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!" $ %&'( # October 2001 Ghazal of Hafez Shirazi
In Persian with English translation Original Translation by Henry Wilberforce Clarke (1840-1905) Part 1 (version 1.03)

Compiled and Corrected by Dr. Behrouz Homayoun Far far@acm.org http://www.enel.ucalgary.ca/People/far


The translations appearing in this collection are by Henry Wilberforce Clarke who used the Upjohn’s Calcutta version (1791) of Divan of Hafez in 1891. The original Calcutta edition had a number of mistakes and it is verified that some of the poems do not belong to Hafez and are added afterwards. The most reliable edition of Divan is published at Tehran in 1320/1941 under the editorship of Mirza Mohammad Qazvini and Dr Qasem Ghani. This edition has admitted 495 ghazals as unquestionably genuine, beside 3 qasidehs, 2 mathnavis, 34 occasional pieces (muqatta’at) and 42 robais, a total of 573 poems. I have selected those poems that appear in Qazvini and Ghani edition and partially rewritten some of the translations to be more poetic and understandable. Dr. Behrouz Homayoun Far 2001/10/6 Calgary, Canada


(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +,#-. /)001 234 @ %

(1) */.#*0 # *1*2 34$ 56*,-.$ */,)$ *) +$ " " *B789: 4*;<$ 5.# !#$ 4'=0 >*1? @9A %2 K)*9LD MI,E >$F *GH IJ*2 C$%<*0 C'D %D " *B!4 34 4*;<$ >'J %N OPQ89: KRS T*U F V4 IB >'N OQA W:$ %N >*0*S !XP: 34 $I: *B7=Z: K)KPDID %2 43$45: 4*)I< YIS K)'\ >*]: IQ( ^I\ W2 WQL03 M4*[1 5: %D *B!XP: `13 # M$3 F 4'G0 IGJ5D _.*1 %2 7)*B WQPN 5D$4I\ # a': `QD # _)3*U b& *B7c*1 >$3*G8G1 *: !*c KP0$4 *[2 IJ? KQ92 5:*0KD %D 5:*2 4'J F V3*2 %=B *B7dZ: K0F*1 #$ X2 CF$3 >? K0*: 52 >*/0 f<*c '9: b)*g #$ F$ 5B$'J5=B I\ C3'ec */h=B$ # *Q0K.$ i4 C'/U W: @hU *: 5;:



(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +,#-. /)001 234 @ %

Ho! O Saki, pass around and offer the bowl: For love at first appeared easy, but difficulties have occurred. By reason of the perfume of the musk-pod, that, at the end, the breeze displayeth from that fore-lock, From the twist of its musky curl, what blood befell the hearts! In the stage of the Beloved, mine what ease and pleasure, when momently, The beil giveth voice, saying: “Bind ye up the chattels of existence!” With wine, becolor the prayer-mat if the Pir of the Magians bid thee; For of the way and usage of the stages not without knowledge is the holy traveler. The dark night, and the fear of the wave, and the whirlpool so fearful. The light-burdened ones of the shore, how know they our state? By following my own fancy, me to ill fame all my work brought: Secret, how remaineth that great mystery whereof assemblies speak? Hafez! if thou desire the presence from Him be not absent: When thou visitest thy Beloved, abandon the world; and let it go.



A >? # l<3 *[2 %=&I2 >? 4'J l1#4 C$ 3$K: n=E f<*c F T$'J # 3$I6 *[2 T$'J # V$K2 C3'GH l-QN 3$I6 http://www.ca/People/far 5 .(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.4 *[2 T*0 T$I& # >*]: I)4 l1*[2 $3 $'mU # jkH CK03 %D l1$ lG-0 %N *[2 T*D3 %=]0 *[2 fA# i*=1 KD*)34 %N >*P=&4 !4 l1#4 C#3 F *[2 T*.ucalgary.<? n=& *[2 M4I: o$IN l1*=& >*. /)001 234 @ % (2) *[2 T$IJ W: # *[2 3*2 jkH *[2 %D *U l1*[2 X2 M3 ^#*dU WQGD Y'.*1 %6IJ # l<ILD %R:'H F `.enel.& W)KD !4 C$ C#35=B *[2 !*H# 3*\F#3 4*D O&'J 4*) %2 K9D *[2 T*.#-.1? p*J *: OPQD 7Z2 'N *[2 T*PS W)$ F$ *:IdD `)#3 *[2 l1$ M$3 34 M*N %2 >$Kq0F bQ1 %D WQG: *[2 T*.

(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. where? The dust of Thy threshold is like the kuhl of our vision: Where go we? Order. what? Sleep. where? http://www. where? and that reproof. for in the path is a pit: O heart! where goest thou? With this haste.enel. Gone is that glance. /)001 234 @ % (2) The rectitude of work. Hence. where? O friend! from Hafez seek neither ease nor patience: Ease. where? Look not at the apple of the chin.#-.ca/People/far 6 . where? and. and of the patched garment of hypocrisy: The Magians’ cloister. where? the pure wine where? With profligacy. what gaineth the dark heart of enemies? The dead lamp. where? He is gone! To him. what? Patience. be the time of union a pleasant memory. where? The candle of the resplendent sun.ucalgary. from where to where? My heart wearied of the cloister. what connections have rectitude and piety? The hearing of the exhortation where? The melody of the stringed instrument where? From the Friend’s face. I ruined where? Behold the distance of the Path.

'.#-.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.d1 34 # 5. /)001 234 @ % (3) $3 *: !4 43? l14 %D CF$IQ& pIU >? I\$ $3 $3*qD # KP6I=1 `9qD O)#KPB !*J %D l<*) 5B$'q0 lPS 34 %2 56*D 5: 56*1 MKD $3 kr: l9Lh\ # 4*D? W23 T? 3*P2 T'&?I/& 3*2 W)IQ& s'& >*Q.-0$4 l&$4 v1') %2 >#X<$F#3 W-c >? F$ W: $3 *qQ. W)*2 >*]< $3 *=]) >$'J >*2IU %2 !4 F$ IGH K04ID >*PN l1$ 5P].enel.ucalgary. KG)F5: whU T$'S K03$4 IUl1#4 >*S F$ %2 *0*S W2 x'\ lZQr0 $3 *0$4 IQ( KP( KP=U4*R1 >*0$'S 'S I.ca/People/far 7 .F 43? >#ID l=rA M4I( F$ @9A %2 `)'\ *A4 W)Id0 I\ # 5)*:I< V*P&4 I\$ $3 *JI8& 7R.=2 IB4 F$3 # '\ 5: # TIy: F$ z)Kc $3 *=R: W)$ l=8c %D K)*9L0 # 4'9L0 {2 %2 f<*c >$'qD x'J # *QD 5.-: 3*) !*=S *: V*=U*0 @9A F $3 *G)F C#3 lS*c %N tJ # !*J # u03 # T? %D `.d\ !Xg $3 *)I| KmA _h< K0*9<$ 'U `}0 ID %2 http://www. b.

/)001 234 @ % (3) If that Bold One of Shiraz gain our heart.ca/People/far 8 . The tale of minstrel and of wine utter. http://www. Thou utteredest a ghazal. Take patience from the heart even as the men of Turkistan the tray of plunder. God Most High forgive thee thou spakest well: The bitter reply suiteth the ruby lip. for. The beauty of the Beloved is in no need of our imperfect love: Of lustre. I know That Love for Him would bring Zulaikha forth from the screen of chastity.#-. Hold happy youths the counsel of the wise old man. For His dark mole. Alas! These saucy dainty ones sweet of work. on thy verse. Hafez! come and sweetly sing That. none solved by skill. thou wilt not have The bank of the water of the Ruknabad nor the rose of the garden of Musalla. Thou spakest ill of me.enel. in Paradise. little seek the mystery of time. Said! give the wine remaining. sugar-eating.ucalgary. and mole and tricked line. For this mystery. and threadedest pearls. and I am happy. and color.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. O Soul! Hear the counsel. for. the sky may scatter the cluster of the Pleiades. the torment of the city. daily increasing that Yusof had. dearer than the soul. I will give Samarkand and Bukhara. and shall not solve. what need hath the lovely face? By reason of that beauty.

#-.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ucalgary. %D *GH $3 *: C$M4$4 'U >*D*QD # M'2 %D I1 %2 $IN 4*D F$34 xI=A %2 x#I<I8& $3 *JI8& 5E'E KP80 CKmdU 7\ C$ 4$K0 IL: ^F*S$ lP-c 3#Ig $3 $KQ& bQ.ca/People/far 9 .enel.d\ %D I\ b[A %0 >*=1? 34 $3 *ZQ-: 43#? •63 %D MIBF 4#I1 http://www. /)001 234 @ % (4) $3 *PA3 !$Xg >? 'LD vy. # @hJ %D $3 *0$4 oI: K0IQL0 V$4 # KPD %D l-Q0 5)*P&? u03 bG1 %N F$ `0$K0 $3 *=Q1 M*: `9N %Q1 >$K6 5/1 5)*=Q( M4*D # 5PQ90 bQGc *D 'N $3 *=Q(4*D >*GZ: 3$4 4*) %D bQA 'U !*=S 34 ld\ >$'.0 3K6 W)$ XS $3 *G)F C#3 l-Q0 *<# # I/: n~# %2 f<*c %.KPA 5P80 591I( %2 I}0 7B$ KQH 4I2 >$'U vy.

Of defect in thy beauty. Saying: Thou hast given to us desire for the mountain and the desert. http://www. The sugar-seller. take they the wise bird. wind-measuring. of Hafez’s utterances Zuhra’s singing should bring to dancing the Masiha. /)001 234 @ % (4) O breeze! with softness speak to the beautiful fawn.ucalgary.#-. When thou sittest with the beloved. whose life be long! why Maketh he no inquiry of the welfare of the parrot sugar of devouring? O rose! perhaps the pride of beauty hath not given thee permission. what if. dark of eye. On the sky. one cannot speak save to this degree That the way of love and of constancy belongeth not to the lovely face. people of vision one can captivate: Not by snare and net.ca/People/far 10 . and drinkest wine. That thou makest no inquiry as to the state of the distraught nightingale. I know not why the color of constancy. moon of face.enel. By beauty of disposition.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. Bring to mind the beloved ones. they have not Those straight of stature.

-B C*Q=Q2 W)*2 4F'-D lUIQg F$ n=& >'N %2 '9: O2I1 $3*J uP1 l1$ V': #$ v2 34 %2 IG..4 ILPD l1$ 5: V*S 3KP81 %PQ)? $3$4 _h: !$'c$ 43$4 %~IA 'U ID *U K0I=A >*\KP9qD '\ 513*( >*D'J $3 *13*( >$K03 ^3*9D MKD 56*1 4'.hG6 W: 5hc$ # *P.$ */)$ *) $'.14 F 4#35: !4 $3*8&? K& KB$'J >*/P( F$3 %2 $434 XQJID %EI& 4*D C$ `Q0*L. /)001 234 @ % (5) $3 $KJ >+4 bc*H `.-: # x'2 OQA 34 5.ucalgary.92 $3 *P&? 3$K)4 `QPQDF*D %2 K&*D >'-<$ # l1$ %0*-<$ >#4I\ I/: MF#3 M4 $3*) 3*=& lHI< >$3*) C*S %D 58Q0 7GhD x#4 K0$'J x'J 7: # 7\ %mhc 34 $3*8-..(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.-8& 5.ca/People/far 11 .$ V$ 5<'H %2 x# whU >? " $3$•.R. 5/&$ 5.1KLPU V*LPB $3 $K\ KP2 >#3*6 5.GB j'Gr.enel.Q\ #4 O)*1? $3$K: >*P=&4 *D ^#I: >*.1#4 *D K04$K0 3•\ $3 *: 5:*0 _Q0 C'2 34 $3 *e6 W2 IQQ]U CKP-(5=0 'U I\ K0$'J Oƒ‚*Gq.$ ^*B " " " l:k1 %0$I8& l:$I2 bc*H C$ $3 $'05D O)#34 W2 CKmdU CF#3 l1$ €Ic #4 W)$ IQ-dU 5...? 5: %6IJ W)$ KQ&'„0 4'J %D f<*c $3 *: 3$4 3#•R: W:$K2*( wQ& C$ http://www.$ %.#-.

For the space of ten days. they gave us no admission: If thou approve not. are the lovely ones.#-. /)001 234 @ % (5) For God’s sake. again.ca/People/far 12 . we may behold the face of the Beloved. change our Fate. http://www. Of himself. O pious ones! forth from the hand. We are boat-stranded ones! O fair breeze! arise: It may be that.ucalgary. Don’t rebel. wine-stained garment O Shaikh. Hafez put not on this patched. For God’s sake: O the pain that the hidden mystery should be disclosed.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. give to the old men of Fars. the bulbul sweetly sang: O Saki! give wine: O intoxicated ones! come to life! O generous one! in thanks for thy own safety One day. Persian-prattling: O Saki! this news. is more pleasant and more sweet than the kisses of virgins. In the time of straitedness.” To us. due to defiance thou burnt like candle Darling in whose hands granite is like wax soft The cup of wine is Sikandar’s mirror. strive in pleasure and in intoxication: For. Life-givers. with enemies. pure of sins! hold us excused. Last night in the assembly of the rose and of wine. kindness. this elixir of existence maketh the beggar Karun. Behold So that it may show thee the state of Dara’s kingdom. make inquiry of the welfare of the foodless darvish. courtesy.enel. goeth my heart. That bitter wine. goodness in friends. which the Sufi called “The mother of iniquities. The ease of two worlds is the explanation of these two words: With friends. the sphere’s favor is magic and sorcery: O friend! regard as booty. In the street of good name.

#-.PD >*)*.&? 4F$'. /)001 234 @ % (6) $3 *A4 W)$ K0*13 %2 >*yh1 >*:Fk: %D $3 $K\ >$I: I}0 F 5B*&4*( I8& %D %2 `B*P( 4'J C$KJ %D ^IQ1')4 bQ63 F $3 $KJ KB4 C4K: b6*| T*/& >? IL: ^3*&$ *: >'J %D 4I2 3$ lB*Q1 M…: $3*L0 W8: thg # O)KPQD #$ b)I< F CF#I<ID 3$•A 'N CF'-D 5=..(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +....*A !4 $3$K: 5P25=0 %2 C3$4 4'1 %N W)$ F$ 'U 5B*LZGH `Q-0 %2 VKQ:$ W)$ 34 b& %=B $3 *P.P&? V*Q( %D C4'=0 >*m&*A %D %2 *0*S l1$ l:*Q6 %N $3 *: 3$•A *=PD l)#3 C$K< >*S # !4 XQJIZ1 f<*c %D 'U M4 C$%AIS %2 $KJ %D $3 *=& KP2 CI|$ 5B*LZGH C*A4 %2 http://www.enel..ucalgary..ca/People/far 13 .

in this hope I am that the breeze of dawn. demon of nature. If Thy dark eye-lash made for our blood.ca/People/far 14 . what profit hast Thou that Thou doest no kindness All night. for God’s sake. a draught. I take shelter in my God Perchance that gleaming light may. May his prayer of the morning-time avail thee! http://www. for God’s sake. O Beloved! what is the tumult that to lovers thou displayedest Thy face like the gleaming moon.#-. With the message of lovers. O Idol! think of its deceit. give a little aid.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. who will convey this prayer “In thanks for sovereignty. away from sight drive not the beggar?” From the watcher. make no mistake When Thou enkindlest thy face. From this.enel. give thou. will cherish the lover. Thy stature like the heart-ravishing cypress? O Murshed! to the lover Hafez morning-rismg. Thou consumest a world.ucalgary. and. /)001 234 @ % (6) To the Sultan’s attendants.

ca/People/far 15 .$3$4 %~#3 l9/D V4? l1$ l:KJ @c {D 'U >*.*A KB$F l-Q0 !*c W)*2 WQNF*D V$4 4'90 {2 3*8& *mPA $3 V$4 l1$ l14 %D 4*D %9Q=B *S >*2 #ID # O234 jK6 #4 _) 3#4 VXD 34 $3 V$#4 !*H# 3$K: n=E 5PR) OQA F 5h\ CKQ†0 # l<3 T*G& !4 C$ $3 V*0 # uP0 CIPB W8: I1 %0$IQ( K0*=0 3'qD? >'N %2 x'2 Km0 OQA 34 $3 Vk-.#-. 5: C*dH CILPD *U YI( l-: >$K03 F M4I( >#34 F$3 $3 V*m: 5.1? ID $3 *: $3 Vkg `cIU %D WQDF*D %S$'J C$ #ID *GH C$ l1$ 5: V*S K)I: f<*c $3 V*S wQ& >*1ID 5\KPD MKPD F# http://www.ucalgary.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. /)001 234 @ % (7) $3 V*S l-Q<*H %P)? %2 *QD 5<'H $3 V*< 7R.enel.

Up-pluck thy snare: For. here ever. when no water remained. Of profligates intoxicated as the mystery within the veil. is wind. As. /)001 234 @ % (7) O Sufi! come. The disciple of the cup of Jamshid is Hafez. O breeze. go: And give salutation from the slave to the Shaikh of Jam. and go: Verily desire not perpetual union. enjoy one or two cups. At time’s banquet. Strive in the pleasure of the present.ca/People/far 16 . from life. thou hast not plucked a single rose: Elderly of head.ucalgary.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.” On our part.enel. O heart! youth’s vigor hath departed. O Sir! again. look upon thy slave.#-. at thy threshold. this state is not the Zahed’s. for bright is the mirror of the cup: That thou mayst see the brightness of the wine of ruby hue. in the hand of the snare. For. in pity. lofty of degree. “Adam let go the garden of the house of safety. and. show skill of name and fame. The Anka is the prey of none. http://www. many are thy rights of service.

#-.4 W)$ `92ID >k6*A 4X0 l-Q:*0KD %N I\ $3 V*0 # uP0 `QB$'J5=0 *: 3#Ig 4*D W)$ F$ KPN M434 M4*D $3 V*SI<*0 {d0 I1 ID p*J W: >+*0 %PQ1 M? 4#4 $3 V*J >*\4I-<$ W)$ lJ'1 4'J C$KQ& !4 F$3 VIZ: $3 V*A # ˆ*J F `PQD5=0 {2 l1$ x'J IE*J $I: 5:$3+4 *D $3 V$3? 4ID M3*D _) `.ca/People/far 17 .ucalgary.enel.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.4 X2 W=N 3K0$ #I1 %D IL)4 4ILP0 $3 V$K0$ `Q1 #I1 >? K)4 %2 IB b& # F#3 5. /)001 234 @ % (8) $3 V*S M434 # XQJID *Q6*1 $3 V*)$ `g W2 I1 ID p*J ID F *U %0 `d2 ID 5: Ig*1 $3 V*< ‡3F$ @.q1 %D f<*c W2 IGH $3 V*2 5D*QD CF#3 lG6*A http://www.

and give the cup: Strew dust on the head of the grief of time. At the cypress in the sward. do we desire. who beheld that cypress of silvern limb. none. Dust on the head of useless desire? The smoke of the sigh of my burning heart Consumed these immature ones. Glad is my heart with a heart’s ease. Among high and low. /)001 234 @ % (8) O Saki! arise. Hafez! day and night. Give wine! with this wind of pride. ill-fame is ours. a friend. In my palm. one day. in the end. once took ease. how long. in adversity: So that. place the cup of wine so that. Of the secret of my distraught heart. from my breast.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. be patient. from my heart. gain thy desire. I see. Although in the opinion of the wise.ca/People/far 18 .ucalgary.enel. Who. Not name nor fame.#-. again looketh not That one. thou mayst. I may pluck off this patched garment of blue color. http://www.

-D I\4 l1$ T*G& K/A @0#3 $3 >*Z.# x*D x'J # W2 CK03 # 3'J 5: *}<*c $3 >?I6 >$I\4 >'N W8: I)#XU V$4 http://www.#-.ca/People/far 19 .ucalgary. /)001 234 @ % (9) $3 >*.enel.92 34 %2 x*D $KJ >$4I: 3*) $3 >*<'E 4Iq0 5D? %D %2 52*J l-B bhy: >*0 # 34 %D >#4I\ %0*J F$ #ID $3 >*=/: K98D IJ? 34 %1*2 %Q1 >*2 l1$ p*J 5.9: IJ? %LD$'J $3 %2 IB $3 >$')$ 592 pk<$ %D %2 lS*c %N '\ K& 'U >? Ir: KP-: W: 50*RP2 M*: $3 >$K0F 5P2 4#3KD %2 l1$ >? l6# 5.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.$ x'J 7GhD 7\ M4…: K135: 513F*D W=N >*0$'S %D I\ *GH C$ $3 >*Z)3 # 7\ # #I1 >*1ID *: l:KJ x#I< M4*D %†G]: KP2 M'hS WQPN I\ $3 >*\…: `P2 %0*qQ: 34 T#I2*J >*\'N $3*1 IGPA F$ 592 %: ID %2 C$ $3 >$4I\I1 W: >$4IL: !*c TIye: K0KPJ5: >*92434 ID %2 V'6 W)$ `1IU $3 >*=)$ KPP2 ^*D$IJ 3*2 I1 34 j'0 5.

Make not distraught of state. Say “Thine what need to exalt the turrets to the sky?” My moon of Kan’an! the throne of Egypt is thine: The time is that when thou shouldst did farewell to the prison. Like others. the rose. This crowd that laugheth at those drinking the wine-dregs. I will make my eye-lash the dust-sweeper of the door of the wine-house. If the young Magian. go. To him.ca/People/far 20 . in the end.enel. whose last sleeping-place is with two handfuls of earth. me of revolving head. that purchased not the deluge for a drop of water. Be the friend of the men of God. /)001 234 @ % (9) The splendor of youth’s time again belongeth to the garden. The glad tidings of the rose reacheth the bulbul sweet of song. in Noah’s ark. but. display such splendor. I fear? They will. Hafez! drink wine. the polo of purest ambergris. for. and bread. this dark cup slayeth the guest. make not the Kuran the snare of deceit.ucalgary. in the end.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. practice profligacy and be happy. over the moon. http://www. O thou that drawest. wine-seller. Was a little dust.#-. ruin their Faith. Convey our service to the cypress. Forth from the house of the sphere. and the sweet basil. seek not. For. O breeze! if again thou reach the youths of the meadow.

#-.)? lD'J C#3 *: IQ-dU 34 l-Q0 5D'J # vy.enel. XS >*:F >$F 5G& 4IQ\34 ‰QB *)? lPQLP1 !4 *D *: IQLG& %PQ1 F'1 # p*P9U? M? x'=J f<*c 43•LD >#4I\ F *: M? IQU *: IQU F$ W2 XQBI( 4'J >*S ID W2 `c3 http://www. /)001 234 @ % (10) *: IQ( K:? %0*qQ: C'1 K[-: F$ x#4 *: IQDKU W)$ F$ KRD lm)IE >$3*) l-QN >'N `)3? >'N %hG6 C'1 C#3 >$K)I: *: *: IQ( 43$4 3*=J %0*J C'1 C#3 `)'& !XP: `B %D *: lm)IE ^*D$IJ 34 *: I)KmU !F$ K/A 34 l1%.ucalgary.<3 WQPN W)*2 l1$ x'J >'N Od. F$ 5.F KPD34 !4 %2 K0$4 I\$ 7mA *: IQ[0F 5( F$ K04I\ %0$')4 >k6*A 4I2 v92 *: ID vy.ca/People/far 21 .(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.

is naught save grace and beauty.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. In the Fire-worshipper’s Tavern we also shall be lodging. /)001 234 @ % (10) Last night from the Masjed towards the wine tavern our Pir came: O friends of the Path! after this. the wise will become distraught. disciples.ca/People/far 22 . fire-raining and the burning of our heart in the night-time? Beyond the sphere passeth the arrow of our sigh. turn to the Ka’ba.ucalgary. For. http://www. what is our plan? How may we. Hafez! silence. avoid the arrow of ours. A single night. in the Covenant of eternity without beginning. Show compassion to thy soul. against Thy stony heart. In pursuit of our tress-chain. in our explanation. how happy is the Heart! If Wisdom know. Thy beautiful face explained to us a verse of the Koran: For that reason. when Our Pir hath his face towards the house of the Vintner. By its grace. even so was our destiny.#-. ever effecteth aught Our sigh. In the bond of His tress.enel.

ca/People/far 23 .ucalgary.*A MK)IS ID l1$ lG| >$K6 5/1 F*0 # %=&I2 4'D >$KPN *: V$IJID'PH #I1 M'hS %D K)*2 C3•LD T*Gc$ W9h\ %D I\$ 4*D C$ *: V*Q( >*0*S ID M4 %~IA 3*/0F CID5: %N $K=A %D 4*) F *: V*0 '\ *: V*0 F C3*Q0 4*) %2 >? K)? 4'J l1$ x'J *: KPG. /)001 234 @ % (11) *: V*S F#I<$ID M4*D 3'0 %D 56*1 *: V*2 %D K& >*/S 3*2 %2 'LD TIy: `)$MK)4 3*) s3 {8A %.*Q( 34 *: *: V$K: TI& ^•.enel.-: %D K0$M4I„1 #3 >$F l1$'JF*D F#3 4IG0 C$%<IH %2 `1IU *: V$Ic T? F wQ& !kc >*0 >*9<5=B 58&$ %0$4 MK)4 F f<*c *: V$4 Kr6 KP2 7H# oI: %2 K&*D !kB 5.92 # _h< IeJ$ C*)34 *: V$'6 5S*c l=R0 ‡Ig KP.-: *: V*:F 5. F IGJ5D C$ @9A %D K& MK0F O.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.4 KB*& `9N %D 5.4 %2 >? 4IQ=0 X\IB *: V$#4 `.#-.-B http://www.

Never dieth that one. when cometh no recollection of ours. /)001 234 @ % (11) Saki! with the light of wine. saying: “The world’s work hath gone to the desire of ours. To the eye of our heart-binding beloved pleasing is intoxication For that reason. whose heart is alive with love: On the world’s record.ucalgary. and the bark of the new moon. Hafez! from thy eye. It may be. The lawful bread of the Shaikh. keep shedding a tear-drop. Are immersed in the favor of Haji Kivam of ours. Minstrel! speak. From thy memory.#-. On the day of up-rising. that the bird of union may attempt the snare of ours. http://www.” In the cup. cometh the cypress of ours. a profit taketh not. I fear. The coy glance and the grace of those straight of stature till With grace. our name why purposely takest thou? Itself cometh. up-kindle the cup of ours. The green sea of sky. to intoxication they have given the rein of ours. moving like a lofty pine-tree. O breeze! if thou pass by the rose-bed of beloved ones.ca/People/far 24 . we have beheld the reflection of the face of the Beloved O thou void of knowledge of the joy of the perpetual wine-drinking of ours. more than the unlawful water of ours.enel. Take care! present to the beloved the message of ours. is written the everlasting existence of ours.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.

? T$'J lqD *=& >*9J3 C#3 5D? MK)4 ID 4F %2 >$F C$%.1Kh\ lJ3 F$ l1IdD M$I=B *GH *D *=& >*.F *: i'=[: IE*J C3•LD *: ID 'N W:$4 >'J # p*J F$ 3$4 3#4 *=& >*DI6 K03*Q-D %.=B $3 $KJ I.J$ '†=B `1'GD *U 'LD 5PQ:? 'P9D 5)*A4 f<*c KP25: *=& >*9<$I8& 7R.ucalgary.-: KP&#Id0 %2 %D IL: K& KB$'J 3$KQD *: 4'.ca/People/far 25 . 4*D *: CF#3 http://www.92 M3 W)$ 3K0*2 'LD *: F$ 4X) I/& >*P2*1 *D *GH C$ *=& >*\'N C'\ >*1*P&*0 @c I1 C*2 l-Q0 3#4 l=B TI6 ‹*-D F$ `)3#4 %N I\ *=& >$'J*P| # `Q)*=& M*& MKPD 5.1#4 C$ 3*/P)F K0'& >*.-: %D C3'.J$KPhD M*9P/& C$ *=& >$')$ p*J I. ID >*S 43$4 'U 3$K)4 VXA *=& >*:I< l-QN K)?ID *) 44I\F*D lQ<*A F$ l-G0 5<IE l-\I0 3#4 %D {2 *=& >*.enel.#-.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.4 KP25: 5D$IJ !4 *=& >*S # W: >*S >*.-D p*J F$ `)'P9D 5)'D %2 'D `S VXD >*Q6*1 C$ 4$I: # 4*D >*UI=A *=& >$3#4 %D 5:I( K90 *: V*S %N I\ KQP2 %\? $3 3$K. /)001 234 @ % (12) *=& >*9J3 C#3 F$ W-c M*: o#I< C$ *=& >$Kq0F M*N F$ 5D'J C#3 T? MK:? b.1K=B %2 T3 *) ŠIg W)$ l14 KB4 52 *=& >*9)I( v.

on this Path many a one hath become a sacrifice of Thine. From the plain of propinquity. expressed that gleaming face of Thine. On that account that a little water on its eye. Our sleep-stained fortune will. Collected will be the heart of ours. Hafez uttereth a prayer. send from Thy cheek a handful of roses: It may be that I may perceive a perfume from the dust of the rose garden of Thine. not far is desire: The slave of your King we are. and the praise-utterer of yours. O breeze! from us. O Lord! when these desires.enel. Along with the wind. I may kiss the dust of the court of yours. that they sell the veil of chastity to the intoxicated ones of Thine. and dishevelled the tress of Thine. though we be far.ca/People/far 26 . it cometh. from dust and from blood keep far thy skirt: For. Inform the heart-possessor: Verily. a blessing. that are our companions appear. O King of Kings. desire. Listen: say an amin! Be my daily food the lips sugar-scattering of Thine. O friends. I swear by soul of mine and soul of Thine. become vigilant. none obtained a portion of enjoyment: Best. like the sky. My heart worketh desolation.. to the dwellers of Yazd say: The head of those not recognizing truths the polo ball of yours. When by us.ucalgary. Although our cup be not full of wine at the circulation of yours. O Sakis of the banquet of Jam. forth. /)001 234 @ % (12) O! the splendor of the moon-beauty from the illumined face of Thine! The lustre of beauteousness from the chin-dimple of Thine! My soul at the lip desireth the sight of Thee: Back it goeth. long be your life. That. http://www. what order is Thine? ‘ By the revolution of Thy eye.#-. Thou passest. perchance. lofty of star! for God’s sake.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.

+ s3 ID %.d: *) Œ.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +..#-.-D %0*qQ: 34 T$'D+$ Œ.$ j'Gr.ucalgary.& %D MK8Q: K0KPGD %2 I8Q( CI( 56*1 s3 ID T*0 M4*D x'PD f<*c '†=B http://www.$ l9/D `Q-0 W=N F$ 4F#5: T*0 5: V4 %D V4 KQ&'PD >*B W=N %D 7\ l1$ M4F 4I:F lqU " T*)34 WQ9U? 7R.enel.$• K8N5: T*Gc$ *) V$K=.<$ " K&*D b[A 5=1': WQPN W)$ T*.$ " " %.. /)001 234 @ % (13) T*Z1 l-D %.h2 # ŒGH K:45: " T*ZH$ *) j'Gr.$ V$K=.ca/People/far 27 . >'N j$3 I\4 K0$%.

http://www. they have closed the door of the tavern: O Opener of doors! open! At such a time. O cheers to the glamorous Saki Like Hafez drink pure wine.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.enel. In the sward. ‘tis wonderful That hastily they close the tavern. the rose hath fixed its emerald throne: Get wine like the fiery ruby! Again.#-. and the cloud bindeth a veil: O companions! the morning cup! the morning cup! The hail droppeth on the face of the tulip: O companions! the wine! the wine! From the sward bloweth the breeze of Paradise: Then. then.ucalgary.ca/People/far 28 . /)001 234 @ % (13) The morning blossometh. ever drink pure wine.

dJ b)Ig WQ.ucalgary. /)001 234 @ % (14) b)Ig W)$ ID W2 `c3 >*D'J >*yh1 C$ `.< x'J l&# %: C#3 u03 34 5: {8A K)*=05: b)Ig W)I-0 %ZdH ID >$'g3$ ŽID '†=B lJ3 4I\ tJ 3': >? l1$ M4*.13*L0 34 4'G0 %N I\ 'U u0IG& MIE >*G)Ig V*& C$ `.*PD >'N W2 3•c >*B*\IZ1 34 KPUIQc V*m: 34 >*)*P&? f<*c ld\ b)Ig WQ8-: # %.<$ b)Ig {D b)Ig WQ89: tJ >*.d\ b)Ig W)$ K.*D # I.F IQ[0F 34 %2 C$ b)Ig WQL03 s3 ID WQ89: !*J >? 4*.-J KPQ90 I\ 4'G0 3#4 http://www.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.-D 4F*1 M3*J # 3*J F I\ l1*P&? W)KPN C*S ld.d\ b)Ig WQ8-: KP2 `\ M3 !4 !*G04 34 ld\ 3$KD V3#•R: ld\ 50*:F 3•L: O=.ca/People/far 29 .#-.enel.d\ b)Ig W)KPN `g 43? T*U %N C43#I( %0*J `g %N $3 5PQ0F*0 5B*& T*[P1 ID %.

on thy colored cheek.#-. and.” He said: “Hafez!. In the color of the moon-like face. beware. strange Strangely hath fallen that ant-line around thy face: Yet.” To Him.” http://www. appeareth the reflection of wine: Like the leaf of the Arghavan on the surface of the wild red rose. I said: “Pass awhile with me. if his need bewail this stranger.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. If.ca/People/far 30 . the evening of the stranger! “In the morning time. so strange. asleep on the royal ermine. what grief. fell that musky mole.” He replied: “Hold me excused. if shattered and wretched sitteth the stranger. friends are in the stage of astonishment:” “Far it is not. the pillow of the hard stone. I said: “O thou tress of night-hue. loseth his way the wretched stranger.” He said: “In the desire of his own heart. should make the couch of thorn.” A home nurtured one. /)001 234 @ % (14) I said: “O Sultan of lovely ones! show pity to this poor stranger.ucalgary. what care beareth he for such griefs of the poor stranger? To the gently nurtured one. the poor stranger.enel. in the picture gallery the musky line is not strange. O thou in the chain of whose tress. Happily. are the souls of so many lovers.

#-.9/D oI: C$ # F'1ILS I8< W)$ 34 MK)4 F$ K9D `D$'J lD$'J # O)*1? !XP: K& %2 x'g*2 K&*G0 %2 `1IU # 51I(5=0 O)#34 lD$'| C$#I( # xFI:? %9)K0$ C3*=J `9N >? 4F ‡*9A !4 M$3 lD$I& l1$ l-: %2 M'Q& W)$ F$ l1$KQ( l<3 *yJ MX=g F$ `.ca/People/far 31 .(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.4 ID C4F %2 CIQU lD$'H C$3 KP2 %9)K0$ %N F*D *U CKQP90 V4I2 %2 4*)I< # %. /)001 234 @ % (15) lD*m0 KPD K92 %2 51K6 KB*& C$ lD? # %0$4 KB4 %2 5.XP: %2 F#I<$ !4 Ir6 C$ lD$IJ V*)$ l<? 4*P8: T3 *) 4X)I\ %S$'J F$ %2 l-Q:kg %0 f<*c lD*.enel.*0 IB lD*PS l1$ KPhD %2 $3*L0 l1$KQ( 3$4 OB %)4*D W)$ F$ T? I1 l1$ 3#4 lD$I1 %D KG)Id0 >*D*QD !'g *U !4 C$ C#3 WQ)? %N %D CIQ( M3 34 *U lD*G& V*)$ K& €IH thg %D C3*D 5-0$ %L.A F `D$IJ %2 ?F*D # W2 5ZhH http://www.ucalgary.

The wail and plaint that I made. The great arrow of a glance that.#-. the water pool is far. for I am ruined through reproach of thee. with the mirage. O heart! while in the path of old age. Hafez is not a slave who fleeth from his master. O Lord! ruined. In this desert.enel.ucalgary.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. missed: Let us see what designeth the good judgement of thee. all at once.ca/People/far 32 . let not the calamity of time make thee. So that the creatures of the desert. Keep sense. who giveth thee? Went sleep from my eye in this liver-consuming thought Whose bosom is the dwelling and sleeping place of thee Tue darvish. thou askest not! and I fear that there is Neither thought of his forgiveness. Show a little kindness. That eye of intoxication struck the path of the lover’s heart: From this way. may not. come back. O thou heart-kindling palace that art the dwelling of affection. deceive thee. /)001 234 @ % (15) O chaste beloved! Who draweth the fastening of the veil of thee? O bird of Paradise! grain and water. by what way goest thou? In mistake. to thee. http://www. became expended the season of youth of thee. ‘tis manifest that wine is intoxicated of thee. nor care for his punishment. at my heart. all thou heardest not: O idol! ‘tis manifest that lofty is the station of thee. thou castedest.

/)001 234 @ % (16) lJ$K0$ >*=2 34 'U s'& C#ID$ %2 5=J lJ$K0$ >$'U*0 3$F W: >*S Kr6 %D 4'D ld.F$ O9qD %2 >*:F 3#4 %2 4'& >'P2$ W: V*2 %D >*/S lJ$K0$ >*/S %S$'J 5\KPD %D $I: http://www.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.< KH 'U `9N b)I< W=N %D C#35: M4I2 C'J # M43'J T$I& lJ$K0$ >$'g3$ 34 OU? 'U C#3 T? %2 `.&•LD l-: x#4 W=N M*L:XD %D lJ$K0$ >*=\ 34 %†Pg V$'U >*B4 F$ 'N 4F5: MI\ 4'J !'.G-0 'U C#3 %D %2 >? VI& F lJ$K0$ >*B4 34 p*J *GH l14 %D W=1 OQ( W)F 5:K)K0 TIy: # 5: i3# F$ W: lJ$K0$ >? # W)$ 34 `0*L†G]: C$'B `)'&5: %6IJ 7R.#-.ucalgary.F l)*8c *GH V4I2 O.$ u03 %2 `.enel.d: MIE %9dPD lJ$K0$ >*Q: 34 'U v. 5: T? %D >'P2 lJ$K0$ >$'U5=0 4'J F$ !F$ %GQr0 4'D 5D$IJ W)$ 34 f<*c O)*9\ IL: lJ$K0$ >*]: 5: 34 O.*A #4 Om0 4'G0 lJ$K0$ >*:F W)$ %0 lGZ: jIE %0*:F 4I2 5&#I<4'J %D {\I0 %2 %=&I2 _) %D lJ$K0$ >*/S 34 %P.ca/People/far 33 .

cast. thy eye’s deceit cast.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. the world becometh to my desire. that the Narcissus made A hundred calamities into the world. Into this and into that. http://www.ca/People/far 34 . miserable. desire for young Magians cast. Love’s foundation. Me.enel. Through shame of that one who likened it to thy face. last night. it cast. Whom. powerless. Through austerity. the wind cast. was the opening of Hafez. For time’s revolution Me. Perchance in this disastrous state. into the service of the Khwaja of the world. into the bow. In design of the blood of me.#-. I wash my religious garment: From one’s self. The violet fastened u p her twisted tresses: Before the assembly. Now.ucalgary. the tale of Thy tress. into the wine of Magians. with water of ruby wine. thy told eye-brow cast. Dust into her own mouth. Wine drunk. With one glance. drunken passing the lawn yard The bud of Thy lips made me think. the lily cast. thy sweat cast. the lot of eternity without beginning one cannot cast. Now. in boasting. did Time cast. I should never have seen the wine or the minstrel. the destiny of eternity without beginning cast. /)001 234 @ % (16) The great curve that. Not the picture of the two worlds was. when was the color of love: Not at this time. by the hand of the wind. sweat expressed when thou wentest to the sward: That fire into the ruddy Arghavan.

dq0 %2 http://www.ucalgary. /)001 234 @ % (17) lJ'-D %0*0*S `g 34 !4 OU? F$ %PQ1 lJ'-D %0*&*2 %2 %0*J W)$ 34 4'D 59U? lJ$KLD IG.enel.4 %2 l1$ b)Ig %0 5)*P&? lJ'-D %0*LQD !4 `.<ID O)'J F$ W: >'N 4IGD ^*D$IJ T? $I: KBF %6IJ lJ'-D %0*qQ: OU? $I: 7mA %0*J l-89D V4I2 %2 %D'U F$ `.ca/People/far 35 .(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.4 %.*Q( >'N lJ'-D %0*q=J # 5: 5D VILS %.+ '†=B `9N V4I: $I: %2 ?F*D # W2 `2 $IS*: lJ'-D %0$I8& %D # 43#?34 %D I1 F$ %6IJ 5:4 x'0 5: # f<*c 'LD %0*-<$ pIU lJ'-D %0*-<$ %D n=& # b& `Q.#-.4 C3#4 %y1$# F$ `PU lJ'-D %0*0*S s3 I/: OU? F$ `0*S n=& !4 `8&$ OU? {D F %2 WQD !4 F'1 lJ'-D %0$#I( 'N I/: I1 F W: ID x#4 l1$ W: F'-.

The water of the tavern took my religious garment of austerity: My house of reason. Hafez! Abandon idle talk. http://www. last night. and. from the great fire of my tears. in thanks. my soul consumed. awhile. the man of my eye Plucked. the candle’s heart.enel. As the cup of my heart broke from the repentance that I made.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. the religious garment.ucalgary. Behold the heart’s burning! For. I went. Last night. my chest in grief for the Beloved consumed. drink wine: For. and. consumed. consumed. my body melted: From Love’s fire for the Beloved’s face. O Admonisher! make little talk. like a wine flagon. In this house.ca/People/far 36 . with this idle talk. /)001 234 @ % (17) From the fire of my heart.#-. that the house consumed. the fire of the tavern consumed. My liver. we slept not. without wine and the tavern. From the farness of the Heart-Ravisher. consumed. was a fire. like the moth. the stranger’s heart consumed. from Love’s desire. from off my head. For. the candle consumed. Strange it is not that the Friends are heart-consuming: When out of myself. come back. and.

dL& 34 ^4$45: !4 # !4 >*d)Ic F 5.#4 # 3':*0 n.J4 5\KPD >*1ID ^4$F? KPD F 4I2 *: l=B # V4 %2 l1'U VKm: # VK6 34 >*Q-h[: C4*& ^4*& KB$'q0 %2 !4 >? I: 4*D `g C*S l<*Q0 %PJ3 >$XJ a$3*U F %2 4X)$ I8& ^4*9=& # 7\ # #I1 # W=1 >*.*E j'0 5.ucalgary.92 W)$ l. /)001 234 @ % (18) ^4*D p3*G: KQA >K:? *Q6*1 ^4*) F$ 4$#I: C4I2 %2 KQA$': >$# ‡$I< V*)$ ^K: W)$ 34 %2 `.enel.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ca/People/far 37 .<I\ID C?34 %D '\ F3 I.1'D 43#?F*D ^$%6IdU >? X2 3#4 KD `9N ^4$F34*: l.#-.#4 MK: l14 F$ f<*c ^4*QPD 4IGD •4$'c >*<'E %0 3# http://www.

I am that. surrender not association with this Ark of Noah: If not. and he gave thee his heart. renowned fortune and mother-born luck. Far. from that separation. of the cypress. no injury received Thy garden of the jasmine. In the foot of thy arrival.enel.#-. Thou tookest up thy heart from the companions. the evil eye! For. let them not go from thy memory. In astonishment. of the rose. http://www. thy foundation the deluge of vicissitudes will take. Say: come out: For the breath of resolution of us hath made thee free of the bond.ca/People/far 38 . is the joy of the people of the assembly Griefs place be every heart that joy wisheth thee not! Thanks to God that from this autumnal wind.ucalgary. happily brought back Thee. /)001 234 @ % (18) O Saki! be the coming of the new year auspicious to thee: And these promises thou madest. and of the tox-tree. Cause the attendance of the daughter of the vine to reach. Hafez! From the hand. at this period of time of separation.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.

(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.4 C#ID$ l<I\ %&'\ *: F !4 5.enel.#-.80 l1$ 3*2 >$3$XB 'U *D $I: C': I1 IB l1*[2 3*25D I\ l:k: # `Q)*[2 *: '2 WQ89: %h-h1 >? K& %0$')4 7mA l1*[2 3$K. /)001 234 @ % (19) l1*[2 3*) %L:$3? IZ1 `Q-0 C$ l1*[2 3*QA O2 @&*A %: >? !XP: OQ( 34 W=)$ C4$# M3 # l1$ 3*U b& l1*[2 3$K)4 KA': *[2 3'E OU? 43$4 5D$IJ Om0 >*/S %D K:? %2 IB l1*[2 3*Q9B %2 KQ)'LD ^*D$IJ 34 K0$4 ^3*&$ %2 ^3*9D 7B$ l1$ {2 >? l1*[2 3$I1$ VIZ: 5-D l-B *B%.ca/People/far 39 .# l1*Q/: %h=S 5: # TIy: # 56*1 l1*[2 3*) 4'90 *Q/: 3*) 5D OQA •0I: IB4 W=N 34 >$XJ 4*D F$ f<*c l1*[2 3*J 5D 7\ *:IdD !'mR: I8< http://www.ucalgary.

The Beloved is where? Hafez! grieve not of the autumn wind in the sward of the world: Exercise reasonable thought. ask ye saying: “The sensible one is where?” One of glad tidings is he who knoweth the sign: Many are the subtleties. But. Sorcerer. is where? Dark is the night. and the rose. /)001 234 @ % (19) O fragrant morning breeze! The Beloved’s rest-place is where? The dwelling of that Moon. are where? And. is where? Reason hath become distraught: that musky tress. the heart hath taken the corner: the eye-brow of the heart-possessor . the path of the Valley of Aiman: The fire of Toor where? The time and the place of promise of beholding is where? Whoever came to this world hath the mark of ruin: In the tavern. the reproacher.#-. where? From us.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. ease without the Beloved is not attainable. and in front. Lover-slayer.ca/People/far 40 .ucalgary. The confidant of mysteries is where? Every hair-tip of mine hath a thousand bits of work with Thee: We. void of work. all are ready. The rose without the thorn is where? http://www. and the minstrel.is where? The cup.enel.

/)001 234 @ % (20) l1*JID *B!4 # K:? KQA # K& '1 _) MF#3 l1$'J K)*D 5: # K:? x'S %D %0*q=J F 5: l&•LD >*S >$I\ >*&#I<KBF %D'0 l1$KQ( >$K03 >4I2 TIE # CK03 l6# 43'J M4*D WQPN %2 $3 >? 4'D l:k: %N l1*yJ %N W)# C4IJ5D W)KD l1$ bQA %N W)$ 4'G0 5)*)3 # C#3 #$ 34 %2 5&'0 M4*D l1*)3 # C#3 #$ 34 %2 5&#I<KBF F$ I./D ‡*d0 >*d)Ic # `Q)*)3 >$K03 %0 *: l1$'\ !*c W)KD l1$ I1 `.ca/People/far 41 .#-.*A #$ %2 >? `QP80 KD {2 %D # `)3$•LD 4X)$ ŠI< l1$#3 `Q)'L0 l-Q0 $#3 KP)'\ %N >$# `)3'J M4*D jK6 KPN 'U # W: I\ 4'& %N l1*=& >'J F$ %0 l1$ >$F3 >'J F$ M4*D 4'D KB$'J 7hJ bQA >? X2 l1$ bQA %N W)$ l1*[2 bQA5D V4I: K& %N XQ0 4'D 3# http://www.ucalgary.enel.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.

we perform. who like us drinketh the cup. and do evil to none: Whatever they say is “unlawful. and the Id hath come.enel. This is not the defect that.ucalgary. it is not of your blood.” we say not “it is lawful. the time of gladness and of joy-making of profligates. and it is necessary to ask.” What mattereth it . the wine hath come into tumult. weighty of life.ca/People/far 42 . in whom is the face of hypocrisy. what matter? The man without defect is where? http://www. injury will be: And if it be the defect. nor the companions of hypocrisy: Witness to this state is He. neither is defect. nor hypocrisy.#-. We are neither hypocritical profligates. That wine-drinker in whom is neither the face.if thou and I drink some goblets of wine? Wine is of the blood of grapes. who “is the Knower-of-hearts. nor is fault. Him. what reproach reacheth? In regard to the profligate lover. from this defect. and hearts have risen: In the wine-house. Is better than an austerity-boaster. hath passed: Hath risen.” The ordinances of God. /)001 234 @ % (20) The fast a side hath gone.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. The season of austerity boasters.

/)001 234 @ % (21) l1*JID l:k: %D IG.<3 OQ( l1*JID l:*6 # K6 F$ F*0 %D %2 O2I1 #I1 CIGD >*S IL: F$KPQD %6IJ W)$ f<*c l1*JID l:$I2 # Y'.#-.ucalgary. >$F I\$ n=& l1*JID l:$Ig %D *Bb& 'U ‡*9A OQ( #I1 # 7\ 3*P2 F C3*/D 4*D W=N 34 l1*JID l:*6 # Š3*A >? C3$4$'B %D ^'8h: >*QU'hJ F$ # 5.ca/People/far 43 .*1 %6IJ F$ OU*2 http://www.&•LD l-: l1*JID l:*Q6 T'&? 'U C*&*=U %D lh[J F$ l<IL0ID *( 'U 3*.4 # K& `P)4 # !4 l1*JID l:k1 'U X2 WQ9P: *: *D ld\ l-9PD x'J 5:4 VXD W)$ 34 %2 CKQP& %2 l1*JID l:$K0 %D lGZH IJ? 34 %0 %2 4F 5<+ >*DF %D >$KPJ b.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.enel.

enel. safety hath risen. from thee.” Of whom heardest thou. from shame its foot uplifted not. Before thy gait. who at this banquet. from the religious garment of hypocrisy and of miracle. http://www. not in remorse hath risen. Thou passedest by. at the end of the companionship. hath risen. If.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. the candle expressed a boast of that laughing face In fine. and from the Khilvatis of angels The tumult of resurrection at the sight of Thee hath risen. Hafez! cast off this religious garment. with its tongue. hath awhile sat happy: Who. for. with grace of stature and of form. And said: “Sit not with me. Intoxicated. fire hath risen. Perchance thou mayst take thy life: For. The head-extending cypress that. from the border of the rose and the cypress. it hath risen. and the Heart-Ravisher with reproach arose.ca/People/far 44 . hath risen. In longing for that cheek and stature of Thine. In the sward.#-. the spring breeze. nights before thy lovers.ucalgary. /)001 234 @ % (21) Went heart and faith.

(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +,#-. /)001 234 @ %

(22) l1*yJ %2 'L: !4 7B$ Wq1 C'P9D 'N l1*S W)$ *yJ W: >*S C$%0 Y*P& Wq1 K)?5=0 #I< 5GmA # 5Q04 %D VI1 l1*: I1 34 %2 *B%P;< W)$ F$ ‘$ p3*GU l-Q2 `0$K0 !4 %;-J W: >#3K0$ 34 l1*g'g 34 # >*]< 34 #$ # `&'=J W: %2 TIy: C$ 5)*[2 K& >#ID M4I( F `.4 l1$'0 %D *: 3*2 M4I( W)$ F$ %2 >*B !*PD 4'G0 ^*d;.$ X\IB >*/S 3*2 %D $I: l1$3? O&'J WQPN W: I}0 34 'U s3 W: !4 4X(5: %2 5.*QJ F V$%;dq0 l1*[2 %0*qD$I& V3$4 %G&KH 3*=J `.4 >'J F K& M4'.? %R:'H %2 WQPN l1*=& l14 %D @c KQ)'9D M4*D %D VI\ K03$45: X)XA `0*]: I)4 %D >? F$ l1*: !4 34 %9Q=B 4IQ=0 %2 59U? %2 TIy: >? 4F5: M4I( 34 %2 4'D F*1 %N l1$'B F I( o*:4 VF'PB # I=A l<3 %2 K04$4 >#3K0$ 34 b9)4 'U @9A C$K0 l1$KH F I( F'PB f<*c %PQ1 C*e<



(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +,#-. /)001 234 @ %

O Heart-ravisher! thou art not a speech-recognizer. Here, the fault is: When thou hearest the speech of people of heart speak not saying: “A fault it is.” Neither to this world, nor to the next world, boweth my head Blessed be God! for this tumult that, in our head, is. Within this shattered heart, I know not who is. For, I am silent; and in clamour and tumult, it is. Forth from the screen, went my heart. O Minstrel! where art thou? Ho! sing. For, on account of this note, in melody, our work is. To the world’s work, never was ‘attention mine; In my sight, Thy face its happy adorner thus is. From a fancy that I mature, nights I have not slept: Wine-sickness of a hundred nights, I have: the wine-house, where is? With my heart’s blood, thus it is that the cloister became stained: If ye wash me in wine, lawful at your hand it is? In the cloister of the magians, me dear they hold for the reason That, in our heart, a fire that dieth not ever is. What was the melody that last night, the minstrel played? Life passed; and yet, full of that melody, my brain is? Last night, within my heart, the announcement of love for Thee, they gave Yet, with desire, full of that voice, the plain of my heart is?



(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +,#-. /)001 234 @ %

(23) l1*: MI=B @)IE IB 34 'U C#3 !*QJ l1*: %\? >*S K0'Q( 'U C': `Q-0 KPP2 @9A nP: %2 50*QAK: `g3 %D l1*: %S': l[c 'U MI/N !*=S K)'\5: %N 'U >$Kq0F bQ1 %2 WQGD l1*: %N 34 M4*;< CIr: v1') 3$XB K1I0 *: l14 'U F$34 v.F %D I\$ l1*: %U'2 l14 # >*9)I( lqD M*P\ 'LD ˆ*J C$I1 ^'hJ 34 bS*c %D l1*: %\34 p*J >*PQ90 %&'\ F >k< l1$ T'[Z: %N I\$ *: I}0 F$ ^3'H %D l1*: %<I: IE*J I}0 34 %9Q=B C*9LD K0F C34 f<*c 5.*1 %D I\$ l1*: %: >'N C#3 ‡*;9: %2 l1*B!*1 %2



(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +,#-. /)001 234 @ %

In every path of Islam, the image of Thy face fellow traveler of ours is. Ever, the perfume of Thy hair, the soul-informer of ours is. In grief of those claimants, who forbid love, The beauty of Thy face, the approved argument of ours is. Behold, what saith the apple of Thy chin! “Many a Yusuf of Egypt fallen into the pit, of ours is.” If to our hand reach not Thy long tress, The sin of the perturbed fortune, and of the short-hand of ours is. To the chamberlain of the door of the private chamber, say: “Of those corner-sitting, a certain one, the dust of the court of Ours is. Although, apparently, He is veiled from our sight, He, ever, in the sight of the tranquil heart, of ours is. If, as a beggar, Hafez knock that door, open: For, it is years since he, desirous of the moon-like face of Ours was.



(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. /)001 234 @ % (24) l-: W: F$ jkH # >*=Q( # lA*E bhy: l-.#4 F$ f<*c l14 %D 4*D X[D l-Q0 x$'U 7H# F$ 5PR) http://www.$ F#3 VK& MI/& 592 %0*=Q( %D %2 @9A %=9N F$ `.ca/People/far 49 .#-.&'J >*/S C$3? W=N K& 50*=Qh1 'U @9A l.-: {\I0 >? X[D l-9P0 x'J 5-2 MF#IQ< V3*E W)$ I)F I}0 o*D 34 %2 4*D OPB4 C$K< >*S l-G0 %†Pg W)$ F$ I.enel.J*1 '~# %2 V4 >*=B W: l-B %2 %N IB ID MI1 _) V4F IQG8U3*N *e6 I1 F$ 5/\? l=B4 *U MKD 5: l-: %2 C'D F$ # @&*A VK& %2 C#3 %D %2 *S W)$ 3': I=2 F$ l1$ `2 M'2 I=2 l1I( M4*D C$ '9: l=c3 34 F$ KQ:$*0 4*1I: O=9N %2 %0*.ucalgary.

Be my soul the ransom of Thy mouth! For. in the garden of vision. four Laudations.ucalgary. with the fountain of Love. The Parterre-arrayer of the World established no rose-bud more sweet than this rose-bud. and of rectitude. The every moment when.ca/People/far 50 . is the desire of devotion and of covenant. For. he hath naught in hand save wind. and by whose perfume. intoxicated. Here. Save that intoxicated eye the eye reach him not! None state happy beneath this turquoise vault. /)001 234 @ % (24) From me intoxicated. I expressed completely on all that is. I became a Lover. I performed ablution. http://www. Allah Akbar! Give wine that I may give thee news of the mystery of Fate: By whose face. Through the fortune of Love for thee.#-.enel. less than the ants’ waist is the waist of the mountain: O wine-worshipper! Be not hopeless of the door of God’s mercy. in Eternity without beginning. I became renowned for wine-drinking. Hafez became a Soleiman: That is Or Union with thee.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.

#-.d\ %2 http://www.d8& l1I( M4*D >*Q<'H C$ 5&'JI1 CkH 4'=0 uP1 'N 5=8Z: 34 %2 %D'U Y*1$ l-89D x$%<IE %N 5S*SF V*S %2 WQGD *P].$ K/A K0$%.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ca/People/far 51 . /)001 234 @ % (25) l-: 7GhD l9\ # $I=c 7\ K& %.enel.1$ M*\3*D 34 %2 M4*D 3*QD l-: %N # 3*Q&'B %N >*yh1 %N # >*G1*( %N 7Qc3 l1$ ^3#I~ >'N 34#4 ‹*D3 W)$ F$ l-( %N # KPhDI1 %N l9QR: ‡*E # ‡$#3 •035D 4'&5=0 I-Q: OQA V*m: l-.# 50*:F l<I\ $'B K)'\ >? I8& %N f<*c 'U _h2 >*DF l14 %D l14 K0ID5: lPq1 %.-Q0 %2 IQE @yP: # 4*D b1$ # 5dH? M'8& l-G0 €IE ‰QB %S$'J #$ F$ # l<3 4*D %D 5D*UI( IQU %2 M3 F$ #I: I( # !*D %D l-90 p*J %D 5.ucalgary.-D kD `8c %D 5hD x*D5: x'J # IQ=~ >*[0I: l-Q0 # l-B %D l-B %2 !*=2 IB V*[0$I1 l-Q.

but. whether lofty or low Unattainable. Hafez! What thanks. at last. and the language of birds Went to the wind.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. behold! Bring wine! for.ucalgary. Whether the shepherd or the Sultan. the wind-steed. the Khwaja obtained no profit.ca/People/far 52 . lieth in the dust. happy.#-.enel. How the crystal cup hath shattered it. For the end of every perfection that is .is non-existence. The gallery and the arch of thy living. is the place of ease without toil: Yes: with the decree of calamity they established the “day of Alast. and intoxicated is the nightingale. firm as a rock.” Grieve neither at existence nor at non-existence: Be thy mind. For. the air awhile. in the Court of the Independent One. The invitation to merriment O Lovers. wine-worshipping! The foundation of penitence that. With the wing and the feather go not from the Path. whether sensible or insensible Since there is necessity for departing from this Inn of two doors. /)001 234 @ % (25) Blossomed is the red rose. appeared. uttereth the tongue of thy reed for the reason that They take the utterance of its speech from hand to hand? http://www. The pomp of being an Asaf. the arrow far-flying Keepeth. and from them.

enel. /)001 234 @ % (26) l-: # b.$ F#3 *: %D %dZU W)$ XS K04$K0 %2 `)KQ&'0 *: %0*=Q( %D lq)3 #$ %N >? l-: M4*D I\# l1$ l9/D I=J F$ I\$ 3*L0 IQ\ MI\ v. # C'S MKDIA O-\I0 l-9PD K:? W: WQ.F # 5: V*S MKPJ l-89D f<*c %D'U >'N %2 %D'U *-D C$ http://www.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ca/People/far 53 .ucalgary.*D %D x#4 b& `Q0 W)Xc F$#? %D 43#? W: x'\ $I< I1 l-B lD$'J W: %P)I)4 @&*A C$ ld\ KPB4 IQLG& M4*D WQPN %2 $3 5m&*A l1I( M4*D 4'90 I\ 4'D @9A I<*2 IQL: M4IJ >*92434 ID # KB$F C$ #ID l-.F l14 34 5c$IH # >$'J !Xg # p*N WBIQ( >*P2 Y'-<$ OG.#-.d&? v. >$KPJ # M4I2 C'J # %.

Garment rent. To my ear.enel. sweat expressed. and the knot-seizing tress of the Beloved O many a repentance. Of whatever. naught did they give us on the day of Alast. last night.#-. Eye. at midnight. lip laughing. hath it shattered like the repentance of Hafez http://www. The laughter of the cup of wine.ucalgary. He brought His head. Whether it be of the wine of Paradise. to whom they give wine like this. song-singing. O Zahed! go: seize not a small matter against the drinkers of wine-dregs: For. or of the cup of intoxication. to my pillow. intoxicated. contest-seeking. night-watching Is infidel to love. sate.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. goblet in His hand. He poured into our cup.ca/People/far 54 . /)001 234 @ % (26) Tress dishevelled. if he be not wine-worshipper. we have drunk. lip lamenting Came. That Aref. Said: “O my distraught Lover! sleep is thine”. save this gift. in a low soft voice.

ucalgary.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.-: {\I0 F$ >$3$'qQ: # 5: F$ l-: $KQ( '0 %: 78& #$ KP=1 7R0 34 l-( ID'PH C+*D #$ KPhD K6 F# l-Q0 >'N VIGJ 4'J F$ l-B `)'\ %N %D IJ? l-B >'N VI}0 C# *D l-Q0 `)'\ %N I/D F# l1*JID #$ 'N l-9PD VF*-:4 !4 n=& l-9PD #$ 'N l1*JID >$F*DI}0 F >*]<$ # KQ†Q( #$ C'-Q\ 34 K& 'D x'J %Q.ca/People/far 55 .enel. /)001 234 @ % (27) l14 34 5cK6 V3*) K:? >*]: I)4 34 l-: O.*g I\ l1'Q( #$ C#ID$ 34 l9\ O80*=2 %=1# 3# f<*c MK& I=A K)?F*D %2 C?F*D l-& F$ K9D %2 CIQU F*D K)*0 %2 KPN IB http://www.#-.

it was associated with His tress: If indigo became a bowman. wherefore. Well. the stature of the lofty cypress.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. In His steed’s hoof. /)001 234 @ % (27) Into the Magian’s cloister. Come back that Hafez’s spent life may come back: Although the arrow that hath sped from the aim cometh not back. shall I say: “Existence” when no knowledge of myself is mine? Wherefore shall I say: “Non-existence” when my expectation is with Him? When He arose.ucalgary. it was associated with His eye-brow.ca/People/far 56 .#-. If noisome civet became fragrant. low. http://www. appeared the form of the new moon From His lofty stature.enel. the candle of the heart of friends went out: When He sate down. the spectators’ clamour arose. came my Friend a goblet in His hand: With wine intoxicated. He with his eye intoxicated the wine-dirnkers.

ca/People/far 57 .enel.4 F$ # f<*c •0I: l1I0 M*Q\ W)$ 'N K&*D %N o*D M*P\ http://www.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.-8& *D %2 l1$#3 # l9\ F$34 vH? %D 3': >*DF l-[0F*D # 4I2 M#*) `S `U*J %S$'J %2 l1#4 l)*/05D vy. F$ IG: n=E +4 l-N # _D*N F*GD I1 C4F @9A €+ 'N l-d0 F$ K)$F KQ&3'J %2 x'2 ‡KH %D l-q0 ŒGH l9\ C#3 %Q1 o#34 F$ %2 F'PB # l&4 # M'2 C$KQ& 'U l14 F VK& l-1 %h-h1 ‡*y0 `cIU %D 5P25=0 C'[: ’*dc >$IG. /)001 234 @ % (28) l134 K/A # `)K6 @c # %S$'J >*S %D l1'U l.#4 C*A4 `ZGH V4 {0': %2 4ID l14 j'0 >*<'E F %2 W: _&I1 l-& 'U I/: Om0 l13*Q0 %PQ1 j'.ucalgary. F IqD %.-8& !4 W)# C$%h:*R: W8D l134 3$XB KH %D 4F3$ 5L.#-.

despite its shattered state. when this grass hath not sprung. and. I became distraught for the mountain and the plain: In pity Thou loosest not my waist-chain. /)001 234 @ % (28) By the Khwaja’s soul. Hafez! grieve not! and constancy from heart-ravishers seek not: The crime of the garden. and by ancient right. what is it. Against Asaf.enel. and by true covenant. Strike the bargain. it is lawful: For. purchase this shattered heart. Have not washed the picture of Thy love from the heart’s tablet. My tears. sever not: When thou boastest of love. prayer for thy welfare is my companion.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ucalgary. at the breath of dawn. Be honest and see the sun comes out of thy breath At the outset. By Thy hand. and. the tongue of the ant became long in reproach. the Khwaja lost the seal of Jam. O heart! of the endless kindness of the Friend hope. that surpass Noah’s deluge. That. sought not. http://www. the liar was disgraced. is worth many an unshattered. quickly and instantly play thy head. That.#-.ca/People/far 58 .

ucalgary.-D >? F$ KPQD5=B 3*Qg$ K)4 ‡IA vy.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.0 W=)$ %2 MK)4 C$ '& 3$KQD l1$ T$'J !XP: W)$ 34 %2 V4*:4 7Q1 W)F W8Q. *U 'U WQL03 s3 ID 7\ l1$ Tk\ ‡Ig !4 `g F$ ‡'& OU? 34 `)3$•L0 *U *QD l&4 # 34 l1$ XG1 l1$ T$I1 %h=S >*/S %2 5D? I1 F$ l14 lZQr0 C*S bhy: `g*:4 •P2 34 l1$ T*D3 # uPN %:X:F F$ I( %&'\ W)*2 F*DI}0 # l1$ K03 # @&*A 3$ K& %N f<*c l1$ T*G& V*)$ VF+ b[A 3'E {D http://www. /)001 234 @ % (29) l1$ T$I& C$#I( %N 'U !*QJ F $3 *: l1$ T$IJ %0*q=J %2 IQ\ 4'J I1 '\ `J l1#4 5D %2 K)X)ID l1$ l9/D I=J I\ l1$ T$•A WQA 5B4 %2 `D•A lDI& IB >*)I\ MK)4 34 # IG.# 'U ID 43•\5: >*QA ‡'9R: l1$ T*m0 %.4 K& %2 Y'-<$ l1$ T? ID Om0 #$ tJ !*QJ I)IZU 4'D >$'.enel.ca/People/far 59 .#-.

for the jar-house is ruined. what desire for wine is ours? To the jar say: “Take thy head. but Keepeth seeing strangers. what then? In the time of youth. but the world is only a mirage. The Beloved One openly passeth. In envy’s fire. From this lasting torrent that occurreth in the stage of sleep. one cannot be safe. On that account. and in the weeping eye The picturing of the fancy of a letter from Him is the picture on water.ucalgary. http://www. For without the Friend. many a strange way is necessary. If Hafez be lover. the Beloved is veil-bound. For. Since the rose beheld the grace of sweet on thy colored cheek. Every draft of sweet water that thou givest is the very essence of torment. In the corner of my brain. Alas! The Heart-Ravisher nath departed. or glance-player. /)001 234 @ % (29) With fancy for Thee. spill it.enel. through the heart’s grief.#-. seek no place of counsel: For this cell is full of the hum of the harp and of the ribab. by thee. The world around is green and so green.ca/People/far 60 . or profligate. O eye! be vigilant.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. it is immersed in rose-water.” If it be the wine of Paradise.

enel.*Q( 3K0$ 5: u03 KPN %D 56*1 l-GD #K2 34 x'J %N %2 IL0 *BOm0 W)$ `J >'J %2 5c$IH 4I2 MX=g %N T3 *) l-GD 'h\ 3K0$ Ohmh6 C*BMIR0 *D i*=1 M4I( 34 %2 lJ*1 M4I( %N TIy: l-GD 'B # C*B 34 !*c # KS# 7B$ ID l1$'J 7H# # K)F3'0 @9A %2 >? IB f<*c l-GD '~# 5D !4 %GR2 €'E V$Ic$ http://www.ca/People/far 61 .F l-GD '1 3*N F$ I\ M3*N 3$XB M$3 >*S KPB4 O=Q-0 C'D %D >*m&*A *U l-GD #F3? 34 # C$%<*0 4'9LD '0 M*: 'N V3*L0 %2 VK& >? F$ $KQ& l-GD #3 # 4I2 CI\ M'hS # 4'=0 #ID$ lq)3 %.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ucalgary. /)001 234 @ % (30) l-GD ': 3*U 58) %D !4 3$XB ld.#-.

into the cup. http://www. and. the wine of many colors: These pictures.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. like the new moon His eye-brow. its throat bound. I became on that account that. my Beloved. He opened the musk-pod. The path of a thousand remedies bound. the tress bound. Notwithstanding the sweet sounds of its guggling. that the blood of the jar. displayed. a thousand hearts. the Ihram of the Tawf of the Ka’ba.#-. and union desired Without ablution. gracefully moved.ca/People/far 62 .ucalgary. Distraught. /)001 234 @ % (30) With a single hair of its. the door of lowly matters he bound? Hafez! Who practiced not love. The Saki poured.enel. In the circle of sama’. and His face bound. behold how beautifully in the wine-vessel. So that all may give their soul to the perfume of the great breeze. he bound. bound. what note played the minstrel that On the people of joy and understanding. the door of desire bound. O Lord! What glance of sorcery made the long-necked goglet.

enel.ca/People/far 63 . pIU 4I2 `B$'q0 W: l1$ bB•: `P)$ %2 VK)3$4 3#•R: >$KB$F K0F5: 5=9N I)F W: !4 ID p#*0 %2 >? l1$ b.*A %N 4X)$ V*0 %D W: _h2 o$F http://www.ucalgary. /)001 234 @ % (31) l1$ b9:$ ^'hJ 7B$ KP)'\ %2 C3K6 b& >? l1$ b2'2 WQ:$K2 34 l.4 IB €IE IB X2 V$'U >$Kq0F M*N %.<*2 WQD O~3*A ID C'J {8A l1$ bU xF#3 IB l-B *U ‡IA >? C$'B 34 5: V*S # 3*) 7R.92 l1$ b]Gg ‡'E I)F >*S >4I\ x3$XB KH l1#$ C#3 3$4 %PQ)? %: %2 W: 3$'-/& l1$ b2I: 7R0 p*J xKPhD KQ&3'J a*U #3 VI\ T*.#4 IQ|*U W)$ T3 *) K13 `2 >*)$X1*0 l14 'U C'-Q\ %D *U l1$ T3*) T3*) I2“ 34 C$%mhc F$ 5.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.#-. I)F MKPJ 34 O}<*c >*S ^'6 K8N5: lgkD 3*mP: F O0$'Qc T? l1$ TI9: 5.

nor the wine-cup. Zaheds! hold me excused: for. ardent is.#-. /)001 234 @ % (31) What men of our closed circle call “the Night of Power” to-night is. I will not abandon the ruby lip of the Beloved. in the circle. Behold the reflection of sweat on His cheek! For the sun. in the prayer of “O Lord! O Lord!” is. In the smile beneath His lip the life-sustenance of Hafez is.ca/People/far 64 .(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. the mirror-holder of whose face is the moon. Beneath Thy chin-dimple. In God’s name! what a lofty drinker the black crow of my pen is! http://www. Every heart. I am one slain by Thy chin-dimple. For. ardent of face. My horseman. this is. this effect of fortune is? In order that the hand of those unfit may rarely reach Thy trees. As long as it is. The water of life trickleth from the beak of my eloquence.enel. my religious order. daily in desire of this sweat. the dust of the hoof of his steed is.ucalgary. The crown of the lofty sun. many a neck of souls is. from every side. O Lord! from what constellation. Who beneath his eye dischargeth an arrow at my heart.

(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +,#-. /)001 234 @ %

(32) l-D 'U C*9L.4 C#ID$ ^3'H 'N $KJ l-D 'U C*B%=&I2 3K0$ W: 3*2 4*9\ K0*90 M$3 p*J %D $3 W=N #I1 # $I: l-D 'U C*G6 {\I0 br6 *U %0*:F 4'9LD MI\ KH %†Pg !4 # *: 3*2 F l-D 'U C$'B 5( 3K0$ !4 'N 7\ `Q-0 4I2 5~$3 sIN >$3#4 'U KPD %D $I: l-D 'U C*~3 34 %;&3I1 %2 4'1 %N 5.# W8d: MI\ W: WQ8-: !4 ID %<*0 'N l-D 'U C*9\ MI\ v.F I1 *D K/A %2 !*H# `Q-0 C$ C4'D I\4 !*H# 4'J 'U l-D 'U C*<# 34 KQ:$ !4 %2 IL0 *yJ l<3 `B$'J I/& F `;d\ 'U 3'S l14 F l-D 'U C*( %2 #ID f<*c %2 ld\ MKPJ %D



(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +,#-. /)001 234 @ %

When the form of thy heart alluring eye-brow, God established. In thy glances, the solving of my work, He established. From my heart and the heart of the bird of the sward. He took ease, When, in the morn, the heart of both in lament for thee, He established. From our work, and from the heart of the rose-bud, a hundred knots it loosed, When, in desire of thee, its own heart the breeze of the rose established. With Thy bond, the sphere’s revolution made me content: But, what profit, when, the end of the thread in Thy will, it established. On my wretched heart, cast not a knot like the musk-pod. For, with Thy tress, knot-loosening, a covenant it established. O Breeze of union! thou thyself wast another life: Behold my fault that, hope in fidelity to Thee, my heart established. l said: “On account of thy violence, I shall depart from the city:” Laughing, the beloved spake saying: “Hafez! go Thy foot, who established?”



(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +,#-. /)001 234 @ %

(33) l1$ lS*c %N *&*=U %D $3 MK)X\ ^'hJ l1$ lS*c %N $IZH %D l-B l1#4 C'2 >'N $KJ *D l-B $3 'U %2 5;S*c %D *0*S l1$ lS*c %N $3 *: %2 YI„D 5:4 Iq2 `Q;J'-D $3 $KJ W-c M*&4*( C$ l1$ lS*c %N $3 $K\ %2 W2 !*1 IJ? l-Q0 !*1 >*DF # `Q;S*c T*D3$ l1$ lS*c %N *P=U `)I2 ^Iec 34 l1*: >'J Kr6 ^I\ l-Q0 %r6 a*;Z: l1$ lS*c %N *=]) %D l1'U >? F$ lJ3 >'N l1#4 IQP: IQ=~ l1*=0 >*/S V*S l1$ lS*c %N *S >? 4'J a*Q;c$ 3*/”$ 5:4ID jk: lP: 3*D %2 K& >? l1$ lS*c %N *)34 %D 4$4 l14 'N IB'\ l-Q0 3*2 'U *D $I: %2 #ID 5AK: C$ l1$ lS*c %N $KA$ %D K0I~*c T*Gc$ 3*) OqD j#3 b. 'N $K\ @&*A C$ l1$ lS*c %N *~*mU %dQ”# ^K0$45: 4'& >*QA 4'J IPB %2 W2 `;J 'U f<*c l1$ lS*c %N *2*Z: # i$X0 5AK: *D



(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +,#-. /)001 234 @ %

To him that hath chosen solitude, of the spectacle is what need? When the street of the Beloved is, of the desert is what need? O Soul! By the need of God that is thine, At last, a moment, ask, saying: “Ours is what need?” O Sovereign of beauty! For God’s sake, I consumed. At last ask, saying: The beggar’s, is what need? We are the Lords of need, and is no tongue to question: In the presence of the Merciful One, petitioning is what need? If intention be Thine against our life, there is no need of pretence: When the chattels are Thine, of plunder, is what need? The cup, world-displaying is the luminous mind of the Friend: Then, of the revealing of my own necessity is what need? Past is that time when I used to bear the burden of favor of the Sailor: When the jewel appeared, of the Ocean is what need? O beggar-lover! when the soul-giving lip of the Beloved Knoweth thee, petitioning for an allowance is what need? O pretender! go: I have naught with thee: Dear friends are present. Of enemies is what need? Hafez! End thy verse: for skill itself becometh clear: Disputation and contention with the pretender is what need?



%D *: !4 vR~ akA l1'U %0$XJ 34 ^'6*) jId: W)$ %2 l.4 l1'U %0*m&*A u0*Gh\ %=B W=N 34 %2 W2 l. %N 4'J 'U l1'U %0*)F*U V$3 _h< 'N 5P1'U %2 F*D MKGR& I/„1 4X]hD %2 W: C*S %N l1'U %0*/D %0*G0$ 34 %2 7Qc W)$ F$ 43? •63 %D _h< >'P2$ l-h[: 4#I1 l1'U %0$IU Wq1 W)IQ& f<*c IR& %2 http://www.ucalgary.GR.1? p*J >*S %HkJ 5.ca/People/far 69 . %D l1'U %0$4 # V$4 I)F b[A C*B%dQy.#4 F$ VIrm: WU %D l1'U %0*.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.:Fk: l.# 5J'& IB %D !4 Km0 `B4 %2 `Q0 >? W: l1'U %0*90 # 'U I/: %D %0$XJ 34 3*2 W)IQ& 3$'-/& C$ 5.enel. /)001 234 @ % (34) l1'U %0*Q&? W: `9N I}P: ‡$#3 l1'U %0*J %0*J %2 ? 4#I< # *=0 VI2 !4 C4'D3 >*<3*A F$ tJ # !*J vy. 4*D x'J *GH 7GhD C$ 7\ 7H# %D l.#-.$'c b.

unworthy of Thy service am I. in the treasury of Thine. http://www. /)001 234 @ % (34) The chamber of vision of my eye is the dwelling of Thine: Show courtesy. To Thy lip.enel. like the sky. Thou scratchedest the heart of Arefs: Wondrous. Not that one am I to give my heart’s coin to every impudent one: Is the treasure door with the seal of Thine. By the grace of mole and of down.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. in the sward. In body. sweet of speech. and the mark of Thine. entrust the remedy for our feeble heart. and alight. For. For exhilarating is the ruby-medicine.#-. the melody of Thy assembly bringeth the sky to dancing. For.ca/People/far 70 . O horseman. That an impetuous steed. My place.ucalgary. the amorous warbling all is thine. staggereth At the sorceries that are in the store-house of pastime of Thine. for this house is the House of Thine. is the melody of Thine. O nightingale! glad of heart be. its essence is the dust of the threshold of Thine. Now. are the subtleties beneath the snare of the grain of Thine. the verse of Hafez. is obedient to the whip of thine. what? When the sky. the juggler. in union with the rose. excellent of work! what a magician indeed thou art. But my soul.

*A #4 IB F$ 'U @9A IQ1$ 5.*A %=B lZQr0 l-QP]. /)001 234 @ % (35) l14*)I< %N W)$ fA$# C$ 4'J 3*2 %D #ID l14*.ca/People/far 71 .-: %N I\$ l14*D? T$IJ >$F W: 5.enel.< $I: ‰QB F$ l1$ MK)I<? $KJ %2 #$ >*Q: l14*9L0 MK)I<? ‰QB %2 l-)$%mQ64 C*0 >'N OG.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.<$ %N $3 'U M3 F$ !4 4*.-: KhJ l9B F$ 'U C'2 C$K\ l14$F? `.#-.# 4I2 T$IJ `m9A 5.-B Y*1$ 3*) %2 3*) 3'S # 4$KQD F !*P: +4 l14$4 >? F$ W)$ # 4I2 WQ=B bQr0 $3 'U f<*c VK: >'-< # >$'q: %0*-< #ID l14*) 5-D $I: >'-<$ # %0*-< W)$ X2 http://www. $I: K0*1I0 *U V*2 %D l14*D W: x'\ %D `.ucalgary.

like the reed. my heart hath fallen: what hath befallen thee? The connection with Him. For I remember many a one of these wondrous conceits and magic verses. For. Hafez! Go.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. So long as His lip causeth me not to reach my desire. O heart! bewail not of the injustice of Thy beloved’s violence. which God out of naught hath created Is a subtlety which no created being hath solved. yet. By that intoxication. breathe no majestic verse.ucalgary. Independent of the eight abodes of Paradise is the beggar of Thy street: Free of both worlds is Thy bound captive. In my ear. http://www. Although love’s intoxication hath received me. the Beloved Hath thus advised thee: and this is justice.#-. the counsel of the whole world is like wind.ca/People/far 72 . the foundation of own existence is prosperous. utter no tale. /)001 234 @ % (35) O admonisher! Go about thy own work: what is this tumult? From the hand.enel.

F `J 34 l14*.ucalgary.<$ `)K6 K/A 34 %2 l-)4*ZU$ http://www.<$ `Q-0 l14 34 %2 l-QB$3 p*J l1*JID K0$'.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.<$ `Qm1 %q-0 W)$ %2 l-B W)$ W8Q.F l14*. 4*) F$ KG0 O:*m: %GR2 XS %2 >? l14*.0 52*J WU W)$ 4I\ '†=B l14*.<$ `Q0 #4 %rg F$ M4F$4'1 !4 l1$ IZ1 4$'1 WQA 4'J 'U C#4*S `9N l14*.<$ `Q:3 `}A ID %2 l-Qc#3 {8A lG. /)001 234 @ % (36) l14*.F I1 *U l14*.<$ `Q}A %2 #3 >$F 'U C'2 I1 F$ V4 5-QA C$ `G.#-.<$ `QS %mhc 34 %2 M4#4 %ym0 3$•A Y#4I< W9h\ 34 'U WQ89: v.<$ `QR0 o*D 34 %2 Y##*E l-QN >*S {0': C$ 'U C#3 Y'B 34 W: !4 l14*. l-QN 50$4 %Q1 !*J >? 'U v.<$ `Q-0 l14 34 'U v.<$ `Qm: %2 VK)4 MK8Q: 34 ID X)XA 3*) C$ l=g *D $3 MK9=\ f<*c l14*.enel.*6 ID 'U K6 %)*1 l14*.ca/People/far 73 .

that one. on the rotten bone. Is the reflection of a soul. whose place is none save the Ka’ba. thy musky tress. my heart. that. http://www. that. at the Tavern-door. /)001 234 @ % (36) Since thy tress-tip. fell. ineffective fell. a dweller. this dusty body cannot rise From the head of thy street since it severely fell.ca/People/far 74 .(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.#-. In the midst of the dark morning. fell. fell.ucalgary. fell. In the rose-bed of the garden of thy cheek. in the curve of Jim fell. into two pieces on account of grief. as road-dust. In memory of Thy lip. My distraught heart. Like the dust. O dear soul! With grief for thee. is thy eye of sorcery: This is the degree. into the power of the breeze. That mole in the curve of thy tress knowest thou what it is? A dot of ink. him befell. fell. O Friend of my soul! In desire of thy perfume.enel. in the ancient covenant. in the garden of delights. O thou of Isa breath! the shade of thy cypress on my body. I saw that. to Hafez heart-lost Is a great friendship that. What is it? A peacock. fell. Behind the wind. whereto this prescription. that.

# IE*J !'G6 http://www. W)$ %2 C*9LD MI\ WQGS F# MKD M4$4 %D *~3 l14*9L0 3*Q.ca/People/far 75 .ZQr0 l14*) `.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. /)001 234 @ % (37) l14*QPD l-1 lq1 7:$ Ir6 %2 *QD l14*D ID I=A 4*QPD %2 M4*D 3*QD 4'G2 sIN I)F %2 `0? l=B Vkg l14$F? 4I)•( @hRU u03 %N IB F T$IJ # l-: x#4 %0*qQ: %D %2 l=)'\ %N l14$4 *BM4…: %N `GQg `.<$ %N %L:$4 W)$ 34 %2 l=0$K0 3? 7=A 34 # IQ\ 4*) l=P2 5.J$ 34 'U # W: ID %2 4*/0 l-1 >*/S F$ K/A 5.enel.#-.*A x#I1 WQ90 M3K1 F*GB*& I}0KPhD C$ %2 l14*D? lPZ: •P2 W)$ %0 'U W=Q90 IQdH KP0F5: xIA MILP2 F $3 'U l14*.m)IE IQ( F z)Kc W)$ %2 4*) F$ IG: W: KP( # 3'q: >*/S `g l14*) C#3 M3 F `m9A %dQy.134 '[: l14*:$43$XB Y#IA F'[A W)$ %2 7\ `-GU 34 l-Q0 *<# # K/A >*90 l14*)I< C*S %2 !4 5D 7GhD !*PD f<*c ID `}0 l-1 C$ CID5: %N K-c l14$4$KJ Wq1 vy.ucalgary.

I proffer thee: take it to mind: bring it into action: For.: and the grace of speech http://www. beware.ca/People/far 76 . “From highest Heaven’s pinnacle. O languid verse! wherefore bearest thou envy towards Hafez? God-given are the acceptance of the hear. /)001 234 @ % (37) Come! For most unstable is the foundation of the Palace of Hope: Bring the cup. What shall I tell thee? Last night. is this corner full of woe. this old woman is the bride of a thousand Lovers. Me.” Counsel. In the smile of the rose. Beneath the azure vault.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. completely intoxicated. I am that slave of resolution. Suffer not grief for the World: take not my counsel from thy mind: For. seek hot uprightness of covenant: For. Jibrail of the invisible world gave tidings how glad.” From the world of unstable nature. the door of choice is not open to me and thee.enel. I recollect t his sweet saying: “Give contentment to that given. for it is the place of wail. from the Pir of Tarikat. who Is free from whatever taketh color of attachment. is no trace of the covenant of fidelity: O nightingale-lover. I know not what hath befallen thee. I recollect this matter.#-. unloose the frown from thy forehead: “For.ucalgary. in the wine-tavern. they utter a cry for thee: “In this snare-place. Saying: “O Falcon of lofty visions sitting on the Sidra tree “Not thy nest. from a wayfarer. for the foundation of Life is on the wind.

enel.#-.-J W)$ lJ3 F$ 3#4 W8Q. 'U >$I[B M3*N $I: l1$ IGH l1K0*=0 3#Km: %2 4I2 >$'U IGH >'N l1$ >$#3 T? $I: `9N I\ 'U I[B 34 l1K0*=0 3#•R: %2 X)3 ILS >'J '\ MKPJ %D lJ$4I„0 %)I\ F$ `g F f<*c l1K0*=0 3'1 %QA$4 $3 M4F `U*: http://www.#4 F$ K)'LD 'U bQ63 %2 V4 >? K& _)4X0 l1K0*=0 3'[03 %. /)001 234 @ % (38) l1K0*=0 3'0 $I: F#3 lJ3 I/: 5D l1K0*=0 3'[)4 b& XS $I: I=A F# V4I2 %2 %)I\ {D F 'U i$4# V*LPB l1K0*=0 3'0 $I: `9N 'U s3 F$ 3#4 ld\5: # W: `9N F 'U !*QJ l<35: l1K0*=0 3'=R: %2 %&'\ W)$ F$ ^*/QB l&$45=B 3#4 VI1 F $3 7S$ 'U 7H# l1K0*=0 3#4 >'P2 'U I[B l.ucalgary.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ca/People/far 77 .

http://www.” Through grief and weeping. aught hath remained not. /)001 234 @ % (38) Without the sun of Thy cheek. From my eye. light for my day. patience is the remedy for separation from Thee. hath remained not. Thy image departed. hath remained not And of my life. if to my eye no water remained. from thy door! “That abandoned shattered one hath remained not. for excuse hath remained not. Far from Thy face! to my eye.ucalgary. Near is that moment when the watcher shall say: Far. save the blackest night.enel. light hath remained not. it hath remained not. Hafez engaged not in laughter. this corner hath remained not. But. and said: “Alas.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. inhabited.” Union with Thee kept death from my head: Now. How can one exercise patience when power hath remained not? In separation from Thee. far. desire for the feast. Say: “Spill the blood of the liver. from the fortune of separation from Thee. At the time of farewell to Thee. To the grief-stricken one.” For me.#-.ca/People/far 78 . from much weeping that I made.

#4 b[A W)# @9A `g l-Q0 OQD %r6 _) l1$ 3I8:*0 V'P&5: %2 >*DF IB X2 l&$4 T$I& I1 34 # `hH# 4$4 MKA# C4 l1$ I1 34 %N xF*D # K)'\ %N *U F#I:$ `Q-0 x'J 4*D W)$ # 5P23 T? # F$IQ& l1$ 3'92 ldB s3 !*J %2 W8: OGQA l1$ #$ C*S ^*=h” %2 IeJ T? F$ l1$ ‡I< l1$ IG2$ ‘$ ORGP: %2 *: T? *U `)ID5=0 lA*P6 # Im< C#ID? *: l1$ 3Km: CF#3 %2 C'LD %&4*( *D 'U _h2 l-QU*G0 s*& %<IE %N f<*c l1$ I8& # K/& F$ IUI)•„..ca/People/far 79 .4 M'Q: O2 http://www.kc *: >'J l2 M$'J T$I& 5PQGD 3#4 F `g Om0 >'N l1$ 3Im: $#$K: # `)$M4I2 •Qq9U `Q92 $IN I1 >*]: IQ( >*. /)001 234 @ % (39) l1$ ID'PH # #I1 lS*c %N $I: o*D l1$ I.1? F$ l1$ 34 >? 34 O)*9\ # $I1 >? 34 l.#-.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.<I\ bB•: %N 'U I-( WQ0F*0 C$ l1$ 34*: IQ& F$ I.enel.ucalgary.=2 %2 F$ *: 3#I( %0*J 4*9=& C$%.

the tale is not repeated. in His head is what. had the wine: To-day. whose fountain is Allah-u Akbar. what need hath my garden? Our box-tree nurtured in the shade. tranquility. contemn not. From the water of life of Khizr. He gave promise. in this his door. and the breeze of pleasant air. Hafez! how strange.enel. why draw I my head? In this his head.ucalgary. /)001 234 @ % (39) Of the cypress and the pine. is less than who? O beloved youth! What religion hast thou adopted.#-. We take not the honor of poverty and of contentment: To the king. Forth from the threshold of the Pir of wine-sellers. thou seest the picture of grief. speak saying: Daily victuals are destined. let us see what He saith. Wherein our blood is more lawful to thee than mother’s milk? Since.ca/People/far 80 . whose place is the Land of Darkness. in His head. Shiraz and the water of Ruknabad. for they are the lustre of adornment of seven territories of the world. Last night. from afar. Love’s pain is but one tale-no more Wonderful this That from every one whom I hear.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. is fortune. Them. drink wine: The diagnosis. the twig of candy is thy reed. http://www. and. it is far Up to our water. we have made: certain is the cure. Whose fruit is more heart-pleasing than honey and sugar.

#-.*A %=B F$ F*D 'N MK)4 V$%.$ l1$ F*Q0 C#3 #$ 34 ID $I: %2 #3 >$F 5.ucalgary.-: %=B C# F$ l1$ F*Q0 # X[A # 5\3*†QD %=B *: F# `Q)'L0 # `Q.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.F W8& jI& l1$ F$34 %r6 W)$ %2 4I2 >$'.enel. /)001 234 @ % (40) l1$ F*D MK8Q: 34 %2 ‘ %P=.0 %U'2 5hQ.J#4ID l1$ F*D 'U C*G)F s3 ID W: MK)4 *U K)*QD %2 {2 >? IB 'U C'2 %GR2 34 l1$ F*=0 WQA 34 'U C#ID$ %hG6 F$ WQ8-: f<*c !4 F'1 >*Q-h[: C$ l1$ F$K\ # F'1 34 %2 KQ1I„D n=& F$ http://www. MIE `J # >'P[: !4 3*D l1$ F*)$ C*( v2 # 4'=Z: M3*-J3 `.-: F KP&#IJ # x'S 34 %=B *B`J l1$ F*[: %0 lmQmc l1*S >? 34 %2 5: >$# IG8U # l1$ 3#Ig # 5.dL0 IQg ID %2 CF$3 l1$ F$3 VIZ: #$ %2 `Q)'LD l1#4 *D >*0*S `J 3K0$ `J v.ca/People/far 81 .

helplessness. The load of Majnun’s heart. on Thy adorned cheek. for long this story is.#-. Through intoxication. I have stitched up my eye from all the world: Since.enel. all in tumult and shout are the jars. Like the hawk. the explanation One cannot shorten.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. O people of the assembly! the consuming of the heart of poor Hafez Ask ye the candle that. not illusory. my face of supplication upon its door is. my eye open is. And that wine that in that place true is. and weakness. I shall utter. for confidant of the mystery He is. and pride: all is. In such a way that. and tumult. The twist of the tress. and the curl of Laila’s tress The cheek Of Mahmud and the sole of the foot of Ayaz is. From us. and shall not utter: To the Friend. is.ca/People/far 82 .ucalgary. and supplication all is. Whoever entereth the Ka’ba of Thy street. ‘Through the Kibla of Thy eye-brow in the very act of prayer is. The mystery that to the people I uttered not. http://www. /)001 234 @ % (40) Thanks be to God that the door of the wine-tavern open. From Him. in burning and melting is. curl within curl. intoxication. is.

ca/People/far 83 .*Q( n6I: WQ.1? 34 l1$ X)3>'J %0*:F 5c$IH `9N '†=B %2 5: F$ *B%6IJ `Q)'9D MK)4 T? %D l1$ XQBI( 3*\F#3 # i3# `1': %2 I/„1 >'\•*D 3#4 F$ x'J OQA C'[: l1$ XQ:? C434 %h=S `J I1 W)$ €*H %2 >*9<$ >'J l-Q0X)#I( MK&ID I/„1 l1$ X)#I( a*U # CI-2 I1 x$MX)3 %2 f<*c x'J IR& %D 5.< V*)$ %2 x'0 7mA %D W2 >*/P( %.enel.Z: %2 5: 3'q: uPN u0*D %D K.<I\ Y3*< # ‡$IA l1$ X)IGU l6# # 4$K]D lD'0 %2 *QD http://www.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. /)001 234 @ % (41) l1$ XQD7\ 4*D # OqD jI< M4*D %N I\$ l1$ XQU b-.<$ uPN %D ^I\ 5d)Ic # C$ 5c$IH l1$ XQL0$ %P.ucalgary.#-.

For. With the color of wine. For bold the Muhtaseb is. Come. For the turn of Baghdad. like the wine-flagon’s eye. From the revolution of the inverted sphere. seek no sweet pleasure.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. and the time of Tabriz is. For all mixed with dregs the pure of this head of the wine jar is.ca/People/far 84 . the season of austerity.#-. If to thy grasp fall a flagon and a Companion.enel. the head of Kasra and the crown of Parviz is? O Hafez! thou hast captivated Iraq and Persia.ucalgary. Drink with reason. fraught with calamity is. /)001 234 @ % (41) Though wine is joy exciting! and the breeze rose-enslaving. Conceal the cup in the sleeve of the tattered garment. time is blood-shedding. http://www. and the time of piety it is. we cleanse the religious garments with tears: For. Whose scattering. The up-lifted sky! Is it not the sieve blood-splattering. for the season. Drink not wine to the sound of the harp.

<3 'U M$3 p*J >*QAK: `g3 %D f<*c '†=B l1$ Y'B `P.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.d\ 'U *D !4 !*c l1$ Y'B `P.d8& %\IZ1 %2 M…: p'0 %D €I& C$ID F$ l1$ Y'B `P.d1 3*U b& 34 C*:I< 4K: `G9:$ *GH C$ l1$ Y'B `P.d/0 >*GQ63 F$ v)I& # X)XA WQPN C3K6 b& l1$ Y'B `P.enel.ucalgary.#-. /)001 234 @ % (42) l1$ Y'B `P.dJ F#3 *U 'U *D pF*0 WQPN C$%0$434 %2 M# l1$ Y'B `P.d\ %0$K03 IR& http://www.ca/People/far 85 .dP& !4 IGJ x*< %r6 %2 WQD V*J n=E l1$ Y'B `P.

For exaltation’s sake.#-. A night of power like this. in the morning time. Alas! the unique pearl so tender To pierce in the dark night. like Hafez To utter profligate verse is my desire. is my desire. Behold the crude desire-how the well-known tale To conceal from the watchers is my desire. /)001 234 @ % (42) To utter to thee the state of my heart is my desire: To hear news of my heart is my desire.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. To sleep with thee till day.enel. with the point of the eye-lash To sweep the dust of the Path is my desire.ca/People/far 86 . In abhorrence of the claimants. to blossom is my desire. http://www. is my desire. O breeze! to-night. give help: For. precious and holy.ucalgary.

ca/People/far 87 .enel.K&'J `. /)001 234 @ % (43) l1$ x'J >$3*) lGZH # OqD ‡#“ >*.K&'J @)IE W.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.-D WZH l1$ x'J >$3$'qQ: l6# C# X2 4*D x'J 7\ l6# 4'&5: x'J *: >*S V*9: V4 IB *GH F$ l1$ x'J >$3$4$'B Y*d0$ bQE C3? C3? 4I2 F*1 lhc3 uPB? T*m0 7\ M4'9\*0 l1$ x'J >$3*8<$ !4 u0*Gh\ %2 7GhD W2 %.*0 *D $3 l1#4 l-B %2 >$F 3# 5.*0 @9A M$3 3K0*2 4*D ^3*9D $3 >$'q&'J oI: l1$ x'J >$3$KQD C*Bb& %.*A 3$F*D 34 l-Q0 l1$ x'J >$3*QA 5&*D x'J # CK03 M'Q& x'\ %D K:? V$M4$F? W1'1 >*DF F$ l1$ x'J >$3*G8G1 3*2 W/2 I)4 W)$ 3K0*2 l-Q.ucalgary.#-.d\ >*/S pIU *}<*c l1$ x'J >$3$4 >*/S !$'c$ %2 C3$KP„0 *U http://www.

In the world’s market.enel. Pleasant.#-. http://www. The perfume of desire-possessing spirits is pleasant. /)001 234 @ % (43) The court of the garden is joy-giving. and the society of friends. Yes. whereby the time of wine-drinkers is pleasant. From the tongue of the Lily. came to my ear this noble speech. To the night-singing bird.ucalgary. for the plaint of heart-wounded ones is pleasant. is no happy-heartiness. in Love’s path. So long as thou thinkest not that the circumstance of World-Possessors is pleasant. The way of profligacy and of happy-being of hypocrites is pleasant.ca/People/far 88 . the work of those light of burden is pleasant. The rose. veil unlifted prepared to depart: O nightingale bewail. momently our soul’s perfume is pleasant.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. the vigilant one. If there be. To the Friend. weeping at night is pleasant.” Hafez! Abandoning the world is the path of happy-heartiness. “In the old cloister. be the good news that. be the time of the rose. From the morning breeze. yes. pleasant.

ca/People/far 89 .ucalgary.<4 M$'qD l1$ €*92 v92 zZD # %13K: l6# %N 4$4 C'.80 W)$ # f<*c x'=J l1$ €$IH I/& Tk6 %2 3$4 M*L0 http://www. /)001 234 @ % (44) l1$ €*H M4*D V*S 7\ v2 ID %2 >'P2 l1$ €*H#$ 34 OhGhD >*DF 3$XB KH %D IQ\ $IZH M$3 # 3*R&$ I.$ WQA 4I2 *: 56*1 %N IB %2 IQLD 3*2 Y*Q6 *mPA 'N # @hJ F IGD l1$ €*6 *U €*6 F >*PQ90 %&'\ lQH %2 >$3*8=B !*QJ # >*QAK: z)Kc l1$ €*D*)3'D # F#43F l)*8c >*=B sI1 3F >'N C*B%.< # 4'D l-: C4 %13K: %Qm< l1$ €*6#$ !*: F %D 5.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.#-.# V$Ic 5: %2 O234 x'J l-Q0 `8c $3 'U €*H # 434 %D l1$ €*y.enel.

For. Saying: “Wine is unlawful. For. whatever our Said did is the essence of grace. Keep.enel. and gave decision. the clamour of those sitting in solitude is from Kaf to Kaf. /)001 234 @ % (44) Now that in the palm of the rose. The tale of claimants and the fancy of thy fellow-workers.ucalgary. Resemble the tale of the gold-stitcher and the mat-weaver. is the cup of pure wine. and the argument of the Kashf-i-Kashshaf? Yesterday.ca/People/far 90 . http://www.” No order is thine for the dregs. In it praise. the Head of the College was intoxicated. For the false coiner of the city is the Banker. Pluck up thy attachments to the people: take note of the work from the Anka. but better than the property of legacies. is the nightingale with a hundred thousand tongues.#-. Seek the book of verse and make way to the desert: What time is this for the College. Hafez! silence: and these subtleties like red gold.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. or for the pure: Drink happily.

*Q( {D # `.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ucalgary.enel.'h: >*/S 34 5h=A 5D F W: %0 l1$ 7=A 5D `hA F `B *=hA l. /)001 234 @ % (45) l1$ 7hJ F$ 5.# x3*Q9B l<*) KPB$'q0 3#4 ‰QB %D l1$ !F$ M4*D l-: *: f<*c %2 WQPN http://www.4 l1$ 7:$ >XB3 I=A M3 %D 7S$ 5.#-.ca/People/far 91 .k: T'&?I( 3$•LB3 W)$ 34 7mA `9N %D l1$ 7Z:5D # ^*G|5D >*/S 3*2 # >*/S >$'q: %r6 # C$MI/N %: MIE IQLD l1$ 7cF # MIBF IQ|*U F {Z0 # KR1 %2 l&$4 'U C#3 7H# %D >$#$I< KQ:$ `.*J %2 5mQ<3 %0*:F W)$ 34 l1$ !Xg %PQd1 # T*0 5: 5c$IH l1$ uPU lQ<*A M*\3•\ %2 #3 MK)IS l1$ !KD5D X)XA I=A %2 IQ\ %.

http://www. will they find him sensible: For this reason. had my heart. In this thoroughfare full of tumult. But. for dear life is without exchange. and utter not the tale. on life’s path. At no time. For fortune and misfortune are the effects of Venus and of Saturn. /)001 234 @ % (45) At this time. for the highway of safety is narrow: Seize the cup. Go alone. The World and the world’s work is without permanency and without place. not I alone am distressed from being without work From learning without doing.#-. Seize the tress of the one of moon face.ucalgary. death is hope’s robber. that Hafez is intoxicated with the cup of eternity without beginning. and the song-book. Great hope of union with thee. is the grief of the learned.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. who is free from defect.ca/People/far 92 . to reason’s eye. Is the goblet of pure wine.enel. a friend. In the world.

ID %=B `=9N $3 *: %2 XQ:*Q: IyA *: {h[: 34 l1$ V*9: C'D x'J 'U C'-Q\ F %}Z. /)001 234 @ % (46) l1$ V*2 %D ‡'9R: # v2 34 5: # ID 34 7\ l1$ Vkg F#3 WQPN %D `0*/S >*yh1 b9:$ %2 n=S W)$ 34 K)3*Q: n=& '\ l1$ V*=U l1#4 s3 M*: *: {h[: 34 W8Q.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.Z: *D l1$ V$K: OQA bhE 34 *: 'N %. 7R. F$ $I: %2 #3 >$F l1$ `Qm: %0$I)# !4 34 l=g •P\ *U l1$ V*m: ^*D$IJ C'2 $I: M3$'=B l1$ uP0 F V*0 $I: %2 5)'\ %N uP0 F$ l1$ V*0 F uP0 $I: %2 51I( %N V*0 F# F*DI}0 # `)K03 # %.9\I1 # M3$'qQ: l1$ V$K2 I/& W)$ 34 l-Q0 *: 'N %2 {2 >$# XQ0 #$ %2 KQ)'L: bQA `G-.ca/People/far 93 .# l1$ !kc M4*D *: bB•: 34 l1$ V$Ic V$K0$ 7\ #I1 C$ 'U C#3 5D l1$ uPN %=]0 # 50 !'6 ID %=B `&'\ l1$ V*S x4I\ # b.ucalgary.enel.1'Q( 50*:F ‡'9R: # 5: 5D WQ9P: f<*c l1$ V*QH KQA # W=1*) # 7\ V*)*2 http://www.#-. IB I8& F # ‰QB 'L: KP6 5P&*N F$ l1$ V*2 'U W)IQ& b.

for he also Is ever like me in desire of the drinkers of wine. the moon of the Friend’s face is full. the melody of the harp: My eye is all on Thy ruby lip. From the time when the treasure of grief for Thee was dweller in my ruined heart. the wine-cup is lawful. Every moment. and the Beloved ‘Tis the season of the rose. My ear is all on the voice of the reed.enel. In our order. distraught of head. receiveth perfume from the fragrance of the tip of Thy tress. rose of body! without thy face. and on the circulation of the cup. /)001 234 @ % (46) The rose is in the bosom. wine in the hand. On such a day. Hafez! sit not a moment without wine. the world’s Sultan is my slave.ucalgary. why askest thou? For from name is my shame. and. and of the Jasmine. Wine-drinker. O Cypress. The corner of the tavern is ever my abode. utter not my crime. but. who is that one who is not like this? To the Muhtaseb. why speakest thou? For from shame is my name: Of name. Say: Into this assembly. and the Beloved to my desire. Say ye naught of the sweetness of candy and sugar.ca/People/far 94 .(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. In our assembly. and of the celebration of fasting! http://www. For my desire is for Thy sweet lip. and glance-player I am: In this city. bring ye no candle for to-night. In our assembly. profligate. Of shame. unlawful. mix not Perfume.#-. for our soul.

*E b2'2 3'S F l-0$4 %: # K)4 KQB*0 %2 l-)I\ >*PN >*/P( K0F5: %2 Ig*1 # f<*c z)Kc l-0$4 %&4*( %PZ& # b-.1? ID l-0$4 %m0*J 3$I1$ 5: V*S •Q< F K0$'J Ig*1 tJ F `.enel.*1 IB MK8Q: C'2 %D l-0$4 %GU %9)K0$ >4F I\4 C34 5-2 %D XS 4$K0 CK03 I-<$ %0*:F l-0$4 %h2 W)$ 34 `.#-.4 l-0$4 %Q1 !4 pIU >? M'Q& %2 $IN `=9N >*/\IZ1 n.*A #4 F$3 %2 >? IB l-0$4 M3 p*J Om0 F$ `S V*S F':3 bhy: *: F >*L0$')4 lA*E C$3# l-0$4 %P\ 5h6*A *: bB•: wQ& %2 >*S %D l1$'q0 >*:$ 56*1 {\I0 F `.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.*A CF$I<I1 %2 5B3 l<*) %2 IB %0*qQ: %0*.ca/People/far 95 . /)001 234 @ % (47) l-0$4 M3 %2 58.Z: C*S %N I/„1 ‡$#3 %0 %2 5B*& %GUI:KPhD l-0$4 %\3*D ‡*E `J F C$%0'=0 http://www.ucalgary.

knew. From the eye of the Saki. To the threshold of the tavern. The form of the curve of the arch of his court. For the way of that Bold One. A king of lofty rank is that one who. my eye in the mornings So wept. a sin. The diadem of profligacy. that knew the Path The knocking at another door. and the moon knew. The mysteries of the cloister from the bounty of the cup of wine knew.ucalgary. that Nahid beheld. exaltation of the world in this cup. the nine halls of the sky. the source of ruin knew. The tale of Hafez and the cup which he secretly drinketh What room for the Muhtaseb and the watchman? The king knew. Time gave to none save to that one Who. my heart desired not safety for life. black of heart. Seek not from us aught save the devotion of the distraught. http://www. /)001 234 @ % (47) In the Street of the tavern. my heart knew.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. From the Saki’s line.enel. every holy traveler. From the violence of the constellation of nativity. the Shaikh of our religious order knew. whoever found a Path.#-.ca/People/far 96 . knew. whoever read the mystery of both worlds. For the being wise. The mysteries of Jamshid’s cup with the pictures of the road-dust knew.

(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.#-.4 l-0$4 50$IL0 !4 *: b0*S F$ %0 3# @QmA # 7R.ca/People/far 97 .Z: K)K0 l6# lZhr: *: O)*1? IG. /)001 234 @ % (48) l-0$4 50*/0 F$3 5: 'UI( F$ 5<'H l-0$4 50$'U 7R.<$3*2 !4 ID >*/S #4 V4I2 %~IA l-0$4 50*< %=B 56*D 'U @9A F$ X[D `9)K0$ V$'A C*PD$ F %2 >'P2$ K& >? l-0$4 50*/0 OQA W)$ 34 XQ0 b-.enel.80 W)$ `1IU >*/S o*D 7\ %D 4F*P0 %2 3#*QD 5: l-0$4 50$XJ 4*D CILU3*g %2 IB lqQL0$ nGE F$ %2 V'}P: IB'\ W)$ f<*c l-0$4 50*| vH? lQDIU I|$ F http://www.ucalgary.<4 F$ %2 C$ l-0$4 50$K0 @QmZU %D %. I}0 W=) F$ KP2 $3 7\ # uP1 l-0$4 50*=) 4*D {d0 3K6 %2 IB CF':? @9A l)? 7mA I. W)$ F$ {2 IB IB'\ {D # K0$4 IZ1 oI: 7\ %A'=[: 3K6 l-0$4 50*R: K0$'J 563# '2 IB %0 %2 M4*.

This versified jewel of verse that. http://www. time’s business: If not. from his mind. The Heart-Ravisher regarded not our ease. Passed hath that time.#-. on our part. the Muhtaseb knew. He who. the ruby and the cornelian.ca/People/far 98 . Hafez The effect of the instruction of Asaf the second. by this ruby thou canst know.enel. he evoked. To my work-stricken heart. I offered two worlds. He knew. knew. it knew. the heart-expectation. Only the bird of the morning knoweth the value of the rose bud: For. thou wilt not know. /)001 234 @ % (48) From the wine’s sparkle. the robbery of the autumn-wind. O thou that learnest Love’s verse from Reason’s book! I fear this subtlety by investigation. boasteth not. the meaning knew. the Sufi knew the hidden mystery: Every one’s essence. not every one that read a page.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. Now since Of this my secret pleasure. Bring wine! for of the rose of the world’s garden. Save love for Thee. maketh with auspicious glance Whoever the value of the breath of the breeze of Yaman knew. when I thought of the people. the rest all effacement. The stone and the clay.ucalgary. knew.

enel.#4 l1$ >*9)#34 l.ucalgary.< l<3 50*D34 %D O0$'~3 %2 Y#4I< Ir6 l1$ >*9)#34 lBX0 W=N F$ CI}P: M*Q1 bh6 >? 'UI( F$ 4'&5: 3F %N >? l1$ >*9)#34 lGZH 34 %2 l-Q)*Q=Q2 KQ&3'J IG8U a*U K/PD O9Q( %2 >? l1$ >*9)#34 l=9c 34 %2 l-Q)*)IG2 !$#F bQ1? F$ `g K&*G0 %2 $3 5.Z: %)*: 43$4 b)*[A ^*=-hE %2 l.XA •P\ l1$ >*9)#34 l=c3 I}0 34 >? Œ.#-.. /)001 234 @ % (49) l1$ >*9)#34 ^'hJ W)ID KhJ %~#3 l1$ >*9)#34 l:KJ 5=9.ca/People/far 99 .# l1$ `h” I89.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.#4 'P9D vh8U 5D KPGhE5: *A4 %D >*B*& %2 4'rm: C#3 l1$ >*9)#34 lRhE %P)? xI/}: 5.F$ ^*Qc T? 3$ f<*c l1$ >*9)#34 ^'hJ 34 p*J ORGP: http://www. >$I2 %D *U >$I2 F$ l1$ >*9)#34 lHI< KD$ %D *U !F$ F$ $3 'U %2 ^'q0 %=B W)$ x#Id: IL0$'U C$ l1$ >*9)#34 l=B vP2 34 3F # I1 F'PB I/6 F$ 4'&5: #I< %2 >#3*6 •P\ l1$ >*9)#34 ^IQg F$ `B %2 5&*D MK0$'J $3 '2 VK/A vH? I}0 Vkg W: l1$ >*9)#34 ^IQ1 # 5LS$'J ^3'H 5B$'J5: 5.

ca/People/far 100 . that Is an alchemy that is in the society of Darvishes. That great fortune.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. Its reflection is the mirror of the appearance of Darvishes. for the door guarding of which. Before whom the lofty Sun layeth his crown of glory. /)001 234 @ % (49) The garden of lofty Paradise is the retreat of Darvishes: Grandeur’s source is the service of Darvishes. The form of the object that the Kings of the world seek. but From eternity without beginning to eternity without end is the victory of Darvishes.is the fortune of Darvishes. The palace of paradise. Hafez! be here with respect. I am the slave of the glance of the Asef of the age who Hath the form of mastership and of mind of Darvishes.#-. Is a glory that is in the grandeur of Darvishes. whereof is no grief through the torment of decay. The treasure of retirement that hath the tilisms of wonders. is the army of tyranny. O potent one! Boast not all this pomp: for thy Head and gold are in the keeping of the blessing of Darvishes. yet descendeth. For sovereignty and country. Hear-ceremony aside. the dull alloy becometh gold.ucalgary. Karun’s treasure that. is from the wrath of Darvishes. from the wrath. Rizvan went Is only a spectacle-place of the sward of pleasure of Darvishes. By whose ray. From pole to pole. That also. Their revealing is in the mercy-glance of Darvishes. http://www. .enel. All are from the service of the majesty of Darvishes. thou wilt have read.

9)'J C$I1 34 l.d\ 'U *D C4F @9A C$3 'N l1$ W.ucalgary.9)'J C*P< V4$I: MIQU >*G& 7GhD C$ `.9)'J C*<# # K/A I1 ID F'PB http://www.F V$4 %D l1$ W.9)'J C$ID >$KPJ 7\ >? %2 W8: a*.#-.9)'J C*G6 KPD F x*B%<*0 %2 IB4 ^#I:5D T*D3$ %0*J %D #I: l1$ W.enel. /)001 234 @ % (50) l1$ W.9)'J Ck.G: !4 'U v.Q<*A •P\ %2 #$ CF*Gm9A ‹I& 34 # f<*c lJ'-D l1$ W.9)'J C$X1 OP)$ %2 MX=g %D O8D *: IE*J 4$I: K)?ID l14 F ^I\ l1$ W.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ca/People/far 101 .9)'J C*S %D CIQJ %2 x*D l14 %D n=& >'†=B %2 WB4 W)IQ& lD C$ l0*S %D l1$ W.Z: 7\ C'D l-Q0 7LN # WQN _9: %D l1$ W.

For the corner of ease in the dwelling of one’s self is. Slay with a glance.” The perfume of the rose is in no need of the musk of Chin and of Chigal: For. self-going. Go not to the house of the Lords void of liberality of the age. Be at hand: for goodness in place of itself is. http://www. at the head of covenant and of fidelity of himself is. If from Thy hand issue our heart’s desire.#-. punishment of itself is. its pods of musk from the fastenings of the coat of itself is. O nightingale! when thou expressedest opinion of love. /)001 234 @ % (50) In the snare of Thy tress. In dark nights my desire.ca/People/far 102 . for that rose.ucalgary. Hafez consumed. O sweet idol! by Thy soul that like a candle. and in the condition of love and of life staking. for to it. I said: “Do not. for the sake of itself is.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. my heart entangled of itself is. to thee.enel. effacement of myself is. Yet.

(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.#-.'.ca/People/far 103 .enel. l1$ W: 3*2 >*S >4$4 #$ >K)4 5( F# F$34 >*\…: # x4*D %Q1 `9N >? F$ VI& l1$ W: 3*80$ 34 # K)4 #$ >4ID !4 %2 IB '2 I1 >*2 IG: MF$#34 %D lJ3 >*D3*1 l1$ W: 3$K.d\ M34*0 Wq1 W)IQ& 3*) http://www.80 !Xg FIE 34 %2 >? l1$ W: 3*.4 %L. %P9U >'J %D T$IQ1 7R. F$ Tk\ # KP6 lDI& l1$ W: 3*=QD !4 bQGE %2 #$ {\I0 lJ':? f<*c %D %.XP: %2 l-QB$IB*& *<# tZ6 W)$ 34 %2 `9)'J n.F # 7\ IyA %hGE l1$ W: 3*yA x'J C'D F %=& _) •Q< >$I: O)'J 34 F `=Q-0 '†=B >*Gg*D l1$ W: 3*Ph\ 'N _&$ F$ 'U 3$Xh\ b2 4':I< V3*) b. >? @9A O0*9<$IQGA v.ucalgary. /)001 234 @ % (51) l1$ W: 3*) b.*E MKPD l1$ W: 3$K)IJ l-:I1 5.

I am the decoration of the ghazal. For the water of Thy rose-bed. and its casket ambergris diffusing A little favor of the pleasant perfume of the Perfumer of mine is. O Camel-driver! to the door. like the pomegranate. /)001 234 @ % (51) The fresh ruby. shame be his. the Friend of mine is. where the lodging of the heart-possessor of mine is. for. take not my chattels. O Gardener! drive me not away like the wind from the door of the garden.ca/People/far 104 . Who beheld His heart ravishingness. ordered. I am the slave of my own fortune.#-. Sweet of speech. lustrous of talk.ucalgary. with the tears of mine is. His narcissus that the physician of the sick heart of mine is. in reproach of mine is.enel.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. Of that dark eye and long eyelash. in this scarcity of fidelity. thirsty for blood the ruby lip of the Beloved of mine is Yet for seeing Him. Love for that intoxicated idol the purchaser of mine is. http://www. From my Friend’s lip. He who taught subtlety to Hafez. the draft of candy and of rose-water. The platter of Perfume of rose. life-surrendering the work of mine is. For that street-end Is a highway.

enel.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.#4 l1$ W: WQ8=U # l=9c bG1 l:$I2 W)*2 x#Id: '\ l=}A W)$ Y*P& %PZ& fA$# l1$ W: WQ8-: !4 >*yh1 %L. %2 http://www.ucalgary.D C$4'1 %2 l-)3*\F#3 l1$ W: WQL=g !4 ‹*90 3*2 W)$ `g K)*D WQD >*S MK)4 $3 'U C#3 >K)4 l1$ W: WQD >*/S `9N %GUI: *[2 W)# IB4 lP)F # _h< b)F %2 x*D W: 3*) l1$ W: W)#I( 'N _&$ # 'U C#3 %: F$ 4I2 W.ca/People/far 105 .#-. /)001 234 @ % (52) l1$ W: W)4 >*.XP: %2 >$F l-Q2 %\*&*=U 4'rm: %GR2 W)$ T3 *) l1$ W: W)I-0 # 7\ Om)IE >kQ]: %2 >$'q: %r6 I\4 X)#I( l=9c F$ f<*c l1$ W: W)IQ& #I-J O2 %AIS OG.d\ Wq1 `QhRU 'U @9A $I: *U l1$ W: WQ-ZU # lcK: >*DF 43# $3 @hJ 3$4 50$F3$ W: %D *)$KJ Im< l.

ruler-recognizer! display no pride For the lodging of the Sultan. the soul-seeing eye is necessary: where this rank for the world-seeing eye of mine is. Be my friend. http://www. the rose and the wild rose of mine is. O Lord! that Ka’ba of object is whose place of entertainment. /)001 234 @ % (52) ‘Tis a time since the passion for idols was my faith: The pain of this work. Since Thy love gave me instruction in speech-uttering. the cause of pomp and of power of mine is.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ca/People/far 106 . Hafez! utter not again the tale of the pomp of Parviz. the joy of the sorrowful heart of mine is.#-. the praise and the glory of mine is. From the moon-face of Thine and from the Pleiades-like tears of mine is. the wretched heart of mine is. the draft-drinker of the sweet Khosro of mine is.ucalgary. O admonisher.enel. For beholding Thy ruby. The mighty thorn of whose Path. O God! keep for me the lot of poverty For this blessing. Whose lip. For the day’s decoration and time’s advancement. The practice of the people’s tongue.

enel. /)001 234 @ % (53) l1$ W: M*m0*J %0*qQ: %&'\ %2 `P: l1$ W: M*LZGH 43# >*]: IQ( C*A4 p*D %N l-Q0 j'GH uPN %0$IU VI\ l1$ W: M$'J3•A M? IZ1 %D W: C$'0 ‘$K=ZD `g3*< $K\ # M*&4*( F l1$ W: M*&4*( l1#4 34 p*J C$K\ l1*=& !*H# V$%0*qQ: # K[-: F ŠIg l1$ W: M$'\ $KJ V3$K0 !*QJ W)$ XS 50 3# `P2ID %=QJ 7S$ –QU %D IL: l1$ W: M$3 # `13 %0 l.1? W)$ ID %2 >*:F >? F$ l1$ W: M*\ %Q8U KQ&3'J KP-: F$I< f<*c *: 3*Q.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.#4 34 F$ >KQ:3 C#3 V4*/0 >*.J$ 4'G0 %N I\$ M*P\ l1$ W: M*P\ '\ # x*D T4$ @)IE 34 'U http://www.#-.ca/People/far 107 .ucalgary.

Although the melody of the harp of the morning be not mine. Thank goodness! The beggar of the dust of the Friend’s door is king of mine! Through the tavern and the Masjed. what fear? At morning-time my cry is the excuse-utterer of mine. Of the king and of the beggar. my desire is union with Thee: Save this. on that threshold of Thine. Strive in the way of manners. I am free.ca/People/far 108 . Hafez! though sin be not our choice. I may up-pluck the tent.enel. and say: “The sin is of mine. The sun’s lofty throne was the pillow-place of mine. If not.” http://www.ucalgary. I placed my face. Shunning the door of fortune is not the custom of mine. From that time when. no fancy have I.#-.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. God is the witness of mine! Perchance. with death’s sword. /)001 234 @ % (53) Such a one am I that the tavern-corner is the cloister of mine: The prayer from the Pir of Moghan is the morning task of mine.

MIE •P8& l1$ C'[.<? '2 I1 ‡I9: F l1$ >')*=B `R.*E KP2 i'hE I\$ l1$ 4*BI< Vk2 W)IQ& b. 5: `g V*S F 'U lRhE T*. l)*8c l1$ >'P[: V*m: 5hQ.4 #I1 '†=B ^K6 %2 '[D `.ucalgary. l:k2 %2 'LD Wq1 56*1 >*13 5. 4*) %D l1$ >'J V3'J5: %2 5hR.c$3 >*S %D M4*D 3#4 F l1$ >#4I\ 3#4 3'S F$ VIE*J •03 %2 X)XA 4#3 l<ID `=9N F %2 5:4 >? F$ l1$ >'ZQS 4#3 '†=B W: W:$4 3*P2 `PQL=g >#3K0$ 4'& 4*& %0'LN l1$ >#IQD 3*Q.ca/People/far 109 .#-.J$ F$ %2 3*Q.enel.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.J$ %D f<*c KP25: 3*) bhE C4'qQD F l1$ >#3*6 •P\ 3*8GhE %2 5-hd: 'N http://www.-90 `=9N V4I: %)I\ F l1$ >'N >*:4I: !*c lGhE 34 %2 WQGD l0'LQ: l-: `9N # 'U 7R. /)001 234 @ % (54) l1$ >'J 34 %.4 l1$ >#F': # vQy.

how may my sorrowful heart become By the power that beyond my power is? Through distraughtness. the heart’s sorrow is. http://www.ucalgary. the wine of that ruby that I drink. From griefs cup. cause a little mercy to reach my soul: For. my fortune auspicious is. Gladsome. Behold the state of men in search of Thee.ca/People/far 110 . the pupil of my eye seated in blood is. To the memory of Thy ruby and wine-like intoxicated eye. O Saki! From the circulation of the cup. For thy stature. From that time when. For thy speech gracious and weighed is. went the precious musical chord. from my grasp. If it rise.enel. Utter speech. From the east of the head of the street. the sun of Thy countenance. The tale of Shirin’s lip. how it is. like the cypress is heart-seeking. Seek my heart. Like the river Jeyhun. who a seeker of Qarun’s treasure is. Hafez seeketh for the true Beloved: Like ‘an indigent one. Farhad’s talk is.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. from the grief of the sphere’s revolution. my skirt’s border is. The twist of Laila’s tress. /)001 234 @ % (54) From weeping.#-. blood is. Majnun’s dwelling is.

F `J l1$ W)$ %=& _) #$ >*. /)001 234 @ % (55) l1$ W)4 # Id2 V$4 'U v.enel. l1$ W-c X[R: l.ca/People/far 111 .*=S l1$ WQG: IZ1 ^$MX=g z)Kc 4ID >$'U 52 >*S 'U s'& `9N F l1$ WQ=2 3K0$ >*=2 *D `)$4 %2 4*D W)I<? KH %Q1 `9N >? ID l1$ W)I<?IZ1 592 @&*A 34 %2 @9A lQB `hA l-Q=hA b[A l1$ WQ:F `.dB O=.F KQ2 F f<*c '9: l1$ W)4 KPD34 >'P2 # 4ID !4 %2 http://www.13*2 F W8Q.ucalgary.$ V$I2 *D OD*-c W=)$ Od.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.9B sIN %2 4ID >*S # l<3 '\KD %2 C3$KP( 'U l1$ WQGU*8.#-.

The tale of Thy glance is clear magic.#-.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. http://www. That taketh the heart. and took his life: His account is with the two noble recorders. That ever is in ambuscade with the bow? Be a hundred Afarin! on that dark eye. But. How can one take one’s life from Thy bold eye. Thy beauty is the miracle of beauty.ucalgary. Thou thinkest not that the evil-speaker departed. in lover-slaying is the creator of magic. Hafez! be not secure from the snare of His tress. Which.ca/People/far 112 . and is now in fancy religion.enel. A wonderful science is the science of love’s form: For the seventh sky is the seventh land. /)001 234 @ % (55) The curve of Thy tress is the snare of infidelity and of Faith: This matter is a little from His work-shop.

(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. /)001 234 @ % (56) l1#$ lGZ: M4I($I1 !4 l1#$ lRhE 3$4 %PQ)? MK)4 >'2 #4 %D V3#*Q034 I1 %2 W: l1#$ lP: 3*D I)F `04I\ 3*) l:*6 # *: # 5D'E # 'U l1#$ l=B 3K6 %D {2 IB I8< b[A %N `P:$4 M4'.? W: I\ l1#$ l=rA M$'\ `.ca/People/far 113 .ucalgary.#-.*A %=B *GH %2 VIc >? 34 `&*D %2 W: l1#$ l:Ic `)Ic 3$4 M4I( l1*: lD'0 # l&•\ >'P[: 3#4 l1#$ lD'0 F#3 •P( 5-2 IB TIE •P\ # 5m&*A l8h: l1#$ l=B W=) F V3$4 %N IB p*D %N `)K& $K< I\ !4 # W: l1#$ l:k1 >*Q: 3K0$ ŠIg $3 f<*c %2 WQG: IB*” Im< l1#$ lGZ: %PQ[P\ %PQ1 http://www.enel.

and the corner of joy. If I be soiled of skirt. Thou and the Tuba tree.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. what loss? For the whole world is the evidence of the innocence of His. For Hafez’s Heart is the treasury of the love of His. The realm of being a lover.#-. I. and we and the form of the Beloved. Passed the time of Majnun. who am in that holy place. No fear. a space of five days is the term of His. /)001 234 @ % (56) The heart is the chamber of love of His: The eye is the mirror-holder of the form of His. where the breeze Is the screen-holder of the fold of the dignity of His. Every one’s thought is to the limit of ambition of His. if me and my heart pass away The goal is in between the healthiness of His.ucalgary. All I have is from the favor of the fortune of His. who incline not to the two worlds. and our turn it is: Every one. http://www.enel. I. My neck is beneath the burden of favor of His. Regard not his external poverty.ca/People/far 114 .

/)001 234 @ % (57) l1#$ *D `.*A #4 >*2*( l=B VIS+ l1$ >'L:KP\ Š3*A >$KD %2 WQ89: !*J l1#$ *D V4? >XB3 K& %2 %0$4 >? I1 >$3*) $3 $KJ 4I2 Id1 VXA VIG.*A 5P)IQ& %2 M4IN %Q1 >? l1#$ *D VIJ !4 >$KPJ b.80 W)$ %2 *D l1#$ *D `)I: 5-QA V4 # $3 *: l92 x3$4 5:$I\ l1$ >$Km.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.#-.# KP0*/&4*( >*PB4 W)IQ& %N I\ l1#$ *D `U*J %2 l1$ >*:F >*=Qh1 #$ p*( W:$4 # IPB !*=2 # l1$ T'J C#3 l1#$ *D `.4 l1#$ *D `BI: %2 j#I[: !4 *D `P2 %N !4 WQLP1 >? %2 ld\ >$'U %.ca/People/far 115 . >'LQ: `9N 5.ucalgary.R: F$ f<*c l1#$ *D VI8: j#3 {D O)*9qD %2 >$F http://www.enel.

My heart-ravisher hath set out on a journey. can one discuss this matter. Verily the spirit of the Pure Ones of the two worlds is with Him.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ca/People/far 116 . http://www.#-. is with it. Hold him dear. The black mole that is on that wheat-hued face. all the sweetness of the world is with him. that became the highway robber of Adam. yet He is the Soleiman of the age. For the forgiveness of many a noble soul is with Him. The mystery of that grain. pure of sin. perfect in skill. The fair eye. for the seal is with Him.ucalgary. What shall I do with my wounded heart. Slew us. and the breath of Isa of Maryam is with Him.enel. the joyous heart is with Him. /)001 234 @ % (57) This blackish one. Hafez is of the believers. for the medicine is with Him. that that stoney-hearted One. the laughing lip. O friends! for God’s sake. Although those sweet of mouth are Sovereigns. With whom. He is fair of face.

enel.4 34 'U s3 l1'80 !*< C*d6 34 '80 !*c %2 $IN l1$ Y'B OU? 34 f<*c !4 >*:F W)$ %0 l1#34'J %.ucalgary.#-.*g 4*D %2 l1$ W=N 34 %2 7\ ŽID IB 'U C#3 3*ƒ0 l1'S b. ID %2 WD#I1 IB 'U K6 C$K< l1$ >+*0 ‡'& vH# 34 %mE*0 >*DF l1'\ MK/QD >*DF MK)ID _h2 C*S %N l<*) `B$'J 4$I: K:? `.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.1? # *: ^4$3$ I1 l1#$ ^4$3$ 4#35: *: I1 ID %N IB %2 I/: # %: F$ %N I\$ VK)K0 l1#4 IQ}0 l1#4 s3 7D*m: 34 *B%P)? V4*/0 KB4 jI& %N *: uPU !4 !*c F *GH l1'U ID 'U %†Pg C*B‡3# •P8& >'N %2 {D # VF'1K03 I)4 W)$ O2'G1 W: %0 l1'G1 # uP1 %0*J3*2 W)$ 34 %2 $I1 *-D $3 >*9<$IGPA v.F C4F %0*& 'U IL: l1'DIGPA p*J # l9\ *1 %Q.+ '†=B !F$ 3$Kg$4 %2 http://www.ca/People/far 117 . /)001 234 @ % (58) l1#4 ^Iec >*.

(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. I have not seen. like the folding of the leaves of the rosebud. although of the moon and of the shining sun. every rose-leaf that is in the sward: The ransom of Thy lofty form. at this time. My Friend’s equal. and the threshold of the Mighty Friend: For.#-. The sprinkling of Thy face. The mirrors opposite to the Friend’s face I placed. giveth the breeze what news. and the dust. That.ucalgary. In the description of His Love. split of tongue. beperfumed with ambergris.ca/People/far 118 . Since that the breeze became like civet. the bereaved Eternity is like the self-growing wild tulip. is the happy state. Of our straitened heart. every cypress that is on the river-bank.enel. profligate consuming: O many a head in this workshop is the dust of the pitcher! Verily. the tongue of speech is dumb: What room for the reed. folly uttering? Thy face came into my heart: my desire I shall gain: For. whatever passeth over our head is His will. /)001 234 @ % (58) The head of our desire. after the happy omen. tightly folded it is. Not alone. Thou combedest Thy tress. http://www. Not. am I a wine-drinker of this cloister. ambergris-scattering. is Hafez’s heart in the fire of search: For.

F F *U l-)I=A l1'D F'PB W: !4 V*9: 34 C'D >$F 5.ucalgary. /)001 234 @ % (59) l1#4 b0*S F$ 5.F C'\ # ld\ 5D l1'\ # ld\ C#3 $3 %2 'U O8.dE*A KQ:$ V3$4 l1#$ 'dA %D VKQ:$ # 5.4 v.-)I\ >$KPN l1'S %N W)*2 ld\ >$#3 K)4 'N *: _&$ 34 >*90 #$ F$ `PQG0 # >*B4 >? l1$ ‰QB l1': %N >? %2 `0$K0 # >*Q: >? l1$ C': l<I0 >'N %2 O.#-.*QJ Om0 F b[A V3$4 l1'& # l-& 3*2 O:4 %D V4 %2 V$MK)4 F$ K925=B $3 !4 'U v.ca/People/far 119 .# l1$ x')I( %N I\ l&•\ID %2 {2 IB %2 `.&I< W8Q.enel.# 'U >*9)I( !*c l1$ KD f<*c l1'80 lQ0*9)I( 3*) v.F *D V$MKQP& 5)'D 'U v.F C'D ID http://www.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.)*PS V4I2 #$ %2 W: VIS I1 F 43•LD %2 `0$4 l1'J %.

Speechless. to the memory of the Friend’s tress thy distraught state is. Good. of His pardon hope mine. http://www. He is.enel. of angel-nature. /)001 234 @ % (59) Of a great favor from the threshold of the Friend. I know that He will pass by my sin. for Although. is. the way of speech whose is? A lifetime it is since we perceived the perfume of Thy tress Yet in the perfume-place of my heart. angel-looking He is. no trace whereof I see. whose work. To such a degree. the perfume of that perfume is. I wonder saying: How goeth it not From my eye. Hafez! bad is thy distraught state. A great sin I have done. Thy tress draweth my heart: Against Thy heart-alluring tress. momently.ucalgary. When he beheld running the pearl of our tears. hope mine is. I wept that every one who passed. but. is naught: That waist is only a hair. washing and washing is. At the picture of Thy form.ca/People/far 120 . spake saying: “This stream what is? That mouth.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.#-. and I know not what that hair is.

< 4*D I\ l1#4 3*}.enel. /)001 234 @ % (60) l1#4 3*)4 F$ KQ13 %2 3':*0 _Q( >? l1#4 3*G89: tJ F >*S FIc 43#? 3*) !*=S # !kS >*90 KB45: x'J l1#4 3*6# # XA l)*8c KP25: x'J VID5=B lh[J # M4…: %D O:4$4 !4 l1#4 3*ƒ0 V4I2 %2 O)'J bh6 Km0 W)F F*13*2 lqD 4K: F$ %2 $KJ I8& l1#4 3*D # 3*2 %=B l1#F3? b-c ID 3*Q.J$ %N $3 I=6 3#4 # I/„1 IQ1 l1#4 3*Q.$ 7Z2 l1#4 3$•LB3 K& %2 lqG8Q0 p*J >$F p*D %N K0F V4 I\$ f<*c Kr6 %D W=&4 l1#4 3*-:I& `Q0 %2 $3 C$KJ lP: http://www.#-.J$ b-c ID KP&4I\ 34 K0F `B %D $3 >*/S #4 IB %P.0$ M3 # `9N o$IN # *: ŒGH `Q-0 C$ 3? W: %D CIB$'[.ca/People/far 121 .(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ucalgary.

http://www. and. giveth trace of the Friend’s grandeur and grace: Pleasantly. what power? I progression. maketh mention of the glory and the greatness of the Friend. and the path of expectation of the Friend.ucalgary. And brought the amulet of life from the dark writing of the Friend. Of the Sphere’s procession and of the Moon’s revolution. For his glad tidings.#-. by the aid of concordant Fortune.ca/People/far 122 . they were by the power of the Friend. From that happy dust that was the thoroughfare of the Friend. /)001 234 @ % (60) That envoy. If calamity’s Wind dash together the two worlds. the enemy speak-what fear? Thanks to God that I am not ashamed of the Friend. F If in design of Hafez. Thanks to God that. and the light ot the eye. O morning breeze! Bring me the bejewelled kuhl. Pleasantly. I gave him my heart. We. All my work is to the desire of the Friend.enel. I bear shame Of this little wealth of my heart wherewith I bescattered the Friend.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. who arrived from the country of the Friend.

/)001 234 @ % (61) l1#4 3'92 %D ^K.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.enel.<$ C3•\ I\$ *GH l1#4 IGPR: C'-Q\ F$ C$%Zd0 3*QD `0*9<$ID >*S %0$I8& %D %2 #$ >*S %D l1#4 ID F$ 5:*Q( C3? W: C'1 %D I\$ 3*D K&*G0 lUIec >? 34 %2 >*PN I\ # l1#4 34 F$ C3*Gg 3#*QD MK)4 C$ID ^*/QB #$ 7H# C*P=U # $K\ W: l1#4 I}P: !*QJ `PQGD T$'J %D IL: l1$ >$FI. KQD '†=B `)ID'PH !4 l1#4 ID'PH >'N C+*D # K6 ^I-c F $3 *: 4IJ5=0 CXQN %D l1#4 %N I\$ l1#4 I1 F$ 5)': `Q&#Id0 5=.ucalgary.ca/People/far 123 .*A %D 4$F? O.4 `g KPD F$ 4'& 3$ K&*D %N l1#4 I2*N # Vkg WQ8-: f<*c l-B 'N http://www.#-.

And. In envy of the form and the pine-like stature of the Friend. My pine cone-like heart is trembling like the willow. no access be thine Bring a little dust for my eye from the door of the Friend. where? The longing desire for union with Him. I may behold the form of the aspect of the Friend.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. if. If his heart be free from the bond of grief. in sleep.ca/People/far 124 . Although. even so. the Friend purchase us not for even a small thing. http://www. where? alas! Perchance. The beggar. we sell not a single hair from the head of the Friend. By this soul that. in that Presence. Bring a fragrant waft of air from the beperfumed tress of the Friend. what then? When poor Hafez is the slave and servant of the Friend. /)001 234 @ % (61) O Breeze! If thy path should chance by the Land of the Friend.enel. I will surrender my Life If thou bring to me a message from the Friend. For a whole world.#-. in thanks.ucalgary. I.

ca/People/far 125 .*J # l1$ V$4 #$ v.ucalgary.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.#-.-: F I1 l1#4 V*S F$ 43'J %AIS _) !F$ 34 W: >'N %2 IB _0? F$ 4'J ‡'& jI& F$ C$%=& `)'L0 {D l1#4 V$ID$ W)$ F$ OQD >4'=0 K&*D I1434 *QU'U >'†=B MK)4 34 `92 `. /)001 234 @ % (62) l1#4 V*]Q( MKD >*6*.<$ C$%0$4 KQ:$ ID I9c F#3 ŒGH %D *U 4IQL0ID 5.9: _Q( C$ *GcI: l1#4 V*0 C$K< lGg3 I1 F$ >*S `P2 *U {d6 34 7GhD '†=B `)$4 l1$KQ& # %.<I\ 4'J V*2 pIU F*-D >*:345D # F'15: #$ 434 3K0$ f<*c l1#4 V$3?5D 434 43$K0 50*:34 %2 >$F http://www.enel.F l1#4 V$4 34 V$M4*.$# l1#4 V$4*D # I8& @9A F `RGE 5E'E W: # V$4 >? %0$4 O.14 KB4 I\ l1#4 V$K6$ F$ 44I\ €I9: >*2 5B$3 p*J ‡$I< C'1 #$ Kr6 # !*H# C'1 W: 7Q: l1#4 V*2 K)?ID *U `.

drinketh like me a draught from the cup of the Friend. Whoever. have fallen into the snare of the Friend.ucalgary. that no remedy hath the restless pain of the Friend. give the message of the Friend. In hope of that grain. The dust of the precious path that becometh honored by the footstep of the Friend.#-. I uttered not on that account It is head-pain to show more than this importunity to the Friend. the grain of that snare. Hafez! In grief for Him. Into my eye.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. Wailing and lamenting perpetually is like the nightingale in the cage: Of parrot-nature am I through love of sugar and of the almond of the Friend.enel. His tress is the snare. A little by way of explanation of my own desire. http://www. raiseth not his hand. That. My inclination. if it be gained. in Eternity without beginning. I put as collyrium. Till the morning of the day of assembling. and I. and His towards separation: I abandoned my own desire that there might issue the desire of the Friend. I may make my soul a sacrifice for the Friend. /)001 234 @ % (62) Welcome! O Messenger of the Longing Ones. continue to consume. with the essence of pleasure. be content. towards Union. through intoxication. On that account. remediless.ca/People/far 126 . his mole.

*c %D 3*) %2 K& %2 @&*A l-B bQGE %0I\# l-Q0 434 %S$'J C$ l-Q0 MFIB %D IJ? %=B W)$ f<*c 4*)I< l-B bQ[A 5ƒ)Kc # b)Ig C$%r6 `B http://www.ucalgary.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ca/People/far 127 .#-.KPA ^KH # F'PB C$%†Pg 34 l-Q0 b)Ig >$KPN 'U C'2 %D VK:? I\ l-B b)Ig >$3$XB 3*)4 >? 34 W: >'N l-Q0 ‡I< ^*D$IJ # M*m0*J @9A 34 l-B bQGc C#3 'UI( l-B %2 *S IB KPB45: M'hS $3 %R:'H 3*2 %2 *S >? l-B bQhH V*0 # bB$3 I)4 Y'6*0 4I80 I}0 O. /)001 234 @ % (63) l-B bQ63 ^3$XB # K)K0 {2 'U C#3 l-B bQ.enel.

(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. none hath seen. the cloister and the tavern are not different: Wherever. where they give splendor to the work of the cloister. In short. Lover. the Physician is. it is. The bell of the Christian monk’s cloister associated with the name of the cross is. and a thousand watchers are Thine.ca/People/far 128 . Otherwise.enel.ucalgary. Still in the rosebud.#-. Thine many a nightingale is. http://www. they are. the ray of the true Beloved’s face is. There. /)001 234 @ % (63) Thy face. since in this country many a stranger is. who became. all this lament of Hafez is not in vain: Both a strange story and a wonderful tale. Not so strange is it if to Thy street came I. at whose state the true Beloved gazed not? O Sir! there is no pain. In love.

'D 3$I& *D C'dyr: o$IN K& 3#I( %hd1 %N F$ sIN %2 YI„: bG1 l-QGG1 5D %0*/D $3 #$ 59qD V*2 %2 ‹*D3 # M*m0*J ‡*E VIq0 'S `Q0 %D l-QGPE `J C*( # >$')$ %Gyr: %2 $I: IL: l1*: `9N 3'0 F3 I.enel.&$4 T4$ # 7mA 3$XB l-QD4$5D jkH `D$IJ l-: %2 >'P2 3*/}.ca/People/far 129 .(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.# x'=J >*DF W-c %=&I2 34 ')4 # s3 %.$'D %N W)$ %2 ^IQc F MK)4 lJ'-D C3? KQ†0 {2 3*J 5D 7\ W=N W)$ 34 l-QG/.J4 !*=S l-QGPA M4I( # 5S*SF T*m0 34 %2 %S$'J C$ W: `.1$ V3$XB f<*c 'N %2 5: 3*QD l-QG& `Q0 F*Q0 # CIZ1 %)I\ %D http://www.#-.d/0 CI( l-QG[R. /)001 234 @ % (64) l-QD4$5D 3*) OQ( IPB ŠIA %N I\$ l-QDIA F$ I( >*B4 W8Q.ucalgary.

Whose design of giving. and in supplication at midnight is. pretence without reason is.#-. yet. Bring wine. The beauty of the Daughter of the grape is the light of our eye. became the sphere. I purchase not the arch of the monastery and of the inn: Because for me. is The tongue. Through amazement. In the veil of glass. as Hafez. Reason consumed. http://www. and the foot of the jar. and in the screen of the grape. ask not why the cherisher of the mean. the pavilion is. the mouth full of Arabia is.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. the tavern is the palace. the asking God for aid always In weeping in the morning-time. none plucked the rose without the thorn. the better impolite is. for.enel. and the Div engaged in the glance of beauty.ucalgary. /)001 234 @ % (64) Since the presentation of skill before the Beloved disrespect.ca/People/far 130 . it is. For half a barley-corn. saying: “What Father of Wonders this is!” In this parterre. So the lamp of Mustafa with the flames of Abu Lahab is. silent. Perchance. A thousand of wisdom and science had I my Lord Now intoxicated and wasted. The reason. The Pan concealed her face.

J$ `QB4 %2 M'9A %D !4 *: x'=J _h< K0$4 %N M4I( >#34 F$3 l-QN 3$4 M4I( *D 'U i$X0 5AK: C$ l-Q0 3*G.*Q( f<*c # I|'2 T$I& KB$F l-QN 3*\4I2 %.-D I=A K0'Q( l-QN 3*\F#3 `g x*D O)'J 3$'q=g V3$ %~#3 # 5\K0F T? 5PR: l-QN 3$'L&'J 5: # 3*G)'S €IE XS K0$%hQG6 _) F$ 'N #4 IB l-: # 3'.#-.ca/People/far 131 .A$ xI\ MKPD C*yJ # '/1 l-QN 3*\FI:? l=c3 # 'dA 5PR: l1$'J %.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.1$'J %0*Q: 34 *U http://www. /)001 234 @ % (65) l-QN 3*/D # o*D # lGZH # OQA F I.0$ bG1 '\ l1*[2 56*1 3*=& `P.&'J l-QN 3*}.]: KB4 l14 %2 x'J l6# IB l-QN 3*2 V*[0$ %2 l-Q0 €'6# $3 {2 3$4 x'B l-Q)': %D %.ucalgary.-: l-QN 3*Q.enel.

ca/People/far 132 . Delay is to none. /)001 234 @ % (65) More pleasant than the pleasure and the enjoyment of the garden and the spring is what? Where is the Said? Say: “The cause of our waiting is what?” Every pleasant moment that appeareth.enel. The meaning of the Omnipotent’s pardon and mercy is what? The Zahed desired the wine of Kousar. reckon plunder.#-. and Hafez.ucalgary. what knoweth the silent sky? O pretender! thy contention with the screen-holder is what? If the esteeming rightly the forgetfulness and the negligence of the slave be not His. the cup: Let us see between these two. the choice of the Omnipotent is what? http://www. shall we give our heart? choice is what? The secret within the screen.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. For the end of work is what? The fetter of life is bound by a single hair: keep sense: Be thy own grief-devourer. Time’s grief is what? The meaning of the Water-of-Life and the garden of Iram Save the bank of the rivulet and the wine pleasant-tasting is what? The austere one and the intoxicated one both are of one family: To whose glance.

13 %2 http://www. b. /)001 234 @ % (66) l-)3*) I1 lP: *D I\$ 7GhD !*PD l-)3$F *: 3*2 # `)3$F @&*A #4 *: %2 l1#4 MIE F 4F# 5=Q-0 %2 WQ:F >? 34 l-)3*U*U C*B%<*0 >4F V4 C*S %N ‡3F %:*S `QP2 WQL03 %2 M4*D 3*QD l-)3*Q9B V*0 # `)3#Ig V*S l-: %2 l-Q:*J IB 3*2 %0 W.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.*0 %D O.q( 'U v.4 3*D # 3*2 W)$ 34 %.80 3$XB K0Iq0 'S `Q0 %D lmQmc >$3KPh6 l-)3*A IPB F$ %2 {2 >? {hE$ C*G6 C3? KQ13 >$'U 789: 'U >*.J # 3$F*Q: %.enel.F !*QJ l-)3*QA @)IE W.1? ID l-)3$'&4 %D C3#I1 _h< ID a#IA VK)45: T$'J %D l=9N %=&I2 IZ1 l-)3$KQD F %D %2 5D$'J bU$I: 5BF f<*c W2 `.4 l-)3$F? `2 34 K)#*S C3*L. l-)3*L0F tJ # 7R. %0 >? V*0 %2 !*J # Š3*A # v.F # l1$ `9N %0 •q& !*=S l-)3$K.<3 %h-h1 I)F %2 4XQJ #$ F$ @9A %2 50*/0 l-)$%dQy.#-.ucalgary.ca/People/far 133 .

the desire of being a lover with me. Hafez! vex not His heart with weeping. and the name of sensibleness is. /)001 234 @ % (66) O nightingale! bewail if. http://www. and conclude: For. weeping is. wherewith we may becolour the garment of hypocrisy. we two are. is a hidden subtlety. and our work.ca/People/far 134 . For. weeping lovers. nor the tress. For.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. is not the work of immature ones: To go beneath the chain.#-. nor the auburn hair is. in a dream. The satin coat of that one who void of skill is. thine is. Bring the wine.ucalgary. heart-possessing is. Whose name neither the ruby lip. Yes: With difficulty. The person’s beauty is not the eye. To devise the fancy for Thy tress. In this matter many a thousand subtlety. For half a barleycorn Kalandars of the Path purchase not.enel. In the morning. nor the cheek. I beheld the glance of union with Him: Oh excellent! when the stage of sleeping better than the waking is. In that land where bloweth the fragrant breeze from the Beloved’s tress. everlasting safety is. the ascent to the sky of joyousness is. one can reach only with difficulty. what room is. in little injuring. Wherefrom love ariseth. the way of a bold one is. we are intoxicated with the cup of pride. For boasting of the musk-pods of Tatar. nor the mole. To Thy threshold.

/)001 234 @ % (67) l-Q2 %0*&*2 F F#I<$ !4 n=& W)$ T3 *) l-Q2 %0*0*S %2 KQ1I„D lJ'1 *: >*S l1$ W: W)4 # !4 F$K0$ID %0*J *Q.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ucalgary. I)F http://www.ca/People/far 135 .enel. 7R. M4*D l-Q2 %0*=Q( M4 >*=Q( # %2 j#3 j$3 'UI( ^4*R1 n=& >? lGZH l.#4 l-Q2 %0$#I( %D %2 $3 $KJ KQ1I(F*D K90 V'hR: # 50'-<$ O-2 IB KB45: l-Q2 %0*-<$ 7)*: #$ pF*0 !4 %2 WQGS MIBF s3 M*: x'B*& >? T3 *) l-Q2 %0$4 _) IB'\ # %2 C*. X2 OG.8) 34 'U 5D f<*c %0$')4 !4 F$ M? `.d\ l-Q2 %0$')4 %2 ld\ >*0F MKPJ b.*c l-Q2 %0*q=B # KG-J5: %2 x'g? 34 *U 4*G: 3#4 W: b.#-.

saying: He distraught of whom is?” http://www. The inestimable pearl of whom. for God’s sake. from my lip. laughing. she spake. sigh from the distraught heart of Hafez:” Under the lip. of whom is?” Now. the fellow-lodger of whom is: The ruby-wine of her lip. she is: Let us see: she the fellow-sleeper of whom is. far be it not! The wine of the soul of whom is? The cup-giver of the cup of whom is? The Fortune of the society of that candle of happy ray. king-like. from the house of whom is? Our soul hath consumed. /)001 234 @ % (67) O Lord! that candle. moon of face. Ask ye. night-illuminating. saying: “She. the up-setter of my heart and of my religion. ask ye saying: “For the moth of whom is?” For her.ucalgary.ca/People/far 136 . ‘ Again. every one deviseth a great spell. Her tender heart. the beloved. Yet known it is not.enel.#-.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. inclined to the tale of whom is? O Lord! that one. and. Venus of forehead. the incomparable jewel of whom is? I said “Without thee.

*< p3*G: %2 >$4IL: IQJ lQ0 K98D l.*1 `=9N %D # l<3 >#ID %.1$ x'J %.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.*c %N %D l6$I< M#K0$ M'2 l-Q.6 x$M…: IB CI\ M'Q& 34 %N I\ I/& %=B 34 VI2 %D 5)*=0 l9L0$ %2 C$ l-Q.*.#-.ca/People/far 137 .*c 789: %N %2 50$4 %N 'U >$I[B !*c #$ s3 34 #$ s3 vy. F MK)4 V4I: l-Q.*0 >'N OPU %.80 W)$ 34 'U >*B4 %2 4I2 5B$'J C3•\ *: ID %2 K04$4 M4…: l-Q.*J WQ89: %2 4ID >*=\ K)4 4'J {8A xI8& >'†=B b.-J f<*c http://www.enel.*0 F$ %2 %. /)001 234 @ % (68) l-Q.ucalgary.dB W)$ `B*: l-Q.*=B$ lG[A >*G)Ig 3*2 34 %2 M# 4I< IB'S 34 %D*& 4'G0 `P)$ F$ KRD l-Q. F$ F'PB IQ& K8N5: l-Q.+K.

thy mouth a sweet proof is. Milk yet droppeth from her lip like sugar. they gave that thou wilt pass by us Change not thy good resolve. doth the mountain of grief of separation draw Shattered Hafez. and imagined that a musky mole it is. Alas! in the work of strangers. in her cheek. through the weeping of his body. By what art. who.ca/People/far 138 . After this.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. my moon went this week.#-. to my eye a year it is: The state of separation what knowest thou how difficult the state is? From the grace of her cheek. no doubt is mine in respect of the incomparable jewel. for a happy omen it is. in glancing. Although. For. her every eyelash a slaughterer is. wonderful thy negligence is.ucalgary. Glad tidings. http://www.enel. on that point. O thou that art in the city the pointing-stock for generosity. /)001 234 @ % (68) From the city. like a reed is. the pupil of my eye Beheld its own reflection.

ca/People/far 139 . /)001 234 @ % (69) l-Q0 *U#4 v.F $KJ I/D F$ l-Q0 *GH 4*D *D MKDIA KH %2 l-Q0 b& F#I<$ !4 n=& C$ 'U C#3 5D %2 C?F*D l-Q0 *dH # 3'0 I|$ >*d)Ic VXD 34 l1$ 7Q=S I2“ I|$ >*G)Ig 3*=QU l-Q0 *=& I/& 34 MKA*6 W)$ IL: *0*S 3? C*S %D K/A *=PH `.d\ # K&5: C4 l-Q0 *<# K/A W)$ 34 %S$'J 5yhg *.d\ ^#*dU %N K& W: K&I: >*]: IQ( I\ l-Q0 $KJ F CI1 %2 l-Q0 CI1 ‰QB 34 l:k: 3*D K980 I\ KP2 %N @&*A l-Q0 *e6 IQU I„1 3#+4 ‰QB *D 5<'H ^'hJ 34 # KB$F %R:'H 34 l-Q0 *A4 T$IZ: 'U C#ID$ %&'\ XS f<*c !4 >'J %D M4ID#I< uPN C$ l-Q0 $KJ # >?I6 ^IQg F$ IL: ^I8< http://www.F >? M4*.#-.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ucalgary.enel. %P)? IL: 'U C#3 l-Q0 *)3 # C#3 W)$ 34 # l1$ WQPN %2 *mc `9N 5BF 'U `9N M'Q& KGhE {\I0 l-Q0 *Qc MK)4 34 # I1 F$ xIGJ WQ8-: $3 *: %2 C$IQ„: v.$ vy.<$ %2 l-Q0 {2 l-Q0 kD F 5:$4 %2 l-Q2 3•LB3 34 >*PQ90 %&'\ F$ 4ID5: !4 'U `9N >'N l-Q0 *: b0*S F$ %P\ >4'D 'U M$I=B l-Q/.

for ours. The Zahed giveth me repentance of thy face.” Worthy Suha. O Excellent face! His. O candle. any shame of God.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. in this. thy face is the mirror of divine light: O God! that thus it is. heart-kindling! com bake. Is no night when. The consoling of travellers is the cause of excellent mention. and in the chamber of the Sufi Save the corner of Thy eye-brow. At the banquet of companions. this rule is none. O soul! in your city. many a conflict is none. and shame of thy face is none. Last night. and. the great ones know is none. and I said: “O idol! fulfill Thy covenant:” He said: “O Khwaja! thou art in error: fidelity in this covenant is none. If the Pir of the magians become my Murshid what difference? There is no head. He went. /)001 234 @ % (69) Who is not fallen into that doubled tress is none. to speak saying: “I am the fountain of light. dissimulation and hypocrisy is none.ucalgary.#-. In the cloister of the Zahed. For God’s sake. a sin on our part is none.ca/People/far 140 . that a snare of calamity is none? Perchance. Against the. http://www. in which a mystery of God is none. with the morning wind. Since from the corner-sitters Thy eye ravished my heart: To be thy train.enel. for. the effect of light and of purity is none. adorn not thy tress. In whose path is it. I. without Thy face. the arch of prayer is none.

d\ VK)4 'U v. 'N 5)$X< j#3 34 %2 >$F `0X0 5B? 'U C$4'1 OU? 34 %2 W: l-Q0 ID*H `.4 o$4 ID %2 ld\ >$'U 52 `.4 bh6 I\$ {hd: @&*A l-Q0 34*6 >$#3 Km0 ID %2 bQA OP8: K1ID xKPhD #I1 >$KD l14 lG6*A l-Q0 IH*6 #$ l=B lGhE 34 $3 %2 IB X\IB V4 `0X0 5-QA 59qD >$#3 F$ l-Q0 IB*: lG.F I1 %2 !#$ F#3 l-Q0 IJ? $3 %h-h1 W)$ 50*9)I( %2 l1$3 f<*c !4 %0 */PU 'U K0'Q( I1 l-Q0 IE*J 34 'U K0'Q( I1 O2 >? l-Q2 http://www. /)001 234 @ % (70) l-Q0 I”*0 lJ3 %D XS *: MK)4 V4I: l-Q0 I2$“ $3 'U IQg *: %.#-.ucalgary.ca/People/far 141 .9\I1 !4 4KPD5: l:Ic €$'E V$Ic$ `8&$ l-Q0 IB*E 5:4 O)3 !4 >'J F$ %N I\ 59c# oI: 'N 4*D {d6 # V$4 %.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.-D l-Q0 I)*E lGhE 34 I\$ M3K1 I)*E 3*ƒ0 4I2 O.enel.

I who. For like Thy lip. it is not.” The desire of union with Thee alone. in soul-refreshing. In the end. How can one say: “As to the stains of my heart. Censure him not. for potent as to current coin he is not. If the poor lover scattered the counterfeit coin of his heart.ucalgary. our overturned heart is not. expert he is not.enel. Be bound in the snare of the cage like the wild bird If. My tear bindeth the Ihram of the Tawaf of Thy sacred enclosure. patient He is not. when I beheld Thy tress-tip I spake.” The first day. the bird of Sidrah is not. express no sigh. reacheth the hand of him. in passion’s fire for Thee. to Hafez’s heart is not: Who is he in whose heart desire of union with Thee is not? http://www.ca/People/far 142 . Saying: “End to this chain’s confusion is not. save upon Thy face. defective is not. A remembrancer save of Thee. Although pure blood of the blood of my wounded heart. flying in search of Thee.#-. the pupil of our eye is not.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. /)001 234 @ % (70) A gazer. to that lofty cypress. I boast not of Isa’s life-giving. Before Thee. Whose spirit in search of Thee.

/)001 234 @ % (71) l-Q0 M*\? *: !*c F$ l1I(IB*” KB$F l-Q0 M$I2$ ‰QB C*S K)'\ %N IB *: @c 34 l1#$ IQJ K)? _.#-. %2 `U*D$IJ IQ( MKPD l-Q0 M*\ # l-B M*\ KB$F # wQ& vy.1$ %N W)$ l-Q0 M? !*[: # l-B >*/0 `JF %=B W)*2 T*-c K0$45=0 5)'\ *: >$')4 bc*H l-Q0 ‘ %G-c >*90 $I]E W)$ 3K0*2 'LD '\ KB$'J %N IB # *QD '\ KB$'J %2 IB l-Q0 M*\34 W)KD >*D34 # bS*c # F*0 # IG2 4'D >*L03 _) 3*2 W.ucalgary. %0 3# l-QDI9: 5.ca/People/far 143 .(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.-: ‹$IH 34 K0$3 `QB$'J 56KQD K)*=0 s3 CF*D %N *U l-Q0 M*& !*[: $3 >$K03 •0Iy& %HIA Om03*Q-D M4*1 KPhD vm1 W)$ l-QN l-Q0 M*\? >*/S 34 *0$4 ‰QB *=R: W)F l1$ l=8c 34*6 %N W)# T3 *) l1*P].*1 OQ( %N IB lm)IE 34 l-Q0 M$I=\ 5-2 !4 C$ `Qm.enel.*A F KPQ9P0 3KH ID 3$ f<*c l-Q0 M*S # !*: KPD3K0$ O2 C434 @&*A http://www.<3 %0*qQ: 34 ID l-Q0 M$3 >*&#I< 5: C'2 %D $3 >*&#I<4'J l1*: V$K0$ 5D F*1*0 l:*6 F$ l-B %N IB l-Q0 M*U'2 {2 C+*D ID 'U v)I9U %0 3# l1$ `)$4 Ody.

Sage there is none. To go to the Tavern-door is the work of those of one color: For the Self-sellers.#-. The Lover. knowledge is none. but power of sigh is none. In respect of us. say: “Come:” Whoever wisheth. /)001 234 @ % (71) The Zahed. http://www. Hafez sit not on the chief seat. dregs of wine drinking. Thou mayst say: “The Lord of the Secretariat knoweth not the account: For. road lost is none.ucalgary. I will move. That we may see how the game turneth. through lofty spirit. I am the slave of the Pir of the tavern. in this imperial signature. or door-keeper.enel.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. the favor of the Shaikh and of the Zahed. path. trace of “Hasbatanu-li-llah” is none. The power of Shah to the chess-board of profligates is none. thy dress of honor. room for abhorrence is none. chamberlain. whatever befalleth the holy Traveler is his welfare: O heart! In the straight highway. with many pictures? In the world. smooth. outward worshipper! Of our state. In Tarikat. a pawn.ca/People/far 144 .” Whatever unfitness there is. sometimes is none. say: “Speak:” In this Court is neither arrogance nor haughtiness. formless form: If not. into the street of the Wine-Sellers. is sometimes. is by reason of our unfit. What is this lofty roof. “is none. is none. short is none. in the bond of property and of rank is none. whatever he saith. O Lord! Who is this independent One? What is this powerful creed? For this is all internal wound. whose favor is constant: If not. on a person’s stature. If. acquainted with this mystery. and. Whoever wisheth.

/)001 234 @ % (72) l-Q0 M3*P2 O†QB %2 @9A M$3 l-QB$3 l-Q0 M3*N K03*„-D >*S %2 >? XS *S >? 4'D 5:4 x'J 5B4 @9A %D !4 %2 %\ IB l-Q0 M3*q.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ca/People/far 145 .1 VIS # n.1$ ‰QB lS*c IQJ 3*2 34 3*QD 5: # >*1I.#-.ucalgary.: 7mA nP: F $3 *: l-Q0 M3*2 ‰QB *: l)+# 34 %PZ& >*2 K925: %2 $3 *: %2 YI„D 4'J `9N F$ l-Q0 M3*.*E M*P\ *0*S !kB >'N K)4 >$'U p*( `9N %D $3 #$ l-Q0 M3*( M*: >? M'hS C*S MK)4 IB >*90 W)$ %2 CK03 %m)IE I=& lHI< l-Q0 M3*8&? {2 %=B ID •P\ M$3 >'N #3 ‰QB %D f<*c %)I\ 'U 34 l<IL0 l-Q0 M3*J uP1 F$ `2 %2 `.enel.4 >? >$IQc http://www.

/)001 234 @ % (72) Love’s path is Path whereof the shore is none: And there. With reason’s prohibition. http://www. work is none. the work of the watchman. Hafez’s weeping affected thee Astonishment mine at that heart. and bring wine: In our Land. remedy is none. For this track.#-. Like the path to the treasure. Every moment that to love thou givest thy heart is a happy moment. Ask thou thy own eye “Who draweth us?” O soul! the sin of fortune and the crime of the star is none. In no way. Him. one can see with the pure eye like the crescent moon: The place of splendor of that moon-fragment. unless they surrender their soul.enel. every eye is not. In the right work.ca/People/far 146 .ucalgary. affright us not. which less hard than the stone is not.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. need of praying to God to be directed aright is none. evident to every one is not. Reckon as plunder the path of profligacy.

enel. /)001 234 @ % (73) l-Q0 %2 l-Q0 CI}0 l)#3 'UI( F$ W&#3 l-Q0 %2 l-Q0 CIrD ID ^34 p*J lP: C3? KP0$I}0 bc*H 'U C#3 I”*0 l-Q0 %2 l-Q0 CI1 ‰QB 34 'U C'-Q\ I1 b[A %N K:?ID sI1 3$ W: F*=g _&$ l-Q0 %2 l-Q0 C34 M4I( 4'J M4I2 F$ 7[J C4I\ O=Q-0 F KPQ9P0 W:$4 %D *U l-Q0 %2 l-Q0 C3•LB3 VI}0 F$ XQJ 7Q1 KP0X0 *S IB 'U v.*E W)$ F$ W: l-Q0 %2 l-Q0 CI\4 l)'2 I1 F$ KP: MI/D x'0 %=9N C$ 'U W)IQ& b.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ucalgary.<$ >#ID M4I( F$ %2 l-Q0 lZhr: l-Q0 %2 l-Q0 CIGJ >$K03 {h[: 34 %0 3# 4'& M*D#3 'U @9A %)4*D 34 IQ& l-Q0 %2 l-Q0 CIyJ C# 34 %2 M$3 W)$ F$ M? l1'U 34 p*J lP: #$ ID %2 `=9N T? l-Q0 %2 l-Q0 C34 p*J #$ lP: KH I)F l-B %2 l-B >*90 # V*0 C3K6 V4'S# F$ l-Q0 %2 l-Q0 CI|$ *S >? 34 vR~ F$ %0 3# l1$ 4'P9J*0 'U F f<*c %2 %.#-. C*Qc F$ l-Q0 %2 l-Q0 CI8& >'P2$ ‡IA # T? ‡Ig F$3 K.ca/People/far 147 .F I1 V*& F$ V4 *U l-Q0 %2 l-Q0 CIZ1 VKQP& # ld\ *GH *D 50 3# `[0ID MK)3'& n.80 W)$ F$ IQg l-Q0 %2 l-Q0 CIPB ^4'S# C*($I1 34 http://www.

steeped in water and sweat. O sweet fountain! from the modesty of Thy sweet lip. No good counsel is it that the mystery should fall out of the screen. when of love On the waist of my heart and soul. that is not: The favor of the dust of Thy door. this Path! wherein a danger is not that is not. what wonder? Ashamed of that done by himself. a journey is not that is not. mine a morning is nor that is not. In the desert of love for Thee. everywhere. that is not. I cannot go a step: And. that is not. in any. in the heart of the heart-bereft. So that.ucalgary. that is not. From the head of Thy street. on an eye is not. a girdle is not.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. The torrent of tears from my vision.enel. are the spectator of Thy face. The water of my eye. a screen-holder is not that is not. it may not boast of the evening of Thy tress-tip. the dust of a door is not that is not. Yes: The desire of Thy tress. Those possessed of sight. /)001 234 @ % (73) From the ray of Thy face. a piece of sugar is not. a desire is not. that is not. http://www.ca/People/far 148 . my tear issue red. in thy existence. if not. wherefore bindest thou the girdle of malice. if not. a piece of news is not that is not. a skill is not. whereon is the favor of the dust of Thy door Under a hundred favors of His. If through my grief for Thee. Save this subtlety that Hafez is not pleased with thee. Wholly. And. On me.#-. Now. luminous a glance is not. a little dust may not settle. Conversation with the breeze. the lion becometh the fox: Alas. a great pathway is not that is not. So that on Thy skirt. in the assembly of profligates. that is not.

P: *P< IZD b.ucalgary.ca/People/far 149 .J'1 W: CKP:434 l-Q0 %=B W)$ >*QD # I)ImU lS*c $IB*” 5. /)001 234 @ % (74) l-Q0 %=B W)$ >*8: # >'2 %\3*2 7H*c l-Q0 %=B W)$ >*/S T*G1$ %2 3? OQ( M4*D l1$ ŠIg >*0*S lGZH €I& >*S # !4 F$ l-Q0 %=B W)$ >*S # !4 %0I\# l1$ W)$ ŠIg O8: %)*1 5( F 5D'E # M3K1 l.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.enel. F %2 >$4 5.HI< 3*/0F ^IQg CF*D F$ '9: W=)$ KB$F l-Q0 %=B W)$ >*]: I)4 *U %R:'H F$ M3 %2 3$X0 # 3$F %.P: " l-Q0 %=B W)$ >$#3 #I1 C$ CILPD x'J 'N %2 3*P2 %D K)? !4 >'J 5D %2 l1$ >? l.#-.#4 l-Q0 %=B W)$ >*PS o*D 7=A # 5R1 *D %0 3# C3$4 lh/: %hcI: W)$ 34 %2 CF#3 •P( l-Q0 %=B W)$ >*:F %2 50*:F C*1*QD x'J 56*1 C$ `)I}. ID l-Q0 %=B W)$ >*B4 %D *U b.# l<I)•( _Q0 `63 f<*c V*0 l-Q0 %=B W)$ >*)F # 4'1 `63 >$K03 OQ( http://www.

O Saki! We are waiting on the shore of the ocean of death Regard again. without the heart’s blood. cometh to the bosom: And.#-.enel. all this is naught. and. For Time all this is naught. For the goods of the world all this is naught. Bring wine. Rest pleasantly awhile. /)001 234 @ % (74) The produce of the workshop of existence and dwelling all this is naught. For the sake of shade.ucalgary.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. O moving cypress. http://www. endure not the favor of the Sidra and the Tuba tree For.ca/People/far 150 . The desire of the heart and of the exalted soul is the society of the Beloved: All that is. But. in the opinion of profligates. the writing of profit and of loss all this is naught. Zahed! beware. the garden of the Beloved with effort and toil all this is naught. heart and soul. Fortune is that which. be not secure of the sport of pride For the path from the cloister to the temple of the Magians. if not. For from lip to mouth all this is naught. if not. all this is naught. A space of five days that thou hast in this stage of favor. when well thou lookest. Wailing and weeping have consumed me sorrowful: The need of narrating and of explaining apparently all this is naught. The name of Hafez accepted the writing of honor. all this is naught.

ca/People/far 151 .G: l-Q0 CXQN 5D 'U >*]<$ # %.*0 W)$ !4 C$ l&•LD >*.d\5: W: %2 4'D >$#3 IQ& lG.ucalgary. F$ l-Q0 CXQN 5D 'U >$K8=0 4I\ I8& W)$ `0$45: WQm) %2 $4*D 'U CF$34 >*S l-Q0 CXQN 5D 'U >*\…: p#*0 >*=2 34 ‡$I< M#K0$ # lPZ: `g %D 5)k.enel.-h\ %D O)'2 I1 F$ 4*D x#4 l-Q0 CXQN 5D 'U >*G)I\ p*N W)$ 7\ C$ 43$45: >*/0 @hJ F$ !4 %N 3$ @9A 434 l-Q0 CXQN 5D 'U >*)I\ MK)4 W)$ f<*c http://www. /)001 234 @ % (75) l-Q0 CXQN 5D 'U >*.< {\I0 >? T$'J l-Q0 CXQN 5D 'U >*9)I( v.#-.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.F >? T*U `.

(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +,#-. /)001 234 @ %




(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +,#-. /)001 234 @ %

(76) l-Q0 5B*P( >*/S 34 V$'U >*;1? XS l-Q0 5B*\ %.$'c 34 W)$ X[D $I: I1 VF$KPQD I„1 W: K92 –QU 'N #KA l-Q0 5B? # C$%.*0 F$ X[D *: –QU %2 `D*UID C#3 ^*D$IJ C'2 F $IN l-Q0 5B$3 # `13 ‰QB >*/S %D `B %D W)$ X2 I=A W:IJ %D `9U? K0XD I\ %0*:F l-Q0 5B*2 ŽID %D W: ID %2 F'-D 'LD V#I1 5/1 >? x*=S {\I0 Vkg l-Q0 5B*L0 {2 %D x3#Ig T$I& F$ %2 W2 5B$'J %N IB # 3$F? 5( 34 x*G: l-Q0 5B*P\ W)$ F$ IQg *: lR)I& 34 %2 W-c 3'92 M*&4*( C$ #3 MKQ92 >*PA l-Q0 5B$'J4$4 %2 5B$3 I1 ID l-Q0 %2 `PQD5: M$3 V$4 '1 %=B F$ %2 WQPN l-Q0 5B*P( $I: Od.F l)*=c F$ %D MK: !*J # v.F %D f<*c !4 %P)XJ l-Q0 5B*Q1 IB Kc WQPN C*B3*2 %2



(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +,#-. /)001 234 @ %

Save Thy threshold, my shelter in the world is none. Save this door, my fortress-place is none. When the enemy draweth the sword, we cast the shield: For save weeping and wailing, our sword is none: From the tavern-street, why turn I away my face? For better than this, in the world, my way and path is none. If, into the harvest of my life, Time cast fire, Say: “Consume; for, equal to a little blade of grass, in my opinion, it is none.” I am the slave of the saucy eye of that straight stature, From whose wine of pride, at any one, glance is none. Be not in the pursuit of injury: do whatever thou desirest: For in our Shariat, save this, a sin is none. O King of the dominion of beauty! go rein drawn: For at the head of a street, is it not a justice-seeker is none? Thus it is, that, in every direction, I behold the snare of the Path: Save the shelter of His tress, my shelter is none. To the tress and the mole give not the treasure of the heart of Hafez; For deeds like these, the power of every black one is none.



(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +,#-. /)001 234 @ %

(77) l&$4 3*mP: 34 u03 x'J 5h\ ŽID 5hGhD l&$4 3$F C*B%.*0 x'J $'0 # ŽID >? 3K0$ # l-QN 4*)I< # %.*0 W)$ 7H# WQA 34 O=;d\ l&$4 3*2 W)$ 34 ‡'9R: M'hS $3 *: ld\ Š$I;A$ C*S l-Q0 *: *D l-9P0 I\$ 3*) l&$4 3*A 5)$K\ F$ 4'D >$I:*2 5B*&4*( l1#4 W-c *D *: F*0 # F*Q0 4IQ\5=0 34 l&$4 3$43'JID lqD >*PQ0F*0 X2 >? VIJ " `QP2 >*9<$ >*S x*m0 >? _h2 ID *U XQJ l&$4 3*\I( x4I\ 34 b[A Om0 %=B W)*2 W8: 5:*0KD I8< 5m9A M$3 K)I: I\ l&$4 3*=J %0*J WB3 %6IJ >*RPH wQ& IQ1 3$'E$ 34 %2 x'J 3KPh6 W)IQ& >? l6# l&$4 3*,0F %mhc 34 _h: ŒQG-U I2“ " l&I1 C3'c >? Ir6 V*D I)F f<*c `9N l&$4 3*/0+$ */;ZU CI[U ^*,PS M'Q& "



(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +,#-. /)001 234 @ %

A nightingale had a rose-leaf, pleasant of hue in his beak, And, on that leaf and pleasant food, bitter lamentation held. To him, I said: “In the very time of union wherefore is this lament and cry?” He said: “In this work of lament, me the beloved’s beauty held.” If the true Beloved sate not with us beggars, room for complaint is none; King, prosperous was He; shame of beggars, He held. Our supplication and entreaty affect not the Friend possessed of beauty, Happy he, who from beloved ones, the fortune of prosperity held. Arise! so that on the reed of that Painter, we may scatter our soul; For, all this wonderful picture, in the revolution of His compass, Lie held. If thou be a disciple of love’s Path, defame not: Pawned at the vintner’s house, his religious garment Shaikh San’an held. Happy, the time of that gentle Kalandar who, in the paths of wandering, Mention of the rosary of the King, in the girdle of the Zunnar, held. Below the roof of the palace of that beloved of Hun-nature, the eye of Hafez The way of paradise, beneath which streams are flowing, held.



(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +,#-. /)001 234 @ %

(78) l&$K0 `;1 # 3'S I1 XS 3*) %2 CK)4 l&$K0 `g ‰QB *: `g F# K/A l-89D VIU'G2 >'N !4 %N 3$ xIQL: T3 *) l&$K0 VIc KQH ^XA # l92 # KP8<$ 3*) %0I\# K:? W: lqD F *dS W: ID l&$K0 VI2 @)IE # vy. `13 %2 *&*c #$ F$ KQ92 C3$'J %0 %2 >? IB %=B W)$ *D l&$K0 VI;Z: O-2 ‰QB l<3 %2 *S IB 'LD b-;Z: *D # M4*D 3*QD 56*1 l&$K0 `S V*S WQPN %2 W8: *: 3*80$ 4IG0 x34 `)Ic %D M3 %2 #IB$3 IB l&$K0 VIc 34 M3 # C4$# K)ID WQ8-: 5AK: %2 lc*r< C'\ 'U IGD f<*c l&$K0 `B XQ0 IGJ # 4'G0 IPB O†QB



(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +,#-. /)001 234 @ %

Thou sawest that, save the desire of violence and of tyranny, my beloved aught had not. He shattered the covenant; and, on account of our grief, grief had not. O Lord! take him not. Although my heart, like the pigeon, He cast down and slew; and respect for the prey of the sacred enclosure had not. Against me, on account of my fortune, came this violence. If not the Beloved, Save the way of courtesy and the path of liberality, aught had not. With ail this, every one who endured from Him no contempt, Everywhere he went, him honored any one had not. Saki! bring wine; say to the Muhtaseb: “Deny us not. For such a cup Jamshid had not.” Every way-farer who took not the path to the sacred enclosure of His door, Unhappy, traveled the valley; yet, the path to the sacred enclosure had not. Hafez! do thou take the ball of eloquence. For the claimant, His was no skill at all; and any information, he had not.



(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +,#-. /)001 234 @ %

(79) l9/D `Q-0 >*;1'D F$ K:45: %2 >'P2 l&I13'c 3*) # OqD jI< T$I& # W: F#I:$ lPyh1 €+ K0X0 $IN $K\ l92 b. %L:XD # l1$ ID$ %)*1 %=QJ %2 K)'\5: l9/G)43$ l)*8c W=N l9/D Km0 # K)IJ %Q-0 %2 l1$ 76*A %0 T$IJ >*/S W)$ %2 W2 !4 ^3*=A 5: %D l9J 4F*-D *: p*J F$ %2 l1$ I1 >? ID KBK0 C'UI( %2 W=&4 F C'[: *<# l9P2 o$IN F$ CF#I<$ %R:'H n=& 'N l-: W: l:k: 5B*Q1 %:*0 %D W8: l&'0 %N xI1 ID I)KmU %2 l1$ %\? %2 f<*c MF*PS F$ 3$K: –)34 VK6 l9/D %D 4#35: l1$ M*P\ ‡Ig %N I\ %2



ca/People/far 160 . reproach not me intoxicated: Who knoweth what Fate hath written on his head? From the bier of Hafez. With wine make the building of the heart. /)001 234 @ % (79) Now.ucalgary. joy-giving and the Beloved angel. that the fragrant breeze of Paradise bloweth from the rose garden. a feeble ray it giveth not.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. For. seek not fidelity. and let go cash. why boasteth not the beggar of empire? For his pavilion is the Cloud’s shade. http://www. The sward uttereth the tale of the April: No Aref is he. I and the wine. who purchased a loan. When thou kindlest the candle of the cloister from the lamp of the church. For this evil world Is bent on that it may make a brick of our dust. he goeth to paradise. the field’s border.enel. For recorded blackness. From the enemy. keep not back thy foot: For though he be immersed in sin. and his banquet place. To-day.#-.

<$34 %D $'mU M4I( F$ W: %0 l9/D l14 F$ KD$ l9/D XQ0 V3K( 5:*S C3? v2 %D I\ 7S$ F#3 *}<*c l9/D %D ^K0ID ^*D$IJ C'2 F$ I1 _) http://www.*E {2 %=B l9P2 %N K[-: %N l1$ @9A %0*J *S %=B *BMK8Q: 34 l9J # W: `Qh-U I1 l9J # I1 '\ Wq1 `/< KP80 I\ 5AK: !F$ vy.#-.ca/People/far 161 . /)001 234 @ % (80) l&I1 MXQ2*( KB$F C$ W8: >$K03 bQA l&'0 KPB$'q0 'U ID >$I\4 M*P\ %2 x*D $3 4'J #ID 'U KD I\ # `8Q0 I\$ W: l92 %2 3*2 lG6*A 4#34 >? 5-2 IB l-: %N # 3*Q9B %N K03*) b.ucalgary. %mD*1 F$ W8: VKQ:$*0 l&F %2 # l1$ T'J %2 %2 50$4 %N M4I( {( 'U {D # V4*.enel.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.

whether the Masjed or the church. For.ca/People/far 162 . is the seeker of the Beloved: Every place. O Hafez! If. make me not hopeless: What knowest thou. who is bad? From the cell of piety. behind the screen who is good. Of the former kindness in eternity without beginning. not only I fell out: My father also let go from his hand Paradise of Eternity without end. Go thou: be thyself: In the end. pure of nature! censure not the profligates. Every one. they will not record another’s crime. or if I be bad.enel. whether sensible or insensible.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. thou bring a cup. against thee. every one reapeth that work that he sowed. on the day of death. say: Thy head and brick. /)001 234 @ % (80) O Zahed. http://www. they will take thee from the street of the tavern to Paradise. If I be good. My head of submission and the brick of the Tavern-door: If the complainant understand not this speech. Immediately.#-. is the house of love.ucalgary.

ucalgary. F$ 'N x#4 V3$ >*.enel.-h\ 34 ld&?5: CIZ1 `Q-0 %D 7GP1 v. /)001 234 @ % (81) ld\ %.#4 >? %2 Y'-<$ ld\ >*DF %D K)? %2 l1$ >? %0 @9A Wq1 ldP& # ld\ W)$ W2 M*U'2 # M4 5: *Q6*1 lJ$K0$ *)34 %D IGH # 4IJ f<*c _&$ ld/0 l13*Q0 @9A `g F'1 KP2 %N http://www.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.1*J'0 7\ *D W=N oI: VKZGH ld8& 'U >'N 5-D o*D W)$ 34 %2 W2 `2 F*0 5.# `Q[0I0 l1$3 F$ %2 K)KPqD 7\ ldL0 ‡'9R: %D lq1 Wq1 @&*A ‰QB 7R.F '2 lPQD >*/S V*S `S KP-: C$ `.ca/People/far 163 .#-.d\ ldqD 3$KQD l. 5: nHI: V*S >? F$ C3$4 n=E I\ ld1 K)*D ^$M…: p'0 %D %2 34 *-D C$ K1I0 O:*9: %D lGZ: C'D KD$ *U l<I0 M3*-J3 %D %0*qQ: 34 p*J %2 IB $'B vy.

To eternity without end. the tear of Hafez hath cast wisdom and patience: What shall he do? The consuming of love’s grief.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. Last night. /)001 234 @ % (81) At dawn. with his face.ucalgary.#-. when from the bounty of the air. in the Paradise. the perfume of love reacheth not the perfume place of him Who. make short this uttering and hearing. The tress of the hyacinth was disturbed by the morning breeze. he cannot conceal.enel.ca/People/far 164 . Into the sea.” Not that which cometh to the tongue is the talk of love: O Saki! give wine. but “No lover spoke a harsh word to the beloved. the bird of the sward spake to the rose: “Display less disdain. swept not the dust of the door of the tavern. for.” The rose laughed saying: “We grieve not at the truth. O many the pearl that it is necessary for thee to pierce with the point of thy eyelash. I said: “O throne of Jamshid! thy cup world-displaying. in this garden many a one like thee hath blossomed. where?” It said: “Alas! wakeful fortune slept. http://www.” If thou desire ruby wine from that begemmed cup.

< C*( F$ l<3 $#4 l14 F$ 'N `)4I=D 434 34 l<*) >$'U F*D *A4 %D O.*H# ld\ !4 l<3 *A4 3*2 34 %=B VI=A %2 l-)I=A l1*S W)$ %0 %hG6 >? 'N `)KPD %N V$Ic$ l<3 *dH M#I: F$ 'N `Q&'2 %N 5R1 34 K)4 $I: 'N ^I-c I1 F$ bQGE ld\ C4 l<3 *d& >'0*6 F 'U •03 %2 ^*/QB %0 5:K6 f<*c >KQ1I( %D l1#4 C$ l<3 *P< 3$4 F$ %2 KP)'\ %2 OQ( >$F http://www.#-.ucalgary.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ca/People/far 165 . /)001 234 @ % (82) l<3 *: ID F$ x#4 %2 MI/N CI( pIU >? l<3 *yJ M$3 F$ %2 K)4 *yJ %N *)? WQD >*/S `9N >? I}0 F$ $I: l<3 *U l<3 *B%N MK)4 F$ %2 l-Q0 *: v6$# {2 x#4 !4 OU? 3•\ F$ l<I0 n=& ID l<3 *: I1 ID ILS F'1 F$ %2 4#4 >? `=9N %&'\ F$ V4 %D V4 'U s3 F$ 3#4 l<3 kD >*<'E # K:? _&I1 TkQ1 >$I[B `g K:? 'N `)4*.enel.

ca/People/far 166 .” http://www. the physician said: “Alas! beyond the rules of cure. Far from His face. the remedy passed. The heart said: “With prayer. from the liver’s consuming passed.#-. to our head. went that world-seeing eye. Last night from the passing of the heart s fire to the candle passed not That smoke that.” ‘Tis a life-time since my life all in the work of prayer passed.enel. last night. He passed? Since from my sight. one can again obtain union with Him. A torrent of tears came. we fell when separation’s grief came: In grief we remained when from the hand. when he beheld me. thy grief hath passed. /)001 234 @ % (82) That Bold One of Angel-face who. he hath passed? Yesterday.” O friend! for asking Hafez plant thy foot Before that time when they shall speak saying. by way of sin. None knoweth what tears from my eye have passed. and the deluge of calamity passed. with the essence of the pity.: “From the frail house he hath passed. wherefore do I strive since from Ka’ba. for that Ka’ba is not here? In effort. Wherefore do I bind on the pilgrim-robe. From our feet. What sin saw He that. momently. from the fountain of my eye.ucalgary. by me passed.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.

k: I\ 4ID 4ID C3*D 3$K.ca/People/far 167 . /)001 234 @ % (83) l<3 l<3 5)*yJ lPQ89: v.enel.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.k: >*PQN Wq1 F$ l<3 l<3 5)$X1*0 >*PQ9P=B >*Q: I\ M*m0*J F$ l<3 %2 fA$# W8: '\ f<*c bQA l<3 l<3 5)*S %D I\ CKPD %N C4$F? C*( http://www.# K:? K)K( *Bl.#-.F l14 F I\ l<3 l<3 5)*dS *: ID *=& C#KPB F 3# lJ'1 lJ'1 5&'( %PQ=9( W:IJ 3$ @9A ‡ID l<3 l<3 5)$K\ ID I\ >$I:*2 M*& 3'S 3*QD 5: K&*G0 IE*J O[03 lm)IE 34 l<3 l<3 5)*dH >'N 5PQD %2 $3 ^3#K2 IB 3$4 C*( !4 C$ K)*D 7=ZU $3 CF*Gm9A l<3 l<3 5)*yJ I\ # 4'D 4'D 5.ucalgary.4 I\ l<3 l<3 5)$IS*: >*0*S # >*S >*Q: 3# 5.4 MX=g F$ 5.

http://www. a load a heart bore. but. O heart! keep firm of foot. Bring wine: Every impurity that thou seest.#-. In Tarikat. For love-playing. If. /)001 234 @ % (83) If from the hand of Thy musky tress. reproaches appear. among fellow-sitters. aught unfit passed.ucalgary. it passed. From carpers. from the Heart-possessor’s glance.ca/People/far 168 . it passed. it passed. If.enel. a fault passed. it passed. if against us from Thy dark mole.” How bindest thou the foot of a free one? If to a place he passed. the violence of the prosperous king passed. he passed. if a tyrannous matter passed. endurance is necessary: If a vexatious matter was. the harvest of one wool-clad. it was. O admonisher! say: “Censure not Hafez who hath gone from the cloister. it passed. against a beggar. it consumed: If. when.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. it bore: Between the soul and the true Beloved a matter passed. it passed: And. purity passed. is no grief of heart. If. it passed. Love’s lightning consumed. an act of tyranny passed.

ucalgary.-: l<3 V$K2 K:? %2 !*QJ %HIA 34 K13 *: %D l:*S %AIS %2 >? C'D ID l<3 V*& # ŒGH IB 'U C*A4 %Gyr: 34 KQ13 >*S %D 5U*Qc 4'D M4I: %2 $3 !4 l<3 V*9: 34 x$5: `Q-0 F$ 5)'D *U M$3 4IG0 l:k1 l&$4 3#Ig KB$F l<3 Vk-.$3$4 %D F*Q0 M3 F$ K03 K& M4*D €IH $I: 4'D %2 5. /)001 234 @ % (84) l<3 V*QH M*: %2 M4*D 3*QD 56*1 l<3 V*0 # Y':*0 `1': %2 jK6 M434 `QP2 *e6 *U *QD l<3 X)XA l6# l<3 V*S # 5c$IH 3'ec 5D %2 CI=A C4'qQD F `0$K0 %2 >*PN >? W2 `.#-.4 Km0 l<3 V$Ic 34 >? F$ 4'D M*Q1 bh6 4'A '†=B lJ'1 >$'U KPN %D'U T*U 34 l<3 V*J C$4'1 I1 34 I=A %2 M4 5: l<*Q0 M3 %2 f<*c lZQr0 W8: IL)4 l<3 V*2 %D OD*0 M4*D %2 C$%.9L=\ http://www.enel.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ca/People/far 169 .

to whose palate the sweet wine hath passed. let us repeat the omitted prayers Of a long life that without the presence of a goglet and of the cup hath passed Make me intoxicated even so that from selflessness I shall not know. The cash of the heart that was mine became expended in wine: It was counterfeit coin. for the fasting month hath passed. In the plain of imagination. A lost one. Like aloe-wood. who hath come. prayer to Thee hath passed. how long can one consume in the torment of repentance? Give wine. In the inn. http://www. In the smell that a draught of Thy cup may reach us. Give the goblet. for the season of name and fame hath passed. Therefore into the unlawful it hath passed. Since into its perfume-place a perfume. found not.ucalgary.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. Dear time hath passed. who hath passed. every morning and evening. Come. from Thy breeze.#-. Again counsel not Hafez.ca/People/far 170 . for the path of austerity. hath passed. To the heart that was dead. For life in the essence of raw madness hath passed. a great life reached the soul. /)001 234 @ % (84) O Saki! bring wine. The Zahed had pride. the Profligate to the House of Safety hath passed.enel. took not the path to safety: By the path of supplication.

DI& l<ID # `)K)K0 IQ1 #$ I8Q( %: C#3 4'D MK:? uPU %D _Q0 *: lGZH F$ 5)'\ l<ID # `)KQ1I0 x4I\ %D # l-DID 3*D `)K0$'J 50*=) FIc # %ZU*< *: %2 {D l<ID # `)KQ:4 ˆkJ$ M3'1 x$ 5( F# 4I2 5B$'J C3•\ *: ID %2 K04$4 M'9A l<ID # `)K)IJ M'9A WQPN %2 IJ? CK)4 W8Q.*H# >*. /)001 234 @ % (85) l<ID # `)KQ9†0 OhR. # W-c W=N 34 >*=N K& l<ID # `)KQ=†0 O.ca/People/far 171 .(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ucalgary.-h\ 34 `)4I2 C3$F # %.*0 b& %=B f<*c '†=B l<ID # `)KQ1I0 OA$4# %D *])34 C*2 http://www.enel.#-. F$ 5. l<*y. b.

Thou mayst say: “By our society. Proudly moving. and He departed: His face. He gave saying: “From the street of desire.#-.ucalgary. we purchased the glance.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. In the rose garden of union with Him. and He departed. Many the Fatiha and the Harz-i-Yamani that we recited: After that. and He departed. a draft we tasted not. we murmured the wholeheartedness. He hath become greatly straitened. /)001 234 @ % (85) From His lip of ruby. and He departed. we moved not. and He departed. and He departed. we beheld not to our fill. All night. weeping and wailing.enel. But. we arrived not. I depart not:” Thou sawest how. at last. we arrived not. He went into the sward of beauty and of grace.ca/People/far 172 . He bound up: about him. http://www.” His chattels. moon of form. we did like Hafez: For alas! for bidding Him farewell. A glance. and He departed.

>$# b)Id.-( %2 5)'\ 4'D M4I2 %.*1 IQ( W)# l<ID M3 F 5.d: %2 @9A 4$4 M'9A >? l<I\ 3•c W=&4 %2 l1#4 4I2 vy.q: Wq1 %2 WQGD I}0 %U'2 lqD %2 5.1IdD $KJ 5:4 5-QA lJ#I<5: W-c 3'J # %: ID %2 K6#I1 IB l<I\ I\4 C3*2 5( CK:?34 'U >'N l1$KHI( pk<$ KGP\ ldB %.-J *: IE*J %2 5=g 3*D l<I\ID # 4*.ucalgary. /)001 234 @ % (86) l<I\ID M4I( s3 F 3*) %2 *QD 56*1 l<I\34 F*D >*QU'hJ o$IN 3*2 lJ#I<ID MI/N I\4 %.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.enel.<I\I1 n=& >? l<I\ I1 F 50$'S M43'q.#-.4 W)IQ& ^3*GA >? F$ 3*/0F l<I\ I8& 34 Wq1 'U %.r6 W)F " l<I\ Ir.J':? %2 F Wq1 W)$ 'U f<*c l<I\ 3F %D # $3 'U IR& 4I2 •)'RU http://www.ca/People/far 173 .

ucalgary. and it. the pursuit of other work took. The true Beloved gave that glance. took! Hafez! from whom hast thou learned this prayer. When Thou camest. are the seven vaults of the sky. And the Friend exercised that kindness. such that piety departed from the path. That candle head uplifted again enkindled its face. that the beloved Made thy verse an amulet.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. this Pir years endured took. took.#-. And youth from his head. http://www. into gold. /)001 234 @ % (86) Saki! come. Full of clamour of this tale. The work of the lamp of the Khilvatis again kindled.” The load of that great grief that had wounded our heart. Behold the short-sighted one who. Every cypress-stature. From the sweet and heart-ravishing example. for the true Beloved hath taken up the veil. the tale short.ca/People/far 174 . God sent one of Isa-breath: up. that the enemy caution took. that boasted beauty over the sun and the moon. he took. shelter: Thou mayst say “Thy mouth speech into sugar took.enel.

G6*A %ym0 'N >$3#4 lJ'-D `P:IJ 5: Ig*1 ‡'& F#3 >? l<I\ >? 34 56*1 Š3*A {8A F O.#-.q( %2 {2 >*2 K8N5: 'U `}0 F vy.2 >*9< WQ.ca/People/far 175 .&'0 @)*m& >'J %D 7\ ŽID ID l<I\ >$'g3$ >'N 5: K& %.enel.d/0 OU? W)F l<I\ >*=1? 34 %2 l-)$%hR& KQ&3'J l1#4 C'D # u03 F$ K0F V4 %2 7\ l1$'J5: l<I\ >*B4 34 O-d0 *GH ^IQg F$ VK&5: 3*\I( 'N 3*P2 ID M4'1? l<I\ >*Q: 34 `. T? 'N f<*c l<I\ >? ID K0$'U %.4 I1 %2 $KJ I8& l1$ W: %PQ1 34 %2 %.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.1? >*]: C'2 %D >K& `B$'J l<I\ >*:FIJ? W:$4 %2 *B%P. /)001 234 @ % (87) l<I\ >*/S lck: ‡*dU$ %D lP-c l<I\ >$'U5: >*/S ‡*dU$ %D C3? n=& 4I2 l1$'J >*QU'hJ F$3 C*9<$ l<I\ >*DF 34 O.< W)F K)KD >*/S 3*2 IJ? %2 IB %2 3'J 5: l<I\ >$I\ 7E3 # K:?ID _G1 `g F$ K0$%.80 %0'LN K1*c http://www.ucalgary.

took. the envious one how took? http://www. The revealing of the mysteries of the Khilvatis. Of these calamities.ca/People/far 176 . /)001 234 @ % (87) By concord with darkish beauty. When. From grief. A flame is the sun that the sky. in its mouth the breeze took. With the blood of tulips. The rose wished to boast of the color and the perfume of the Friend: In jealousy of it. who became mature. I was like the compass: At last. me. fire kindled. shaking my sleeve.” Hafez! like water. I wish to go. and. Rested apart. from the reflection of the Saki’s cheek.ucalgary. that. the heavy cup of wine. kindled. From out of this concealed fire that is in my chest. grace trickleth from thy verse: On it. the skirt of time’s end took.#-. Yes. For. by concord. nice distinction. like a point.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. beheld the world. its breath. the world one can take. the candle wished to make: Thanks to God! that its tongue. e To the street of the magians. whoever.enel. into the center. the world Thy beauty took. the heart’s desire kindled. took. at the end of work. on the rose-leaf. Desire of the cup of wine consumed my harvest that day. came forth light. Drink wine. Time took. they have written Saying: “Wine like the ruddy Arghavan that one.

ucalgary.14 pIU !$F W)$ %2 ld\ %2 $3 'U 7Gm: MKPD %2 V4 $IN # >'N F >X: ld\ >*0*S %2 Wq1 IB >*S %D 4I2 !'G6 F*D K:? 'U %9)K0$ F$ f<*c ld\ %2 ld\ >*.D %2 KP25: >? %0 3*) ‡$I< I/& fA$# ld\ %2 l:*Q6 !'B z)Kc ld\ >$I[B 3*\F#3 F$ %2 l-Q.ca/People/far 177 .(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.)*P2 F*D `1I( %2 F$ M4I2Id1 3*) >*90 ld\ >*9)I( *GH K)ID ld\ %N IB %2 7-\I/: >*DI/:*0 %: >? %2 >*]< ld\ >*1? %N 4'J >$3*) lGZH pIU %D bQ63 I8& # W)$ F$ KRD *~3 V*m: # W: ld\ >*:34 pIU # 4I2 'J 'U 434 %D !4 %2 KQP2 n<4 M43'q.*1 5: %D W/2 `g ld\ >*mB4 IQ( l1$ W)$ 5.#-./D ld\ %2 {2 >? V$%.K&'J `qU %2 4#3 4$I: ID %N I\ >X: 4*D %D MI\ ld\ >*=Qh1 *D 4*D 7ƒ: %D Wq1 W)$ %2 #I: M$3 F KB4 ^I/„1 %2 5.h/: %D ld\ >*.dL0 W)$ W: http://www.enel. /)001 234 @ % (88) ld\ >*RP2 IQ( %2 x'J 5Pq1 V$MKQP& ld\ >$'.

which. For to Soleiman this speech. /)001 234 @ % (88) I heard a pleasant speech that the old man of Kan’an uttered: “Separation from the true Beloved maketh not that which can be uttered. It. as a proverb. repel ye the old grief: For. the wind. As to “how and why. the seed of happy-heartedness is this. he uttered. Of whom. who said Hafez hath come back’? This. how easily he uttered! After this I and the stage of contentment. http://www. that. Alas! that unkind moon. the Pir of the village uttered. uttered.ucalgary.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. many a journey made? For whatever the wind’s messenger uttered.#-. He who uttered it. which the city-admonisher uttered? Is a hint. calumny uttered. confusedly he uttered. Fix not a knot on the wind though. and thanks to my rival: For accustomed to pain by thee. I have not said. go not from the Path Who told thee. the Friend’s enemy. From thought of thee.” express no breath. of the time of separation.enel. may I ask the trace of the Beloved. the abandoning of tales. on thy object. it favorably blow. For a frivolous excuse that the sky may give thee.” The tale of terror of the resurrection day. my heart hath become. For the abandoning the society of his own lovers. For the happy slave Accepteth with soul every word that the Sultan uttered. and the abandonment of remedy uttered With wine of many years. this old woman uttered.ca/People/far 178 .

*0 W8: O)#34 l:$Ig KP0*.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.F # tJ # !*J >? W2 5.92 F$ %d)*E W)*2 56*1 C#ID$ `J %2 OU? >F %6IJ 34 l:*:$ T$IZ: %&'\ KP8&5: ID `. /)001 234 @ % (89) l:k1 %D V3*) %2 F*1 5GG1 T3 *) l:k: KPD F$ VK0*BID # K)?F*D K)3*QD M4I2Id1 3*) >? M3 p*J l:*6$ C*S O=P2 WQD >*/S `9N *U KP.-GD M$3 `.=cI: V$'U l14 34 %2 F#I:$ l:$K0 _&$ 4'1 %N p*J V'& %2 $4I< @9A F$ 50F V4 >*QD # I)ImU %D %2 >? C$ l:k1 # IQJ Wq1 `)3$K0 'U *D *: *Gc$ IQ9=& F %.ucalgary.*PD 'U C*dS # 3'S F$ W: %2 *&*c l:$I2 # l1$ vy.1 %. %=B >*dQy. 4$KQD f<*c 'U v.ca/People/far 179 .1'Q( http://www./S O& F$ %2 4*)I< l:*6 # Š3*A # s3 # v.F I1 zZD KP80 %U'2 l:*Q6 F#3 *U %h-h1 W)$ K& %.#-.enel.

ca/People/far 180 . With thee no word have we save this “Prosperity and safety be thine!” Darvish! Lament not of the sword of friends. and stature.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. To-day. whereby in safety my Beloved May come back.enel. /)001 234 @ % (89) O Lord! devise a means. Justice! For. tress. Hafez shorteneth not: This chain is joined to the day of resurrection.ucalgary. The argument of thy tress-tip. face. God forbid that of thy violence and tyranny I should bewail: The injustice of dainty ones is all daintiness and goodness. beard. when I become clay. and release me from the claw of reproach. For this band taketh the blood-price for the slain.#-. Set fire to the religious garment. they have barred my Path on six sides That mole. what profit are tears of repentance? O thou that of love expressest breath in relating and explaining. when I am in thy hand. show a little mercy. cheek. for the curve of the Saki’s eye-brow Shattereth the corner of the prayer-arch of the service of the Imam. To-morrow. http://www. Bring ye the dust of the Path of that traveled Beloved That I may make my world-seeing eye His sojourn-place.

1I<5: *<# >*Q&? %D *S W)F l-Q0 KRD # TI6 %hcI: @9A M$3 34 l=.1I<5: *A4 # >*QA l=PQD5: IQJ C*A4 F$ C$%h<*6 V*& # ŒGH IB l=.#-.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.1I<5: *[2 %D *[2 F$ %2 ILPD `g >$K2*J 34 'U 'N CI)*E l1$ vQc l=.1I<5: $#4 %2 W2 IGH 434 *D l1'U IQJ I2“ *: {h[: 4#I1 f<*c l=.1I<5: *=0 C$KJ %PQQ2 ld\ M4…: %D `GQg vU*B %2 *QD 56*1 l=.ucalgary.9D http://www.1I<5: *G6 # b1$ %2 >*B T*.enel. *U l=.1I<5: *P| # *A4 l=)'\5: W2 C$KJ nPH aIdU 4'J C#3 34 l=.1I<5: *G1 %D *GH KBKB C$ l=.ca/People/far 181 .1I<5: $'0 %D 4'J X)XA >*S !4 WQ9P=B CK& %2 I}0 F$ b)*g C$ l=.1I<5: *GH # !*=& lGZH 34 T$IJ !4 _h: KP80 l=g I89. /)001 234 @ % (90) l=.

enel.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. I send Thee.” Hafez! the song of our assembly is the mention of thy welfare: Make haste. /)001 234 @ % (90) O lapwing of the east wind! to Saba. I utter for Thee. I send thee. I send Thee. is no stage of nearness or of farness: I clearly see Thee.ca/People/far 182 . “In pain. I send thee. A horse and a coat. exercise patience. The creation of God. http://www. Words and odes.#-. behold in thy own face. for the invisible messenger uttered to me glad tidings. O Fellow-sitter of my heart! Thou that becomest hidden from sight. I send thee! Alas! a bird like thee in the dust-heap of grief: Hence to the nest of fidelity. I send Thee. for the remedy of union. So long as grief’s army ruineth not the heart’s country. Saki! come. Prayer. and prayer. In company with the north and the east wind. the Kafila of prayer for Thy welfare. praise. I send Thee. For the mirror. with melody and modulation. I send Thee. Every morning and evening. I send thee: Behold from where to where. In love’s Path. I send thee.ucalgary. God-displaying.

-D T? C'S KH l:3*8D !4 34 %2 I/: `qU C'D ID l1'U n~# %0 CK03 # KB*& # T$I& f<*c l:3$•\5: #I< # 5P25: %h=[.#-.ucalgary.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.enel. /)001 234 @ % (91) l:3*„15: $KJ %D I}0 F$ b)*g C$ l:3$4 l1#4 !4 %D # 5.0$ 34 %2 YI(F*D 3*=QD 3*P2 ID MK)4 F$ V$%.J'-D `0*S p*J C*( I)F `980 Wd2 W:$4 *U l:3$KD W:$4 F l14 %2 W8: 3#*D 5/\IZ1 *U *=PD l)#ID$ T$IZ: l:3? >4I\ 34 # V3?ID *A4 l14 5hD*D ^#3*B C'1 >K& VK)*D I\ l:3*QD *U `P8D 5)#4*S %0'\ KH bQGE *<#5D C$ l:IQ: OQ( %2 `B$'J l:3*}.$ 5< http://www.ca/People/far 183 .

and the mistress.ucalgary. torrent raining.ca/People/far 184 . Believe not. that. Hafez! wine.#-. Display the prayer-arch of thy eye-brow. I will keep hand from off the skirt of thee. and. A hundred kinds of sorcery I will evoke to bring thee. O faithless physician! I wish to die before thee. If it be necessary for me to go to Harut of Babil. from this tear. yet with heart. I may plant in the heart of thee. I entrust.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. and profligacy are not thy way of life: Wholly thou doest. I may bring forth my hand of prayer and bring it upon the neck of thee. /)001 234 @ % (91) O hidden from sight! to God. Thou consumedest my soul. in the morning-time. I weep. http://www. for I am in expectation of thee.enel. thee. Ask the sick. So long as I trail not the skirt of my shroud beneath the foot of the dust. and I pardon thee. friend I hold thee. my hope Is that love’s seed.

ucalgary.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.enel.#-.d\ l:IQ: *~*mU OQ( 5P25: *~*mU x'J l1*[2 56*1 lD V3'[/: # 3'=q: # @&*A l:IQ: +*D#I1 OQ( %2 K:$IqD %2 '\ #$ C$4'1 F$ V3*=QD *U %2 K& CI=A %2 >? l:IQ: k/& `9N OQ( %2 W2 5B*L0 '\ $#4 `B K9qD 434 `B `G. /)001 234 @ % (92) l:IQ: *( # I1 3K0*2 C#35: x'J W: IQ: l:IQ: *PA3 K6 OQ( %2 '& >*:$IJ x'J l-QN 7Q[RU W: OQ( CIQ=D 52 C4'D %. %. 7R.ca/People/far 185 .d\ l:IQ: $#$K: OQ( %\ # 434 OQ( M*\ 3#4 'U C#3 F$ KD `9N C#35: >*:$IJ x'J l:IQ: *( 34 %2 >? !*QJ I1 3K0$ V3$4 l-Q0 'U 7H# ^'hJ 3K0$ f<*c C*S %N I\ l:IQ: *S %=B OQ( x'J 'U C*S %=B C$ http://www.

(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ucalgary.ca/People/far 186 .#-. /)001 234 @ % (92) http://www.enel.

-q.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.#-.4 *: !*c F l=g >*L.“ $I: l:I.4 f<*c >*S %2 http://www.#4 l&$4 %2 4I2 `B$'J 3$I6 ld.92 p*J F$ K:4ID %.F I1 *D %2 *QD l:K6 F$ V3$K0ID 4#ID VI1 I\ %2 5. %N l:I2 ID 4I2 %~IA *: l:KJ ‡'mc $I: Vk1 C$M4I2 `63 %:*J p'0 %D l=63 5D 4*G: >$3#4 %0*J3*2 %2 4*) C4I2 '/1 %D !45D W: F$ `)'L0 l=h6 ID '/1 l-Q0 4IJ T*-c 34 %2 l=R0 W)$ I8& %D >$4IL: 7Q.+ %2 T*)34 C$%AIS %D $3 *: %P9U >$#3 l=S V*S F IeJ !+F KPB45: 'N 4*D x'J *GH 5-QA C$ 'U l6# %9Q=B l:4 %D K& MK0F %.enel. /)001 234 @ % (93) l=h6 %Z&3 M*\*0 %2 4'D vy.6# IL: 4'& %\? l.Z: # X)XA K:I1 l.ca/People/far 187 .ucalgary.

but at the time. mistake lieth not in the pen of thee. http://www. from the cup. Despicable. the limpid water of Khizr they give thee.ucalgary. /)001 234 @ % (93) What kindness it was when. For. I will vow ‘That if my head goeth. the dropping of thy pen Represented the obligations of our service according to the goodness of thee. heart bereft: For. suddenly. To me.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. held thee.enel. make me not in thanks for this favor That lasting Fortune.#-. in wisdom’s account. salutation thou hast written with the nib of the pen: Be not the work of Time’s house without the writing of thee! I say not in mistake. by thy tress-tip. O Isa-breeze! happy ever be all thy time For alive became the heart-broken soul of Hafez by the breath of Thee. dear and honored. Come. With a draught.ca/People/far 188 . thou recollectedest me. Of the state of us. I will not uplift it from the feet of thee. assist the soul of us thirsty When. thy heart may become acquainted. When the tulip blossometh from the dust of those slain of grief for thee.

enel.ucalgary.0 ^34 F$ C#3 `D? C4ID KPN IB l)*A3 5AK: X2 I.4 3*) >$F l)*8c W)$ 'U 'P9D 5m9A >$4 %.:KJ IB lP: # 4'D 4X: 5D l)*PA 5D V#Kq: $3 {2 4*G: T3 *) {2 KB45=0 5D? $3 b.F 34 l)*PS 5D # VIS 5D 5PQD MK)ID *BI1 CKP-(5: # 43'J >'J $3 *: MX=g %D l=9N l)*=c $3 X)3 >'J K&*G0 $#3 *0*S 4'rm: M$3 l9\ `\ `B*Q1 b& W)$ 34 l)$KB b2'2 C$ C? >#ID C$%&'\ F$ 4#XdQ0 `.80 I\ V4I2 %2 5.# 5)'\ *S >*2 ‰Q„: !4 C$ xKP=2 >'N v.<3 >*1*P& 5.9c# XS `. /)001 234 @ % (94) l)*8& *D l-)I8& VF$'P.ca/People/far 189 .&'J bQGc F$ 3'S f<*c >*1 %D 4'J 3$ 4*)I< %D K13 lm9A l)$#3 M43*N 34 50$'qD ID F >?I6 http://www. %P9U >$K03 l)+# W)$ F$ KP.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.<3 %2 €IE IB F$ l)*/05D M$3 W)# >*D*QD W)$ F$ 3*/0F l-D >$'U *[2 ^3'H l)*/0 $3 M$3 W)$ l)$KD 34 l1$ OQD !XP: 3$XB KH O2 `D*.#-.

/)001 234 @ % (94) On account of that heart-cherishing beloved. than from the enemy. To profligates. Of this Path. thou snatchedest my honor. From every direction. http://www. thirsty of lip. To thy complaint.enel. none giveth a little water: Thou mayest say: “Those recognizing holy men have departed from this land.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. in its beginning. Thy eye drank our blood. twist not. guiltless. thanks with complaint are mine: If thou be a subtlety-understander of love list well to this tale. crimeless. and Thou approvest: O Soul! lawful is not protection to the blood-shedder. I turn not my face from Thy door: More pleasant is violence from the Beloved.ucalgary.#-. if like Hafez Thou recite the Kuran with the fourteen traditions. Rewardless was and thankless every service that I rendered: O Lord! void of kindness let none be the served one. there. courtesy. love reacheth. In this dark night. Beware of this desert. where I went naught increased to me save terror. Although. lost to me became the path of my purpose: O Star of guidance! come forth from the corner. With a glance.ca/People/far 190 . and of this endless Path.” O heart! In His tress-like noose. Thou seest severed heads. the end openeth no form For. are a hundred thousand stages more. For.

/)001 234 @ % (95) l)'-Q\ KRS `Q-0 43$45: l-: `:$K: l)#4*S `9N b)I< V4 IB KP25: `D$IJ >K)4 >$'U T3 *) 5G& 5)*GQ8& W)KPN F$ {( l)#ID$ T$IZ: 34 `)F#I<$ MK)4 n=& %2 V3$4 >? I/D F$ X)XA $3 OPQD j'.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.enel. F K&*D C$%q-0 $3 >*S %2 5)$3*QD I1 _) >*/S >$K)#*S %2 5B$'J I\ 'U l)#3 F$ n6ID 50*:F 43$4ID %2 '\ $3 *GH CF$K0$ID `.ca/People/far 191 .*A F$ %2 5B$'J *P< `13 I\ # l)': IB F >*S >$3$XB 4X)3#I< *U >*9<$ID 7H*c5D >$4I\I1 #4 WQ8-: *GH 4*D # W: l)'-Q\ C'D F$ #$ # l-: l=9N >'-<$ F$ W: 5GmA F$ # 5Q04 F$ l1$3 f<*c %2 l=B 5BF l)'2 I1 p*J X[D O=9N 34 ‰QB K)*Q0 http://www. 4$'1 l)#KPB !*J j'.#-.ucalgary.

it is a book of the picture of the dark mole of Thine. Scatter that it may shed thousands of souls from every hair of Thine. two heads.ca/People/far 192 . /)001 234 @ % (95) Ever intoxicated keepeth me the waft of air of the tress-curl of Thine. And if Thou wish to cast out from the world the custom of effacement. O Lord! after such patience.ucalgary. http://www. it. we may kindle the candle of our eye in the prayer-arch of the eye-brow of Thine. I hold dear for the sake That to the soul. If Thou wish perpetually to adorn the world altogether Tell the breeze that it should uplift awhile the veil from the face of Thine. one can see a night Whereon. save the dust of the head of the street of Thine. The black tablet of vision. I and the morning breeze. I. Momently ruined maketh me the deceit of the eye of sorcery of Thine. from the sorcery of the eye of Thine.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. revolving without profit: Intoxicated. Wretched. from the perfume of the tress of Thine.#-.enel. O excellent! the spirit that Hafez hath of this world and of the next world Naught cometh into his eye.

#-. /)001 234 @ % (96) •*Q].4 W)$ KPP25: >+4I<*2 W)$ K043'J *: >'J •*Q].$ >*0*.$ >*:34 %N >*0*=h-: C$ W.ucalgary.$ bhE 50*S C$%1'D C*/D 34 •*Q].$ >*:34 l-Q0 $3 *: 434 •*Q].-.ca/People/far 193 .enel.$ >*)*( l-Q0 $3 *: I[B KPP2 >*S Kr6 # K04ID !4 # W)4 •*Q].$ >*D'J 3'S F$ •*Q].$ >*)I\ # >$F'1 V$%.9\ http://www.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.9)'J 5D b& # F#3 f<*c '†=B •*Q].

/)001 234 @ % (96) http://www.ucalgary.enel.#-.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ca/People/far 194 .

4 uP1 F W: >*S 5P8&5=B $IN a*SF 'N 52F*0 %D K&*D %2 vQR~ !4 l1$ >$'Qc T? 'U >*B4 # IeJ 'U b.4 %=B I\$ 4X1 OGc # *yJ M4F `BID 'U s'& `9N #4 a$IJ M4$4 KPB # WQN*: 'U v.F WQN %D F#3 s3 Š3*A 'N W&#3 'U C#3 Š*QD a$4 l=h” l-B 'U M*Q1 v.enel.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. a*A lQB %D ID # C': >*Q: # #I1 'U K6 5/& 'U >'N C$'B f<*c !4 34 4*.F 4$'1 IeJ T? a$#3 M4$4 'U K/& >*B4 a$#3 Ir: ^*G0 F$ 4ID 'U KP6 'N b. l<*) `B$'q0 *d& lmQmc %D ŠI: W)$ F$ akA %D K135=0 >*S C$ !4 434 'U F$ %2 5. /)001 234 @ % (97) a*U >'N C3'92 >*D'J I1 ID %2 5)'U a*D ^KPB4 >$IG.ca/People/far 195 .ucalgary.#-.< a*2 C4'D 'U 34 p*J M3“ %PQ=2 http://www.

#-.enel.ca/People/far 196 . /)001 234 @ % (97) http://www.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ucalgary.

j$#3 I2“ l1#$ F$ $3 *: 52*J 4'S# C3$F KH %D C$%1'D lG.F WQN F j*[0 `9N IQU # #ID$ %†0*=2 >? F$ >$#3 3*P2 34 %=9N _) MK& V$MK)4 F jk: >? >*Q: 34 KP80 *P&? %2 >*S ^'6 l-B 'U ^*Qc T? 'N b.$ 7A*S 'U M*Q1 v.9: >*DF 43# 'U >*S C*A4 j*GH # *-: 7r. 7R.*< 'U M*: 'N C#3 Š*QD ˆkJ l<*Q0 5-2 ^KP=2 v. 4$KD j*Z.: 4'D %2 *U %9Q=B f<*c '[: *: F C'mU # %D'U # jkH jkH l<*Q0 5-2 >'P[: # @&*A # K03 F http://www.enel.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.F 4$'1 j*GH+$ @. /)001 234 @ % (98) j*G: l1$ @&*A >'J 'U bB•: %D I\$ jkH l1$3 'U >*2 l1$ >? %=B *: jkH ^*=h}.#-.ca/People/far 197 .$ 3$XB KH %D #$ F `.4 V*2 l<I\ >*6*.ucalgary.

#-.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.ca/People/far 198 .enel. /)001 234 @ % (98) http://www.ucalgary.

ca/People/far 199 .ucalgary.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.1'Q( `g F 4I2 7[J C3*U*U _9: `Q-0 sI< C'DIGPA v. KQD >'N 4'& sI< C'[.enel.#-.:*6 K& *U#4 sI< C#ID$ >'N %.F `Q=& l-)*S %D {2 IB !4 7Q: I\$ sI< C'1 W: !4 7Q: 4'D K&*D %2 `0? l=B Vkg sI< C#KPB # MKPD f<*c 'N http://www.d&? 4'D l-Q0 {2 ‰QB Od.F C#KPB X[D sI< C#3 F$ K& 3$43'JID %2 `)$4 %2 >? l1$ lqG8Q0 5B*Q1 sI< C'0$F `B # F$I=B 4'D 4$F? #I1 >$FI. /)001 234 @ % (99) sI< C#3 C$'B 34 W: !4 sI< C': >'†=B %.4 K6 KPQD I\$ 50$'g3$ T$I& 56*1 MKD sI< C#4*S {\I0 4*) %D 50*=2 >'†=B `.

I am the slave of resolution of that one who is Like Hafez. Save the Hindu of his tress.#-. ashamed made The perfume of the tress of ambergris of Farrukh. becometh the cypress of the garden.ucalgary. Is in confusion like the hair of Farrukh. If to a place. be the inclination of any one’s heart. the attendant of the black of Farrukh. http://www.ca/People/far 200 .enel. If it see the heart-alluring stature of Farrukh. O Saki! give wine of Arghavan hue To the memory of the eye of sorcery of Farrukh. is none. Like the trembling aspen.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. Bent like a bow. in desire of the face of Farrukh. The breeze of the musk of Tatar. became my stature From grief continuous as the eyebrow of Farrukh. The. /)001 234 @ % (99) My heart. The inclination of my heart is towards of Farrukh. black of good fortune is that which ever Is the fellow-traveller and the fellow knee-sitter of Farrukh. That enjoyed prosperity from the face of Farrukh.

ca/People/far 201 .ucalgary. /)001 234 @ % (100) 4*D IQJ %D xI2“ %2 x#I< 5: IQ( C4 4*) F IGD !4 `g # x'0 T$I& *.k: >*=Q8c KP( F ^I\ f<*c 4*D F$34 ^I=A %2 %r6 `QP2 %U'2 http://www.d\ l14 F >K& KB$'J 'N %)*: # >*)F # 4'1 4*& # x*G: WQL=g %h:*R: W)$ I/D F$ ‰QB %D 5/0 !4 I\$ K&*D l14 %D ^4*D 4*D %D 4#3 >*=Qh1 lqU %2 5~IR: 34 l1$ l.#-.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +.d\ 4*D 4*D %N IB # Wq1 W2 !'G6 *.d\ uP0 # V*0 M4*D VKB45: 4*D %D `.enel.

wine giveth my name and fame:” He said: “Accept the word: be whatever be. Soleiman’s throne goeth.ca/People/far 202 . from recollection.” I said: “To the wind. the Pir. Say: “For this matter. /)001 234 @ % (100) Yesterday. Hafez! if thine be vexation on account of the counsel of the sages. if thou place thy heart on any thing: In a meeting-place where to the wind. neither noyous nor joyous be!” In thy hand is only wind. will go profit and loss and capital. Let us make short the tale.ucalgary. from thy hand. saying: “Long life be thine!” H1 # >J= :)?)I @ http://www.enel.(H1 # +&-I) !"#$%& '()* +. and. the wine-seller whose mention be for good! Said: “Drink wine. take the heart’s grief.#-.” Since.

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