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Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

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Published by: komal_ on Feb 01, 2012
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Environmentally Friendly: Environmentally Friendly (also eco-friendly, nature friendly, and green) are terms used to refer

to goods and services, laws, guidelines and policies claimed to inflict minimal or no harm on the environment. Companies sometimes use these terms to promote goods and services by making environmental marketing claims and with eco-labels. Common characteristics of green companies:  Use natural gas for boiler fuel.  Recycle biodegradable waste.  Minimum use of plastic material; use recyclable packaging materials.  Use biomass and solar radiation as sources of renewable energy.  Generate electricity from hydroelectric plants.  Reduce toxic emissions, etc. SuzlonEnergy: The world s fourth largest wind-turbine maker is among the greenest and best Indian companies in India. Tulsi Tanti, the visionary behind Suzlon, convinced the world that wind is the energy of the future and built his factory in Pondicherry to run entirely on wind power. Suzlon s corporate building is the most energy-efficient building ever built in India.

Reflecting this commitment.CSR has embarked on a journey of sustainable development. The Foundation disseminates information. It is practised because we realise that the ownership of doing sorest with us as a responsible corporate. be it policies.CSR Activities of Suzlon: The year 2007-08 has set a new mark for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Suzlon. Empower and Sustain¶. CSR is developed as an integral part of our mission of 'powering a greener tomorrow' and to leverage opportunities towards sustainable and inclusive development. Thus CSR is an integral process. consultations and written communications. the Corporate Social Responsibility division ensures that all stakeholders are involved through workshops. All CSR initiatives have been consolidated within a designated function and staff. sensitizes. keeping and enabling positive and sustainable change in the areas of operation. Making money the most responsible way. Determined to go beyond charitable and philanthropic acts. and not something that is done in addition to business at Suzlon. Engage: At Suzlon. Suzlon Foundation¶s strategy focuses on its three brand pillars of µEngage. The Suzlon Foundation will thus be an internal conscience. A company has been specially formed -The Suzlon Foundation . and solicits stakeholder involvement in evolving a culture of sustainable development within and around the Company.to act as a catalyst for inclusive development throughout our business operations from 2008/2009. . processes or engagements with people and institutions. initiates dialogues. Suzlon has initiated an integrated approach in designing CSR. along with the business. the environment and communities around it also grow has become the basis of CSR. looking at our business cycle from a holistic perspective and planning inclusive development in which.

social.Empower: At Suzlon. We believe in empowering stakeholders to make informed choices that integrate business imperatives with development objectives. human and physical. A higher degree of sustainability can be achieved in business by balancing growth in all aspects of development . MP and Maharashtra  Advanced livelihood training for 40 students in MP for employability  Developing products and improving income of over 100 traditional artisans in Gujarat Health:  1000+ students in MP educated in preventive health practices  18 ambulances for health care of employees and villagers at wind farm all over India  Improving Health and Safety of workers of Trichy through joint industry cooperation program .financial. Sustain: Suzlon Foundation believes that business and its environment are inter-dependent. If the situation demands we will extend a helping hand. and works to strengthen the organic link between them. natural. Corporate Social Responsibility is not merely charity and philanthropy. Livelihood:  More than 12000 women covered in SHG projects spanning over three years in villages around suzlon wind farms in Rajasthan.

suzlonfoundation. Source: www.Education:  Vocational training for 500+ students and 1000+ women in Maharashtra around basic technology  Support for 1000+ girls in Rajasthan to complete 5th standard schooling Civic Amenities:  400 families gaining access to solar lanterns for rural electrification as a pilot project in MP and Rajasthan  Improving roads and drainage in the neighbourhood of two manufacturing units in Gujarat  35 villages in Gujarat covered by decentralised drinking water revival and medical Referral services.org .

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