INTRODUCTION Have you ever been scuba diving or imagined what it
would feel like to be a fish? Imagine swimming freely under the water for hours and exploring everything beneath the waves. “Do you know we know more about about space than the oceans and seas?” More research is done on the study of space than the study of the oceans, and the oceans ecosystems have a much bigger effect for life on earth. The surface of the planet is covered by 72% water. It is only until recently that people have been able to explore and learn about life in the oceans. This is mostly thanks to Jacques Cousteau, his inventions, his films, and his dedication to sharing a love for the oceans.


So Jacques Cousteau and an engineer friend Emile Gagnan invented the Aqualung, through the winter of 1942-1943. This was his most famous invention. The Aqualung became known as S.C.U.B.A which stands for Self-Contained-UnderwaterBreathing-Apparatus. SCUBA allows people to dive under water and stay under the water for a long time by carrying their own tank of breathing air (compressed air). SCUBA allowed more freedom of movement and into greater depths than before when people could only see what was in the ocean by diving holding their breath or using air pumped from the surface. Another amazing invention by Jacques Cousteau was his special design for underwater cameras and equipment. This allowed him to film all that he saw under the water while exploring the oceans with his SCUBA gear. He also invented an underwater scooter to be able to move along quickly and film sea animals like whales and dolphins.

With his inventions, Jacques Cousteau, was able to share what he learned with people all over the world through documentary films. He made over 200 movies and TV documentaries. For the first time starting in the 1950s people were able to see life under the waves in the world oceans and seas at home on their TVs and in movie theaters. His most famous movie and book are called, The Silent World. He continued to make movies throughout the rest of his life from his boat Calypso a floating laboratory. Jacques Cousteau created a special environmental protection foundation to help save the oceans and the many things that live in it. He also wrote more than 50 books and 2 encyclopedias about marine life.

Jacques Cousteau was born on June 11, 1910 in Saint Andre De Cubzac, France. When Jacques was a boy he wondered a lot about water, and what was underneath the seas and oceans around the world. He was fascinated by machines and especially cameras. He started making home movies when he was still in school. Later on he joined the French Navy and traveled on the surface of oceans around the world. But he wished to go under the waves and stay under for a long time to explore and learn about all the wonderful things people had found in fishing nets and things he had seen snorkeling.

Jacques Cousteau died on June 25, 1997, at the age of 87. He is buried in Saint Andre de Cubzac, France, where he was born.

This is Jacques Cousteau holding the flag of his environmental protection club.

Jacques Cousteau was a great man and an agent of change for the 20th Century. He was an inventor, explorer, oceanographer, filmmaker, scientist, photographer, author, and environmentalist. I think Jacques Cousteau was a great man and an agent of change for the 20th Century. He was an inventor, explorer, oceanographer, filmmaker, scientist, photographer, author, and environmentalist. Jacques Cousteau is a great example of a 20th change agent because he has inspired me and millions of other people to love exploring the ocean under the surface. I have learned to scuba dive using equipment invented by Cousteau. I think it’s incredible to swim freely like a fish, and with the fish; nothing like watching fish in an aquarium. I think Jacques Cousteau has not only helped to save marine life but has made me realize that oceans are very important to the planet and are full of life and surprise.

This is a picture of a early SCUBA tank .

This is Cousteau in the Time magazine.


By:Gianmarco Mini

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