A time not long ago Dark threads appeared in the light of all, Not taken into consideration, moving

along the general flow But the threads spread like a plague, making itself a general foe While we all sunk into the accomplishments of the past, Forgetting that evilness still existed in a small overseeing crow.

Egyptians sought an explicable change Seeking an improving lifestyle and a peaceful tranquility, They continued this for so long forgetting the true hidden raid The threads that continuously gathered, Individuals that caused severe pain while hiding in places that always seemed to fade And once the people decide to fight against the pain they concur that they cannot find a particular name, A person or group that caused all this to be made.

The dark threads now cover what once was the binding light Yet people still ask who killed and injured, who continue to inflict misery As the accusations are tossed around with no end to this endless night A nightmare filled with death and brutal injures, Realizing that Egyptians have lost the right cause, the right place to fight.

As a meager individual I would like to add a small fact The remains of a removed tyrant still remain, Even though they may hide in the long race of the track For we must seek them and hunt them down, Only then will the real light shine against it all and all those who have harmed innocent souls to be burned with their repulsive packs.

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