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You also have the option of printing reports of booth assignments and analyzing your booth data with statistical reports. Sponsors ix. The organizers face a huge amount of effort in conduction such large scale expos. Exhibitor's membership status iii. Nevertheless organizing such exhibitions not only give companies good exposure but also servers to agree upon big deals and agreements with other corporate or potential clients. deposit slips. Staff working at the booth viii. Total number of years exhibiting in your expo v. Each exhibitor can have multiple directory listings. Capture important dates including: last change. Number of booths by year vii. Prints badges and confirmations x. You can create this by defining product codes and assigning them to exhibitor accounts. Exhibitor priority points (for booth preferences and awards) xi. booth audit trail. statements. Source of exhibitor leads xiii.along with booth numbers vi. Total number of booths . cash receipts by date. Maintain Product Directory A complete product guide and exhibitor directory is easy to produce when using Expo Management System . status reports. Additionally.allows you to include/exclude an exhibitor from a mailing iv. you may create charts and graphs for the Executive Director/Board. Exhibit space size .profitable and successful means. these industries round the globe are in the lookout for a roof to exhibit their products in the most convenient . Functional modules of this projects Maintain Exhibitor Information i. It's easy to create your own or tailor these reports to fit your needs by using the custom report writer . Booth Management Expo Management System automatically updates exhibitor accounts when fees or services are changed for a booth. Exhibitor Accounting Within the Expo Management System accounting reports include exhibitor financial list. paid.along with the amount xii. Mail codes . and end-of-month reports.EXPO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ABSTRACT With the increasing growth in the number of industries and the competitive run for the trophy of perfection and profit. and contract return date. Chambers of Commerce and Industrial Associates around the world conduct expos or large trade fairs and exhibitions with the aim of promoting their products and companies. accounting summary reports. contract sent. Exhibitor's demographic information ii.

Product and display reports about him is easy.friendly and professional they maintain the highest possible standards and frequently go out of their way to achieve results that are envy of our industry. Expo Functionalities 2. No mattere what services our customers require they can be secure in the knowledge we will deliver a first class service every time. Add tables to store information about and operations support. Booth Functionalities 4. To ensure that solve difficult problems by making the system should have the following functions: 1.from concept development. Register Exhibitor. Zone and Manager Account. Report Functionalities 5.Our staff working in the publishing division. Exhibitor Functionalities 3. ManagerAccount Functionalities . Booth.INTRODUCTON Expo Management System is a young. Product. Booth. Expo Management prides itself on the calibre of its staff. through onsite management and conference production to show post evaluation. Need the function to management detail information can be more effectively.produce a collection of market leading trade magazines and directories with in the bus. Expo Management System can be automatically updates exhibitor accounts when fees or services are changed for a booth. Business / Project Objective Create a database for the Expo Management System.experienced.Expo publishing.Dynamic and professional media company that provides a wide range of publishing and event management services. Through the combined skills of our events team w are able to offer our exhibition clients with a complete package of sales. The client-server application authenticates the existing client by his username and password.

delete and add new Booth on Booth tables. service or when update information of Booth. And not true inform the corresponding 2. Display report. If true. delete booth  Input Information of Booth. Exhibitor Functionalities  Login to system and update information  View.1. Booth Functionalities  View all information of booth. id of Exhibitor  Process Save to database when update. Create chart and graph  Output Display information of all Booths. allows perform this. Expo Functionalities  Login to system and update his information after login Create. create manage account  Output Compare input data with data of database. Can insert. 3.  View and update product information  Input Information of Exhibitor. update information of exhibitor. . delete and add new Exhibitor on Exhibitor table Create and update information of Product.  Process Authentication of existing username and password on Exhibitor tables Save to database when update. And Save it on Product table  Output Display all information of Exhibitors. update and view manage account  Update Price of booth  Username and Password  Information of manage account  Process Authentication of existing Username and password on Expo table Save to database when update. Create report of Booth assignments. Auto update Exhibitor account when fees. update.

update account. ImportDate tables. Booth. Report Functionalities  View all information of Expo.  Process Get all Information from Manager account  Output Information of Manager account and power of them. Show it by graph and chart  Output All relation information of Exhibitor 5. Exhibitor. .4. Product.  Input Choose type of report  Process Get all Information from Exhibitor.  Input If you have administrator power. ManagerAccount Functionalities  View all information of Managers and power of them. you can display all Manager account and add new. product«..

User can also know about the ranking of that product.To know any details of that product in detail the contact details of the exhibitors are also available. That means to promote the companies they have to introduce about there product in each and every individual home or they have to give any advertisements about the product. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS:     JSP [coding] DATA BASE mysql Tomcat Server Operating System Windows 2000 XP HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS:     RAM 256MB Hard disk 40GB Monitor Processor:Intel Pentium-IV FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS:  Register Module  Login Module  Exhibitor Module . By this the time consuming will be very much to promote there companies. So it is a very critical task to perform by each and every company. Here user can view the full data about the companies and know about the different products.  Very risky  Time consuming is very high to promote there companies  Need more exhibitors PROPOSED SYSTEM To overcome those disadvantages now-a-days we are using a new technique that is to exhibit all the companies we are using a website through which all users can register and login to the site and know about all the companies and the products.The main disadvantages of this existing system is as follows.SYSTEM ANALYSIS EXISTING SYSTEM In older days Expo Management System was very critical way.