Management Challenges for the 21st Century

P.F. Drucker

Management¶s New Paradigm ‡ Since 1930¶s Management is Business Management ‡ Today Mgmt. is the Specific Distinguishing Organ of Any and All Organizations .

¶s New Paradigm ‡ Since 1930¶s One Right Organization Structure ‡ Today No Such Thing« « People Variables The Organization that Fits the Task .Mgmt.

¶s New Paradigm ‡ Since 1930¶s One Right Way to Manage People ‡ Today Different People have to be Managed Differently ± People are Lead« To make most productive their specific strengths.Mgmt. .

Strategy ± the New Certainties 1. The Collapsing Birthrate in the Developed World ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Politics of Turbulence Government Instability Retirement Productivity Must Increase Rapidly .

Leisure ‡ Growth of Financial Services . Health Care 3. Government 2.Strategy ± the New Certainties 2. The Distribution of Disposable Income ‡ 4 Growth Sectors of the 20th Century 1. Education 4.

Strategy ± the New Certainties 3. Defining Performance ‡ ‡ ‡ Institutional Ownership ‡ ³For Whose Benefit Should the Business be Run?´ Stakeholders Short Term vs. Long Term .

etc« .Strategy ± the New Certainties 4. Global Competitiveness ‡ ‡ ‡ Cheap Labor No Longer Works Growing Global Standards ³Protection´ No Longer Protects ± Tariffs. Taxes.

and Local Realities .Strategy ± the New Certainties 5. Regional. National. Growing Incongruence between Economic Reality and Political Reality Global Economy of Money & Information vs.

The Change Leader ‡ Sees Change as an Opportunity ± Abandonment ± Organized Improvement (3%) ± Exploiting Success ³Make the Future´ .

The Information Revolution ‡ From the ³T´ to the ³I´ ‡ Continuing Education ‡ Organizing Information ± Key Events or KPI¶s ± Statistics ± Threshold Phenomenon .

Knowledge-Worker & Productivity ‡ What is Your Task? ‡ What Should it Be? ‡ What Should You be Expected to Contribute? ‡ What Hampers You in Doing Your Task? ‡ What Should be Eliminated? .

Managing Oneself ‡ Who Am I? ‡ How do I Work? ‡ Where do I Belong? ‡ What is My Contribution? ‡ Take Responsibility! ‡ Plan for the Second Half of Your Life! ‡ What are My Strengths? .