IMPORTANT INFORMATION RCDE Secondary Teacher Education Students

Checklist for Applying to the Program:

DEADLINES Secondary Teacher Education Program Admission: March 1st Student Teaching Admission: February 1st, September 15th

2.75 GPA 60 credits MATH 1050 or STAT 1040; C– or higher A minimum of three (3) credits of coursework in Social Science (BSS) with at least a C grade A minimum of six (6) credits of coursework in Life (BLS) and Physical Science (BPS) with at least a C grade Provide a copy of Transcript of Credits Pass Teacher Education Writing Exam Complete a Criminal Background Check Complete a speech and hearing test Complete a Criminal Background Check

Meet with ALL advisors
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Praxis Information:

For your major For your minor For Secondary Education
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Pass the Praxis exam for your major content area before student teaching Take the Praxis exam in your minor content area, if it is a NCLB subject, prior to student teaching Allow one month to receive scores after testing Test dates can be found centers_dates

For more information please contact: Marilyn Cuch (435) 722-1709
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Checklist for Applying for Student Teaching:
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Deadlines: February 1st, September 15th Must have 80% content coursework complete Must complete Level 1 & 2 courses Attend a STAS during week two of Level 2 courses Contact: Marilyn Cuch for more information

Once You Have Been Admitted:
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Attend New Student Orientation Meet with secondary education advisor

Please visit our site for more detailed information:


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