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Joint Statement on H.R. 3582

Joint Statement on H.R. 3582

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Published by Adam Berkland

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Published by: Adam Berkland on Feb 02, 2012
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Conservative Groups Applaud Passage of the Pro-Growth Budgeting Act

Bill would help “rein in Washington’s excessive and growing reach.” Following today’s vote on the Pro-Growth Budgeting Act (H.R. 3582) in the House of Representatives, Americans for Prosperity, the American Family Business Institute, and Heritage Action for America issued the following statements applauding the bill’s passage: Michael A. Needham, Chief Executive Officer, Heritage Action for America: “Today’s vote is an important step toward changing how Washington works. For too long, there has been an inherent bias against the very policy needed to jumpstart our sluggish economy: pro-growth tax reform. We applaud those lawmakers who voted in favor of transparency and informed debate.” Dick Patten, President, American Family Business Institute: “Voting ‘yes’ on the Pro-Growth Budgeting Act of 2012 should be a no-brainer for lawmakers truly seeking to create jobs and a business-friendly America. America’s family farms and businesses want Congress to reform the Congressional Budget Office’s antiquated scoring methods and provide us with a realistic, big-picture perspective of how proposed legislation affects our economy, businesses, and employees” Phil Kerpen, Vice President for Policy, Americans for Prosperity: “This is an essential part of solving the nation’s budget woes. If we’re going to rein in Washington’s excessive and growing reach, the American people need an honest assessment of how the government’s actions impact the economy from Congress’s official referees. Rep. Price and his Budget Committee colleagues have taken the important first step of raising this issue to the nation’s attention.” The Pro-Growth Budgeting Act, sponsored by Representative Tom Price (R-GA), would require the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to publish a “dynamic” economic impact analysis along with its traditional “static” budget analysis for all major legislative proposals before Congress. Conservatives have long argued that the “static” score is unfairly biased in favor of policies that increase taxes and government spending. Early last week, the three free-market groups joined a larger coalition in writing an open letter to the House of Representatives, urging support for what they called a “long-overdue” reform. That coalition letter can be viewed by clicking here. Heritage Action also issued a key vote alert asking members to support the legislation on Monday.

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