Fernandez Hermanos placed an order with the products company for the manufacturing of a chain given a set of specifications. The chain was duly prepared and delivered. A draft was drawn by the company and was accepted by Fernandez Hermanos. Thereafter, the draft was negotiated with Fossum who demanded payment on the instrument but was refused by Fernandez on alleged failure of the chain delivered to satisfy the specifications given.

It devolved around Fernandez Hermanos to allege and prove its claim that which was delivered and received didn't comply with the specifications and didn't answer the purposes for which it was intended. It alleged that the chain didn't meet the specifications given by the contract. Nonetheless, there was failure to identify the so-called defects of the chain. It was uponFernandez Hermanos to show that indeed the chain was defective. But as the trial court found out, there was a failure of proof.

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