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The MAYNE families of Exeter, Marwood & Shirwell in DEVON

Part 6 of a MAYNE One-name Study

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PART 6 of a MAYNE One-name Study

The EXETER, MARWOOD & SHIRWELL MAYNE Families of Devonshire in the south-west of England

The material below is the story (in descendant pedigree format) of three Mayne families of Devon:

Mayne of Exeter (Devon) & later Teffont (Wiltshire) Mayne of Marwood (Devon) Mayne of Shirwill (Devon)

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It is organised for each family in turn into three parts, with occasional articles, as follows :-

Descendant Pedigree with illustrated notes on each individual of the family. Index of individuals in the pedigree. Sources. List of the main research sources used (before web sources were available). Articles about the family in general or particular characters in it are occasionally included
These pedigrees have been researched and compiled as part of a one-name study of the MAYNE surname which was published by David Gore on CD in 2007 [ISBN: 9780953091218]. The following provided material or in other ways supported the study: John Mayne, Margaret Thomas in England, Stella Little, Martha OGrady and Brian MacDonald in Ireland, Jillian Fisher, Dell Mayne and Robert Harden Scott in Australia, and Brian Mayne in Japan. For study details see ------------------------------------------


Historical characters: clockwise from top left: Walter de Mayne, Sheriff of Kent 1570; Sarah Otway Mayne by Joshua Reynolds 1775; Lieut. William Mayne of the Bengal Cavalry 1842; Sir Richard Mayne (1796-1868) first Commissioner and founder of the Metropolitan Police, London; Centre: Lieut. Blair Mayne DSO* of the SAS in 1942. Page 1

The Devonshire family material here is only a small part of the one-name study which takes in the principal families of the MAYNE name in Ireland, Scotland and the others in England (Kent, Buckinghamshire/Warwickshire/Hertfordshire and Yorkshire). The 15 families which compose this study are listed below with the hyperlink which will connect you to each. On the last page are some comments on potential links between some of the family groups which remain unconfirmed.

SEDBOROUGH MAYNE of Fermanagh, Monaghan & Dublin. ECHLIN MAYNE of County Down. ) ERSKINE MAYNE of Belfast. ) SINCLAIR MAYNE of County Dublin. )




Devonshire/Wiltshire MAYNE of EXETER (Devon) & TEFFONT (Wiltshire) ) MAYNE of MARWOOD (Devon) )MAYNE of SHIRWELL (Devon) ) Yorkshire (1350-1722) MAYNE of BEVERLEY & ROLSTON in Holderness MAYNE of HESSLE, HULL in Holderness

)_ )

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12th CENTURY. Records say that in the 12th century Joel de Mayne obtained from King Henry I property in Devonshire at
Kings Nympton near Chulmleigh by the River Taw. These places are today small villages near South Molton in the Barnstaple (north coast) region of Devon, which is immediately west and south-west of Exmoor.

16th CENTURY. Devon records suggest that Mayne families are more populous in the Barnstaple region than in other parts of
Devon (not necessarily because of the earlier influence of Joel de Mayne!) :Devon Muster Rolls of 1569. The muster of military reservists was generally held every three years in the normal way but was increased in times of threat, such as that from Spain in 1569. The 1569 Muster Rolls for Devon are unique in being almost complete and so give a good indication of the spread of a name across the county. It shows most of the Mayne families were in the Barnstaple region (South Molton, Swimbridge, George Nympton, Bideford, Braunton, West Down). Next numerous were the Maynes around Exeter and the whole eastern half of this large County (Crediton, Exeter St Thomas, East Budleigh, Upottery, Clayhidon). Finally there were some on Devons south-west coast around Plymouth (Egg Buckland, Plympton, Dartmouth). MS List of Wills proved by the Archdeaconry of Barnstaple 1566-1637. This list of Mayne Wills is a further indication of the large number of Mayne families in the Barnstaple region of north Devon and along the Taw valley. North of Barnstaple, these deaths occurred at Shirwell, Bratton, West Down, Marwood, Georgeham, and to the south at Bideford, Chittlehampton, South Molton and in several villages to the south-west of Kings Nympton and Chulmleigh.

PEDIGREES. We show three Devon families whose early records begin in the 16 th or early 17th century :Mayne of Exeter. The first were successful brewers and merchants of Exeter (the Devon capital), a branch of whom settled in Wiltshire at the end of the 17th century. An article about this family is at "A Mild Deception" Mayne of Marwood. This is a Mayne family who originated from the same place as the Maynes of Shirwell (below), although no link has been established between the two. The Marwood family have been unable to discover their descent before about 1610, tantalisingly just a generation short of the last we know of the Maynes of Shirwill. [Ref: Search for a Saint by Brian Everett Mayne, 1983 (Ontario Genealogical Society Magazine Families Vol.22, No. 2)] Mayne of Shirwell. This is another farming family from the same area, north of Barnstaple and west of Exmoor. They are associated with the village of Shirwell and the manor of Youlston, and they include the celebrated Catholic priest, St Cuthbert, who was martyred at Launceston in 1577. Unfortunately it has not been possible to extend this short familys line down into the 17th century. The story of this West Country saint can be read at "St Cuthbert & the Road to Launceston"

Launceston Castle where Cuthbert Mayne was imprisoned with other Cornish recusants, tried and executed in 1577 Page 3

MAYNE of EXETER (Devon) & TEFFONT (Wiltshire)

(1) 1 Richard Mayne of Exeter, Devonshire ---------------------------------------Death: 1603 Burial: St Edmonds', Exeter Occ: Brewer, Freeman of Exeter Richard Mayne came from a branch of Maynes who were successful brewers and merchants of Exeter. At the end of the 17th century they brought their wealth to settle in Wiltshire. Richard was a 'Freeman of Exeter' (and as such in 1575/6 he was fined 1). He had a brother and a sister: the brother Thomas Mayne had a daughter who married a man by the name of Paschowe. The sister's name is thought to have been Joan. Spouse: Death: Children: Alice Payne 1625 Richard (1594-1643) Katherine Nicholas Judith Thomas John Elizabeth (1599-)

(2) 1.1 Richard Mayne of Exeter ---------------------------------------Birth: 1594 Death: 1643, age: 49 Burial: St Petroch's, Exeter Occ: Exeter merchant; One of the Irish "Adventurers" of 1642, bequeathed to son Thomas. Spouse: Death: Marr: Children: Elizabeth Quash 1650, Exeter 1618, St Mary's, Taunton Richard (1619-1645) John (1623-1680) Thomas (1623-1654) Samuel (1627-1661) Zachary (1631-1694) Elizabeth Prudence

(3) 1.1.1 Richard Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1619 Death: 1645, age: 26 (3) 1.1.2 John Mayne of Exeter ---------------------------------------Birth: 1623, Exeter Death: 1680, age: 57 Burial: St Petroch's, Exeter (Monument) Spouse: Death: Children: Faith Ceely of Plymouth, Devon 1679, St Petroch's, Exeter (Monument) Christopher (1655-1701) Elizabeth (-1703) Page 4

(4) Christopher Mayne of Teffont, Wiltshire ----------------------------------------

Christopher Mayne and his wife Mary Mompesson of Chicksgrove Manor, Salisbury. He purchased the Teffont estate, Wiltshire Birth: Death: Occ: 1655, Exeter 1701, age: 46 Lawyer: Middle Temple 1675

The only son & heir of his father. He purchased the Teffont estate in Wiltshire in 1679 for 12,000. His mother died that year and his father the year after. Much of the Teffont estate still remains in the family today although the Mayne name died out in 1905 on the death of Margaret Hele Mayne. She was the unmarried daughter of John Thomas Mayne whose only son died unmarried before him. Christopher was a JP (Justice of the Peace) for Devon in 1690-91. Spouse: Mary Mompesson

Mary was the daughter of Sir Thomas Mompesson from whom she inherited "a considerable estate at Chicksgrove" (late 14th century Manor House near Salisbury currently Listed by English Heritage Grade II*), as well as (rather conveniently!) the adjoining estate to Teffont. There is a picture of the Manor House today at Chicksgrove . [Ref: Burke's "Landed Gentry 1838" Vol. 4]. Children: John (1688-1726) Mary (1691-1711) Faith (1693-) Eleanor (1694-1743) Elizabeth Rachel (Died as Infant) (1696-1697)

(5) John Mayne of Teffont, Wiltshire ----------------------------------------

John Mayne of Teffont 1688-1726 Page 5

Birth: Death: Burial:

1688, Teffont, Wiltshire 19 8 1726, age: 38 Teffont, Wiltshire

Left is the Arms on John Maynes 1726 memorial stone at Teffont, under which is: H.S.E. Johannes Mayne Armiger, Ob Aug 19 Ano D 1726 Etat Juce 38. [The Arms John Thomas Mayne produced for himself in 1843 is on the right above and on page 11 for comparison noticeable especially for the embellishment of a gold coronet!] The Arms of Teffont Maynes. Teffont church contains John Mayne's memorial stone (on the left here), on which he is described as "Armiger" (meaning "entitled to bear Arms"). Above the inscription is the Arms in a circle which seem to be the basis of those developed in John Thomas time (see page 11). The Arms on John's 1726 stone (on the left) clearly includes the Mayne "bend with three dexter hands couped at the wrist" on the left side of the shield, with (impaling) what are probably the Arms of his wife's family, Batt, on the right half. The Crest is consistent with John Thomas Maynes 19th century version of the Arms in that there appears to be the head of a dragon breathing fire (although it looks rather doglike), but the head does not rise out of a coronet as it later does. Beneath the Arms are the initials HSE - possibly an abbreviation for the motto? Spouse: Birth: Death: Elizabeth Batt 1695 1768, age: 73

Elizabeth was the daughter of Christopher Batt of Kensington. Her Will proved 1769. Marr: Children: 1722 John (1723-1785) Elizabeth

(6) John Mayne of Teffont, Wiltshire ---------------------------------------Birth: Death: 1723, Teffont, Wiltshire 1785, age: 62

No children. Will 1785. The Teffont estate went to his cousin Thomas Mayne born 1725 at Colyton. But Thomas died in 1787, only two years after John. Spouse: Birth: Death: Isabella Raymond 1742 1805, age: 63

Portraits of both husband and wife are below

Page 6

John Mayne 1723-85 and his wife Isabella Raymond 1742-1805 Isabella was the only daughter of Samuel Raymond of Belchamp Hall, Essex. She was remarried in 1788 - to the 9th Earl of Dundonald. Marr: St Dunstan's, West London

(6) Elizabeth Mayne ---------------------------------------Spouse: - Berkeley

(5) Mary Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1691 Death: 1711, age: 20 Unmarried. (5) Faith Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1693 Unmarried. (5) Eleanor Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1694 Death: 1743, age: 49 Unmarried. (5) Elizabeth Mayne ---------------------------------------No children. Spouse: John Smith of Oxenwood, Berkshire

(5) Rachel Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1696 Death: 1697, age: 1 Page 7

(4) Elizabeth Mayne ---------------------------------------Death: 1703 Spouse: - Woolseley (No children)

(3) 1.1.3 Thomas Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1623 Death: 1654, age: 31 Thomas Mayne was the twin of brother John. It is written that Thomas "died beyond the seas" in 1654 (his death is thought to have been in Ireland before 1650 when his mother's Will, in which he is not mentioned, was proved). (3) 1.1.4 Samuel Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1627 Death: 1661, age: 34 (3) 1.1.5 Zachary Mayne of Dalwood & Exeter ---------------------------------------Birth: 1631 Death: 11 11 1694, age: 63 Burial: Dalwood church, Devon (floor stone) Occ: Schoolmaster: at Dalwood 1671-88 & Master of Free/Grammar School, Exeter 1688-94 Educ: ?Master of Arts (MA) and "in Holy Orders" [Burke] Spouse: Birth: Death: Burial: Katherine Barnes of Honiton, Devon 1639, Honiton, Devon 1734, Colyton, Seaton, Devon, age: 95 Dalwood with her husband & young children?

Katherine was the daughter of Gabriel Barnes, merchant of Honiton, and Johane Browne, who were married at Honiton 25 Sept 1638. Gabriel died 1679 and Johane in 1685, both being buried at Honiton. Marr: 6 8 1662, Honiton, Devon

Zachary Mayne 1631-94 and his wife Katherine Barnes 1639-1734. He was a schoolmaster of Dalwood and later became head of the Free Grammar School, Exeter. Children: Gabriel (1663-1714) Joel (1674-1757) Samuel (?1676-1750) Joanna (-1728) Elizabeth (-1731) Katherine (Died as Child) (1673-1678) Page 8

Benjamin (Died as Child) (1677-1692) Amos (Died as Infant) (1680-1681) John (Died as Infant) (-1678) (4) Gabriel Mayne ----------------------------------------

Gabriel Mayne 1663-1714 and his wife Margaret Hele of Exeter Birth: Death: Burial: Occ: 21 6 1663, Honiton, Devon 1714, age: 50 St Martin's, Exeter ? Exeter Apothecary (Chemist)

Gabriel was a 'Freeman of Exeter'. Spouse: Margaret Hele Margaret was the daughter and co-heir of Walter Hele, of Exeter, son of Thomas Hele of Flete Damerell. Marr: Children: 1692 Zachary Walter (1700-1735) Susanna Samuel (1712-1743) John (1709-) Elizabeth Margaret Catherine Joanna Sarah Katherine

(5) Zachary Mayne of Exeter, Devon ---------------------------------------Occ: Pharmacist of Exeter 'Freeman of Exeter' from 1726/7, following his father. Spouse: Marr: Margaret Hayne 26 8 1723, St Lawrence, Exeter

(5) Walter Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1700 Death: 1735, age: 35 Burial: South Molton, Exmoor, Devon Page 9


Mary Tillman

Daughter of George Tillman of Devon. Marr: Children: 19 1 1724, Colyton, Seaton, Devon Thomas (1725-1787) Gabriel (1732-1788) John (1727-1792) Elizabeth (1728-)

(6) Thomas Mayne of Teffont* ---------------------------------------Birth: 1725, Colyton, Seaton, Devon Death: 1787, age: 62 Thomas was bequeathed the Teffont estate by his cousin John Mayne on his death in 1785, but Thomas himself died two years later. His Will was made 1787. The Teffont estate then went to Thomas' only surviving son, Thomas, born 1749. Spouse: Birth: Death: Marr: Children: Mary Chappell 1723 1782, age: 59 1748, College Royal, London Thomas (1749-1819) Mary (1755-) Gabriel (1757-) Walter (Died as Child) (1751-1758) Elizabeth (Died as Infant) (1759-1761) Zachary (Died as Infant) (1759-1761)

Other Spouses Mary Danby (7) Thomas Mayne of Teffont ---------------------------------------Birth: 1749, Enfield, Middlesex Death: 1819, age: 70 Burial: Teffont, Wiltshire He took over the Teffont estate on his father's death in 1787. Spouse: Birth: Death: Margaret Davis 1764, Carnarvon, Wales 1840, age: 76

Margaret Mayne 1764-1840 (mother of John Thomas Mayne, born 1792) was the daughter of Robert Davis of Carnarvon, Wales. Page 10

Margaret Mayne, born Davis, 1764-1840 (portrait above) Marr: Children: 1786, St Clement's Danes, London John Thomas (1792-1843)

(8) John Thomas Mayne of Teffont ----------------------------------------

John Thomas Mayne, FRS, 1792-1843 of Teffont, and his memorial in the church on the estate. He spent a great deal of his time researching other Mayne lines at Doctors Commons. He was the last male Mayne of his line. Birth: Death: Burial: Occ: 1792 26 6 1843, age: 51 Teffont, Wiltshire (beneath the Tower) Lawyer: Inner Temple, London. Barrister; FRS (Fellow of the Royal Society) 1818

John Thomas took over the Teffont estate in 1819, the year of his father's death and his own marriage. See the article about him and his delusions of grandeur in "A Mild Deception" ('Never believe any man's account of his own family'). Spouse: Sarah Fulcher Start

Sarah Mayne, the daughter of John Start of Halstead, Essex, with daughter Emily Marr: 1819, Teffont, Wiltshire Page 11


John Augustus (1820-1841) died without issue Emily Harriet (1822-1896) Margaret Hele (1824-1905) Ellen Flora (1829-1907)

(9) John Augustus Mayne ----------------------------------------

John Augustus Mayne 1820-41 (sadly the last of John Thomas Mayne line) Birth: Death: 1820, Rome, Italy 1841, age: 21

(9) Emily Harriet Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1822 Death: 1896, age: 74 Spouse: William Fane de Salis

(9) Margaret Hele Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1824 Death: 1905, age: 81 Margaret was the last Mayne to inherit the Teffont estate which passed into the Keatinge family: Margaret's younger sister, Ellen, was married to Maurice Keatinge, and they had seven children and four grandchildren. The youngest grandchild, Sir Edgar Mayne Keatinge 1905-98 held the estate until his death, when it passed to his only son, Dr. William Richard Keatinge (born 1931). Sir Edgar's wife, Lady Katherine Keatinge, generously provided the bulk of the information for this pedigree.

(9) Ellen Flora Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1829 Death: 1907, age: 78 Ellen married Maurice Keatinge in 1815 and had seven children: Richard Augustus Keatinge 1850-1927 Eleanor Flora Keatinge 1852-73 Mervyn Louisa Keatinge 1858-1946 Alys Fane Keatinge 1862-1962 (2 Children) (continued on next page) Page 12

Maurice Walter Keatinge 1868-1935 Edgar George Keatinge 1820-93 Gerald Francis Keatinge 1872-1965 (2 Children*) *The Teffont estate came down to Edgar Keatinge, the youngest of the four grandchildren of Ellen Flora Mayne and Gerald Francis Keatinge

Teffont Manor House in 1985, with a glimpse of the estate beyond. The house had then been converted into flats. It was the home of this Mayne family from 1679 when they moved from Exeter. Photo of approach to the estate here , and of the River Nadder which flows through the estate here .

(7) Mary Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1755 Mary had a daughter, Mary Wrench, who married a Mr. Gay. Spouse: - Wrench

(7) Gabriel Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1757 (7) Walter Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1751 Death: 1758, age: 7 (7) Elizabeth Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1759 Death: 1761, age: 2 (7) Zachary Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1759 Death: 1761, age: 2 Page 13

(6) Thomas Mayne of Teffont* (See above) ---------------------------------------Spouse: Mary Danby

Other Spouses Mary Chappell (6) Gabriel Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1732, Colyton, Seaton, Devon Death: 1788, London, age: 56 Burial: Colyton, Seaton, Devon Children: Thomas (1769-) George (1773-) Gabriel (1776-)

(7) Thomas Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1769 (7) George Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1773 Children: Thomas Mary

(8) Thomas Mayne ---------------------------------------(8) Mary Mayne ---------------------------------------(7) Gabriel Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1776 Children: John Edward Elizabeth Rebecca

(8) John Mayne ---------------------------------------(8) Edward Mayne ---------------------------------------(8) Elizabeth Mayne ---------------------------------------(8) Rebecca Mayne ---------------------------------------(6) John Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1727 Death: 1792, Berwick St James, Wiltshire, age: 65

Page 14

Death on Salisbury Plain "as a result of severe weather". Coroner's Court bill entry no.2709 (page 170), 4 March 1792. Ref: "Coroners' Bills 1752-96" published by Wiltshire Record Office 1981 [Ref: A5/2/1/118]. Berwick St James is a small village about 6 miles from the Mayne estate at Teffont. Burke's "Landed Gentry1838" says John had a son who died without issue. (6) Elizabeth Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1728 (5) Susanna Mayne ---------------------------------------Spouse: Marr: Thomas Morish 24 4 1719, St Lawrence, Exeter

(5) Samuel Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1712 Death: 1743, age: 31 Spouse: Children: Esther Saunders of Exeter Samuel (1738-1781)

(6) Samuel Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1738, Exeter Death: 1781, age: 43 Spouse: Birth: Death: Marr: Children: Mary Hutchings or Hutchins 1739 1803, age: 64 1762 Esther (1776-) Emily (1776-) Mary

(7) Esther Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1776 Spouse: - Hayne

(7) Emily Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1776 Emily had two sons: Arthur (1803-40) and Thomas Noade (born 1804). Spouse: - Noade

(7) Mary Mayne ---------------------------------------Mary had a son, John Cresswell, who married a Miss Short. Spouse: - Cresswell

(5) John Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1709 Settled in Maryland in North America. Page 15

(5) Elizabeth Mayne ---------------------------------------(5) Margaret Mayne ---------------------------------------(5) Catherine Mayne ---------------------------------------(5) Joanna Mayne ---------------------------------------(5) Sarah Mayne ---------------------------------------(5) Katherine Mayne ---------------------------------------(4) Joel Mayne of Colyton, Devon ---------------------------------------Birth: 1674, Dalwood, Devon Death: 1757, Colyton, Seaton, Devon, age: 83 Burial: 1 4 1757, Colyton, Seaton, Devon, age: 83 Occ: Mercer (dealer in textile fabrics and fine cloth) Executor of his mother's Will 1734. His own Will proved 1758. Spouse: Marr: Children: Mary Channon 2 8 1720, Branscombe, Seaton, Devon

Mary Elizabeth Catherine Samuel (5) Mary Mayne ---------------------------------------(5) Elizabeth Mayne ---------------------------------------(5) Catherine Mayne ---------------------------------------(5) Samuel Mayne ---------------------------------------Children: Joel

(6) Joel Mayne ---------------------------------------(5) - Mayne ---------------------------------------(4) Samuel Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: ? 1676, Dalwood, Devon Death: 1750, Northampton, age: 74: Will 1750 Burial: 1750, Northampton, age: 74 Educ: Exeter College, Oxford, Matric 1694. BA 1698, MA 1701; New Inn Hall B Med 1708 Spouse: - Hannah Page 16

Burial: Children:

bef 1750, Northampton John (Died as Infant)

(5) John Mayne ---------------------------------------Burial: bef 1750, Northampton (4) Joanna Mayne* ---------------------------------------Death: 1728 Burial: 13 2 1728, Colyton, Seaton, Devon Joanna had two children, one by each husband: Zachary Bagwell & Thomas Pereame Spouse: Edward Bagwell Edward was the son of Francis Bagwell of Colyton (1665-96). Other Spouses William Peream (4) Joanna Mayne* (See above) ---------------------------------------Spouse: William Peream Burial: 11 12 1732, Colyton, Seaton, Devon Marr: 17 11 1702, Musbury, Seaton, Devon Other Spouses Edward Bagwell (4) Elizabeth Mayne* ---------------------------------------Death: 1731 Burial: 7 6 1731, Colyton, Seaton, Devon Spouse: Burial: Occ: Marr: John Rosewell of Colyton, Devon 18 9 1722, Colyton, Seaton, Devon Dissenting minister 4 7 1704, Axmouth, Devon

Other Spouses Thomas Tillman (4) Elizabeth Mayne* (See above) ---------------------------------------Spouse: Burial: Marr: Thomas Tillman 5 5 1745 19 1 1724, Colyton, Seaton, Devon

Other Spouses John Rosewell of Colyton, Devon (4) Katherine Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1673 Death: 21 4 1678, age: 5 Burial: Dalwood church, Devon (floor stone) (4) Benjamin Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1677 Death: 24 4 1692, age: 15 Burial: Dalwood church, Devon (floor stone)

Page 17

(4) Amos Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1680 Death: 3 1681, age: 1 Burial: Dalwood church, Devon (floor stone) (4) John Mayne ---------------------------------------Death: 29 4 1678 Burial: Dalwood church, Devon (floor stone) (3) 1.1.6 Elizabeth Mayne ---------------------------------------Elizabeth had three children: Richard, Elizabeth & Prudence Rolleston. Spouse: - Rolleston

(3) 1.1.7 Prudence Mayne ---------------------------------------Prudence had four children: George, Sarah, Elizabeth and Gabriel Willice. Spouse: - Willice

(2) 1.2 Katherine Mayne ---------------------------------------Spouse: - Leach

(2) 1.3 Nicholas Mayne ---------------------------------------Occ: Brewer, Freeman of Exeter Nicholas was a 'Freeman of Exeter' (and as such in 1603/4 he was fined 1). Spouse: Marr: Children: Jane Lamecraft 1602 Richard

(3) 1.3.1 Richard Mayne ---------------------------------------(2) 1.4 Judith Mayne ---------------------------------------Judith had a son: John Hamlyn. Spouse: - Hamlyn

(2) 1.5 Thomas Mayne ---------------------------------------Spouse: Katherine Julian Children: Julian Alice

(3) 1.5.1 Julian Mayne ---------------------------------------Spouse: - Dallia Page 18

(3) 1.5.2 Alice Mayne ---------------------------------------Spouse: - Turner

(2) 1.6 John Mayne ---------------------------------------Spouse: Death: Children: Joan Sheare 1612 Elizabeth Mary Ann Orlando

(3) 1.6.1 Elizabeth Mayne ---------------------------------------(3) 1.6.2 Mary Mayne ---------------------------------------(3) 1.6.3 Ann Mayne ---------------------------------------(3) 1.6.4 Orlando Mayne ---------------------------------------(2) 1.7 Elizabeth Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1599 Elizabeth had two children: Elizabeth and Prudence. They married respectively, Toby Alleyne and Thomas Turner. Spouse: - Trelawney of Plymouth, Devon Marr: 1620

Index Mayne of Exeter, Devon

Edward spouse of (4) spouse of (3) 1.1.5 spouse of (5) spouse of (6) spouse of (3) 1.1.2 spouse of (4) spouse of (6) spouse of (7) spouse of (3) 1.5.1 spouse of (6) Page 19

Katherine of Honiton, Devon



Faith of Plymouth, Devon






Margaret spouse of (7) spouse of (2) 1.4 spouse of (4) spouse of (7) spouse of (5) spouse of (4) spouse of (6) spouse of (2) 1.5 spouse of (9) spouse of (2) 1.3 spouse of (2) 1.2 (5) (3) 1.5.2 (4) (3) 1.6.3 (4) (5) (5) (4) (8) (5) (2) 1.7 (3) 1.6.1 (3) 1.1.6 (4) (4) (5) (5) (6) (6) (5) (7) (8) (9) (7) (9) (7) (5) (7) (4) (6) (7) (7) (4) (5) (6) (4) (2) 1.6 (4) Page 20





Hutchings or Hutchins





Alice Amos Ann Benjamin Catherine Catherine Christopher of Teffont, Wiltshire Edward Eleanor Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Ellen Flora Emily Emily Harriet Esther Faith Gabriel Gabriel Gabriel Gabriel George Joanna Joanna Joel Joel of Colyton, Devon John John

John of Exeter John John John John of Teffont, Wiltshire John of Teffont, Wiltshire John John Augustus John Thomas of Teffont Judith Julian Katherine Katherine Katherine Margaret Margaret Hele Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Nicholas Orlando Prudence Rachel Rebecca Richard Richard Richard of Exeter Richard of Exeter, Devonshire Samuel Samuel Samuel Samuel Samuel Sarah Susanna Thomas Thomas Thomas of Teffont Thomas of Teffont Thomas Thomas Walter Walter Zachary of Exeter, Devon Zachary of Dalwood & Exeter Zachary

(3) 1.1.2 (5) (5) (6) (5) (6) (8) (9) (8) (2) 1.4 (3) 1.5.1 (2) 1.2 (4) (5) (5) (9) (3) 1.6.2 (5) (5) (7) (8) (7) (2) 1.3 (3) 1.6.4 (3) 1.1.7 (5) (8) (3) 1.3.1 (3) 1.1.1 (2) 1.1 (1) 1 (3) 1.1.4 (4) (5) (5) (6) (5) (5) (2) 1.5 (3) 1.1.3 (6) (7) (7) (8) (5) (7) (5) (3) 1.1.5 (7) spouse of (4) spouse of (5) spouse of (7) spouse of (1) 1 spouse of (4) spouse of (2) 1.1 Page 21







Isabella spouse of (6) spouse of (3) 1.1.6 spouse of (4) spouse of (9) spouse of (5) spouse of (2) 1.6 spouse of (5) spouse of (8) spouse of (5) spouse of (4) spouse of (2) 1.7 spouse of (3) 1.5.2 spouse of (3) 1.1.7 spouse of (4) spouse of (7)


John of Colyton, Devon

William Fane (de)

Esther of Exeter


John of Oxenwood, Berkshire

Sarah Fulcher

Mary Thomas

- of Plymouth, Devon





Sources Mayne of Exeter, Devon

Devon Notes & Queries No.16, pp. 211-4. Devon Muster Rolls for 1569 by Howard & Stoate. Devon Wills 1563-1659 Archdeaconry of Barnstaple. 1540-1799 Archdeaconry of Exeter. 1532-1800 Bishop of Exeter. *The History of Wiltshire by Sir Richard C Hoare (Mayne Pedigree). *The House of Maine by The Rev. Robert H Main 1939 International Genealogical Index Devonshire. Pedigree information kindly provided by the late Lady Katherine Keatinge. * Burkes Landed Gentry 1838 Vol. 4, pp. 504-6 Mayne of Teffont Ewyas (current spelling Teffont Evias). [* Some intentional fabrication in Burkes pedigree, which is reflected in The House of Maine and in Hoares Wiltshire]


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This Devon family comes from the farmland north of Barnstaple and west of Exmoor in the early 17th century, when it was associated with the village of Marwood and later East Down. In the 19 th century a branch became established in Ontario, Canada. The family comes from the same area of Devon as the Maynes of Shirwell, although no link has been established between the two. There is a missing generation between where the Shirwell family ends (about 1562) and the first marriage in the Marwood Maynes pedigree (1611). The possible link between the Shirwell and the Marwood Maynes, just 3 miles and 50 years apart, is further discussed in the paragraph below. The Marwood family link to the Shirwell Maynes (the family of the Catholic martyr St Cuthbert Mayne). St Cuthbert Mayne had two nephews, the sons of his eldest brother David and his wife Johanne. They were both baptised at Shirwell, John Mayne in 1560 and Abraham in 1562. Some 50 years later, in 1611 at Marwood, 3 miles away, John Mayne of the Marwood family was married. On the presumption he would be marrying about age 25, this puts his birth around 1586 when either of the two nephews would be marrying and having children. Unfortunately, no record of John's birth or of the nephews' marriages or deaths has been found. One can therefore only say that it is very possible that Marwood John is the son of one of St Cuthbert's nephews. If so, it is probable that he is the son of nephew John; calling the first born son after his father was prevalent at that time. [Ref: "Search for a Saint" by Brian Everett Mayne , 1983 (Ontario Genealogical Society Magazine "Families" Vol.22, No. 2) which describes the efforts made to establish the missing link]

North Devon farmland, near Marwood and East Down, looking north across the Bristol Channel towards Swansea in Wales (1) 1 John Mayne ---------------------------------------Death: ? 1623, Marwood, Devon Will or Admin dated 6 Aug 1623 for a John Mayne of Marwood is listed for the Archdeaconry of Barnstaple (unable to verify this is him as Exeter records were destroyed in an air raid in 1942). Spouse: Marie Garland

A Mary Mayne married Walter Verchild 3 Sept 1623. This is only a month after John Mayne's Will was proved. Can this really be John's widow?! Marr: Children: 30 1 1611, Marwood, Devon Edmonde (1613-) Marie (1617-) Page 23

Richard (1620-) Ann (2) 1.1 Edmonde Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1613 (2) 1.2 Marie Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1617 A Marie Mayne married M- Lucas at Marwood on 1 Oct 1642. The presumption is made that this is our Marie aged 25. Spouse: Marr: M Lucas 1 10 1642, Marwood, Devon

(2) 1.3 Richard Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1620 Spouse: Elinor Balden

Elinor was 4 months pregnant when she married Richard. Marr: Children: 18 9 1647, Marwood, Devon Richard (1648-) Edward (1650-1729) Mary (1653-)

(3) 1.3.1 Richard Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1648 (3) 1.3.2 Edward Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1650, Marwood, Devon Death: 1729, age: 79 Burial: ? 25 12 1729, Marwood, Devon, age: 79 Spouse: Death: Burial: Children: Tabitha [presumed] 1719 21 5 1719, Marwood, Devon ?Edward (ca1679-)

(4) ?Edward Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: ca 1679 This Mayne generation is missing in Marwood records, but they reappear in the following generation. Children: Edward (ca1700-) John (ca1700-) Francis (-1726)

(5) Edward Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: ca 1700, Marwood, Devon Spouse: Burial: Grace Comer 4 1 1769, Marwood, Devon Page 24

Grace is thought to be the daughter of John Comer who died 1725, and sister of Giles Comer who married Anna Maria Harris at Marwood 8 July 1722 and had daughter Hanna Maria Comer baptised there 27 March 1727/8. Marr: Children: 10 6 1721, Marwood, Devon William (1726-?1799) Grace (1729-1751) Henry [presumed] Margaret (-1751) William (Died as Infant) (-1724)

(6) William Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1726 Death: ? 1799, age: 73 Burial: ? 12 6 1799, Marwood, Devon, age: 73

Sheep farming in North Devon around the Marwood and East Down area Spouse: Ann ?Westcott

There is a record of an "Anne Westcott" at Exeter St Sidwell. Children: William (1762-)

(7) William Mayne* ---------------------------------------Birth: 1762 Spouse: Marr: Children: Mary Wood 11 4 1789, Marwood, Devon Francis (1797-1848) Mary (1804-1885)

Other Spouses Catherine Eams (8) Francis Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1797 Death: 15 5 1848, East Down, Devon, age: 51 Occ: Mason Francis was living at Marwood with his wife and children in the 1841 census. He and later his wife Mary were buried in East Page 25

Down churchyard (tombstone).

Tombstone of Francis & Mary Mayne in East Down churchyard

Spouse: Birth: Death:

Mary Adams, born Hussell 1786 7 7 1857, age: 71

Mary was the daughter of James Hussell, a Devon labourer, and Ann Dyer. She married Henry Adams 6 Dec 1812 and buried him at East Down in 1815 when he was aged 42. She had a child by him, Ann Adams, who was married in 1845 - witnessed by her two half-sisters Julia and Jesse Mayne. Mary was a widow and 4 months pregnant when she married Francis Mayne. She and Francis named their two sons after their grandfathers: James Hussell and William Mayne. Marr: Children: 27 10 1818, East Down, Devon James Hussell (1819-1881) Mary (1820-) Elizabeth (1822-) Julia (1824-) Jesse (1827-) William (1829-1916) Susan (1832-)

(9) James Hussell Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1819 Death: 11 12 1881, East Down, Devon, age: 62 Occ: 1846-8 Carpenter; 1851 Farmer of 20 acres, Grocer, Draper, Master Mason; 1881 Land Agent As far as his trade/profession is concerned James was a man of many parts. He was "a carpenter 1846-48". James' great granddaughter, Mrs Margaret Thomas of Ilfracombe, describes him as "a shopkeeper and miller of East Down".

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East Down Parish Church, April 2001 (Brian Mayne in foreground) 1851 Census shows the family living at 86 Clifton Street, East Down with occupations:Farmer of 20 acres Grocer Draper Master Mason. In his later years he lived in the house in East Down which is now the Pyne Arms . On his death in 1881 he left his "Land Agent business" to his son James. Probate amounted to 1227 gross (122 net). Spouse: Marr: Children: Mary Boyles 16 6 1845, East Down, Devon James Hussell (ca1859-1912) Lucy William (1846-) Mary (1848-)

(10) James Hussell Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: ca 1859 Death: 19 1 1912, age: 53 Occ: Land Agent at East Down Spouse: Birth: Death: Children: Elizabeth Ali? ca 1863 19 11 1915, age: 52 Ann (1885-1950) Sidney James (Died as Infant) (1885-1885) Sidney John (Died as Child) (1888-1895)

(11) Ann Mayne* ---------------------------------------Birth: 1885 Death: 1950, age: 65 Burial: East Down, Devon Ann and Victor Latham had a son, Victor James Mayne Latham, who died aged only 6 months and was buried at East Down. Spouse: Victor Latham Page 27

Birth: Death: Burial: Marr:

1898 4 2 1920, age: 22 East Down, Devon 3 3 1916

Other Spouses Reg Crang (11) Ann Mayne* (See above) ---------------------------------------Spouse: Reg Crang

Other Spouses Victor Latham

(11) Sidney James Mayne ----------------------------------------

Sidney James Mayne in 1885 Birth: Death: 8 5 1885 3 11 1885, Age: 5 months

(11) Sidney John Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1888 Death: 28 6 1895, age: 7 (10) Lucy Mayne ----------------------------------------

Lucy Blackmore, born Mayne, married Richard Blackmore by whom she had 10 children. The youngest of them is the father of Mrs Margaret Thomas of Ilfracombe, Devon, who has kindly provided this data. Page 28

An example of the work of Cornelius Prior 1820-84, photographer. He was the husband of Jesse Mayne (next page)

(10) William Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1846 (10) Mary Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1848 (9) Mary Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1820 Mary had a son, who died at sea, and two grandchildren. (Ref: Mrs Margaret Thomas of Ilfracombe, Devon) Spouse: -- Barnes

(9) Elizabeth Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1822 Spouse: Richard Bailey

(9) Julia Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1824 Julia and Richard Ridd had 5 children :Frank (married Pearce: 3 children, including 'Mrs Pitt' [Knowle]). Mary Grace (married Geoffrey Beard: 4 children - Annie, Kathleen, Kenneth, Gwyneth). Harry (married Susan Dallyn: 6 children). Charles (married Sarah Pritchard: 5 children - Bert, Edith (married Harrison), Lily, Douglas, Stanley). Bessie. [Ref: Mrs Margaret Thomas, Ilfracombe, Devon] Spouse: Richard Ridd

(9) Jesse Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1827 Death: 1903 Jessie went to the USA [Ref: Mrs Margaret Thomas]. Other portraits are on next page. She joined up with her sister Susan (page 36), who had also married a photographer, and the two families flourished but moved frequently in the USA [Further details from David Brown ]. Spouse: Cornelius Winter Prior (Photographer) 1820-84

(9) William Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 8 8 1829, Devon Death: 26 4 1916, Potters Settlement, Actinolite, Ontario, Canada, age: 86 Occ: Carpenter, Farmer Reli: Church of England William was educated and could read and write. He emigrated to Ontario, Canada 1851, working there as a carpenter before coming to Potter's Settlement, near Actinolite, where he bought his land. William and Mary had about 12 children. The 1881 Census shows William with the family as a carpenter and as a member of the Church of England.

Page 29

DB Brown of Vassar

DB Brown of Vassar

Cornelius Winter Prior 1820-84, and his wife: Jessie Mayne Prior Lichdon Street, Barnstaple, North Devon, where Photographer 1827-1903 William, his wife Mary and her parents stayed during the 1851 Census, just before they sailed to Canada Spouse: Mary Ann Pearce Birth: 10 5 1826, Devon Death: 1 3 1907, Belleville, Ontario, Canada, age: 80 Reli: Church of England William and Mary had about 12 children of whom only one, George Washington Mayne, the youngest, is shown below. Mary had a sister, Susan Pearce (1842-1918), who married a man named Young, and she also died at Belleville, Ontario - eleven years after her sister Mary. Children: George Washington (1871-1949)

William & Mary Maynes house at Potters Settlement near Actinolite with George W on the right

William & Mary Mayne in Ontario (photo of a charcoal painting) Page 30

(10) George Washington Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 17 5 1871, Actinolite, Ontario, Canada Death: 1949, age: 77 Occ: Farmer and Carpenter (built his own house at Potter's Settlement, Actinolite) George Washington was the youngest of about 13 children, one of whom was left behind in England when the family emigrated. In 1921 George and his family moved to "the Mayne Farm & smokehouse" at Picton on the north shore of Lake Ontario. George bought the property, which backs onto West Lake, from the Cooper family for about $10,000. It remained the family home until about 1973.

The Mayne Farm near Picton, Ontario, which backs onto West Lake beyond. George Washington Mayne built the three big barns on the left (Photo c.1950) Spouse: Birth: Death: Edith Gray ? 1874, Buckingham, Quebec (near Ottawa) 19 8 1952, Ontario, Canada, age: 78

George Washington Mayne, his wife Edith Gray, and children (L-R) Kietha, William G and George E. Children: William Garfield (1898-) Kietha Madeline (1900-) George Everett (1901-1975) Agnes Ida (1912-) Frances Evelyn (1914-)

Page 31

George & Edith Mayne c.1915 with their children (L-R) Kietha, William & Agnes, George (11) William Garfield Mayne of West Lake, Ontario ---------------------------------------Birth: 31 1 1898, Potters Settlement, Actinolite, Ontario William & Kathleen lived at Bloomfield on the north shore of Lake Ontario. Spouse: Kathleen Hyatt

Kathleen & Willam had no surviving children. (11) Kietha Madeline Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 5 1 1900, Potters Settlement, Actinolite, Ontario Kietha & Earl had 4 children :Maurice Eldon Wilkinson (who had issue) Allan Winston Wilkinson Joyce Enid Wilkinson Jean Wilkinson. Spouse: Earl Wilkinson of Goderich, Ontario

(11) George Everett Mayne* ---------------------------------------Birth: 22 10 1901, Potters Settlement, Actinolite, Ontario Death: 8 1 1975, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, age: 73 Occ: Railwayman from 1918: Canadian-Pacific executive from before 1944; Vice President & General Manager 1962; Retired 1963 George Everett became a senior manager of the Canadian Pacific Railway (the largest private railway in the world). As a Vice President of the Railway, he had 5000 staff reporting to him, and his own private railway carriage with personal cook and secretary! Page 32

George Everett Mayne, aged about 21, who became a Vice President of the Canadian Pacific Railway Spouse: Birth: Death: Marr: Children: Eva Jane Harris (daughter of William Harris) 1899 1951, age: 52 12 6 1923 Jack Everett (1924-) Thurza Gwendolyn (1927-)

George Mayne and Eva Harris c.1951 Other Spouses: Swea Madeline at Kenora, Ontario, aged 100 in 2012 (12) Jack Everett Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 10 8 1924, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada Occ: Food Executive, International Multifoods Educ: Toronto University: Degree in Chemical Engineering Spouse: Birth: Marr: Verlin Evelyn Bruner 1924, Windsor, Ontario, Canada (near Detroit) 3 5 1947 Page 33

Jack Everett Mayne at university c.1944 & his wife Verlin Mayne at their wedding in 1947 Children: Robert John (1948-1977) Brian Everett (1950-) Donald Carl (1951-) Juanita Jane (1961-)

(13) Robert John Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 17 5 1948, Sarnia, Ontario (on Lake Huron, near Detroit), Canada Death: 2 7 1977, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, age: 29 No surviving children.

Three brothers: (L-R) Brian Everett, Robert John, Donald Carl Mayne. (13) Brian Everett Mayne* ---------------------------------------Birth: 31 3 1950, Welland, Ontario (near Buffalo), Canada Spouse: Susan E Dimaline

Brian Everett Mayne in 2001

Susan is the daughter of Ernest Dimaline and H Margaret Abbas. The Dimalines are descendants of the Arundell family of Lanherne, Cornwall, who were one of the leading Catholic families of England. See the Arundell home in Cornwall & St Cuthbert and the dire effect he had on the Catholic cause in Cornwall! Marr: Other spouses: 29 10 1976, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Dissolved 1991) Megumi Sekiguchi of Japan Page 34

(13) Brian Everett Mayne* (See above) ---------------------------------------Spouse: Megumi Sekiguchi of Japan Marr: 13 11 2001 Other Spouses: Susan E Dimaline

(13) Donald Carl Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 17 7 1951, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (13) Juanita Jane Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 4 6 1961, Valencia, Venezuela, South America

Juanita Jane Mayne (12) Thurza Gwendolyn Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 25 2 1927 Gwen and Eben live at Carrying Place, Ontario, Canada. Their son, Eben William Otis James, born 4 Jan 1962, is now married and has offspring, twin girls. Spouse: Marr: Eben James 8 1957

(11) George Everett Mayne* (See above) ---------------------------------------Spouse: Swea Madeline Marr: 1 3 1960 Other Spouses Eva Jane Harris (11) Agnes Ida Mayne* ---------------------------------------Birth: 25 8 1912, Potters Settlement, Actinolite, Ontario Agnes lived at Trenton, Ontario (north shore Lake Ontario), Canada. She had a daughter, Dorothy Marguerite, who was married to MF James at Trenton and had 3 children. Spouse: Wilkie Simmons Other Spouses C. Marchen (11) Agnes Ida Mayne* (See above) ---------------------------------------Spouse: C. Marchen Other Spouses W. Simmons (11) Frances Evelyn Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 7 2 1914, Potters Settlement, Actinolite, Ontario. (Died as an infant)

Page 35

(9) Susan Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1832 Susan went to USA. She had "several children" [Ref: Mrs Margaret Thomas]. Two of her sons were later identified as Freddie and Eddie Radford who Susan and James brought up in the early 1870s living at Independence, Kansas. At the same time Independence was also the childhood home of Laura Ingalls Wilder who later described her time there, shared by the Radford boys, in her famous childrens book series and TV programmes, titled "Little House on the Prairie" . Spouse: James Radford (Photographer)

In 1860 Susan and James joined up with her sister Jesse (page 29) and her husband, also a photographer, in the USA where they flourished. [Further details from David Brown ]. James fought in the American Civil War. (8) Mary Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1804 Death: 1885, age: 81 Burial: 25 4 1885, East Down, Devon, age: 81 (7) William Mayne* (See above) ---------------------------------------Spouse: Catherine Eams Marr: 13 10 1810, Marwood, Devon Children: William (1811-1829)

Other Spouses Mary Wood (8) William Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1811 Death: 1829, age: 18 Burial: 15 12 1829, East Down, Devon, age: 18 (6) Grace Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1729 Death: 1751, age: 22 Burial: 29 6 1751, Marwood, Devon, age: 22 (6) Henry Mayne ---------------------------------------Spouse: Elizabeth -Children: Grace

(7) Grace Mayne ---------------------------------------(6) Margaret Mayne ---------------------------------------Death: 1751 Burial: 12 6 1751, Marwood, Devon (6) William Mayne ---------------------------------------Death: 1724 Burial: 13 9 1724, Marwood, Devon (5) John Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: ca 1700 Burial: ? 12 4 1740, Marwood, Devon, age: 40 Page 36

Spouse: Burial: Marr: Children:

Joan or Joad Harding 11 3 1756, Marwood, Devon 18 5 1720, Marwood, Devon John (1722-1740)

(6) John Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1722 Death: 1740, age: 18 (5) Francis Mayne ---------------------------------------Death: 1726 Burial: 8 3 1726, Marwood, Devon Spouse: Marr: Rebecca Courtney 1717, Marwood, Devon

(3) 1.3.3 Mary Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1653 (2) 1.4 Ann Mayne ---------------------------------------It is assumed that this Ann of Marwood was John Mayne's child, although her baptismal record was not found. Spouse: Marr: John Snow 23 9 1637, Marwood, Devon

Index Mayne of Marwood of Devon

--- Tabitha

presumed spouse of (3) 1.3.2 spouse of (6) spouse of (6) spouse of (8) spouse of (10) spouse of (9) spouse of (2) 1.3 spouse of (9)



Adams, born Hussell






Richard spouse of (10) spouse of (9) Page 37


Verlin spouse of (12) spouse of (5) spouse of (5) spouse of (11) spouse of (13) spouse of (7) spouse of (1) 1 spouse of (10) spouse of (5) spouse of (11) spouse of (11) spouse of (12) spouse of (11) spouse of (2) 1.2 spouse of (11) spouse of (11) (4) (11) (2) 1.4 (11) (13) (13) (2) 1.1 (3) 1.3.2 (5) (9) (11) (5) (8) (11) (10) (6) (7) (6) (12) (9) (10) (9) (1) 1 (5) (6) (13) Page 38




Susan E




Joan or Joad

Eva Jane

Kathleen of West Lake, Ontario






?Edward Agnes Ida Ann Ann Brian Everett Donald Carl Edmonde Edward Edward Elizabeth Frances Evelyn Francis Francis George Everett George Washington Grace Grace Henry Jack Everett James Hussell James Hussell Jesse (1827-1903) John John John Juanita Jane

Julia Kietha Madeline Lucy Margaret Marie Mary Mary Mary Mary Richard Richard Robert John Sidney James Sidney John Susan Thurza Gwendolyn William William William William William William William Garfield

(9) (11) (10) (6) (2) 1.2 (3) 1.3.3 (8) (9) (10) (2) 1.3 (3) 1.3.1 (13) (11) (11) (9) (12) (6) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) spouse of (9) spouse of (9) spouse of (9) spouse of (9) spouse of (13) spouse of (11) spouse of (2) 1.4 spouse of (11) spouse of (7)

Mary Ann

Cornelius Winter (1820-84)








Sources Mayne of Marwood, Devon

Data kindly provided by Brian Everett Mayne and Margaret Thomas of West Down, Ilfracombe, North Devon. "Search for a Saint" by Brian Everett Mayne - in the magazine of the Ontario Genealogical Society of Canada (No.2 1983). Some additional data kindly provided by David Brown of Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY 12604, USA.

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They were a farming family from the area north of Barnstaple and west of Exmoor, associated with the village of Shirwell and the manor of Youlston. This family includes the celebrated Catholic priest, St Cuthbert, who was martyred at Launceston in 1577. Unfortunately it has not been possible to extend the familys line down to the 17th century. An article about the saint can be read at: "St Cuthbert and the Road to Launceston" .

(1) 1 William Mayne of Youlston Manor, Shirwell ---------------------------------------Occ: Shepherd, Copyholder (tenant) of Sir John Chichester of Youlston Manor Reli: Protestant (Church of England) William's is said to have been a "poor" family of shepherds, typical of many in the rural parts of England at that time. However it does seem that he or his wife had a brother, a protestant clergyman, who was described as "a schismatical priest" and was well off. This uncle took a liking to his nephew Cuthbert and sponsored his education.

Sheep farming in North Devon today Children: David John (ca1540-ca1579) Thomas (ca1542-1579) Cuthbert (1544-1577) Edward (1547-) James (ca1550-) (2) 1.1 David Mayne ---------------------------------------Spouse: Marr: Children: Johanne Joce 1559 John (1560-) Abraham (1562-) An (1565-) Alice (1572-) Agnis (1575-)

(3) 1.1.1 John Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1560 (3) 1.1.2 Abraham Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1562 (3) 1.1.3 An Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1565 Page 40

(3) 1.1.4 Alice Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1572 (3) 1.1.5 Agnis Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1575 (2) 1.2 John Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: ca 1540, Shirwell, Devon Death: ca 1579, age: 39 Occ: "Laborer" Will 4 Feb 1579; Proved 1580 (14-14s-4d.). Legacies mainly of sheep and personal clothing. Brother David was his executor. Ref: Wills, Barnstaple Archdeaconry (Mayne) 1563, seq. (2) 1.3 Thomas Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: ca 1542, Shirwell, Devon Death: 1579, age: 37 Will 6 May 1575; Proved 31 May 1575 ("No Inventory"). Legacies were almost entirely of sheep and personal clothing. His "master Phillip Clotworthie" was his executor. Ref: Wills, Barnstaple Archdeaconry (Mayne) 1563, seq. (2) 1.4 Cuthbert Mayne ----------------------------------------

Cuthbert Mayne, C18th mezzotint by Daniel Fournier. The likeness is said to be from a contemporary portrait at one time hanging in Bodmin Priory (ruins) Birth: Death: Occ: Educ: Reli: 1544, Youlston Manor, Shirwell 30 11 1577, Launceston market square, Cornwall, age: 33 Protestant clergyman, Chaplain St John's, Oxford, then a Catholic priest and martyr. St Alban's Hall, Oxford, BA 1567; St John's, MA 1570; Douai, Bach Theology 1576 Brought up a Protestant (Church of England). In 1575 ordained a Catholic priest

Cuthbert was fortunate in having an uncle who was a Protestant clergyman and wished to make Cuthbert heir to the rich church living to which the uncle was entitled. The uncle sponsored Cuthbert's education and he went to Barnstable Grammar School. Then, at the age of 17, his uncle obtained the living of nearby Huntshaw parish for him. His induction there committed Cuthbert to the Protestant "church by law established", and gave him some security and the prospect of a good income once he was ordained. His story and how, despite these advantages, he became a Catholic priest, was martyred and made a saint, is told in the article: "St Cuthbert and the Road to Launceston" Cuthbert was canonized by Pope Paul VI in 1970. Photo trail of places associated with St Cuthbert, starting with the church where he was born, starts here . Page 41

(2) 1.5 Edward Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: 1547 (2) 1.6 James Mayne ---------------------------------------Birth: ca 1550

Index Mayne of Shirwell, Devon

Johanne spouse of (2) 1.1 (3) 1.1.2 (3) 1.1.5 (3) 1.1.4 (3) 1.1.3 (2) 1.4 (2) 1.1 (2) 1.5 (2) 1.6 (2) 1.2 (3) 1.1.1 (2) 1.3 (1) 1

Abraham Agnis Alice An Cuthbert David Edward James John John Thomas William of Youlston Manor, Shirwell

SOURCES Mayne of Shirwell

"Snow on the Hedges - A Life of Cuthbert Mayne 1544-77" by Helen Whelan (Fowler Wright Books 1984). "Search for a Saint" by Brian Everett Mayne - in the magazine of the Ontario Genealogical Society of Canada (No.2 1983). "Blessed Cuthbert Mayne" by RA McElroy (Sands & Co., London 1929) The House of Maine by The Rev. Robert H Main (1939) Saint Cuthbert Mayne, pamphlet published by the Incorporated Catholic Truth Society

Page 42


There have been many unsuccessful attempts to discover links between the different family groups of MAYNE in this one-name study. Some examples :-

Ireland & Bucks. There is evidence in Ireland in the form of a 1773 memorial stone inscription at the Mayne vault at Dartrey that Robert Mayne (1679-1753) of the Sedborough family was born at Creslow, near Hoggeston in Buckinghamshire, thus linking the Bucks and Irish branches. Although there are details of the large Mayne family who were established at Hoggeston and from 1596 at Creslow, no record of this Roberts English origin has been found there.

Ireland & Scotland. Similarities have been identified between the Echlin and Erskine Mayne families. Both emigrated from Scotland to the same part of Ireland in the 18th century, but no common link has been discovered. Devon. In the 16th century, both the Marwood and Shirwell families were living in villages just three miles apart in rural north Devon, yet no connection between them has been established (the Shirwill family includes the Catholic priest, Saint Cuthbert Mayne).

Kent & Devon. There have been several persistent but vain attempts over the years to claim descent from the wealthy Kent Mayne(y)s of the Middle Ages who, it appears, died out as a result of their overreaching support of the King during the English Civil War. One 19th century claim came from a lawyer, John Thomas Mayne, of the Exeter family who went to the lengths of manufacturing a spurious pedigree, published by Burke, and accumulating portraits of other Mayne families to support it (see page 11 above). Ireland, Bucks, Kent & Normandy. A large pedigree, produced about 1900 by another lawyer, John Dawson Mayne (1828-1917), was widely circulated in UK. It linked his Sedborough Irish family Mayne and the Buckinghamshire Maynes with the Mayne(y) family of Kent, and through them to the Mayennes of Normandy (France), back to the year 848 AD. Although much of his data on individuals proves accurate, no evidence could be found to confirm most of the links he had added between the different family groups in the course of the 29 generations of his pedigree. It remains un-validated as a bit of interesting wishful thinking!

Page 43

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