 5.3. In Treasure Island. Which nationality was the composer Chopin? [Polish] 2. fastwalking. Who just became only the third player to hold the top three Snooker titles at the same time? [John Higgins] -------------------------------------------------Round 8 1. Which art form involves knotting threads and chords? [Macrame] 10. Which underground fungi are much favored by French chefs? [Truffles] 6. What is Gay Byrnes's middle name? [Mary] . Who lived at 221B Baker St. what did the parrot keep saying? ["Pieces of Eight!"] 4. or coal mining? [walking up stairs] 4.

What was the name of Michael Jackson's first band? [Jackson Five] -------------------------------------------------Round 1 1. What do Americans call a tap? [faucet] 9. How many times have Ireland won the Eurovision Song Contest? [7] 2. Which Internet software came first: Netscape's or Microsoft's? [Netscape's] 6. In what year was the 1921 All Ireland Senior Hurling final played? [1923] 4. T or F?: Kerry have not won an All Ireland Senior Hurling title in the 20th Century. On what date does Good Friday fall this year? [April 2nd] 5. Which instrument does Larry Adler play? [harmonica] 7. COOKING: What is a Tammy Cloth used for? [straining sauces] 8. Which is England's largest castle? [Windsor Castle] . Name the silent Marx Brother. [Harpo] 3. [True] 6. What is the popular name of the Parliamentary Buildings in Belfast? [Stormont] 10.5.

Who was the chief witness to the Camp David Accord between Sadat and Arafat? [Jimmy Carter] 4. What was the other? [Que Sera. Who was voted World's Sexiest Woman 1998 by the readers of FHM Magazine? [Jenny McCarthy] 10. What is the Irish name of the upcoming Kerry Arts festival? [Samhlaiocht Chiarrai] 2. Name the monk credited with the invention of Champagne. Sera. Which is the largest city in Scotland? [Glasgow] . [True] 6.000 miles of streets in London. One was Secret Love. Who is Shirley MacLaine's actor brother? [Warren Beatty] 5. [Dom Perignone] 9. What is the name of the optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions? [mirage] 3. Who was described by Churchill as "seditious" and "half-naked"? [Ghandi] -------------------------------------------------Round 2 1.7. or Whatever Will Be Will Be] 7. Doris Day had two big song hits in the 1950's. TRUE or FALSE?: There are approximately 50.

"] 4. Who played Cat Ballou? [Jane Fonda] 2. What is the name of 0 degrees latitude? [Equator] 8.8. or 1925? [1915] 3. What is the name of 0 degrees longitude? [Greenwich Meridian] 6.. "Well it's one for the money.. Was Frank Sinatra born in 1915. What is the name of 180 degrees longitude? [International Date Line] 7. 1920. or 1989? [1989] 10. What is Bruce Springsteen's nickname? [The Boss] -------------------------------------------------Round 3 1."? ["Three to get ready. Which is the only country that refuses to ban nuclear testing in the atmosphere? [France] 5. 1988. two for the show... In what year did Thadg O'Halloran captain Kerry in the Munster Championship: 1984. Which pianist is associated with the candelabra? [Liberace] 9. What comes after. What is the name of 90 degrees North latitude? [North Pole] .

What was the name of the dog in Peter Pan? [Nana] 2. Who wrote the music to Riverdance? . What are the units of masurement for the height of a horse? [hands] 8. In which two countries was the 1987 Rugby World Cup held? [Australia AND New Zealand] 4. What is the first book of the Bible? [Genesis] 10. To what political party does Prionnsios De Rossa belong? {Labour (no other answer acceptable)] 3. Where are NATO Headquarters? [Brussels or Belgium] -------------------------------------------------Round 4 1. then Cape Kennedy. If Clinton had been removed from office. In which town is the Four Kerry Poets Memorial? [Killarney] 7. What is it called now? [Cape Canaveral] 6. who would have become President? [Albert Gore] 10. Who are the current Superbowl Champions? [Denver Broncos] 9.9. It was first called Cape Canaveral. Name the actress who plays Sally Fletcher in Home and Away. [Kate Ritchie] 5.

What faded away until there was nothing left but a grin? [Cheshire Cat] 3. Where would one find a diatonic scale? [music] 5. TRUE or FALSE?: Years ending in 00 are always leap years. Who was the greatest Reggae star? [Bob Marley] 8. Songwriter Robert Zimmerman was far better known by what name? . In which opera is a gypsy girl who works in a cigarette factory? {Carmen] 7. [False] 2.[Bill Whelan] -------------------------------------------------Round 5 1. Change just three letters of Mickey Mouse and you get which other cartoon character? [Mighty Mouse] -------------------------------------------------Round 6 1. The American version of the boardgame Monopoly is set in which city? [Atlantic City] 6. Re Question 8: which country was he from? [Jamaica] 9. What is the largest industry in the Arctic region? [whaling] 4. With what is a libretto associated? [opera] 10.

What was T. E. What is Radio-One's presenter Maxi's real name? [Irene McCaubrey] 9.M. Which garment is named after an atoll in the South Pacific? [bikini] 3. Which country won the Eurovision the year it was held in Millstreet? [Ireland] 6. Axel Rose played in which band? [Guns & Roses] 7. Lawrence better known as? [Lawrence of Arabia] 4. What is the middle name of former Bishop Eamon Casey's son? [Eamon] 10. Which spirit is in a Pina Colada? [Rum] 2.[Bob Dylan] 2.' stand for? [apres meridian] 5. Who bills himself as the world's greatest boxing promoter? [Don King] 8. The Rattoo Round Tower is located near which town? [Ballyduff] -------------------------------------------------Round 7 1. What does the common abbreviation 'A. Where is the Hubble Telescope? [in Earth orbit (or equivalent)] 3. Where in England is the monarch not permitted to enter? .

Besides pen name. Which musical instrument derived it name from the Italian words for soft and loud? [piano or pianoforte] 5. Which female crime-story writer has sold nearly 300 million books? {Agatha Christie] 9. With which actor did John Travolta exchange faces in the movie Face Off ? [Nicolas Cage] 3. Davie. correctly spell the other English equivalent of nom de plume . Steve. Which country produces Tokay wine? . The new Manager for England played for which German club during his career? [Hamburg] 2. Who of the following is NOT a member of Boyzone: Mikey. In which song is the line. Who was the first animal film star? [Rin Tin Tin] 8.[House of Commons] 4. What was the Beatles' first Top-20 hit song? [Love Me Do] -------------------------------------------------Round 8 1. "Michael they are taking you away"? [Fields of Athenry} 10. [pseudonym] 6. Keith. or Ronan? [Davie] 7.

how many points is a blackjack? [21] 10. Which American poet is required reading for Irish students? {Emily Dickinson] 2. Abraham. Which chess piece does not move in a straight line? [knight] 9. poison] 4.[Hungary] 4. [Mikey Sheehy] 3.? [Michigan (Detroit)] 8. Name the last player to score a goal for Kerry in an All-Ireland Senior Football final. In which US state are the Motown Record Co. Which alcohol drink is made from apples? [cider] 5. In the card game. Who is John in Marvin Gaye's song. What is Saigon now known as? [Ho Chi Minh City] . What is done with a crinoline? [It is worn--it's a petticoat)] -------------------------------------------------Round 1 1. Which piece of clothing derived its name from originally being made in bright dazzling colors? [blazer] 7. How did General Rommel die? [suicide. Martin & John? [JFK] 6.

Name the pickpocket who taught Oliver Twist how to steal. Which British actress starred in McCabe & Mrs Miller ? [Julie Christie] 7. 1500. Which American president served the most terms in office? [F. D. Which term describes a victory in battle that is so costly it is of no value to the victor? [Pyrrhic Victory] 8. In a bookseller's catalogue. Who wrote the four-volume History of the English-Speaking People ? [Winston Churchill] 9. what would 'O/P' mean? [out of print] 6. How many feet of electrical wiring is found in the typical car: 500. [Artful Dodger] 3. Roosevelt] 4. Who is Carrie Fisher's mother? [Debbie Reynolds] 10. Whose diary was bought by the London Times and then found to be a forgery? [Hitler] 5. When do Christmas and New Year's Day occur in the same year? [every year!] -------------------------------------------------Round 2 1. or 3000? [3000] . What is the other name for the kettledrums? [Tympani] 2.5.

6. Which city has the largest population? [Mexico City] 2. dismissed] 5. [corn-on-the-cob. what happens? [case is dropped. Which scientist's name might be found on a milk container? [Pasteur] -------------------------------------------------Round 3 1.. In which country did golf originate? [Scotland] 10. What is the nickname of a Boeing 747? [Jumbo Jet] 3. peas] 4. What was Christie Brinkley's profession? [model] 7. beans. If the plaintiff dies during a libel case. Which rock star divorced Christie Brinkley? [Billy Joel] 6. The song Love Me Tender took its melody from which Irish song? [Nora Lee] 8. Which singer made his film debut in Love Me Tender? [Presley] 7. Name one of the three vegetables of which we eat only the seeds..Mother Mary come to me"? [Let It Be] . In which novel is Britain renamed Airstrip One? [1984] 9. In which Beatle song does ".

Name one of the Three Musketeers. What was Peter Pan trying to find? [his shadow] 9. Which Irish athlete won the Olympic Gold medal in the Women's Pentathalon in 1972? [Mary Peters] 7. Which movie director has made the most top-ten money-makers? [Speilberg] 8. doh is a deer. Which singer is known as "Lady Soul"? [Arethre Franklin] 10. "ray")? [drop of golden sun] 6. Which country has grown nearly 20% in size by reclaiming the sea? [Netherlands] 5.8. Which was first: Impressionism or Cubism? [Impressionism] 3. In the song. Which imaginary line across the sky is equivalent to the Equator on land? [Zodiac] -------------------------------------------------Round 4 1. . A leak from an American-owned company killed tens of thousands in which city in India? [Bopal] 2. In which year was Boris Yeltsin last elected? [1996] 4. What is re (pr.

What is the well-known Japanese term meaning "empty orchestra"? [Karaoke] 5.[Aramis. What was Richard Starkey's first film? [A Hard Day's Night (Ringo)] -------------------------------------------------Round 5 1. What is the well-known Japanese term meaning "empty hand"? [Karate] 6. What is the term for two-over-par in Golf? . In which city is the La Scala opera house? [Milan] 10. In the Ancient proverb. What trilogy did John Ronald Reuel write under a pseudonym? [Lord of the Rings] 4. Porthos. Which country is credited with the origin of Chess? [India] 9. Athos] 9. How many books comprise Lord of the Rings ? [three] 3. How many terminals in Heathrow? [four] 8. What happened to Alice after she drank from a bottle labled "Drink Me"? [she shrank] 2. Re 8: Who wrote it? [Alexander Dumas] 10. where is the heardest path to find? [under foot] 7.

From what is rum distilled? [sugar cane] 9. Which alternative treatment massages the bottom of the feet? [reflexology] 2. Which inventor was born in 1847 in Edinburgh? [Alexander Graham Bell] 3. Which Irish name is derived from the name of a Roman social class? .[double bogey] -------------------------------------------------Round 6 1. Re Question 3: Where does it originate? [Gulf of Mexico] 5. What is Margaret Thatcher's middle name? [Hilda] 10. What numbers were Hitler's Reich and DeGaulle's Republic? [third AND fifth (both needed)] 8. Which type of music was named by Allan Freed? [Rock & Roll] 6. What is a tarantella? [a dance] 7. What is the name of the warm ocean current passing by Ireland? [Gulf Stream] 4. Who was the original subject of Elton John's song Candle in the Wind ? [Marilyn Monroe] -------------------------------------------------Round 7 1.

What do sulphur dioxide. [True] 3. Which musical instrument was Sherlock Holmes able to play? [violin] 2. Which dance rhythm originated in Martinique? [Bossa Nova] 10. TRUE or FALSE? Computers double in speed and memory size every 18 months. What did Charlie parker play? [saxophone or jazz] 6. potasium nitrate. What do Americans call the number 1 followed by 12 zeros? [one trillion] 9. Which was the Beatles's last film? [Let It Be] 5. and benzioic acid have in comon? [food preservatives] 7.[Patrick for Patrician] 2. Which sport is played with the heaviest ball? . Who wrote the song The Girl from Ipanema? [Antonio Carlos Jobim (pr. Which team knocked Limerick out of the 1998 Senior Hurling Championship? [Cork] 8. What does tempis fugit mean? [time flies or escapes] 4. "ho-beem")] -------------------------------------------------Round 8 1.

What is made with fermenting yeast and held in tanks for 2 months at 40 degrees? [Lager or Beer] 8. What is the main ingredient of 'mock turtle soup'? [calf's head] 6. what is the second called? [Blue Moon] 4.[Ten-Pin Bowling] 3. [False .T. TRUE or FALSE? Fingernails have a total life span of 3 to 6 years.it's 3 . Which type of Amerian whiskey comes from Kentucky? [Bourbon] 10.6 months] 9. the Riddle Song. [True] 7. is the melody for which popular Johnny . TRUE or FALSE? The four largest planets in our Solar System all have rings around them. What does the term 'somniloquy' mean? [talking while asleep] 5. Months which begin on a Sunday will always have what? [A Friday the 13th] -------------------------------------------------EXTRAS What is the name for a combination of smoke and fog? [smog] What does the film title E. stand for? [Extra-Terrestrial] The old Irish air. When there are two full moons in the same month.

Who was the first Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland? [John A. Costello] 2. or Mick Jagger? [Jagger] 10. Which branch of Astronomy studies the structure of the Universe? [Cosmology] 5. Computers: What does the RAM stand for? [Random Access Memory] 9. Which group wrote and recorded the song "Good Vibrations"? [The Beach Boys] 7. Which famous wife is rumoured to be contemplating divorce? [Hillary Clinton] -------------------------------------------------Round 2 . Who is oldest: Prince Charles. Who is Warren Beatty's famous sister? [Shirley Maclaine] 6.Mathis hit? [The Twelfth of Never] -------------------------------------------------Round 1 1. In which country is the capitol of Tibet? [China] 8. Costello] 3. Which was the largest dinosaur? [Tyrannosaurus] 4. Who succeded Eamon DeValera as Taoiseach in 1948? [John A. Bill Clinton.

Who topped the charts in 1995 with the song. Which mineral is found in bones. Opal is the birthstone for which month? [October] 2. Derrynane Abbey is the ancestral home of which historic figure? [Daniel O'Connell] 3. Which Catholic missionary and Nobel Laureate died in 1997? [Mother Theresa] 4. Which movie was second in the number of Oscar Nominations this year? [Saving Private Ryan] 8.1. "You Are Not Alone"? [Michael Jackson] 2. Which artist was famous for his blue period? [Picasso] 7. (Re 4) How many had no beard? [one (Dopey)] 6. Who wrote Jude the Obscure? [Thomas Hardy] 9. How many of the Seven Dwarfs wore glasses? [one (Doc)] 5. Which group had a hit with "Whiskey In the Jar"? [Thin Lizzy] . and seashells? [calcium] -------------------------------------------------------------Round 3 1. teeth. Which instrument does James Galway play? [flute] 10.

On which of Shakespeare's plays is West Side Story based? [Romeo & Julliet] 2. Where are the Ox Mountains? [Sligo] 5. What was the name of Robinson Caruso's companion? [Friday] 8. Which famous film director died this week? [Stanley Kubrick} 9. What is another name for almond paste? [marzipan] 6. (Re 8) How many Best-Director Oscars did he win? [none] 10.3. Which year begins the next Millennium? [2001] 4. In which year did the Flight of the Earls take place? [1607] -------------------------------------------------------------Round 4 1. On which river did Huckleberry Finn's adventures take place? [Mississippi] 4. (Re 1) Who wrote the music? [Leonard Bernstein] 3. In which country did the rumba originate? [Cuba] 7. Which is Ireland's second-largest county? [Galway] .

What is said to be the "Mother of Invention"? [necessity] . Po. Name all theTeletubbies. [Harpo] 10.5. Who started Virgin Records? [Richard Branson] 7. Which town was the seat of the early kings of Munster? [Cashel] 8. [Lennox Lewis & Evander Holyfield] 2. Which herb is used in pesto? [basil] 5. Name the silent Marx Brother. What is the name of Oprah Winfrey's production company ? [Harpo] -------------------------------------------------Round 5 1. Name the two boxers in the upcoming World Championship. How many horns has a Rhinocerous? [one] 6. [Dipsey. Who was the subject of The Agony and the Ecstasy ? [Michelangelo] 6. In which film musical did Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood sing? [Paint Your Wagon] 4. Tinky Winky] 3. What is the name given to the cultivation of plants without soil? [Hydroponics] 9. La La.

For how many years is the President of Ireland elected? [seven] 7. traveled the world as a child prodigy. What did Sherlock Holmes keep in the toe of a Persian slipper? [his tobacco] 3. In which street is Neighbours set? [Ramsey] 9. Which instrument does Julian Bream play? [Guitar. Which is the smallest county in Ireland? [Louth] 4. In which county are the Fields of Athenry? [Galway] 10. Which composer grew up in a palace. lute] 8. What is the flavor of Cointreau? [orange] 6. Jobim wrote songs to which dance beat? [Bossa Nova] 2. Who in the Bible was the youngest son of Jacob? [Benjamin] -------------------------------------------------Round 6 1. Eva Braun was whose mistress? . and was buried a pauper? [Mozart] 5.7. What was the name of Frank Zappa's rock group" [The Mothers of Invention] 8.

Which Australian city has the largest population? [Sydney] 5.[Hitler] 9. What is the term for having more than one husband at the same time? [polyandry] 9. Which country has the most miles of roads? [US] 7. Who was Bob Cratchit's boss? [Scrooge] 8. Aer Lingus names it planes after what? [saints] 4. Which Beatles song has been recorded by the most artists? [Yesterday] 2. Which drip-style painter was best known? [Jackson Pollack] -------------------------------------------------Round 8 1. Which is the largest island of the Phillipines? [Luzon] 10. How is 1999 written in Roman Numerals? . How many symphonies did Beethoven write? [Nine] 6. Who wrote the novel The Godfather ? [Mario Puzo] -------------------------------------------------Round 7 1.

1941. Which Irish pop group were once named 'Feedback'? [U2] 5. Which form of therapy uses the essences of plants in heated oils? . Where is the world's largest man-made structure? [China (Great Wall)] 8. Was the game of Monopoly invented in 1932. Who invented the scissors and the parachute? [Leonardo DaVinci] 4.[MCMXCIX] 2. How many sides has a British 50p coin? [7] 3. Who won the 1999 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress? [Judi Dench] 4. 1942. or 1961? [1921] 7. Was the lie detector invented in 1921. Under which sign of the Zodiac are we at this moment? [(adapt)] 3. How many stomachs has the cow? [four] 5. or 1952? [1932] 6. (Re 7) Where is the world's oldest man-made structure? [New Grange. Ireland] 8. Where was the actor Richard Harris born? [Limerick. Drogheda. Ireland] -------------------------------------------------Round 1 2.

Which is the nearest star to the Earth? [the Sun] -------------------------------------------------Round 2 1.] 7. The owl and the pussycat bought their wedding ring from which animal? [the pig] 3. Who provided the voice for Woody in Toy Story? [Tom Hanks] 5. Which brand of beer originated in the Rocky Mountains? [Coors] 8. Which is the last book of the Old Testament ? . Name the world's southernmost capitol. Z. Who won the 1999 Best-Director Oscar? [Steven Spielberg] 7. [Wellington. How many took part in the Last Supper? [13] 4. In which country did the dog breed the Beagle originate? [England] 2.[Aromatherapy] 6. N. What was the 1997 Oasis album called? [Be Here Now] 8. Which rock group has the same name as a beer brand? [Coors] -------------------------------------------------Round 3 1.

or World Wide Web] 4. In which country was ice cream invented? [China] 5. cedar] 7. Name one of the two trees most frequently mentioned in the Bible. Mussolini or Stalin? [Stalin] 2. What is the Information Superhighway? [ Internet. or telephone] 8. Was 1900 a leap year? [No] 6. When do we next reset our clocks? [(adapt)] 4. To what does a modem connect a computer? [telephone line. Who just won the Oscar for Best Actress in a leading role? [Gwynneth Paltrow] -------------------------------------------------- . Who was oldest: Hitler.[The Book of Malachi] 2. [fig. Who preferred his Martinis "shaken"? [James Bond] -------------------------------------------------Round 4 1. With which art form is Henry Moore associated? [sculpture] 5. Which food do more humans eat than any other? [rice] 7.

who said. Who painted The Last Supper? [DaVinci] 4. [butter or flour] 7. who said. Hegel and Sartre? [philosophy] 8. "The Eagle has landed."? [Charles Lindbergh or Neil Armstrong] 3. Re 2 & 3: After which other historic event was it again said? [balloon flight around the world] 5. "The Eagle has landed. What connects Kant. or Yugoslavia] -------------------------------------------------- . Upon completion of an historic event. or Serbia. If a woman is nubile. what does that mean? [marriageable] 6.Round 5 1."? {Neil Armstrong or Lindbergh] 4. Re 2: Upon completion of another historic event. Who won the 1999 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor? [James Coburn] 5. Where is the city of Pristina? [Kosovo. Dipsophobia is the fear of what? [drinking] 2. Who just won the Oscar for Best Actor in a leading role? [Roberto Benigni] -------------------------------------------------Round 6 3. Name one of the two main ingredients of roux .

What is xerography? [photocopying] 5. Who was the youngest Beatle? [George] 2. surrealist. What is the best selling single of all time? . 1934)] 6. and a tight end? [American football] 3. Which movie won the 1999 Best Picture Oscar? [Shakespeare In Love ] 3. b. Of the 1999 Oscar winners. In which sport would you find a bomb. What does the acronym CD-ROM stand for? [Compact Disk-Read Only Memory] -------------------------------------------------Round 8 1. or abstractionist? [surrealist] 8. a shotgun.Round 7 1. Who was born first: Van Gogh or Picasso? [Van Gogh] 4. Who won the recent Holyfield/Lewis fight? [Neither: it was a draw] 6. a blitz. What was the first hand-held camera called? [Brownie] 4. 1928 (Dench b. Was Dali a realist. What is the cullinary term for 'according to the menu'? [a la carte ] 7. who is the oldest? [James Coburn.

On which day of the week was Millennium Eve? [Friday] -------------------------------------------------Round 1 1. How many Spice Girls are there now? [four] 8. Which is the biggest Irish corporation? . Who is the Secretary General of the UN? [Kofi Annan] 4. TRUE or FALSE?: Bicycle Polo was a recognized sport. Which event is said to have been the last great achievement in aviation? [balloon flight around the world] 7. In which sport would one see a trudgen? [swimming] 5. How many squares on a chess board? [64] 3. [Pristina] 2. [True] -------------------------------------------------Round 2 1.[Candle in the Wind] 8. Who wouldn't Take That and left in 1995? [Robbie Williams] 6. Who started the custom of carrying a flaming torch from Athens to the site of the Olympics? [Hitler in 1936] 4. Name Kosovo's largest city.

Which is the most popular spectator sport worldwide? [auto racing] 2.[Smurfit Group] 5. Galiano] 5. Which is the most common name in the world? [Mohammed] -------------------------------------------------Round 3 1. orange juice. Who was the first golfer to reach $1 million in earnings? [Arnold Palmer] 8. In which Kerry town is the Sky Woman monument? [Killarney] 6. TRUE or FALSE?: There were no Englishmen on Liverpool's FA Cup winning side in 1986. Who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. [vodka. what does . [True] 3. "fasee-shus-lee"] [contains all the vowels in alphabetical order] 7. .com ("dot com") stand for? [a commercial or business website] 4. Name one of the three main ingredients of a Harvey Wallbanger. "shah-day"] 's name? [Sade] 6. In Internet addresses. What is significant about the letters of the word facetiously ? [pr. Who won Sunday's rugby match between Ireland & Italy? [Ireland] 7. How do you spell singer Sade [pr.

Name one. Zanzibar] 3. or Balkans] -------------------------------------------------------Round 4 1. The drink Chartreuse ("sharr-troose") comes in three colors. yellow or white] 3. In equestrian sport.E. What is the second book of the Bible. Name one of the two countries involved. which event tests obedience? [Dressage] 8. Who was Aristotle's teacher? [Plato] 6. Which type of dance involves moving under a horizontal pole? . The shortest war on record was in 1896 and lasted 38 minutes. stand for? [United Arab Emirates] 7. What does U. [England. [green.A. Roman mythology: Celene and Diana are the goddesses of what? [the moon] -------------------------------------------------------Round 5 1. [Exodus] 2. Soccer: Which country scored the first goal in the first World Cup Finals? [France] 2.[Amelia Earhart] 8. Where is Montenegro? [Yugoslavia.

[True] 7. Who sang the hit "Nothing Compares 2 U"? [Sinead O'Connor] 6.] 3.[the limbo] 4. Is the tomato fruit or vegetable? [fruit] 5. Who won the 1999 Oscar for Best Actor in a leading role? [Roberto Benigni] 7. Would abc@xyz. TRUE or FALSE?: The comma was introduced into the English language in the 16th Century. Which reaches farther north: Greenland or Siberia? [Greenland] 8. In which city is the Parthenon? [Athens] -------------------------------------------------------Round 6 1. Into which sea does the Nile flow? [Mediterranean] 5. What is the highest degree awarded by a university? [Ph. Who wrote the song "Roll Over Beethoven"? [Chuck Berry] 8.ie be an e>mail or website address? [e>mail] 6. What was the pen name Charles Dodgson? [Lewis Carroll] -------------------------------------------------------- .D.

Who was the first US president to be assassinated? [Lincoln] 7. On which day of the week was Millennium Eve? [Friday] 5. Which of Shakespeare's plays has the most film versions? [Hamlet] 8. 1981. Who killed Mac Beth? [Macduff] -------------------------------------------------------Round 8 3. Which is the world's largest desert? [Sahara] 7. Who wrote the song "Crazy"? [Willie Nelson] 5. (or equivalent)] 8.Round 7 1. [Vatican] -------------------------------------------------------Round 1 1. What was the Year 2000 Problem? [computer dates use only last two digits of year. When did IBM introduce their pc: 1979. Name the only state in the world with a zero birth rate. or 1987? [1981] 3. . Which is the world's best-selling chocolate bar? [Hershey Bar] 4.

Which famous sculpture has no arms? [Venus de Milo] 6. The school shooting in Colorado was intended by the killers to honor whose birthday? [Hitler] 6. In which Italian city was Columbus born? [Genoa] 4. 3. Which popular soft drink once contained cocaine? [Coca Cola] . Are Hyundai cars Korean or Japanese? [Korean] 5.2. Who first recorded the song "Crazy" ? [Patsy Cline] 3. Who played lead guitar for Cream? [Clapton] 2. how many did he use to slay Goliath? [one] 8. Name both seas joined by the Suez Canal. [Mediterranean AND Red Seas] 4. Which is the largest city in Kosovo? [Pristina] -------------------------------------------------------Round 2 1. How many stones did David have in his pouch? [five] 7. Re Question 6.

Is Crypton fictional or real? [real] 8.7. Which famous Irish pop group has the same name as a popular beer? [The Coors] 3. Filbert and Brazil are types of what? [nut] -------------------------------------------------------Round 4 1. What is the flavor source of Amaretto liqueur? [almonds] 6. Which constellation contains the North Star? [Little Dipper. what was happening in Ireland? . On which island is Jakarta located? [Java] 3. 2. At which film festival is the Palm d'Or given? [Cannes] -------------------------------------------------------Round 3 1. In which American sitcom is Courtney Cox one of the stars? [Friends] 7. or Little Plough. or Ursa Minor] 8. 5. 4. When Marx & Engles wrote the Communist Manifesto. What was Bob Marley's band called? [Whalers] 2.

later made into the movie? [Peter Benchley] 8. TRUE or FALSE? Hungary and Italy border Yugoslavia. Which rockgroup recorded Beggar's Banquet and Let It Bleed albums? [Rolling Stones] 2. In which country would one find the sport of hurling? [Ireland] 5. . What must be octagonal according to international law? [stop sign] 5. Which island country are the present holders of Cricket's World Cup? [Sri Lanka] -------------------------------------------------------Round 5 1. Who wrote the novel Jaws. 'Crazy Horse' led which Native American nation? [Sioux] 6. TRUE or FALSE: Milosovec has the support of the majority of Serbs. How many lunar months does it take the Moon to orbit the Earth? [one] 6. Leaves of Grass was by which poet? [Walt Whitman] 8. only Hungary] 3. In which art form would one find the terms Major and Minor? [music] 7. [False. Bible: Who did Cain kill? [Abel] 7.[The Great Famine] 4.

Which movie won the Best Picture Oscar in 1995? [Braveheart] . Which famous actor is a financial contributor and spokesman for Scottish devolution? [Sean Connery] 3. Belgrade is on the banks of which river? [Danube] 7. What is the previous name of the Democratic Republic of Congo? [Zaire] 2. From which recent news event did we learn of the Trenchcoat Mafia? [Colorado school shooting] 6. FASHION: What do the letters DKNY stand for? [Donna Karen New York] 3.[True] -------------------------------------------------------Round 6 1. How many nations in NATO? [19] -------------------------------------------------------Round 7 1. The Oillean Pipes derive their name from which part of the human body? [elbow] 8. Au Gratin refers to a dish made with what ingredient in its crust? [cheese or bread crumbs] 5. Who was in both Mad Max and Gallipole? [Mel Gibson] 2.

write one of the two shortest complete sentences in the English language. Bondi Beach is on which ocean? [Pacific] -------------------------------------------------------Round 8 1. Who is the most successful Scottish sportsman in history? [Snooker great Steven Hendry] 5. Which European country has the oldest documented genealogy? [Ireland] 8.L. (or) I am.4. What is the most Oscar nominations ever given to a movie: 12. or US] 4. Given that a complete sentence must contain subject and verb. Which sport is currently holding its world championship? [Snooker] 6. or 14? [14] 6. Shylock is a character in which of Shakespeare's plays? [Merchant of Venice] . 1999 News: What did K. Where are your stirrups and anvils? [in your ears] 7.A. Who composed the operas La Boheme and Tosca ? [Puccini] 3. Where was the NATO summit meeting held on occasion of its 50th birthday? [Washington. [I do.] 2. 13. stand for? [Kosovo Liberation Army] 5.

[(adapt to quizmaster et al. Which US president's middle name was 'Millhouse'? [Nixon] 7. or Grand Canyon? . or Venezuela? [Venezuela] 2. Which is world's lowest altitude: Dead Sea. What is the name of the present King of Spain? [Juan Carlos] ----------------------------------------------------------------1. What was the dog's name in Peter Pan ? [Nanna] 6.7 What sort of word is a neologism? [newly coined] 8.)] -------------------------------------------------------1. What is the name given to a substance which speeds up a chemical reaction? [catalyst] 2. Antarctica. What is the stage-name of singer/composer Gordon Sumner? [Sting] 5. Which composer wrote Romeo & Juliet and Swan Lake ballets? [Tschaikovsky] 8. In which country is the world's highest waterfall: US. How old am I? Nearest guess correct. What is the name given to a pressure wave in a blood vessel which corresponds to the heartbeat? [pulse] 5. South Africa.

"] ©2001 .. In which month is Van Morrison's song Moondance set? ["'neath the cover of October skies. Iceland..com Top of Form en Search Bottom of Form FREE BOOKS WORTH READING danmahony. In which country is world's deepest lake: Russia.com Click to .2011 by danmahony. What does a cephalogist study? [heads] 6.[Dead Sea] 3. China. or New Zealand? [Madagascar] 4. or Canada? [Russia] 5. Which is world's oldest island: Madagascar.

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