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AC Insiders Guide

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Former Associated Content Employee Reveals All …

2009 Guide

© 2009 Chris Calloway. All Rights Reserved.

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CHAPTER 1: A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO ASSOCIATED CONTENT AND THE METHOD ...............................................................................................................................................................5 CHAPTER 2: A NO FLUFF OR BULLSHIT APPROACH TO MAKING REAL MONEY ONLINE................................................................................................................................................7 CHAPTER 3: NECESSARY TOOLS AND SERVICES...................................................................8 CHAPTER 4: GIVING A.C. JUST WHAT THEY ARE WANTING.............................................10 Most Effective Method of Finding Quality Content Online..........................................................11 CHAPTER 5: GETTING TO KNOW THE BASICS OF SEO.........................................................15 CHAPTER 6: USING A.C. PARTNER CALLS TO POCKET AN EXTRA $60-$80 A DAY......17 CHAPTER 7: ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT AND “FOREIGN RELATIONS”............................19 Getting phone verified accounts.....................................................................................................19 Dealing with W-9 verification........................................................................................................20 Proxies and IP changers – to use them or not?.............................................................................21 Linking Multiple AC Accounts to Paypal......................................................................................22 CHAPTER 8: AN INTRODUCTION TO OUTSOURCING...........................................................23 CHAPTER 9: HIRING QUALITY REWRITERS AT $1/ARTICLE..............................................24 CHAPTER 10: TRAINING YOUR WRITERS TO PRODUCE QUALITY CONTENT...............28 CHAPTER 11: BOOSTING PERFORMANCE PAYMENTS (PPV) WITH PROPER LINKING 30 CHAPTER 12: SPEEDING UP THE SUBMISSION PROCESS AND ARTICLE FORMATTING .............................................................................................................................................................32 CHAPTER 13: PUTTING A “TWIST” ON REJECTED ARTICLES.............................................33 CHAPTER 14: OTHER METHODS OF MAKING $$$ WITH A.C...............................................34 CHAPTER 15: GIVING A.C. WHAT THEY LOVE AND AVOIDING THE BAN HAMMER. .37 CHAPTER 16: IN CLOSING…........................................................................................................39


I'm not here to feed you fluff.. So this is for people that don't mind working to get what they're after. Unlike many online books and guides. in-depth tips and tricks. you shouldn't perceive it as complicated or difficult. But don't take this to mean there isn't hard work involved also. I'll share what I've learned myself through trial and error (so you don't have to). 4 . Because I'm going into all the nitty gritty details.C. So let’s fire into this. During my time submitting to A. giving me some powerful insight into how the company works. this is all factual and current information that can toss some solid money into your Paypal account. as well as every small detail I've been using to take advantage of the method. just as with any job or business you get out of it what you put in. I've built an online friendship with a long time staff member..simply because it goes well beyond what other ebook creators have offered on the subject of Associated Content. this is a comprehensive hold your hand guide to making real money outsourcing and rewriting articles online. The lazy need not apply. and also give you an insider perspective on what does and doesn't work when it comes to the Associated Content staff. I assure you this is one of the easiest ways to make a living online. This tutorial will be fairly long . I'll supply you with samples and form letters I use to handle certain aspects of the daily work involved. if done right.

based I will cover in chapter 9 how to bypass the problem. is an online writing community. You'll make money by submitting 400-600 word articles for upfront payments in whatever niche you choose. While submitting articles to A. You can then use submission software and outsource the submission process.S. The key is freeing yourself up from the actual writing and outsourcing it intelligently.C. For any of you that are non U. As of this writing. Associated Content only allows U.CHAPTER 1: A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO ASSOCIATED CONTENT AND THE METHOD In case you aren't familiar. isn't a "groundbreaking" method of making money online.00 consistently. based writers to submit to the site. A.S. The key to scaling it up to that point is using outsourcing to hire multiple rewriters at an extremely low pay rate. the way I use outsourcing and partner calls to make a living is. but more importantly you'll need to know exactly how to get high upfront payments of $4. thus maximizing profits for my time spent processing the articles.C. You'll not only need multiple accounts. 5 .00-$6.

We're going to aspire to make a little more than that.C. So everyone wins.C. (I'll guide you through all this) I have four separate ways I make money from submitting to A. Another reason many fail is that you can't submit and expect high payments for crappy pieces of writing that the majority (but not all) rewriters will try to send you.C's making a killing themselves through the ads they place around your published articles.While the site has its flaws ie: ridiculous guidelines. there are some greyhat/blackhat elements here. Many people are failing at making solid money with A. unpredictable editors and glitchy submission templates. but A. Let's say it's 60% whitehat and 40% grey/black. I make $100 to $160 a day submitting to A. (of course. The bottom line is that when this is done right you'll without a doubt be making solid money. You'll waste a lot of time collecting. I'm not having to do any of the writing myself. weeding out the good from the bad by using form letters to save time. unless I have time and want to make extra money that day. A lot more! 6 . offer you a buck or two per piece. it's a great little money maker. I'll show you how to hire high quality rewriters.C. editing and submitting the articles.C. you can just submit to make $30 a day and be done with it. and maximizing the profit for your time spent. depending on the available "partner calls. because they haven't taken the time to work with their rewriters and successfully scale the method up. doing it quickly. So the key here is knowing EXACTLY how to weed out the good from the bad rewriters. playing by the rules wouldn't be very fun now would it? So we'll skip the playing by the rules part… While this money making method is based on giving the publisher just what they're looking for. Once you have it correctly scaled up and using the right software . only to have A. but you HAVE to play by A. It's an easy platform to make some solid money online. Keep in mind you won't need multiple accounts and submitting software if you're planning on keeping it small. but researched the heck out of it and taught myself (and now you) all the ins and outs to make it work successfully.C's rules… Actually. By using outsourcing. it doesn't hurt that I've had an inside source) The method is a rather simple example of the power of scaling up. I had never made a dime online before diving into Associated Content." they have available.

7 . can also be used for scaling it up further)  the latest methods of creating multiple accounts and getting verified if you are out of the U.CHAPTER 2: A NO FLUFF OR BULLSHIT APPROACH TO MAKING REAL MONEY ONLINE Here are just a few things we will cover in this tutorial:  How to use "Partner Calls” to make $60-$80 a day from eight articles  how to keep your writers motivated to continue working for you at such a low pay rate  an in-depth look at using FOUR separate ways of making money from A.  we’ll cover the basics of Search Engine Optimization (you’ll only need the basics)  proper hyperlinking and strategies  recommended tools for saving time and money  where to get your content from to send to your writers  getting your articles to pass Copyscape for plagiarism without paying for it  why articles get randomly lower and higher offers for seemingly no reason  using the A.S. community for more articles views and $$  the best ways to get previously rejected articles accepted  how to scale it up by doing things as time efficiently as possible  alternatives to outsourcing (can be more time consuming but are viable options.C.C.

or increase your earning potential by adding twists to the method. save you time and money. Below is a list of programs or services that will either make your life easier.CHAPTER 3: NECESSARY TOOLS AND SERVICES Luckily there are very few tools you’ll need. but I find these two to be the best) 3) 4-6 Associated Content accounts 4) DupeFreePRO software 5) Plagiarism Detect 6) Danny Relic's AC Submitter 8 . 1) Paypal account 2) GetaFreelancer or Elance account – (there are other options for hiring rewriters.

Optional software that can help you take article writing to another level: 1) Dragon Naturally Speaking Used for speaking your articles instead of typing them 2) WP Spinner Avoid and Eradicate Duplicate Content 3) Instant article wizard Create high quality articles on virtually any subject in minutes. 9 .

They also have the option of rejecting an article if it doesn't meet their standards. You can either choose to deny or accept the offer given.C.C. makes their money based on how many readers click ads while viewing your articles.CHAPTER 4: GIVING A.00 payment if the article is accepted.C. and once reviewed make you an offer for each article. punctuation and spelling need to be "nearly" perfect.00 to $6. The first thing to remember is that certain niche topics will ALWAYS do well with A. but the upfront payment will suffer.00 for upfront pay on general category articles. the lower the upfront pay will be. tutorials etc. Keep in mind that A. they offer "partner calls" which is where I make a nice portion of my income from A.C.  keyword usage and density  uniqueness to anything else published on A.  uniqueness to all other online content 10 .50-$2. Grammar. Third.00 per 1000 article views thereafter. restaurant reviews. Here's precisely the things their software uses to calculate upfront payments. namely how-to's. With partner calls you make between $10 and $20 per article. JUST WHAT THEY ARE WANTING As of this writing Associated Content pays anywhere between $1. The A. vacation spot reviews.C there’s a good chance the articles will be rejected (only a minor setback as I'll show you later) if they aren't high quality and deemed worthy of making them money on page views (PPV). editors take anywhere from 3-10 days to review your submissions.C reviewers use a high-tech piece of software to determine the amount they offer for an article. Lastly they have a News category where you'll earn a flat $4. I say nearly because they will accept a well written article on a unique subject if it has a few mistakes. They also pay $1.C. so it's important that you get to know what they're expecting.C. It goes without saying that they can't review each piece manually due to the amount of articles they have to process on a daily basis. The A. With A. product reviews. The broader the subject matter.

but I can tell you from experience that these are the best. Here's a rundown of what the reviewers are specifically looking at to further calculate your upfront payment offers:  the title: Is the keyword used correctly and is the title likely to draw viewers in?  the first paragraph: Is it well written with the keyword in the first two sentences?  the last paragraph: Does it sum up the topic of the article and also contain your keyword? I'm told that these three things are the only items the reviewers have` to manually check. Associated Content is looking for articles that haven't been submitted by hundreds of other writers. It doesn't mean you can just write a good title. Most Effective Method of Finding Quality Content Online There are other methods I will list in another chapter. you can also do a search on A. My method of finding content to send to my rewriters is fairly simple but highly effective.     the writers clout level how "searchable" the topic is grammar. punctuation and spelling a calculation of estimated likely page views how many articles have been rejected in the past While the payment offers are calculated in part by their software. The software will catch this quickly. for your keywords and see how many people are covering that subject. Go to your search engine of choice (Google's the best) and type in "niche how to articles" or "niche product reviews" or "niche tutorials.C." so where I've typed in "niche" you will add something of your 11 . it's important to know that each and every article is checked by human eyes as well. first paragraph and last paragraph though.

After all. dieting and weight loss. "get rich quick" articles and of course sexual content. Once you've bookmarked the sites. broad or "already done to death" content and expect them to turn it into gold. home and garden. Once I have my library created I like to spend a full day just scraping together a supply of articles to cover a two week period of time. into the folder. so start each "content scraping" session by going to your bookmarked sites and taking only well written.00 for poor quality content. business. for instance "How to use a NordicTrack Elliptical Trainer for Better Health" or "How to buy a Dell S2409W 24’ Monitor Online". vacations and travel. If you're struggling to think of niches to bookmark. One rule of thumb is that you shouldn't send your rewriters boring.00 per article rather than A. picking a different niche category. Some of the niches that do well and will continue to do well are health and fitness. Do a search for " most popular niches" or "latest hot topics" and compile a list to search. Next go to the sites found in the search results and bookmark the ones that have well written articles. This makes it much faster to process things on a daily basis.C. While the above method is my preferred way of finding quality content to send to my rewriters. and anything technology related. just remember that Google is your friend here. doesn't like and won't accept for upfront payments are comedy or humor based articles. create a library covering every niche you can think of. The main point is… don’t submit articles on broad subject matter…such as "How to Gain Better Health and Fitness" or "Buying the Best Computer Monitor Online". parenting. You'll find thousands of articles covering numerous topics that you can use to send to your rewriters. home improvement.C's lowball figure of $1. The choices are endless. another good way is using Public Label Rights (PLR) articles. 12 .choosing. You just have to sit down for a day and have one good session of collecting the best sites and collecting them in a folder. The three niches A. You want to make the articles more concise. rinse and repeat. "wood decking stain tutorials" etc.000 at many of the Internet Marketing forums. unique content. but with a twist. finances. They can be found for free in packs of over 100. for instance "parenting how tos" or "computer monitor reviews". you’re shooting for closer to $6.

keywords.The key with using PLR articles is to add your own unique twist to each one before sending it off to be rewritten. is looking for. I suggest staying away from this method for a number of reasons. specific item or geographical location. So using my above example you would take a PLR article on a broad subject and you want to insert for instance a vacation destination or name brand and model.C's requirements. A. it can be rather time consuming to find quality content to use from the site. to find pdf magazines. This takes a bit of practice to learn how to do it quickly. Another way of finding content is to use Torrent sites such as BitTorrent. like "Dell S2409W 24’ Monitor" or "NordicTrack Elliptical Trainer" to a basic PLR article about exercise equipment. so to add quality. they will receive low upfront payments or are likely to be rejected for being too broad in scope. TorrentBox. You can then take these files and rework them to meet A. and specifics to each article will take time. With this method there's one drawback to consider. but needless to say we want to keep rejections to a minimum for a number of reasons I’ll cover in that chapter. you will still have to add keywords and run an article through Plagiarism Detect or Copyscape. ie: "The Best Vacation Rentals in Denver Colorado" rather than "How to Find the Best Vacation Rentals".com to search for pdf articles published before 1963. I have 3-4 articles rejected out of 100 submitted which is what you're aiming for. wants specifics.C.C. If you try to use PLR articles without adding a twist before sending them to be rewritten. These articles tend to be lacking the specifics A. Any articles written pre-1963 are considered public domain if the copyrights have not been renewed. ThePirateBay etc. Lastly. but just scan each paragraph and look for areas where you can throw in a brand name. With this method people hope to be able to avoid having to rewrite the content because it hasn't been added to Internet search engines. First. as you 13 . Yet another method many have tried is using the site NewspaperArchive. If you aren't throwing a similar twist into PLR articles you can see much higher rejection rates. Secondly. you're taking your chances with the copyright issues. I'll discuss later in the tutorial how to best deal with rejected articles.

which also directly affects upfront payment offers.. is looking for. 14 . Another point I wanted to make in this chapter is that A. There are a few other methods that I won't bother to mention because they aren't very time effective.C. they know what A. makes their money on the ads placed around your articles.C. Take the time to send them a private message complimenting them on their work and ask for some advice. A. and how many views your articles have received. pays you more for upfront payments the longer you’ve been submitting to them. Through creating a body of work you'll build up clout. You know that if they have been successful and have hundreds.. The next chapter will show you how to use keywords correctly for both high upfront pay and low rejection rates. I've done the leg work for you spending a lot of time trying these methods out. most will be glad to offer their own perspective. Another thing I did when I first got started with A. As stated above. so it's important that they're keyword rich so that you're offered the highest upfront payment possible. outsourcing rewriters is the best way to make a full time living with A. They have a "clout" system in place that's based upon how many articles you've had published. was to read and study the things the top A.never know when someone else has already used that particular article. and in many cases thousands of published articles. authors were doing with their articles. and the bottom line is this.C.C.C.C.

CHAPTER 5: GETTING TO KNOW THE BASICS OF SEO I could write a complete tutorial on how to use keywords for proper SEO (search engine optimization) but you'll just be using the basics for this method.C. So A. This is accomplished by ranking high in the search engines. What you want to do is have your rewriters place the keywords in the article title (preferably at the beginning of the title. So using the example in the previous chapter. Basically this is how it works in case you're new to SEO.C. your keywords would be "Dell S2409W 24’ Monitor" or "NordicTrack Elliptical Trainer". it's important to A. As I stated above. that as many people as possible view the ads placed around your published articles. Don't worry this is much easier than it sounds.) in the first sentence of the article body 15 . If you aren't using keywords you will undoubtedly get stuck in a rut of low upfront payments. will offer you higher upfront pay when you've placed your keywords correctly. and thus pay you accordingly. Your keywords are whatever words or phrases that are likely to be typed into a search engine by someone looking for information about your article topic.

C. There's much more to keyword usage and SEO than what I've covered here. then hit "calculate keyword density”and you're good to go. and 1-2 times per paragraph thereafter. Simply paste the article into the left window pane and type in your keyword or keyword phrase. but this is all you'll need to know when rewriting articles for A.5%.itself. There's a great free program I use called DupeFreePRO that will quickly and easily allow you to check your keyword density. 16 . What you're after is a total keyword density of 2%-2.

17 . I either write the articles myself while my writers are working on their rewrites. The key is to snatch each assignment up with each of your four or five accounts. will post assignments that a partner like Reuters is needing.com and other high end news sources. has partnerships with sites such as Reuters.C. or offer them an extra dollar or two and have them work on them. At random times of the day A. so it's first come first serve.CHAPTER 6: USING A.C. Basically. Each of these assignments pay between $10 and $20 each. A. The way it works is also pretty cool. Either way you'll make an extra $60-$80 a day if you can grab the assignments with all your accounts. PARTNER CALLS TO POCKET AN EXTRA $60-$80 A DAY Partner calls rock.C. Reuters may need 30 articles written on a certain current topic. They leave them posted until they are all claimed.

with the help of partner calls. will post two partner calls at once.But it gets a lot better. You just have to be able to claim them in time. and offer them a bonus if they get all 11 done that day. Many times A..C..C. as they won't stay up long. What I do is claim both assignments on each account. but obviously it's worth it. 18 . Once you get them all claimed it's a mad scramble to bust out some articles.. Just switch accounts as fast as you can. I'll write 4 myself. I've cleared $156. 8 total articles with each paying $15 on average. split up 1 to each of my writers.00 a day working A. let that sink in for a second.

Then open two separate tabs in your browser.C. Repeat this process by having a few friends let you use their phone numbers. but you can sign up for a K7.S.net voicemail account which is free to register. simply register your account and give A. Methods of getting phone verified seem to come and go on a daily basis. the voicemail of the verification message should be in your mailbox. residents to submit. and your account is verified.S.C. once you do you've got as many phone verified accounts as you choose. will get you verified. it gets a little trickier. Put the K7 number in to verify the AC account. Getting phone verified accounts There's a number of contradicting opinions on the safest way to create multiple accounts with A. it's quite a bit easier to deal with. While A. doesn't allow non U. The first way to get phone verified accounts (PVA's) if you're outside the U.S. If you're outside the U. 19 . All I can do is give you the best options as of June.C. Once they do just enter the code at A. because a method will work one day. In a minute.CHAPTER 7: ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT AND “FOREIGN RELATIONS” While Associated Content claims in their Terms of Service that you can "submit as many articles as you'd like" it's a well known fact that you can't make a living submitting to only one account. one for AC (you want to have already logged into both) and one for your web email. Install a WAV or GSM player like Quicktime to play the voicemail files sent to your email.S.C. Because the other methods of getting verified come and go I'm not going to go into too much detail because what works today may not tomorrow. They'll auto-respond back with a 4 digit number via text or phone call. Keep in mind that nothing I say on this subject is written in concrete. 2009. and may not the next. your phone number. If you're inside the U.S. is to buy them online. a PVA created by someone inside the U. There's a number of services to be found at Internet marketing forums that offer PVA's for $2-$4 each.

S. You will enter the number given by Bueno in Associated Content and press Call Me.Play it. Or let me put it this way.C. insert the PIN number on the AC tab. so make your choice accordingly. Enter this code in the Associated Content Verification window and you are done. Here's a better way to handle your maxed out accounts. Log into your Bueno account and keep this window open. Accept this call and it will say the verification code. A. This way you can create as many accounts as needed by creating multiple Bueno accounts. you will be given a US number. 20 . When you sign up with Bueno. Once your earnings reach $400-$600 dollars. You can run in circles trying to get some of the other methods to work for you only to end up back at square one. Then you should hear a call coming on your Bueno account screen. If you're outside the U. wants all writers to submit a W-9 form. you'll have to abandon your accounts and start new ones. and your AC account will be phone verified. there's no way to do this. Dealing with W-9 verification For tax purposes. Another way to verify is to sign up for Bueno. that's what many people do. Open Associated Content in another window and click on Verify Account.

If you're outside the U. you'll find offers to join others in an A. you can also consider a joint venture with a U. citizen. and start fresh with a new account.Instead of just abandoning your accounts as they get closer to A. A fair percentage split between two partners would be 60% for the writer outside of the U.S. citizen supplying the accounts. once the account has reached $350 to $450 dollars in total revenue. Although Associated Content does not currently monitor IPs. This percentage may vary based on your own venture requirements. This way the articles you've submitted to that account will be continuing to make you more money each month/year from the page views. Percentages can be split based upon whatever you and your partner agree upon. or send in the W-9 to verify one of your accounts. Proxy lists are available readily online through a simple Google search and for managing the proxies. Wicked Fire and Warrior Forum. I suggest playing it safe and submitting the form. Move on. you can leave that account to just garner the residual payments from page views. Proxies and IP changers – to use them or not? Proxies and IP changers are used to cover your tracks when dealing with multiple accounts. I wouldn't accept a percentage lower than this.C. and use the above method.C's $500 cutoff.S. I recommend a free software called Proxy Firewall which rotates the proxies as well as allows you to use specific proxies for specific programs such as Proxy A for Internet Explorer and Proxy B for Mozilla Firefox. but as a writer outside of the U.S. 21 . citizen it's your choice. venture. you can either take your chances with the I.S.R. If you're a U.S. Digital Point. you will be covered.S and $40% for the U. it is always a safer to submit from different IPs for each account so that if they put this measure into place at a later date.S. By visiting many of the Internet marketing forums online such as Black Hat World.

22 . requiring credit card or bank account information for verification. When you need to create a new AC account.C. It is a lot easier to create another AC account if banned. it's much easier and safer to start A. Many people will try to create multiple Paypal accounts in order to have one A. each AC account should have a separate email associated with it and luckily. This is extremely risky as Paypal will freeze all accounts and funds with even the smallest sign of foul play. Obviously we cannot use the same PayPal email address on all of our AC accounts or they will be linked and all accounts will be banned. accounts than it is to be frozen and banned by Paypal.Linking Multiple AC Accounts to Paypal One of the problems that we run into when dealing with multiple AC accounts is processing the payment to Paypal. and they'll have no reason to look into your Paypal account. Paypal allows us to add up to 8 email addresses with which we can accept payments. with each AC account pointed to one Paypal account. account linked to an individual Paypal account. Ideally.C. you should be linking each AC account to its individual PayPal account but PayPal accounts are harder to verify and are stricter in terms of approving accounts. Therefore. Therefore. Follow this tutorial on how to provide quality content to A. As I said. you will be able to funnel all payments and handle them from one account.C. simply delete the email from PayPal from the old account and add the new payment email.

CHAPTER 8: AN INTRODUCTION TO OUTSOURCING Basically. When you place your ad at these sites you'll receive bids based upon your indicated budget. Since you are the one placing the ad it's up to the bidders to decide whether they are willing to work for the amount you offer to pay.com.com or my personal favorite getafreelancer. you can pay them a much cheaper rate. 23 . what you'll need to do is hire rewriters from sites such as elance.00 per 400-600 word rewrite. You'll make it clear in your ad that your budget only allows you to pay $1.00 or more which would be ineffective for this method. Because the rewriters aren't expected to do any research as they would by writing original articles. There would simply be very little profit margin left to work with. If you were to place an ad for an original content writer you would pay $3.

the key to being successful with this method is knowing how to weed out the good writers from the bad. Set each ad to run for the maximum number of days allowed (usually 60). When the writer places their bid they are agreeing to these terms.com or elance. They will leave a comment either where they place the bid or in a private message telling you their qualifications for the job. but I collected my writing team with only two. The first step is to pay attention to how their grammar and punctuation is when they're placing their bid. If they can't spell five words without a typo. consider more ads. You may consider placing three ads to have more bidders to choose from.00 to cover the cost of the ad. Start out by going to getafreelancer. If you state in your listing that the writer won't be paid until you're satisfied with their work. 24 . Something to keep in mind is that you want to cover all bases within your ad. it's a good indication not to waste your time.com and create two accounts.com for instance. so pay close attention to this chapter as I walk you through the process. you'll need to deposit $5. You are placing two ads in order to have as many job bids as possible during the initial hiring phase of your rewriters. If you're using getafreelancer.CHAPTER 9: HIRING QUALITY REWRITERS AT $1/ARTICLE As stated above. then that's legal and binding in the eyes of the site. If you plan on having more than 4-5 quality rewriters to work the method with.

Use your ad copy to set an example to your bidders. I am looking for 5-6 GOOD writers who are looking for long term work. 25 . Below is a sample of a highly effective ad you can place. I will need a minimum of 10 articles submitted for my approval from each candidate PER DAY for a total of 50 articles submitted per week from each rewriter. If you throw up sloppy looking ads. For instance. While the bidders would prefer you place their payment in escrow to be held by the site. I am looking for high quality writers to rewrite articles on a regular basis. all it takes is for them to tell site administration that that they did X amount of work for you and you never paid. Hi and thanks for bidding.00 to start per 400-600 word article and will increase it with proven reliability and writing skills. (again.Another important point I wanted to make is payment of the writer. I highly recommend paying them privately through Paypal. Most freelancing sites including getafreelancer. it's your right to do so.com have some form of "escrow service" in place. grammar and punctuation. All articles must be written by a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING writer. Not good. I will supply you with all of the articles to be rewritten as well as all keyword phrases. If you pay upfront and have the site work as a middleman between you and the bidder. Your money and account are then locked down for months while the site investigates it. I recommend using this ad as a guideline only so that you know what information to include. if you weren't happy with a bidders sample and told them you wouldn't be able to hire them. Make sure your ad is well written with proper spelling. have this specified in your ad). I pay $1. The keywords I provide you need to be used in a normal and conversational way throughout the articles please. your bidders are less likely to take the job seriously. so always pay with Paypal. you can end up with your account and money frozen by the site. I can't accept articles just filled with fluff words meant to fill space. The rewriting will need to be concise and to the point.

When bidding please bid on the first project of 50 articles at $1. Please type this in your private message to me. I pay via Paypal within 24 hours of completion of each 50 article project. the articles must be at least 85% unique. Also. I will send you a free piece of software called DupeFreePRO in case you aren't familiar with it. I will not be able to pay if all requirements in this listing aren't met. "freelance rewriters" so I know you read and understand the requirements.5%. so the sooner you can finish the articles the sooner you will receive payment. The articles need to be informative to the reader with 100% correct grammar and punctuation.. first sentence and used another 10-12 times throughout the article for a total keyword density of 2-2. you will not be paid for that article until it is corrected and resubmitted to me for approval.The keyword/keyword phrase needs to be in the article title. reproduce or re-use these articles in any way. When I hire a new writer I pay them $10 at completion of the first 10 article batch to show that I pay. so please don't bid if you can't meet these requirements.00 per rewrite. Please be able to communicate 1-2 times per day via email or messenger. You agree that upon sending me the rewrites all rights to the rewritten articles transfer to me. they will be reviewed through Copyscape and Plagiarism Detect for plagiarism. This means you will not sell. Bids will only be considered with a sample article on a topic that I choose. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you 26 . If an article you submit to me does not pass Copyscape or has spelling and punctuation mistakes. This software allows you to quickly and easily check your keyword density.

You want the ad to have a stern feel to it so that the bidders know you're serious about receiving quality content back from them. Many bidders will try to send you their own sample which is obviously ineffective because anyone could have written it. You DO NOT want to "choose a winner".C. What you're looking for are people with English as a first or second language. As I stated in my above ad. You'll notice that the longer your ad's been posted the less bids you'll have to choose from. run them through Plagiarism Detect or Copyscape in case the bidder has used the sample somewhere online. offer to pay them fifty cents for the sample. If you're still needing more good writers. If you follow the above steps you'll have a quality team of 27 . you want to attach a sample for each bidder to complete when you respond to their bid via private message. it's much more valuable to some people than it is to others. but this is the main part of this method that takes some patience. If the sample is good and you hire the writer. send them your private email address for further correspondence. In order to kill two birds with one stone.00 per article. or bidders figure you've already hired someone and won't bother bidding. If you're like me. one little trick I'll use is to just email the sites support team and tell them I still haven't found a qualified candidate. and submit them to A. This will close your ad listing. Once you find a quality writer. and you won't have to create a new account and pay another $5. I like to split 400-500 word articles into two separate 200 word articles. This is due to the fact that others have posted ads after yours which sends your ad down the listings where it's either not visible. They'll bump your listing back up to the top of the page which brings in another flood of bidders. so while a dollar doesn't hold much value to someone from the States.00 deposit. Not that the hiring of rewriters is difficult. A little trick I learned to get the most out of my ads is this. When the bidders send the samples back I'll take the well written examples and piece them back together. as the ad site requires. you may wonder why anyone would be willing to work for $1. Keep in mind that the vast majority of bidders on these sites are from overseas. This way you're making use of the samples you'll be getting back.

rewriters ready to go in a short amount of time. only to find the quality is lacking. If they are not what I am looking for. pay them. first sentence and throughout the remainder of the article 28 . rinse and repeat. Put them on a two article "trial basis". This way you can check the articles over and clarify upfront what they're doing right or wrong. but will not be able to hire you full time. just cut them loose. You don't want to waste your time if they're not showing the kind of quality their initial sample indicated. I like to have each writer complete only two articles to start off with. and bring on someone else. I will pay you for these two articles. but have to pay them for. and what they're doing right or wrong. As long as they are minimum 400-450 words at completion they will be fine. You don't want to have them do the first batch of ten. But you can make them as long as you need to. I send them another form letter at this point: Attached you will find the 1st batch of 2 articles for rewriting. Then you'll have ten articles you can't use.5% density (used 8-12 times per article) Keywords used in title. The supplied articles have up to 700 words. If the articles are well written and follow all the guidelines I've set forth in my ad. Here again are the basic guidelines:  Re-title with an attention grabbing title  be at least 85% unique (pass copyscape)  have the supplied keywords used at 2%-2. this way you have more material to work with for the rewrites. Copy and paste. CHAPTER 10: TRAINING YOUR WRITERS TO PRODUCE QUALITY CONTENT Now that you've got some good candidates it's time to decide whether you can get the most out of them. Use your form letters explaining what you need. you will be hired on a full time basis.

One reason to make it known right from the start that you pay at the end of each 50 article project (which ends up being weekly) is to keep your writers motivated to produce quality content. Thank you If the articles are solidly written go ahead and send them off the remaining 8 articles to complete the first batch. (within reason I usually pay them anyway. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I've found that the more I give a writer a pat on the back. but then start to slack off.C. Writers will tend to "say" they'll complete 10 articles a day when they bid. punctuation and grammar. I'm too much of a sucker that way. Like I mentioned above. but maybe just needs some tweaking to get them on track with what you're needing. the more receptive they are when I follow it up with constructive criticism.) 29 . be at least 400-450 words. you need your writers to keep up with your requirement of 10 articles a day. I can't emphasize enough how frustrating it can be if you try to continue on and train someone that isn't going to work out. The only way your writers are going to know what you need is to be upfront about it.  have proper formatting. Sound like they are written by a native English speaker)  have a closing paragraph that sums up what the article is about.  read well (no fluff or filler sentences. If the first 2 aren't what you were looking for you'll need to decide whether the writer has promise. then point out the things that may still need work. In order to make a full time living with A. If the writing is good I like to praise them for the things that met my requirements. so make this decision wisely. So make it clear in your ad that you can't pay unless they're meeting their obligations. you can use this as leverage if necessary in case a writer is getting a little lazy. as long as you've made it clear in your ad just what your requirements are.

When I'm submitting my articles I take the time to add 3-4 hyperlinks to each. 30 .. What this does is it makes Google give your article love so to speak. Take your body of work and interlink each article… Again. A. will offer a slightly higher upfront payment if your article is properly linked. when people view your articles. you'd create a link to that.CHAPTER 11: BOOSTING PERFORMANCE PAYMENTS (PPV) WITH PROPER LINKING Performance payments are an extra way to make some residual income from A. let that sink in for a second. When done right you can see an extra $20-$30 a month depending on how many articles you've had published and how you promote them.C. This is what I do.C. Secondly. you'll start to build a solid amount of views. So if the top results end up being Amazon. and helps it rank higher in the search engine. Here's an awesome trick I was taught by my source. You want to link to the most relevant sites. Once you've built up a library of articles at A.C. You simply do a search in Google for the most relevant and highly ranked sites based on your keywords.

but every little bit adds up.What you can do is take each article you submit and put a few links in them pointing to other articles you've written on similar subject matters. and social bookmark all of your articles. 31 . Basically you try to build a link farm within your articles. Again. it's not for a truckload of cash. or you can use Onlywire for free. What it means is that when someone is viewing your article you are leading them into your other articles and gaining nearly double the amount of views you'd normally get. is around Another thing you'll want to do is use your bookmarking tool of choice. …it's all residual for as long as A.C.

CHAPTER 12: SPEEDING UP THE SUBMISSION PROCESS AND ARTICLE FORMATTING Processing all of these articles can be pretty time consuming. 32 .) You can then click one button and have it all done for you. When I format my articles I like to always add a subtitle and summary. You still have to format your articles as you normally would. I wouldn't bother using pictures as they won't offer you any more money. which is glitchy as hell and a pain. It's a must have item if you're serious about saving time. but when you have 40-50 articles to submit a day it gets time consuming. but it allows you to bypass A. I always add two resources to each article by just searching my keyword phrase in Google and grabbing the url of any site that will pass as something I might have referenced. (If you've already submitted there you know what I mean. To speed things up. Make sure you single space and leave indents out. I just copy and paste the first half of the first paragraph into the summary box. Doing submissions manually it was taking me about 4 minutes to process each article which isn't too bad. It's also got a sweet built in formatter template that can be sent to your writers so the articles come back to you perfectly formatted and ready to throw into the A. Submitter to speed things up as much as possible.'s 5 page submission template.C.C. Submitter. I like to use Danny Relic's A. At $17 it's a steal and a must have to save hours of time daily.C. I am always looking for ways to save time or automate the processes involved with this method.

When you have an article that isn’t getting accepted just tuck it away in a folder and come back to it in a few weeks. So refer back to this guide if necessary and keep your articles following along the guidelines I've given you. If for some reason it doesn't.C. (I think they get ticked when you're giving them crappy article after crappy article to review. but decided to resubmit it one last time. I always change the title and rework the first and last paragraph (remember when I talked about the human eyes?) Doing this will nine times out of ten get your article accepted.23 for it! I couldn't believe it had gone from being "way too broad" to getting one of my highest upfront offers at that time. then as I said just let it sit a few weeks and then resubmit.CHAPTER 13: PUTTING A “TWIST” ON REJECTED ARTICLES I'll start this chapter with a funny story about a rejected article of mine. It's extremely important that you keep rejected articles to a minimum. With multiple accounts we'd prefer to lay a little low. I was pretty much ready to delete it and just cut my losses on it. My point is that many of the reviewers see things in VERY different ways. but basically. and who wouldn't? ) I know they hated me when I first started. When I was just getting started with A. what they love and avoiding the banhammer". When I have an article rejected. I'll talk more about it in my last chapter "giving A.C. When that days articles were reviewed the damn thing was not only accepted. It sat waiting to be reviewed and I totally forgot about it. but they offered me $4. Chances are the next reviewer will see the article differently. 33 . They also start offering you lower upfront payments and in general start making your life miserable. I had this article on 'How to find a mate online" and this thing kept getting rejected time and time again. the more often your articles are declined the more attention you're going to bring onto yourself.

. but remember earlier in the guide when I talked about "we'll be skipping the playing by the rules part?" Forget that for submitting to the news category. 34 . what they want is a first person reporting piece. A.CHAPTER 14: OTHER METHODS OF MAKING $$ $ WITH A. which you WILL have to use to make it a money maker.C.00 flat payment and the articles are reviewed within 24 hours because they're time sensitive.bring him by the hand and drag him down to A. Corporate?" "Jeez. The news category can be a nice little income source. Strangely.C.C. Editor… ridiculous. puts the most difficult editors in this category. so you need to play by their rules or you'll have a lot of rejected content and end up facing the ban hammer. locations and any inconsistencies.C. A. They pay a guaranteed $4. You'll want to be careful when coming up with fake references. "Well how in the hell do I prove to you who I interviewed? . but then what they'll do is get picky about your sources. the guy I spoke of in my story is recovering from a gunshot wound to the ass Mr. so they're worth doing if you're still struggling to get $4. You'll need to make up a story like "Denver. I've been told that every source is thoroughly checked for company names.00 upfront payments.

once you've built a library of sites to grab your originals from (not having to crawl around online) it's just a matter of spending a few hours picking articles out of your library and adding keywords. is to scale it up further and go big by taking most of the manual work out. All you'll have to physically do yourself is the scraping. Keep in mind this could change at any point so use your own discretion with this. anything informational etc.00 per article. outsourcing is the most profitable method. You shouldn't try to make it a big news story that other news reporters would have reported on.50$6. You can look for people in your daily life to outsource the formatting and submitting. Also you always want to check it with Plagiarism Detect or Copyscape to make sure it hasn't made its way online. guides. You can train your niece. With this method there's no need to rewrite the content because it's offline content. If you're still getting low upfront pay you'll have to automate a lot of articles. Let your imagination run. you can scale this up and make at least $130-$150 a day consistently. This is what you do. Another way to make money with A. Another method I wanted to mention is to go to your local library and look for how tos. and just make the sources something they can't trace and find inconsistencies with. that being said. 35 .C. Through all of the testing I've done with Associated Content. Then you can take the books and magazines and scan the pages into your computer. Submitter. then pay them whatever you think is fair while considering your profit margins. Submit your articles to the news category on Mon. If you're doing everything I've explained in this guide and getting closer to $4. hire two more writers and scale it up.Colorado man shot on the I-25" or "Local Denver woman attacked by pitbull". Keep it a small news event for instance. This is what has helped me make a full time living with this method. it can be risky regarding copyrights because it's isn't being rewritten. which like I said. only. BUT. There's a certain staff member that doesn't work on these days so you'll have a much easier reviewer to work with. tutorials. it doesn't mean there aren't other angles you can use to scale it up further. or a young child from the neighborhood to use Danny Relic's A. and Tue.C. Open six accounts.

if you have time while your writers are doing their rewrites.C.  Dragon Naturally Speaking: This software allows you to rewrite articles yourself through voice recognition.  Instant Article Wizard: I. I like to grab a few articles to do myself if I'm between scraping etc.  WP Spinner: Another solid little spinning program 36 . is a great program to auto-spin articles. viable options to help you take it to another level. it's a very a powerful program to save yourself time.Lastly.A. Again. you can use this to spin and then edit to finalize the article. Once set up and trained to your voice.W. here are some programs that are solid. but can also be used to save yourself time and money once you've gotten serious about making money with A. It allows you to kick out articles much faster than just typing.

1) Always be cautious of having too many articles declined in succession.C.C. community.CHAPTER 15: GIVING A. You'll want to keep everything else with this method as whitehat as possible. this is one of the best ways to have A.C. Become part of the A. don't get yourself banned because you're covering up things that probably would have gone unnoticed anyway. WHAT THEY LOVE AND AVOIDING THE BAN HAMMER Anytime you're making money online with a form of grey or blackhat techniques. I repeat DON'T try to use bought or fake traffic to add page views! You'll be banned the following month when they go to review your performance payments. Here are some insider tips on how you can keep your account alive and avoid the ban hammer. Getting too many articles declined in 37 . Their pickiest reviewers are found in this category. is no different. Submitting articles to A. 2) Besides the grey/blackhat elements involved with account creation etc. reviewers crack down on your accounts. 3) DON’T. there are certain precautions you'll need to take.C. 4) DON'T get on the bad side of the news category editors.

Once you have your accounts created. Plagiarism Detect. Let this happen three times and you are banned. 5) DON'T try to submit articles you haven't checked with Copyscape. staff.the news category will raise some major flags and lead to a suspension or booting.C. many people trying to work A. They need you as much as you need them. just relax and realize you can always start new ones if necessary.C. I've seen it all too many times. They actually do themselves more harm than good much of the time. 6) As I said. End of story. or some form of online duplicate checker. 38 . Try to blend into the community and simply give A. what they're looking for.C. methods spend too much time trying to cover their tracks with A.

39 .C. You have to be determined that you WILL DO WHAT IT TAKES TO HAVE AN INDEPENDENT INCOME! Success in life isn't determined by circumstance or merely coincidence. Coaching Services" Feel free to contact me at killingwords2002@yahoo. You make YOUR OWN SUCCESS happen in this world. YESTERDAY! Now STOP READING and make this thing HAPPEN! Best of luck in your future successes! Chris Calloway I'm proud to offer "Insider A. If you're one of those who prefer to sit back and wait for things to drop into your lap.com to get started. Let this method give you the inspiration to hop in and TAKE ACTION NOW! No not tomorrow. perhaps this outline went over your head. then take this tutorial and… START TAKING ACTION NOW!! Once you start following the steps I've outlined above you'll see what I've provided coming into direct focus.CHAPTER 16: IN CLOSING… This is where I'm giving you a CALL TO ACTION! If you've spent too much time reading method after method and have yet to really dig in and make solid money online.

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