Topics (for Matlab Thesis

1. Image Processing tool a. Image With filters (Projects) b. Breast Cancer detection from mammogram using Image Processing. c. Image cryptography (Thesis ) i. Stegnanograhy (Thesis ) 1. Byte Replacement 2. LSB Technique 3. BY index Method ii. Image as Password (Project ) iii. Watermarking ( Thesis ) 1. DCT OR DWT 2. Visible Invisible iv. Image for Device Automation (Project) d. Image Compression and decompression (Thesis) i. DWT ii. Comparison between techniques based on PSNR, Compression ratio and Size. e. Image to video convector (Project ) f. Image easy RESIZER (project) g. Recognize Based i. Character detector in image h. Quality Analyzer (Project) i. Based on color ii. Based on shape iii. Based on both i. Content Based Retriever i. TEXT ii. COLOR j. CBIR (Content based Image Retrieval ) (Thesis ) i. Input will be one image file and software will search for the same images in database folder based on color or texture. k. Image Noising De- Noising and Edge Detection (Thesis ) i. Using GABOR and CANNY 1. GABOR Is used to smooth image first then Canny is used for Edge Detection ii. Using GAUSSIAN AND CANNY 1. Gaussian is used to smooth image first then Canny is used for Edge Detection

e. 4. Gabor filter 6. F) BBO algo implementation . Image Acquisition a. d. Edge detection All techniques 8. 3. Other based on your ideas for camera interfacing and acquisition. Face recognition 7. Image Morphing a. Traveling salesman problem 5. Segmentation Digital image processing (theses topics) A) ACO implementation Three techniques simulation Implementation in dip Edge detection Compression B) GA Image compression Edge detection C) Face detection Three different techniques D) Face Emotions E) Neural based Face detection Face recognition User based algo . Modulation techniques 9. Image edge detection b. Face detection a. Intelligent CCTV camera. ROBO Soccer module. AVI Creator from direct camera with preview c.2. ACO a. Two images are input to the software and vectors Points are marked on both of the images and then software morph both images on basis of input vector points. Camera Interfacing b.

2. Performance analysis of orthogonal or non orthogonal STBC codes over Rayleigh channel or other channel by using partial feedback that is having knowledge of channel. 4. BPSK/QPSK Flat fading Bit Error rate analysis Biomedical 1.G) H) I) J) K) BFO algo implementation Alphabet recognition Image transmission in simulnk No of edges in image Finger print matching system Communication 1. Performance analysis of closed loop (having feedback) STBC and open loop STBC. Performance analysis of Super Quasi orthogonal space time trellis code. Performance analysis of STBC or QUASI OSTBC or any other code via antenna selection or taking other factor 5. 5. Take any adaptive digital system and compare its performance by comparing their reception with coding (STBC) and without coding. 3. 4. RF network planning using tabu search 9. 3. ECG SIMULATION USING MATLAB -Principle of Fourier Series Image feature extraction and segmentation Optical character recognition Speech recognition Face recognition Finger print recognition . Group decoding of STBC or QUASI OSTBC for low complexity. Comparison of non orthogonal and orthogonal STBC codes. 8. 7. 6. 6. 2.