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Beauty outside. Beast inside
What's inside a grill matters most, and the advanced anatomy of a Kalamazoo makes it a grill unlike any other. For starters, you can cook with any combination of charcoal, wood and gas at temperatures from 2000 to 1,200°Fbut there's a lot more to it than that.

Hybrid Fire Cooking Drawer™
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start the fire.

Or leave the drawer empty for gas-only cooking.

Awesome Power
Exclusive cast brass Dragon weigh 14 pounds Burners each BTUs. and deliver 25,000

Ultimate Versatility
The deep firebox creates superior heat dynamics for the full range of cooking techniques.

Hassle-Free Cleaning
Ash and grease funnel down to an ample and convenient cleanout pan.

Hand-built in Kalamazoo, Michigan














Departments View Turning over the globe for novel garden inspiration. By Norman Vanamee Fresh An aerial take on plant display; options for shapely seats; recycled outdoor fabrics; vases as art pieces; a Turkish case for green space; a garden- rich getaway sprouts in the Netherlands; a living art installation finds roots in New York City. Grow The wide, multifarious world ofbromeliads. By Susan Heeger




greenhouses from Paris to Pittsburgh. By Rachel Swaby Style Global flair meets Nordic comfort in a Danish backyard. By Katie Mendelson Notebook Anew source of garden inspiration; handcrafted clay pots worth bringing home; rocks reimagined. Muse A wintery perspective on the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Photograph by Jan Baracz
Cover: The Croatian home of Lucien Rees Roberts and Steven Harris. Photography by Scott Frances.

26 Element Innovative


Features Sea and 3 2stone walls,Stone Between sea views and a Croatian garden takes shape. By Lise Funderburg



Creative forces combine to form a tropical paradise on the Caribbean island of Nevis. By Paul O'Donnell From the Roots Explormga Mexican botanical garden ofhistoric proportions. By JejJSpurrier Northern Star Beyond the blond wood: A look at Sweden's colorful, nature-loving style. By Stephen Whitlock

42 A Masterpiece in the Making





2· January/February


ON N6C6B2 This product is from sustainablyrnanaged forests and controlled Employment opportu n ities at bon n 15 Engerman Avenue. Nick Drumb. You can also call386-4472491orwritetoGARDENDESIGN.COM . E-mail Preferences.Box420235. Damaris Billing. Denton.O. Shannon Mendis For editorial correspondence: EDITOR@GARDENDESIGN. it will be unique. Debra Prinzing. 800 229 2925 www. Tovah Martin. MD 21629 FORCUSTOMERSERVICEANDSUBSCRIPTION QUESTIONS. andAccount Status. Lauren Grymes. Becca Bergman Bull. View the spectarulnr variety cfTal1glewood's award willning work online or call to order Dill' art qllalily portfolio. Jason Dewees.AddressChanges. Sommer Willy Frei.suchasRenewa]s.O. Emily Young GROUP PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Jeff Cassell PRODUCTION MANAGER Courtney DESIGN Janka DIRECTOR SERVICES Conservatories Estate Greenhouses Custom Skylights Domes Pool Enclosures Suzanne Oberholtzer Hatfield Coffin. Dennis Schrader. go to: GARDENDESIGN. GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Julia Arana. YOllr dreams.Lewis. P. London.P. Gibson CREATIVE DIRECTOR Eric Powell DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Larry Nighswander PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Chelsea Lobser ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Mildred Mattos WEBSITE EDITOR Claire Lui CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Charles Birnbaum. Davis Dalbok. Tamasin Day. Custom tailored to fulfill for you alone. Dave Weaver ART DIRECTOR David K. Box 25542.GARDEN DESIGN EDITOR-TN-CHIEF Norman Vanamee STYLE DIRECTOR Lindsey Taylor ASSISTANT EDITOR Katie Mendelson COPY EDITOR Rachel Swift RESEARCH Rebecca Geiger.FL32142-0235. Palm Coast. Louisa Jones. Joanna Fortnam.COM Publication Agreement Number: 40612608 Canada return mail: Pitney Bowes. Built in our workshop In all the world. Flora Grubb. 4· January/February zotz » GARDENDESIGN. Margie Ruddick.corn Tanglewood conservatory can design and build the perfect jlls! for YOII. Katrine Wilmot EDITOR EMERITUS Bill Marken EDITORS-AT-LARGE Lise Funderburg. Judy Kameon.


this give and take has been a good thing . a landscape. but today it's less about 6· January/February Strl z » copying specific layouts or features and more about spurring ideas that will complement. perhaps. Landscape architects have been referencing each other's work since long before a term for the profession was coined. Edith Wharton reported back to a new generation of Americans about Italian villas and their gardens.Norman Vanamee.on a practical level. Back in Paris. where founding director Alejandro de Avila B. We found another in Croatia at the vacation home of interior designer Lucien Rees Roberts and his partner. These voyages of rediscovery influenced everything from the design of public spaces to how people planted their front yards. a century later.COM . And we found another in Sweden. often with the express purpose of collecting ideas for transforming the wilderness into stately homes and landscapes. translated into dozens of languages. I hadn't spent much time there.1t was August.there hasn't been much anxiety of influence in the practice of outdoor design. And on a cultural level. I had the strangest feeling that I'd seen it all before: the grounds of some national monument. In contrast to other creative endeavors poetry. gardeners. where artists Brice and Helen Marden (she was new to the world of gardening) worked with landscape architect Raymond Jungles to create a beguiling and completely original landscape at their hotel on Nevis. we at Garden Design are always searching the globe for places that offer new inspiration. Generally. I stood in the Jardin des Tuileries. but as I walked around. Tuileries. Thomas Jefferson famously found inspiration for Monticello during his years in France. and a team of artists. They also helped establish an identity for the young country and left an indelible mark on the collective vocabulary of exterior design. or some grand hotel? A Merchant Ivory film? Practically the moment the first settlers arrived in America they began planning trips back to Europe. and the gardens it was based on. and. such as where to put the comfortable seats and how to hide the drainage pipes. We found one for this issue in Mexico at the Jardin Etnobotanico de Oaxaca. where the natural world and the country's brief but lovely summer influence all manner of interior and exterior design.<~ WorldMaii~ VIEW Gardens and Travel Six degrees of Tuileries on a trip to Paris In Paris earlier this year. With that in mind. each other. . rather than impose ideas upon. it's useful to see how other people tackle universal challenges. the park in front of the Louvre that was built on the site of a garden commissioned by Catherine de Medici in the 1500s. intricate plantings. and traditional healers created a garden where plants tell the story of the region. have been used for inspiration by architects and gardeners the world over. it's illuminating to observe what builders choose to emphasize. Paris. fitted and reinterpreted in a thousand different ways with a million different plants. graceful fountains. who transformed a compound of ancient stone buildings into a welcoming retreat by staying true to the rugged Adriatic landscape. architect Steven Harris. 1876. it occurred to me where I'd seen a design like Tuileries' before: pretty much everywhere. and the long white paths were full of tourists and locals admiring ornate statues. or software programming . say. We found one in the Caribbean. ~ o u GARDENDESIGN. of course. Traveling for inspiration is still a big part of garden design. Editor-in-Chief Claude Monet's View of the Tuileries Gardens.

Available at DEDON showrooms and select dealers I).I)()N - .

COM .8· January/February Strl z » GARDENDESIGN.

com . NIt.THE FINEST GLASSHOUSES _ MONEY APPROVED BY THE CAN BUY H ART LEY NOTHING • Handmade • Exclusively in Greenfield.000 To enjoy our Book of Glasshouses call or click 781 933 1993 www. Established Over 70 Years Endorsed by the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew • From $25.comgdus@hartleybotanic.hartleybotanic. England. BOT A N I C ELSE IS A ROYAL ~Klfw HARTLEY IIOT.

The Sunbrella Renaissance Heritage line is an upholstery fabric made from 50 percent recycled scraps and fibers gleaned from the company's factories and cutting SALT Bench Part of a new linefrom Georgiabased importer Upcountry Gardens. Sunbrella manufacturer Glen Raven recently gave the fabric an even lighter footprint. its 12 colors have a textured. and . a cocoon. the design and creative director of Glen Raven.stylish new fabric creations. The seat. prematurely faded and tattered." she says. there's an ecofriendly way to upgrade: The company runs a recycling W_Ol Marco Sousa Santos of Branca Lisboa designed this curvaceous plywood seat. "and it's one that we are very proud to have taken. introduced in 1961 as an awning alternative to cotton canvas. says the Heritage line is unique in outdoor fabrics and represents the culmination of years of work for the company. Gina Wicker.Fresh \?. and a set of ribs. homespun look and are comparable in price to other similar products in the Sunbrella catalog. It's the perfect womb for an afternoon nap. made of resin webbing woven on an aluminum frame. in landfills. this retro beauty is namedfor its ability to withstand seaside weather conditions. But recognizing that durability can be quite the opposite of compostability." If the look and the ethos appeal but you already own plenty of Sunbrella. recalls rattan designs from the 1950s. a wood known for being both strong and lightweight. WorldMags Shapely Seats With backyards in mind. conceptsuspendu.sometimes . turning old fabric into felt. branca-lisboa. is predicated on sustainability lasting decades on sunny porches rather than rotting. Versatile enough for indoor or outdoor use. . its ergonomic structure at once reminiscent of a nautilus. furniture designers throw us some curves FabFabric Sunbrella fabric. insulation. this halfupright seat from the newly founded French company Concept Suspendu combines hammock and chair in a creation that can't help but inspire whimsy and 10· January/February zolt:GARDENDESIGN. "This was a big step for us.COM . upcountryhome.Becca Bergman Bull = Beloua Constructed from ash.

Clockwise from top: Bento Firebox in Charcoal.823. Miso Firebowl in Charcoal Discover our collection of hand cast concrete outdoor fire pits. fireplaces and tiles at: paloform.8883 I PALOFORM2J 888. Soba Firebowl in .

Dorine de Vos and Hans Loos. a shrubbery and orchard join the two main hotel.Fresh \?.to reach the restaurant. But find a late-19th-centurywater tower sitting on nearly mer pump building. the THE ORGANIC GARDEN guests enter the grounds through a door garden is very much at the heart of the very much at the HEART OF THE in a salvaged brick-and-stone garden hotel. opened in 2007 as a funky 37-room Dordrecht waterways. Villa Augustus offers one wonderful Several of the rooms open directly on surprise after another.COM . fan. flora. Villa Augustus. guests sit on a terrace overlooking some of the four acres of open land and you have the ingredients for something evening's ingredients. both SPIRITUALLY wall. is 12· January/February Strl S » GARDENDESIGN. coolly formal Italianate box parterre.trained fruit trees. . "We like the combination of chaos and order. In Dordrecht. In the forregularity." From the moment garden.Caroline Donald to it. Indeed." says van der form.particularly sturdy brick ones that out . both spiritually and physically. that is just what Daan van der Have and his cooks and keeps them in touch with the seasons." says van der Have. The space formerly occupied by four massive filtration basins gardens. it serves as an inspiration to the in the Netherlands. which leads to a dock on the their six-story folly of a tower. and should also be surprising. Though the plot doesn't produce enough to truly exceptional. created. "We thought how nice it would be to be sleeping and eating in a Have. "It should be beautiful to look at. and fodder with stylish abandon. In contrast to the main garden. 15 miles southwest of Rotterdam feed every mouth in the restaurant. WorldMags Towering Achievement G RAN DOL D B U I L DIN G S . and guests walk along gravel paths and PHYSICALLY. it puts you in became a formally laid-out organic garden that mixes color and very different worlds but still they connect to each other. HOTEL. should smell nice. the north side of the tower is a partners.are repurposed with some and orderly rows of vegetables . lived the industries that built them .past beds of gorgeous flowering perennials.


Ironically. I am ready for more mature relationships. and flowers.B. showcased against some workhorses such as Arctostaphylos 'Emerald Carpet' and Rhamnus californica 'Mound San Bruno. WorldMags WINTER'S TALE IN WINTER.Sara Malone as told to B. winter interest is about structure. Now. I decided to select at least half of my plants for fall and winter appeal. I hadn't previously delved into woody plants and conifers.that I became impatient with the amount of work involved in maintaining a mostly perennial I disliked the lack of structure that perennials engendered and hated that the garden virtually shut down in winter. like AceI' palmatum 'Sango Kaku' and Drimys lanceolata.' Luma apiculata and Rhamnus 'Fine Line' produce gorgeous winter fruit. To me. There are even plants whose most dramatic statements are made by their brilliant red trunks and stems. the garden is acollection ofrare and unusual plants. foliage. I felt.Fresh \?. There is a sorry dearth of attention paid to gardens in winter.when I had far more time to garden .B. My longtime friend and professional photographer Jan LeCocq and I are in the process of starting a blog called Form and Foliage (formandfoliage . having been distracted for so long by the pretty faces of the flowering perennials. not just a selection of evergreen plants.COM .' Some of the plants that look best in winter's light include Cupressus macro carp a 'Citriodora' and Thuja plicata 'Sunshine. California. stems. bracts. 14· January/February Strl S » GARDENDESIGN. These days. and we aim to change that. and I live on a 33-acre ranch called Circle Oak in east Petaluma. My husband. it was upon retirement . Ron. my garden glows. .

A H£ADWATERS COMPANY .com/outdoor I ELDORAO?!"·B'i. See it & Believe it at eldoradostone..Create the Ultimate Outdoor Space in Days Vs. Weeks ..

WorldMags Fresh Spiritual Vessels DOG DAYS of winter. ($48. Craftedfrom biodegradable plastic and inspired by puzzles and organic landscapes." Her latest collection. the vessels that hold those blooms are static and lifeless . Varied in shape (and price point).com) J 16· January/February Strl S » GARDENDESIGN. Stephan .120. Trees add so much value to our lives. pods. to be revisited time and time again. The trees and shrubs that grow along with you and your family are valuable assets that deserve care and protection.Katie Mendelson IN THE (SLED) BARTLETT.Iaklitsch. was influenced "by the sensuality of fruits. And Bartlett adds even more value to your trees. property value is as much about your landscape as it is your home. starkly beautiful sculptural vases by bold-faced names like Carlo Scarpa. and eggs. mossonline. "Nature is an endless source of inspiration. this modern vase is one-of-a-kind. Most of the . mornastore. cloth. a new crop of vases that celebrate the life they contain emerged. and metal.COM . global resources and a local service approach to every task at hand. For over 100 years.200.and. More Vases WeLove Terrain Vase Architect Stephan Jaklitsch's first foray into product design is this interlocking vessel. embrace the natural as a reminder of the life that lies ahead.227. PRUNING FERTILIZATION REMOVAL PEST & DISEASE MANAGEMENT CALL 877 BARTLETT 877. more than ever." she says. Similarly. Bartlett Tree Experts has led both the science and services that make your landscape thrive. however. ($3. a South African ceramicist and textile artist. it's a vase by way of a Rubik's cube. ($1. Today.subtracting from the cheer the blossoms provide. as symbols of fertile earth. matterrnatters. though modern. paper. giving a jolt of color and vitality to our lives. But recently. boring . all designed by well-known artists or architects. these black-and-white pieces.corn) Venini Punti This studded vintage piece was designed by wellknown architect Carlo Scarpa andfashioned using the traditional Murrine method of refining glass. the natural world has long served as the muse for her curvaceous pieces. . No matter the size or scope of your needs. and Thaddeus Wolfe complement brightly colored flora and recall natural forms. BARTLETT TREE EXPERTS 5OlN1JRC JZR CAlI S»iCE fflJ1 For the life of your trees. "Treasures of the windswept coast and offerings of our fertile soil are celebrated and reincarnated into designs for clay. our arborists bring a rare mix of groundbreaking research.COM Black Assemblage Part of a series that utilizes special glass-moldblowing techniques developed by artist Thaddeus Wolfe. we bring growing life inside in the form of fresh flowers. when snow blankets the earth and there's not a bit of bloom to be found in the out-of-doors.\?. let's face it." she says. BECAUSE EVERY TREE IS A FAMILY TREE. For Helen Vaughan. a series of black-and-white hourglass-shape vessels.8538 OR VISIT BARTLETT.

8129852 394 Broadway New .USA@royalbotania. NY 10013 1-212.

COM .Fresh \?. WorldMags 18· January/February Strl S » GARDENDESIGN.

ARTIST AND GARDEN DESIGNER Inset: Slug contains more than 15feet of succulents. More than simply connecting people with nature. An enormous.ACADEMYART. Jin Park ENROLL NOW EARN YOUR AA. potential occupations and other information.\?. but it can be cared.WorldMags e ACADEMY of ART UNIVERSITY" FOUNDED IN SAN FRANCISCO '929 BY ARTISTS FOR ARTISTS A NOT-SO-STILL LIFE EXHIBIT Paula Hayes' most recent exhibit.2200 79 NEW MONTGOMERY ST. NAAB 1M-ARCH) (BFA) and Landscape Architecture degree programs not currently available online. we need to learn how to give back and cooperate." says Hayes). who designs gardens in addition to exquisite. As a species. Hayes conveys the attention and care that goes into the maintenance of the exhibit's flora and fauna . CIDA IBFA-IAD).edu to learn about total costs. Only) or 415. and regular plant watering and fish feeding ensures the survival of the living art.academyart.274. Instead." . "Land Mind. Unlike other forms of art. loved. The only gallerytypical white wall is softened by a massive mounted cocoon. and learned from. biomorphic aquarium hums and gurgles (like "your mother's womb. intricate terrariums and living air plant necklaces. median student loan debt. CA 94105 Accredited member WASC. MA. and ferns. has long been fascinated by the intersection between the man-made and natural worlds.M. Hayes says: "It cannot be totally possessed.K. which provides a home for succulents.544. The caretaking required stresses Hayes' belief in the need for a more interrelated relationship between people and the environment. the lobby of New York's Lever House is carpeted with lush palms. "'Acting.EDU 800.the machinery maintaining the aquarium's ecosystem lies in public view. BFA. SAN FRANCISCO. .2787 (U." doesn't exist in the sterile white space of a typical gallery. NASAD. Rizzoli will publish a monograph of her work in April 2012. BA. ginger.S. and bright saltwater fish glide through coral reefs. Left: Paula Hayes. Architecture Visit www. MFA OR M-ARCH ACCREDITED DEGREE ENGAGE IN CONTINUING EXPLORE PRE-COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS STUDY ONLINE OR IN SAN FRANCISCO Acting" Advertising Animation & Visual Effects Architecture' Art Education Fashion Fine Art Game Design Graphic Design Illustration Industrial Design Interior Architecture & Design Landscape Architecture" ART EDUCATION COURSES Motion Pictures & Television Multimedia Communications Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media Photography Web Design & New Media WWW.

raising endeavors. With the serenity of a metronome and an artist's penchant for abstraction. and he's not afraid of sprinkling in the (occasionally gruesome) anecdote. like this 16th-century tomb post (center right) orfrom modern Turkish sculptor Mehmet Aksoy (bottom). \?. Turkish garden historian and designer Gursan Ergil points to atiny smudge in theSeaof Marmara. and my cousin and I would sneak out to spend whole nights under it. It was here on this stuck-in -time Shangri -La .where horse-drawn carriages and bikes are the only modes of transport . That grim statistic inspired him to present "mobile gardens" . "That's where Ottoman ministers were hanged after the 1961 last year's Istanbul Design Week. halfacademic" book about them . awareness." he says. WorldMags I~ Fresh large variety of designs & finishes indoor & outdoor use Turkish Delight THROUGH A TUNNEL of bowed mimosas. one of the Princes' Islands off the coast ofIstanbul. he is writing a "half-touristic. Sculpture. . he returned to Istanbul alarmed at a construction boom that left each citizen an average of one square yard of greenery. Ergil initiated tours of the islands' historic villas and their secreted gardens. theideaI weather-proof containers 10 year warranty lightweight I.portable green spaces carried like a backpack or pulled by a flatbed . we had big lunches under the shade of a monumental fig. Ergil is an unlikely activist. Though seemingly tongue-in-cheek. plays a role in Ergil's landscape design. GiirsanErgil'sfurniture designs use reclaimed materials. But after six years studying at Harvard's Arnold Arboretum.a couplet of unprecedented.his love of gardens was born. Ergil is leading me around Buyukada. Last summer." he recalls. "In my grandmother's garden. in a benchfrom old vats (top) and a birdhousefrom ammunition boxes (center left).CRESC~@ J ~rd e.

and I am doing my best to help.3846 . at his design studio. "I am trying to develop a contemporary. Ergil is busy crafting handsome furniture from reclaimed wood ("Turkish gardens are meant to be lived in. a prince's circumcision) gardeners would parade flowery plots on wheeled carts before the young royal. even as green Bring the cutting-edge look and design versatility of our indoor fireplaces to your outdoor space." he states." he says." says Ergil. he admits he has "a long way to go to achieve this goal. These innovative products will enhance any' outdoor landscape design.these "extreme solutions" not only shed light on a current urban dilemma but echo a 16th-century Ottoman footnote: During special celebrations (say. Available in several lengths modern fires www." ." Meanwhile. histo tory. it will stand up to all types ol weather. architect.Victoria de Silverio As artist. Constructed of stainless steel. While he calls himself a "pioneer" in this respect. But people are starting to think about reintroducing nature in their lives. "It is a baby in the crawling stage.sparkfires.938. not looked at. sustainable Turkish garden style inspired by traditional garden culture. repeatedly) and planning sustainable gardens for clients that include posh residences along the Bosphorus and the skyscrapers forging the city's new modern silhouette. garden designer Ergil encourages Turks to revisit their nature-centered spacesfallprey p 866. and advocate. "Garden design here is waking up from 50 years of sleep.

22· January/February zutz » GARDENDESIGN.COM .


David Shiigi, owner of Bromeliads Hawaii in Hilo, Hawaii, says the key to bromeliads' happiness is "less care but better care." In other words: Don't fuss, just know your plant. Well-regarded around the world for his hybrids, Shiigi first became familiar with bromeliads in 1975 when he was studying art at the University of Hawaii. One day, on a visit to a nursery on the Big Island, he spied an unfamiliar plant. "It had beautiful symmetry with amazing colors and patterns," he says. That night, Shiigi looked up the plant and discovered its relation to the pineapple. "At the time, because of pineapples, Hawaii was one big bromeliad nursery," says Shiigi. Although much of the growing has since shifted to regions with lower labor costs, such as Thailand and Brazil, the pineapple business was so crucial to Hawaii's economy then that bromeliad imports were restricted for fear of introducing pests. Limited access, of course, made Shiigi want them even more. He ordered seeds from Brazil and sought out Hawaiian bromeliad growers for seedling starts. A year later, he began hybridizing his own, focusing on vriesea and neoregelia with dramatically patterned leaves and eventually moving on to guzmania and dyckia too. He has developed some 500 striking crosses since, and more than 100 are now in the nursery trade. When he's not home tending to his plants, Shiigi travels to places like Australia and Japan talking them up to fellow obsessives. When he's home, he walks through his greenhouse at the end of each day and often serenades his many bromeliads with a Hawaiian slack-key guitar.
SUSAN HEEGER'S most recent story for Garden Design was ':A_ WorldApart," April 2011.

Firstpage: Vriesea 'Princess Annique,' named for David Shiigi's granddaughter, is a violet-pink, striped hybrid that grows up to 24 inches tall. Vriesea like diffuse light, circulating air, and frequent mistings with purified water. (1) Neoregelia 'Painted Delight' is one of the easier foliage brorneliads and gets about a foot wide andjust as tall. Give it bright light, water only when it's dry, and if it's potted, rotate it regularly to maintain the splashy colors. (2) Vriesea 'Snows of Mauna Kea' is unusually white with green undertones. A collector's plant that has yet to go commercial, it's also impressively large, reaching 22 to 26 inches across and 28 inches high. Keep it, and all vriesea, out of full sun, and never let them sit in water. (3) Neoregelia 'Donna' adapts well to lower light indoors, unlike some neoregelia, and even to air conditioning. Outside, give it bright, filtered light. (4) Vriesea 'Hawaiian Rainbow' grows up to 3 feet tall. It's a new Shiigi hybrid that may be ordered from his nursery. [See Sourcebook, page 72.] Shiigi labored for years to develop the distinctive coloring and shiny, almost glowing foliage. (5) Vriesea 'Hawaiian Punch,' like all vriesea and neoregelia, can be attached with plastic-coated wire to trees or other supports and grown as air plants. (6) Dyckia 'Brittle Star' does well in full sun and, when potted, likes water at least twice a week if outside in summer heat (once a week ifin the ground) and once a week inside. It needs less care if planted in garden beds in areas with mild winters.

Bromeliad Care
Start with organic potting soil and add perlite for fast drainage. If you're growing bromeliads outside (which is possible year-round only in frost-free climates), plant them in free-draining, sandy soil or heavier soil amended with 2 inches of organic compost. Water when the pot feels light or when the soil feels dry 1inch down. Mist leaves with purified water every other day or so, especially in dry environments, and top up the cups of tank types frequentIywith water. Give indoor plants bright, filtered light and circulating air (from open windows or a fan). When outdoors, shelter them from full sun. You can move potted bromeliads outdoors for the summer, acclimating them for several weeks in shade before exposing them to brighter light. Go easy on the food, particularly with hot-hued neoregelia, which might fade from too much nitrogen. (A dose of balanced, allpurpose liquid with a 20-20-20 formula, diluted to halfstrength and either watered in or misted on leaves, four times annually is plenty.) Avoid copper-based insecticides (or any containing heavy metals) and petroleum-based oils. To control pests like mosquitoes, which can breed in bromeliad tanks, choose an organic alternative such as pyrethrum. Bromeliads are monocarpic, so you can sn ip the offsets growi ng near the base, dry them for a few hours, and repot to create a crowd.




Best in Glass
The greenhouse makes a comeback in some surprising places

IS AN archetype ofagreenhouse, it is surely Joseph Paxton's masterwork. Built to house the 1851 Great Exhibition in London, the famous Crystal Palace covered 19acres of the city, making it the largest greenhouse ever built. Though the building was primarily an exhibit space, Paxton was a gardener before he was an architect and developed his technologies to keep exotic plants alive through British winters. His innovation of prefabricated wrought iron hung with plate glass (the Crystal Palace used 293,655 panes - one-third of the glass produced in England that year) dominated greenhouse design for a century. Today, architects, artists, and design firms have reimagined these indoors-in-theoutdoors spaces, creating innovative structures through a smart use of materials and a creative approach to available space. While wide-open yards with ample sunlight are ideal, they're not always part of a gardener's reality, so thoughtful engineering has brought modern structures to rooftops, rock faces, and urban environments. If you have just a few sun -drenched square IF THERE

feet - in a yard, on an exterior wall, or on a roof - you have space for your own botanical paradise. In Japan, ON Design Partners created a set of small stacked iron-and-glass cases in 2010 for an urban farm in central Tokyo'stightly packed Roppongi district. The food that grows inside makes its way to the restaurant next door. And whenAmaury Gallon of J ardins de Babylone teamed up with the Flower Council of Holland, he designed four pop-up gardens to be sprinkled throughout Paris. For the three-day installation, he created a series of translucent plastic domes that were easy to assemble and take down. The largest of the series was a 430-squarefoot enclosure in the Place Colette filled with orchids. He's since gotten requests for temporary bubble gardens in the United States and London. The versatility of plastic and its high strength-to-weight ratio make it a favorite of today's designers, and it's typically a better insulator than glass - even doublepaned, sheet glass has a tiny fraction of the insulating value of a material like polycarbonate. But for durability, longevity, and

In a crowded Japanese cityscape, glass boxes by ON Design Partners are stacked like the urban towers that surround them. Inside, discrete plantings provide a connection to nature and fresh veqetablesfor nearby restaurants. 26· Januory/Februory Strlg

On the Genoa, Italy, waterfront, architect Renzo Piano constructed "Bolla" - officially the Genoa G8 Dome - a biosphere that seems tofloat in the harbor. Inside, red ibis graze among orchids, tropical greenery, andflowing streams.


COM • Prefabricatedparts -a greenhouse technology that debuted with the Crystal Palace . though west and east can work with some clever engineering.make for stylish designs such as this rooftop model by BC Greenhouse Builders. Seating: If you have the room. as in this whimsical inversion by Phillippa Probert at the Royal Horticultural Society Tatton Park Flower Show. A landscape architect with a love for orchids and oranges will be an invaluable source of wisdom. at least one glass side points south. automatic. but there are basic guidelines for creating a successful greenhouse. GARDENDESIGN. Heating: In moderate to cold regions. But plastic is the better insulator. all year long. blurring lines between indoors and outdoors. Most plastics aren't.Clear Directions New materials and innovative designs mean just about anyone can have a room full of the tropics at their disposal. Materials: Glass is clear. or miraculous (as in heatsensitive materials that expand in heat to open panels). Ideally.diffused light worksjust fine for them. and plants don't need the view . Sunlight: Greenhouses need six to eight hours oflight per day. Obstacles: Remember that trees and buildings along the horizon cast deeper shadows in the winter when the sun is lower. factor in a place for yourself as well as your plants. January/February zol z 27 » . Control can be manual. putting a year-round garden in reach of anyone with a source of sunshine. Poor ventilation creates a host of expensive and plant-killing problems. Ventilation: Experts say 15 to 20 percent of exterior surface area should be vented. Greenhouses not only create growing spaces for gardens but for gardeners. you'll need at least a small electric heater. so consult an expert.

geometric structures of cedar.K. glass.-based manufacturer Hartley Botanic (hartley-botanic. ideal for urban dwellers with limited space. For those unsure of their carpentry both iconic Victorian and contemporary models.a glass building where citrus trees are brought to overwinter . com) offers DIY greenhouse kits available in both free-standing and home-attached form. to bring the overseas company's designs to the United States. 28· Januory/Februory Strlg GARDENDESIGN. including a line endorsed by the National Trust.COM Getting Green » .com) designs bespoke greenhouses. The finished products are made to withstand 30 pounds of snow per square foot and 80-mile-per-hour winds. Private Garden Greenhouse Systems (private-garden. least through the next frigid winter .~worldM. Tanglewood Conservatories (tangle woodconservatories . look to the following sells a variety of structures in styles ranging from grand Victorian to the compact patio model.but if you'd like to know exactly what you're getting into before you start pouring concrete. the kits arrive with written instructions and a how-to DVD. and stone. BC Greenhouse Builders (bcgreen houses. Amdega (amdega . it has crafted old-world conservatories made to fit trees more than 20 feet tall as well as Clearly. In addition to custom builds greenhouses in the tradition of the classic orangery . a well-respected English greenhouse manufacturer.corn) partners with Though installation is an option. a greenhouse would make your gardening life complete .co.

Inc. by the Crystal Palace . New lowemissivity glass. Sweden. They also allow an avid gardener to cultivate a personal paradise year-round. is ajreelance writer in San Francisco. protect sensitive plants. An energy brought modern STRUCTURES recovery ventilator pipes TO ROOFTOPS. rosemary in the edible garden into the living spaces. Laminated glass is the star of a greenhouse built in a windy and shaded space by the sea in Malmo. "They wanted to show off a little. Greenhouses can be more than a means to grow fresh produce.~WorldMags KENNETH CRAFTSMEN LYNCH OF PINE GA. tor with layering." In order to keep the space warm during the cooler months. they created a saw-toothed top to maximize solar gain. and get a head start on spring. "The windows on the side are like little gills.inspired. "Open them on a hot summer day and air will rush out." In environments where densely packed buildings have squeezed out backyards. In a weather. View our website for an overview of our products or call today for our full catalog. the sun-warmed air down and URBAN ENVIRONMENTS." to the two apartments below. 114 Willenbrock 203-264-2831 Road. rock faces. RACHEL SWABY . She does not yet own a greenhouse. tempered glass is hard to beat. courtyard in Sweden. Monika Gora of GoraArt & Landscape created an airy structure . she says.for residents of a retirement community. pulling fragrant air from.. In a narrow and dark courtyard. say. and the technology continues to advance. products are made in the United Choose elements lead All States to your specifications." says Gora. and lemon trees inside while also blocking the strong wind from the courtyard behind it. president of the firm. The result is a green and modern space for both plants and people. developed in the last decade. is better at trapping thermal energy while a strikingly modern still allowing enough light for plant growth. Kenneth Lynch & Sons. CT 06478 • Fax: 203-264-2833 Catalog Requests: info@klynchandsons. roofs have stepped up as a place for plants. Oxford. no matter what the local hardiness www.RDEN r & SONS ORNAMENT clarity. her glass-and-steel arch provides enough light for the palms. When Pittsburgh's Studio d'ARC architects were asked to replace a dilapidated 1970s greenhouse built atop a downtown Victorian. "They wanted to make something spectacular because there are a lot of people passing by. Studio d'ARCput glass where it would maximize sun and topped the room with super insulated "THOUGHTFUL engineering has zinc panels.klynchandsons.NV Your premier source for ornamental and cast stone statuary and fountains. traditional garden from our to accent your garden design.and sunlight-challenged FLORENTINEN C R AFT SM~ A KINNltH LVNCH " SONS COM'P ." says Gerard Damiani. greenhouse by Gora Even standard glass can be strengthened Art & Landscape with coatings and made into a better insulaoffers a tropical oasis.

India.owner ofclothing . just outside the city in the waterside suburb of Hellerup. and Bali" .gs -STYLE Seating Plan . A glcibal aesthetic brings a casual elegance to indoor-outdoor living BY KATIE MENDELSON PENMARK'S LARS WIBERG .~WorldM. He created a deep. boutique Pourquoi in Copenhagen and a wholesale apparel company. A peek into his home and garden. .a welledit. Yet. Wiberg specifically dedicated an area of his garden to the pleasure oflounging. The plants gracing the surface of his dining table give a nod to his effortless intermingling of indoor and outdoor style. in spite of the carefully cultivated. globally influenced style. and it's best not to take it too no less stylish than any of his sartorial endeavors. and the space .d yet casual seating and dining area . made-for-stretching-out daybed from brick and plaster and covered it with layers of natural linens and pillows from the home line of the Danish company Day Birger et Mikkelsen. garden-chic vignette he created. this space seems to suggest. Nothing's static or permanent. The Little Showroom . demonstrates that his eye for design spills over into his domestic life.made a name for himself in the fashion world with his aesthetic clearly evinced in his choice of intricate pillows and textiles that add a splash of color and texture to the daybed. there's nothing overly calculated or buttoned-up about the place where Wiberg and his family relax and soak up the summer light. The ease and lightness with which Wiberg approaches outdoor decor is embodied in his habit of repainting the brick wall a different color every two years. Wiberg was heavily influenced by his love of travel and describes the style of his alfresco entertaining area as "Nordic with a twist of Morocco.

pottedstore. or pestemals. lavivahome. Copper Tray: Crafted by copper masters in Tashkent. this tray can be used as a centerpiece on the table or for a picnic on the couch. (benjamin moore. Uzbekistan. com) 6. Mexico. com) 3.comi 8. SunbrellaFloor Cushion: Lounging in the sun is most comfortable when done on a pile of cushy 4. Savannah Side Chair: Barlow Tyrie's weatherproof high-back chairs are stylish enough to grace any indoor dining table. Hammam Towel: Traditional Turkish towels. ($435. ($210. ($65. 1. double as sturdy and elegant tablecloths or slipcovers. Madison Planter: Tie together the garden and living space with plants in a frostproof . (From $42. arealinenshop. lavivahome. ($549. ($99. ($185. Linen Throw: Chilly nights spent outside call for a soft linen blanket from Area. 5. com) 2. Cloud Nine Paint: A soft white hue with a hint of gray creates a neutral backdrop.comi 7. Chiapas Pillow: Add a spot of color with pillows made by women in the highland communities ofChiapas. lavivahome. restoration hardware.1 2 5 6 7 8 Get This Look Lars Wiberg created a chic and cozy vignette by selecting accessories and touches that suit his well-traveled aesthetic.

... A Croatian island garden unites a centuries-old summer home with timeless Mediterranean views .......•.....•............. ~ .............._.....Sea and STONE .................•. BY LISE FUNDERBURG PHOTOGRAPHY BY SCOTT FRANCES _-_ ......


crafted from a dense local limestone. he left interior limestone surfaces exposed. The couple gutted the interior. By day." Where possible. giving them the patina of age. They connected the outdoor kitchen to the rest of the house and installed several windows on the first floor. The property's four buildings clustered together at the top of a small hill and dated back to the 15th century. originally serving as a merchant's home. lavender.F YOU HAVE THE GOOD fortune to stumble upon an ancient island paradise . the spot offers sweeping views of the Adriatic Sea and mountainous coastline. serves to accentuate the house's ocean views and original limestone walls. we had lintels made to match the old. and the plumbing had been ripped out." Rees Roberts explains. a swath of sparkling lights from nearby islands and ships pierce the black sky. is surrounded by a similarly subduedpalette rosemary. bought this compound located on a small Croatian island about an hour's ferry ride from the port city of Dubrovnik. giving it a cavelike feel and obscuring the brilliant Mediterranean light.albeit a wildly overgrown. and functionally outdated paradise . Architecturally. Oh. by night. and santolina. They had walls almost 2 feet thick. Previous page: The outdoor dining area." Rees Roberts says. but in the main house there was only one door and one window on the ground floor. where the couple spends much of their time. Such was the case in 2004 when painter and interior designer Lucien Rees Roberts and his partner. like the Jorge chairs at right. clumsily renovated. and chapel. "It needed work. barn. made up of . leaving only beams and joists. the buildings were simple but solid. and for the roof. he chose Tuscan terra cotta tiles that had been sandblasted. "I copied the design from other buildings on the island that were close to the same period.often the challenge is how to address the property's shortfalls without obliterating its charms. In deference to the original materials (and in Modernfurniture Zalszupin in neutral colors. Changes made by the previous owner included wood paneling and concrete interior stairs. "Whenever we created a new opening. nunnery. architect Steven Harris.



strong wind. rosemary fills the air with a rich herbal fragrance. Ceanothus arboreus (feltleaf ceanothus or tree lilac) is a shrub with wonderful blue blooms and dark green leaves. as Bees Roberts and Harris have. But if you choose to put down roots. the New York Times dubbed the coastline-rich country the "New Riviera. Many varieties of lavender add to the fragrance and lowgrowing mounded appeal of the garden. Clockwise from top left: Various species oflemon. and orange trees grow in the more protected areas of the property. The garden is also filled with aromatic mounds of Santolina chamaecyparissus. and salt spray. . mild temperatures.Growing Conditions THE PLANTS: Drought and wind tolerance were the guiding characteristics for selecting a plant palette in the Croatian garden of Steven Harris and Lucien Bees Roberts. you'll need to plan around the dry heat of coastal Croatia's hardiness zone 9 summers. literally. travel-wise publications suchasNational Geographic hailed it as the place to visit. Cistue xpurpureus (orchidrockrose) can handle sandy and rockysoils." With its glistening sunshine. the tough evergreen shrub. with its silvery-gray foliage and yellow button flowers.lime. and dramatic backdrops of intensely blue seas and steep mountains. THE CLIMATE: Proving you can't keep a good climate down. This means being water-wise with plant selections and employing patience: Gardens are typically slow to establish in Mediterranean climates. barely a decade after the war ended in Croatia (in 1995).

Rees Roberts kept the furnishings understated. what you read is the wall. "The idea was to minimize the modern elements. more formally laid out courtyard of eight orange trees with a reflecting pool at its center is the most self-referential outdoor space." First. from the Dorothy Thorpe 1970s-era Lucite candleholders to the elegant midcentury armchairs designed by Jorge Zalszupin (one of the founders of the L'Atelier design collective). "and those were the bones of the garden. . to accommodate wide doorsjirst animals now provide an expansive view. and gardens that allow for socializing. and santolina are hazy and dreamlike. quiet reading. He replaced the barn's wooden doors with sliding glass panels. But itwas overgrown. rosemary. and for that. Rees Roberts had to make sense of the slightly feral grounds that wove in and around the buildings. That connection from inside to out marks one of the property's greatest assets. "In summer. "so that even when you look at the fireplace. courtyards." They chose a plant palette of silvers and pale greens to balance the crisp and crystalline reflections off the limestone and the water. one of'sevthe garden. though. landscape architect David Kelly. and we had to do a lot of editing. both refinished with the unobtrusive approach employed in the main house. Kelly says.service to the new owners' desire for a retreat from their busy Manhattan-based lives). the undulating sweeps oflavender. the perfect spot for contemplation and Clockwise from top left: The stone kitchen counter had to be carriedfrom theferry by hand." he says. When the plants move in the gentle breeze and the sunshine. Dorothy Thorpe Lucite candleholdersfrom 1970s adorn the dining room table. which he leaves open most of the time so he can gaze across stepped terraces out to the sea. he enlisted the help of his business partner. "We began with spaces that already existed. A small. in the meant the eral terraces located throughout restored barn-cum-studio. We also wanted to defer to the view rather than compete with it." Kelly explains. but the nunnery was converted into a guesthouse and the barn into Rees Roberts' painting studio." Rees Roberts says. as it has not only views that link its inhabitants to the outside world but also a plentiful series of terraces. "the outside is really where one wants to spend time." The chapel remains a chapel. and outdoor dining.



around the house. which David Kelly says lends afeeling offloating . so onefirst enters through the outdoor living spaces." (1) The house has nofront immediate door. Kelly was undaunted. All the workers Kelly had counted on were gone for the holiday. At one point. a nod to the surrounding groves of such trees farther down the hill. "We also planted it ourselves. "We cut them all and had the most beautiful flower arrangements. and Harris came back early the next spring." he says. The planting took place in October. But it was good to see them because it confirmed our instincts that strong colors would only compete with the views from the house." The biggest takeaway? "It's really rocky. for people to meet up before heading down to the sea for a swim. and they were unloaded on the dock and then hand-carried 156 steps up to the house. It seems the previous owner had a fondness for amaryllis. given its central location." he says. "And then all the bulbs were removed." Harris said. Kelly installed outdoor living and dining areas on top of a large cement terrace. it ran off and repurposed itself as the island mascot. Most of the materials came by the thrice-daily ferry from Dubrovnik. To enhance the relationship with the property's surroundings.also. "I thought this was supposed to be a silver garden. unspoiled locale had its share of un expected obstacles. There are no cars on the island that is home to only 140 people at the peak of the summer season. and when Rees Roberts. "which I don't typically do. perfectly dispersed throughout the grounds. and we really learned about the conditions. granting an sense of relaxation and enjoyment. so Kelly and Rees Roberts scrambled to find other helpers from the local village and ended up doing a lot of the schlepping themselves." Kelly says. but after hauling up one bag of cement. he brought a half-dozen pencil-thin cypresses into the landscape. they were surprised by a sea of red. The day the plants arrived turned out to be during Ramadan. The topography drops off quickly and steeply over the water. covering it with crushed local limestone. a donkey was commandeered to do some of the heavy lifting. they found that working in such a remote. Kelly. While Kelly and Rees Roberts often work with clients outside of the United States.



<~ WorldMaii~ .

St." Marden says. "We're not really social people." The bold move was "typical Helen" says her friend interior decorator Suzanne Shaker. "My concern was to save the place from developers. too much art world. THE FIRST TIME CAME IN THE MID-2000s WHEN MARDEN. really absorbing it. AND HER HUSBAND.COM • of the place. Gawking at a film set while walking near her Manhattan home. she struck upon the Ward garden. Its better-known sister island. instead of typical accents the contrast of burgundy Aechmea 'Marcelino' (donkey ears) is a classic Caribbean pastels. So was Marden's abilityto see the possibilities Opposite page. MINIMALIST PAINTER BruCE MARDEN were looking for a new spot in the sun. romantic. In her reading. GARDENDESIGN. She and a poet friend composed an e-mail to Jungles. lies two miles away. the dramatic kapok tree (Ceiba pentandra). Marden had never thought about how to plan a garden. clockwisefrom buttressofa andfurniture. Confined to her apartment." says Shaker. The small hotel consisted of a set of gray stone cottages stepping downhill from the old refinery tower and a main building housing a restaurant. a rough circle of beach and green forest that's only seven miles wide.» 45 Januory/February . What had been an overgrown patch of greenery leading from the parking area to the restaurant. Marden remembers the place as "ramshackle. She had already hired architect Edward Tuttle to expand the hotel's terrace and create a gazebo surrounded by rough -walled pools. Marden stumbled into a pothole and broke her foot." The idea that she would be running an establishment that welcomed the public didn't occur to Marden until she had already made the leap. "It was a little like falling in love with the wrong person. Florida. a subtropical fantasy in Coral Gables. top left: A long-established Epipremnum aureum covers a remnant staircase." she says. "Helen likes the wild look.200-foot-high volcano juts dramatically into the air. At this point. The client and designer were not an obvious match." And when it comes to aesthetics. she and Brice had bought the inn. tended by foraging goats. "She describes it as 'nature Strl S. had become "too crowded. "Her vision takes over. she lets the abundant rosemary and lavender have its way. whose own style embodies the bohemian-chic aura that attracted those crowds in the first place." she says. a 200-year-old former sugar plantation halfway up the southeastern slope of Mount Nevis. Marden makes such no distinctions. Friends suggested the relatively quiet Caribbean island of Nevis. AN ARTIST. her husband is the chief gardener at their place in the Hudson Valley. Kitts. The interest of the owners. "It was nothing rational or thought out. a dormant 3. The Mardens capped their first visit with a drink on the terrace of Golden Rock Inn. relatives of the partners who opened the place in the early '70s. "I didn't know anything. she holed up with gardening magazines and landscape design books. who called back within half an hour. she says "everything is everywhere. Jungles is known for planting specifically species native to the subtropical world. Helen Marden uses redfor architectural and Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri example of Raymond Jungles' landscape style." The second fall was quite literal. At Nevis' center. the couple's longtime haunt. At the couple's house in Greece." recalls Marden." says Jungles. St. hoping to find some ideas for the grounds in Nevis.~worldMaiis ELENMARDENFELLTWICEFORGOLDENROCKINN. was now an excavated construction site awaiting transformation. was clearly winding down. that is the work of landscape architect Raymond Jungles." Before Marden knew what she was really getting into. "Helen has a way of really looking at something. Barts. A Masterpiece in the Making "Helen likes things with spikes and unusual-lookinq flowers. Things that are simply pretty she wouldn'tgofor." .

native to India. The garden at Golden Rock Inn is significant both for its innovative design and diverse. original choice of flora. Ceiba speciosa (silk floss tree) belongs to the same family as the baobab and kapok trees and has a bottie-shaped trunk studded with thick conical thorns that help store water during periods of drought.Plant Palette Clockwise from top left: Alcantarea vinicolor. Another. Cousin Itt-like trunk and black spikes. the red silk cotton tree with its deep crimson flowers. the powder puff tree. At last count. After purchasing Mardens commissioned surrounded Golden Rock Inn. Roystonea oleracea (Caribbean royal palm) plays host to a creeping philodendron. the architect Edward Tuttle to expand the terrace and create a dome by reflecting pools where guests can take in the garden while dining. Phase one of its creation included more than 150 different genera of plants. Neomarica caerulea 'Regina' (giant apostle's iris) is a tropical iris native to Brazil that flowers from February to August and gives off a delightfully fruity fragrance. and the aptly named sausage tree. there were some 20 species of palm. is one of the largest in the world. which is available only at certain nurseries for a hefty price. a bromeliad with spineless dark burgundy foliage. . shows up often in Jungles' gardens. including the rare old man palm (Coccothrinax crinita) with its hairy. the talipot palm. The garden's 35-plus types of trees include the baobab.

~ Wo. the garden's design includes winding paths that encourage slow exploration. Opposite.' . with its own patio.ldl'lags A Masterpiece in the Making A windmill built in 1815 is now a duplex guest room called the Sugar Mill. at left. Helen Marden. clockwisefrom toward the reflecting pools backed by Montgomery top left: Looking palms. Alcantarea odorata and Bougainvillea 'Hawaiian Torch. visits with interior decorator Suzanne Shaker.


(~ WorldMags /' r. ..

" she nursery visits to Miami. meanwhile." looking flowers. guarded the walkway to the hotel. The red on doors. "I think you need ajarring note. From the menus to the says." says Jungles.~WorldMags A Masterpiece in the Making The initial phase. primarily Copernicia macroglossa (Cuban petticoat perhaps Marden's most painterly decision (and her most controverpalm) and Aiphanes aculeata (ruffle palm)." says Shaker." Ultimately their fabrics she uses in the restaurant. That second stage of the project. GARDENDESIGN. After all the plants wouldn't go for. even buy. covers two-and-a-half acres and is the almost winning. "There 'Orange Form' and Philodendron magnifica surround a water were enough egos out there. when Jungles argued for removing first thing guests see as they approach the inn from the parking lot. "Things that are simply pretty she Jungles too treated the site like a blank canvas. "I stayed up in the house for that." says Helen Marden. With this tree as the center point. furniture. the artist endlessly plotted and debated the placement of the rocks with Jungles and his Opposite page: A colorful explosion of Aechmea blanchetiana team." he says." She was delighted to discover the almost absurdly graphic plants called cycads and became an avid collector. but in three dimensions. and other woodwork was larger material. "Not everything needs to be symmetrical. Jungles' first task was to preserve an enormous weeping fig that Brice used their training as artists when it came to remaking the inn. Now a streampoursfrom a wall-top rill onto a sculpted boulder then cascades into a rocky grotto. Marden disagreed. excavation. "We sculpted the tree and created "We've just gotten to an age where we know what we like. "She has such an that reflects their disparate approaches: The garden beautifully understanding of light. Thefeature is made from a historic wall that once carried water to the original plantation house's cistern. "Helen totally changes the way collaboration resulted in a genuine friendship and a unified design you see color and how you use it. With characteristic precision. "I had to get the right weight color with the stone. ing a neighbor's collection of orchids and cycads for the next phase of the garden. "Helen likes things with spikes and unusualsays. which is currently Brice Marden became most involved when it came to arranging a number of enormous boulders that had been turned up by the underway. he staked the grounds with paint wands and flags. a view.COM • PAUL O'DONNELL'S most recent story for c s suien "The Outside Edge" (July/August 2011). He then filled in the rest sial: She says she has heard grumbling from Northerners who expect of the space with smaller plants Marden picked out on their three the Caribbean to come only in pastels). will add another acre of garden around the guest cottages." she says." G feature. "I tried a lot of colors. some Norfolk Island pine trees that he says lost their symmetry in Marden's eye for the unexpected announces itself in her decorastorms. DESIGN was January/February 2012· 51 ." For example." he says. he planted the Yet the look of Golden Rock certainly suggests a highly cultivated eye at work." she tion of the buildings at Golden Rock as well. sketched at top in a drawing by Jungles." Marden dismisses the notion that she and paces its changes in color and texture but retains a brave unruliness. "Basically drawing.arrived from Miami.

Mexico.COM . 52· Januory/February zoiz » GARDENDESIGN.<~ WorldMaii~ A botanical garden in Oaxaca.

<~ WorldMaii~ illustrates the relationship between plants and culture BY JEFF SPURRIER • PHOTOGRAPHY BY DANA GALLAGHER .

from left: Francisco Toledo's water sculpture. the zigzag step-fret inspiration of plants determined afew monochromatic its cultural and biogeographic the garden.<~ WorldMaii~ Jardin Btnobotanico punctuated de Oaxaca's pathways andplants. is madefrom throughout with sculpture Facing page: Apool reflects plantings continues Previous pages. planted by Alejandro included to emphasize significance.vila B. 54· January/Februory Ztrl S. ecological of agave are de A. Montezuma requirements cypress.COM . rock beds.» GARDENDESIGN. near the library (the particular species was a source of paper inpre-Columbian times). and repetitive plantings afig. are laid with soil ofa naturally green hue. slabs of La Sangre de Mitla. and turns are of beaucarnea and dioon.

gs .~worldM.

Toledo. the first evidence of gardening in the New World. quickly turned in a concept paper defining the garden's mission and the various educational functions it could fulfill. biology. enlisted local gardeners and healers to help maintain and provide specimens for the garden. what he and other advocates would propose. cuisine. archaeologists found 10. Because of the area's unique botanic diversity and history. La de MitZa (the blood of Mitla)." says de Avila. and complex use of plants. a great clamor began: The state government wanted the five-acre parcel in the heart of downtown Oaxaca City to create a hotel. and all the plants (with the exception of few species) would be wild natives. De Avila. and handrails. Oaxaca's indigenous peoples are known for their textiles. who was instrumental in design and hardscape touches: iron borders. who was just about to leave Oaxaca to begin his doctoral studies at University of California. is one of Mexico's bestknown living artists.who had family roots in Oaxaca and training in anthropology. At home in Mexico. in some cases dating back to the construction of Santo Domingo. Berkeley. Some of Toledo's fellow artists wanted to use the grounds for workshops and exhibition space. In 1993. ceramics. His most recent story for Garden Design was "Empty Canvas. and he moves stiffly from a sore back. The title refers to the archeological site of Mit la. . Fertilizing and disease and pest control were developed through case-by-case protocols. and then the hard part began. and in 1994 the state created a trust enabling the Jardin Etnobotanico de Oaxaca to be formed. he is identified with a fierce and outspoken defense of the indigenous arts and culture of the southern state of Oaxaca. and parking facility. de Avila. A restoration team brought in by the National Institute of Anthropology and History wanted to establish a European garden in the 17th-century baroque style. In a rock shelter named Guila Naquitz. To highlight this history. but nobody had experience with them. Toledo. crafts. De Avila incorporated these discoveries. 25 miles from Oaxaca. his paintings.I don't have the patience. archaeologists uncovered 400-year-old structures.COM 2011. His fingers are paint-smudged. bridges. Mexico.' he says.~WorldMags I AM NOT A GARDENER." November/December 2012 • GARDENDESIGN. more precisely. Asnaking pathway of naturally green-hued soil was inspired by a pre-Columbian step-fret zigzag design." Francisco Toledo is sitting in the courtyard of the graphic art institute he founded in downtown Oaxaca City. and medicine. It was a religious capital when the Spanish arrived in the 1500s. The plan was to have the garden tell the area's history by arranging plants by ecological and cultural themes. as it turns out.. During the excavation and building of the Jardin Etnobotanico. and linguistics. Soon. he asked Alejandro de Avila B. Mexico's president gave the exit order after being lobbied by Toledo and other leading artists and intellectuals belonging to Pro-Oax. an advocacy group urging the promotion and protection of art." De Avila. who became founding director. the Mexican military moved out of a 16thcentury Santo Domingo monastery complex it had used as a base for more than 120 years. He also. wild plants are used throughout the region for food. sipping on a glass of agua dejamaica. and the natural environment in Oaxaca. "We brought in as large plants as we could manage. helped to create one of the world's most original public gardens. one that would "show the interaction of plants and people. convention center. De Avila suggested making the space into a botanic garden . The earliest evidence of plant domestication of squash and corn in the Americas was found in Oaxaca. "The professionals are the people who live in the country. one of the Jardin's raised beds is aligned to point to Guila Naquitz and planted with squash.or. A bathing-washing pit once used by Dominican novices JE FF SPURR I ER lives in LosAngeZes and Mexico. It surfaces most dramatically in a massive Toledo-designed fountain that seeps water dyed blood56· January/February Sangre red from ground-up cochineal over slabs of Montezuma cypress. when Toledo knew the army would be leaving. To this day. The ground was prepared. 7l. De Avila was joined by the artist Luis Zarate.000-yearold squash seeds. a motif that is echoed throughoutthe garden. and other Pro-Oax members got the endorsement of the federal government. an ethnobotanic garden. and textiles are in galleries and museums around the world. sculptures. walkways. culture. selecting plants to echo this (comparatively) recent past. "The campesinos and workers ." Nearly 20 years ago. There would be a section for domesticated plants.

COM • is anything but dull. Bulbous ponytail palms lead to a cycad section where golden football-size cones bulge from the centers of plants. While late spring is the most colorful time. we all saw the great opportunity.while the west is for the many dry land varieties . near the monastery's library. thorny branches. along the western wall enclosing the garden. Now visitors are only allowed in on guided tours. the garden's most visually striking feature.Agave and beaucarnea surround Twinfences the edge of organ of a bathing pool." (!) 2012 ·57 January/February . there are flowers year-round: the creamy blossoms offlor de mayo (Plumeria rubra). is a canopy of balsa and ceiba.000 varieties. De Avila came to Oaxaca as a child with his father in the late 1960s and has strong memories of the monastery. It's a landscape of unexpected shapes and colors. and other plants used to make soap. and paintings by El Greco.cacao. fat-leafed agaves. de Avila planted a fig tree . and velvety petals. agave. thefounding director of Jardin Etnobotdnico de Oaxaca. Right: pipe cactusframe deAvila. achiote . Bio-pirates have raided the garden. It may sound ordered and academic but a stroll through the garden GARDENDESIGN. is now shaded by soapberry. thick with palm-size white blossoms tinged with a purple core. native bell-flowered dahlia. This highly prized maroon dye was exported by the Spanish and used in Chinese silks. devoted to tropical forests of Oaxaca.the particular species was a source for the finest indigenous paper in pre-Columbian times. Persian carpets. Although extensive databases are kept on the collection. stealing rare cacti and cutting samples for cell tissue propagation. some started from seed. the tree that gives the state its name.human-size cacti. "It was the chance for proposing a dream. create a tight fence to protect specific opuntia prickly pear cactus. are kept locked in a greenhouse. and Rembrandt. van Gogh. there is no public master list of the more than 1. used in the production of cochineal. vanilla. There are also gracefulParkinsonia aculeata and huaje." he says. tiny vermilion wild hibiscus. The rarest plants. "When Francisco said that the soldiers would be leaving. The east half of the garden is for plants from the wet regions . Twin rows of columnar organ pipe cactus. Overhead in the northeast section of the garden.

Parkinsonia cacby walkways Agave macro acantha on the on the afavornear ite of Toledo's. GARDENDESIGN. grows only on trees like these aculeata create a graceful and colorful canopy. the distinctive parallel a canaljlanked left andfouquieria right. 58· January/February 2012 . the ruins ofGuiengola. Tehuantepec.fat-Ieafagave.COM .<~ WorldMaii~ From left: Mammillaria tus. The Mercado de Artesanias offers more traditional Oaxacan. near the 20 de Noviembre market.59 . TO STAY: It's easy to find hotels close to the city center of Oaxaca. TO SEE: Jardin Etnobotanico de Oaxaca ( a great place to see works by some of Oaxaca's bestSpanish daily. loquat. visit Chocolate La Soledad (212 Mina). TO DO: (crafts market) is a short walk from the Jardin and is a good resource for handmade textiles. guava. with two-hour guided tours in English on Tuesdays. Also worth a visit: Textile Museum of Oaxaca (museotextildeoaxaca. but if gardens are high on your list. down the street.COM • January/February zoiz:. known imalist courtyard.<~ WorldMaii~ Traveling to Oaxaca Oaxaca mexicoboutiquehotels. Hacienda Los Laureles (from $210 a night. La Olla (laolla. from the center of Oaxaca. is the place to stay. and pomegranate. or one of the many other cacao purveyors on and vegetarian fare. its garden supIt's located in San Felipe de Agua. mango. To sample local moles and chocolate. which is a 10-minute taxi ride serves boutique mezcals and nouvelle Oaxacan cuisine in a wonderfully minplies the kitchen with is open year-round. TO EAT: Los Danzantes (losdanzantes. and ceramics. is a 45-minute plane ride southeast from Mexico City or six hours on a toll road by car. GARDENDESIGN.blogspot. continental. clothes. A boutique hotel on the grounds of a 19th-century hacienda. Mexico. and Saturdays and one-hour tours in Institute of Graphic Arts of Oaxaca (institutodeartes and Oaxaca Museum of Contemporary Art (

.' " . "'" ..<~ WorldMaii~ I'. . . . I.COM . " 60· Januory/February Sol S » GARDENDESIGN.

~ WorldMag's .



has an abundance of land but what seemed to of Carl Linnaeus. Different kinds get back to nature. which features walking paths and a more a piece of nature. British allotment gardens. Days are long. where one can sample a signature dish of raw and smoked reindeer with whitefish roe. As with winNowadays. This can be seen on a designers and winner of the Best in Show domestic level. and lettuce varieties are on their shopping lists. the likes of lamb tongue. and there are places like Rosendals Tradgard. People sign up on waiting lists for koloni and lavish love on them when they get them. and people's interest in At Restauranq Volt. minimalist space. drew heavily on If you've seen Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal. "People are using timber. buy plants." . One of his most iconic pieces is his Flora cabinet that's entirely covered with botanical prints. and all sorts of imaginary varieties. Mikael Blomkvist. an interior design store November.) Even though Stockholm has one of the highest rates of second-home ownership traditional potatoes. Frank. "page 72. His For someone whose career as a writer and editor involved a great influence on Swedish design and architecture is immeasurable. His. maybe with some has a last name that roughly translates as "flower twig." says Victoria Skoglund. the Swedish summer. plays chess with Death. full of references to the natural STE P HEN WH I T L 0 C K was once an associate editor at Garden world. (See "Customers are no longer satisfied with "Sourcebook. ferns. to just get bigger and bigger. and materials." explains Ulf Nordfjell. "Many artists.COM . "Demand for useful berHotel. You can't no matter the time of year . tomatoes.~worldMaiis Northern Star NE THING I'VE LEARNED after almost a decade in of Stockholm's hippest plant nursery. it's not posso many Swedish surnames. "It was started with a need to produce accommodations in Stockholm. their gardens to increasing use to grow nights are warm.that countries in Europe. Was it possible omy." take on the "new Nordic" cuisine. consider the wellof beautiful flowers in Swedish homes. the world. and deal of time spent in gardens in England and America." CD Before I moved here. hero of Stieg Larsson's The Girl With the Stallmiistareqarden isa 49-room inn datingfrom the1600s abutting theRoyalPark of Hag a (Hagbut it's a rather unique relationship Dragon Tattoo trilogy. it wasn't just even at Ikea you'll find all sorts of pieces inspired by Frank's work. its long winter slumber. Sweden. He lives in Stockholm and writesfor numerous magazines. For award at the 2009 Chelsea Flower Show. "Six months of snow. and creators use wood. that's how I feel as I walk around the house switching on lights at 3 o'clock on a November afternoon. who now experiment with plant varieties. an Austrian designer who moved to Stockholm. 64· January/February2012· GARDENDESIGN. locals don't need to leave to French delicacy potatoes. vegetables after World War II. they ask for the in the wooden shacks with gardens around them. lotus flowers. located on a small island connected to the city center by a compare a Swedish garden with one in deeper cultural plain in the etymology of bridge. and granite. sea buckthorn. a public garden with a cafe and nursery on the island of Djurgarden while gardeners here have an eye on what's happening in the rest of that is packed whenever the sun shines.there's never a shortage and many of the restaurants shuttered). Zetas. "Attitudes have been changing over the last 20 years. but this dients." And full in the summer. aparken). plants." cut flowers. or eat lunch in one of the glass houses. rather like Nordfjell notes that there's also an increased interest in design among Swedish gardeners." Youcan see this at Svenskt Tenn." he says. says Nordfjell. means "hazel leaf. People picnic in the orchard. nothing prepares you for it. Suddenly. the pioneer of taxonme a shortage of gardens. for instance. At various spots around the city there are koloni of chilies. I did." large tropical greenhouse. Swedish landscapes remain unique. one visit between May and September (though be a way that rivals even the most gardenof Sweden's most prominent landscape forewarned: Many Swedes take a month-long vacation in July." she says. fled to Sweden in 1933 as the Nazis rose to power. unlike the British. leaving the citiesfeeling empty centric societies. are served in a cool." and the ern Art and the Swedish Museum of Architecture. in the town ofUppsala . To sample Sweden's strawberries and roses. naturalistic techniques and Scandinavian ingrethe ever-practical Swedes are putting ter. After ries like goji and buckthorn has never been greater. designing vivid patterns filled with tulips. the darkness that came as a shock. head to Mathias Dahlgren at the Grand time the shock is a nice one. Hasselblad. I left New York. Life went from Technicolor to black and quite that the Swedes. We have country gardens where people spend time during their summer. "Nature is a great inspiration. life is lived outdoors. and ash overdrive. and ings and fabrics by Josef Frank. owner Design. simA Swedish Sojourn modest when compared to English or ply preferred their nature untamed? Italian specimens. gooseberries. plan to permeates this country's aesthetics in new field. "influences alot of what you can do in your garden. The city's parks are also shapes. Neighbors include the Museum of ModBritain or France or Italy. I thought of Swedish design as being all about white minimalism. one of the less-populated So while even one of the most famous gardens in the land . steel. ver quality you find nowhere else. a city that glitters year-round in downtown Stockholm best known for its collection offurnishand where there's almost always some green in Central Park. sible. nature goes into spruce.and on a designed newcomer Hotel Skeppsholmen. and the light has a silunusual foods. in fact. in which a man nature. the natural world "Gardening in Sweden is a rather To best e1!ioy Sweden's natural beauty. designers. as Skoglund points out. and Swedes want to be in the growing their own vegetables seems thick of it. which favors Ah.forcontact information. and water as the basis of their Sweden is this: Under no circumstances should you move here in creations.



<~ WorldMaii~ GARDENDESIGN..COM • Jonuary/February zolz.67 .

WorldMags .

COM • January/February 2012 . hasfur- nished Swedish gardens since 1930 with items like its Classic Series chairs and table. secret a hotel afern and birchforest its simple steel designs. or Falu red. south of Stockholm. a company knownfor Inn. a shed's grassy roofrepresents the go-to color for wood buildings throughout teatime at Hiiringe Slott.<~ WorldMaii~ Clockwisefrom gardenfeel. herbs are collectedfrom the brick red. a tray inset with an artful atlee of Syringa vulgaris welcomes visitors to a tracoast of Sweden. in the Paul Fejos room at Hiiringe Slott. has a cozy. 69 . collage of botanical drawings is placed out for visitors to admire. Facing page: Afragrant ditional home on the island of Gotland. at Grythyttans the gardenfor or Grythyttan an old-school take on the green roofconceptwhile Sweden. decorated in muted earth tones and elegantjloral near Jiirna. Grythyttan Giistgivaregard. Stalmobler. exterior exemplifies in 1640. which are set out on the dock at Kriigga Herrqdrd. top left: A seating area atthe Hiiringe Slott hotel. an hour's drive northwest of Stockholm. 60 miles off the southeastern GARDENDESIGN. established wallpaper.

the idea is to strip down garden design to its basic elements. the material is divided into four sections in a manner that makes sense to the perusing eye. New York. and seating. 70· January/February 2012 . . hedges. Garden Source is appealingly catholic in its coverage. relying on some 800 color photos to depict a globe's worth of green space.due out in bleak February .COM . as opposed to traditional chapters. meadows and moss. taking the reader from the hills of Petropolis in Brazil to the shores of Long Island. leafing through the book .NOTEBOOK WorldMaii~ <~ frOnt WHILE Straight the Source ON assignment for the likes of House & Garden and National Geographic over the past 20 years. As Jones explains. It depicts paths and pergolas. amateur plots and professional nearly guaranteed to stimulate verdant daydreams of warmer days to come." she says. Especially as the winter days drag on. lighting and water features. She's collected the best of her finds in her latest book. from quirky playgrounds in Tokyo to topiary-filled estates in England. "We wanted the organization of the material to be as approachable as possible. Moreover. photographer Andrea Jones has been lucky enough to set foot in many of the world's finest gardens. As befits the creation of a photographer.Becca Bergman Bull Above: A London garden illustrates how a swirling design maximizes space and artfully divides areas for dining and relaxing. GARDENDESIGN. Thus "Space" explores different spatial formats like rooftops and courtyards while "Divide" deals with elements such as walls. the book is strikingly visual. $40). indeed. a sort of delicious consolation prize for the rest of us. The Garden Source: Inspirational Design Ideasfor Gardens and Landscapes (Rizzoli. An inspiring concept.

Jordaan and her Johannesburg team (she trains unemployed women to knit) craft rocks .. Please send me information about (check all that apply): ~:~~~:. At Newcastle Pottery (nevis1.stoneforest. City/Stale/Zip Email _ _ .......<~ WorldMaii~ ADVERTISEMENT READER SERVICE GARDEN DESIGN Caribbean Clay distinctive red varnish also hails from the island.. call the experts.... a small island cooperative. Visitors can observe the process at the small factory and shop. Created Just for you www. porticos. from small pots brightening people's homes to grand containers populating top-drawer resorts such as the Golden Rock Inn ("AMasterpiece in the Making. 11 BARLOW TYRIE Exceptional outdoor furnishings made with craftsmanship and care since 1920... architectural cast stone.. candleholder... which is an easy but easy-tomiss mile east of the island's airport along the main road. door surrounds. www. and wall STONE FOREST Functional sculpture for the garden and bath. skylights. place in a stamped envelope and mail to the address home a bagful of foreign soil from a tropical vacation would cause quite a dustup at customs.haddonstone. and flowerpot is made of pure Nevisian HANOVER ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS Hanover® Architectural Products has been producing the highest quality concrete pavers.. and upholstered outdoor furniture... www. steps.. and bronze.. Now if only you could bring home some ofthat amazing Nevisian flora.. pool enclosures.... pet rocks no longer represent the pinnacle of geological HADDONSTONE USA Cast stone.. and domes.. columns. one begins to spot Newcastle pieces all over the island.. woven..... For the final step in the process ... www.. and more...per an age-old local tradition . the stones are her signature pieces and bring a ubiquitous but oft-overlooked piece of the natural world indoors.... handcrafted in stone.. For more information about our advertisers...B. Allow enough time and Newcastle will custom-make a vessel to your specifications.. complete the following section... www.gloster.tanglewoodconservatories... LTD.. 71 HARTLEY BOTANIC GREENHOUSE English manufacturers of a hand-made range of bespoke and mace-to-order range of horticultural glasshouses for over 70 years.. GARDENDESIGN. -B. 21 31 41 51 61 www. Custom designer/manufacturer of handcrafted conservatories.. GLOSTER FURNITURE Superbly crafted BARTLETT TREE EXPRESS For all your tree and shrub care needs. they're much softer than their outdoor counterparts. www.. BRINGING 81 91 Soft Rock T HAN K S TO South African textile designer Ronel Jordaan (roneljordaan... Though she also designs floral pillows and decorative felt birdhouses...the pottery bakes directly on coals made from a fire of coconut husks. After a visit. But wise vacationers to the Caribbean island of Nevis bring back their handful of paradise in the form of a singular piece of greenhouses.~"~" " " " i".. created from iron-rich rocks crushed by hand into a powdery paint..out of hand-dyed wool into shapes that form cushions..hanoverpavers. bricks.. and garden walls for over 40 years. including balustrading.' TANGLEWOOD CONSERVATORIES. every serving dish. and cast stone garden ornaments...COM • ......barlowtyrie..crescentgarden..Katie Mendelson January/February 2012' 71 f~~~:~~~~ .B.. Newcastle Pottery was created as part of a government initiative to promote the arts and cottage industries in the Caribbean... light fixture." page 42).. rugs.... The NORMALLY. metal.ranging in size from boulders to pebbles .. Happily CRESCENT Garden Manufacturer of designer lightweight planters and containers for indoor and outdoor use.

00 per year. _t. unique properties scattered around the country. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part without consent of the copyright and their use by others is strictly prohibited: Fresh. check into any of c/o Hotels' impressive. or Tropiflora (800/613-7520. Grow. Unsurpassed quality USA Office: 1-800-360-6283 www.: $23. Novcmbcr/Deccmber) by Bonnier Corporation. P.oakleafconservatories. May/June. Tuck into dinner at Mathias Dahlgren (www .nl).95 for one year. We welcome all editorial submissions but assume no responsibility for the loss or damage of uusolicited material... 15 East 32nd Street.O. April.. SEA AND STONE Rees Roberts + Partners. contact Circulation Department. I nqui re about orderi ng steel chairs and tables designed by Grythyttan . Style. Box 8500. be aware that his selection changes frequently and all species may not always be in stock.O. Retail sales discounts available. $40) through Powell's (powells. New York. Winter Park. NORTHERNSTAR If you're traveling to Sweden.COM/CS or call 386-447-2491 Our online customer service area is available 24 hours a day . SHAPE-SHIFTERS You can purchase bromeliads through David Shiigi's Bromeliads Hawaii bye-mailing or calling Royanne Shiigi (808/8960532. inc1udingHiiringe Slott. . ADVERTISING: Send advertising materials to Attn: Garden Design Ad Management Module. Exceptional design. please call 386-447-2491POSTMASTER: Send address changes to GAHDEN DESIGN. For faster service. AMASTERPIECEIN THEMAKING Fight off the winter doldrums by escaping to Brice and Helen Marden's Golden Rock Inn (869/469-3346. Muse. the design studio of Lucien Rees Roberts and David Kelly. Canadian subscribers add $8. info@ poulahayes. 72· Januory/February Strl S » GARDENDESIGN. Winter are also excellent lodging options in Stockholm. we make portions of our subscriber list available to carefully screened companies that offer products and services we think might be of interest to Check out landscape architect UlfNord_fjell's simple designs for outdoor furniture. tropijfora . Phone: 407-571-4798. Number 176 (ISSN 0733-4923).. and additional mailing Paula Hayes' exhibit "Land Mind" will run through Jan. 27 at the Lever House Art Collection in midtown Manhattan (leverhouse artcol/ectioncom). FL 32790." POSTAL INFORMATION GARDEN DESIGN. EDITORIAL: Send correspondence to Editorial Department. Palm Coast. and Stallmastaregarden (www. com). through his Florida studio (305/858-6777. . Box 420235. If you do not want to receive these offers. visit her website ipaulahayes . For subscription information. or Pay a Bill Just log on to GARDENDESIGN. July/ 12th Floor. Plan to stay at the stunning Villa Augustus in Dordrech t.COM . among others (careojhotels. Occasionally. Rees Roberts and Kelly regularly collaborate with Steven Harris' architecture fi rm. Raymond Jungles. © Copyright 2011.. SUBSCRIP~ TIONS: U. e-mail: gardendesign@ bonniercorp. please enclose your current subscription label.miibler through the furniture company's website (glythyttan. FL 32142-0235. Suite 200. Stop into Victoria Skoglund's garden shop Zetas to pick up plants or outdoor accoutrement (zetas. containers. pergolas. and 1110re(nordjjell collection. Make sure to stop at legendary design store Svenskt Tenn to pick up a few Josef Frank textiles (svenskttennse). Ifinterested in one ofShiigi's hybrids.95 for two years. 460 24/7 CUSTOMER CARE ~ Change Your Address SaveTime ~ Check Your Account Status ~ Replace Missing Issues (f. $ NOTEBOOK Purchase Andrea Jones' The Garden Source (Rizzo1i. Periodicals postage paid at Winter Park. creates magnificent interiors and landscapes for clients across the globe (212/5873371.00 per year.. and Grythyttan Give a Gift. stevenharrisarchitects . royanne76@yahoo . Helen Vaughan's natureinspired ceramics are available at Amaridian. Element. Published seven times per year (January/February. Fla. NY 10016. all rights reserved. foreign subscribers add $21. Netherlands (villaauqustus. please advise us at com). Contact Golden Rock's landscape architect. aNew York-based showroom of sub-Saharan African art.mathiasdahlgren. FL 32789. and furniture (amaridianusa. The following are trademarks of GARDEN DESIGN and Bonnier Corporation. September/October. Orlando Avenue. Learn more about Turkish landscape architect Giirsan Ergil's bespoke furniture and sustainable garden design (gursanergil. raymond jungles.Notebook Sourcebook FRESH Read about Sunbrella's recycling program and locate retailers that sell its eco-friendly fabrics (sunbrel/ or Restaurang Volt ( For more information on Hayes' work. GARDEN DESIGN. P. Kragga Herrgard. Hotel Skeppsholmen ( or contact her studio (212/420-7733. reesroberts. Steven Harris Architects (212/587-1108. March.stallmastaregarden .

one of the most productive charities dollar for deed . soft cheeses. women should take sufficient levels of folic acid (400 micrograms/day) during pregnancy to help prevent neural tube defects and reduce the risk for cleft lip and palate. raw shellfish or eggs. quit smoking and drinking alcohol and follow your health care provider's guidelines for foods to avoid during pregnancy.---------------------------~ 1 SmileTrain." -The New York Times r---------------------------. smoked seafood. and unwashed vegetables.chan!!!1o.. caffeine. P.~ne t2 . visit vwvw... fish exposed to industrial pollutants. can give desperate children not just a new smilebut a new life.IMs. Your support can provide free treatment for poor children with clefts.. DC 20090-62111 According to the U. it has been proven to reduce the risk for neural tube defects by 50 to 70 percent. delicatessen meats.S. For more information. --- OMaslerCani ia cncleeed. © 2012 Smile Train. Box 96211.smiletrain. When folic acid is taken one month before conception and throughout the first trimester. Foods to avoid may include raw or undercooked seafood. fish that contain high levels of mercury. ".org. pate.Free cleft surgery which takes as little as 45 minutes and costs as little as $250. Government. 0 $125Half surgery. S °1 T!:~~!! · or call: 1-800-932-9541 .in the world. Smile Train is a 501 (c)(3)nonprofit recognized by the IRS.SmileTrain. beef. 1 Add.O. 1 Telephone 1 Credit Csrd # I DViaa I 1 I 0 $250 Surgery. pork or poultry. unpasteurized milk. City eMail 1:1 $ Zip tate -- Expire. Washington.. Be sure to receive proper prenatal care. 0 $50 Medications. OAMEX Discover Signature Z12011152ZFAY28 10 Myd""'k 1 I I I I I I 1 Donate online: www. I IMrJMN.and all donations to Smile Train are tax-deductible in accordance with IRSregulations.

com www.birdsallgarden.nativeplants.tangletowngardens. 4511 To find out more about our featured retailers visit North Haven Gardens (Dallas) 214-363-5316 DIG Gardens (Santa Cruz) 831-466-3444 Maryland Valley View Farms (Cockeysville) 410-527-0700 Potter Green & Company (Sonoma) 415-902-0198 New York Evan Peters & www.GARDEN <~ worldMaii~ DESIGN PREMIER RETAIL PARTNER LISTING The Gardener (Berkley) 510-548-4580 North Carolina McIntyre's Books (Pittsboro) 919-542-3030 Illinois Kimball & Bean Garden Antiques (Woodstock) 815-444-9000 www.corn Colorado Birdsall & Co.wreathfactoryonline.mcintyresbooks.biggrassbamboo. (Long Island City) 718-349-7545 International Garden Architecture (Saskatchewan) RCW Big Red Sun (Austin) 512-480-0688 Artefact Design & Salvage (Sonoma) 707-933-0660 Georgia Boxwoods Gardens & Gifts (Atlanta) 404-233-3400 Seasons Garden Center (Washington Crossing) 215-493-4226 www. Conshohocken) 610-825-5525 www.arborgate.bigredsun.nhg.diggardens.steelheartlimited.valleyviewfarms.gardendesign.230-1563 Oregon Red Pig Garden Tools (Boring) 503-663-9404 With Garden Flair (Stockton) 209-933-9009 The Garden Party (Carmel) 831-620-0700 www. (Denver) 303-722-2535 Pennsylvania Garden Accents (W.timothyscenter. (Harvard) 815-943-3465 Nelson Water Gardens & Nursery Inc (Katy) 281-391-4769 Four Seasons Pottery (Atlanta) 404-252-3411 Texas Big Grass (San Antonio) 210-735-7999 California Antique Cottage & Garden (Shasta Lake) 530-275-4451 Marina del Rey Garden Center (Marina del Rey) 310-823-5956 Timothy's Center for Gardening (Robbinsville) 609-448-6222 Wisconsin The Wreath Factory (Plymouth) 920-893-8700 Big Red Sun (Venice) 310-433-0019 Steel Seaside Gardens (Carpinteria) 805-684-6001 La Marche Vert ( www. (Houston) 281-440-5161 Grounded (Encinitas) Canada) 450-227-2775 Minnesota Tangletown Gardens (Minneapolis) 612-822-4769 www. For details call Linda today at 888-259-6753 The Arbor Gate (Tomball) 281-351-8851 Intn'l Garden & Floral Design Center (EI Segundo) 310-615-0353 Fort Pond Native Plants (Montauk) 631-668-6452 www. Call today to find out how to become a GARDEN DESIGN retailer and be included in this list of exclusive New Jersey Sickles Market (Little Silver) 732-741-9563 Vermont Verde for Garden and Home (Brattleboro) 802-258-3908 Magnolia Gift & Garden (Chico) 530-893-3098 www. www.gardenarchitecture.2828 www.igardencenter. The GARDEN DESIGN Retail Program offers you magazines for resale in your store and exposure for your shop in every issue of GARDEN DESIGN and on the web-site.jsp and Design Regan Roses (Fremont) 510-797-3222 www.sicklesmarket.

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com TUSCAN IMPORTS Free Catalog . citrus fruit offers its peak flavor when allowed to ripen on the tree. contemporary items.rainwatertechnology. Tuscan Imports is the right choice for your residential or commercial l'LANY'sM!!N' SlNCE 1950 info@tuscanimports. Looking for a Valentine's gift? Our personalized card sets are a perfect choice. 800-503-9624 Rainwater Harvesting Our RainBox system filters and stores rainwater for irrigating gardens. seedless fruits. is America's leading source for handmade Italian terra cotta from Impruneta and Siena. please call or visit our Web site.fabulousstationery. We also offer surface and underground systems capable of recycling all of the rainwater from a home or commercial building. and more.bdlilies. they are the one to call when looking for "the best Italy has to offer. Interconnecting 75-gallon tanks sunlight-stable made of liIygarden@bdlilies. Shown: 4-Slat Adirondacks with Adirondack Table 877-740-3387 843-667-9101 lolldesigns. and many exclusive designs.500 mod designs to choose TO ADVERTISE. To order item 4691 for $32.B&D Lilies B&D Lilies. The fruit is quickly packed and shipped direct to you. www. plastic offer high-volume White Flower Farm Like all fruits. 800-477-7724 www. retaining the ambrosial sweetness that nature intended. and washing automobiles. Each 10-pound box contains 15-20 aromatic." Loll Designs Recycle + relax. www. request a catalog todayl 360-765-4341 www. takes the guesswork out of choosing the best performing lily bulbs for your personal location with their full-color Spring 2012 Catalog & Reference Guide. Economy $5 shipping available in the U. We work with small growers who harvest during the peak of ripening. Made in the USA. filling ponds. a world-famous grower of garden-tested USA grown bulbs since 1978. sales@conservationtechnology. Carrying a huge selection of classical pieces. Photo Cards. Known for their extensive inventory and excellent customer service.S. CALL 407-571-4772 . For glorious blooms this summer in your garden. and are only available in January. Social Business Tuscan Imports Handmade Italian Terra Cotta Tuscan Imports.SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION as Cards for Every Occasion Personalized Notes. Be sure to visit our One Dollar Greeting Card Shop for even more Fab.whiteflowerfarm.over 1. Our Honeybells are a delicious Grapefruit-Tangerine cross. We look forward to serving you.

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graceful design. easy-togrow hybrid daylilies in a rainbow of colors. Permeable. and patios. of the iron without They are as strong as steel but will never rust. 905-528-4448 www.oxfordgarden. Free full-color catalogues 800-532-9545 www. Only ShadeFX'" covers areas up to 40 feet long and 20 feet wide with one retractable canopy that mounts below or above the rafters. or contractor .com info@oxfordgarden. 800-334-4115 www. or call for a catalogue. SOIL RETENTION TO ADVERTISE. Get ShadeFXTM. That's because ShadeFX'" is retractable. greenhouse photos.shadefx. Made in the US with a Lifetime Warrantyl 800-344-2242 unAC'''. the Torbay Wicker Collection combines traditional design with modern elegance.lfS www. Transform your outdoor living outdoor living area with three-season Maintenance-Free Fencing Jerith Aluminum Fences offer the elegance and protection traditional wrought maintenance. Oregon. We send are Drivable Grass® Make your neighbors green with envy! Easy to install and aesthetically Drivable Crass" provides an environmentally friendly alternative poured concrete while offering the same strength pleasing.sturdi-built.H ishadeFX' <.com using scented folding like a roman shade. sturdi-built Greenhouse Manufacturing We've been making beautiful redwood and glass greenhouse kits in Portland. and be cool. Introducing Torbay Wicker Collection Named Casual Market "Best of Show" by Eberly and Collard Public Relations.oakesdaylilies. space into a sun and rain-protected comfort at the touch of a button. and designed to attach to new and existing pergolas. parking areas. Visit our website for a color catalogue. 877-866-3331 www. These beautiful fences are available in a variety of colors and styles that add prestige to any property.. and sizes. shapes. for more than 50 years. Each is customized with features and equipment to meet your unique gardening needs and can be shipped all over the U. with Drivable Grass® flexible. and plantable.SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Oakes Oaylilies Your trusted source for America's perfect perennial! Choose from more than 400 varieties of hardy. Be Cool. and lasting beauty. or colored crushed stone as an infil!. Specify ShadeFX'" to your architect.. CALL 407-571-4772 . to asphalt and and durability. Make your outdoor living lifestyle a reality. it's your choice! 800-346-7995 www."O. creeping oregano. Drivable Grass" is the solution for driveways.soilretention. freshly dug plants that are big enough to bloom the first year. Torbay exemplifies the affordable luxury of Oxford Garden outdoor living: extraordinary craftsmanship.. Explore your opportunities With Drivable Grass".S. and information.

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Winter Park.153). Cobre products are made from reclaimed copper. Known Bondholders.AND CIRCULATION (Required by 39 USC 3685) I. 7. Publication Title: Garden Design.Total Number of Copies: 275.214). Complete Mailing Address of Headquarters or General BusinessOffice of Publisher: Bonnier Corporation. Garden Design School Exceptional world-class teaching. 5. 460 N. CALL 407-571-4772 . PO Box 8500. Managing Editor: Becky Strauss.and Other NonUSPS Paid Distribution: 8.O. Free or Nominal Rate Distribution Outside the Mail: 1. Total:275. c. Visit our website today and create a greenhouse that fits your personal gardening needs.921 (November/December 20 II: 217. Street Vendors. 9.PO Box 8500. 13.788 (November/December 20 II: 255.. and Other Securities: None. of IssuesPublishedAnnually: 7. every day. P. Florida 32789. h.Winter Park. designers.hollingsworthpeonies. FL 32790. Publication Title: Garden Design. Orange County. Nov/Dec. I I. Winter Park.95. FL 32790.Winter Park. 10. Percent Paid:99.gardendesignschool. Filing Date: 9/30/ II. Great plants. Request your free color catalog today! 800-852-5243 I www. Reserve your place at our Open House on March 21 or May info@gardendesignschool.Annual Subscription Price: $23.940 (November/December 20 I I: 222.JuVAug.Winter Park. Full Names and Complete Mailing Addresses of info@floriangreenhouse.Tax Status (for completion by nonprofit organizations authorized to mail at special rates): Has Not Changed During Preceding 12 Months. A unique and inspirational landscape design program led and instructed by internationally British recognized professional MANAGEMENT. U. 460 N. CallI-BOO-FLORIAN today and receive your free quotation 800-356-7426 and color brochure.214).com www.Owner: Bonnier Corporation. Orange County. We specialize in providing freshly dug. e. 460 N. and Counter Sales.05% (November/December 20 I I: 99. 2012. 660-562-3010 www. 0733-4923. No. May/Jun. Editor: Norman Vanamee. Suite 200.Sep/ Oct. 2. a great guarantee.220 (November/December 20 I I: 224. Copies not Distributed: 35. with no transplant bluestone@bluestoneperennials. Publication No. Issue Frequency: Jan/Feb. Free catalogue.212). POSTAL SERVICE STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP.845).46%).788 (November/December 20 I I: 255. vases. and have been fairly traded since 1994. (3) Paid Distribution Outside the Mails Including SaiesThrough Dealers and Carriers. healthy plants.631). and Managing Editor: Publisher:Jodi Bech. Orlando Ave. which sets a new standard for long flowering.232 (November/December 20 I I: 425). Orlando Ave.f. Paid Circulation: (I) Mailed Outside-County Paid Subscriptions: 229. Free or Nominal Rate Outside-County Copies: 1. Commencing August 2012 at Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston. Florida 32789. 781-489-5878 www. More than 100 different peonies to choose from Handcrafted Vessels These beautifully vessels.Mar. g. and the best customer service in the business. are earth-friendly.SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Bluestone Perennials Specialists in growing and shipping fine perennials for over 40 years Bluestone now offers over 1.000 varieties grown in 100% biodegradable coconut fiber pots ready to plant. cachepots. With a standard or custom greenhouse from Florian.bluestoneperennials. and landscape peonies-variety guaranteed.059). Winter Park. MA.Total Distribution: 240. Complete Mailing Address of Known Office of Publication: Bonnier Corporation.568 (November/December 20 I I: 31. Orange County. your love for gardening is no longer seasonal.048 (November/December 20 II: 789).Editor. Apr. heirloom. Issue Date for Circulation Data Below: November/December 2011. 503-248-1111 www. Suite 200.280 (November/December 20 II : 1. FL 32789.212). d. Orange County.. and bowls are perfect for flower arrangements and as gifts for special occasions. 8. 12. Home of the "Garden Treasure" Itoh peony. Winter Park. Copper handcrafted copper Your Love of Gardening is No Longer Seasonal. 6. i. Our hassle-free. 14. 4. Total Free or Nominal Rate Distribution: 2..019 (November/December 20 I I: 5. online quoting system will allow you to design and budget your greenhouse in just minutes. Suite 200. I Sa.ecobre.Box 8500. Orange County. FL 32790.Terry L TO ADVERTISE. Hollingsworth Peonies Your source for exciting new colors: fragrant. Total Paid Distribution: 237.PO Box 8500. Free or Nominal Rate Distribution: I. Orlando Ave. FL 32790. b. 4. Sign up now for the Cobre monthly enewsletter and receive a 25%-off coupon toward your first purchase.

" Photograph by Jan Baracz 80· Januory/February Sol S » GARDENDESIGN. I took a number of photographs that day that made me see the garden in a completely different way. and foundations that are exposed in the winter. perhaps a little morbid and poetic in a way that other seasons are not. shapes.COM . This detail reveals the moment that the snow melts away and life is revealed again.BREAKTHROUGH " This picture was taken at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden last winter after a heavy snowfalL I'm inspired by and interested in the structures. It's meditative and introspective.

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