“Do you have 3C’s in your ward (locality)?” 1.CLEANLINESS 2. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT 3.CORRUPTION PREVENTION “If no, do you wish to bring 3C’s in your ward? Its very simple.”
A ward has, approximately, 1,50,000 citizens with, approximately, 40,000 voters. Municipal Corporation of Delhi are holding elections in 272 wards for Councillor in March/ April 2012. PLEASE VOTE ! For less then Rs. 2/- a day, you can bring 3C’s in your ward OR keep complaining and do nothing. The choice is yours. Lok Satta Party REQUESTS CITIZENS to take initiative in bringing 3C’s in their wards and create Model Wards through MeTRO (Measurable Time-bound Real Outcomes)


4 simple ways of bringing 3C’s 2. VOTE
Step 8- Please pledge to get yours and others voter-ids made Step 9- Please pledge to vote and inspire other to vote on the D-day

Step 1- On facebook, “Like” “Lok Satta Party Delhi” (https://www.facebook.com/pages/LokSatta-Party-Delhi/258229280858488) Step 2- Stand or inspire others to become candidate from their ward (FREE ticket) Step 3- Inspire your parents, relatives, friends, etc. in highlighting problems and suggesting solutions for their ward Step 4- Get yours and others voter-ids made. (www.ceodelhi.nic.in) 1950 and 239-188-88 Step 5- Volunteer in spreading the word and helping the best candidate win Step 6- Please give us your contact details to keep you updated on our activities. Step 7- Send an email with subject line “volunteer” at loksattamcd2012@gmail.com ____________________________

In MCD elections 2007, only 43.24% citizens voted


Lok Satta Party, Delhi is a new chapter and is raising Rs. 50 lakhs only in its first phase. The money will be used: - to fund 15 candidates for MCD 2012 elections - for administrative expanses. Full disclosure will be made on our website and audited accounts will be available for inspection. Step 10- Become an Executive Member TODAY! (details overleaf)
www.loksatta.org loksattamcd2012@gmail.com

Step 11- If you have a different idea to make wards better, please do let us know.

May the best person win

This page- http://www.scribd.com/doc/79490397/Member

Our Objective:
• Win 15 seats (5 in each trifurcated area of MCD) in elections • Make wards into 3C’s MODEL WARD • Represent Citizen’s Voice to move Delhi in the right direction • 100% citizens get Voter IDs • 100% citizens go for voting

• Better wards- 3C’s, etc. • Become a responsible candidate • Job opportunity - As candidate - As supporting staff • Politics as career • Highlight problems and suggest solutions •Voting rights in Lok Satta Party

Lok Satta way:
• FREE ticket to candidates • Candidates use “People Power” to get elected • Want to serve people instead of rule people • Work for MeTRO (Measurable Time Bound Real Outcomes) • Convincing voters instead of buying voters • Internal democracy and no dynasty

Once elected, what will What will we NOT do? we do?
• 3C’s MODEL WARD - Cleanliness- malba - Community involvementraina basera, community toilet complexes - Corruption prevention • Corruption • Give excuses- we will deliver MeTRO (measurable time-bound real outcomes) • Disappear once elected- we will listen and report on performance • Dispense favours- all will be equal

HOW will we do?
• Advisors, monitors, youth with recognition

• Self- reporting (www.mericity.in)

• 100 day plan • Annual plan

• Monthly reports ______________________________________________________

Cost of membership:
• Lifetime : Rs. 10,000/• Annual : Rs. 1,000/-

After tax, cost of membership*:
• Rs. 7,000/• Rs. 700/*- at 30% tax rate.

Online (cards and cheque):
• Visit http://bit.ly/zLo0vQ. • Follow the steps • In step 2, under - “Any special skills”, mention- “Delhi” alongwith special skills - “Address details”, if you have, mentionDelhi address - “Where do you want your membership to be considered? - “State Chapter”, choose- “Delhi” - “Preferred constituency, choose- “Delhi”
www.loksatta.org loksattamcd2012@gmail.com

• Please send a mail to loksattamcd2012@gmail.com with the subject line “executive” and we would get back to you as soon as possible: Once registered, online or through cheque, please send us an email with the subject line “registered” to loksattamcd2012@gmail.com.

This page- http://www.scribd.com/doc/79490397/Member

• First Name* • Last Name* ... . • Landline Phone* ..Mobile . • Email* . • Father’s/ Husband’s name* . Address: • Date of Birth* Day* ..Month . Year Lok Satta Party Membership • Gender* M/F Center, • Educational qualifications* ... Flat # 806, Srinivasa Towers, Besides ITC Grand Kakatiya • Marital Status* Single/ Married Hotel, Begumpet, • Social category ..BC .OC ..SC ST ........Minority Hyderabad - 500016 • Profession* Approx. gross annual income ... • Any special skills (Delhi MCD elections 2012) . . Regards, • Address (where Lok Satta card would be mailed, preferably, Delhi add.) Loksatta Membership team members@loksatta.org or House no. Colony/ ward/ div. vill./ mandal City/ town . District . 040 40405050 State/ Province ..Pin . • Where do you want your membership to be considered? State Chapter - Delhi • Time you could spend for the Party (choose one) .Can give full time in politics .Can spend .hours .daily/ weekly/ monthly/ annually • Political aspiration (choose one) .Can contest in any election .Unsure as of now • Referred by: Name Mobile no. . .. Membership ID . • Please issue cheques in favour of LOK SATTA PARTY, A/c # 020205001973 • Cheque no. ..Bank name ... • Type of membership ...Annual/ Lifetime ... • Amount in Rupees .. • Pan card ... • Acquired member, who get member, name .. ID .. Affidavit I am a citizen of India, I here with confirm that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge & that I am not involved in any cases relating to a crime or corruption. I have read & understood all the Terms & Conditions mentioned overleaf. Place Date ..Signature .. ____________________________________________________ Dear .., Thank you for your contribution of Rs. 10,000/ Rs. 1,000 towards lifetime/ annual dues of Lifetime/ Executive Membership of Lok Satta Party. Your Lok Satta ID is . (will be delivered soon through sms) Your membership card and 80GGB/80GGC letter should reach you within 45 days. For any questions, you can reach us at members@loksatta.org or +91 40 40405050. Acquired member name Acquired member id .. .Date
Kindly mail this form alongwith your cheque to the address mentioned below, with your name written on the back side of the cheque.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS Declaration 1) I hereby declare the particulars and statements made here in are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and nothing has been concealed or held therefrom. 2) I hereby declare that I have out of my sources made a voluntary contribution to Lok Satta Party. 3) I hereby declare that I am an Indian citizen and for making above donation I have not received any donation, currency or gift from any foreign source either directly or through one or more persons for giving the said donation. Important Legal and Regulatory reminders for NRIs 1. As per the provisions of Section 80 GGB of Income Tax Act and Section 293 A of companies Act (1956), any sum, not exceeding 5% of its net profit averaged over the immediate three preceding financial preceding years contributed by an Indian company to any political partiy is deductable from its total income for the corresponding year. 2. As per Section 80 GGC of the Indian Income Tax Act (1961), the entire sum contributed by an individual to any registered political party is eligible for deduction while computing the Income Tax. 3. As per 29C of The Representation of People Act (1951), all contributions (individual or corporate) made in excess of twenty thousand rupees have to be reported to the Election Commission.

_____________________________________________________ For more information: • Lok Satta Party Membership Center, Flat # 806, Srinivasa Towers, Besides ITC Grand kakatiya Hotel, Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500016 • For online membershiphttp://bit.ly/zLo0vQ • visit us at www.loksatta.org • like us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lok-SattaParty-Delhi/258229280858488 • For general enquiry, email us at loksattamcd2012@gmail.com • For flyerhttp://www.scribd.com/doc/79490397/Member

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