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Bovine Serum Albumin

Bovine Serum Albumin

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Published by: Ahalya Devi on Feb 02, 2012
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Bovine serum albumin .

albumin Identifiers Organism Symbol Entrez RefSeq (mRNA) RefSeq (Prot) UniProt Bos taurus (domestic cow) ALB 280717 NM_180992 NP_851335 P02769 Other data Chromosome 6: 91.54 - 91.57 Mb

Bovine serum albumin (also known as BSA or "Fraction V") is a serum albumin protein that has numerous biochemical applications including ELISAs (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay), immunoblots, and immunohistochemistry. It is also used as a nutrient in cell and microbial culture. In restriction digests, BSA is used to stabilize some enzymes during digestion of DNA and to prevent adhesion of the enzyme to reaction tubes and other vessels. This protein does not affect other enzymes that do not need it for stabilization. BSA is also commonly used to determine the quantity of other proteins, by comparing an unknown quantity of protein to known amounts of BSA. BSA is used because of its stability, its lack of effect in many biochemical reactions, and its low cost, since large quantities of it can be readily purified from bovine blood, a byproduct of the cattle industry. The nickname "Fraction V" refers to albumin being the fifth fraction of the original Edwin Cohn purification methodology that made use of differential solubility characteristics of plasma proteins. By manipulating solvent concentrations, pH, salt levels, and temperature, Cohn was able to pull out successive "fractions" of blood plasma. The process was first commercialized with human albumin for medical use and later adopted for production of BSA. nomenclature, classification and codification it comes from Ox/cattle, hence the name "bovine". Properties The full-length BSA precursor protein is 607 amino acids in length. An N-terminal 18-residue signal peptide is cut off from the precursor protein upon secretion, hence the initial protein product contains 589 amino acid residues. An additional 4 amino acids is cleaved to yield the mature BSA protein that contains 585 amino acids. Peptide Full length precursor Signal peptide Propeptide Mature protein Position Length MW 1 ± 607 607 69,324 1 ± 18 18 2,107 19 ± 22 4 478 23 ± 607 585 66,776

000 Dal) with a good essential amino acid profile . 1981).al. which can alter the heat denaturation of the protein (Kinsella and Whitehead. 1992. et. 50mL polypropylene bottles.al.Physical properties of BSA: y y y y y Number of amino acid residues: 585 Molecular weight: 66. BSA is the universally accepted reference protein for total protein quantitation.. such as insulin dependent diabetes or auto-immune disease. Phospholipid-protein-calcium complexes are formed at pH levels below the isoelectric point of the BSA (Cornell. The albumin standard is precisely formulated at 2mg/mL in an ultrapure 0.al. 1992). Bovine serum albumin has been used as a component of cell media to regenerate plants from cultured guard cells ( Tallman and Malibu. et. and complete sets containing seven ready-to-use dilutions. BSA binds free fatty acids. 1992). Biological Function: Bovine serum albumin has been given little attention in respect to its role in the functional properties of whey protein concentrates. 1996) and to provide for enhancement of production of plasminogen activator. 1975). It has been well characterized and the physical properties of this protein are well known ( Peters. et.824 Mí1cmí1 at 279 nm[1] Dimensions: 140 X 40 X 40 Å3 (prolate ellipsoid where a = b < c)[2] Function Useful as a protein concentration standard BOVINE SERUM ALBUMIN: Bovine serum albumin (BSA) is a large globular protein (66. since BSA has been shown invitro to protect lipids against phenolic induced oxidation ( Smith. . Whether these interactions have any biological function is not known. The concentration of the stock solution is calibrated by direct comparison to purified BSA (Fraction V) from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). These bovine serum albumin (BSA) solutions are protein concentration reference standards for use in BCA.7 Extinction coefficient of 43. Koizumi and Nonaka. 1990).9% sodium chloride (saline) solution. Its primary biological function has been associated with its lipid binding properties (Fox and Flynn. exposing non-polar residues on the surface and facilitating reversible protein-protein interactions. Bradford and other protein assay protocols. It is reported to partially unfold between 40 and 50oC. It may play a role in mediating lipid oxidation. other lipids and flavor compounds. Strand (1995) claimed that denatured BSA might ³reduce the probability of a person acquiring certain diseases.776 Da isoelectric point in water at 25 °C: 4. 1975). but the mechanism of this role has not been clearly elucidated. and makes up only about 5% of the protein in whey protein concentrates . The product is available in three convenient package formats: 1mL glass ampules. Thermo Scientific Pierce BSA Protein Assay Standards are high-quality reference samples for generating accurate standard curves and calibration controls in total protein assays. Isolated BSA has been reported to be a very functional protein (Waniska..

. Coomassie-Bradford Assay. In general. In such cases. known concentration of the protein of interest is not available or it is too expensive to use as the standard. cell lysate). average) color response curve with the selected protein assay method and is readily available to any researcher. a highly purified. known concentration of the most abundant protein contained in the samples being tested. fewer points are needed to construct a standard curve if the color response is linear. Typically. standard curves are constructed using at least two replicates for each point on the curve . or the sample itself is a mixture of many proteins (e. etc.) Protein recovery control for desalting and other column procedures Loading control for SDS-PAGE General calibration of spectrophotometer UV-lamp (absorbance at 280nm) Product Details: Selection of a protein standard is potentially the greatest source of error in any protein assay.Applications: y y y y Protein assay quantitation standard (BCA Protein Assay. it is essential to include a standard curve each time the assay is performed. and the Pierce Albumin Standards are the most convenient source of ready-to-use BSA standard. For greatest accuracy in estimating total protein concentration in unknown samples.g. the best standard is one that will produce a normal (i. Deciding on the number of standards and replicates used to define the standard curve depends upon the degree of non-linearity in the standard curve and the degree of accuracy required. Often.e.. This is particularly true for the protein assay methods that produce non-linear standard curves. The best choice for a standard is a purified. BSA is such a protein.

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