When I Forgot Your Number After all this time I still look back to yesterday When what we had

was all I’d ever known In one moment of weakness, oh the cause, I cannot say I found myself picking up the phone Only to hear a stranger say ‘hello' It wasn’t you And to say I was surprised...well, yes I was “Wrong number” was the reply that I received From a voice I had no knowledge of I laughed until I cried and then I cried some more In joy and in relief because I knew The day I forgot your number was a day I thought I’d never see The day my heart had gotten over you I waded thru the memories of the past and had to smile We had some laughs and shared more than we wanted Time has a funny way of healing broken hearts Of making all our dreams seem much less haunted Yes, I picked up the phone intent on calling an old friend But memory did me a favor I won’t forget again Instead of reaching back I’ll dial forward this I know When I forgot your number...my heart had let you go

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