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184. ATOS, ARK, Eugenics, one page flier.

184. ATOS, ARK, Eugenics, one page flier.

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ATOS, ARK, Eugenics, one page flier
ATOS, ARK, Eugenics, one page flier

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Published by: Cazzac111 on Feb 03, 2012
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1)_The youtube videos: ‘Q. What are Ark Academies? A. Dutroux.

’ and ‘ARK and EIM Group’ (Available on youtube.) These videos highlight an electronic link between European Institute of Management (EIM Group) and European Investment Managers (EIM Group). European Institute of Management is linked to the Dutroux Scandal, the other with Ark Academies. (ARK = Absolute Return for Kids, funding Ark academies in the UK, ‘Future Leaders’, ‘Teens and Toddlers Sustainability Replication Programme’, ‘Hope & Homes’ in Europe and more) . European Institute of Management is involved in human re-engineering, behavioural change, more nursing time for nursing staff, perceptions, for which they claim to have a registered trade mark, and productivity enhancement). Ark’s response has been to employ Schillings law firm to affect a gag-order across the internet and prevent the exposure of this story. Letters and videos remain on-line. Ark, in 3 ½ years, have not pursued this in court. The th following quote from Schillings solicitors letter of 4 March 2008:

2)_Academy Schools, Eugenics, euthenics and the ‘Teens and Toddlers Sustainability Replication Programme’. Ark (Absolute Return for Kids) funds the ‘Teens and Toddlers Sustainability Replication Programme’ (known as ‘Teens and Toddlers’ or T&T) now in place in schools in 27 boroughs in the UK. ‘Teens and Toddlers’ is a part of ‘Children: Our Ultimate Investment’ (reg. charity number 1099782), established by Laura Huxley, wife of Aldous Huxley, as part of a 6-step programme, the final part being ‘Project Caressing’., which instructs toddlers to be tactile with elderly men. Laura Huxley on ‘Project Caressing’, from the ‘Foothill Leader’ article, April 1990, quoted and referenced on the following article: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/london/2008/09/409398.html?c=on “Huxley said bonding between young and old is accomplished through caressing and would like to see more men become involved in the nurturing process......“It’s very good for men to do this because they also need the feeling of being caressed,” she said. “Kids need to see men as much as women. It’s never too late to start…………It’s makes them feel happy and there’s nothing more beneficial than a little tiny hand coming over, touching and reaching out,” she said. Data from ‘Teens and Toddlers’ is processed at ‘The Dream Mill’, (Company No. 04718437). Those at ‘Teens and Toddlers’ are also with the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust, (registered charity no. 1058545). Psychosynthesis was founded by Roberto Assagioli, a disciple of the Western Occultist Alice Bailey, herself a student of the Theosophists founded by Blavatsky (who influenced Hitler). 3) ATOS, the ‘Work Programme’ and ‘Mandatory Work Activity’ supply chains (via the DWP and Job Centre Plus). ATOS are now assessing all those on Incapacity benefits; many expected to enter, at some stage, the ‘Work Programme’ or similar. A considerable number of subcontractors within the Work Programme deal with mental/physical disability. From ‘Business Employment Services Training Ltd’ Directors’ Report, 31 March 2010, page 1: "The Directors are still hopeful ...of seeing a small rise in turnover and profits as the unemployment figures continue to rise"...‘Interim ordinary dividends were paid amounting to £3,700,000. The directors do not recommend payment of a further dividend’. From: ‘Business Employment Services Training Ltd’: Mandatory Work Activity, CPA 8 (Yorkshire & Humber), Invitation to Tender: Page 17: Resolving issues identified within/outside the supply chain:- Harnessing the application of Prince2 project management principles we have developed a robust range of processes to resolve any issues identified within or outside our supply chain. Our delivery management structures provide a range of effective communication channels for the supply chain and stakeholders to raise any issues. P.32: B EST and our supply chain are fully conversant with „community benefit‟ terminology and how to source external placements that offer such benefits. All PMs (and supply chain partners equivalents) will receive training so that they are fully conversant with community benefit stipulations. (NB: West Ealing Neighbourhood is chaired by David Highton who also produced the eugenics schools film 'The Farm Revealed', instructing students to read Galton, founder of the British Eugenics Society.) The UK has been broken into ‘Contract Package Areas’ (CPAs). ‘Work Programme’ CPAs have at least two prime providers, funded by the European Social Fund, totalling £3,314,150,805. Via 'Mandatory Work Activity' and the 'Work Programme', 2.5 million people are expected to be fed into supply chains over the next few years, (stated on direct.gov.uk). 'Mandatory Work Activity' specifies that those on this programme must, apart from 'work placements' also contribute to 'community benefit' (under 'stake-holder' community). The supply chains are set up under Prince2 project management principles, (Projects IN Controlled Environments) to conform to the Merlin Standard (excellence in supply chain management) within a year, the PCG (Parent Company Guarantee) in place to ensure supply chains function efficiently. Serco discussed whether to 'stock-pile' customers in Post Tender Discussions. There will be a ‘contact trail’ (all contact between the ‘customer’ and the provider) which will be ‘audited’. Sanctions are computer generated. According to Ingeus-Deloitte’s own documents, those who do not ‘engage’ with the ‘Work Programme’ either go on a ‘personal journey’ or ‘Mandatory Work Activity’. The ‘customer journey’ through the supply chain is ‘commercially sensitive’ for all prime providers (as is the existence of the PCG). ‘Customer journeys’ contain ‘touch-points’ which are the interface between the user and the organisation. It seems ‘Mandatory Work Activity’ and ‘Work Programme’ customer journeys and scenarios are where ‘touch-points’ are being identified and re-engineered. Mobilisation plans (produced on gantt charts by all Prime Providers as requested by DWP) went live some months ago. Note that the ‘Opening Minds’ science curriculum is eugenics (available on-line. ) Students must (quote) ‘understand that physical differences can lead to a hierarchy of good/not so good.’(for more on this go to www.lifeinthemix.info, also google ‘Cazzac111’ for youtube account,, and scribd account, ‘Cazzac111’ scribd account document 133 for Eim Group; google ‘Indymedia Ark Caz’ , also google or search on youtube for ‘Ark Dutroux Schillings’.

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