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2010 Water: Crisis and Choices: Less Water More Food

2010 Water: Crisis and Choices: Less Water More Food

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2010 Water: Crisis and Choices
2010 Water: Crisis and Choices

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Published by: adbwaterforall on Feb 03, 2012
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Theme 2 - Water in Food: Productivity Gains y

Less Water, More Food: Solutions for Enhanced Productivity

Session Participants
David Molden - IWMI

Katsuji Matsunami - ADB

Bas Bouman – IRRI Colin Ch C li Chartres –IWMI IWMI Ajay Jakhar – BKS India Herbert Oberhaensli - Nestle Kevin Parris – OECD Mihir Shah - Planning Commission India C i i I di

Tom Panella - ADB

Issues for discussions 1. Governance 2. Role of private sector 3. Water pricing 4. 4 Saving water for what? 5. Rainfed agriculture

Issue #1: Governance
• Lagging behind in both large and small irrigation. • Is there future in large schemes? • Solutions outside agriculture? Education, land rights, social, capacity, ....? • What is our best bet?

Issue #2: Private sector
• PPP a possible vehicle for more efficient water management? Will it be pro-poor? pro poor? • Where else can private sector help improve management of water for food? • Technologies and innovations • Virtual water trade

Issue #3: Water pricing

• Financial sustainability – is this an achievable goal? • Is water fee a sufficient tool for conservation? Or do we need new incentive structure? • Service before pay, or p y for better p y pay service?

Issue #4: Water saving for what?

• Water saving for more food, or for other sectors? • Is there a feasible way to allow cross-sector water transfer?

Issue #5: Rain fed agriculture Rain-fed

• Will it be a solution for more food with less water? l t ? • What are the challenges and concerns we should be aware?

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