Agriculture Tourism

Presented By Sagar Nikam

   Agriculture Tourism Heritage and cultural Tourism Eco Tourism .Rural Tourism Tourism is termed rural when the rural culture is a key component of the product on offer.

´Come. smell a flower. pluck a fruit. lie on the hay and be lost in rural Indiaµ . run in the fields.

or active involvement in the activities of the farm or operation. horticultural. education. . or agribusiness operations for the purpose of enjoyment.Agricultural Tourism is the Holidays concept of Visiting a working farm or any agricultural.

Onsite Accommodation Facilities and Amenities Agri Tourism On.Site Attractions /Activities .

To identify the challenges faced by Agri.Objectives To examine the key issues involved in the development of Agri-tourism in India.tourism industry. . To suggest recommendations for the success of this industry.

Magazines.Research Design Type of Research Descriptive Research Data Collection Tool   Primary Data Technique. . Journals.Direct Interview Secondary Data Source. White Papers. Internet.

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