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Citations 11 Som

Citations 11 Som

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Published by Edward Raison

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Published by: Edward Raison on Feb 02, 2012
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Cita_tiC>rl 5/11/5





J So I



C> l'V'I P ~

1'J y-




rTlplifier ca.. The instructic>ns vvithin this rTla.tic>n 1 1 tc> a..tic>n 1• prea. Th~ S/11/S. tre»clLlctie>.nd the Cita. .d ~a.1 describe th~ use c>f th~ Cita.re us~d..tic>n 1 E3 pc>vv~r a..nn~l.s d~v~lc>p~d fc>r use vvith th~ Cita. Th~ Cita.tic>n •• a.tic>n S/1 1 IS vvith th~ Cita..pa.ker svvitch vvith a.nnel i ntc> a.nd a.tic>n c>f its sp~a.11a.ted pc>vv~r a.1 a.rTlplifi~rs a.d. 1 IS vva.drTliurTl c>xid~ cc>nta. The Sf.ssc>cia.tic>n S/.n c>f cc>urse be us~d vvith a.nua.t YC>U rTla. Th1s vvill insure tha.ted a.cts. 1fS ca.ny c>ther high pc>vv~r a. thus shc>rtening the tillle required fc>r i nsta.nd the rTla.ls c>f yc>u r C ita..d.tic>n • 1 tc> rerTlc>tely cc>ntrc>1 spea..ch s~ctic>n c>f this rTla.tts R I'V1Sper cha.llc>vv c>pera. c>r 4-00 vva. utilizes the svvitching Ic>gic c>f the Cita.rTlpl ifier befc>re yc>u prc>ceed.rnplifier a.n 8 c>hrTl Ic>a.ble c>f develc>ping up tc> 800 vva.tts p~r cha.rTlpi ifiers c>f h ig h pc>vv~r c>utput.nua.tic>n.k~rs during svvitching vvhen high pc>vver a.ke the right cc>nn~ctic>ns the first tilll~. Ic>ng life silver/ca. Rea.t 1 50 vva. using high current.tts per channel i ri tc» a 4c>hrTl Ic>a.rTlplifier ra.nua.

.. e all sF.... The instructions preceding the paragraph mElrked Cable Cc> . ... nec:otie> .. your initial installatic:>n.. ly for tl...e paragrapl.nd locate theserial number_ Record this number on the bill of sale Elnd then put it a....e>r lT1Ie>i~tlLlre_ . e~tic>n are e>... Disconnect the fOLlr ends of this cable fro..e Citation 11 RerlJCJ .. de> nc>t e:xpc>se thi~ applia rati .. and should novv be connected betvveen the mating receptacle on the Citation 1 1 and the speaker output ter.. Ce>nnecting the 5/11/5 "VVatr i ...=....e rear of H... safe place for future reference_ This number \/ViII be important if your unit req u ires vvarranty service_ It may also prove a useful identification if your unit bccornes subject to theft. you should still have the bill e>-t'atl~_ ~ lV'Iake sure it is clearly marked shovving the date of purchase_ Novv look on the bottom pa. the Citation 1 1 and the Citation 1 E3 are di=~e>.....ose vvl.nel of the S/1 1/S a.arc::l this information and proceed to tl. Since you have just purchased the unit. there is one other itern that you should take care of..ec---:l_ker "'\/\/ir-~s c:C)r-lr-l~cte(_-i to the speaker terminal barrier strips on the r e a_ r c:> l he r Cit <-cl t i 0 r t 11 . he=ded Calble Ce> ...ne~ted from AC or mains povver..--ninals of your povver amplifier. g= Ie> pre"~r'IIt -t'ire e>r ~he>~k: ha:z:atrd.e Sf 1 1/S togethcr vvith thc Citation 1 1 and Citation 16 and are pr-oceeding vvitl.vvay in a.. _ The cable originally supplied vvith the Citation 1 1 has a 5-pin male connector at one end.... If you purchased tl. make certain that the S/1 1/S. Also remember to fill out and rnail in your reg istration card....--n your povver arnplifier lec:>ving the 5-pin ma_le connector in the receptacle on H........Before proceeding vvith the connection of the S/1 1/S. disreo.o have purchased the S/1 1/S after' their" Cilatic>r-l syster-T-' vvas originally installed. c:e te> Before proceeding.. four free vvires at the other.

Iack vvirE>. Identify the cable ". vv].:)in rT1c). T~l·e cat..l= marked AIVIP C>LJ. -+.SPEAKER SVSTEN'I 1 IIXI !XI AC PC)VVEA Ca.e Citation 1 1 is SllF-"~-~lioed vvith a =a. they may be removed and 1:he bare vvires connec1:ed as follovvs: Red to LE>f1: Channel (-+-) speakE>r 1:erminal VVhi1:e to Left Channel (-) or (gnd) terminal Green to Right Cha..nana plug" Ie:> tr..ere are t""". bana. Green System 1 Right Red System 2 Right VVh ite .PLJ.als Be careful to observe the pos itivE> ( .s t""".'3 . Note that these "t=oanana r:.") cor (gnd) p=larity.::>eaker· terminal Black to night Ch=nn=1 (-) or (gncl) terrTlinal TI.o left sF=oeE..e black "ba.. inals ot you r a"'pl ifiE>r vvill not accept dual . Connect !I. ha. If the speaker tern.") and neg ative (" .nnel (-+-) sF.lug" to 1:hE> right spoakE>r termina.ese four vvires as shovvn in the figure t.e bla=k "ba.c~r of the Citation S/1 1/S. on one edge.ve "rib" <::'1.c» the speaker terTninal barrier strips on the rear of the Citation 11.ble having 5-.o cables and a povver cord on the.rE>.~.o dual "banana plugs" at its end.~c::le lug connectors at its end. System 1 Left Black .)e conne=tor c~t one encl ..e Citation 11.ile on H.na pI ugs". This is the "gnd" or terminal..olugs" h<::'1. Connect tl. c:::lntl.bl~ Cc>nn~ctic>n TI.arked TC> CIT 11 """.E> rE>d "banana ~-"ILJg" this is theo t-.ls of your an..e red "ban<=trl<c3r.ith four s.nana plug" 1:h is is 1:he vvh i1:e vvire.plifier and t]..ikerterrYlir. System 2 Left Note that there are no connections to the four' (GND) terrTlinal scre"""'s on the barrier strips at H.

on the rea.a. Check to n-lake sure that each vvire is separated and not touching its adjacent vvire. connections by read ing the ovvner n-lanua.AKEA SYS-TEtv1 :2 RIGHT ------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- -------- and four free vvires at tr.ldriver.es at the c~the.e four screvv ter..orTlplctcs the connection of the SII liS into your syste.e>"I: r~o connected to a "svvitched" outlet on the Citation 1 1 ..l a.-.er signa..igh povver arnF=llifier =he>L..r of the Citation 11 Connec t t ti eevvi..e speaker selector svvitcr-.a.. n-laking certain you obser've H. F'oV\... . frequent access to the S/I liS is not required.inals labeled ~IT 11 ~A. Since its operation is controlled entirely by the Citation 11..er r..inal posts on the rear of tr. Carefully dress each vvire around its cor'respond ing screvv and tighten vvith a fla..e other.t bla... It n-lay novv be placed in the spa. Connect the povver cord fron-l the 8/1 1/8 into a "svvitched" AC receptacle on the rear elf the Citation 11 COn-lplete all oU-. [NC>TE: The povver cord of the Citation 1 E3 or any otr.ler to the S/11/S is provided by the on/off svvitch of the Citation 1 1 and... an indicator light is illun-linated on the front pctnel.ting recepta.ls ot your prean-lplificr and povver arTlr~lifie..-..e Citation S/1 liS.. The S/I liS is controlled COn-l pletely by tl.le connector into the .SPE.r =f the Citation S/I liS. Connect the 5-pin ..ce reserved for it.cle on the rea.e corTect polar·ity.nd povve..-.BLE.orl.e Citation IllS operative ir: the PHC>NES positie>n elf the Citation 11 Speaker Selector.-. enc:J of th is cable to tl.de screV\. Connect your first pair of speakers to the Systen-l 1 (L and R) and the second pair of speakers to Systen-l :2 (L and R) speaker ten. on n.dphone receptacle on tl. The correct color code for connections are n-larked on the rear of the S/I liS. vvhen activated.lld ".] Th is c:.e Citation liThe function of the hea.

transpor-tation pr-epaid. the factory or an authorized vvarran1:y s1:ation. or vvhict."ore each... and vvhich our exarnination shall disclose to our satisfaction to be defecti'v'e."H (10.ec::l vvith yourunit_ LJr-...ages. S~r"'ic~ Harrnan/Kardon has a special cus1:orner service ci ivis ion to ansvver all questions pertinen1: to the installation and operation of your unit. it is necessary for you 1:0 re1:ain your c>rigirlal bill c>.e period spec ified.Nhich has been connected other than irl accordance \. for a period of tvvc> (2) y~Clrs from d ate of purchase. or accident. 1:0 affect its stab i l tiy or rei iabil ity or vvhich has been subject to neglecl.. N sitt-lsr shall this vvarranty apply to any instrurnent \.rdon or an authorized Harrnan/Kardon vvarrar-lty station.s.in tl. has had U... In the event your equiprnent requires service during the vvarranty period.rrcl. S"t~r~c:> Syst~rr1Is 4-"VVx 1 OVz"D :x 5V"."star-.nnel or .e serial nu. 50/50 ( Export) Hz Hz vva:l:ts per cha. pric> r CllLllthc>ri:z:a"t:iC>rI_ duration of irl'lpl "t:vvc> (2) y~ars_ Our obligation vvEl.pounds. vve rT18y \. Please feel fr-ee to vvrite to us at any tirne and vve st.. (2.clude any obliqation as to' transport=tion charges c=:ind 'fro.r-epair..Nith instr-uc1:ions furnished by us. abuse. NUI.is F=:>roc::lUGIIO be free tr-om defects in noaterial and vvorkrnanship under r. Should a defect occur vvitl. rnisuse. g ~." VV:x 25.2 c. ited to r-epair.al use and service.." 'VV~ight: 4.. as outl i ncc.I\/~ vvarrant tt. effaced or rerl'loved..7 c. Exc::~p"t:ic>r-...Sp~~i1"i ~atic:> ns Svvi"tc::hi . either replace or. ~:xprsss =r irOlF~I i~d." H) LilT1lit~d IVVC:> (2) V~ar VVarranty and S~r"i~~ Pc>licy Pc:>li~y \.s This vvarr-ar-lty does not iT. and in accordance vvith conc-:litions set fCJrth belovv.or r-eplacernent of any unit found to t:>e cie:f~ctiv~...ac::ity: Svvitch~c::I: Up to 800 at :3 oh..you to a local authorized rE!r~E1ir E1gerlcy C)r VV8 rtl21Y F-~rcfC!r tc) autl. negligence. cf an authorization forrl'l and proper packinq instr-uctions vvill be forvvarded to you..ap. in our jud g ment.all endeavor to offer prarnpt and complete advice. and prO'v'ided that the unit is returned to either Harman/Ka. The icd . only presentation of your original bill of sale to either a factory'-authorized repair agency or the factory itself vvill Insure yourr-igh1:s u nd er the pol icy.j in th is manual... to r-efer.Eind install any defective parts of this product free of charge.."s 2 100-120 220-250 VAC.Nist.c)rn. j·his authorization for-rl'I .15 kg) 12 ounces D x 14 c.ber altered. Unde:r nc:>circ:urTlstances shall VVG b8 liabl8 for incidental or consequential da.."b~r c:>.c> c::ircu. to This vvarranty is nat applicable to any instr-unoenl: vvhich shall have been repaired or altered in any vvay so a. vve vvill. sale_ The enclosed registration card vvill nc>t be considered p roof of p u rc 10 as e."lLIIst be reoturr-.c::leor r-."0 retLJ r r j ee .T' ty. If your problern cannot be resolved through our cOrl'lbined efforts. 50/50 or VAC.or-ize the retu r-n of YOLirun it to th e factory In 1:he event it rl'Iust 1::. vvar-r-anties is underany is I ir.c~s shc>ulc:l yc>ur urli"t: b~ shipp~c::l tc> the "a:ctc>ry vvi"t:hc>u"t: Regis"t:ratic>n To ob1:ain service under the 1:erms of this policy.

.. """ = """ c-> --= == ---.. _... = <... <. -- '"'" = == _. -= • <=> ~ -._ "-'"' ="" = -= ~ <->..» r-..... - = "" ~-+c..J <> -ec =- "-'-' = = ""'" ~ '"'" <=> ~ <>= C>"> = = ~ 1 ""'" "-'> . ~ .... ~ r-r- 00 ·.--- =' "'" ...-.0 <..rl o...:> -+"-'"' -ec...--........n <r> . cr» ~ - ----I ~ '"'" :. ... = --= =: = <Y> .>."" => <=> c-> ~.--. <7> = = => . --= ___...-. <r> = == ___.-.. 1= .--.~ =-ec -<'- "" =-= C>"> <=> <>= :=:> '.. => <r> <r> -ec. = _.. ~ r-r-r = ___.....=.:» === ~~- = .. -.. _..... '. "'-"> ~ ~ c-o = - <=> "" =....... c-» - = c-» = ... ..... - cs-» 3::: -< _. '"'" -+- - <f> = -c:» = -C- = - 1 ... ---. ""'" --= --= <=> . r. _. 3:: «r» ~ "'" --= :=- =c ..... --. "" ......I == ----< = G""> "'" = = -= == _.. CF" I ~.. -r-t~ -=t'-'> t--.---r-e-r ....To Q 01 -< <>= -ec ""' ~~ "'" - """ =--ec. "-"'~ = """" -< = = => cee--» -= r. CO> = == = I c:> y => r..--........- J __. => ___. 0-0 .-... = = = ~ • "<=> ......--.. r.-... <r» = <J"> = <r» ... <f> = _...rl <:..> <. <= ~ r <.= => -ec -ez: t-. "".." """'" ~ == ~ ~ =: <7> <r» CJ"> """'" """" = <f> <r» . <7> c:> ~ "'" <ox> """. -ec = -=.. ... "" ~ => =.-..... """ ~ ~ =: <7> --= . = =:> -C- " '= en "-"'"' --= = '= r-r-s = r-r-a -. CO> t-.::0 . - = == _.r> <:::> = =-< =-c-> = = =~ == => ... r-r-r -< = =-== r-r-r -= . <= <=> C>"> "-'" ---= - '"'" <= <:::> c-> --= =-.________..r> <r» _..> .

1 P2 P3 TR. 55 ...A. Fuse Holder Line Cord Foo~.II pa~s should be ordered from Harman/Kardon.2.rnes CC>LJ r t: Plainvievv.. and retail CLJste>.A.-. C1. 2 C3 RELA...RI:::>~N. LVTIC H/K P.4 31818792 31129074 1 OOLJ F..-.mes Cc>urt.p Holder. 2 C» I OC» E CR1.000U 35'\. 200'"' . .SSIS P... Cable.-rli . lVIale.A. speed hallldl'irlig of YOLJr e-s r-c-f eerbe sLlre LC» i.tt: Parts Depart~ent_ CIT.Cond_ 250'"' IV! D L SI o-BI 0 PILJg.-"""N /" KA. Red Spade Lug 4*6 La". lVIoun~ing TRA." independent dealers. C» ESC R I PTI 0 N CA. IN<=_ 9073-14-39 24-3-C">1'v1-CS11 -0007 55 P>..d part desc:riptiC>rl e>T the iterTls c>rderecl_ C::>rcler-s f. Red La". 2' -rer.A.A. 3.A..--.Blk_ Plug.-.A.. N_V_ -11803 PRJ N. L_I_.G..c::IL.en. 20.A.CH. N_V _ 11803.vievv.dvance basis_ Harn-. 1VI0lded.A. I\/Iale. 1/2. 30'"' 13031130 Potter Brumfield R 1 0-E361 2-1 41029089 ER 10131122 2.ers vvill be shipped e>n a cash in a. Plai. independent servic::e.ED JN USA ... Banana.PA. 2 Ter.A.RTS LIST CIRCLJIT REF. NO.A./ F.3.RT NO.an/Karde>n reserves the right te> substitute equivalent parts for those originallv installed in this chassis_ .A. Pvvr_ IVIISCE L L.. 4. pa..N EOLJS F1 DS1 4-503134-8 53031409 654-31064654-31103 656311246162634-6 4-6528051 65427001 53029083 62029686 E:X:PORT Fuse.V K1.ATIC>N H-"""RIVt.NSFORIVIER T1 10131123 --'ranST~'--rr1Ierl Pvvr_ NC:>TE: IC).J~bers...CITOR.p 1 2'"' /601Vi.-. Banana. in adc:fitie>rl tc> the quanti"1:y.lae bc>th "1:he rrt~cJe-1 and serial r1(_..NSFORIVI Iransfe>rrrter.rt rlLJrTloer arl.-C).

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