Suggested Topics for mid-term papers for RUSS3003

Montage in Eisenstein and/or Vertov and/or Dovzhenko

Special Effects in Man With a Movie Camera

Rhythm in Silent Film

Starewicz s Animation and/or Vertov s Animation

Representations of Labour in Man With a Movie Camera vs. Earth

The Annniversary Film

Sexuality in Man with a Movie Camera and Phallic Imagery in E

Unconventional Narrative Strategies in Eisenstein

Shot Length Before and After the Revolution

Military Reconstruction From 1811 to Chapaev

Theories of Acting from pre-Revolutionary Russia to Soviet Typage

The influence (or lack of influence) of American Cinema on Russo-Soviet Cinema

The influence of sound on Chapaev and/or Ivan the Terrible

Representation of Politics in Dovzhenko and Eisenstein

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