Webcam troubleshooting guide

Webcam not working?
There are lots of different reasons why your webcam might not be working as it should. Following the advice in this guide could help you get your webcam working so you can make the most of a free call on Skype. Check that your webcam is switched on and plugged into your computer. A webcam can only be used by one application at a time, so make sure you don’t have any other applications open that are accessing the webcam, e.g. other instant messaging applications or even some websites. Problems with video are often caused by driver issues. A driver is the program you install with the webcam which makes the webcam work with your computer (some webcams use preinstalled drivers so you may not have had to install one). Make sure you have the latest driver installed. You can download and install the most recent drivers from the webcam manufacturer’s website. Try plugging your webcam into a different usb port. If you are using a usb hub, try plugging the webcam directly into your computer. To test your webcam go to the Skype menu › Preferences › Video and tick the box Enable Skype Video. When Skype is able to use your webcam, you will see a video preview of yourself.

No Emergency calls with Skype Skype is not a replacement for you ordinary telephone and can’t be used for emergency calls.

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