Analytical essay Name: María José Fiallos Pico Date : October ,3th, 2011 Of Mice and Men

The purpose of this essay will be analyze two people who lives together due to life facts. George and Lenin are travel mates who are looking for a job in a ranch. Lenin has a mental problem , that´s the reason why George gives him protection from things that he consider dangerous for Lenin . Also George value Lenin as a hard worker , therefore Lenin has a respectable image of George. Lenin sees George as him protector. George describes farmers as solitary and self-sufficient . George is always making Lenin feel bad due to his mental condition. He always says that if Lenin weren´t with him, he could have a better life. But Lenin has good feelings and tell George that he could disappear if George wants it. But both understand that they need from each other to take from him even if George doesn´t want to admitted . The troublemaker of this story is Curley´s wife who is the temptation for Lenin, and for George is the reason to lose his job. Curley is also a rude man who hate Lenin for the simple fact of being big and strong. George knows perfectly that he has to protect Lenin from Curley, also he aware Lenin that he needs to be away from Curley´s wife. This friendship is really special, even if George it´s rude with Lenin sometimes he knows that he is the only that Lenin has. Lenin in his innocent mind is thankfully with George for being his protector.

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