A Requiem

This a requiem for Spider; True, she's not dead but the person I thought I knew, the one who said she would never abandon me, is gone from my sight. An image exists and moves through the world, doing the things that people do, but I don't recognize this doppelganger. I knew her friend as more than a friend, as someone Loved “deeper ,than romantic love,” as she once said – it seems she's reconsidered. Her Spider Bite could have been an elixir for me, if not for her pride and fears, or at least it seems to me. Even the most Beautiful Web Is only a Trap if it's not hung in a Beautiful Garden, tended by a spider willing To also be trapped by its beauty Perhaps, like many words, these words will impact her Mind with falseness and, in a true moment, leave no impact. remaining forever silent – Even though these words are words of Love
© Bill Reed November 12, 2008