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Pituiary Adenoma

Pituiary Adenoma

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Published by: Mwenge Ng'ona on Feb 01, 2012
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Pituiary Adenoma

 Defination of Terms:  Adenoma: Benign tumor of glandular origin  Amenorrhea: Absense of Menstrual period in a woman of reproductive age

Case Presentation CHIEF COMPLAINTS:  Amenorrhea for 8 months Daily Headaches Visual Disturbances Milky discharge from breast Galactorrhea Elevated PRL level .

ACTH. Exocytosis of Secretory granules . LH. FSH. PRL STEPS INVOLVED IN SYNTHESIS Transcriptions of DNA to mRNA Translation of mRNA to Prehormone on Ribosome Postranslational modicfication of prehormone in the ER Hormones stored in Secretory Granules RELEASE OF THE HORMONES Upon stimulation of A.Synthesis of A. GH. Pituiary.Pituiary hormones HORMONES SECRETED: TSH.

Stages 3 and 4 sleep.INDIVIDUAL HORMONES  GROWTH HORMONE:  Pulsatile:  Puberty: Every 2 hours.hormones of puberty. Pregnancy. Obesity. Adrenergic. maximum burst 1 hour of falling asleep( stage 3 and 4) enormous secretory burst responsible for the growth during puberty Lowest GH secretion Rate. Beta- .  Inhibitory Factors: Hyperglycemia.  Senescence:  Stimulatory Factors: Hypoglycemia. Somatostatin Starvation. Stress.

Inhibition of Ovulation. Estrogen. Prolactin Excess: Galactorrhea and Infertility . Breast Feeding. Dopamine Antagonist. Stress.A. Somatostatin. Prolactin STIMULATORY: Thyroid Stimulating Hormone(TSH). Dopamine Agonist( Bromocriptine).P HORMONES ‡ PROLACTIN: INHIBITION : prolacting Inhibiting Factor( Dopamine). Lactogenesis. Functions: Breast Development.

P. and generates cAMP  Increases Synthesis and Secretion of Thyroid Hormones  Trophic Effect on thyroid Gland . Hormones ‡ Thyroid Stimulating Hormones Regulation:  Stimulatory(TRH) and  Thyroid Hormones(T3). Negative Feedback Actions of TSH:  Activates a Adenyl Cyclase Via Gs Protein.A.

hypoglycemia. P. ADH. Serotonin Inhibitory Factors: Hyperglycemia .A. Hormones ‡ ACTH: Pulsatile and Diurnal Secretory Pattern Stimulatory Factors: Sleep-Wake Transition.

A. Leuteneizing Hormone:     Initiates Ovulation Induces rupture of dominant of follicle. releasing oocyte Stimulates formation Corpus Luteum. Maintains Steroid hormones production during luteal phase . P Hormones ‡ FSH and LH: Follicle Stimulating Hormone:  Stimulates granulosa cells in primary follicles  Stimulates estradiol synthesis.

Posterior Pituiary Hormones ‡ SYNTHESIS: ± ADH: Supraoptic Nuclei of Hypothalamus ‡ Functions: Regulation of Body Fluids ‡ Stimulatory Factors: ± ± ± ±  Increased serum osmolarity Hypoglycemia Angiotensin 2 Decreased ECF Inhibitory Factors  ANP  Decreased serum Osmolarity  Alpha Adrenergic agonist  Actions of ADH ‡ Increased Water Permeablity ‡ Contraction of smooth muscle( Via Phospholipase C and Ip3) .

P. Paraventricular nuclei ± Stimulus: Suckling of breast. ± Action of Oxytocin: ‡ Milk Ejection: ‡ Uterine Contraction . Pituiry Hormones ‡ Oxytocin.

TSH Levels measurement is used to find out the cause of the hyperprolactinemia.Amenorrhea in Hyperprolactinemia ‡ Cause of Amenorrhea: Excess prolactin inhibits GnRH Subsequents inhibition of FSH and LH TSH: has Stimulatory effect on prolactin. .

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