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com Title : Snow White Source and script, taken from www.sunnybreaks.com Re-upload to @2011_ www.haarrr.wordpress.com

Characters: Narrator (Narator, Pencerita) Snow White (Putri Salju) Queen (Ratu – Ibu Tiri Snow White) Magic Mirror (Cermin Ajaib) – voice Hunter (Pemburu, Utusan Ratu) Prince (Sang Pangeran dari kerajaan tetangga) Dwarf 1 – 7 (Kurcaci) *** NARRATOR: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way… There was this kingdom where some people lived. Maybe you know them… SNOW WHITE appears from the side… QUEEN: (her voice only) Ho ho ho… SNOW WHITE: Oh my Goodness! It’s my step-mother – the Queen. Shhh! (exits) QUEEN: Oh mirror, mirror on the wall MAGIC MIRROR: (turns around) Yes, my Queen. QUEEN: Who is the fairest of them all? MAGIC MIRROR: Why, you are, my Queen. QUEEN: Ha ha ha … ha, ha. Excellent.

@2011_ www.haarrr.wordpress.com


Right away. Run! SNOW WHITE: Really? (Snow White runs around the stage once) (Huffing and Puffing) SNOW WHITE: I can’t run anymore. (whispers) And then kill her! HUNTER: Oh! Right away? (He takes a step back.wordpress. my Queen.haarrr. The Queen takes a step forward. Hello? Is anybody in there? @2011_ www. Snow White skips in) SNOW WHITE: Do what right away. yes. QUEEN: Who is the fairest of them all? MAGIC MIRROR: The fairest is… QUEEN: The fairest is…??? MAGIC MIRROR: (slumps down) Snow White. Look – a little cottage. (The Queen screams in surprise) QUEEN: What did you say? Snow White? Hunter! Hunter! HUNTER: Queen? QUEEN: Take Snow White into the woods. Hunter? HUNTER: Oh Snow White! You must run away my Princess. Now.) QUEEN: Right away! HUNTER: Right away? (Queen turns and exits) HUNTER: Right now? (Hunter is thinking.(Queen turns and begins to walk away) (Suddenly) QUEEN: Mirror! MAGIC MIRROR: (turns around more quickly) Ah.com 2 .

wordpress. Who’s the fairest of them all? MAGIC MIRROR: The fairest of them all is still Snow White. (Narrator looks sideways. My name is Snow White and I’m on the run. Somebody cooked dinner. @2011_ www. jiggidy-jig. stands up) SNOW WHITE: I’m sorry to come in without asking.(She opens the door and looks around. ALL DWARVES: Who is she? (Snow White wakes up. (Cut to the Queen’s Castle) QUEEN: Ho ho ho! Ah Mirror. QUEEN: What… What… What did you say? (Pauses) QUEEN: Then I have a good idea. She starts cleaning and making dinner. home again. She dances and sings “We’re off to see the Wizard. Thank you so much. DWARF 4: Wow! Somebody is sleeping in our bed. I will poison an apple. DWARF 1: That’s terrible. DWARF 1: Home again. In fact she couldn’t stop cleaning and cooking. Or dancing. DWARF 2: Wow! Somebody cleaned the house! DWARF 3: Wow. irritated at Snow White) Narrator: Or singing. She’s living in a small cottage in the woods. mirror. ALL DWARVES: You can stay with us.com 3 . SNOW WHITE: Thank you. Cooking and cleaning.haarrr. MAGIC MIRROR: And then? QUEEN: (dresses up like an apple merchant) I will pretend to be an apple merchant. the wonderful wizard of Oz”) NARRATOR: And so Snow White started cleaning and cooking.

com 4 . I’m the most beautiful in the world. Snow White ate a poison apple. ALL DWARVES: Oh Princess. QUEEN: Well… Here.MAGIC MIRROR: And then? QUEEN: Then I will go to the cottage and feed it to her. What happened? DWARF 1: Look at this. It’s very tasty. Try it. Whoah. do you want to buy an apple? SNOW WHITE: No thanks. Princess! Woe. (Cut to Cottage) (Knock Knock Knock) SNOW WHITE: Who’s there? QUEEN: Apple seller. SNOW WHITE: (Coughs up the piece of poison apple) @2011_ www. (The sound of horse’s hoofs) PRINCE: What’s the matter? DWARF 1: Our good Princess ate a poison apple. (Snow White opens the door) QUEEN: Ah my pretty.) QUEEN: From now on. Ho ho ho! (Thunder and lightening flashes. this is my gift to you. The Queen disappears.haarrr. poor Princess. It’s delicious. (falls over) (The Queen removes her costume. (The Queen hands her an apple) SNOW WHITE: Yum. I’m dizzy.) ALL DWARVES: (appear next to Snow White) Oh dear. DWARF 2: The Evil Queen must have done this.wordpress. PRINCE: (Kneels over Snow White) Oh.

EVERYBODY: Hurrah! The Princess woke up. Will you marry me? ALL DWARVES: Of course she will! EVERYBODY: Hah hah hah…! NARRATOR: And so Snow White and the Prince lived happily ever after.haarrr.com 5 . I’m a Prince from a neighbouring country.com @2011_ www.haarrr. The Dwarves went back to work at their diamond mine and the Wicked Queen eventually got what she deserved.Uh-hugh-uuugh! DWARF 2: Oh man. the Princess coughed up the poison apple.wordpress. THE END *** Thank you for downloading from www. SNOW WHITE: Oh who are you? PRINCE: Princess.wordpress.

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