Peers and Peer Pressure

. or other traits. classmates.PEERS Someone who is similar to you in age. kids in the neighborhood. grade. Friends. gender.

Friends are influence in your life.PEERS You care about what other people think about you. . Friends are crucial in learning.

Peer Pressure Strong influences from people in a group to make the group members do something. Hard to resist. . One of the most difficult aspects of growing up. Easy to persuade.

What if««« Positive or Negative -Friends remind each other to wear their protective pads and helmets.Is all peer pressure negative? A group of friends are going rollerblading after school. -One may encourage another to skate on a busy road .

Peer Pressure: Positive and Negative Positive: Doing homework Exercise Playing a game Making right choices Negative Taking drugs Misbehavior in class Stealing Fighting .

Making Choices Right : -thinking it through -being positive rong -acting without thinking -being negative .

Learn how to say ³NO´ Be firm and confident! Do not appear to be scared. Make No mean No! .

.TEST TIME! You see a twenty dollar bill laying on the ground and don¶t know what to do with it. We are going to be influenced by our peers to determine what choice we are going to make.

losersweepers. No one is looking. How would you feel if you lost your money?´ Negative message line: ³Go ahead. Finders keepers. quick pick it up!´ .FUN TIME Positive message line: ³You should give that to the teacher! Don¶t keep it. it¶s not yours. take it.

Peer Pressure How did it feel? Did you feel pressure to act a certain way? Which was harder to listen to. the positive or negative peer pressure? .

Hard to resist! .Points to Remember: Peer pressure is when someone tries to influence you to do something. Peer pressure can be positive or negative.

People who can help: Parents Teachers Principal Counselors Religious advisors Police Telephone hotline .

The End .

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