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Appetizers Roast Pork –or– Roast Chicken Bun 4.00 soy & honey glaze on a steamed bun Shiu Mai (4) 6.

00 steamed pork & shrimp dumplings with Wok Shop Hot Sauce Fried Chicken Wings cinnamon-soy glaze 5.50

HouseHouse-Made Noodle Soup
your choice of: Wok Shop House-Made Noodles (chewy egg noodles) Rice Noodles (wide silky noodles)

Entrees All entrees served with choice of white or brown rice Roast Pork –or– Roast Chicken soy & honey glaze, bok choy -add a fried egg 10.50 1.00

Salt and Pepper Squid 5.50 sweet and spicy dipping sauce

Wonton Soup 12.00 shrimp & pork wonton, bok choy Beef Short Rib Soup 12.50 short rib stewed in aromatic spices, bok choy Soy Sauce Chicken Soup 11.50 chicken braised in soy, star anise & cinnamon, bok choy Market Vegetable Soup –V 10.50 soy-garlic broth Wok Shop Home-style Rice Soup – G beef or chicken 11.50 choice of brown rice, white rice or rice noodles

Beef with Broccoli – G 11.50 hangar steak, savory brown sauce, broccoli -add a fried egg 1.00 Orange Beef 11.50 hangar steak, orange-infused brown sauce, broccoli Chicken with Broccoli – G 10.50 savory brown sauce, broccoli -add a fried egg 1.00 General Tso's Chicken 10.50 sweet & tangy sauce, broccoli Black Bean Tofu – V 9.50 black bean sauce, Chinese long beans

Sides Baby Bok Choy – V, G Long Beans – V, G Side of Rice (brown or white) – V, G 5.00 5.00 2.00

Brooklyn Wok Shop uses only hormone-free and antibiotic-free beef, chicken and pork. All our food is prepared on premises and cooked to order. All our water is filtered, ALL cooking and drinking water!

V = vegan G = gluten free option available 347-889-7992

Egg Tart 3.00 sweet egg custard in a French pastry shell

182 North 10th Street