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Dana-Farber Statement on Budget Sections

Dana-Farber Statement on Budget Sections

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Published by Martha Bebinger

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Published by: Martha Bebinger on Feb 02, 2012
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Statement from Dana-Farber spokesman Bill Schaller on a midyear state spending bill that would waive additional

tiered insurance charges for patients in active treatment at Children’s and some other specialized hospitals. “Access to critical care should not be hindered when someone has a complex medical condition, such as cancer, nor should a health system reinforce or create disparities in access to specialized care.” “Our primary concern is that the shift to more restricted networks will disrupt existing treatment plans for our patients. Some of our patients have experienced this firsthand. The rules around whether and how these patients could continue treatment at Dana-Farber were confusing to both patients and their oncologists, and trying to determine if they should change plans, switch physicians, or apply for extensions added uncertainty and anxiety to their already stressful situation.” “We support the need for cost savings in the health system, be we must also preserve fair and reasonable access to specialized care.”

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